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TESTD860 Release 2023-02-05
Send your 1.b4 games to me, please. Thank you! /Marek
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(c) Marek Trokenheim

1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.Nf3 0-0


6.a3 Nbd7 7.d3 e5 8.c4 c6 9.bc6 bc6 10.Nbd2 Rb8 11.Bc3 Re8 Black intends e4 12.Be2 Qc7 13.g3 e4 14.Nh4 ed3 15.Bd3 Ne5 16.Be2 Bh3 17.Be5 (17.cd5!? Nd5 18.Qc2–/+) 17...Be5–+ 18.Rb1 Rb1 19.Qb1 (better is 19.Nb1 Ne4 20.Nf3–+) 19...Bc3 20.Qc1?? (20.Bf3 g5 21.Qc1–+) 20...Ne4 21.Nhf3 Bg2 22.Rg1 (22.Bd3 Bh1 23.Be4 de4 24.Qc3 Bf3–+) 22...Bf3 23.Qd1 (23.Bf3 Bd2 24.Qd2 Nd2 25.Kd2 d4–+) 23...Nd2 24.Bf3 Nf3 25.Kf1 Ng1 26.Kg1 d4! 27.ed4 Re1 (27...Re1 28.Qe1 Be1–+) 0–1. Tomtom – Fischernow,, 2004.

6.a4 b6 7.c4 dc4 (7...c5 8.Nc3=+) 8.Bc4= Bb7 9.0-0 Nbd7 10.d4 Qe7 (10...a6 11.Nc3=) 11.Nbd2 (11.Nc3 Rfc8+=) 11...Ne4 (11...e5 12.a5=) 12.Ne4+= Be4 13.Rc1 f5 (13...Rfd8 14.Qe2+=) 14.d5 e5 15.Nd2 Rf6?? (better 15...Nc5 16.Ne4 fe4+=) 16.f3+– Rh6 (16...Bf3 17.Rf3 (17.gf3?! Nc5+–) 17...Nc5 18.Qc2+–) 17.fe4 Qh4 18.h3 (18.ef5?! Qh2 19.Kf2 Qh4 20.Ke2 Nc5+–; worse 18.Rf5 Qh2 19.Kf2 Qh4 20.Ke2 Qg4 21.Kd3 Qg2+–) 18...fe4 19.Qe1 Qe7 (19...Qe1 20.Rce1 Rh4 21.Kh2+–) 20.Ne4 Nc5 21.Nc5 Bc5 (21...bc5 22.e4 Rf8+–) 22.d6 (22.d6 Qe6 23.dc7 Qc4 24.Rc4+–) 1–0. GuestJVKF – GuestQMPC,, 2020.

6.a4 Ne4 7.Be2 Ng5 8.0-0 Nf3 9.Bf3 Nd7 (9...Qg5 10.Nc3=) 10.d4 (10.Ba3 Nf6=) 10...Nb6 (10...a6 11.Ba3=) 11.Nd2 c6 (11...Qh4 12.g3 Qg5 13.e4=) 12.a5 Nd7 13.c4 dc4? (better 13...Qc7!?=) 14.Nc4 (14.bc6 bc6 15.Nc4 Be7+–) 14...Bc7 (14...Be7 15.a6 Qc7 16.ab7 Bb7 17.Na5+–) 15.bc6 bc6 16.Bc6 Rb8 (16...Bh2 17.Kh2 Qc7 18.f4 Qc6 19.Rc1=) 17.Qa4 (better 17.Ba3 Bh2 18.Kh2 Qc7 19.f4 Qc6 20.Bf8 Kf8 21.Ne5 Ne5 22.de5+–) 17...Nf6? (better 17...Qh4 18.g3 Qd8+–) 18.Ba3 Bh2 (18...Ba6 19.Bf8 Qf8+–) 19.Kh2 Ng4 20.Kg1 Qh4 21.Bd6 Rd8 (21...Ba6 22.Bg3 Qh5+–) 22.Bb8 Ba6 23.Bg3 (23.Bg3 Qe7 24.Rfc1+–) 1–0. DEFFM – Guestmoh,, 2018.

6.a4 Qe7 7.d4 Nbd7 8.Be2 c5 9.bc6 bc6 10.Ne5 c5 11.0-0 Bb7 12.f4 Ne4 13.Nd7 Qd7 14.Nd2 Nd2 15.Qd2 c4 16.a5 Rab8 17.Rfb1 Bc6 18.Qe1 Rb7 19.Bc3 Bb5 20.Bf3 Rfb8 21.h4 a6 22.h5 Qd8 23.g3 Qd7 24.Kf2 Be7 25.h6 Ba4 (25...f5 26.hg7 Bf6 27.Ke2+=) 26.Rb7+= Rb7 27.Qe2 g6 28.e4 Bc6 29.e5 Bf8 30.Rh1 Qd8 31.g4 Bb4 32.Bb4 Rb4 33.Qd2 Rb5 The isolani on a5 becomes a target (33...Qa5?? 34.Rb1+–) 34.f5 (34.Ra1 Qh4 35.Ke3 Qh6–/+) 34...Ra5–/+ (34...gf5?! 35.gf5 ef5 36.Qf4=) 35.fg6 fg6 36.g5 Bd7 (36...Ra2 37.Bg4 Bd7 38.Rf1–/+) 37.Rf1 Rb5 (37...Ra2 38.Kg1+=) 38.Kg3 Qf8 39.Kg2 Qe7 40.Bg4 Bc8 41.Kh3 Qb4 (41...Rb2 42.Qc1 Rb7 43.Rf3+=) 42.c3 (42.Qf2 Rb7=) 42...Qa3 (42...Qe7 43.Qf4+=) 43.Qf2= Qe7 44.Qf6 Qf6 45.ef6 (worse is 45.gf6 Kf7+=) 45...Kf7 46.Ra1 Ke8 47.Kh4 Rb3 48.Ra5 Kd8 49.Bd1 (49.Bh5 Rb1 (49...gh5 50.g6 hg6 51.h7 g5 52.Kg5+–; 49...Rc3? 50.Bg6 Bd7 51.Bh7+–) 50.Bf3 Kd7+=) 49...Rb1 (49...Rc3 50.Rc5 Bd7 51.f7+=) 50.Bc2 (50.Bf3!?+=) 50...Rc1= 51.Ra2 e5 52.de5 Re1 (52...Rg1 53.e6 Be6 54.Ra6 Bc8+=) 53.e6?? (53.Ra5 Re5 54.Bd1=) 53...Re6+= 54.Kg3 Re5 55.Kf4 Re8 (55...Re2 56.Bb1 Re1 57.Bc2+=) 56.Ra5= Bb7 57.Rc5 Re2 58.Bd1 Re4 59.Kg3 Re3 60.Kf2 Re5 (worse is 60...Rc3 61.f7 Ke7 62.Rc7 Kf8 63.Rb7+–) 61.Bc2 Re8 62.Ra5 Kc7 63.Ra1 Kd6 64.Re1 Rh8 65.Re7 Bc6 66.Ke3 Be8 (66...Bd7 67.Rg7 Ke6 68.Kd4+–) 67.Ra7 1–0. fluors – pcmvr, net–, 2016.

6.Nc3 c6 7.a4 (7.Be2 a6 8.bc6 Nc6+=) 7...e5 8.Be2 e4 9.Nd4 Qc7 (9...c5 10.Nb3+=) 10.g3 (10.bc6!? bc6 11.Rb1+=) 10...c5–/+ 11.Nb3 c4 12.Nd4 Be6 (12...Bh3 13.f4+=) 13.0-0 (13.Ne6 fe6 14.d3 Be5 15.dc4 Nbd7+=) 13...Bh3+= 14.Re1 Nbd7 15.d3 cd3 16.cd3 Be5 (16...Rac8 17.de4 de4 18.Rc1=) 17.de4 de4 18.Rc1 Qb6 19.Kh1 (19.f3 Nc5=) 19...Rac8+= 20.Qd2 Rfd8 21.a5 Qd6 22.b6 (better is 22.f4!? ef3 23.Bf3=) 22...ab6–/+ 23.Ncb5 Qd5 24.Rc8 Rc8 25.ab6 (25.Rd1 ba5 26.Qa5 Be6–/+) 25...Nb6 26.Qb4 (better is 26.f4 ef3 27.Bf3–/+) 26...Ng4 (26...Qc5 27.Qb3–+) 27.Kg1 (27.Nc3 Nf2 28.Kg1 Rc3 29.Bc3+/–) 27...Qc5–/+ 28.Qd2 (better is 28.Qc5 Rc5 29.Ra1–/+) 28...Nc4?? (better is 28...Qe7–/+) 29.Bc4+/– Bd4 30.Nd4 (30.Rc1 Be3 31.fe3 Qe3 32.Qe3 Ne3 33.Bf7 Kf8 34.Ba3 Kf7 35.Nd6 Kg6 36.Nc8 (36.Rc8?! Bc8 37.Bc5 Nd5 38.Nc8 e3+=) 36...Bc8 37.Rc8+–) 30...Ne3?? (30...Qc4 31.Rc1 Ne3 32.Rc4 Nc4+–) 31.Bf7!+– (31.Re3?! Qc4 32.Qe1 f5+–; 31.fe3?! Qc4 32.Rc1 Qd3+/–) 31...Kf7 32.Qe3 Qb6 33.Rb1 (33.Re2 Re8+–) 33...Qg6 (33...Kg8 34.Qg5 Qd8 35.Qe5+–) 34.Qb3 Ke8 35.Rc1 (better is 35.Re1!? b6+–) 35...Rc1 36.Bc1 b6 37.Be3 Kd8 38.Qd5 Bd7 (38...Ke8 39.Nc6 Qe6 40.Qd8 Kf7 41.Qb6+–) 39.Nb5 h6 (39...Ke8 40.Nd6 Kf8 41.Bb6+–) 40.Nc3 (40.Nd6 Qe6 41.Bb6 Ke7+–) 40...Kc7 (40...Ke7 41.Qe5 Kf8 42.Ne4+–) 41.Qe5 Kb7 42.Nd5 (worse is 42.Qe4 Qe4 43.Ne4 Kc6+–) 42...Ka6 (42...Bg4 43.Bf4 e3 44.Be3+– (worse is 44.Ne3 Bh3 45.f3 Qb1 46.Kf2 Qa2 47.Ke1 Qa5 48.Ke2 g5 49.Qe4 Ka6+–; worse is 44.Qe3 Qe6 45.Qd4 g5+–; 44.fe3?! Qb1 45.Kf2 Qc2 46.Kf1 Qb1 47.Kg2 Qa2 48.Kf1 Qb1 49.Kf2 Qc2 50.Kf1 Qb1=)) 43.Qc7 (43.Nb4 Kb7 44.Bf4 Qe8 45.Qc7 Ka8 46.Nd5 Qg6 47.Qb8) 43...Bg4+– 44.h3! Bf3 (44...Bh3 45.Nf4 Theme: Double Attack) 45.Bb6 h5 (45...Qc6 46.Qc6 e3 47.Nc7) 46.Qc8 Kb5 47.Qc5 Ka6 48.Nb4 Kb7 49.Qc7 Ka8 50.Qc8 1–0. NN – CYRUS ChessProgram 80286, Augusta GA USA, 1989.

6.Nc3 e5 7.d4 e4 8.Nd2 c6 (8...a6 9.Be2–/+) 9.Be2 Qc7 (9...a6 10.a4–/+) 10.bc6 bc6 (10...Nc6?! 11.Nb5 Qb6 12.Nd6 Qb2 13.c4=) 11.h3 Ne8 (11...Bf5!?–/+) 12.Na4= f5 (12...Na6 13.c4=) 13.c4 (13.0-0 Nf6=) 13...Na6 (13...f4 14.ef4 Bf4 15.0-0=+) 14.cd5 (14.c5 Be7=) 14...cd5= 15.Qb3 (15.Rc1 Qd8=) 15...Nf6 (15...Qf7 16.Nc5 Rb8 17.Qc3–/+) 16.Nc3= Qe7 (16...Rb8!? 17.Nd5 Rb3 18.Nc7 Rb2 19.Na6 Be6=) 17.Nd5+= Nd5 18.Qd5 Be6 19.Qe6!? Qe6 20.Bc4 Kf7 21.Be6 Ke6 22.Nc4 (22.0-0 Nb4+=) 22...Nb4 (22...Be7!?=) 23.Nd6+– Nd3 (23...Kd6 24.Ba3 a5 25.Kd2+–) 24.Kd2 Nb2 25.Nb5 ½–½. Woschkat,Karl_Heinz – Muenster, corr, 1989.

6.c4 Re8 7.Qc2 (7.d4 a6=) 7...c5+= 8.Ne5 (8.Be5 a6+=) 8...Be5 (8...Nbd7 9.f4+=) 9.Be5= Nbd7 10.d4 (10.Bc3 Nb6+=) 10...Ne5 11.de5 Ng4 12.Qc3 (12.cd5 Qd5 13.Bd3 g6+=) 12...d4 13.ed4 Qd4 14.Qd4 cd4 15.f4 Ne3 (15...f6 16.Na3+=) 16.Na3 b6 17.Rg1 (17.Kd2 Bb7+=) 17...Bb7 18.Kf2 (18.Kd2 a6+=) 18...Rac8 (18...f6 19.ef6 gf6 20.g4–+) 19.Re1 f6 20.ef6 Rf8 (20...gf6 21.Bd3–/+) 21.Re3 de3 22.Ke3 Rf6 (22...Rf6 23.Bd3 Rcf8–/+) 0–1. Roczniak,Jan – Kosikowski,T, Poland (year?).

6.c4 Ng4 7.h3 Nf6 8.a4 Nbd7 9.d4 Ne4 (9...dc4 10.Bc4 a6 11.Ba3=) 10.c5 Be7 11.Bd3 Bf6 (11...Ndf6=) 12.Nbd2 (better is 12.Qc2+/–) 12...Ndc5+= 13.Bc2 Nd2 14.Nd2 Nd7 15.Rb1 a6 16.0-0 ab5 17.ab5 Be7 18.Nf3 Ra2 19.Qd3 Nf6 20.Qb3 Ra5 21.Bd3 Bd7 Attacking the isolated pawn on b5 22.Ra1 Ra1 23.Ra1 Bd6 24.Rc1 (24.Ba3 Qb8=) 24...Qc8 (24...Qe7 25.Ra1+=) 25.Ba3= Ba3 26.Qa3 Ne4 27.Ne5 (27.Qb3 h6=) 27...f6 28.Nd7 Qd7 29.Qa7 (29.Be4 de4 30.Qa7 Qc8= (worse is 30...Qb5 31.Rc7 Re8 32.Kh2+=)) 29...Nd6+= 30.Qa5 Rc8 31.Rb1 e5 32.Qa2 Qe6 Black plans e4 33.Rc1 e4 34.Be2 b6 35.Rc6 Qf7 36.Qa6 Qd7 37.Qa7 Qf7 38.Qa6 Qd7 39.Qa7 Qf7 40.Qa6 ½–½. algernon (2495) – chessnaif (2410), net–, 2016.

6.c4 h6 7.d4 Bb4 (7...a6 8.c5 Be7 9.Qa4=) 8.Nc3 Ne4 (8...Re8 9.Qb3 Be7 10.Bd3=) 9.Qb3 Bc3 (9...c5 10.cd5 Qa5 11.Rc1 ed5 12.a3 Bc3 13.Bc3 Nc3 14.Qc3 (worse 14.Rc3 c4 15.Qb4 Qb4 16.ab4 a5–/+) 14...Qc3 15.Rc3=) 10.Bc3+= Nc3 (10...a6 11.Bb4 Re8 12.Bd3+=) 11.Qc3 Nd7 (11...a6!?+=) 12.cd5+– ed5 (12...Nb6 13.de6 Be6 14.Be2+–) 13.Rc1 Nf6 (13...a6 14.ba6 ba6 15.Qc7+–) 14.Bd3 (14.Qc7 Bg4 15.Qd8 Rfd8+–) 14...Bg4 15.Ne5 Rc8 (15...Be6 16.0-0 Ne8 17.a4+–) 16.Qa5+– b6 (16...Re8 17.Qa7 Rb8 18.0-0+–) 17.Qa7 Ra8 18.Qc7 Qc7 (18...Ra2 19.0-0 Be6 20.Rc6 Qc7 21.Rc7+–) 19.Rc7 Ra2 20.0-0 (20.Ng4?! Ra1 21.Ke2 Rh1 22.Nf6 gf6+–) 20...Be2 (20...Bh5 21.Rb7+–) 21.Be2 Re2 22.Rb7 Ne4 23.Rb6 Ra8 24.h4 (24.Nd3 Rd2 25.Nf4 Nc3+–) 24...Raa2 25.Rb8 (25.Nd3 Ng3 26.Rb1 Red2+–) 25...Kh7 26.h5 Rf2 27.Rf2 Rf2 28.b6 (28.Rd8 Rf5 29.b6 Ng3+–) 28...f6?? (28...Rb2+–) 29.Ng6 (29.Ng6 Rf1 30.Kf1 Ng3 31.Kf2 Nh5 32.Nf8 Kg8 33.b7 f5 34.Ra8 Nf4 35.b8Q Ne6 36.Ne6 Kf7 37.Ra7 Kf6 38.Qe8 g6 39.Qe7) 1–0. michaelbuss (2795) – Verner201098 (1695),, 2011.

6.d3 Bd7 7.c4 c6 8.a4 cb5 9.ab5 Bb4 10.Nbd2 dc4 11.dc4 Ne4 12.Qc2 Nd2 13.Nd2 Qg5 14.Bd3 Bd2 (14...Qg2 15.Bh7 Kh8 16.Be4 Bd2 17.Ke2 (17.Kd2?! Qf2 18.Kd3 Qc2 19.Kc2 Bc8+=) 17...Qg4 18.Bf3+– (18.Kd2?! Rd8 19.Rhg1 Bc6 20.Bd5 Bd5 21.Rg4 Be4 22.Kc1 Bc2 23.Bg7 Kh7+–)) 15.Kd2 Qg2 (15...f5=) 16.Rag1 (better is 16.Bh7 Kh8 17.Raf1+/–) 16...Qf2=+ 17.Be2 f6 18.Qe4 Rd8 19.Kc3? (19.Bd4 e5 20.Rf1 Bf5 21.Qb7 Rd4 22.ed4 Qd4 23.Ke1 Be4 24.Qc8 Kf7 25.Qc7 Nd7=+) 19...Qe2 20.Rg2?? (20.Rg7 Kg7 21.Rg1 Kh8 22.Qf4+–) 20...f5–+ 21.Qb7 (21.Re2?? fe4 22.Rd2 a6–+) 21...Qe3 22.Kb4 (22.Kc2 g6 23.Rd1–+) 22...a5 23.Ka4 (23...Na6 24.Rg7 Kf8 25.Rg8 Kg8 26.Qg2 Kf8 27.Qg7 Ke8 28.Qh8 Ke7 29.Qf6 Kd6 30.Rd1 Kc7 31.Rd7 Kd7 32.ba6–+) 1–0. Sternik,Ryszard – Mephisto Exclusiv, Olsztyn, 1994.

6.Bd3 Nbd7 7.Ba3 Ba3 8.Na3 Nc5 9.Ne5? (better is 9.Be2=+) 9...Qd6–+ (9...Nd3?! 10.Nd3 Qd6 11.Qc1=+) 10.Nec4 (10.Bh7 Nh7 11.d4 Ne4–+) 10...dc4 11.Bc4 Nce4 12.Nb1 Qc5 13.Bd3 Bd7 14.f3 Nd6 15.a4 Nc4 16.Be2 Nd5 17.Bc4 Qc4 18.Ra3 Qh4 19.g3 Qe7 20.0-0 c6 21.Rb3 cb5 22.ab5 Rfc8 23.c3 Qc5 24.Qe2 a6 25.ba6 ba6 (25...Ra6 26.Rb7 Rd6 27.d4 Nc3 28.dc5 Ne2 29.Kf2 Rc5 30.Ke2 Rc2 31.Ke1–/+) 26.d4 Qc7 27.Qd2 a5 28.e4 a4 29.Ra3 Nb6 30.Qf4 Qf4 31.gf4 Nc4 32.Ra2 Rcb8 33.Na3 Na3 34.Ra3 Rb3 35.Rfa1 Rab8 36.Kg2 Ra3 37.Ra3 Rb3 38.Ra2 a3 39.Kg3 Bb5 40.Kg4 Bd3 41.d5 ed5 42.ed5 Rc3 43.d6 Bc4 (43...f5 44.Kh5 Kf7 45.d7–+) 44.Ra1 (44.Rd2 Be6 45.f5–+) 44...Rd3 45.f5 a2 46.Rc1 Rd6 47.Rc4 (47.Kf4–+) 47...h5! 48.Kh5 a1Q 0–1. Materna,Edmund – Kraemer,Willi (1725), Bahn–chS, 2000.

6.Bd3 Qe7 7.Ne5 Nbd7 8.f4 Ne5?? (better is 8...Nc5=+) 9.fe5+– Ne4 10.Be4 de4? (better is 10...Qh4!? 11.Kf1 Be5 12.Be5 Qe4+–) 11.ed6+– Qd6 (11...cd6 12.Qh5+–) 12.Qg4 f6 (12...e5 13.Qe4 Re8+–) 13.Ba3 (< 13.Qe4 Rf7+–) 13...c5 14.bc6 (< 14.Qe4 f5 15.Qf4 Qd5+–) 14...Qc6 15.Bf8 Kf8 16.Nc3 Bd7 17.Qe4 (better is 17.0-0 e5 18.Qh4 Kg8+–) 17...Qc7 (17...Qe4 18.Ne4 Bc6+–) 18.Qh7 Kf7 19.0-0 Qd6 (19...Qd8+–) 20.Ne4 Qc6 21.Rf6 Ke7 22.Qg7 Kd8 23.Rf8 Kc7 24.Qe5 Kb6 25.Ra8 Qc2 26.Qd6 Bc6 27.Qd4 (27...Qc5 28.Rb1 Bb5 29.Qc5 Ka6 30.Qb5) 1–0. combat – Diggy, Live Game Caissa's Web, 2004.

6.d4 c5 7.c4 a6 8.Nc3 b6 9.cd5 ed5 10.dc5 Bc5 11.Rc1 Re8 12.Be2 ab5 13.Bb5 Bd7 14.0-0 (14.Nd5? Nd5 15.Bc4 Be6–+) 14...Bb5 15.Nb5 Ra2 (better 15...Ne4!?=) 16.Qb3+– Ra5 17.Bc3 Ra8 (17...Nc6 18.Ba5 Na5 19.Qd3+–) 18.Bf6 gf6 19.Rfd1 Re7 20.Rd5 Rd7 21.Rh5 Qf8 22.Qb1 Qg7 23.Qe4 Ra5 24.Nbd4 Re7? (24...Rda7 25.Rd5 Ra1 26.Rd8 Bf8+–) 25.Qf4 Re8 26.Nf5 Qh8 27.Qg3 Kf8 28.Qh3 (28.Qh3 Be3 29.Rh7+–) 1–0. marekt – mizuzul,, 2020.

6.d4 Nbd7 7.c4 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.c4 Nbd7 6.Nf3 0-0 7.d4).

6.Be2 b6 7.0-0 a6 8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Bb7 11.c4 Nbd7 12.d4 Ne4 13.Nbd2 f5 14.Qc2 Qe7 15.Bb2 Ra8 16.Ne4 fe4 (16...de4 17.Ne5 Ne5 18.de5=) 17.Ne5 Ra2 18.Qb3 Rb2? (better 18...Ra5+=) 19.Qb2+– dc4 (19...Ne5 20.de5 Bc5 21.Ra1+–) 20.Nc4 1–0. GuestHPNC – woodpusherghd,, 2019.

6.Be2 Bd7 7.0-0 h6 8.Be5 Be5 9.Ne5 a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.d4 c6 12.c4 Nb4 13.Qb3 Qe7 14.c5 Na6 15.Qb7 Rfb8 16.Nc6 Rb7 17.Ne7 Kf8 18.c6 1–0. marekt (2465) – Sacrifice (1650),, 2003.

6.Be2 Ne4 7.0-0 Ng5 8.d3 Nf3?! 9.Bf3 Nd7 10.Nd2 Be5 11.d4 Bd6 12.e4 Nb6 13.e5 Be7 14.Be2 f6 15.Bd3 (15.f4 fe5 16.fe5 Rf1 17.Qf1 Qf8 18.Bf3 Bd7 19.Qe2 Qf5 20.Rf1 Qg5 21.Bg4 Rf8 22.Rf8 Bf8 23.Nf1) 15...fe5 16.de5 Na4 17.Bc1 Nc5 18.Qg4 Nd3 19.cd3 Bg5 20.f4 Bh6 21.Rf3 g5 22.Qh5 Bg7 23.Nf1 h6 24.d4 Bd7 25.a4 Qe8 26.Qg4 Qe7 27.Ba3 Rf4 (27...Qe8 28.Bf8 Qf8 29.fg5 Qe7 30.gh6+–) 28.Rf4 Qe8 29.Rf3+– Qg6 30.Rh3 a6 31.Rc1 ab5 32.Rc7 Bc6 33.Re7 Re8 34.Qh5 Qh5 35.Rh5 Re7 36.Be7 ba4 37.Rh3 Kf7 38.Bd6 Kg6 39.Kf2 Kf7 40.Ke1 Kg6 41.Kd2 h5 42.Kc2 h4 43.g4 Kf7 44.Nd2 Ke8 45.Rf3 Bd7 46.h3 Bc6 47.Kc3 Bd7 48.Nb1 Bc6 49.Na3 Bd7 50.Nc2 Bc6 51.Nb4 Bb5 52.Kb2 Bd7 53.Ka3 Bb5 54.Rc3 Bd7 55.Rc7 Bb5?? 56.Rg7 Bf1 57.Rg5 Bh3 58.Rh5 Bg4 59.Rh4 Bf5 60.Rh8 (60.Ka4 Kd7 61.Rh7 Kc8 62.Rc7 (62.Rh8 Kd7 63.Rb8 Bg4 64.Rb7 Kc8 65.Rc7 Kd8 66.Nc6 Ke8 67.Re7 Kf8 68.Re6) 62...Kd8 63.Rb7) 1–0. Plock – Schiffel, Torgelow 1994.

6.Ne5 c6 7.c4 cb5 8.cb5 Qb6 9.a4 Ne4 10.a5 Qc7 11.Nc3?? (better 11.Nd3=+) 11...Nc3 (11...Be5!? 12.Qc1 Nc3 13.f4-+) 12.Bc3 Be5 13.Be5 Qe5 14.d4 Qf6 15.Be2 Nd7 16.0-0 e5 17.Bf3 e4 18.Be2 Qe6 19.f3 f5 20.fe4 fe4 21.Rf8 Nf8 22.h3 Qh6 23.Qc2 (23.Qd2-+) 23...Qe3 24.Kh1 Qd4 (better 24...Ne6!? 25.Rf1 Bd7 26.Bg4 Qd4 27.a6-+) 25.Rd1 Qe5 26.Qc5 (26.Rd5 Qa1 27.Rd1 Qa5 28.Qe4-+) 26...Be6 27.Bg4 Bg4 28.hg4 Rd8 29.Qa7 Qg3 30.Qb7 (30.Ra1 e3 31.Qd4 Ne6-+) 30...Qg4 (30...e3 31.Rf1 Qf2 32.Rf2 ef2 33.Kh2-+) 31.Rd5 (31.Rf1 Qg6-+) 31...Qh4 (better 31...Rc8 32.Qc8 Qc8-+) 32.Kg1 Rd5 (better 32...e3 33.Rd8 Qd8-+) 33.Qd5-/+ Kh8 34.Qf7 Qd8 35.b6 Nd7 (35...e3!?-/+) 36.Qd5 e3 37.Kf1?? (better 37.Qe6-/+) 37...Qf6-+ 38.Qf3 Qa1 39.Ke2 Qa5 40.Qe3 Qb5 41.Kf2 Qf5 42.Ke2 Qc2 (42...h6 43.g3-+) 43.Kf3 (43.Ke1 Qb1 44.Ke2 Qg6-+) 43...Qd1 (43...Qc6 44.Qe4 Qe4 45.Ke4 Nb6 46.Kd4-+) 44.Kf4? (better 44.Kf2 g5! 45.Qc3 Kg8 46.b7-+) 44...Qd6 45.Kf3 Qf6 (better 45...Qc6!? 46.Qe4 Qe4 47.Ke4 Nb6 48.Kd4-+) 46.Ke2 (46.Ke2 Qg6 47.b7 Qg2 48.Ke1 Qh1 49.Kf2 Qh2 50.Kf1-+). Atotheking (1745) - mam0061 (1735),, 2020.

6.a4 e5

7.Be2 Re8 8.c4 e4 9.Nd4 dc4 10.Bc4 c6 11.Ne2 Be6 12.Be6 Re6 13.Ng3 (13.Nd4 Re8-/+) 13...cb5 14.ab5 Qb6 (14...Bg3 15.hg3 Nbd7 16.d4-/+) 15.Nc3 (better 15.Bf6 Rf6 16.Ne4+/-) 15...Nbd7-/+ 16.0-0 Ne5 (16...Bg3 17.fg3 Ne5 18.Qb3=+) 17.Ba3 (better 17.Nge4!? Ne4 18.Ne4 Qb5 19.Nd6 Rd6 20.Rb1+=) 17...Ba3=+ 18.Ra3 a6 (18...Nc4 19.Ra2=) 19.Rb3 (19.Nge4 Ne4 20.Ne4 Nc4=+ (worse 20...Qb5 21.d4+=)) 19...Qc7 (better 19...Nc4!?=) 20.ba6 ba6 21.Ra3 (better 21.Nge4!? Ne4 22.Ne4+/-) 21...h6 22.Qb1 e4 draws heavy fire (better 22.Qc2=) 22...Nd3?? (22...Nc4 23.Ra2 Nd2 24.Rd2 Qc3 25.Rd4-/+) 23.Ra4 (better 23.Nce4!? Ne4 24.Ne4 (worse 24.Qd3 Rd8 25.Qe2 Rd2=+; 24.Rd3?! Ng3 25.fg3 Rb6+=) 24...Re4 25.Qd3+/-) 23...Rb6 24.Qa1 Re6 (24...Nc5 25.Rc4 Rc6 26.f3 ef3 27.Rf3=) 25.Qa2 (25.Nge4!? Ne4 26.Ne4+=) 25...Nc5= 26.Ra5 (26.Rc4 Rc6=) 26...Rb8 27.Ra1 (better 27.f3!? ef3 28.Rf3=) 27...Nb3-/+ 28.Rb1 (better 28.Ra6!? Ra6 29.Qa6 Na1 30.Qa1-/+) 28...Na5-+ (worse 28...Qa5 29.Qa5 Na5 30.Rb8 Kh7 31.Rb4+/-) 29.Rb8 Qb8 30.Qa5 Rb6 (30...Qd6 31.Qa2-+) 31.h3 Re6 32.Qa6?? (better 32.Qa4-+) 32...Qe8 (better 32...Ra6 33.Nf1 Ra1-+) 33.Qe2 Qd7 34.Qc4 Qd3 35.Qd3 ed3 36.f4 Ra6 37.Kf2 Ra1 38.Nce4 (38.e4 Nd7=+) 38...Ra2 39.h4? (better 39.Nf6 gf6 40.Nf1-/+) 39...Ne4-+ 40.Kf3 (40.Ne4 f5 41.Ng3 Rd2 42.Ke1 Rg2 43.Nf5 Re2 44.Kd1 Kh7-+) 40...Rc2 (better 40...Ng3 41.Kg3 Rd2-+) 41.Ne4 Ra2 (41...f5 42.Nf2 Rd2 43.g3-+) 42.Kf2? (better 42.f5-/+) 42...f5-+ 43.g4 (43.Ng3 Rd2 44.Ke1 Rg2 45.Nf5 Re2 46.Kd1-+) 43...fe4 44.f5 (44.Ke1 Ra1 45.Kf2 Rd1-+) 44...Rc2 (better 44...Rd2 45.Ke1 Re2 46.Kd1 Re3 47.g5-+) 45.Ke1 Rc1 46.Kf2 Rc2 (better 46...Rd1 47.g5 Rd2 48.Ke1 Re2 49.Kd1 Re3 50.gh6-+) 47.Ke1 Rd2! 48.Kd2 Kf7 (48...Kf7 49.g5 Ke7-+) 0-1. Jimito100 (2005) - Pablopez25 (2000), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

7.Be5 a6+=.

7.Ne5 Be5 8.Be5+– c6 (8...Re8 9.Bd4+=) 9.c4 (9.Be2 Re8 10.Bb2 a6+–) 9...dc4 (9...Re8 10.d4+=) 10.Bc4 cb5 (10...Be6 11.Be6 fe6 12.Qb3+–) 11.ab5 b6?? (better 11...Be6 12.Be2 Nbd7+–) 12.Qf3+– Nbd7 13.Bf4 (13.Qa8?! Ne5 14.Bf1 Nd3 15.Bd3 Qd3 16.Qa7 Qb5+–) 13...Nc5 (13...Rb8 14.Ra7 Qe7 15.Bb8 Qb4+–) 14.Qa8 Nd3 15.Bd3 Qd3 16.Nc3 (16.Qa7 Qb5 17.Nc3 Qc6+–) 16...Bg4 (16...Rd8 17.e4 Bf5 18.Qb7 (18.Ra7?! Be4 19.Qd8 Qd8+–) 18...Be4 19.Ne4 Ne4 20.Be3+– (20.Ra7?! Qb1 21.Ke2 Qd3 22.Ke1 Qb1 23.Ke2 Qd3 24.Ke1 Qb1 25.Ke2=; 20.Qa7?! Nd2 21.f3 Nb3+–)) 17.Qa7 (better 17.Ra7 Rc8 18.Bc7 Ne8+–) 17...Rd8 (17...Nd5 18.f3 Nf4 19.ef4 (19.fg4?! Ng2 20.Kf2 Qd2 21.Kg3 Ne3=+) 19...Re8 20.Kf2 Qd2 21.Kg3 Qc3 22.Kg4+–) 18.Qa2 (worse 18.Qb6 Qd2 19.Kf1 Ne4 20.Qd8 Qd8 21.Ne4 Qd3 22.Kg1 Qe4+–) 18...Ne4 (18...Nd5 19.f3 Nc3 20.dc3 Qc3 21.Ke2+–) 19.f3 Nc3 20.dc3 Qc3 21.Kf2 (better 21.Ke2 Bd7 22.Kf2 Bb5 23.Qd5 Qd2 24.Qd2 Rd2 25.Kg3+–) 21...Rd2 22.Qd2! Qd2 (22...Qd2 23.Kg3 Combination) 23.Kg3 h6 (23...g5 24.Bg5 (24.fg4?! gf4 25.ef4 Qe3 26.Kh4 Qf4+=; 24.Kg4 gf4 25.Kf4 Qd6 26.Kg5 h6 27.Kh4 Qf6 28.Kg3 Qe5 29.f4 Qe3 30.Kg4 Qe4=) 24...Be6 25.Rhd1+–) 24.fg4 (24.e4 Qe2 25.Rhe1 Qb5 26.Kg4 g5+–) 24...Kh7?? (better 24...g5 25.Ra3 gf4 26.ef4 Qb4+–) 25.Rhd1 (better 25.h4 Qd7+–) 25...Qb2 (25...Qe2 26.h4 Qb5 27.Rab1+–) 26.Rab1 (26.Ra7 Qe2 27.Rdd7 Qb5 28.Rf7 Qb2+–) 26...Qc2 (26...Qc3 27.Kf3+–) 27.Rdc1 (27.Kf3 g5 28.Bd6 h5 29.gh5 Qf5 30.Kg3 Qe4+–) 27...Qa4 (27...Qe4 28.Kf2+–) 28.Kf3 (28.Bc7 Qa3 29.Kf3 Qa8 30.Rc6 Qa2+–) 28...g5 (28...Qa8 29.e4+–) 29.Bg3 (29.Bc7 Qa8 30.Rc6 Qa2+–) 29...Qa8 (29...Qa2 30.Rd1+–) 30.Kf2 (30.Rc6 Qa2 31.Rd1 Qa4+–) 30…Qc8 1–0. DEFFM – sugepac,, 2016.

7.Ne5 Re8 8.f4+=.

6.c4 Nbd7

(--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.c4 Nbd7 6.Nf3 0-0).

7.Be2 c5 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0).

7.Be2 c5 8.0-0 Qe7 (--> 1. b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0 8.0-0 Qe7).

6.c4 Ne4

7.d3 Bb4 8.Nbd2 Nd2 9.Nd2 a6 =.

7.d3 f5?? 8.de4+– c6? (8...fe4 9.Ne5 Qf6+–) 9.ed5 ed5 10.cd5 cd5 (10...cb5 11.Bb5 Bd7 12.Qb3+–) 11.Qd5 Kh8 12.Bc4 Bb4 13.Nbd2 Qd5 14.Bd5 Rd8 (15.Rc1 Na6+–) +–. eds – Diggy, Live Game Caissa's Web, 2004.

7.Be2 c6 8.a4 Nd7 9.0-0 Ndf6 (9...Ng5 10.Ng5 Qg5 11.f4=) 10.d3+= Nc5 11.Nbd2 Qc7 (11...Ncd7 12.d4+=) 12.Qc2 (12.Bf6 gf6 13.d4 Ne4+/–) 12...e5 13.cd5 cd5 (13...cb5 14.ab5 Nd5 15.Rac1+/–) 14.Ne5! Be5 15.Be5 Qe5 16.Qc5 Be6 17.Qb4 h5 (17...a5!? 18.ba6 ba6+/–) 18.Nf3+– Qb8 19.Rac1 a5 20.Qh4 Qd8 (20...Rc8 21.Ng5+–) 21.Nd4 g6 22.Qg3 Rc8?! (22...Qb6+–) 23.Ne6 fe6 24.Qg6 Kh8 25.Bh5 Rc1 26.Rc1 Qe7 (26...Qd6 27.Rc8 Qe7 28.Qh6 Kg8 29.Qg5 Kh7 30.Bg6 Kh8 31.Rf8 Qf8 32.d4+–) 27.Qh6 Kg8 28.h3 Qa3 (28...Nh5 29.Qh5 Qg7+–) 29.Qg5 Kh8 (29...Kh7 30.Rc7 Nd7 31.Rd7 Qe7 32.Re7 Rf7 33.Rf7 Kh8 34.Qg7) 30.Rc7 Qa1 (30...Nd7 31.Rd7 Qa1 32.Bd1 Qd1 33.Kh2 Qg1 34.Kg1 Rf7 35.Rf7 e5 36.Qg7) 31.Kh2 (31.Bd1! Qd1 32.Kh2 Qg4 33.hg4 Nd7 34.Rd7 Rf7 35.Rf7 e5 36.Qg7) 31...Nh7+– 32.Qe7 Qe5 33.f4 (33.f4 Qc7 34.Qc7+–) 1–0. Buczinski,Henryk – Spalek, Katowice Poland, 1965.

6.c4 Qe7

7.Nc3 dc4 8.Bc4 c6 9.a4 cb5 (9...e5 10.Qc2=) 10.ab5 (10.Nb5 Ne8+=) 10...a6 (10...e5 11.d3=) 11.Qb3 ab5 (better 11...Nbd7=) 12.Ra8+- bc4 13.Qc4 Nc6 14.Nb5 Bb8? (better 14...Bb4+-) 15.Ba3 Ne5 (15...Qd8 16.Bf8 Qf8+-) 16.Ne5 Qa3 17.Na3 Be5 18.Rc8 Nd5 19.Rf8 Kf8 20.Qc8 Ke7 21.Qb7 Kf6 22.Nc4 Ba1 23.0-0 Nb6 1-0. ClayPigeons (2090) - NikolayKZ (2040), Rated Bullet game,, 2019.

7.Ne5 Nbd7 8.f4 Ne4 (8...Re8 9.Nd7 Nd7 10.cd5+=) 9.Qh5 White should quickly conclude development. 9...Ndf6 10.Qh4 (10.Qf3 a6=) 10...Bb4 (10...Qd8 11.g4=) 11.Bd3 dc4 12.Nc4 (12.Bc4 Worse is 12...Nd2 Discovered attack: h4, f6–e4 13.Nd2 Bd2 14.Ke2 Qb4–/+) 12...Bd7 13.a3 Bd6 14.Nc3 Nc3 15.Bc3 (15.dc3? Bb5 16.a4 Bc4 17.Bc4 e5–+) 15...h6 16.Ne5 (16.Bf6 Qf6 17.Qf6 gf6+=) 16...Rfd8 17.Nd7 Rd7 (17...Nd7!? 18.Qg3 Qf8=) 18.Bf6+= Qf6 19.Qf6 gf6 20.Be4 Rb8 21.Ke2 Kf8 22.g4 Ke7 23.Rhg1 Rdd8 24.Rg3 Rg8 25.Kf3 a6 26.a4 ab5 27.ab5 b6 (27...h5 28.gh5 Rh8 29.Rh3+=) 28.Rh3+/– Rh8 29.Rg1 (29.Rh5 Rbd8+/–) 29...Rbg8 30.Rg2 Ba3 31.Rh5 The white rook is well posted. (31.d4 h5 32.gh5 Rg2 33.Kg2 Bb4+=) 31...Bb4 (31...f5!? might be a viable alternative 32.gf5 Rg2 33.Kg2 Bc1+=) 32.d4 Bd6 33.Rg3 Kf8 ½–½. Fatalibekova,Elena (2275) – Kochetkova,Julia (2265), RUS Cup (Women), 2002. (=1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nf6 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.e3 0-0 6.c4)

6.d4 c6

7.a4 Bd7 8.Bd3 Qb6 9.Qe2 a6 (9...cb5 10.ab5 a6 11.c4 dc4 12.Bc4=) 10.a5+= Qd8 11.b6 c5 12.dc5 Bc5 13.0-0 Nc6 14.Nbd2 Re8 15.Nb3 Bd6 16.h3?? (better is 16.c4+=) 16...e5–+ 17.e4 Nd4 (better is 17...de4!? 18.Be4 Nd4 19.Nfd4 ed4+=) 18.Nbd4+= ed4? (18...de4 19.Bc4 ef3 20.Nf3+=) 19.Nd4?? (better is 19.e5+–) 19...de4 20.Bc4 Qc8 21.Rfd1 (21.Rad1 Be5=) 21...Bf4 (21...Bh3 22.gh3 Qh3 23.f3 ef3 24.Qf3 Bh2 25.Kh1 Bg3 26.Kg1 Bh2 27.Kh1 Bg3 28.Kg1 Bh2=) 22.Ra3+= Bd6 23.Rc3 Qb8 24.Nb3 (24.Rb3 Bh2 25.Kh1 Bf4+=) 24...Be5= 25.Nd4 Rd8 ½–½. Eichler,Gustav – Novak,Jiri1, Karvina op, 2006.

7.a4 Nbd7 8.Nbd2 Qc7 9.c4 e5 10.cd5 e4 (10...Nd5!? 11.Rc1 ed4 12.Bd4 Ba3=) 11.dc6+/– bc6 12.Ng5 Bb7 (12...cb5 13.Bb5 Bb7 14.Rc1+/–) 13.Rc1 Qb6 14.bc6 (better is 14.Nge4!? cb5 15.Nd6 (worse is 15.Bb5 Be4 16.Ne4 Ne4–/+) 15...Qd6 16.ab5+–) 14...Bc6+= 15.Bb5?? (better is 15.Bc3+=) 15...Qa5?? (better is 15...Bb5 16.ab5 Qb5 17.Nge4 Ne4 18.Ne4 Qb2–+) 16.Bc6 (better is 16.Rc6 Bb4 17.Ke2+–) 16...Qg5 17.0-0?? (better is 17.Ba8 Ra8 18.g3+–) 17...Rab8?? (better is 17...Bh2 18.Kh2 Qh4 19.Kg1 Ng4 20.Qg4 Qg4+=) 18.Bd7+/– Nd7 (18...Rb2? 19.Nc4 Rb4 20.Nd6 Nd7 21.Ne4+–) 19.Ne4 Bh2 20.Kh2 Qh4 21.Kg1 Qe4 22.Qc2 (22.Qc2 Qh4 23.Ba3+/–) 1–0. Matveenko,Yury (2145) – Plotnikov,Vladimir, Borisoglebsk Bocharov Memorial 8th, 2008. (=1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b4 e6 3.b5 d5 4.Bb2 Bd6 5.e3 0-0)

7.Nc3 Qa5 8.Qd2 a6 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Bd3 Nb4 11.0-0 Nd3 (11...b5 12.e4 Nd3 13.Qd3+=) 12.Qd3 (12.cd3 b6+=) 12...Bd7–/+ 13.Ne5 Qc7 14.Nd7 (14.e4 b5 15.a3 Rac8 16.Nd7 Nd7 (worse is 16...Qd7 17.e5+/–) 17.ed5 Bh2 18.Kh1 Bd6 19.de6 fe6+=) 14...Nd7 Black gets the initiative (14...Bh2?! 15.Kh1 Nd7 16.g3 Bg3 17.fg3 Qg3 18.e4 Qh4 19.Kg2=) 15.g3 (15.h3 Rfc8–/+) 15...Rfc8 16.Rfc1 (16.a3 b5–/+) 16...Nb6 (16...b5 17.e4–/+) 17.Ne2 (17.Nb1 Nc4 18.Ba3 Na3 19.Na3 b5–/+) 17...Nc4 18.Bc3 (18.Rcb1 b5–/+) 18...b6 (18...b5 19.Rab1–/+) 19.e4 de4 20.Qe4 Ba3 (20...b5 21.Rab1–/+) 21.Re1 (21.Rd1!?–/+) 21...Nd6–+ 22.Qg4 f5 23.Qf4 (23.Qf3 Ne4 24.Rad1 Nc3 25.Nc3 Bb4 26.Re6 Bc3 27.Qf5 b5–+) 23...Nb5 (23...Ne4 24.Bd2 Qc2 25.Be3–+) 24.Bd2 Qf4 25.Bf4 Rc2 26.Kf1 Bb2 27.Rad1 Rd8 28.Rd2 Rd2 29.Bd2 Kf7 30.Rd1 Rd5 31.Be3 Nd6 32.Nf4–/+ Ra5 33.d5 e5 34.Bb6 Ra2 35.Ne6 a5 36.Bc7 White begins to deal mighty blows 36...Nc4 37.d6= Ba3? 38.d7+– Be7 39.Nd8 Kg6 40.Nc6 Bf6 41.Be5!! Ne5 42.Ne5 Kh5 43.Rd6 Bd8 44.Nf7 Bc7 45.Rc6 (45.Rc6 Bd8 46.Nd8+–) 1–0. Rosner,Dirk – Georgi,W, corr ICCF EU/I/1800 (year?).

6.Be2 Re8

7.0-0 e5 8.c4 e4 9.Nd4 c5 10.bc6 Nc6 11.f4 ef3 12.Nf3 (worse 12.Rf3 Ne5 13.Rf6 Qf6 (13...gf6?! 14.cd5 f5 15.Nc3=) 14.cd5 Qg6-/+) 12...dc4 13.Bc4 Ne5 (13...Na5 14.Bb5 Bd7 15.Bf6 Qf6 16.Bd7 Qa1 17.Be8 Re8 18.Qa4+/-) 14.Ne5 Be5 15.Qb3 Bb2 (better 15...Qc7!? 16.Be5 Re5=) 16.Bf7+/- (16.Qb2?! a6=) 16...Kf8? (better 16...Kh8 17.Qb2 Rf8+/-) 17.Be8+- Qe8 18.Qb2 Qg6 (18...b6 19.Nc3 Kg8 20.Nb5+-) 19.Nc3 b6 (19...Kg8+-) 20.Nd5 Kf7 (20...Bf5 21.Qa3 Kf7 22.Ne7+-) 21.Rac1 Bh3 (21...Bd7 22.Rc7 Ke6 23.Nf4 Kd6 24.Ra7 Ra7 25.Qb6 Bc6 26.Ng6 Rb7 27.Qd8 Rd7 28.Qb8 Ke6 29.Qe5 Kf7 30.Nh8 Kf8 31.Qc5 Re7 32.Qc6 Kg8+-) 22.Rc7 Ke8 23.Qe5 Kd8 24.Qe7 1-0. onur604 (2320) - AMI_EK_PAGOL (2240), Casual Rapid game, 2021.

7.0-0 e5 8.d3 c6 9.a4 Qc7 10.h3 a6 11.c4 ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 cb5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Qb3 Nf6 16.Nc3 b4 17.Nb5 Qb6 18.Nd6 ½–½. Schmickt,Bernhard – Hemzo,Miguel Angelo, Orang Utan Invitational, 2002.

7.Ne5 Ne4 (7...a6 8.ba6 Na6 9.0-0–/+) 8.Nf3 e5 9.0-0 Nf6 10.d3 Nbd7 11.Nbd2 Nf8 (11...a6!? 12.a4 h6=+) 12.c4= c6 13.a4 (13.Rc1 Ng6=) 13...Ng6 14.Rc1 Bd7 15.Nb3 Qe7 16.Nfd2 e4 (16...Rac8 17.h3=+) 17.de4= Ne4 (17...de4 18.Bf6 Qf6 19.c5+=) 18.Ne4 (18.cd5!? cd5 19.Ne4 de4 20.Na5+=) 18...de4= (worse 18...Qe4 19.Bf3 Qe7 20.Na5 cb5 21.Nb7+=) 19.Qc2 Qh4 20.g3 Qh3 21.Kh1 (21.f4 ef3 22.Bf3 (22.Rf3?? Nh4 23.Bd1 Nf3 24.Bf3 Re3–+) 22...Re3 23.Bg2=+) 21...Nh4–/+ 22.Rg1 Nf3 23.Rg2 Bg4 24.Nd4? (better 24.c5!? Bc7 25.Nd2–/+) 24...c5–+ 25.Nb3 Re6 26.Nd2 Rh6 27.Nf1 (27.Ne4?? Qh2! 28.Rh2 Rh2; 27.Qe4?? Qh2! 28.Rh2 Rh2) 27...Re8 28.Rd1 Qh5 29.Rd5 f5 30.Qd1?? (better 30.h4–+) 30...Bh3 31.Rd6 Bg2 32.Kg2 Qh3 (32...Qh3 33.Kh1 Qf1 34.Qf1 Rh2) 0–1. Belica,Kamil – Rybka,Simon (2065), MSR Deti a Mladeze CH08, 2019.

6.a4 a6

7.c4 Re8 8.Qc2 –/+.

7.Be2 ab5 8.ab5 Ra1 9.Ba1 Qe7 +=.

7.Be2 Nbd7 8.d4 c5 9.Nc3 Qa5 10.0-0 cd4 11.Qd4 e5 12.Qh4 Nc5 13.Rfd1 Be6 14.Ng5 h6 15.Ne6 fe6 16.f3 d4 (Better is 16...Rac8=) 17.ed4+/– ed4 18.Qd4 Rad8 19.Qc4 Qc7 20.Qh4 Bf4 21.a5 Be3 22.Kh1 Rd1 23.Nd1 Bg5 24.Qe1 ab5 25.Bb5 Bf4 26.g3 Bd6 27.Ne3 Nd5 28.f4 Ne3 29.Qe3 Rf5 30.Bc4 Qc6 31.Kg1 Bc7 32.Be2 Bd8 33.Bg4 Rf8 34.Bd4 Be7 35.Rb1 Rd8 36.c3 Kh8 37.f5 Kh7 38.Bf3 Qc7 39.Rb5 Bg5 40.Qe1 Be7 41.Qb1 Kh8 42.fe6 Ne6 43.Rb7 Qa5 44.Re7 Nd4 45.cd4 Rf8 46.Qe4 Qa1 47.Kg2 Qb2 48.Kh3 Qb5 49.Be2 Qb3 50.Re6 Qb4 51.Bd3 1–0. Trkn – mdumont, ICC, 2004.

7.c4 ab5

8.ab5 Ra1 9.Ba1 c6 10.Ne5 Nbd7 11.Nd7 Bd7 12.f3 dc4 13.bc6 Bc6 14.Bc4 Nd7 15.0-0 Qc7 16.f4 Bg2 17.Qg4 g6 18.Qg2 Qc4 19.Qb7 Rd8 20.Nc3 Bc7 21.Qg2 Qd3 22.Qc6 Bb6 23.Ne4 Ba5 24.Rd1 Bb4 25.Qc7 Be7 26.Qc3 Qc3 27.dc3 Nb6 28.Rd8 Bd8 29.Nd2 Nd5 30.Kg2 Bf6 31.Nb1 Kg7 32.Kf3 Kh6 33.e4 Nb6 34.Nd2 Kh5 35.e5 Be7 36.c4 Nd7 37.Bd4 Nb8 38.Ne4 Nc6 ½–½. Kleinke – Magdeburg, corr DDR 1979.

8.cb5 Nbd7 9.Be2+= c5 (9...e5 10.0-0+=) 10.0-0 (10.bc6 bc6 11.Qc2 Qc7+=) 10...Re8 (10...e5 11.d3–/+) 11.d3+= e5 12.h3 (12.Qb3 Nf8–/+) 12...Qc7 (12...Nf8 13.Nc3–/+) 13.Qc2 (13.Qb3 b6–/+) 13...Nf8 14.e4 (14.Bc3–/+) 14...d4 (better is 14...Ne6!?–+) 15.Nbd2+= Ne6 (15...Be6 16.Ng5=) 16.Rfc1= Bd7 (16...Nf4 17.Bf1=) 17.Nc4 Nf4 (17...b6 18.g3=) 18.Bf1 (18.b6 Qc6 19.Bf1 Bb8=) 18...Bf8 (18...b6 19.a5 ba5 20.b6+/–) 19.b6+= Qb8 20.a5 Bb5 (20...Ng6 21.Ba3+=) 21.Nfd2 (21.g3 Ng6+=) 21...g6 (21...Qc8 22.Kh2+=) 22.g3 (22.Rcb1 Qc8+=) 22...N4h5 (22...Ne6 23.Rcb1+=) 23.Nb3 (23.Bg2 Qd8+/–) 23...Nd7 24.Qd1 (24.Bg2 Qd8+/–) 24...Ng7 (24...Qd8 25.Qf3+/–) 25.Rc2 (25.Bg2 Qd8+=) 25...Ne6 (25...f5 26.Bc1+=) 26.Bc1+/– Bg7 27.Bd2 Rf8 28.Qb1 Bc6 29.Bg2 h5 30.Rca2 Kh7 31.Nc1 Ra6 32.Ne2 Re8 33.Qb3 Rf8 34.f4 Nd8 35.Rf1 f6 36.Na3 Nf7 37.fe5 Nde5 38.Nf4+/– Nd8 39.Nb5 Bb5 40.Qb5 Qd6 41.Rc2 Nd7 42.Nd5 Ne6 43.Be1 Raa8 44.Ra2 Ne5 45.Raf2 Nd7 46.e5 Ne5 47.Nf6 Bf6 48.Rf6 Rf6 49.Rf6 Kg7 50.Bb7 Rb8= 51.Re6 Qe6 52.Be4 Nf3 53.Bf3 Qe1 54.Kh2 Rf8 55.Bg2 Rf2 56.Qc6 Qa5 57.b7 Rb2 58.Qd7 Kh6 59.Qe8 Qd2?? 60.Qh8+– Kg5 61.h4 Kf5 62.Qf8 Ke6 63.Qe8 Kf5 64.Qe4 Kf6 65.Qc6 Kf7 66.b8Q Rb8 67.Qc7 Kf6 68.Qb8 Qd3 69.Qd6 Kg7 70.Qc5 Qd1?? 71.Qe7 (71.Qe7 Kh8 72.Qf8 Kh7 73.Qf7 Kh8 74.Qg6+–) 1–0. Grund,Karl – Blass,Robert, corr ICCF EU–H–269, 1968.

8.cb5 Re8 9.Be2 –/+.

6.a4 c5

7.c4 d4 8.ed4= cd4 9.Nd4 Be5 10.Ne6 Bb2 11.Nd8 Ba1 12.Nf7 (12.Nc3 Bc3 13.dc3 Nbd7 14.Nf7 Rf7=) 12...Rf7 13.Be2 Bd4 14.0-0 Bf5 15.c5 (15.Na3 Re7 16.Bf3 Bc5+=) 15...Be6= (worse is 15...Bc5 16.d4 Bd6 17.Bc4+–) 16.Na3 (16.Bf3 Nbd7 17.Bb7 Re8=) 16...Nbd7 (16...Ne4!? 17.Bf3 Ng5= (17...Bc5? 18.Be4 Ba3 19.Qh5+–)) 17.c6+= bc6 18.bc6 Ne5 19.Nb5 Bb6 (19...Nc6? 20.Bf3 Bd5 21.Qc1+– (21.Nd4?! Nd4 22.Bd5 Nd5=)) 20.a5 (20.Qc1 Bd5=) 20...Ba5= 21.Qa1 Nc6 22.Rc1 Bd5 ½–½. Michalek,Lothar – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–10 ETC, 2003.

7.c4 b6

8.d4 Nbd7 9.Nbd2 (9.Nc3 Bb7 10.cd5 Nd5=+) 9...Qe7 (9...cd4 10.Nd4 Bb7 11.Nc6=+) 10.Be2=+ Bb7 11.0-0 cd4 (11...a6 12.ba6 Ba6 13.Qb3=+) 12.Nd4 Nc5 (12...Rac8 13.a5=) 13.cd5= Nd5 14.Nc4 White prepares a5 14...Rac8 15.Nd6 (15.a5 Rfd8=) 15...Qd6 16.a5 Rfd8 (16...e5 17.Nf5 Qf6 18.Ng3=) 17.Nf3 (17.Qb1 Ne7=) 17...Qf8 (17...Ne4!? 18.ab6 ab6=+) 18.Qb1= Ne7 19.ab6 ab6 20.Ra7 Ra8 (20...Rc7 21.Be5 Rcd7 22.Qb2=) 21.Ra8 Ba8 (21...Ra8 22.Rd1=) 22.Ba3+= Ng6 23.Rc1 Rc8 24.Qb2 Qe7 25.Bb4 Bb7 26.Qd4 (26.h3 h6+=) 26...h6 27.Bc3 f6 (27...Qf8 28.Nd2+=) 28.Bb4 Nf8 (28...Kh7 29.Nd2+=) 29.Nd2 Qc7 (29...Ng6 30.Bc5 bc5 31.Qc3+–) 30.e4+– Nfd7 31.Qe3 Qe5 32.f3 Qb2 (32...Na4 33.Rc8 Bc8 34.Nb3+–) 33.Ba3 Qe5 34.Nc4 Qc7 35.Rd1 Ne5 (35...Ra8 36.Nd6+–) 36.Bc5 Qc5? (36...bc5!? 37.Qd2 Qe7+–) 37.Qc5+– Rc5 (37...bc5 38.Ne5 fe5 39.Bc4+–) 38.Ne5 (38.Rd8 Kh7 39.Nd6 Bd5 40.ed5 Rd5+–) 38...fe5 (38...Re5?? 39.Rd8 Kh7 40.Rb8+–) 39.Rd8 Kh7 40.Rd6 Rc2 (40...Bc8 41.Rb6 Kg6 42.Rb8+–) 41.Bf1 Bc8 42.Rb6 Rc5 (42...Rc7 43.Rb8 Bd7 44.Kf2+–) 43.Rb8 Bd7 44.Rb7 (better 44.Kf2 Rc2 45.Ke3+–) 44...Bc8? (44...Be8+–) 45.Ra7 Rc1 46.Kf2 Rb1 (46...Kg6+–) 47.Rc7 1–0. Massudy (2520) – Pursue (2395),, 2020.

8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 Bg4 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.d3 Re8 12.Nbd2 Rc8 13.h3 Bh5 14.Rc1 Bg6 15.Re1 Ne5 16.Ne5 Be5 17.d4 (17.Be5 Re5 18.Nf3 Re7=) 17...cd4 (17...Bb8!?=+) 18.Rc8+= Qc8 19.Bd4 (better 19.Nf3!? Bd6 20.Bd4+=) 19...Bd4=+ 20.ed4 Qc3 21.Nf3 Ne4 (21...Bc2 22.Qc1=+) 22.Ne5 Qb4 (22...Nd2!? 23.Bg4 Nc4= (23...Qd4?? 24.Nc6 Re1 25.Qe1+-)) 23.Ng6 hg6 24.Bf3 Kf8 25.Qe2?? (better 25.Re3!?+=) 25...Qa4 (better 25...Nf6 26.Qe8 Ne8-+) 26.Be4? (26.Qd3 Qa5 27.Rc1 Qb4=+) 26...de4?? (better 26...Re4 27.Qd2 Re1 28.Qe1 Qd4-+) 27.d5= Qd4 28.Rd1 Qe5 29.d6 Rd8 30.Qd2 (better 30.d7!?=) 30...Qb5-/+ 31.d7 Qc6 (better 31...Qc5!?-/+) 32.Qb4= Kg8 33.Qd4?? (better 33.Qe7 Qc7 34.Qe4+=) 33...a5 34.Qd2 (34.Kh2 Kf8-+) 34...Kf8 (34...a4 35.Qd4-+) 35.Qd4 f5 36.h4 b5 37.h5 g5?? (better 37...gh5 38.Qe5 Rd7 39.Qf5 Rf7 40.Qh5 Kg8-+) 38.h6= gh6?? (38...Qh6 39.Qc5 Kg8+/-) 39.Qh8+- Ke7 40.Qh7 (40.Qg7 Ke6 41.Qh6 Kf7 42.Qc6 Kg7 43.Qc3 Kh7 44.Qf6 Kg8 45.Qd8 Kf7 46.Qe8 Kg7 47.Rd6 e3 48.Qe7 Kg8 49.d8Q) 40...Ke6?? (better 40...Kf8=) 41.Qh6+- Ke5 42.Qc6 Rd7 43.Qd7 (43.Qd7 f4 44.Rd5 Kf6 45.Rd6 Ke5 46.Qe6) 1-0. brucepeng (2010) - s39swing (2000),, 2020.

8.Be2 a5 9.0-0 Bb7 10.d3 Nbd7 11.Nbd2 Qe7 12.Qc2 Rad8 13.Rfe1 Kh8 14.d4 (14.h3 h6=) 14...cd4=+ 15.ed4 dc4 (15...Ne4 16.Bd3 f5 A) 17.Ne4? de4 18.Re4 Be4 19.Be4 fe4 20.Qe4 Nf6–+; B) worse 17.Be4 fe4 (17...de4?! 18.Ne5–+) 18.Ne5 Ne5 19.de5 Bc5–+; C) 17.Rac1=+) 16.Nc4= Bb4 17.Ba3 Rc8 18.Bb4 Qb4 19.Rab1 Qe7 20.Nfd2 Nd5 21.Bf3 (21.Qb3 N7f6=) 21...Nb4 (21...Rc7 22.Ne4=+) 22.Qb3= Bf3 23.Nf3 (worse 23.Qf3 Nc2 24.Red1 Nd4–/+) 23...Qf6 (23...Rc7 24.Nfe5=) 24.Nfe5+= Ne5 25.de5 (worse 25.Re5 Nd5=+; 25.Ne5?! Rc2 26.Qf3 Qf3 27.gf3 Kg8–/+) 25...Qd8 26.Nd6 Rc2 27.Rbc1 Rc1 28.Rc1 Qg5?? (better 28...Qe7+=) 29.Nf7 (29.Nf7 Kg8 30.Ng5 Nd5 31.Qh3 h6 32.Qe6 Kh8 33.Rc8 hg5 34.Rf8 Kh7 35.Qf5 g6 36.Qf7 Kh6 37.Rh8) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestXBBP,, 2019.

8.Be2 Bb7 9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.d3 Qc7 12.Nbd2 Rfd8 (12...h6 13.Qe2=) 13.e4 Ne5 14.Qc2 Nfg4 15.Qc3 f6 (15...Nf3 16.Nf3 Bh2 17.Kh1=) 16.Be6+= Kh8 17.g3 Bc8 (17...Nf3!? 18.Nf3 Ne5+=) 18.Bd5+– Rb8 (18...Nf3 19.Nf3 Bb7 20.Qc4+–) 19.d4+– Ng6 (19...Nf3 20.Nf3 Bb7 21.Bb7 Qb7 22.d5+–) 20.Rac1 Bd7 (20...Bb7 21.Qb3+–) 21.Ba3 (21.dc5 bc5 22.Nc4 Bf8+–) 21...Rbc8 22.dc5 Bc5 23.Bc5 bc5 24.Rc2 (24.Nc4 h6+–) 24...a6 (24...Ne7 25.Bb3+–) 25.Rb1 (25.ba6 Ba4 26.Ra2 Bc6 27.Qc5 Qd7+–) 25...ab5 26.ab5 Ne7 27.b6 Qb8 28.b7 Rc7 29.Nd4! Nd5 (29...cd4 30.Qb4 Double attack (30.Qc7 Pinning; 30.Qc7 Deflection; 30.Qb4 Decoy)) 30.ed5 cd4?? (better 30...Rb7 31.Rb7 Qb7 32.Qc5 Ra8+–) 31.Qc7+– Bf5 32.Qb8 Rb8 33.Rbc1 h5 34.Rc8 Bc8 35.Rc8 (35.Rc8 Kh7 36.Rb8 Ne3 37.Rd8 Kg6 38.b8Q Nf1 39.Nf1 Kh7 40.Rh8 Kg6 41.Qe8 Kf5 42.Nd2 d3 43.Qe4 Kg5 44.Nf3) 1–0. DEFFM – jhhhGuestZBFM,, 2019.

7.c4 Nbd7

8.d4 cd4 9.ed4 a5 10.c5+= Bb8 11.Ba3 (11.Bd3!?+=) 11...Re8=+ 12.Be2 e5 13.de5 (13.0-0 e4 14.Nfd2 Qc7=) 13...Ne5=+ 14.Ne5 Be5 15.Ra2 Be6 Black prepares d4 16.0-0 d4 17.Rd2 (better 17.Rb2 Qc7 18.Kh1-/+) 17...Rc8?? (17...Ne4!?-/+) 18.Bf3?? White prepares the advance c6 (better 18.f4 Bb8 19.Rd4+/-) 18...Qc7=+ 19.Re1 (better 19.Kh1!?=+) 19...Bh2-/+ 20.Kh1 (better 20.Kf1 Be5 21.c6-/+) 20...Be5?? (20...Bb3 21.Re8 Re8 22.Qf1-+) 21.c6 (better 21.Bb7 Qb7 22.Re5=) 21...bc6-/+ 22.Bc6 Red8 (22...Bg4 23.f3 Bd7 24.Bd7 Nd7 25.Rde2-/+) 23.Rde2 (23.Bb2 Bf4 24.Bd4 Bd2 25.Qd2 Ng4-+) 23...Bd6 (23...Ng4 24.Rd2-/+) 24.Qd3 (24.Bd6 Qd6 25.f3 Qb4-+) 24...Bb4 (24...Ng4!? 25.Bd6 Qd6 26.Qg3 Qg3 27.fg3-+) 25.Bb4-/+ ab4 26.Re6? (26.Nd2!?-/+) 26...fe6 (26...Ng4 27.Qg3 Qg3 28.fg3 fe6 29.Re6-+) 27.Re6 (27.Qc4 Kh8 28.Qe6 Qf4-+) 27...Rd6 (better 27...Ng4 28.Qg3 Qg3 29.fg3 Kf7-+) 28.Qc4?? (better 28.Rd6 Qd6 29.Kg1-+) 28...Kf8 (better 28...Qf7 29.Bd5 Rc4 (29...Rd5?! 30.Qc8 Qf8 31.Qf8 Kf8 32.b6+=) 30.Rd6 Nd5 31.Rd8 Qf8 32.Rf8 Kf8-+) 29.Re1? (29.Qb4!? Rcd8 30.Nd2=) 29...Ng4 (29...Nd5 30.Re4 d3 31.Nd2 (31.Bd5?? Rh6 32.Rh4 Qc4 33.Bc4 Rh4 34.Kg1 Rcc4-+) 31...Rh6 32.Rh4 Rh4 33.Qh4-+) 30.g3? (30.Qb4!? Kg8 31.Qb3 Kh8 32.Qg3-/+) 30...Qf7 (30...Ne5 31.Re5 Rh6 32.Kg1 Qe5 (32...Rc6 33.Qc6 Qc6 34.bc6+-) 33.Qb4 Kg8 34.Qb3 Kh8-+) 31.f3?? (better 31.Qf7 Kf7 32.Kg2-+) 31...Qc4 (31...Qh5 32.Kg1 Qh2 33.Kf1 Qf2) 32.fg4 Qc2 33.Rf1 Rf6 34.Rg1 Rf2 (34...Rh6) 35.Rg2 (35.Nd2 Qd2 36.Rg2 Rg2 37.Bg2 Rc2 38.a5 Qg2) 35...Rg2 (35...Qb1 36.Rg1 Qd3 37.Rg2 Qf1 38.Kh2 Rc6 39.Rf2 Qf2 40.Kh3 Rh6) 36.Bg2 Qb1 37.Kh2 Rc2 38.Kh3 (38.b6 Qf1 39.Kh3 Rg2 40.g5 Qf3 41.a5 Qg3) 38...Qb2 (38...Qg1 39.Kh4 Qe3 40.g5 Rg2 41.Kh5 Rh2 42.Kg4 Qe4) 39.g5 (39.Kh4 Rg2 40.Kg5 Qb3 41.Kh5 Qg3 42.a5 Qg4) 39...Rg2 40.Kg4 (40.g6 Qf2 41.Kg4 Rg3 42.Kh5 Qh2) 40...Rh2 (40...Qe2 41.Kf4 Rf2) 41.g6 (41.Kf3 Qe2 42.Kf4 Rf2) 41...h6 42.b6 (42.Kf4 Qe2 43.g4 Qe3 44.Kf5 Rf2) 42...Qd2 (42...Qe2 43.Kf4 Rf2) 43.b7 (43.b7 Qe2 44.Kf4 Rf2; 43.Kf5 Qe2 44.a5 Rf2). ClayPigeons (2085) - Adesh04 (2095), Rated Bullet game,, 2021.

8.d4 cd4 9.ed4 dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Bd3 Nbd5 12.0-0 a6 13.Nbd2 (13.Nc3 Nf4=) 13...ab5 14.ab5 Opening the a–file gets Black a lot of play 14...Ra1 15.Qa1 Nb4 (15...Nf4 16.Qb1+=) 16.Be2= Nfd5 17.Rc1 (17.Ne4 b6=) 17...Bd7 18.Ba3 Qa8 (18...Qe8 19.b6=) 19.Bb2 (19.Ne5 Rc8 20.Rc8 Qc8+=) 19...Nf4 (19...Qe8 20.Qa4+=) 20.Bf1 (20.Bc4!?+=) 20...Nfd3–/+ 21.Bd3 (21.Rc3 Qa1 22.Ba1 Bb5–/+) 21...Nd3 22.Rb1 Bb5 23.Ba3 Ba3 24.Rb5 Rc8 25.Nf1 Rc1 26.Rb1 b5 27.Rc1 Nc1 28.Ne3 b4 29.Nd2 Ne2 30.Kf1 Qa6 31.Ndc4 Nc3 32.Kg1 f5 (32...Qa4 33.Kf1–+) 33.Ne5 Ne2 34.Kh1 Qd6 (34...Nc1!? 35.N3c4–+) 35.Nc2–/+ g5 36.h3 h5 (36...Qd5!?–/+) 37.Qd1+= Nf4 38.Nc4 (better is 38.Qf3!? h4 39.Qb7=) 38...Qc6–/+ 39.N4e3 Nh3 (39...Nh3 40.d5 Nf2 41.Kg1 A) 41...Nd1 42.dc6 Bc1 43.c7 (43.Nd1?! Bf4+–) 43...Be3 44.Ne3 Ne3 45.c8Q Kg7 46.Qd7 Kf8 47.Qe6+–; B) 41...Qd6 42.Qh5 Ng4= (42...ed5? 43.Qg5 Kf7 44.Qf5 Qf6 45.Qh5 Kg7 46.Nd5+–); 39...h4!?–/+) 0–1. Beekes,Noud – Vergara,Jose Antonio, OP–2007–0-00231, 2007.

8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2=+.

8.cd5 Nd5 9.Bc4 N7f6 (9...Qc7 10.0-0=) 10.0-0 Qc7 11.a5 Bd7 12.h3 b6 (12...h6 13.d3 Nb4 14.Qb3+=) 13.d3 Rad8?? (better 13...Nb4=) 14.e4+– Ne7?! (14...Be7 15.ed5 ed5+–) 15.e5 Nfd5 (15...Ne8+–) 16.ed6 Qd6 (16...Qb7 17.de7 Ne7 18.Nc3+–) 17.Be5 Nc3 (17...Nc8 18.Bd6 Nd6+–) 18.Nc3 Qd3 19.Bd3 Nf5 20.ab6 ab6 21.Bc7 Rc8 22.Bb6 c4 23.Bf5 ef5 24.Qd7 Rb8 25.Bc5 Rfc8 26.Ra7 Rf8 27.Bf8 Rf8 28.b6 (28.b6 h5 29.b7 Kh8 30.Ra8 Ra8 31.ba8Q Kh7 32.Qf7 Kh6 33.Qh8) 1–0. GuestFVNG – GuestCHFQ,, 2020.

6.a4 c6

7.Nc3 Nbd7 8.Be2 Re8 9.0-0 Qc7 10.d4 e5 11.de5 (11.Ba3 Ba3 12.Ra3 e4=) 11...Ne5+= 12.h3 Bf5 13.Ne5 Be5 14.Bd3 Bg6 15.Bg6 hg6 16.Qc1 Rac8 17.Ra2 Qa5 18.Qa1 Qc7 19.Ne2 Ne4 20.Be5 Re5 21.bc6 bc6 22.c3 Rce8 23.a5 Nc5 24.Nd4 Nd7 (24...Ne4 25.c4=) 25.Rb2+= a6 26.Rfb1 Qd6 27.Nf3 Rh5 28.Rb7 Nc5 29.R7b6 Qf6 30.Nd4 Rc8 31.Qa2 Qg5 (31...Kh7 32.c4 dc4 33.Qc4+/–) 32.Kh2 (32.Nc6!? Kh7 33.c4 Rh3 34.cd5+–) 32...Ne4 33.Qc2 (33.Ra6 Nc3 34.Qc2 Nb1 35.Qb1 c5–/+; 33.Nc6?! Nc3 34.Rb8 Rb8 (34...Na2?? 35.Rc8 Kh7 36.Rbb8 Qg2 37.Kg2+–) 35.Rb8 Kh7+=; 33.Rc6?! Rc6 34.Nc6 Qf6+=) 33...c5 34.Nf3 Qf5 35.R1b2 (35.Ra6?! g5 36.Ne1 g4= (36...Qf2?! 37.Qf2 Nf2 38.Ra7=)) 35...g5 36.Kg1 (worse is 36.Ra6 g4 37.Ne1 Qe5 38.Kh1 c4–/+) 36...g4 37.hg4 Qg4 38.Ne1?? (better is 38.c4+=) 38...Qh4–+ 39.Kf1 Rf5 (39...Qh1!? 40.Ke2 Qg1 41.f3 Ng3 42.Kd1–+) 40.f3–/+ Ng3 41.Kf2 Re8 42.Rb8 Rfe5 43.Re8 Re8 44.Qd3?? Nf5 45.Kf1 Ne3 46.Kg1 Qe1 47.Kh2 Qh4 48.Kg1 Ng4! (48...Ng4 49.fg4 Re1 50.Qf1 Rf1 51.Kf1 Qf6 52.Kg1 Qc3 53.Rb8 Kh7–+) 0–1. Peruhin,Anatoliy (1605) – Schankin,Sergei (1680), Ulyanovsk RUS, Volga Open, 2014.

7.c4 a6 8.Nc3 ab5 9.cb5 cb5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Qa1 Nbd7 12.Be2 Nc5 13.0-0 Bd7 14.d4 Nce4 15.Ne4 Ne4 16.Ba3 (16.Qa7 b6=) 16...Qb8 (16...Qb6!? 17.Bd6 Nd6=) 17.Bd6 Qd6 18.Ne5 f6 19.Nd7 Qd7 20.Rc1 Rc8 21.h3 Kf7 22.Bd3 Nd6 Attacking the isolated pawn on b5 23.Rc8 (worse 23.Bh7 Rc1 24.Qc1 g6-/+) 23...Qc8 24.Qa5 h6 25.g3 Ke7 26.b6 Qc6 27.Qa8 (27.Qb4 e5+=) 27...Qb6 (27...Nc8 28.Be2=) 28.Qg8+= Qb3? (better 28...Qd8 29.Qg7 Nf7+=) 29.Qg7+- Nf7?? (29...Kd8 30.Qf6 Kd7 31.Qg7 Kd8+-) 30.Bg6 Qd1 31.Kg2 b5 (31...Qa4 32.Qf7 Kd6 33.Qf8 Kc7 34.Qh6+-) 32.Qf7 Kd6 33.Qf6 b4 (33...Qa4 34.Be8 Kc7 35.Qe7 Kb6 36.Qe6 Ka5 37.Qd5+-) 34.Qd8 (34.Be8 Qg1 35.Kg1 Kc7 36.Qe7 Kb6 37.Qd6 Ka7 38.Bb5 Kb7 39.Qc6 Kb8 40.Ba6 e5 41.Qb7) 34...Kc6 35.Qb8 (35.Be8 Kb7 36.Qd7 Kb6 37.Qb5 Kc7 38.Qc6 Kb8 39.Qb6 Kc8 40.Bc6 Qh1 41.Kh1 e5 42.Qb7 Kd8 43.Qd7) 35...b3 36.Qb4 (36.Be8) 36...Qc2 (36...Qc1 37.Qb3 Kc7+-) 37.Bc2 (37.Bc2 bc2 38.Qc5 Kd7 39.Qc2+-) 1-0. Abdullaevich (1730) - ibukuno (1830),, 2019.

7.c4 cb5 8.cb5 a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Qa1 Nbd7 12.Be2 Nc5 13.0-0 Nfe4 14.Ne4 (14.d3 Nc3 15.Bc3 f6+=) 14...de4= 15.Nd4 (15.Ne5 Qh4=) 15...e5=+ 16.Nc2 Nb3 (16...Qg5 17.f3=+) 17.Qd1 Bc7 18.d4 ed3 19.Qd3 Qd3 20.Bd3 f5?? (20...Rd8 21.Rd1=+) 21.g3 (21.Bc4 Kh8 22.Bb3 Rd8+-) 21...e4?? (better 21...Be6=+) 22.Bc4+- Kh8 23.Bb3 Bd7 24.Nd4 Be5 25.Bd5 (25.b6 Ra8+-) 25...b6 (25...Bb5 26.Nb5 Bb2 27.Nd6+-) 26.Bc6 Be8 (26...Bc6 27.bc6 (27.Nc6?! Bb2 28.Rd1 h6+=) 27...Rc8 28.Rc1+-) 27.Ne6 Bb2 (27...Rf6 28.Ng7 Bb2 29.Ne8+- (29.Be8?! Kg7 30.Rd1 Ba3+/-)) 28.Nf8 Bf7 (28...Kg8 29.Nh7 Bh5 30.Ng5+-) 29.Nd7 g5 (29...Bc4 30.Rb1 Bf6 31.Nf6 gf6 32.Ra1+-) 30.Nb6 Be5 (30...Ba3 31.Nd7+-) 31.Nd7 Bc7 32.Nf6 (better 32.b6 Bb6 33.Nb6 g4+-) 32...Kg7 33.Nd5 Bd6 34.b6 Bd5 (34...h5 35.b7+-) 35.Bd5 Kf6 36.b7 Ke5 (36...h5 37.Rc1 Ke7 38.Rc6+-) 37.Rd1 Bb8 38.Bg8 h6 39.Rd8 Bc7 40.b8Q Bb8 41.Rb8 f4 42.Rb5 Kf6 43.ef4 gf4 44.gf4 h5 45.h4 Kg6 46.Rg5 Kh6 47.Bd5 (47.f5 e3 48.Rg6) 47...e3 48.fe3 Kh7 49.f5 Kh8 (49...Kh6 50.f6 Kh7 51.Bf7 Kh6 52.Rh5) 50.f6 Kh7 51.f7 (51.Bf7 Kh6 52.Rh5) 51...Kh6 52.f8Q Kh7 53.Qg7 (53.Be4) 1-0. Abdullaevich (1890) - bay_wc (1770),, 2020.

7.c4 Bd7 8.d4 c5 9.Nbd2 b6 10.Be2 Re8 11.0-0 (11.dc5 Bc5 12.0-0 a6+=) 11...Bc8 (11...cd4 12.Nd4 a6 13.cd5 Nd5 14.Rc1+=) 12.Qb3 (12.a5 ba5 13.cd5 ed5 14.dc5 Bc5 15.Bf6 Qf6+/-) 12...Bb7 13.Rfd1 Nbd7 14.Nf1 (14.cd5 Bd5 15.Nc4 cd4 16.Rd4 Rc8=) 14...Qe7 (14...Rc8 15.Qa2=) 15.Rac1 Rac8 16.Qa2 h6 (16...Red8 17.a5=) 17.Ng3 Red8 18.dc5 (18.a5 dc4 19.Bc4 Bf3 20.gf3 cd4 21.Bd4 Ba3=) 18...Bc5 (18...Nc5 19.Be5=) 19.Bd4 (19.cd5 Bd5 20.Qa1 Bd6=) 19...Bd4 (19...dc4 20.Bb2=+ (20.Qc4?? Ba3-+; 20.Rc4? Bd5-+)) 20.Nd4= (worse 20.ed4 dc4 21.Bc4 Bf3 22.gf3 Rc7-/+) 20...Nc5 (20...Qb4 21.cd5 Nd5 22.Nc6 Bc6 23.bc6=) 21.cd5 Nd5 22.Bf3 Qe8 23.Nde2 (better 23.Qa3!?=) 23...Nb4=+ 24.Qa3 Bf3 (24...Nbd3 25.Rb1 Bf3 26.gf3-/+) 25.gf3 (better 25.Qb4!? Be2 26.Ne2 Rd1 27.Rd1=) 25...Nbd3-/+ 26.Rc3 (26.Rb1 Qe7-/+) 26...Ne5 27.Rd8 Rd8 (27...Nf3 28.Kg2 Nh4 29.Kh3 Qd8 30.Qb4-/+) 28.e4? (28.Nd4 Qd7=+) 28...Rd3 (28...Rd1 29.Kg2-+) 29.Kg2 (29.Rd3 Ned3 30.Qa1 e5-/+) 29...Qd7 (29...Nf3!? 30.Rd3 Ne1 31.Kg1 Ned3 32.Qc3-+) 30.Rd3 Ned3 31.f4 f5 (31...Ne1 32.Kg1-/+) 32.ef5 (32.f3 Ne1 33.Kf1 Nc2-/+) 32...ef5 (32...Qd5 33.f3-/+) 33.Qa2 Kh7 34.Qc4 Qb7 (34...Ne1 35.Kf1 Nf3 36.Qc2-/+) 35.Kf1 g6 36.Nd4 (36.Nc3 Qc7-/+) 36...Qe7 37.Nge2 Kg7 (37...Nb2 38.Nc6 Qc7 39.Qd4 Nba4 40.Qf6-/+) 38.Qd5 Qe2?? (better 38...Qf7 39.Qd6 Kh7=+ (39...Na4 40.Ne6 Kh7 41.Nd8+/-)) 39.Ne2+- (39.Ke2?? Nf4 40.Kd2 Nd5-+) 1-0. upep (2030) - Bordok (1950), Rated Blitz game,, 2013.

7.c4 Ne4 8.d3 Nc5 (8...Qa5 9.Nbd2 Nd2 10.Nd2=+ (10.Qd2?? Bb4-+)) 9.Be2 Qc7 (9...dc4!? 10.dc4 Qc7=) 10.d4+= Ne4 11.0-0 Nd7 12.c5 Be7 13.Bd3 (13.Nbd2 f5+=) 13...Ndf6 (13...e5 14.Qc2=) 14.h3 (14.Nbd2 Nd2 15.Qd2 g6+/-) 14...Bd7 15.Nbd2 Nd2 16.Nd2 b6 17.Qc2 (17.Nb3 Rac8+=) 17...g6 (17...cb5 18.c6 Qc6 19.Qc6 Bc6 20.ab5=) 18.f4 (18.Ba3 bc5 19.Bc5 Bc5 20.Qc5 Rfc8+=) 18...Qc8 (18...cb5 19.ab5 bc5 20.dc5 Bc5 21.Rfe1=) 19.g4 (19.Ba3 Qb7+/-) 19...cb5 (19...Qb7 20.Rab1=) 20.ab5+= h5? (better 20...bc5!? 21.Ba3 Qb8+=) 21.c6 (better 21.g5 bc5 22.gf6 Bf6 23.dc5 Bb2 24.Qb2 Qc5 25.Kf2+-) 21...Be8? (21...hg4 22.cd7 Qd7 23.hg4+-) 22.gh5 (better 22.g5 Nh7 23.Ba3 Ba3 24.Ra3+-) 22...Nh5+/- 23.Rf2 Bh4 (better 23...Ng7!?+/-) 24.Rg2+- f5? (24...Be7 25.Nf3+-) 25.Nf3 (25.Ba3 Qc7 26.Bf8 Kf8+-) 25...Bf6 (25...Be7 26.Qc3+-) 26.Kf2 (26.Ba3!? Qc7+-) 26...Kg7 (26...Kh7 27.Ba3 Rf7 28.Bd6+-) 27.Rag1 (27.Ba3 Rg8+-) 27...Rh8 (27...Qc7 28.Ne5 Be5 29.de5+-) 28.Ba3 Bf7 (28...Rh7 29.c7+-) 29.Bd6 (29.c7 Qd7 30.Ne5 Be5 31.de5 Kg8+-) 29...Bd8?! (29...Qd8 30.Bb4+-) 30.Ne5 (30.c7 Bf6 31.Ne5 Rh6+-) 30...Rh6 31.Nd7 (31.c7 Bh4 32.Ke2 Nf6+-) 31...Nf6 (31...Kg8 32.Qc3+-) 32.Be5 (better 32.Bf8 Kh7 33.Ne5 Ne4 34.Ke2 Bc7 35.Nf7 Qf8 36.Nh6 Qh6 37.Be4 fe4 38.Rg6 Qg6 39.Rg6 Kg6+-) 32...Be7 (32...Be8 33.Bf5! A) 33...ef5?? 34.Qf5 Qd7 35.cd7+- (worse 35.Qd7 Bd7 36.cd7 Kf7-/+); B) 33...Bd7 34.Bg6 Kf8+-) 33.Bf5! Qh8 (33...ef5 34.Bf6 Deflection) 34.Bg6 Bg6 35.Rg6 Kf7 36.Nf6 Rh3 37.Nd7 Rh2 38.R6g2 Qh4 (38...Qh5 39.Qe2 Qh7 40.Rh2 Qh2 41.Rg2 Qh4 42.Kg1 Qh3 43.Rg7 Ke8 44.Rg8 Kf7 45.Ra8 Qg3 46.Kf1 Qh3 47.Qg2 Qg2 48.Kg2 Kg6 49.c7 Bh4 50.c8Q Bd8 51.Qd8 Kf5 52.Nf6 Kg6 53.Qe7 a5 54.Qh7) 39.Kf1 Rg2 40.Qg2 (40.Rg2?! Qh1 41.Rg1 Qf3 42.Qf2 Qd1 43.Kg2 Rg8 44.Kh1 Qh5 45.Qh2 Qf3 46.Rg2 Qd1 47.Qg1 Qh5 48.Qh2 Qd1 49.Rg1 Qf3 50.Rg2 Qd1=; 40.Kg2?? Rg8 41.Bg7 Rg7 42.Kf1 Qh3 43.Qg2 Rg2 44.Ne5 Ke8 45.Rg2 Kd8-+) 40...Bf8 41.Qg6 (41.Qg6 Ke7 42.Bf6 Qf6 43.Qf6 Kd6 44.Nf8 Kc7 45.Qe7 Kc8 46.Ne6 a5 47.Rg8; 41.Qg8 Ke7 42.Rg7 Bg7 43.Qg7 Kd8 44.Qf8) 1-0. Bushwacker (1860) - aldwark (1735),, 2017.

7.Be2 Bd7 8.0-0 Qa5 9.Ne5 cb5 10.ab5 Qc7 11.f4 b6 (11...Ne4 12.c4=) 12.Bd3 Qc5 13.Ng4 Ng4 14.Qg4 f5?? (better 14...f6+/-) 15.Qg7 1-0. WG_Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2021.

6.a4 Nbd7

7.c4 c6 8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 Re8 10.0-0 Ne5 (10...c5 11.Qc2=) 11.bc6 (11.Be5!? Be5 12.Ne5 Re5 13.bc6 bc6 14.d4+=) 11...Nf3=+ 12.Bf3 bc6 13.Nc3 (13.Qc2 Ng4 14.g3 Rb8=+) 13...Rb8 14.Rb1 Ba6 15.Be2 Qa5 16.Ba6 Qa6 17.Ne2 (17.Qc2 Ng4 18.f4 Rb4=) 17...Qd3 18.Bf6 Rb1 (worse 18...gf6 19.Nd4 c5 20.Rb8 Bb8 21.Nc6+/-) 19.Nc1?? (better 19.Qb1 Qe2 20.Bc3=+) 19...Rc1 (better 19...Qg6 20.Bd4 Ba3-+) 20.Qc1 gf6 21.Qc6 Rd8 22.g3 Qc4 (22...Qd2 23.Qa6-+) 23.Qb7 Qc5 (23...a6 24.d4-+) 24.d4-/+ Qb6 (24...Qa5!?-/+) 25.Qd5=+ Bg3?? (25...Be7 26.Qb5 Qe6=+) 26.Qe4?? (better 26.Qg2+-) 26...Bc7-+ 27.Kh1 f5! 28.Rg1 (28.Qf5 Qa5 Double attack (28...Qa5 Decoy)) 28...Kh8 (28...Kf8 29.Qf5 Qc6 30.f3-+) 29.Qf5 Rg8 (29...Qc6 30.f3 Qh6 31.Rg2-/+) 30.Rg8 Kg8 31.d5 Qd6 32.Kg1 (32.Qc8!? Kg7 33.Qg4 Kf8 34.Qh5-+) 32...Qh2-+ 33.Kf1 Qd6 34.e4 Qe5 35.Qc8 Kg7 36.Ke2?? (better 36.Qg4 Kf8 37.Qc8 Ke7 38.Qb7-+) 36...Qe4 37.Kf1 Qd3 38.Kg1 Qb1 (better 38...Qd1!? 39.Kg2 Qd5 40.Kg1-+) 39.Kg2 Qb8 (39...Qg6 40.Kf1 Be5 41.Qc4-+) 40.Qg4 Kf8 41.Qg5 Qd8 42.Qh6 Ke8 43.Qh7 (43.Qc6 Ke7 44.Kf1-+) 43...Qd5 44.Kf1 Qc4 45.Kg1 Qa4 46.Qh8 Ke7 47.Qh4 (47.Qc3 Bf4 48.Qc5 Kf6 49.Kg2-+) 47...Qh4 48.Kf1 Bb6 49.Ke2 Qf2 50.Kd3 Qd4 51.Kc2 Ba5 52.Kb3 Qb4 (52...Qc3 53.Ka2 Bb4 54.Kb1 Ba3 55.Ka2 Qb2) 53.Kc2 Qc3 54.Kd1 (54.Kb1 Bb6 55.Ka2 Qc2 56.Ka3 Bc5) 54…Qd2 0-1. brucepeng (2025) - lautaarososa (2030),, 2021.

7.d3 Nc5 8.Nbd2 a6 9.d4 Nce4 10.ba6 b6 11.Bd3 Ba6 12.Ba6 Ra6 13.0-0 Qd7 14.c4 Nd2 15.Nd2 Rfa8 16.cd5 ed5 17.f4 (17.Nf3!?–/+) 17...Ra4–+ 18.Ra4 Qa4 19.Qa4 Ra4 20.Nf3 Ra2 21.Rb1 Ne4 22.g4 b5 23.h4 White prepares g5 23...b4 24.g5 g6 25.Ne1 (25.Kh1–+) 25...Nd2 26.Ra1 Rb2 27.Nd3 Nf3 28.Kf1 Rc2 29.h5 (29.Ne1 Nh2 30.Kg1 Rd2–+) 29...gh5 30.f5 (30.Ne1 Ne1 31.Ke1 h4–+) 30...h4 31.f6 (31.Ne1 Ne1 32.Ke1 h3 33.Kd1 Rg2 34.Ra6 h2 35.Ra8 Bf8 36.Rf8 Kf8 37.g6 h1Q) 31...h3 32.Ra8 Bf8 33.Nb4 (33.Nf2 h2 34.Nh1–+) 33...h2 34.Nc2 h1Q 35.Ke2 Qg2 36.Kd3 Qd2 0–1. deanfromblue – bob3d, internet, 2014.

7.d4 Ne4 8.Bd3 f5 (8...c5 9.bc6 bc6 10.Nbd2 Nd2 11.Qd2=+) 9.0-0 Qf6 10.c4 c6 (10...a6 11.Nc3=) 11.Nbd2 cb5 12.ab5 Nb6? (better 12...Nd2 13.Nd2 e5+=) 13.c5+- Bc5 (13...Nc4 14.Bc4 (14.cd6?! Nb2 15.Qb3 Nd3 16.Qd3 Nd6=; 14.Nc4?! dc4 15.Be4 fe4+-) 14...dc4 15.Nc4+-) 14.dc5 Qb2 15.cb6 Nd2 (15...a5 16.ba6 Qb6 17.ab7 Bb7+-) 16.Qd2 (worse 16.Nd2 a5+-) 16...Qd2 17.Nd2 Bd7 (17...a5 18.ba6 ba6 19.Rfb1+-) 18.ba7 g5 (18...b6 19.Rfc1 Rf7 20.Ra6+-) 19.Rfc1 e5 20.Rc7 Be6 (20...Bc8 21.b6+-) 21.Rb7 e4 22.Be2 f4 23.b6 f3 (23...Bf5 24.Rc7 fe3 25.fe3+-) 24.gf3 ef3 25.Nf3 g4 26.Nd4 Bc8 27.Rb8 Bd7 28.Rf8 (28.Ra8 Ra8 29.b7 Rf8+-) 28...Kf8 29.b7 (29.b7 Re8 30.b8Q+-) 1-0. DEFFM – GuestBKSN,, 2019.

7.Be2 c5 8.0-0 b6 9.d3 Bb7 10.c4 Qc7 11.h3 Rad8 12.Nbd2 Rfe8 13.Qc2 e5 14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nf8 16.a5 Ne6 17.ab6 ab6 18.Ra7? (18.Rfd1 Nd4 19.Qd3 Be7+=) 18...Nd4 (better is 18...Be4!? 19.Ne4 Qa7 20.Nd6 Rd6 21.Be5 Rdd8–/+) 19.Bd4+= ed4 The pressure on e4 grows 20.Bd3 Qc8 21.Re1 Bb8 22.Raa1 g6 23.e5 (23.Ra2 Qe6=) 23...Nh5 (23...Nd7 24.e6 Re6 25.Re6 fe6 26.Bg6 hg6 27.Qg6 Kf8 28.Re1+–) 24.Ne4 (24.Be4 Nf4 25.Qb3 d3=) 24...Be4 (24...Kg7!?+=) 25.Re4= f5 26.ef6 Nf6 27.Re8 Ne8 28.Bg6 (better is 28.Be4=) 28...Qd7?? (better is 28...hg6 29.Qg6 Ng7 30.Qb6 Rd6=) 29.Bd3+– Nf6 30.Ra6 Qd6 31.Qd2 Kh8 32.Kf1 Nh5 33.Ng5 Kg7?? (better is 33...Qe7 34.Ne4 Rf8 35.Rb6 Ng3 36.Ng3 Bg3+–) 34.Ne6!! (34.Nh7?! Nf4 35.Ng5 Qh6+–; 34.Bh7 Qh2 35.Ne6 Kh7 36.Qd3 Kh6 37.Rb6 Rd6 38.Qd2 Nf4 39.Nf4 Rb6 40.Nd5 Bf4 41.Qf4 Qf4 42.Nf4 Rb8+–) 34...Qe6 (34...Kf7 35.Nd8 Qd8+–) 35.Qg5 Kf7 36.Qd8 (36.Qd8 Nf4 37.Rb6+–) 1–0. Olcum,Ahmet (1870) – Sayber,Zeki (2140), TUR–ch op Antalya, 2008.

7.Be2 e5

8.0-0 e4 9.Nd4 Ne5 10.f4 ef3 11.Nf3 Nf3 12.Bf3 Ne4 13.Be4 de4 14.Qh5 a6 15.Nc3 f5 16.d3 ed3 17.cd3 Qf6 18.Nd1 Qe7 19.Qf3 Bd7 20.ba6 Bc6 21.Qh3 ba6 22.Bd4 Rab8 23.Nc3 Ba8 24.Nd1 (24.Rf5? c5 25.Rf8 Rf8 26.Bg7 Qg7-+) 24...Qg5 25.Ra2 c5 26.Bc3 Qg6 0-1. WG_Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2021.

8.0-0 e4 9.Nd4 Ne5 10.f4 ef3 11.Nf3 Nf3 12.Bf3 Be6 13.c4 c6 14.Ba3 (14.Na3 a6=) 14...Ba3 (14...dc4 15.bc6 bc6 16.Bc6 Rb8-+) 15.Na3 dc4 16.bc6 bc6 17.Rc1 Rc8 18.Nc4 Bc4 (18...c5 19.Rf2=) 19.Rc4+= c5 20.Qc2 Qd6 21.d4 White gets in control 21...Qe6 22.dc5 Qe3 23.Qf2 Qb3 24.Rfc1 Nd7 (24...Rfd8 25.Rd4+=) 25.Bg4 Ne5 (25...Rc7 26.Qf4 Re8 27.R4c3+/-) 26.R4c3+/- Ng4 27.Rb3 Nf2 28.Kf2 f6 29.Rb7 Rf7 30.c6 Rfc7 31.Rc7 Rc7 32.Ke3 Kf7 33.Kd4 Ke6 (33...Ke7!? 34.Kc5 Kd8+/-) 34.Kc5 g5? (34...Rc8+-) 35.Re1 Kf7 36.Kd6 Rc8 37.Re7 Kg6 38.Kd7 (38.Kd7 Rf8 39.c7+-) 1-0. DEFFM – GuestDLJT,, 2020.

6.c4 a6

7.Qc2 ab5 8.cb5 (8.c5 Be7+=) 8...c6 (8...c5 9.Be2+=) 9.Be2 (9.Be5 Be5 10.Ne5 cb5 11.Bb5 Ra5=) 9...cb5 10.Nc3 (10.Bb5 Bd7 11.Nc3 Qa5+=) 10...b4 11.Nb5 Be7 12.Ng5 g6 (12...Nbd7 13.Nc7 Ra5 14.Nge6 fe6 15.Ne6=) 13.h4 (13.0-0 Bd7+=) 13...h6 (13...Bd7 14.Nf3–/+) 14.h5 (better is 14.Nf3+=) 14...Ne8?? (14...hg5 15.hg6 b3 16.ab3 Ra1 17.Ba1+–) 15.f4?? (15.Nf7!? Rf7 16.Qg6 Rg7 17.Bg7 Ng7 18.Qh6+/–) 15...Bd7?? (15...b3 16.Qd3 A) 16...hg5 17.hg6 Ng7 18.Bg7 gf4 19.gf7 Kf7 20.Qh7+– (20.Bf8?! Bh4 21.Kd1 Kf8+–); B) 16...Ra2 17.Ra2 ba2 18.hg6 Bg5 19.fg5 Qg5 20.gf7 Rf7=) 16.hg6+= Bg5 17.gf7 Rf7 18.Qg6 (worse is 18.fg5 Qg5 19.g4 Bb5 20.Bb5 Nc7=) 18...Ng7 19.fg5 (19.fg5 Qg5 20.Rh6 (20.Qh6?! Qh6 21.Rh6 Bb5 22.Bb5 Nc6+=) 20...Qg6 21.Rg6 Bb5 22.Bb5+=). Bonetti,Shane – Baer,Werner, ETC, 2004.

7.Qc2 dc4 8.Bc4 ab5 9.Bb5 Ra5 10.a4 (10.Nc3 Bd7 11.Bd7 Qd7+=) 10...Na6 11.0-0 Nb4 12.Qb3 c6 13.Bc4 e5 (13...Qe7 14.d4+=) 14.Ng5 (better is 14.d4 e4 15.Ne5=) 14...Qc7 (better is 14...Nfd5!? 15.Ne4 Bf5 16.Nd6 Qd6=) 15.Bc3+= e4 16.h4 Nfd5 (16...b5 17.ab5 Ra1 18.b6=) 17.Bd5 (17.Ne4 Be7+=) 17...cd5 18.Na3 (worse is 18.Bb4 Qb6–/+) 18...Nc6 (18...h6 19.Bb4 Qb6 20.Nb5 Bb4 21.Ne4 de4 22.Qb4+/–) 19.Ba5 (19.Nb5 Rb5 20.ab5 Ne7+/–) 19...Qa5 20.Nb5 Qd8 21.Nd6 (21.f4 Bb8+=) 21...Qd6 22.f3 (22.Rfc1 h6 23.Nh3 Bh3 24.gh3 Qg6 25.Kh2 Qf6=) 22...h6 23.Nf7 (23.fe4 hg5 24.Qd5 Qb4+=) 23...Rf7 24.fe4 Be6 25.Rf7 Bf7 26.Qb7 The passed pawn on a4 will quickly become a dangerous weapon (26.ed5 Bd5 27.Qb7 Ne7+=) 26...Ne5 27.Rf1 d4 The passed pawn on e4 quickly leads to threats 28.a5 (28.Rb1 Nf3 29.Kf2 Nd2 30.Qb8 Kh7 31.Qd6 Ne4 32.Kg1 Nd6 33.ed4 Nf5+/–) 28...de3 29.de3 The passed pawn on e4 will quickly become a dangerous weapon 29...Bc4 30.Rb1 (30.Qc8 Kh7 31.Rf8 Ng6 32.Qc4 Qf8=) 30...Kh7+= 31.Qc8 Be6 32.Qc3 Nf3 33.Kf2 Nh2 34.e5 Ng4 35.Kg3 Ne5= 36.Rb6 Nc6 37.Kf2 Bd5 38.Qd3 Kh8 39.Rb5= Qf6 40.Kg1 Qa1 41.Qb1 Qe5 42.Qe1 Kg8 43.a6 Na7 44.Ra5 Nc6 45.Ra4 Qe7 46.Qc3 Qa7 47.Kf2 Qf7 48.Rf4 Qg6 49.e4+/– Bf7 50.Qc5 Qe6 51.Kg3 Qc4 52.Qb6 Qd3 53.Kh2 Qd6 54.g3 Qd7 55.Qc5 Qe6 56.Qf5 Qe7 57.Qc8 Be8 58.h5 Qe5 59.Qf5 Qe7 60.Qd5 Kh8? 61.e5+– (61.e5 Kh7 62.Qd3 g6 63.Qd6 Qd6 64.ed6+–) 1–0. Bonetti,Shane – Pilz,E, ETC, 2004.

7.Nc3 b6 8.d4 Bb7 9.cd5 ed5 10.Bd3 ab5 11.Nb5 Be7 12.Qc2 Ba6 0–1. Waigel – Pappert, 1997.

7.Nc3 c6 8.bc6 Nc6 9.cd5 ed5 10.Be2 +=.

7.Nc3 Bd7 8.ba6 Na6 9.d4 dc4 10.Bc4 Bc6 11.Qe2 Bd5 12.0-0 Bc4 13.Qc4 Nb4 14.e4 Nd7 15.a3 Nb6 16.Qe2 Nc6 17.Nb5 Re8 18.Rfd1 Na5 19.Ne5 Be7 20.Qh5 Rf8 21.Rab1 c6 22.Nc3 Nac4 23.Nc4 Nc4 24.Ba1 b5 25.d5 Na3 26.Rb3 g6 27.Qe2 Qc7 28.dc6 Qc6 29.Nb5 Nb5 30.Rb5 Ra4 31.e5 Bc5 32.Rbb1 Rf4 33.Rf1 Ra8 34.Rbd1 Kg7 35.h3 h6 36.Bc3 Ra3 37.Rc1 Rc3 38.Rc3–/+ Rf2 39.Rf2 Bf2 40.Qf2 Qc3 41.Qf6 Kg8 42.Qd8 Kh7 43.Qf6 Qd4 44.Kh2 Kg8 45.h4 Qg4 46.Qd8 Kh7 47.Qf6 Qf5 48.g4? Qf6–+ 49.ef6 g5 0–1. van Rooijen,Peter (1725) – Turko,Sergey (1885), CL4–2002.06.05, 2002.

7.cd5 ab5 8.de6 Be6 9.Bb5 Ra2 10.Ra2 Ba2 11.Qc2 Bd5 12.Ng5=.

7.cd5 ed5 8.Nc3=+ A) 8...Qe7 9.Be2 (9.Qc2 c6 10.bc6 Nc6 11.Be2 Bg4 12.0-0=+; 9.Bd3 Re8 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Qc2 Ne5 12.Ne5=; 9.Qa4 Re8 10.Be2 Nbd7 11.0-0 Nc5 12.Qh4=) 9...Re8 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Rc1 Nc5 12.ba6=; B) 8...Bg4 9.Qb3 (9.Be2 Qd7 10.Qb3 c6 11.bc6 bc6 12.Rb1=) 9...Be6 10.Ng5 Nbd7 11.Qc2 d4 12.Nce4=; C) 8...Bd7 9.Be2 (9.Bd3 Bg4 10.0-0 Re8 11.Be2 c5 12.Qa4=+) 9...ab5 10.Nb5 Bb5 11.Bb5 Nbd7 12.0-0=; D) 8...c5 9.Be2 (9.bc6 Nc6 10.Be2 Bf5 11.Rc1 Rc8 12.0-0=+) 9...Bf5 10.0-0 Re8 11.d3 Qa5 12.a4=; E) 8...ab5 9.Nb5 Be7 10.Be2 c6 11.Nbd4 c5 12.Nb5=+.

7.cd5 Nd5 8.Qa4 (8.e4 A) 8...Nb6 9.Nc3 (9.Qc2 Bd7 10.e5 Be7 11.Bd3 h6 12.a4=; 9.e5 Be7 10.Qc2 ab5 11.Bb5 Na6 12.Ba3=+) 9...ab5 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.0-0 Bb5 12.Nb5=; B) 8...Nf4=+ 9.Qa4 (9.e5 Be7 10.Qa4 Nd5 11.Nc3 c6 12.Nd5=) 9...f6 10.g3 Ng6 11.Bc4 Kh8 12.d4=) 8...f6 (8...Nd7 A) 9.ba6 b6 (9...Nb4 10.d4=+ Na6 11.Be2 Nf6 12.Ba3=) 10.e4 Nb4 11.d4 Ba6 12.Qb3=+; B) 9.Nc3 N7b6 10.Qb3 Nc3 11.Qc3 f6 12.ba6=; 8...c6 9.Nc3 Nb6 10.Qd4 c5 11.Qd3 f5 12.ba6=; 8...Bd7 9.Nc3 c6 10.Nd5 ed5 11.Qd4 f6 12.bc6=; 8...Nb6 9.Qb3 (9.Qd4 f6 10.Nc3 ab5 11.Bb5 Bd7 12.0-0=+; 9.Qc2 ab5 10.Bb5 Na6 11.0-0 Nb4 12.Qc3=+; 9.Qe4 ab5 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.Bd7 N8d7 12.0-0=+) 9...ab5 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.Nc3 Bc6 12.e4=+) 9.Bd3 (9.Nc3 c6=+ 10.Nd5 ed5 11.bc6 Nc6 12.Be2=; 9.Ba3 c6 10.Bd6 Qd6 11.ba6 Na6 12.d4=+; 9.d4 c6 10.ba6 Na6 11.Qb3 Re8 12.Be2=) 9...c6 10.Qe4 (10.bc6 Nc6 11.Qc2 (11.Qh4 f5 12.Qd8=+) 11...f5=+ 12.Be2=+) 10...f5 11.Qd4 Qc7 (11...Rf7 12.a4=+) 12.ba6 (12.a4 Rd8=+) 12...Na6 13.a3 (13.Nc3!?=+) 13...Nc5–/+ 14.Bc2 e5! 15.Qc4 (15.Ne5 Ne6) 15...b5 16.Qe2 e4 17.Nd4 Na4 (17...Nb6 18.d3–/+) 18.Ba4 Ra4 19.g3 (19.d3 Re8–/+) 19...Nb6 (19...Bc5 20.f3–+) 20.Nc3–/+ Ra6 21.a4 (better 21.d3!? ed3 22.Qd3–/+) 21...b4–+ (worse 21...ba4 22.Na4 Qf7 23.Nb6 Rb6 24.Bc1–+) 22.Ne4 (22.Nd1 Na4 23.Ne6 Qf7 (23...Nb2?! 24.Ra6 Ba6 25.Qa6–+) 24.Ra4 Ra4 25.Nf8 Ba6–+ (25...Kf8?! 26.f4–+; 25...Qf8?! 26.Qc4 Kh8 27.Qc6–+; 25...Bf8?! 26.d3–+)) 22...fe4 23.a5 Qa7 24.Nc6 Qb7 25.Nd4 Nd5 (25...Qa8 26.Nb3 Nd7 27.Qc4 Kh8 28.0-0–+) 26.0-0 Bh3 (26...Qa8 27.Nb5–+) 27.Rfc1 Nc7 (27...Qf7 28.Rc6 Rc6 29.Nc6–+) 28.Qc4 (28.Rc2 Ne6–+) 28...Qd5 (28...Rf7!? 29.Ra2–+) 29.Qd5 Nd5 30.Nb5 (30.Rc6 Rc6 31.Nc6 Rc8–+) 30...Be7 31.Nc7 Nc7 32.Rc7 Bf6 (32...Re8 33.Rc4 Bf5 34.g4–+) 33.Bf6 Raf6 34.f4 ef3 (34...ef3 35.Kf2 b3–+) 0–1. Bonetti,Shane – khadem (2220), ICC, 2002.

7.Be2 dc4 (7...Bd7 8.ba6 (8.cd5 Nd5 9.Qa4 Nb6 10.Qd4 f6 11.ba6 Na6 12.0-0 Nb4 13.Qe4 f5–/+) 8...Na6 9.Ne5 Nc5 10.0-0 Ba4 11.Qc1 dc4 12.Nc4 Bb5 13.Nba3 Bc6=; 7...ab5 8.cb5 (8.cd5 Nd5 9.Bb5 c6 10.Be2 b6 11.0-0 Re8 12.Nc3 Ba6 13.d3 Nb4+=) 8...Nbd7 9.d4 Nb6 10.0-0 Na4 11.Bc1 Ne4 12.Qc2 Qe7 13.Nbd2 Nac3=; 7...c6 8.bc6 (8.cd5 Nd5 9.bc6 Nc6 10.d4 b5 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Nc3 Na5 13.Qe1 Nc4+=) 8...Nc6 9.cd5 Nd5 10.d4 b5 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Nc3 Na5 13.Qb1 Nf6+=; 7...Nbd7 8.cd5 (8.ba6 b6 9.cd5 Nd5 10.0-0 Ba6 11.Nc3 Nc3 12.Bc3 Bb7 13.Qc2 Nc5+=) 8...Nd5 9.ba6 b6 10.0-0 Ba6 11.Nc3 Nc3 12.Bc3 Bb7 13.Qc2 Nc5+=) 8.Bc4 (8.Na3 Ba3 9.Ba3 Re8 10.Qa4 Nbd7 11.Qc4 ab5 12.Qb3 c6 13.d4 e5–/+; 8.ba6 b5 9.a4 b4 10.a7 Nc6 11.Bc4 Na5 12.Bb5 c6 13.Be2 c5+=) 8...ab5 9.Bb5 e5 (9...Bd7 10.Qe2 (10.Be2+= Bc6 11.0-0 Ng4 12.Qc2 Bf3 13.Bf3 Nh2–/+) 10...Nc6 11.0-0 e5 12.d4 ed4 13.Nd4 Nd4+=) 10.0-0 (better is 10.Ne5!? Be6 (10...Ra5 11.a4 Be6 12.d4 c6 13.Bd3 Nbd7+=) 11.d4= c6 12.Bd3 Ra2 13.Ra2 Ba2=) 10...e4–/+ 11.Bf6 (11.Nd4!?–/+ c5 12.Nb3 Ng4 13.g3 Ne5–/+) 11...Qf6–+ (11...gf6?! 12.Ne1+= Be5 13.Nc3 Bc3+=) 12.Nd4 c6 (12...Qe5 13.g3 Bh3–+) 13.Be2 Be5 (13...c5–+) 14.Nc3 Bd4 15.ed4 Qd4 16.Qc2 Bf5 17.Rfe1 Ra5 18.Bf1 Re5 19.Qb3 Re7 20.Rab1 Qd2 21.Rbd1 Qg5 22.Re3 Bg6 23.Qb4 Rfe8 24.a4 f5 25.Rg3 Qf6 (25...Qh4!?–/+) 26.Rd6+= c5 27.Qc5 Qe5 28.Qe5 Re5 29.Nd5 Rc8 30.f4 Ree8 (30...ef3 31.Rf3 Nc6 32.Rd7+=) 31.Rb3 Rc6 32.Rc6 ½–½. pumpkin – cliff (2695), net–, 2014.

7.Bf6 Qf6 8.Nc3 +=.

7.a4 ab5

8.ab5 Ra1 9.Ba1 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 a6 5.a4 ab5 6.ab5 Ra1 7.Ba1 Bd6 8.Nf3 0-0 9.c4).

8.ab5 Ra1 9.Ba1 Nbd7 10.Be2 c5 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 a6 5.a4 ab5 6.ab5 Ra1 7.Ba1 c5 8.Nf3 Bd6 9.c4 0-0 10.Be2 Nbd7)

7.a4 c6

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 Nbd7 11.cd5 ed5 12.d4 Bb4 (12...Re8 13.bc6 bc6 14.Be2=) 13.Be2 Qa5 (13...Ne4 14.0-0=) 14.0-0+= Qa1 15.Ra1 Bc3 (15...Re8 16.Ra7+=) 16.Bc3+– Ne4 17.Bb2 (17.Bb4 Re8+–) 17...f6 18.bc6 bc6 19.Ba3 (19.Ra7 c5 20.Ba3 Rf7+–) 19...Re8 20.Bb4 c5 (20...Nb6!?+–) 21.dc5+– Ndc5 22.Ra5 (22.Ra5 Nb3 23.Ra3+– (23.Rd5?! Be6 24.Rb5 Rc8+–)) 1–0. GuestQGGS – GuestZKGS,, 2017.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 Re8 11.Be2 (11.d4 b6=) 11...e5 12.cd5 (12.d4 ed4 13.Nd4 dc4 14.Bc4 Ng4=) 12...cd5=+ 13.0-0 (13.Na4 Qe7=+) 13...d4 14.Na4 d3 15.Bd1 e4 16.Ne1 (16.Bf6!? Qf6 17.Qf6 gf6 18.Nd4=+) 16...Nbd7–/+ 17.f3 Qc7 18.fe4? (better 18.h3!?–/+) 18...Bh2–+ 19.Kh1 Ne4 20.Bg7 (20.Nf3 Ng3 21.Kh2 Nf1 22.Kg1 Ng3–+) 20...Nd2 21.Bh6?? (21.Rf5 Ne4 22.Rf3–+) 21...Be5 22.Qa2 (22.Qa3 Qc4 23.Kg1 Qh4–+) 22…Nf1 0–1. GuestSNDS – FERTUIPY,, 2019.

8.Nc3 Qc7 9.cd5 ed5 10.Be2 Bf5 11.Rc1 Nbd7 12.0-0 Rfc8 (12...h6 13.h3+=) 13.Nd4= Bg6 (worse is 13...Bh2 14.Kh1 Bg6 15.f4 ab5 16.Kh2+/–) 14.f4 h6 15.Bf3 Qd8 16.d3 (16.f5!? Bh7 17.bc6 bc6 18.Rb1+=) 16...ab5–/+ 17.ab5 c5 18.Nc2 Nb6 19.f5 Bh7 20.g4 c4 21.h3 (21.Nd4 Qe8 22.Re1 cd3 23.Qd3 Nc4–/+) 21...h5 (21...cd3 22.Qd3 Nc4 23.Ba1–/+) 22.dc4–/+ hg4 (22...Nc4 23.Ba1 Bc5 24.Qe2–/+) 23.hg4 Nc4 24.Ba1 Ne5 (24...Bc5 25.Re1 Ne5 26.Bd5 Neg4 (worse is 26...Nfg4 27.Ne4–/+; 26...Nd5?! 27.Nd5 Bd6 28.Be5 Be5 29.e4=) 27.Bb7 Qc7–+) 25.Bd5+= Nfg4 (worse is 25...Neg4 26.Bb7 Qc7 27.Bc8=) 26.Ne4 Qh4 27.Qe2? (better is 27.Qd2 Bb8 28.Bb7–/+) 27...Nd3–+ 28.Nd6 (28.Bf7 Kf8 29.Bb3 (29.Nd6?? Nc1 30.Rc1 Rc2 31.Qc2 Qg3 32.Kh1 Nf2 33.Qf2 Qf2–+) 29...Bh2 30.Kg2 Nc1 31.Rc1–+) 28...Nc1 29.Rc1 (29.Bf7?? Kf8 30.Rc1 Rc2 31.Qc2 Qg3 32.Kh1 Nf2 33.Qf2 Qf2–+) 29...Rc2! 30.Bf7 (30.Rc2 Qg3 Mate attack; 30.Qc2 Ne3 Double attack (30...Ne3 Decoy)) 30...Kf8 31.Qc2 Qg3 32.Kh1 Nf2 33.Qf2 Qf2 34.Bd4 Rd8 (34...Rd8 35.Be6 Rd6–+) 0–1. Cottarelli,Franco (2070) – Leimgruber,Reto (2055), corr WS/M/185 ICCF, 2008.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 Be6 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.d4 e4 13.Nd2 a5 (13...Qa5 14.h3=) 14.Ba3 Ba3 15.Ra3 Ne8 16.f3 (16.Qb3 Rc8=) 16...Qe7 17.Ra2 Nd6 18.fe4 de4 19.d5 Bf5 20.Nc4 (20.Nb3 Rfc8 21.Qd4 Qg5=) 20...Nc4=+ 21.Bc4 Qc5 22.Qe2 (better 22.Qd2!? Qc4 23.Rf5–/+) 22...Rac8–/+ 23.Rf5 Qc4 24.Qc4 Rc4 25.Ra3 (25.Nb1 g6 26.Nd2 Rb4–/+) 25...Rfc8 26.Ne2 g6 27.Rf1 Ne5 (27...Nb6 28.Nf4 Kf8–/+) 28.Ng3 (better 28.Rd1!?=+) 28...f5–+ 29.Ne2 Kf7 30.Rd1 (30.h3 Ke7–+) 30...Ke7 31.h4 (31.h3 Kd6–+) 31...Kd6 32.Kf1 (32.h5 Rc2 33.Nd4 Rc1 34.Rc1 Rc1 35.Kf2 Kd5–+) 32...Nd3 (32...Rc2 33.Nd4 R2c3 34.Rc3 Rc3 35.b6 Re3 36.Nb5 Kc5 37.d6–+) 33.Rda1 (33.Nf4 Rc1 34.Rc1 Rc1 (worse 34...Nc1 35.Kf2–+) 35.Ke2 Nf4 36.ef4 Rc2 37.Kf1 Kd5–+) 33...Kd5 34.g3 Rc2 35.Rd1 Ke5 36.Nf4 Nf4 37.gf4 Ke6 38.Kg1 (38.Raa1 R8c3 39.Rd8 Re3–+) 38...Re2 39.b6 (39.Kf1 Rh2 40.Kg1–+) 39...Rcc2 40.h5 (40.Rb3 Rg2 41.Kh1 Rh2 42.Kg1 Rcg2 43.Kf1–+) 40...Rg2 41.Kh1 Rh2 42.Kg1 Rh5 43.Rd8 (43.Rb3 Rch2 44.Re1 Rh1 45.Kf2 R5h2 46.Kg3 Rh3 47.Kg2 R1h2 48.Kf1 h5–+) 43...Rhh2 (better 43...Rch2 44.Re8 Kf7 45.Rh8 Rh1 46.Kf2 R5h2 47.Kg3–+) 44.Ra1 (44.Re8 Kd5 45.Rb3 Rcg2 46.Kf1 Kc4–+) 44...Rhg2 (better 44...Rcg2 45.Kf1 Rg3–+) 45.Kh1 Rge2 46.Rad1 Rc6 (46...Re3?! 47.R8d6 Kf7 48.Rd7 Kg8 49.Rb7–+) 47.Rb1 Re3 48.Rb8 Rcc3 49.Rb7 Rh3 50.Kg2 (50.Kg1–+) 50...Rcg3 51.Kf2 e3 (better 51...Rf3 52.Kg2 e3–+) 52.Ke2 Rg2 53.Kd3 e2 54.Kc4 Rg4 55.Re1 Rf4 56.Kb5 Re4 (better 56...Re3 57.Rb8 Kd7 58.b7–+) 57.Rc7 (57.Rb8 Rb3 58.Ka6–+) 57...Rb3 58.Ka5 (58.Ka6 f4 59.Rc6 Ke5–+) 58...f4 59.Rh7 (59.Rc6 Ke7 60.Rc7 Kd6 61.Ka6–+) 59...f3 60.Rh2 g5 61.Rh6 (61.Ka6 g4 62.Rf2 g3 63.Rf3 Rf3–+) 61...Ke5 62.Rh5 (62.Rh2 g4 63.Rf2 g3 64.Rf3 Rf3–+) 62...f2 63.Rg5 Kf4 (63...Kf4 64.Re2 Re2 65.Rc5 f1Q 66.Rb5 Rb5 67.Kb5 Rc2 68.Ka5 Qd3 69.b7 Rc5 70.Kb6 Qd6 71.Ka7 Ra5) 0–1. DEFFM – GuestXNXB,, 2020.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 Bf5 11.d4 (11.0-0 Nbd7=) 11...e4 12.Nd2 ab5 13.Nb5 Be7 (13...Bb4 14.0-0=) 14.0-0 Nc6 15.Ba3 Ba3 (15...h6 16.Qb3=) 16.Ra3 Qe7 (16...Qa5 17.Nb3 Qb4 18.Nc5=) 17.h3 (17.Rc3 Rfc8=) 17...h6 (17...Na7 18.Rb3=) 18.Qa1 (18.Rc3 Ra6=) 18...Rfc8 19.Rc1 Nb4 (19...Kh7 20.Rac3=) 20.Rc8 Rc8 21.Rc3 Rc3 22.Qc3 Nd3 23.Bd3 (23.Nb3 b6=) 23...ed3 24.Qc5 (24.Nf3 Qe6=+) 24...Qc5 (24...Qd7 25.f3=+) 25.dc5= Ne4 26.Ne4 de4 27.Kf1 Bd7 28.Ke1 f5 (28...g6 29.Nd6 Bc6 30.Kd2=) 29.Nd6= Ba4 30.Nf5 Bc6 31.Nd4 (31.f3 ef3 32.gf3 Bf3=) 31...Kf7 (31...Bd5 32.Kd2=) 32.Kd2 (32.Nc6 bc6 33.f3 Ke6–/+) 32...Kf6=+ 33.f4 (33.f3 Bd5=) 33...Bd7 (33...Ba4 34.h4=+) 34.g4 g6 ½–½. Domingo,Jordi (2035) – Skwarczylo,Marek (1945), FICGS, 2011.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 e4 10.Nd4 Qc7 (10...cd5 11.d3=+) 11.Be2 (11.dc6 bc6 12.d3 ab5 13.de4 ba4 14.Ra4 Ra4 15.Qa4 Re8+=) 11...ab5 (11...cd5 12.Qb3 Be6 13.Rc1=) 12.ab5 (12.dc6 A) 12...Nc6? 13.Ndb5 (13.ab5?! Ra1 14.Qa1 Nd4 15.ed4 Bf5=; 13.Ncb5?! Qb6+–) 13...Qb6 14.Nd6 Qb2 15.Qb1 Qb1 16.Rb1+– (16.Nb1?! Rd8 17.Nc8 Rac8+=); B) 12...bc6 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Qa1 c5+=) 12...Ra1 13.Qa1 cd5 14.f4 ef3 (14...Bc5 15.Nb3 Be7 16.0-0=) 15.Bf3 (15.Nf3 Be6=) 15...Be6 16.Qa2 Increasing the pressure on the isolated pawn on d5 (16.Ba3 Qa5 17.Nc2 Ba3 18.Qa3 Qa3 19.Na3 Nbd7=) 16...Bh2 (16...Be5 17.Ne6 (17.Nd5? Bd5 18.Bd5 Bd4 19.ed4 Nd5 20.Qd5 Qc2–+) 17...fe6 18.e4 de4 19.Ne4= (worse 19.Qe6 Kh8 20.Nd5 Qc2 21.Qe5 ef3–/+)) 17.Nd5= Bd5 18.Bd5 Nbd7 19.Nf5 (19.Bf3 Bg3 20.Kd1 Be5=) 19...Ne5 20.Bc3 Rd8 (20...Neg4 21.Qc4 Qd7 22.Qc5 Bg3 23.Ke2=) 21.Bf7 (21.b6 A) 21...Qb6 22.Ba5 Qb5 23.Bf7 Nf7 A1) 24.Rh2? b6 25.Ne7 Kf8 26.Rh7 Qd3–+ (26...Nh7?! 27.Ng6 Kg8 28.Ne7 Kh8 29.Ng6 Kg8 30.Ne7 Kh8 31.Ng6 Kg8=; 26...Qa5?? 27.Ng6 Ke8 28.Qe6; 26...ba5?? 27.Ng6 Ke8 28.Qe6; 26...Ke7?! 27.Rg7 Rd5 28.Bc3–/+); A2) 24.Bd8 Qf5 25.Rh2=; B) 21...Qc5 22.Bc4 Ne4=+ (worse 22...Qc4 23.Qc4 Nc4 24.Bf6 gf6 25.Rh2+=)) 21...Nf7=+ 22.b6 Qc5 (22...Bg3 23.Kf1 Qb6 24.Ng3=+) 23.Bf6= Qc1 24.Ke2 Qh1 25.Bd8 Qg2 26.Kd3 Qf1 27.Ke4 Qg2 28.Kd3 Qf1 (28...Be5 29.e4 Qf1 30.Kc2=) 29.Ke4 Qg2 (29...Qg2 30.Kd3=). Mensch – Mensch, Chess Game, 2019.

8.Nc3 e5 9.Be2 e4 10.Nd4 dc4 11.Bc4 Nbd7 12.Be2 Ne5 13.d3 ed3 14.Bd3 ab5 15.ab5 Ra1 16.Ba1 Bb4 17.0-0? (better 17.Ke2!?-/+) 17...c5 18.Na2 (18.Bh7 Nh7 19.Na2 Ba5-+ (19...cd4?! 20.Nb4 Ng5 21.Bd4-/+)) 18...Nd3 (18...cd4?! 19.Nb4 Qd6 20.Nc2= (20.ed4? Neg4 21.g3 Qb4-+)) 19.Qd3 Ba5 (19...cd4?! 20.Nb4 de3 21.Qe3+=) 20.Qb3 (20.Rd1 cd4 21.Bd4 Qd6-+) 20...cd4 21.Bd4 Ne4 22.Qb2 (22.Qa4 Be6-+) 22...Qg5 23.Qb4 0-1. travisjolson (2165) - shahovski (2285),, 2020.

8.d4 dc4 9.ba6 (better is 9.bc6!? Nc6 10.Bc4+=) 9...b5–/+ (9...Ra6?! 10.Bc4 Ra5 11.0-0=; 9...Na6?! 10.Bc4 Nb4 11.Nbd2=) 10.ab5 cb5 11.Nc3 Bb4 12.a7 Nc6 13.Be2 Bc3 14.Bc3 b4 (better is 14...Nd5!? 15.Bd2 Na7–/+) 15.Ne5= Ne5 (15...Na7? 16.Bb4 Bb7 17.Bf8 Kf8 18.0-0+– (18.Nc4?! Bg2 19.Rg1 Bd5+–; 18.Bc4?! Bg2 19.Rg1 Be4+–)) 16.Bb4 Nc6 17.Bf8 Qf8 18.Bc4?? (better is 18.0-0=) 18...Qb4–+ (18...Qb4 19.Qd2 Qc4–+) 0–1. Sebastian,Thomas – Walther,Hans Wolfgang, DDR–chJ 7th prel4, 1972.

8.Be2 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.cd5 Nd5 12.Bb5 Qa5 13.Qa4 Qa4 14.Ba4 Nd7 15.0-0 Nc5 16.Bb5 Bd7 17.Bd7 Nd7 18.Nd4 Bb4 19.Nb5 Ra8 20.N1c3 Bc3 21.Nc3 Nc7 22.Ne4 b5 23.Rc1 b4 24.Kf1 Nb5 25.Bb2 Ra2 26.Rc8 Nf8 27.Rb8 Rb2 28.Rb5 f5 29.Ng5 Rd2 ½-½. mwpotter (2545) - avojin (2555), Sokolsky, the Polish opening,, 2022.

8.Be2 Nbd7 9.d4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 dc4 12.bc6 bc6 13.Bc4 Bb4 14.Nbd2 Nb6 15.Be2 Nbd5 16.Qc2 Ba6 17.Ba6 Qa5 18.0-0 Qa6 19.Ne5 Ra8 20.Bb2 Rc8 21.Nb3 Qb7 22.Nc5 Bc5 23.dc5 Nd7 24.Nd7 Qd7 25.e4 Nf4 26.Rd1 Qe7 27.Qd2 Qg5 28.g3 Nh3 29.Kg2 Qd2 30.Rd2 Ng5 31.f3 h6 (31...f6 32.e5 fe5 33.Be5+=) 32.h4 Nh7 33.e5 Nf8 34.h5 Rc7 35.Rd6 Nd7 ½–½. Soo Burrows – Le Nguyen Quoc, ASEAN–ch9 U14, 2008.

7.a4 Nbd7

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 Nb6 11.d3 +=.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 c5 11.bc6= bc6 12.Be2 (12.d4 e5= (12...c5 13.cd5 ed5 14.dc5 Nc5 15.Nb5 Be7 16.Be2 Re8 17.0-0 Bg4=) 13.Qa2 e4 14.Nd2 Bb4 15.cd5 Bc3 16.Bc3 cd5 17.Bb4 Re8=; 12.cd5 ed5 (12...cd5 13.Nb5 Be7 14.Be2 Nc5 15.0-0 Ba6 16.Rb1 Bb5 17.Bb5 Nce4+=) 13.Be2 Re8 14.0-0 Qe7 15.d4 Ne4 16.Rc1 f5 17.Qa4 Nb8=; 12.Qa2 Ne4 (12...Nb6 13.d4 c5 14.Nb5 Be7 15.Ne5 dc4 16.Nc6 Qd7 17.Ne7 Qe7=; 12...Qe7 13.d4 Bb7 14.c5 Bc7 15.Qa7 Rb8 16.Be2 Nf8 17.Qa4 Ra8=; 12...Qc7 13.d4 Bb4 14.Bd3 Ne4 15.Qb3 c5 16.0-0 Bc3 17.Bc3 Ba6=+; 12...Bb7 13.d4 c5 14.Nb5 Be7 15.Be2 dc4 16.Qc4 Bd5 17.Qc2 cd4=+) 13.d3 Nc3 14.Bc3 Qc7 15.d4 c5 16.dc5 Nc5 17.cd5 Ne4=+) 12...Bb7 (12...dc4 13.Bc4 e5 14.0-0= (14.Qa4 c5 15.Bb5 Nb6 16.Qh4 Bb7 17.d3 Nbd5=+) 14...Nb6 15.Be2 Bg4 16.h3 Bh5 17.d3 Qe7=; 12...Re8 13.d4 e5 14.de5 Ne5 15.cd5 cd5 16.0-0 Bg4 17.Ne5 Be5=) 13.0-0 (13.cd5 ed5 A) 14.Qb1 Qb6= (14...c5 15.Nb5 Be7 16.0-0 Qb6 17.Qc2 Rb8=) 15.0-0 c5 16.d4 c4 17.Qc2 Ra8=; B) 14.0-0 Qe7 15.Qd1 Rb8 16.d4 Ba6 17.Ba6 Rb2=) 13...dc4 (13...Qe7 14.d4 dc4 15.Bc4 c5 16.dc5 Bc5 17.Be2 e5=) 14.Bc4 Qb6 (14...c5 15.Nb5 Be7 16.Be2= (16.d3 Bf3 17.gf3 Nb6=+) 16...Qb6 17.Qa4 Be4=) 15.Qa4 (15.d3 Ra8 16.Qc1 c5= 17.Nd2 Ne5=; 15.Rb1 Ra8 16.Na2 Qc7 17.d3 c5=) 15...Ne5 (15...c5!? 16.Rb1 Bf3 17.gf3 Qc7=) 16.Ne5= (16.Rb1 Ra8 17.Qb3 Nf3=+) 16...Qb2 17.Nd3 (17.Nf7 Kf7=) 17...Qb6 (17...Qd2? 18.Qb3 Ng4 19.Rd1 Bh2 20.Kf1 Ne3 21.fe3 Qe3 22.Qb7+–) 18.Rb1 Qc7 19.g3 (19.f4 Ra8 20.Qb3 Rb8=) 19...c5 (19...Ra8 20.Qb3 Bc8 21.f4=+) 20.Qa7= Rb8 21.Ba6 (21.Qb6 Nd7 22.Qc7 Bc7=) 21...Ba6 22.Rb8 Qb8 23.Qa6 Be7 24.Qc4 (24.Qc6 Qd6 25.Qd6 Bd6=) 24...Qc7 25.Kf1 (25.h3 Nd7=) 25...Nd7 26.Ke2 g6 27.Na4 Qc6 28.Nc3 Kg7 29.f3 g5 (29...h6 30.h3=+) 30.Qa4 Qc7 31.Qb5 h5 (31...f5 32.Qc4 Qc6 33.e4=) 32.f4 h4 33.Ne4 (33.gh4 gh4 34.Ke1 c4=) 33...c4 34.Ne5 Ne5 35.fe5 hg3 36.hg3 (worse 36.Ng3 c3 37.dc3 Qc3–/+) 36...g4 37.Ke1 Qa7 38.Kf2 Qa2 39.Qd7 Qc2 40.Qe7 Qe4 41.Qf6 Kf8 42.Qd8 Kg7 43.Qg5 Qg6 44.Qg6 Kg6 45.e4 f5 46.Ke3 (46.ef6 Kf6 47.Ke2 Ke7=) 46...Kg5= 47.ef5 ef5 (47...Kf5?? 48.Kd4 Kg6 49.Kc4+–) 48.Kd4 f4 49.gf4 Kf4 50.e6 g3 51.e7 g2 52.e8Q g1Q 53.Qe3 Qe3 ½–½. Piriyev,Maksat – Civelekoglu,Ali Kemal,, 2011.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 c5 11.d4 A) 11...Qc7 12.dc5 (12.cd5 ed5 13.dc5 Nc5 14.Be2 Be6 15.0-0 Rc8 16.Nb1 Ne8 17.Rc1 Qe7=) 12...Nc5 13.cd5 ed5 14.Be2 b6 15.0-0 Bg4 16.Rd1 Rc8 17.Nd5 Nd5+=; B) 11...Re8 B1) 12.dc5 Nc5 (12...Bc5 13.cd5 ed5 14.Be2 Nb6 15.0-0 Bg4 16.Nb1 Nbd7 17.Rd1 Qb6=) 13.Be2 dc4 14.Bc4 e5 15.0-0 Bg4 16.Ng5 Bh5 17.Rc1 e4=+; B2) 12.Qd1 cd4 (12...Nb6 13.dc5 Bc5 14.cd5 ed5 15.Be2 Nc4 16.Ba1 Be6 17.0-0 Ng4=; 12...dc4 13.dc5 Nc5 14.Bc4 Qc7 15.0-0 Rd8 16.Qc2 b6 17.Ne2 Nfe4=; 12...Qa5 13.cd5 ed5 14.dc5 Nc5 15.Qd2 Nb3 16.Qc2 Qb4 17.Kd1 Nc5=) 13.Nd4 e5 14.Nf5 Bb4 15.cd5 Qa5 16.Qa1 Qa1 17.Ba1 Ne4–+; B3) 12.Be2 cd4 (12...dc4 13.dc5 Bc5 14.Bc4 Nb6 15.Be2 e5 16.0-0 e4 17.Nd4 Qc7=) 13.Nd4 dc4 14.Bc4 Nb6 15.Bb3 e5 16.Nf3 e4 17.Ng5 Re7=+; B4) 12.cd5 ed5 13.dc5 Nc5 14.Be2 Bg4 15.0-0 Bc7 16.h3 Bf5 17.Nb1 Nce4=; C) 11...cd4 12.Nd4 e5 (12...Nb6 13.cd5 Nfd5 14.Nf3 Bb4 15.e4 Nf4 16.Qd1 f5 17.Qc2 fe4–+; 12...Bb4 13.cd5 Nd5 14.Bc4 N5b6 15.Be6 fe6 16.Ne6 Qe8 17.Nf8 Nf8=; 12...Bc5 13.Qd1 e5 14.Nf3 Bb4 15.Qa4 Qe7 16.cd5 Rd8 17.Qc2 Nd5–/+; 12...dc4 13.Bc4 Nb6 14.Bb3 Qc7 15.Nf3 e5 16.Ne2 Nbd7 17.h3 Qc5=+) 13.Nf5 Bb4 14.cd5 Nc5 15.Ng3 Qd5 16.Qd1 Rd8 17.Qc2 Na4–+.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 e5 11.Nd5= Nd5 12.cd5 Re8 13.d3 Nb6 (13...Qe7 14.Bc3=) 14.e4 Qf6 (14...Bb4 15.Kd1 f6 16.Qb1=) 15.Bc3 (15.Be2 Qg6=) 15...Bd7 (15...Bg4 16.Be2=) 16.Qb1 Qg6 17.h4 (17.Ba5 Bc5=) 17...Qf6 (17...h5 18.Qb3=) 18.Be2 Bg4 (18...Na4 19.Bd2 Bc5 20.0-0+=) 19.h5 (19.Bd2 Qe7=) 19...Na4 (19...h6 20.Kf1=) 20.Ba1+= h6 21.Qc2 (21.Ne5 Be2 22.d4 Qg5 (worse is 22...Be5 23.de5 Qg5 24.Ke2+/–) 23.Ke2 Qg2= (worse is 23...Be5 24.de5 Nb6 25.Kf1+/–)) 21...Ra8 22.0-0 (22.Be5 Be5 23.Ne5 Be2 24.Qc7 Nb6–+) 22...Bh5 23.Rd1 Nb6 (23...Bf3 24.Bf3 Bc5 25.Qc4=) 24.Bc3 (24.d4 Bf3 25.Bf3 Ra4 26.de5 Be5 27.Be5 Qe5=) 24...Nd7 25.Ra1 Re8 26.Nh2 Be2 27.Qe2 Bc5 28.Nf3 Bb6 29.Qb2 g5 30.Nh2+= h5 31.Nf1 Nc5 32.Qc2 Nd3 Can f2 get defended? 33.Ne3 Nf4 34.Ra3 g4 35.Nf5 h4 36.Bb4 g3 37.Bc5 Bc5 38.Qc5 Ne2 39.Kh1 Qg5 40.Qe3 Qe3 41.fe3 Kh7 42.b6 cb6 (42...cb6 43.Ra1 Rd8–+) 0–1. Trokenheim,Marek – Baer,Werner, TT–12 ETC, 2004.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.Nb5 Be7 10.d4 +=.

8.Nc3 Nb6 9.d3 Bd7 (9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Qa1 dc4 12.dc4+=) 10.a5 White fights for the Initiative 10...Nc8 11.Be2 (11.e4 de4 12.de4 e5=) 11...Bb4 (11...ab5 12.cb5 c6 13.a6=) 12.Qb3= Qe7 13.ba6 Ra6 14.0-0 Ba5 (14...dc4 15.dc4 Ba5 16.Qb7+=) 15.Qb7 Opening the a–file gets White a lot of play. 15...Rb6 (15...Ra7 16.Qb3 Nb6 17.Ba3+/–) 16.Qc7+= Ne8 (better is 16...Bb4!? 17.Nb5 Bb5 18.Qe7 Ne7+=) 17.Qe5+/– Rb2 18.Nd5! ed5 19.Qb2 Bd8 (19...Bc7 20.cd5 Nf6 21.Rfc1+/–) 20.cd5 Qd6 (20...Nf6 21.e4+/–) 21.Qe5 (21.e4 Bc7+–) 21...Qg6 (21...Qh6 22.Rfb1+/–) 22.Ra8 (22.Qg3!? Qg3 23.hg3 Nc7+–) 22...Bc7 (22...Nc7 23.Rb8 Re8 24.Qd4+/–) 23.Qg5 Qd6 24.e4 h6 25.Qe3 (25.Qh4 Qb6 26.Nd2 Qb2+=) 25...Nf6 (25...Bb6!? 26.d4 Nc7+/–) 26.e5 Qd5 27.Rc8! Ng4? 28.Rf8+– Kf8 29.Qf4 Ne5 30.Ne5 Be5 31.Qe4 Qd6 32.g3 Bc6 33.Qc4 Qd7 34.Rc1 Bb7 35.Qc5 Bd6 36.Qe3 Qh3 37.Bf3 ½–½. Kreuzer,Uwe – Lutz,C, tt, 1980.

8.Nc3 Nb6 9.cd5 ed5 10.Qb3 (10.ba6 ba6 11.Qc2 Rb8+=) 10...c5 (10...Be6 11.Nd4+=) 11.bc6 bc6 12.Ba3 Rb8 13.Bd6 Qd6 14.Qa3 Qa3 15.Ra3 c5 16.a5 Nc4 (16...Nbd7 17.d4+=) 17.Bc4= dc4 18.Ke2 (18.Ne5 Rb4=) 18...Rb4 19.Rc1 Re8 20.Raa1 (20.Na4 Ne4=) 20...Bb7 (20...Bf5 21.Kd1=) 21.Ne1 Nd7 22.f4 (22.f3 Rb8=) 22...Bc6 (22...Rb8 23.Ra2=) 23.Nc2 (23.Nf3 Reb8=) 23...Rb3 24.Na3 (24.g3 Reb8=) 24...Rb4 (24...Bg2 25.Nc4 Reb8 26.d3=) 25.g3 Nf6 26.Rab1 (26.Nc2=) 26...Ne4 (26...Rd8!?=) 27.Rb4+/– cb4 28.Ne4 ba3 29.Nc3 (better is 29.Nd6!? Rb8 30.Ra1+/– (30.Rc4? a2 31.Rc1 Rb1 32.Rc6 g6–+)) 29...Rb8= 30.e4 Rb3 31.Ke3 f5 (31...Bb5!?=) 32.ef5+= Bd7 (32...Bd5 33.h3+=) 33.Kd4 ½–½. Hering,Hartmut (2240) – Lushnikov,Andrey Yakovlevich (2260), CL, 2015.

8.Nc3 h6 9.d4 (9.cd5 ed5 (9...Nd5 10.Nd5 ed5 11.Be2 Re8 12.0-0 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Qa1 f6 15.Qa2=) 10.Be2 Re8 11.0-0 Nc5 12.Qc2 Bg4 13.Ba3 Nce4 14.Bd6 Qd6 15.d4=; 9.Qc2 c6 (9...Nb6 10.ba6 ba6 11.cd5 ed5 12.a5 Nbd7 13.Be2 Rb8 14.0-0 c5 15.Rfb1=) 10.d4 ab5 11.c5 b4 12.cd6 bc3 13.Bc3 Ne4 14.Bb4 c5 15.Bc5+=; 9.ba6 ba6 (9...b6 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Nd5 ed5 12.Qb3 Ba6 13.Ba6 Ra6 14.Qd5 Nc5 15.Qd4+=) 10.d4 Rb8 11.Rb1 Bb4 12.Bd3 dc4 13.Bc4 Nb6 14.Bd3 Nfd5 15.Rc1+=; 9.Rc1 Nb6 (9...dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Bb3 Bd7 12.0-0 Qe8 13.e4 e5 14.a5 Nc8 15.ba6=) 10.ba6 ba6 11.cd5 Nbd5 12.Qb3 Nb4 13.Be2 Rb8 14.0-0 Bb7 15.Rb1=) 9...c5 (9...b6 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Bd3 ab5 12.ab5 Nc3 13.Bc3 Ra1 14.Qa1 Bb7 15.e4=; 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Qa1 c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.c5 Bc7 14.Qa4 Bb7 15.Be2=) 10.dc5 (10.cd5 Nd5 11.Ne4 Be7 12.dc5 Nc5 13.Nc5 Bc5 14.Nd2 Bb4 15.Ba3+=) 10...Nc5 11.cd5 Nd5 (11...ed5 12.Be2 Be6 13.0-0 Qe7 14.a5 Rfc8 15.b6+=) 12.Nd5 ed5 13.Qd4 (13.ba6 Qa5 14.Nd2 ba6 15.Qc2+=) 13...Ne6 14.Qd2 Nc5 (14...ab5 15.Bb5=) 15.Qd4 (15.ba6=) 15...Ne6 16.Qd2 Nc5 ½–½. poesimannen (2130) – martso (2135),, 2013.

8.Be2 dc4 9.Bc4 (9.Na3 e5+=) 9...Nb6 10.Be2 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 Qe7 (12...Nfd5 13.0-0=) 13.0-0 (13.Be5 Be5 14.Ne5 Nbd7 15.Nd7 Bd7=) 13...e5 14.Qc2 Bd7 (14...Bg4 15.h3 Bh5 16.d3+=) 15.Bb2 (15.d4 e4 16.Ne5 Be6=) 15...Nfd5 (15...Ra8 16.d4 e4 17.Ne5+=) 16.d4 (16.Nc3 Nc3 17.Bc3 e4+=) 16...e4+= Black gets the initiative 17.Nfd2 (17.Ne5 Nb4 18.Qc1 Ra8+=) 17...Re8 (17...Bf5 18.Nc3+=) 18.Nc3 e4 becomes the focus of attention 18...Qh4 (18...Nc3 19.Bc3 Nd5 20.Ra1=) 19.g3= Ne3 20.gh4 (20.Qc1 Qh3 21.fe3 Bg3 22.Rf2 Bf2 23.Kf2 Qh2 24.Ke1 Qg3 25.Kd1 Qe3 26.Nb3 Qg1 27.Kc2–+) 20...Nc2–+ 21.Nce4 (21.Nde4 Nd4 22.Bd3 Bb4–+) 21...Bf4 22.Bd1 Nb4 23.Bb3 (23.Ba3 N4d5 24.Bb3 Bb5–+) 23...Bb5 24.Rd1 Bc6 (24...Bd3 25.Nc3–+) 25.Ba3 N4d5 (25...Re4?! 26.Ne4 N4d5 27.h5=) 26.Bc5 Na4 27.Ra1 (27.Ba4 Ba4 28.Ra1 Bc6–+) 27...b5 28.Ba3 f5 29.Rc1 Ba8 30.Ng5 Bd2 31.Rc7 b4 32.Ra7 Nab6 33.Bb2 Re1 34.Kg2 Bc6 35.Ra6 Kf8 36.Nh7 Ke8 37.Bd5 Bd5 38.Kh3 Rg1 (38...Rg1 39.Ra5 b3–+) 0–1. Scholz,Guenter – Mager,Friedhelm, BdF, 2004.

7.Nc3 ab5

8.cb5 c5 9.d4 c4 10.Be2 Nbd7 11.0-0 b6 12.a4 Bb7 13.Ba3 Qc7 14.Qc2 h6 15.Ra2 Ba3 16.Ra3 Qd6 17.Rfa1 Ra5 18.Nd2 Rfa8 19.f4 Nf8 (19...Rc8 20.R3a2=) 20.R3a2 (20.Bc4 Ng4 21.Qd3 dc4 22.Nc4 Qd8+=) 20...Bc8 (20...Rc8 21.Rc1=) 21.Re1 (21.Bc4 dc4 22.Nc4 Qd8 23.Na5 Ra5+=) 21...Bd7 (21...R5a7!?=) 22.Bc4+= dc4 23.Nc4 Qb4 24.Na5 Qa5 25.Rc1 Rc8 26.Qb2 Ng6 27.h3 Rc4 28.Kh2 Nh4 29.Ne2 (29.Qb3!? Rb4 30.Qd1=) 29...Ra4=+ 30.Ra4 Qa4 31.Nc3 Qa8 32.Re1 (32.Ra1!? Qb7 33.Qa2=+) 32...Ne4-/+ 33.Nb1 (33.Ra1 Qb7 34.Ra3 Nc3 35.Rc3 Bb5-/+) 33...Qd5 34.Na3 Nd6 35.Re2 Nhf5 36.Re1 Bc8 (36...Bb5?! 37.e4 Qd4 38.Qd4 Nd4 39.Rd1 Ne4 40.Rd4+=) 37.Nc2 Bb7 (worse 37...Nb5 38.e4 Qd7 39.ef5 ef5 40.Qb4+/-) 38.Re2 (38.Na3 Qe4 39.Qc2 Qc2 40.Nc2 Nb5-+) 38...Ne4 (38...Qc4!? 39.Ne1-+) 39.Ne1? (better 39.Na3!?-/+) 39…Nfg3-+ 0-1. Storminpawnin (2205) - DarkKnightsPawn (2240),, 2014.

8.cb5 Nbd7 9.a4 c5 10.bc6N bc6 11.d4 Rb8 12.Bd3?? (better 12.Ba3 c5 13.Rc1=) 12...Rb2-+ 13.Qc1 Rb8 14.0-0 Qa5 15.Qc2 Ba6 16.Rfd1 (16.Nb5 Bb4 (16...cb5?! 17.ab5 Rb5 18.Ra5 Ra5 19.Qd2-+; 16...Bb5?! 17.ab5 Qd8 18.bc6-+) 17.Rfb1 Rfc8-+ (17...cb5?! 18.ab5 Qa1 19.Ra1 Bb5 20.Bb5 Rb5 21.Ra7-+; 17...Bb5?! 18.ab5 Qc7 19.Rb4=)) 16...Bd3 17.Rd3 Rb4 18.Nd2 Rfb8 19.h3 (19.Rb1 c5 20.Nb3 Rb3 21.Rb3 Rb3 22.Qb3 c4-+) 19...Rb2 (19...c5 20.Nd1-+) 20.Qc1 c5 (better 20...e5-+) 21.dc5 (21.Nb5 R2b5 22.ab5 Qb5 23.Rb3-+) 21...Nc5 22.Rd4 Be5 23.Ncb1 (23.Ra2 Ra2 24.Na2 Bd4 25.ed4 Na4-+) 23...Bd4 24.ed4 Nce4 25.Nf3 Rf2 (better 25...Qb4 26.Na3 Qa4 27.Kh2-+) 26.Ra3 (26.Nc3 Rfb2 27.Ne4 Ne4-+) 26...h6 (26...Qb4 27.Nbd2 Rd2 28.Nd2 Qd4 29.Kh2 Qe5 30.Kh1 Nd2 31.Rc3-+) 27.Nbd2 (27.Rd3 Qa6 28.Ne1 Qc4 29.Qc4 dc4-+) 27...Rd2 28.Nd2 Nd2 29.Qc7 (29.Kh2-+) 29…Qc7 (29...Qc7 30.Re3 Rb1 31.Re1 Re1 32.Kf2 Qc1 33.Kg3 Nde4 34.Kf3 Qe3; 29...Rb1 30.Qc1 Rc1 31.Kh2 Qc7 32.g3 Qc2 33.Kg2 Nde4 34.Kf3 Qf2) 0-1. ClayPigeons (2170) - Yusuf1990 (2165), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

8.Nb5 Be7

9.Qc2 c6 (9...Na6 10.Ng5 (10.Be5 c6 11.Nbd4 c5 12.Nb5 Nb4 13.Qb1 Nc6 14.Bc7 Qd7 15.Bd3 dc4+=) 10...Re8 11.Be5 h6 12.Nf3 Nd7 13.Bd4 Nb4 14.Qb2 dc4 15.Bc4 c5+=; 9...dc4 10.Bc4 (10.Be5 c6 11.Nbd4 Nbd7 12.Bc4 Ne5 13.Ne5 Bd6 14.f4 Nd5 15.Rb1 Nb4+=) 10...c6 11.Nbd4 Na6 12.0-0 Qd6 13.e4 Nb4 14.Qb1 Qf4 15.Bc3 Na6=; 9...Nbd7 10.d4 (10.cd5 Nd5 11.e4 Nb4 12.Qc3 Nf6 13.Be2 c6 14.Na3 e5 15.d3 Be6+=) 10...c6 11.Nc3 b6 12.Bd3 Ba6 13.Qe2 Rc8 14.0-0 dc4 15.Bc4 Bc4=; 9...Nc6 10.a3 (10.Ng5 g6 11.Nf3 Nb4 12.Qb1 dc4 13.Bc4 c6 14.Nbd4 Bd6 15.e4 e5=) 10...Re8 11.Rb1 Bd7 12.Bf6 Bf6 13.d4 dc4 14.Bc4 e5 15.d5 Na7=) 10.Nc3 (10.Nbd4 c5 11.Nb5 Nc6 12.Be2 dc4 13.Qc4 Nd7 14.0-0 e5 15.Rfd1 Re8=) 10...Na6 11.a3 (11.d4 b6 12.a3 Nb8 13.Ne5 Ba6 14.Bd3 Qc7 15.0-0 Nbd7+=) 11...Bd7 (11...b6 12.d4 Nb8 13.Ne5 Ba6 14.Bd3 Qc7 15.0-0 Nbd7+=) 12.d4 dc4 (12...c5 13.cd5 ed5 14.dc5 Nc5 15.Be2 Qa5=) 13.Bc4 c5 14.d5 Nc7 15.de6 Be6=. ichliebedich (1955) – matheotwo (1940),, 2013.

9.Nc3 Nc6 10.d4 Bd7 (10...b6 11.cd5 ed5 12.Ne5+=) 11.Be2 Na5 12.cd5 ed5 13.Qc2 (13.Ne5 Be6=) 13...c6 (13...Nc6 14.Qb3=) 14.0-0 (14.Ne5 Re8=) 14...b5 (14...Bg4 15.Rfb1=) 15.Rfb1 (15.Bd3 Re8=) 15...Nc4 (15...b4 16.Nd1=) 16.a4 Nb2 17.Rb2 b4 (17...Qa5 18.Ne5=) 18.Na2+= c5 19.dc5 Ba4 20.Qc1 Ne4 (20...b3 21.Nd4 Qc7 22.Nc3 Qc5 23.Ra4 Ra4 24.Nb3+=) 21.Nb4 Nc5 22.Nd4 Qd7 (22...Ne6 23.Bf3 Nd4 24.ed4 Bb4 25.Rb4+=) 23.Rba2 Rfb8 24.Na6 Rc8 (24...Na6 25.Ra4 Nc7 26.Bb5+/–) 25.Qf1 Bc6 26.Nc6 Qc6 27.Nb4 Qb7 28.Ra8 Ra8 29.Ra8 Qa8 30.Qd1 d4 31.ed4 Ne4 32.Qe1 (32.Nc2 Qb8+/–) 32...Qa4 (32...Nf6 33.Nd3+/–) 33.Bd3 Bb4 34.Qe4 g6 (34...Qd1 35.Bf1+/–) 35.g4 ½–½. Dopper,Johan (2175) – van der Peut,Aart (2200), NBC, 2000.

9.Be2 c6 10.Nbd4 Bd6 (10...dc4 11.Bc4 b5 12.Be2+=) 11.Qc2 Na6 (11...dc4 12.Bc4 Na6 13.0-0=) 12.cd5 e5 13.Ba6 Ra6 (worse is 13...ed4 14.Bd3 de3 15.fe3 cd5 16.0-0+=) 14.Nb3 Nd5 (14...Re8 15.dc6 Rc6 16.Qb1=) 15.Be5= (15.Ne5? Nb4 16.Qe4 Re8–+ (16...Ra2?! 17.Ra2 Na2 18.Nc4+=; 16...Na2?! 17.Nd3+=)) 15...Be5 (15...Nb4 16.Qc3 Be5 17.Ne5 Na2 18.Qb2=) 16.Ne5 Qg5 17.Qe4 Bf5 18.h4 Qf6 19.Qd4 Rfa8 20.a3 (20.f4 Ra2 21.0-0 Bc8+= (worse is 21...Qh4 22.Ra2 Ra2 23.e4=)) 20...Ra4 (20...Ra3 21.0-0–/+) 21.Qb2 Rh4 22.Rh4 Qh4 23.Nd4 Bc8 24.Nef3 Qh5 25.Kf1 (25.Ke2 Qg6+=) 25...Qh1 (25...c5 26.Ne2+=) 26.Ke2 Qh6 (26...Qg2 27.Rg1 Qh3 28.Rg7 Kf8 29.Rf7 Ke8 30.Ng5 Qh5 31.Ndf3 Qf7 32.Nf7 Kf7 33.Ne5 Kg8 34.d4+–) 27.Kf1 b6 28.Kg1 c5 29.Nb5 Bb7 (29...Bg4 30.Ne5 Bf5 31.d3=) 30.Qe5 (30.d4 Nf6+=) 30...Nf6 31.d4 (31.Ng5 Bd5+=) 31...Bf3–/+ 32.gf3 Qg6 33.Qg3 Qc2 34.a4 Qb2 35.Rf1 h6 (35...h6 36.Qc7 Ra4 37.Qc8 Kh7 38.Qf5 Kh8=). Zmolil,Josef – Baer,Werner, TT–12 ETC, 2004.

9.Be5 Na6 +=.

9.Be5 c6 10.Bc7 Qe8 +=.

7.Nc3 dc4

8.Bc4 c6 9.a4 =+.

8.Bc4 c6 9.bc6 Nc6 10.d4 b5 11.Be2 (11.Bb3 Bb7 12.d5 ed5 13.Nd5 Nd5 14.Bd5 Bb4 15.Ke2 Qe7 16.Nd4 Ne5–/+) 11...Bb7 12.Rc1 Rc8 (12...Qa5 13.0-0 b4 14.Na4 Ne7 15.Nc5 Bd5=) 13.0-0 b4 14.Nb1 (14.Na4 Qa5 15.Nc5 Bc5 16.dc5 Qa2 17.Bf6 gf6 18.Ra1 Qb2=) 14...Qa5 15.Nbd2 Bb8 16.Qb3 Qh5 17.Rfe1 Rfd8 18.h3 a5 19.Rc5?! Qh6 20.Rec1 Bd6 21.R5c2 Ne7 22.Rc8 Rc8 23.Rc8 Nc8 24.Qd3 Bc7 25.Qc2 Bb6 26.Ne5 Nd6 27.Bf3 Bf3 28.Ndf3 Nfe8 29.a3 ba3 30.Ba3 Qf6 31.Nc6! Kh8 32.Nfe5 Qf5 33.Qa2 Bc7 34.Bd6 Nd6 35.Na5 g5 36.Nac6 Kg7 37.f3 Ne8 38.g4 Qf6 39.Kg2 Be5 40.de5 Qg6 41.e4 h6 42.Qa7 1–0. Sternik,Ryszard – Plock,Joerg, email b4–01–06, 2002.

7.d3 c6

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5=+ Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.cb5 Qa5 12.Nc3 =+.

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5=+ Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.Bf6 gf6 12.cb5 (12.cd5 Bb4 13.Nfd2 ed5+=) 12...Qa5=+ 13.Nbd2 Bd7 14.d4 Bb5 15.Bb5 Qb5 16.h4 Rc8–/+ 17.h5 Na6 18.Ng1 Nb4 19.Ne2 Nd3 20.Kf1 Nc1 21.f4?? Ne2 22.Qe2 Rc1 23.Kf2 Qe2 (24.Ke2 Rh1–+) 0–1. Szamoskozi,Gabor – Vamos,Viktor (2145), HUN–ch U12 Paks, 1995. In some sources known as "Szekely,Peter – Van De Burght,R, 1995". Which is correct?

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5=+ Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.Bf6 Qf6 12.cb5 Bb4 13.Nbd2 =+.

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.Bf6 Qf6 12.cd5 ed5 13.Qb3 –/+.

8.a4 dc4 9.dc4 cb5 10.cb5 =+.

6.c4 b6

7.a4 a5 8.d4 (8.Nc3 Nbd7=) 8...c6 (8...Nbd7 9.Nc3=) 9.Bd3 (9.Nbd2=) 9...Nbd7 (9...cb5!? 10.cb5 Nbd7=) 10.bc6+= Nb8 11.cd5 ed5? (11...Nd5!? 12.Bb5 Nb4+=) 12.Ne5 (better 12.Bb5+–) 12...Be5? (better 12...Ne4!? 13.Ba3 Be5 14.de5 Nc6 15.Bf8 Qf8+–) 13.de5+– Ne4? (13...Ng4 14.h3 Ne3 15.fe3 Nc6+–) 14.Be4 de4 15.Qd8 Rd8 16.c7 Rd7 (16...Re8 17.cb8Q Rb8 18.Bd4+–) 17.cb8Q (17.cb8N Rb8 18.Nd2 Rc7+–) 17...Rb8 18.Nd2 Bb7 (18...h6 19.Bd4+–) 19.Nc4 (19.Bd4!? Bd5+–) 19...Ba6 (19...Bd5 20.Nd6 f6 21.Nb5+–) 20.Nd6 Bd3 (20...f6 21.Rb1+–) 21.Rc1 Kf8 (21...f6 22.Nc8 b5 23.e6+–) 22.Bd4 (22.f4 ef3 23.gf3 b5+–) 22...Ke7 (22...f6 23.Kd2 fe5 24.Be5+–) 23.Bb6! Rb6 (23...Ke6 24.Bd4 f6+–) 24.Nc8 Ke6 25.Nb6 Rb7 (25...Rd8 26.Rc8 Rc8 27.Nc8+–) 26.Rc6 Ke5 (26...Kf5 27.Kd2 Ba6 28.Rhc1+–) 27.Kd2 (27.Kd2 Kf5 28.f3+–) 1–0. Bendig,Frank – Zimmer,Georg, corr SOK–91–75, 1992.

7.Qa4 A) 7...dc4 8.Na3 c3 (8...Bb7 9.Nc4 Be7 10.Nce5 Bd5 11.Rc1 a6=; 8...a6 9.Nc4 Bb7 10.Nd6 cd6 11.Qh4 e5=; 8...Be7 9.Nc4 Bb7 10.Nce5 Bd5 11.Rc1 Bd6=) 9.Bc3 a6 10.Nc4 Bb7 11.Nd6 cd6=; B) 7...a6 8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Qh4 Nbd7 11.Nc3 Re8=; C) 7...Bb7 8.cd5 Bd5 9.Nc3 Bb7 10.Qh4 a6 11.Be2 Ne4=+.

7.Nc3 a6 8.cd5 A) 8...Nd5 9.Nd5 (9.Qa4= Nf6 10.Ne4 Ne4 11.Qe4 Ra7=) 9...ed5 10.Qa4 Bb7 11.Qg4 f6=; B) 8...ed5 9.Be2 Bd7 10.Qc2 Re8 11.0-0 c5=.

7.Nc3 Bb4 8.a3 Bc3 9.Bc3 c5 10.d4 Ne4 11.Bb2 f5 (11...a6 12.ba6 Ba6 13.Qc2=) 12.cd5 (12.Be2 a6+=) 12...ed5= (worse 12...Qd5 13.Ne5+–) 13.dc5 bc5 14.Be2 c4 (14...Qa5 15.Kf1 Be6 16.Kg1=+) 15.Bd4 (better 15.0-0!?+=) 15...Qa5–/+ 16.Nd2 Qb5 17.Rb1 Qa5 18.0-0?? (better 18.f3 Nd6 19.Be5–/+) 18...Nd2–+ (worse 18...Qd2 19.f3 Qd1 20.Rbd1–+) 19.Rb2 (19.Bc5 Qc5 20.Qd2–+) 19...Nf1 20.Bf1 Nc6 21.Bc3 Qa3 (21...Qc3 22.Qd5 Kh8 23.Qd6–+) 22.Qd5 Kh8 23.Bg7 Kg7 24.Qc6 Qb2 25.Qa8 0–1. GuestSKYR – GuestLWTH,, 2017.

7.Nc3 dc4 8.Bc4 (8.a4 c5 (8...Bb7 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.Qe2 Qc7=; 8...c6 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 Bb7 11.Qe2 Qc7=; 8...e5 9.Bc4 Bg4 10.h3 Bh5 11.g4 Bg6+=; 8...a6 9.Bc4 Bb7 10.0-0 c5 11.d3 Bc7=) 9.Bc4 Bb7 10.d4 cd4 11.Qd4 Bb4=; 8.Rc1 a6 (8...Bb7 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.a4 cb5=) 9.Bc4 Bb7 10.0-0 c6 11.bc6 Nc6=+; 8.e4 Nbd7 (8...e5 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.a4 ab5=) 9.Bc4 a6 10.Qe2 ab5 11.Nb5 Be7=+; 8.Rb1 a6 (8...Bb7 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.ba6 Ba6=) 9.Bc4 c6 10.bc6 Nc6 11.0-0 Bb7=+) 8...c6 (8...a6 9.0-0= Bb7 10.Qe2 c6 11.a4 Qc7=; 8...Bb7 9.0-0 a6 10.Qe2 c6 11.a4 Qc7=) 9.a4 (9.0-0 a6 10.a4 Bb7= 11.Qe2 Qc7=) 9...Bb7 (9...a6 10.0-0 Bb7 11.Qe2 Ng4=) 10.0-0 Qc7 (10...a6 11.Qe2= Qc7=) 11.d3 (11.bc6 Qc6 12.d3 Nbd7=) 11...a6 12.Qe2 Rd8 13.Rfc1 Ng4 14.g3 (14.h3 Ne5=) 14...Nf6 15.Ng5 (15.ba6 Na6 16.d4 Nb4=) 15...h6 (15...c5 16.ba6 Na6 17.Nb5=) 16.Nge4 Be7 17.f4 Qd7 18.Nf6 Bf6 19.d4 g6 (19...Be7 20.Qg4=) 20.Ba3 Bg7 21.Ra2 Rc8 22.Bd3 (22.ba6 Ba6 23.Rb2 Qd8=) 22...cb5=+ 23.ab5 Bd4 24.ba6 (24.Bb2 Bc3 25.Bc3 ab5 26.Ra8 Ba8–/+) 24...Ba6–/+ (24...Na6 25.Bb5 Be3 26.Qe3 Rc3 27.Qc3 (27.Bd7? Re3 28.Be7 e5–+; worse 27.Rc3 Qb5 28.Rb2 Qd5 29.Qb6 Qh1 30.Kf2 Qh2 31.Kf1 Qh3 32.Ke2 Qh5 33.Kf2 Be4=) 27...Qb5 28.Qd4+=) 25.Ba6 Rc3 26.Rc3 Bc3 27.Bb5 Nc6 28.Qf3 Rc8 29.Kg2 Bg7 (29...Qd5 30.Qd5 ed5 31.Rc2=) 30.Rc2= Qa7 31.Rc6 Rc6 32.Qc6 Qa3 33.Qb6 ½–½. Parry,Michael (2460) – Leibson,Leonardo Jose (2115), corr EM/M/A027 ICCF Email, 1998.

7.Nc3 c6 8.cd5 cd5 (8...ed5 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Nb5 Bg4 11.Nd6 Qd6=; 8...Nd5 9.Nd5 cd5 10.Bd3 f5 11.Qa4 Nd7=) 9.Be2 a6 10.ba6 Ba6 11.Nb5 Bb5=.

7.d3 a6 8.Be2 +=.

7.d3 Bb7 8.Be2 (8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 a6+=) 8...dc4 (8...a6 9.0-0+=) 9.dc4= a6 10.a4 (10.0-0 Qe7=) 10...ab5 (10...Qe7 11.Nc3+=) 11.cb5= Bb4 (11...c6 12.0-0=) 12.Bc3 Qd1 13.Bd1 Nd5 14.Bb4 Nb4 15.0-0 (15.Ke2 Be4 16.Ne1 Rd8=) 15...Rd8 (15...c5 16.bc6 N8c6 17.Nc3+=) 16.Nbd2 (16.Be2 c5=) 16...Nd7 (16...c5 17.bc6 N8c6 18.Be2=) 17.Rb1 (17.Be2!?=) 17...Nd3–/+ 18.Bc2 (18.Ra1 N7c5–/+) 18...N7c5 19.Bd3 (19.Ra1 Nb4 20.Bd1 e5–/+) 19...Rd3 20.Rfc1 Ra3 (20...Ra4 21.Nc4 Rd8 22.Nd4–/+) 21.Nc4 (21.Nd4 Bd5–/+) 21...R3a4–+ 22.Nfd2 Bd5 23.h3 (23.f3 f5–+) 23...Ra2 24.f3 e5 (24...f6 25.e4–/+) 25.e4 (25.Nb3 Nb3 26.Rb3 e4–/+) 25...Be6–+ 26.Nb2 (26.Rc3 h5–+) 26...f6 27.Ndc4 (better is 27.Rd1–+) 27...Nb3 28.Rc3 (28.Rd1 Nd4–+) 28...Nd4 29.Kf1 Nb5 30.Rd3 Nd4 31.f4 (31.Ne3 c5–+) 31...b5 32.Nd2 c5 (32...c5 33.fe5 fe5–+) 0–1. Cornacchini,Gabriele – Dunn,Carl, IECC, 1999.

7.d4 dc4 A) 8.Nc3 a6 (8...c6 9.Bc4 a6 10.a4 Bb7 11.0-0 Qc7=; 8...Bb7 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.a4 Qc7=; 8...Nbd7 9.Bc4 a6 10.a4 Bb7 11.0-0 ab5=) 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Nb5 Bb4 11.Nc3 Ba6=; B) 8.Bc4 a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.Nb5 Be7 11.0-0 Ba6=; C) 8.Ne5 Bb7 (8...a6 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Ba6 11.Qf3 Nd5=+) 9.Nc4 Bb4 10.Nbd2 a6 11.Qb3 Bd2=+; D) 8.a4 a6 (8...Bb7 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.Ba3 ab5=; 8...c6 9.Bc4 Bb7 10.0-0 a6 11.Ba3 c5=) 9.Bc4 c6 10.Ba3 ab5 11.ab5 Bb7=.

7.d4 Ne4 8.Bd3 Bb4 9.Nbd2 Bd2 10.Nd2 Nd2 11.Qd2 Bb7 12.0-0 (12.cd5 Qd5 13.e4 Qd7+/–) 12...f5 (12...dc4 13.Bc4 a6 14.a4+=) 13.Rfe1 (13.c5 a6+/–) 13...Qg5 (13...a6 14.Qc2+=) 14.cd5 (14.c5!?+/–) 14...Bd5+= 15.f3 (15.f4!? Qf6 16.Rac1+=) 15...Bf3= 16.Rf1 Bd5 17.Bc3 (17.Qf2!? Nd7 18.Ba3=) 17...Bg2 18.Qg2 Qe3 19.Kh1 Nd7?? (better is 19...Qd3 20.Qa8 Qc3–/+) 20.Rf3+– Qh6 21.Bd2 (21.d5 e5+–) 21...f4? (better is 21...Qf6 22.Rc1 Rac8+–) 22.Rh3 f3 (22...Qf6 23.Rf1 g6+–) 23.Rf3 (23.Bh6?! fg2 24.Kg2 gh6 25.Rh6 Nf6=) 23...Qh4 (23...g5 24.Rh3 Qg7 25.Rh7 Qf6 26.Rd7 Qf3 27.Qf3 Rf3+–) 24.Rh3 Qd4 25.Bh7 (25.Bh7 Kf7 26.Bc3+–; 25.Bc3! Qf6 26.Bh7 Kf7 27.Bf6 Nf6+–) 1–0. Hasler,Ulrich – Hradecky,Horst, corr ICCF III45, 1964.

7.cd5 ed5 A) 8.Nc3 Be6 (8...Re8 9.Be2 c5 10.bc6 Nc6 11.Rc1 a6=; 8...a6 9.Be2 Nbd7 10.0-0 Ne5 11.Ne5 Be5=; 8...Bb7 9.Be2 Re8 10.0-0 a6 11.a4 c5=) 9.Qc2 c5 10.Ng5 h6 11.Ne6 fe6=; B) 8.Qa4 a6 (8...Bb7 9.Qh4 Be7 10.Bd3 Nbd7 11.0-0 a6=) 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Qh4 Nbd7 11.Nc3 Re8=; C) 8.Qc2 Re8 (8...a6 9.Ng5 Nbd7 10.Bd3 h6 11.Nh7 Nh7=+) 9.Bd3 a6 10.Bf6 Qf6 11.Nc3 ab5=+; D) 8.Be2 a6 (8...c5 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Nc3 Bf5 11.Rc1 Nb4=; 8...Re8 9.Nc3 c5 10.bc6 Nc6 11.Rc1 a6=; 8...c6 9.0-0 Re8 10.Qb3 Bf5 11.Bf6 Qf6=) 9.Nc3 Bd7 10.0-0 ab5 11.Nb5 Bb5=.

7.Be2 a6 A) 8.0-0 dc4 9.a4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Bb7=+; B) 8.d3 ab5 (8...c6 9.ba6 Ba6 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.cd5 Nd5=) 9.cb5 c5 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Qc2 e5=+; C) 8.Ne5 Ne4 (8...ab5 9.cb5 Nfd7 10.d4 f6 11.Nd7 Qd7=; 8...Nfd7 9.Nd7 Nd7 10.cd5 ed5 11.Nc3 Re8=+) 9.0-0 dc4 10.Qc2 Bb7 11.f3 c3–/+; D) 8.Na3 c6 (8...Re8 9.Qb3 Bb7 10.d4 ab5 11.Nb5 dc4=+) 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Rc1 Na5 11.cd5 Nd5=+; E) 8.Nc3 Bb7 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 c6 10.a4 Bb7 11.d3 Nbd7=+; 8...c6 9.bc6 dc4 10.Qa4 Qc7 11.Qc4 b5=) 9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 c6 11.ba6 Ba6=+.

7.Be2 Nbd7 8.d4 (8.cd5 Nd5 9.0-0 a6=) 8...a6=+ 9.a4 ab5 (9...dc4 10.0-0=) 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Bb7 12.0-0 Qa8 (12...Qe7 13.Nbd2=) 13.Nbd2 e5 1–0. GuestQMQJ – GuestBJYZ,, 2018.

7.Be5 A) 7...Bb7 A1) 8.Nc3 a6 (8...Be5 9.Ne5 dc4 10.Nc4 a6 11.ba6 Na6=+; 8...Nbd7 9.Bd6 cd6 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Nd5 Bd5=) 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.Rc1 Ne4 11.Qb3 Nc3=+; A2) 8.d4 a6 (8...dc4 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.Bc4 a6 11.0-0 ab5=) 9.Nbd2 dc4 10.Bc4 Be5 11.de5 ab5=+; A3) 8.Bd6 cd6 (8...Qd6 9.d4 a6 10.Nbd2 dc4 11.Bc4 c5=) 9.Nc3 Qd7 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Bd3 Rc8=; B) 7...c5 8.d4 (8.Bd6 Qd6 9.d4 Bb7 10.cd5 Bd5 11.Be2 a6=+) 8...Bb7 (8...a6 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.dc5 Qc5 11.Qd4 Qd4=; 8...cd4 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.Qd4 Re8 11.cd5 e5=) 9.Nc3 Be5 10.Ne5 a6 11.Rc1 dc4=+; C) 7...a6 C1) 8.d4 Bb7 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Bb7 11.Bd6 Qd6=) 9.Nbd2 dc4 10.Bc4 Be5 11.de5 ab5=+; C2) 8.cd5 ed5 (8...Nd5 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.e4 Nb4 11.Nc3 ab5=; 8...ab5 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.de6 Be6 11.Bb5 Ba2=+; 8...Be5 9.Ne5 ab5 10.d4 b4 11.de6 Be6=+) 9.Qa4 Bb7 10.d4 ab5 11.Qb5 Nc6=+; C3) 8.Nc3 Be5 (8...Bb7 9.Bd6 cd6 10.Rc1 dc4 11.Bc4 Ne4=+) 9.Ne5 Bb7 10.Qf3 Ne4 11.cd5 ed5=+; D) 7...dc4 8.Bc4 (8.Nc3 Be5 9.Ne5 Bb7 10.Nc4 a6 11.ba6 Na6=+) 8...Bb7 (8...a6 9.Nc3 c6 10.Bf6 Qf6 11.Ne4 Qd8=) 9.Bd6 Qd6 10.d4 a6 11.0-0 ab5=; E) 7...Nbd7 8.Bd6 cd6 9.d4 Bb7 10.Na3 Qe7 11.Bd3 e5=+.

7.Ne5 A) 7...a6 A1) 8.Qf3 Ne4 (8...Bb7 9.Be2 Ra7 10.Qh3 Be5 11.Be5 dc4=+; 8...Ra7 9.Nc6 Nc6 10.bc6 Be7 11.Nc3 Qd6=+) 9.d3 Bb4 10.Ke2 f6 11.cd5 ed5–/+; A2) 8.d3 dc4 (8...Nfd7 9.Nd7 Nd7 10.Qc2 Bb7 11.cd5 ed5=+; 8...ab5 9.cb5 Bb7 10.Qf3 Ra5 11.Ng4 Nfd7=+; 8...Bb7 9.Nd2 dc4 10.Nec4 Be7 11.a4 Nbd7=+; 8...Bd7 9.Qa4 dc4 10.dc4 Bc8 11.Qc2 Bb7=+) 9.Qf3 Ra7 10.Nc4 Bb4 11.Ncd2 ab5–/+; A3) 8.cd5 ed5 (8...Nd5 9.e4 Nf6 10.Qc2 ab5 11.Bb5 Bb7=+) 9.d4 Bf5 10.Nd2 Ne4 11.Ne4 Be4=+; A4) 8.Bd3 Be5 (8...Bb7 9.Qf3 Be5 10.Be5 Nbd7 11.Bf6 Nf6=+) 9.Be5 dc4 10.Bc4 Bb7 11.f3 ab5=+; A5) 8.d4 Bb7 (8...Ne4 9.Bd3 ab5 10.cb5 Bb4 11.Kf1 f6=+; 8...dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Ba6 11.Qf3 Nd5=+) 9.Nc3 ab5 10.cb5 c5 11.bc6 Nc6=+; B) 7...c5 B1) 8.bc6 Be5 9.Be5 Nc6 10.d4 Ne5 11.de5 Ne4=+; B2) 8.Ng4 Nbd7 (8...Nfd7 9.cd5 ed5 10.d4 Qg5 11.Nc3 Re8=+; 8...Be7 9.Bf6 Bf6 10.Nf6 Qf6 11.Nc3 Bb7=+) 9.cd5 Nd5 10.e4 Nf4 11.e5 Bc7=+; B3) 8.d4 a6 (8...Bb7 9.cd5 ed5 10.Bd3 a6 11.dc5 bc5=+; 8...Qc7 9.Nf3 Nbd7 10.Nc3 dc4 11.Bc4 Rd8=+) 9.dc5 bc5 10.a4 ab5 11.cb5 Qc7=+; B4) 8.Be2 Nbd7 (8...Bb7 9.0-0 a6 10.Na3 Nfd7 11.Nf3 e5=; 8...a6 9.Na3 Nfd7 10.Nf3 e5 11.d3 Bb7=+) 9.f4 a6 10.0-0 ab5 11.cb5 Qc7=+; C) 7...Bb7 C1) 8.d4 c5 (8...a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.cb5 c5 11.bc6 Nc6=+; 8...c6 9.Nc3 dc4 10.Nc4 Bb4 11.bc6 Nc6=+) 9.cd5 ed5 10.Bd3 a6 11.dc5 bc5=+; C2) 8.Qf3 a6 (8...c5 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Nc6 Bc6 11.Bf6 Qf6=) 9.Be2 Ra7 10.Qh3 Be5 11.Be5 Nbd7=+; C3) 8.d3 c6 (8...c5 9.cd5 ed5 10.d4 Re8 11.Be2 a6=+; 8...dc4 9.Nc4 Bb4 10.Bc3 Bc3 11.Nc3 a6=+; 8...a6 9.Nd2 dc4 10.Nec4 Be7 11.a4 Nbd7=+; 8...Be5 9.Be5 dc4 10.dc4 Nbd7 11.Bg3 a6=) 9.Qf3 cb5 10.cb5 a6 11.Be2 Qc7=+; C4) 8.f4 dc4 9.Nc4 Be7 10.Nc3 a6 11.a4 Nd5=+; C5) 8.cd5 Bd5 9.Nc4 Be7 10.Nc3 a6 11.Nd5 Qd5=+.

7.Nc3 Bb7

8.cd5 ed5 (8...Nd5 9.Nd5 Bd5 10.Qc2 a6 11.Bd3 f5=) 9.Be2 a6 10.0-0 c5 11.bc6 Nc6=.

8.Be2 Nbd7 9.cd5 Nd5 10.Nd5 Bd5 11.0-0 e5 (11...a6 12.a4=) 12.d4+= e4 13.Ne5 f6 14.Nc6 Qe8 15.Qa4 Qg6 (15...f5 16.Nb4 Be6 17.g3+=) 16.Bc4 (16.Ba3 f5+–) 16...Bc4+= 17.Qc4 Kh8 (17...Qf7 18.Qa4+=) 18.Rac1 (18.Bc3 f5+=) 18...Qh6 (18...Qh5 19.g3+=) 19.g3 (19.h3 Qh5+–) 19...Qh3+= 20.Rfd1 (20.f4 f5+=) 20...f5 21.d5 Ne5?? (better 21...Nf6 22.Qf1 Qf1 23.Kf1 a6+=) 22.Be5+– Be5 (22...Qh6 23.Bd6 cd6 24.Nd4+–) 23.Ne5 Rf6 (23...Qh5+–) 24.Qc7 Raf8 (24...Rff8+–) 25.d6 f4 26.ef4 Rh6 27.Nf7 Kg8 28.Nh6 Qh6 (28...gh6 29.d7 e3 30.d8Q ef2 31.Kf2 Qh2 32.Kf3 Qh5 33.Ke3 Qf5 34.Qc4 Kg7 35.Rd7 Kg6 36.Qf8 Qf8 37.Qe6 Qf6 38.Qg4 Qg5 39.Rc6) 29.d7 e3 (29...g5 30.d8Q gf4 31.Qc4 Kh8 32.Qf7 Qh2 33.Kh2 fg3 34.Kg3 Rd8 35.Rd8) 30.d8Q ef2 31.Kg2 f1Q (31...Qf6 32.Rc6 f1Q 33.Kf1 h6 34.Rf6 Rd8 35.Rd8 Kh7 36.Qf7 a6 37.Qg6) 32.Kf1 Qh3 (32...Qf6 33.Rc6 Qf5 34.Qde7 Qh3 35.Kg1 Qg3 36.hg3 Rf7 37.Qf7 Kh8 38.Qg7) 33.Kg1 h6 (33...Qf5 34.Qc4 Kh8 35.Qcc8 Qc8 36.Rc8 h6 37.Qf8 Kh7 38.Qf5 g6 39.Rd7) 34.Qf8! Kh7 (34...Kf8 35.Rd8 Mate attack) 1–0. DEFFM – MagnumBlack,, 2019.

7.Nc3 c5

8.Qb3 Bb7 9.Be2 Nbd7 10.d4 a5 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Na4 Ne4 13.Rad1 cd4 14.ed4 dc4 15.Bc4 Qc7 16.Bd3? (better is 16.Ne5 Ne5 17.de5–/+) 16...Ng5?? (better is 16...Bd5 17.Rc1 Bb3 18.Rc7 Rc7 (18...Ba4 19.Rd7 Bf4 20.Be4+/–) 19.ab3 Nef6–+) 17.Ng5+– Bh2 18.Kh1 h6? (18...Bf4 19.Bh7 Kh8 20.d5 Bg5 21.Qh3+– (21.de6?! fe6 22.Qe6 Rf4+=)) 19.Nh3?? (better is 19.Ne6 fe6 20.Rc1+–) 19...Bd5+/– 20.Bh7?? (better is 20.Qc3 Ba2 21.Ba3+/–) 20...Kh7–+ 21.Qd3 Kg8 22.Rc1 Qb8?? (better is 22...Bc4 23.Rc4 Qc4 24.Qc4 Rc4 25.Nb6 Nb6 26.Kh2 Rb8–+) 23.Nc3?? (better is 23.f4 Rc1 24.Bc1=) 23...Bc4–+ 24.Qf3 Bf1 25.Rf1 Bd6 26.Ne4 Be7 27.Nf4 Nf6 (better is 27...Rc2!? 28.Nd3–+) 28.Nf6 Bf6 29.Nh5 Bg5 30.d5 f6 (better is 30...e5!? 31.Qf5 Rcd8 32.f4–+) 31.de6–/+ Rc2 (better is 31...Rc4!? 32.Kg1 Re8–/+) 32.Qb3=+ Re2 33.e7 Rf7 34.Ba3 f5 35.Qd3? (35.Ng3 a4 36.Qc4 Be7 37.Ne2 Ba3 38.Qa4 Qe5=) 35...Ree7 (better is 35...Re4!? 36.Bd6 Qe8–+) 36.Be7–/+ Be7 37.Ng3 Qf4 38.Kg1 Bd6 39.Rd1 Bc5 40.Nh1 Re7 41.Qg3 Qa4 42.Rd8 Kh7 43.Qd3?? (43.Kh2–+) 43...Re1 44.Kh2 Qh4 0–1. Hoelldorfer,August – Ludwig,Ines (1650), 10sen.BayEM Schney, 1998.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.cd5 ed5 10.Rc1 (10.Be2 Bf5=) 10...Bf5 11.Nd5 (11.a3 Bd7=) 11...Nd5+= 12.Rc6 Nb4 13.Nd4 (13.Rc4 Bd3= (worse is 13...Na2 14.Qa4+/–)) 13...Nc6 14.Nf5 Be5 15.Ba3 Re8 16.Qf3 (16.f4 Bf6 17.Qg4+=) 16...Qf6= 17.Bb5 Rac8 18.0-0 a6 (18...g6!? 19.Bc6 Rc6 20.Ne7 Re7 21.Be7 Qf3 22.gf3 Rc7+=) 19.Bc6+= Qc6 20.Ne7 1–0. Janek – Silvmoon, internet, 2017.

7.d4 a6

8.a4 Bb7 (8...c6 9.Ba3 c5 10.Nc3 Ne4 11.Ne4 de4=; 8...ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Bb7 11.Nc3 dc4=; 8...c5 9.dc5 Bc5 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Bc4 Bb7=; 8...Nbd7 9.cd5 Nd5 10.Bd3 Bb7 11.0-0 Nb4=) 9.Nc3 Bb4 10.Qb3 c5 11.bc6 Nc6=+.

8.Qc2 c6 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Ba6 11.Nc3 Bb5=+) 9.a4 ab5 10.ab5 Bb4 11.Nc3 Ra1=+.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.cb5 c5 10.bc6 Nc6 11.Bd3 (11.Bb5 Bd7+=) 11...Ba6 12.Ba6 (12.0-0 Qe7+=) 12...Ra6 13.Qe2 Ra8 14.0-0 Qb8 (14...Qe7 15.Rfc1 Rfc8 16.Nb5+=) 15.Nb5 Ne4 16.Rfc1 Rc8 17.Ne5 (17.Nd6 Qd6 18.Qb5 Na5+=) 17...Ne5 18.Rc8 Qc8 Black gets the initiative 19.de5 Bf8 (19...Be7 20.Rc1 Qa6 21.a3+=) 20.Rc1 Qa6 21.f3 (21.a3 Bc5=) 21...Nc5+= 22.Kf1 (22.Qf1 Rc8+=) 22...Qa4–/+ 23.a3 Nb3 24.Rc7 Ra5 25.Nc3 (25.Nd6 Rc5 26.Rc5 Nc5–/+) 25...Qe8–/+ 26.Na2 Bc5 27.Qc2 (27.Nc3 Qd8 28.Nb5 Be3 29.Qe3 Rb5–/+) 27...Qd8 28.Rc6 Qd7 29.Nb4 Rb5 30.Qd3 Nd2!–+ 31.Qd2 Bb4 32.ab4 Qc6 33.Bc3 Qc4 34.Kf2 h5 35.f4 Kf8 36.h3 Kg8 37.Kg3 g6 38.Kh4 Qf1 39.g3 Qf3 40.Qd4 Qe4 41.Kg5 Kg7 42.Kh4 Kh6 (42...Kh6 43.Qe4 de4–+; 42...Qf5 43.Qd2–+) 0–1. Thoma,Theo – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–17 ETC, 2005.

8.Nc3 ab5 9.cb5 c6 10.Bd3 cb5 11.Nb5 Ba6=.

8.Nc3 Bb7 9.a4 Bb4 10.Qb3 c5 11.dc5 bc5=+.

8.Nc3 c6 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Rc1 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7=+.

8.Nc3 Nbd7 9.Qb3 ab5 10.Nb5 Be7 11.cd5 ed5=+.

8.Nc3 Re8 9.Be2 dc4 10.Bc4 c6 11.a4 Bb7=.

8.Ne5 Bb7 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Ba6 11.Qf3 Nd5=+; 8...Ne4 9.Bd3 Bb4 10.Kf1 Bb7 11.Qc2 ab5=+) 9.Nc3 ab5 10.cb5 c5 11.bc6 Nc6=+.

7.cd5 Nd5

8.Nc3 Nd7 (8...a6 9.Qc2=) 9.Qc2 Bb7 10.Nd5 Bd5 11.Qc3 f6 12.d4 Re8 (12...c6 13.bc6 Rc8 14.Bc4 Rc6 15.Bd5 Rc3 16.Be6 Kh8 17.Bc3=) 13.Be2 (13.Bd3 Rc8=) 13...e5 (13...Rc8!?=+) 14.0-0 e4 15.Bc4 Bc4 16.Qc4 Kh8 17.Nd2 c5? (better is 17...a6!?=) 18.bc6+/– Rc8? (18...Nf8 19.d5 b5 20.Qb3+/– (20.Qb5 Rb8 21.Qa4 Rb2 22.Ne4 Rb4 23.Nd6 Qd6+/–)) 19.d5?? (19.cd7 Qd7 20.Qb3 f5+–) 19...Nf8? (19...Nc5 20.Bd4 f5 21.Bc5 Bc5 22.Rfd1+/–) 20.Rac1 (better is 20.Ne4!? Ng6 21.Rfd1+–) 20...f5 21.Qc3 (better is 21.Rfd1+/–) 21...Be5= 22.Qb3 Bb2 23.Qb2 Qd5 24.f3 ef3 25.Nf3 Re3 26.Qd4 Qd4 (26...Rd3 27.Qd5 Rd5 28.a3=) 27.Nd4 g6 28.a4 Ne6 29.Nb5 Nc5 (better is 29...a6!? 30.Nd6 Rc7=) 30.Na7+/– Rc7 31.a5! Ra7 (31...ba5 32.Rc5) 32.ab6 Ra5 33.Rfd1 Re8 34.c7 Rc8 (34...Na6 35.Rd8 Nc7 36.bc7 Ra8+–) 35.Rd8 Rd8 36.cd8Q (36.cd8N?! Rb5 37.Kf1 Kg8+/–; 36.cd8B?! Rb5+/–) 36...Kg7 37.Qd4 Kf7 38.Rc5 1–0. Steingraeber,Barbara – Albrecht,Markus,, 2003.

8.e4 Nf4 9.g3 Ng6 10.h4 Ne7 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.Bg2 Nd7 13.0-0 c5?? (better 13...Rc8 14.Nc3 c6=) 14.e5+– Bc7 (14...Be5 15.Ng5 (15.Ne5?! Bg2 16.Nd7 Bf1 17.Nf8 Bd3=+; worse 15.Be5 Bf3 16.Bg7 Bg2 17.Bf8 Bf1 18.Be7 Qe7=+) 15...Nf5 16.Bb7 Bb2 17.Qb2+–) 15.Ng5 (15.Ng5 g6 16.Bb7+–) 1–0. Silent Move (2115) – Gl82 (1930),, 2018.

7.Be2 Bb7

8.0-0 dc4 9.Bc4 c6 10.a4 cb5 11.Bb5 (11.ab5 a5=) 11...Nbd7 12.d4 Rc8 13.Nbd2 Ne4 14.Ne4 Be4 15.Rc1 Nf6 (15...Rc1 16.Bc1 Qc7 17.Ng5+=) 16.Qe2= Bb7 17.Nd2 Nd5 18.Nc4 Bb8 19.Ba3 (19.Ne5 Qh4=) 19...a6+= 20.Bf8 ab5 21.ab5 Qf8 22.Ne5 (22.Qd2 Qe8 23.Qb2 f6–/+) 22...Qa3 (better is 22...Be5 23.de5 Nc3–/+) 23.Rc8+= Bc8 24.Nc6 (24.Qc2 Bb7+=) 24...Bd6–/+ 25.e4 (25.Qc4–/+) 25...Nb4 (better is 25...Nc3!? 26.Qe3 Qb2–/+) 26.e5 Bf8 27.Qc4 Nd5 28.Rc1 Bb7 29.Nd8? (29.Rc2 Qa1 30.Qf1 Qa8+=) 29...Ba8 (29...Nf4 30.Rd1 Bf3 31.Rb1–+) 30.h3? (30.Nc6 Qb2+=) 30...h6 (better is 30...Nf4 31.Kh2 Bg2–+ (31...Ng2 32.Rc3 Qa7 33.Nc6 Bc6 34.bc6=)) 31.Rc2 Qa7 (31...Qa1 32.Kh2 Qa7 33.Qc8=) 32.Nc6 Bc6 33.bc6 Qc7 (33...b5 34.Qb5 Qd4 35.Qb2=) 34.Qa6+= Be7 35.Qb7 Bd8 36.Ra2 Kh7 37.Ra8 Nb4?? (better is 37...Ne7=) 38.Rc8 (38.Rc8 Nd5 39.Rc7 Bc7 40.Qc8+–) 1–0. vhilts (2375) – rar (2205), net–, 2016.

8.0-0 Nbd7 9.Ne1 (9.d4 a6=) 9...Ne5 (9...a6+=) 10.f4 (10.cd5 Nd5 11.e4 Nf4+=) 10...Ng6 (better is 10...Nc4!? 11.Bd4 Na5–/+) 11.Bf3 Ne4 (11...a6 12.Nc3+=) 12.Be4 (12.d3 Nf6=) 12...de4+= 13.Nc3 f5 14.Nc2 (14.Qb3 c5=) 14...Bc5 15.Qe2 Qe7 16.Rad1 Rad8 17.Na1 (17.Na4 Bd6+=) 17...Rd6 (17...e5 18.fe5 Ne5 19.Na4–/+) 18.Bc1 (18.Nb3!?=) 18...Rfd8 19.Nc2 e5 20.fe5 Qe5 21.Qh5 (21.Na4 f4 22.Nc5 A) worse is 22...Qc5 23.Ba3 f3 A1) 24.Bc5? fe2 25.Bd6 ed1R (25...ef1N?! 26.Bb4+=; worse is 25...ef1B 26.Bc7 Rd7 27.Kf1 Rc7 28.d3–+) 26.Rd1 Rd6–+; A2) 24.Qf2 Qc4 25.Bd6=; B) 22...f3+=) 21...Rf6 (21...Nf4 22.Qh4 Nd3–/+) 22.Qe2? (better is 22.Na4!? Rff8 23.Nc5 bc5 24.a4=) 22...f4 (22...Nf4 23.Qf2 Nd3–+) 23.a4? (23.d4 ed3 24.Rd3 Rd3 25.Qd3 fe3 26.Be3 Be3 27.Ne3–+) 23...fe3 (23...f3 24.Qe1 Nf4 25.Qh4–+) 24.de3 (24.Ne3 Nf4 25.Qg4 Ng2 26.Rf6 Ne3 27.de3 Rd1 28.Nd1 Qf6–+) 24...Rf1 25.Qf1 Rf8 26.Qe2?? Qc3 27.Qd2 Qf6 28.Qe2 Nf4 29.Qe1 Qg5 30.g3 Bc8 31.Kh1 Nh3 32.Qe2 Rf2 (32...Rf2 33.Ba3 Re2 34.a5 Qf5 35.Rd8 Kf7 36.Rd7 Bd7 37.Bc5 Qf3#) 0–1. Hasler,Ueli (1710) – Tortoza,Carlos, CiF, 2005.

7.Be2 dc4

8.Na3 Bd7 (8...a6 9.Nc4 ab5 10.Nd6 cd6 11.Bb5 Ba6=) 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 c6 11.bc6 Nc6=+.

8.Bc4 a6 9.a4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Bc5 (11...Nbd7 12.Nc3=) 12.0-0 Bb7 13.d4 Bd6 14.Nc3 c5 (14...Nbd7 15.Bb2+=) 15.dc5 (15.bc6 Nc6 16.e4 Bb4+=) 15...Bc5 16.Qc2 (16.Na4 Nbd7+=) 16...Qc7= 17.Bd3 Bf3 (17...Bd6 18.Na4=) 18.gf3 Bd6 (18...Nbd7 19.Na4+=) 19.f4+= 1–0. DEFFM – mius,, 2018.

6.c4 dc4

7.Nc3 a6 8.Bc4 Bd7 9.0-0=.

7.Nc3 c5 8.bc6 (8.Bc4 e5=) 8...Nc6=+ 9.Bc4 a6 10.d4 b5 11.Bd3 Bb7 12.Ne4 (12.0-0 Nb4=+) 12...Qe7 (12...Ne4 13.Be4 f5 14.Bd3-/+) 13.0-0 (13.Nd6 Qd6 14.e4 Qb4 15.Qd2 Qd2 16.Kd2 Nb4=+) 13...Ne4 14.Be4 Rac8 15.Nd2 (15.a4 b4=+) 15...Nb4 16.a3 (16.Ba3 Qh4 17.g3 Qe7=+) 16...Be4-/+ 17.Ne4 Nc2 18.Rc1 (18.Nd6 Qd6 19.Ra2 Qd5-/+) 18...Na3 (18...Bh2 19.Kh2 Qh4 20.Kg1 Qe4 21.Qh5-+) 19.Nd6 Qd6 20.Qb3 (20.Ba3 Qa3 21.Ra1 Qd6-/+) 20...Nc4 21.g3? (better 21.Bc3 Qd5 22.Bb4-/+) 21...Nd2-+ (21...Nb2?! 22.Qb2 b4 23.Rc8 Rc8 24.Ra1-/+) 22.Qa2 Nf1 23.Rf1 Rc2 24.Qb3 Qc6 (24...Rfc8 25.Ba3 Qd5 26.Qb4-+) 25.Ba3 Rc8 26.Bc5 Re2 27.Rd1 (27.Qa3 Ra8-+) 27...Qf3 28.Rf1 Rd8 29.Qd3 e5! 30.Bb6 (30.de5 Rd5 Double attack (30...Rd3 Pinning; 30...Rd3 Deflection; 30...Rd5 Decoy)) 30...Rd7 (better 30...Rd6 31.Bc5 ed4-+) 31.Rc1 (31.Qa3 Qb7 32.Rc1-+) 31...h6 (31...Qf2 32.Kh1 Qh2) 32.Rc8 Rd8 33.Rd8 1-0. ClayPigeons (2140) - megasnek9 (2145), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

7.Bc4 a6 8.Nc3 c6 9.bc6 (9.ba6 b5 (9...ba6?! 10.0-0=) 10.Be2 b4=+ (< 10...Ra6 11.a4+=)) 9...b5 (< 9...bc6 10.0-0=) 10.Bb3 Nc6 11.0-0 Bb7 12.d4 Na5 (12...b4 13.d5 Na5 14.Ne2 Nb3 15.ab3 Nd5 16.e4–/+) 13.Ne5 Rc8 (13...Nb3 14.ab3 b4 15.Ne2=+) 14.Ne2 (14.Qe2 b4 15.Na4 Nb3 16.ab3 Bd5=+) 14...Qe7 (14...Nc4 15.Bc4 bc4 16.Nc3–/+) 15.Ng3 (15.Qd3 Be4 16.Qd1 Rfd8–/+) 15...Ne4 (15...Nc4 16.Qe2 Bd5 17.Rfc1=+) 16.Ne4=+ Be4 17.Qg4 Bf5 18.Qf3 (18.Qe2 Be5 19.de5 Nb3 20.ab3 Rc2–+) 18...Nb3 (18...f6 19.Qf5 Nb3 20.Ng6 hg6 21.Qg6 Na1 22.Ra1–+) 19.ab3 Rc2 20.e4 (20.Rfb1 f6 21.e4 fe5 22.ef5 Rf5 23.Qa8 Rf8 24.Qa6 e4–+) 20...Bg6 (20...Be4 21.Qe4 Rb2 22.Ra6 Rb3 23.Rfa1–/+) 21.Ra2 (21.Rfb1 Qh4 22.Ng4 f5 23.ef5 Bf5–+ (23...Rf5?! 24.Qh3 Qh3 25.gh3–/+)) 21...Qh4=+ 22.Re1 Be5 (22...Rfc8 23.h3 Be5 24.de5–/+) 23.de5=+ Rd8 24.g3 (24.b4 Rd3!? 25.g3 Rf3 26.gh4 Rff2–+) 24...Qg5 25.Rd1? (better is 25.Rea1!?–/+) 25...Rd1–+ 26.Qd1 Be4 27.f4 Qe7 28.Qd4 Bd5 (29.Qe3 Rg2 30.Kf1 Rh2–+) 0–1. Woschkat,Karl_Heinz – Schipmann,Torsten, compuserve, 1996.

7.Bc4 b6 8.0-0 Bb7 9.h3 Nbd7 (9...c6 10.a4=+) 10.d4 (10.Qe2 c5=) 10...Ne4 (10...a6 11.Nc3=) 11.Nc3 (11.Bd3 Bd5=) 11...Ng5 (11...Nc3 12.Bc3 a6 13.a4=) 12.Ng5 (12.Nd2 e5 13.d5 f6+=) 12...Qg5= 13.Qg4 (13.d5 Qe5 14.g3 Nc5=) 13...Qh6 (13...Qg4 14.hg4 Rfd8 15.Bd3=) 14.f4 (14.Ne4 f5 15.Qg5 fe4 16.Qh6 gh6 17.Be6 Rf7=) 14...Be7 (14...a6 15.a4=) 15.e4 (15.Qe2 c6=) 15...Nf6 (15...a6 16.a4=) 16.Qf3 (16.Qe2 Bb4 17.e5 Bc3 18.Bc3 Ne4=) 16...Bb4 (16...a6 17.a4=) 17.d5 ed5 18.Nd5 Nd5 19.Bd5 (19.ed5 a6=) 19...Bd5 20.ed5 Rae8 (20...a6 21.Be5=) 21.Be5 (21.Bd4 Bd6+=) 21...Re7= 22.Rad1 (22.Rac1 Bc5 23.Kh2 f6=) 22...Bc5 (22...Rfe8 23.Kh2=) 23.Kh2 Rfe8 24.Qb3 (24.Rde1 Bd6=) 24...Bd6 25.Bd6 (25.Rc1 Be5 26.fe5 Qh5=) 25...Qd6 26.Qc4 (26.Rc1 Re3 27.Qc4 Qa3=) 26...Re2 27.Qc6 Qe7 28.d6 (28.Rg1!?=) 28...cd6=+ 29.Rd6 Qh4 (29...Ra2!? 30.Rd7 Qe2=+) 30.Rd2 (30.Rd7 R2e6 (30...Ra2?? 31.Rd2 Qe7 32.Ra2+–) 31.Qf3 R6e7=) 30...Re1 31.Rdf2 (31.Qd7 R1e3=) 31...R1e3 (31...R1e6 32.Qd7=) 32.Rf3 Re2 (32...R3e6 33.Qd5=) 33.R1f2 (33.Rd3 R2e6 34.Qd7 R6e7=) 33...R2e7 (33...R2e6 34.Qd7=) 34.f5 f6 35.Rf4 Qh6 36.a4 Qg5 37.Qd5 (37.Rd4 Qe3 38.Qd5 Kf8=) 37...Kh8 (37...Kf8 38.Rc4=) 38.Qc6 h5 39.h4 Qh6 40.R2f3 Rd8 41.Qc4 Kh7 (41...Rde8 42.Rd3+=) 42.Rg3 Rd1?? (better 42...Kh8+=) 43.Rg6+– 1–0. Sopko,Cassio Roberto – Johansson,Alexander (2020), Copenhagen DEN, Politiken Cup, 2013. (=1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b4 e6 3.b5 d5 4.Bb2 Bd6 5.e3 0-0 6.c4 dc4)

7.Bc4 c5 8.Qc2 Nbd7 9.Ng5 (9.0-0 e5=) 9...Qe7 10.h4 (10.Nc3 Ne5 11.f4 Ng6+= (11...Nc4? 12.Nd5 ed5 13.Bf6+–)) 10...b6 11.Bd3 h6 12.Be4 Rb8 (12...Ne4 13.Qe4 f5 14.Qa8 hg5 15.hg5+–) 13.Bc6 Ne5 (worse 13...hg5 14.hg5 e5 15.Nc3+–) 14.f4 Neg4 (14...Nc6?? 15.Bf6 g6 16.Be7+–) 15.Bf3 g6 (better 15...e5=+) 16.h5 hg5 17.Bg4?? (17.hg6 fg6 18.Qg6 Qg7 19.Qg7 Kg7 20.fg5 Ne5 21.gf6 Kf6+–) 17...e5?? (better 17...Ng4 18.hg6 e5–+) 18.Bc8+= Rbc8 19.hg6 ef4?? (19...gf4 20.Na3 e4 21.gf7 Rf7+= (21...Qf7? 22.Qe4 Be7 23.Qf4+–)) 20.g7!+– Qe4 (20...Kg7 21.Qh7) 21.Qe4 (21.Qe4 Bb8 22.Rh8 Kg7 23.Qh7; 21.Bf6 Qe3 22.de3 fe3 23.Rh8) 1–0. Murrell,Mal – Rowlison,Col, Mingara Swiss No1, 1998.

7.Bc4 c6 8.Nc3 cb5 (8...a6 9.a4=+) 9.Nb5= Bc5 (9...Be7 10.d4=) 10.0-0 (10.Bf6!? gf6 11.Rc1+=) 10...a6= 11.Nc3 b5 12.Be2 (12.Bb3 Bb7=) 12...Bb7 13.d4 Bd6 14.Rc1 b4 (14...Nc6 15.Bd3=+) 15.Na4 a5 (15...Qa5 16.Nd2=) 16.Nc5 Bd5 17.Ra1 (17.Bc4 Nbd7=) 17...Bc5 (17...Nbd7 18.Nd7 Qd7 19.Ne5=+) 18.dc5= Na6 (18...Nbd7 19.Rc1 Rc8 20.Bf6 Nf6 21.Ba6–/+) 19.Qd4 (19.Bd4 Ne4 20.Rc1 f6+= (20...Ba2? 21.Ba6 Ra6 22.Qe2+–)) 19...Qe7= 20.Rfc1 Rac8?? The pressure on the isolated pawn grows (better 20...Rfd8 21.Ba6 Ra6=) 21.Ba6+– 1–0. GuestCXWG – GuestGTVQ,, 2016.

7.Bc4 Bd7

8.0-0 c6 9.a4 cb5 10.ab5 b6 11.Nc3 (11.Qe2 Qe7+=) 11...Bb4 (11...Qc7 12.Qe2+=) 12.Qb3 (12.Ne5 Bc8+–) 12...Bc3 (12...a5 13.ba6 Ba5 14.Ba3+–) 13.Qc3 (13.Bc3 Ne4+–) 13...Bc8 (13...a5 14.ba6 b5 15.Bd3 Ra6 16.Ng5+–) 14.Rfc1 (14.Bd3 Bb7 15.Ng5 e5+=) 14...Bb7 15.Be2 Nbd7 (15...a5 16.ba6 Na6 17.Ba3+–) 16.d4 Qc8 (16...Nd5 17.Qb3+–) 17.Qd2 (17.Qc7 Nd5 18.Qc8 Rfc8 (18...Rac8? 19.Ra7 Rc1 20.Bc1+–) 19.Rc8 Bc8+–) 17...Qd8 (17...Qb8 18.Ba3 Rc8 19.Bb4+–) 18.Rc2 1–0. GuestGNQD – GuestJNTYqw,, 2016.

8.a4 c6 9.0-0 cb5 10.ab5 Nd5 11.Qb3 Nb6 12.Be2 Qe7 13.d4 Nd5 14.Nbd2 b6 (14...Rc8 15.Ne4+=) 15.Nc4 Bc8? (better 15...Bb4 16.Nce5 Bd6+–) 16.Nd6+– Qd6 17.Ba3 Qc7 (17...Qd8 18.Bf8 Qf8 19.Ra4+–) 18.Rfc1 (better 18.Bf8!? Kf8 19.Rfc1 Qd8+–) 18...Qd8 19.Bf8 Qf8 20.Ne5 Bb7 21.Nc6 (21.e4 Nf4 22.Bg4 Qd8+–) 21...Qd6 (21...a5 22.Bf3 Qd6 23.Qa3 Qa3 24.Ra3+–) 22.Nb8 (22.Ra7 Ra7 23.Na7 Nd7+–) 22...Qb8 23.Bf3 Qd6 24.e4 (24.Qc4 Qf8+–) 24...Nf4 25.e5 (25.Qc4 f5 26.Qc7 Qc7 27.Rc7 Be4 28.Be4 fe4+–) 25...Qd7 26.Bb7?? (better 26.Rc2+–) 26...Qb7+= 27.Rc6 (27.Qf3 Qf3 28.gf3 Ne2 29.Kf1 Nc1 30.Rc1 Rd8=) 27...Ne2= 28.Kf1 Nd4 29.Qc3 Nc6 30.bc6 Qc7 31.Rd1 g6 32.Rd7 Qc8 33.Qc5?? (33.Kg1 Qa6 34.c7+–) 33…Qa6 (33...Qa6 34.Ke1 bc5–+) 0–1. GuestHNZC – GuestWLLN,, 2017.

7.Bc4 Nbd7

8.0-0 Nb6 9.Be2 Nbd5=.

8.0-0 Nb6 9.Be2 Bd7 10.a4 Nbd5 11.Na3 Ne4 (11...c6 12.Nc4 Bb4 13.Nce5=) 12.Nc4 Be7 13.Nfe5 f6 14.Qc2 Nc5 (14...Nd6 15.Nd7 Qd7 16.Nd6 Bd6 17.d4+=) 15.Nd7 Nd7 16.Bf3 c6 17.Be4 (17.bc6 bc6 18.d4 f5+–) 17...f5 18.Bf3 cb5 19.ab5 Nc5 (19...N7b6 20.Rfc1+=) 20.d4+– Nb4 (20...Nd7 21.Rfc1+–) 21.Qb1 Nb3? (better 21...Ne4!?+–) 22.Ra3 (22.Bb7?! Rb8 23.Ra3 Rb7 24.Rb3 Qd5+=) 22...Qc7 (better 22...Rc8 23.Qd1 Nd4 24.Qd4 Qd4 25.Bd4 Rc4 26.Ra7 Bc5 27.Bc5 Rc5 28.Rb7 e5+–) 23.Rb3 Qc4 24.Ba3 a5 (24...Nd5 25.Rc1 Qa4 26.Bd5 Ba3 27.Be6 Kh8 28.Qa1 Qb3 29.Bb3 Bc1 30.Qc1+–) 25.ba6 (25.Bb7?! Ra7 26.Bb4 ab4+–) 25...Ra6 26.Rc1 (26.Rb4?! Bb4 27.Qb4 Qb4 28.Bb4 Rb8+–) 26...Qb5 27.Bb4 (27.Rb4?! Bb4 28.Qb4 Qb4 29.Bb4 Rb8+–) 27...Rb6 28.Bc5 Qb3 29.Bb6 (29.Bb6 Qb1 30.Rb1+–) 1–0. GuestGMLC – GuestYYYY,, 2018.

8.0-0 c5 9.d4 cd4 10.Qd4 (worse 10.Nd4 Bh2 11.Kh2 Qc7 12.Kg1 Qc4–/+) 10...Nb6 11.Bb3 (11.Be2 Qd7+=) 11...Be7 (11...Qd7 12.Ne5 Qe7 13.Rd1+=) 12.Qe5 (12.Rd1 a6+=) 12...Bd7 (12...Bd6 13.Qg5 h6 14.Qh4+=) 13.Rd1 (13.Bd4 a6 14.ba6 Ra6=) 13...Qb8 (13...Rc8+=) 14.Qg5 (better 14.a4!? Rd8 15.a5 Qe5 16.Ne5+=) 14...h6=+ 15.Qh4 Bb5 16.Nbd2 (16.Nc3 Bc6=+) 16...Be2–/+ 17.Re1 Bf3 (17...Bd3 18.Rac1=+) 18.Nf3 Nfd5 19.Qg4 (19.Qe4 Rc8=+) 19...Bf6 20.Nd4 (20.Bf6 Nf6 21.Qh4 Qd8=+) 20...Qe5 (20...Rc8 21.Rac1=+) 21.e4 Ne7 (21...Qf4!? 22.Qh5 Bd4 23.Bd4 Nf6=+) 22.f4= Qa5? (better 22...Qd4 23.Bd4 Bd4 24.Kh1 Ba1 25.Ra1 Rfd8=) 23.e5+– (23.e5 Nbd5 24.Rad1+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestNQZD,, 2018.

8.a4 Be7 9.Nc3 c6 10.0-0 Nc5 (10...cb5!? 11.ab5 Qc7+=) 11.d4 Nce4 12.Bd3 (12.Ne4 Ne4 13.bc6 bc6+/-) 12...Nc3+= 13.Bc3 cb5 14.ab5 b6 15.Ne5 Bb7 16.Nc6 Qc7 17.Ne7 Qe7 18.f3 Qc7 19.Bb4 Rfe8 20.e4 Rad8 21.Bc2 (21.e5 Nd5 22.Bd6 Rd6 23.ed6 Qd6+/-) 21...Ra8 (21...Qc4!? 22.Be1 Rd4=+) 22.e5+= Nd5 23.Bd6 Qd7 24.Bb3?? (better 24.Qd3!? f5 25.Rfc1+=) 24...Nc3 (24...Ne3!? 25.Qd3 Nf1 26.Kf1 Bd5-/+) 25.Qd3=+ Nd5 (better 25...Nb5!? 26.Bc2 f5=+) 26.f4 Rac8 (26...f5 27.Bc4+=) 27.Bc4 (27.Bc2 Rc2 28.Qc2 Ne3+/-) 27...Ra8 (27...Ba8 28.Rac1+=) 28.g3 (28.f5 Rec8 29.fe6 fe6+/-) 28...Nc7 Exerts pressure on the isolated pawn 29.d5 (better 29.f5!?+/-) 29...ed5=+ 30.Bd5?? (30.Bc7 Qc7 31.Bb3 Rec8=+) 30...Bd5 (30...Nd5!? 31.Rfc1-+) 31.Rfc1?? (better 31.Bc7 Be6 32.Qd7 Bd7 33.Rfb1=) 31...Qb5-+ 32.Qc3 (32.Qd2 Na6 33.Rab1-+) 32...Ne6 33.Rab1 (33.Qd2 Be4-+) 33...Qe2 34.Rc2 (34.Rb2 Qe4 35.h4 Nd4-+) 34...Qg4 (better 34...Nd4 35.Qd4 Qc2-+) 35.Rd1 (35.Rf2-+) 35...Qd1 36.Kf2 Qh5 (better 36...Qh1 37.h4 Qg2 38.Ke1 Qg1 39.Kd2 Nd4-+) 37.Rd2 (37.h4-+) 37...Qh2 38.Ke1 Qh1 39.Ke2 Be4 (better 39...Rac8 40.Qb2-+) 40.Qe3 Bf5 (40...Rac8 41.Ba3 Ng5 42.fg5 Re5 43.Kf2 Rf5 44.Qf4 Rf4 45.gf4 Qf3 46.Ke1 Qe3 47.Kf1 Qd2 48.g6 Qg2 49.Ke1 Qg1 50.Kd2 Rc2) 41.Rd1 Qh5 (41...Bg4 42.Kf2 Qd1 43.Qe1 Qf3 44.Kg1-+) 42.Kd2 Bg4 (42...Rac8 43.Rc1 Rc1 44.Kc1 Rc8 45.Bc5 Qh1 46.Kb2 Rc5 47.Qd2 Rb5 48.Ka3 Qa1 49.Qa2 Qc3 50.Qb3 Qb3) 43.Rf1 Qg6 (43...Rad8 44.f5-+) 44.Rh1 Rac8 45.Qd3 Bf5 46.Qb3 Rc2 (46...Nd4 47.Qe3 Qd6 48.Ke1 Qb4 49.Kf2 Rc2 50.Kf1 Qb5 51.Ke1 Qb1 52.Qc1 Qc1) 47.Kd1 Rec8 (47...Qg4 48.Qf3 Qf3 49.Ke1 Qh1) 48.Rh4 (48.Qf3 Bg4 49.Ke1 Rb2 50.Qd1 Qe4 51.Qe2 Qe2) 48...Rc1 (48...Bg4 49.Ke1 Qe4 50.Kf1 Qg2 51.Ke1 Qe2) 49.Ke2 R8c2 50.Ke3 (50.Qc2 Rc2 51.Kd1 Qg3 52.Bb4 Qd3 53.Ke1 Qe2) 50…Qg3 0-1. Atotheking (1770) - wargh (1745),, 2021.

8.Nc3 c6 9.a4 Qc7 10.0-0 Ne5 (10...c5!?=) 11.Ne5+– Be5 12.f4 Bd6 13.Qc2 Bd7 14.Ne4 Ne4 15.Qe4 c5 (better 15...Rae8!?+–) 16.Rf3+– f5 17.Be6 Kh8?? (better 17...Be6 18.Qe6 Rf7+–) 18.Rg3 Be6 (18...fe4?? 19.Bg7) 19.Rg7 (19.Qe6?! Rf7+–) 19...fe4 (19...Qg7 20.Bg7 Kg7 21.Qe6 Rad8+–) 20.Rc7 Kg8 (20...Rf6 21.Bf6 Kg8 22.Rb7 h6+–) 21.Rg7 Kh8 22.Rg3 Be5 23.Be5 (23.fe5?! Rg8+–) 23...Rf6 24.Bf6 1–0. DEFFM – GuestHXTM,, 2019.

8.d4 Qe7 (8...a6 9.ba6 b6 10.Qe2=) 9.0-0 e5 10.de5 Ne5 (< 10...Be5 11.Ne5 Ne5 12.Ba3+/–) 11.Ne5 Be5 12.Be5 (12.Ba3 Qe8 13.Nd2 Bg4=) 12...Qe5 13.Nd2 Bd7 (13...Bg4 14.Nf3 Qe4 15.Rc1=) 14.Nf3 Qh5 (14...Qe7 15.Nd4=) 15.Nd4+= Qe5 (15...Bg4 16.Qc2+=) 16.Qb3 (16.Qc2 Rad8+=) 16...Ng4 (16...Rad8 17.Rfd1+=) 17.Nf3 Qe7 18.Rfd1 c6 19.a4 b6 (19...Rad8 20.b6+=) 20.Qa3 c5 21.a5 Be6 22.Be6 Qe6 23.ab6 Qb6 24.Rdc1 (24.Qa4 Nf6+=) 24...Qb5 25.h3 Nf6 26.Rc5 Qe2?? (better is 26...Qd7+=) 27.Re1+– (27...Qe1 28.Ne1+–) 1–0. Mehlhorn,U – Nuber,R, H–2078–D, 2001.

6.c4 c5

7.a4 b6 8.Be2 a5 (8...a6 9.0-0=+) 9.0-0 (9.d4 cd4 10.Bd4 Re8=) 9...Bb7 (9...Nbd7 10.cd5 ed5 11.Nc3=) 10.d3 (10.cd5 Nd5 11.d4 Nd7=) 10...Nbd7 (10...Re8 11.Nbd2=) 11.Nbd2 Qe7 (11...e5 12.cd5 Bd5 13.Qc2=) 12.Re1 (12.Rc1 Rad8=) 12...e5 13.cd5 Nd5 14.Ne4 (14.Nc4 Rad8=) 14...Bc7 15.Qb3 (15.Rc1 Rad8=) 15...Kh8 (15...Rad8 16.Rac1=) 16.Ned2 (16.Rac1 Rad8=) 16...Rae8 (16...f5 17.Nc4=) 17.Ne4 (17.Rac1 f5 18.e4 Nf4=) 17...h6 (17...f5 18.Nc3 Nc3 19.Qc3=+) 18.Rac1= f5 19.Nc3 N5f6 (19...Nb4 20.e4=) 20.e4 (better 20.Nh4 Kh7 21.Nf5+–) 20...fe4= 21.de4 (21.Nh4 Kh7=) 21...Ne4 22.Ne4 (22.Nd5 Bd5 23.Qd5 Nd6=+) 22...Be4=+ 23.Nd2 (23.Qe3 Bd5=+) 23...Bb7 (23...Bg2 24.Kg2 Qg5 25.Qg3 Qd2 26.Rcd1 Qb2 27.Rd7+–) 24.Bf3 (24.Rcd1 e4=+) 24...Bf3 25.Nf3 e4 26.Nd2 (26.Qc2 Bf4 (26...ef3?! 27.Re7 Re7 28.Rd1=) 27.Rcd1 Nf6–/+ (27...ef3?! 28.Re7 Re7 29.gf3+=)) 26...Qh4 (26...Bf4 27.Re4 Qe4 28.Ne4 Bc1 29.f3 Bb2 30.Qb2=+) 27.g3 Qg4 (better 27...Qh5 28.Re4 Be5=) 28.Re3? (better 28.Rc4=) 28...Bf4–+ 29.Rce1 (29.Rc4 Be3 30.Qe3 Nf6 31.Bf6 Rf6 (31...gf6?! 32.Qh6 Kg8 33.f3–/+) 32.Ne4 Qd1 33.Kg2 Rfe6–+) 29...Be3 30.Qe3 Nf6 (30...Kg8 31.Ne4 Rf3 32.Qe2–+) 31.Ba1 (31.Bf6 Rf6 (31...gf6?! 32.Nc4–/+) 32.f3 Qh5 33.fe4 Ref8–+) 31...Qe6 (31...Nd5 32.Qh6 Kg8 33.Qc6–+) 32.Bb2 (32.Bf6 A) 32...gf6?? 33.Qh6 Kg8 34.Qg6 Kh8 35.Re4 (35.Ne4?! Re7=) 35...Qe4 36.Ne4+–; B) 32...Rf6?! 33.Qc3–+; C) 32...Qf6 33.Rc1 Qd4–+) 32...Rf7 (32...Ng4!? 33.Qc3 Qf7 34.Rf1–+) 33.Bf6 Qf6 (33...gf6?! 34.Ne4 Qf5 35.f3–/+) 34.Rf1 (34.Rc1 Rd7 35.Ne4 Qe6–+) 34...Qd4 35.Re1 (35.Qd4 cd4 36.Re1 Rfe7–+) 35...Qa4 36.Ne4 (36.Qe2 Rfe7 37.Nf1 Qb3–+) 36...Rfe7 37.f3 Qb5 1–0. GuestNBHJ – GuestTVCQ,, 2016.

7.a4 Qe7 8.Be2 b6 9.a5 Nbd7 10.a6 Rd8 11.d4 Nf8 12.0-0 h6 13.Nbd2 N8h7 14.Qc2 Bd7 15.Ne5 Rac8 16.Qb1 Qe8 17.Ba3 Qe7 18.f4 (better is 18.Qb2!?+=) 18...cd4–/+ 19.Bd6 Qd6 20.ed4 dc4 21.Ndf3 Qd5 22.Nd7 Rd7 23.Rd1 Rdc7 24.Ne5 Nd7 (better is 24...c3!? 25.Nc6 Qe4 26.Qe4 Ne4–/+) 25.Bf3= Qd6 26.Bb7 Re8 27.Bc6 Nhf8 28.g3 Rd8 29.Nc4 Qe7 30.Qb3 Nb8 31.Ne5 White intends d5 (better is 31.Bf3!?+=) 31...f6–/+ (31...Nc6? 32.Nc6 (worse is 32.bc6 f6 33.Ng4 Rc6–/+) 32...Rc6 33.bc6+–) 32.Nf3 Nc6 33.bc6 Rc6 34.d5 (better is 34.f5!?–/+) 34...Qc5–+ 35.Kg2 Qc2 36.Qc2 Rc2 37.Kg1 Rd5 38.Rd5 ed5 39.Nd4 Rc5 40.Nb3 Rc3 41.Nd4 Rc5 42.Nb3 Rc7 43.Nd4 Kf7 44.f5 Ke7 45.Nb5 Rd7 46.Rd1 Kd8 47.Kf2 Kc8 (47...g6 48.Nc3–/+) 48.Kf3 h5 49.Rd4 Kb8 50.Rh4 g6 51.fg6 Ng6 52.Rh5 Ne5 53.Ke2 Rd8 54.Rh7 Nd7 55.Rf7 (55.Kf3!?+/–) 55...Nc5+= 56.Na7 Re8 57.Kd1 Na6 58.Nc6 Kc8 59.Rf6 Nc7 60.Kd2 Kb7 61.Nb4 b5 62.Nc6 Ne6?? (better is 62...Rh8 63.h4 Rg8=) 63.Re6!+– (63.Re6 Re6 64.Nd8 Kc7 65.Ne6 Kd7 66.Nd4+–) 1–0. Kozlov,Vladimir Alex – Pogorelyi,Viktor, Northwest–ch Seniors, 2009.

7.Qb3 Nbd7 8.d4 b6 9.Bd3 (9.Nc3 Bb7+=) 9...Bb7 10.Nbd2 Rc8 (10...cd4 11.ed4 dc4 12.Bc4+=) 11.0-0 cd4 12.ed4 (12.Bd4? e5–+) 12...dc4 (12...Bf4 13.Ba3 Re8 14.Rfc1+=) 13.Nc4 Bb8 (13...Bd5 14.Qa4 Bf4 15.Ba3+=) 14.Nce5 (14.Nfe5 Ne5 15.de5 Qd5=) 14...Bd5+= 15.Bc4 Ne5 16.Ne5?? (better is 16.Bd5 Qd5 17.Qd5 Nd5 18.de5=) 16...Be5 (16...Rc4!? 17.Nc4 Qc7 18.Rfc1 Qh2 19.Kf1 Qg2 20.Ke1–+) 17.Bd5 Bh2! (17...Nd5?! 18.de5 Qg5 19.Rac1=) 18.Kh2 Nd5 19.Rac1 Qh4 20.Kg1 Qg4 (20...Qe4 21.f3 Qe2 22.Rf2 Rc1 23.Bc1 Qe1 24.Rf1–+) 21.Rc6 (21.Qd1 Qg5–+) 21...Nf4 (21...Rc6 22.bc6 Rc8 23.Re1–+) 22.g3 Ne2 (22...Ne2 23.Kh2 Rc6 24.bc6 Nd4 25.Bd4 Qd4–+) 0–1. Klein,J – Carlsson,L, corr ICCF EU/M/Gr/800 (year?).

7.Qc2 a6 8.Nc3 Re8 (8...Bd7 9.Be2+=) 9.Be2 ab5 (9...b6 10.0-0=) 10.Nb5 (worse is 10.cb5 e5 11.e4 d4–/+) 10...e5 11.d3 (11.cd5!? e4 12.Nd6 Qd6 13.Nh4=) 11...Nc6+= 12.a3 d4 13.0-0 Be7 (13...Bf5 14.Qb3+=) 14.e4 (14.Rab1 Bf5+=) 14...Nd7 (14...Bg4 15.Rfb1+=) 15.Rab1 Nf8 (15...Rf8 16.Bc1=) 16.Nd2 (16.Bc1 Ne6+=) 16...Ng6+= 17.g3 (17.Bc1 Nf4 18.Nb3 Qd7=) 17...Bh3 (17...Bg5 18.Nf3 Bh6 19.Nd2+=) 18.Rfe1 Qd7 19.Bf1 (19.Bc1 Bg5+=) 19...Ra6 (19...Be6 20.Bc1+=) 20.Bh3 Qh3 21.Kh1 Qd7 (21...Qc8 22.Qd1+=) 22.Kg2 (22.Bc1 Rea8=) 22...Nd8 (22...Rea8 23.Qd1+=) 23.Qd1 Ne6 24.Nf3 (24.Qf3 Bg5 25.Bc1 Rea8+=) 24...Bd8 25.Bc1 Ba5 ½–½. Zylla,Johannes (2265) – Daatselaar,Jan Bart van (2070), corr WSTT/3/06/Semifinal, 2008.

7.Qc2 b6 8.Bd3 Bb7 9.Ng5 h6?? (Better is 9...g6=+) 10.Bh7+/– Kh8 11.Bg8! Kg8? (11...Rg8 12.Qh7#) 12.Bf6+– hg5 13.Bd8 Rd8 14.cd5 Bd5 15.0-0 Nd7 16.Nc3 Bb7 17.a4 f6 18.a5 ba5 19.Ra5 Bc7 20.Ra3 Bb6 21.Ne4 Ne5 22.Nc5 Rac8 23.Rc3 Bc5 24.Rc5 Rc5 25.Qc5 Rd2 26.Qe7 Bd5 27.Qe8 Kh7 28.Qh5 Kg8 29.Rc1 Nc4 30.e4! 1–0. Grott,Peter (1800) – Suermann,Uwe, DESC, 2000.

7.Nc3 Qa5 A) 8.Bd3 A1) 8...dc4 9.Bc4 Nbd7 10.Qc2 Nb6 11.Be2 Rd8 12.0-0=; A2) 8...Rd8 9.Qb3 (9.Qc2 Nbd7 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Ne2=; 9.0-0 Nbd7 10.Qc2 Nb6 11.Ne2 dc4 12.Bc4=; 9.Rc1 a6 10.cd5 ed5 11.Qa4 ab5 12.Bb5=+) 9...Qb4 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Na4 Nbd7 12.Rc1=; A3) 8...Bd7 9.Qa4 (9.Qb3 Qb4 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Ne2 dc4 12.Bc4=; 9.Qc2 dc4 10.Bc4 a6 11.Ng5 h6 12.Nce4=; 9.0-0 a6 10.a4 dc4 11.Bc4 Rd8 12.Qc2=) 9...Qa4 10.Na4 Ng4 11.Rc1 Rc8 12.h3+=; A4) 8...Nbd7 9.0-0 (9.cd5 ed5 10.0-0 Re8 11.a4 Nb6 12.Nb1=+) 9...dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Be2 Rd8 12.Qc2=; B) 8.Be2 B1) 8...Nbd7 9.0-0 (9.cd5 ed5 10.0-0 Re8 11.Rc1 a6 12.ba6=+; 9.Qb3 Nb6 10.cd5 ed5 11.Qc2 Bg4 12.0-0=; 9.d3 e5 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Qd2 Nc3 12.Bc3=; 9.d4 Ne4 10.Rc1 cd4 11.Qd4 e5 12.Qd3=) 9...dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Be2 e5 12.Qc2=; B2) 8...Rd8 9.Qb3 (9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.Ne2 Ng4 12.d4=+; 9.cd5 ed5 10.Qa4 Qa4 11.Na4 Nbd7 12.Rc1=; 9.Qc2 Nbd7 10.cd5 ed5 11.0-0 a6 12.Rfb1=) 9...Qb4 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Na4 dc4 12.Bf6+=; B3) 8...Bd7 9.Qb3 (9.0-0 a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.Nb5 Bb5 12.cb5=) 9...dc4 10.Bc4 a6 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Rfd1=; B4) 8...dc4 9.Bc4 (9.Qa4 Qb4 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.Qb4 cb4 12.Ne2=) 9...Qb4 10.Qa4 Nbd7 11.Qb4 cb4 12.Ne2=; C) 8.Qc2 C1) 8...a6 9.Bd3 (9.Qb3 Qb4 10.ba6 Na6 11.Nb5 Be7 12.Be5=; 9.Be2 b6 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Ng5=) 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 Nb6 11.ba6 ba6 12.Ng5=; C2) 8...Rd8 9.Be2 (9.Rc1 a6 10.Bd3 b6 11.0-0 dc4 12.Bc4=+; 9.Ng5 h6 10.Nd5 ed5 11.Bf6 hg5 12.Bd8=; 9.Na4 Nbd7 10.Bd3 dc4 11.Bc4 a6 12.Bc3=+; 9.cd5 ed5 10.Be2 a6 11.0-0 Bd7 12.Nb1=) 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Ne2=; C3) 8...Nbd7 9.cd5 (9.Rc1 Rd8 10.cd5 ed5 11.Be2 a6 12.ba6=; 9.d4 a6 10.Qd2 dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Be2=) 9...ed5 10.Be2 Re8 11.0-0 a6 12.a4=; D) 8.Qb3 Qb4 9.Na4 (9.Be2 Nbd7 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Nd1 dc4 12.Bc4=; 9.Qb4 cb4 10.Nd1 Nbd7 11.d4 dc4 12.Bc4=; 9.d4 Rd8 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Nd1 dc4 12.Bc4=) 9...Nbd7 10.Qb4 cb4 11.Rc1 dc4 12.Bc4=.

7.Nc3 a6 8.d4 dc4 (8...ab5 9.Nb5 Be7 10.dc5 Bc5 11.Bd3=) 9.Bc4 cd4 10.ed4 (10.Qd4 ab5 11.Bb5 Qc7=) 10...Qa5 11.0-0= Bd7 (11...Rd8 12.Qb3=) 12.Qe2 (12.Qb3 ab5 13.Nb5 Bb5 14.Bb5 Nc6=) 12...ab5 13.Nb5 Bb5 14.Bb5 Nbd7 (14...Nc6=) 15.Rac1 (15.Bc1 Rfc8=) 15...Rfc8 (15...Qa2!? 16.Bc4 Qa5+=) 16.Rc8= Rc8 17.Rc1 Rc1 (17...Ra8 18.a4=) 18.Bc1 Nd5 (18...Nb6 19.Bd3=) 19.Bd2 Qc7 (19...Qd8 20.Ne5 N7f6 21.a4=) ½–½. Woschkat,Karl_Heinz – Wosch,Arkadiusz, IECG, 1998.

7.d3 Bc7 8.Nbd2 Ba5 9.cd5 Nd5 10.Qb3 a6 11.d4 cd4 12.Bd4 ab5 13.Bb5 Bd7 14.0-0 Bd2 15.Nd2 Nc6 16.Bc5 Re8 17.Bd3 Qa5 18.Qc2 (18.Qb7? Qd2 19.Rfd1 Qa5 20.Qd7 Qc5–/+) 18...Ncb4 (18...f5!?+=) 19.Bh7+/– Kh8 20.Bb4 Nb4 21.Qe4 g6 22.Qd4 (22.Qb7?! Ra7 23.Qf3 Kh7 24.Qf7 Kh6+=) 22...Kh7 23.Qd7 Kg7 24.Qb7 Rh8 (24...Reb8 25.Qe4+/–) 25.h3 (25.a3 Nd3 26.Rfd1 Rab8+–) 25...Rab8 (25...Rhb8 26.Qe4 Na2 27.Rfd1+/–) 26.Qe4+– Rhc8 27.Nc4 Qd5 28.Qd5 Nd5 29.Ne5 Ra8 30.Rfb1 Rc7 31.Rb3 Ra4 32.a3 f5 33.Rab1 Kf6 34.Nf3 Rc2 35.Rb8 (better is 35.Nd4!? Ra2 36.Nb5+–) 35...Ra3+/– 36.R1b7 Rc7 37.Rf8 Ke7 38.Rbb8 Ra1 39.Kh2 Ra2 40.Rfe8 Kf6 41.Nd4 Re7 42.Rf8 Rf7 43.Rf7 Kf7 44.Kg3 e5 45.Nc6 e4 46.Rd8 Nf6 47.Ne5 Kg7 48.f3 (48.f4 Nh5 49.Kh2 Nf6+/–) 48...Nh5 49.Kh2 ef3 50.Nf3 Re2 51.Rd3 Nf6 52.Nh4 ½–½. Jacobi,Robin (2005) – Sarchisov,Slavik (1840), GER–chT Lands, 2007.

7.d3 Qe7 8.Be2 e5 9.0-0 Rd8 10.Qc2 dc4 11.dc4 e4 12.Nfd2 Bf5 13.Nc3 Now all is on e4 13...Bh2?? (better is 13...Qe5 14.g3 Qe6+=) 14.Kh2+– Qd6 15.g3 Nbd7 16.Nce4 Ne4 17.Ne4 Qg6? (17...Be4 18.Qe4 Qd2+/–) 18.Bf3?? (better is 18.Bd3 Qh5 19.Kg1+–) 18...Re8+/– 19.Qd2 Re4 20.Be4 Qh5 21.Kg1 (21.Kg2!? Qh3 22.Kg1 Be4 23.f3 Qg3 24.Qg2 Qg2 25.Kg2+=) 21...Be4= 22.f3 Bf5? (better is 22...Bf3!? 23.Qh2 Qh2 24.Kh2 Be2=) 23.Rad1+/– Qg6 24.Rf2 h5 25.e4 Be6 26.Qd6 Nb6 27.Qc7 Nc4 28.Bc1 Rc8 29.Rd8 Rd8 30.Qd8 Kh7 31.Bf4 b6 32.Rh2 f5 33.e5 Na3 34.Qd3 Nc4 35.g4! Qe8? (35...fg4 36.Rh5 Deflection) 36.gf5 (36.Rh5?! Kg8+–) 36...Bg8 (36...Qd7 37.Qd7 Bd7 38.Rh5 Kg8+–) 37.e6 g5 38.Qd7 (38.Qd7 Bf7 39.Rh5 Kg7 40.Rg5 Kf8 41.Qa7+–) 1–0. Campos Calvo,Sotelo Juan (2055) – Estrada Martinez,Cesar (2235), Madrid–ch Veterans, 2009.

7.d4 a6 8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 b6 11.Nbd2 Nbd7 12.Bd3 Bb7 13.0-0 (13.cd5 ed5 (worse 13...Bd5 14.e4+=) 14.dc5 bc5=) 13...Qc7 (13...cd4 14.Nd4 (14.Bd4? e5-+) 14...Nc5 15.Qc2=+) 14.Qb1 (14.cd5 Nd5 (worse 14...Bd5 15.e4+/-) 15.Nc4 cd4 16.Bd4 e5+=) 14...Ra8 (14...cd4 15.ed4 dc4 16.Rc1=+) 15.Rc1 dc4 16.Bc4 Nd5 17.Nf1 Nb4 (17...Rc8 18.Ng5 N5f6 19.dc5 bc5 20.f4=) 18.Be2 (18.Ng5 g6+=) 18...Bd5 (18...Na2 19.Rd1 c4 20.Ng3=+) 19.dc5 bc5 20.Bc3 (20.e4 Bb7=) 20...Qb6 (20...Na2 21.Rc2=+) 21.Bb4 (21.e4 Bb7 22.Rd1 Rd8=) 21...cb4 22.Nd4 (22.N1d2 Nf6=) 22...Nc5 23.Qb4 (23.Nd2=+) 23...Ne4?? (better 23...Nd3! 24.Rc6 Qc6 (worse 24...Nb4 25.Rb6 Bc5 26.Ra6=+; 24...Bc6? 25.Qd6 Nb4 26.Nc6 Nc6 27.bc6+-) 25.Bd3 Qb6-/+) 24.Qb1 Bc5 25.Ng3 (25.Bf3 A) worse 25...Bd4 26.Be4 (26.ed4?! Qd4 27.Qc2 h6=) 26...Be5 27.Bh7 Kf8 28.Bd3+-; B) 25...f5+=) 25...Ng3= 26.hg3 Bd4 27.ed4 Rb8 (27...Qd4!? 28.b6 Bb7=) 28.Qd3 g6 (28...Qb7 29.Qc2+/-) 29.Rb1 (29.g4 Ra8+/-) 29...Rc8 30.Bf3 (better 30.Qe3+=) 30...Bc4? Exerts pressure on the isolated pawn (30...Bf3 31.gf3 Rd8 32.Rb4+=) 31.Qa3 (31.Qc3 Rc7 32.Rc1 Qb5+-) 31...Kg7 (31...Qd4 32.Rd1 Qb6 33.Rc1 Qb5 34.Be2+=) 32.Qb4 (32.Qc3!?+-) 32...Bd3 (32...Bd5 33.Bd5 ed5 34.Qd2+/-) 33.Rb3+/- Rc4 (better 33...Rc1!? 34.Kh2 Bc4+=) 34.Qd2+- Rd4? (better 34...Bf5 35.g4 Bc2+-) 35.Rd3 e5 36.Rd4 ed4 37.Bc6 h6 (37...Qc5 38.Qb2 f6 39.Qb1+-) 38.Kh2 (38.Qb4 g5+-) 38...Qc5 39.f4 (better 39.g4 g5+-) 39...f5 (39...h5 40.Qe2 Kf8 41.Qe8 Kg7+-) 40.Qb2 Qc3 41.Qf2 (41.Qf2 Qe3 42.Qe3 de3 43.Bf3+-) 1-0. zembelek (2045) - Nevski (2075), Rated Blitz game,, 2014.

7.cd5 Nd5 8.Nc3 (8.d4 Nd7=) 8...Bd7 (8...a6 9.d4=) 9.Nd5 (9.Ne4 Be7=) 9...ed5+= 10.a4 (10.Qb3 Be6=) 10...Qa5 (10...c4 11.Bc3=) 11.Bd3 f5 (11...h6 12.0-0=) 12.Qc2 (12.Ng5 Qd8 13.Qf3 Qg5 14.Qd5 Rf7 15.Qd6 Qg2+–) 12...c4 (12...a6 13.0-0=) 13.Be2 (13.Bc4!? dc4 14.Qc4 Kh8 15.Qd5+=) 13...a6= 14.Nd4 ab5 (14...Kh8 15.0-0+=) 15.ab5 Qa1 16.Ba1 Ra1 17.Bd1 f4? (17...Be5 18.Qb2 Ra8 19.0-0+=) 18.0-0 (18.Qb2!? Ra7 19.Bf3 Ra4+–) 18...Be5 (better is 18...fe3 19.de3 Rc8+/–) 19.ef4?? (better is 19.Bf3 fe3 20.Bd5 (20.Ra1?! Bd4 21.Bd5 Kh8+/–) 20...Kh8 21.de3 (worse is 21.Ra1 Bd4 22.Rc1 ef2 23.Kf1 Bb5+/–) 21...Bh2 22.Kh2 Rf1 23.Qc4 R1f2 24.Bb7+–) 19...Bd4–+ 20.d3? (20.Bf3 Rf1 21.Kf1 Be6–+) 20...Bf5 (20...Rf4 21.Bf3 Rf1 22.Kf1 Rf3 23.gf3–+) 21.Qd2 (21.Qe2 Bd3 22.Qe6 Kh8–+) 21...Bd3 22.Re1 (22.Be2 Ra3 23.Bf3 Bf1 24.Bd5 Kh8 25.Qd4–+) 22...Nd7 23.h3 (23.Qb4 Bc5 24.Qd2 Rfa8–+) 23...Nc5 24.Kh2 (24.Qb4 Ne4 25.Kh2 Bf2 26.Re4 Be4–+) 24...Ne4 (better is 24...c3 25.Qd3 Nd3–+) 25.Qb4 Bf2 26.Rh1 (26.Re4 Be4 27.Bg4–+) 26...Bg3 27.Kg1 Rd1 (27...Rd1 28.Qe1 Re1#) 0–1. Bini,Gabriele – Bo,Svetlana, Canarias en Red prel 1st blitz, 2004.

7.Be2 Qb6 8.a4 (8.Bf6 gf6 9.Nc3 d4=) 8...a5 (8...Nbd7 9.Qb3=) 9.Bf6+= gf6 10.Nc3 d4 11.Ne4 Be7 12.0-0 f5 13.Ng3 Nd7 14.Qc2 Nf6 15.Rac1 Kh8? (better 15...de3!? 16.de3 Qc7=) 16.ed4+– cd4 17.c5 Qc7 18.c6 bc6 (18...f4 19.Ne4+–) 19.Nd4+– c5 20.Nc6 Bd6?? (better 20...Bb7 21.Ne7 Qe7 22.Qc5 Qc5 23.Rc5 Rab8+–) 21.Qb2 Kg7 (21...e5 22.f4! Nd7 23.Nf5 f6 24.Nd6 Qd6 25.fe5 fe5 26.Rf8 Qf8+–) 22.Nh5 (22.Nh5 Kg8 23.Qf6 Bh2 24.Kh1 Be5 25.Ne5 Qe5 26.Qe5 f6 27.Qg3 Kf7 28.Qc7 Bd7 29.Qd7 Kg8 30.Qg7) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestGBQB,, 2019.

7.Be2 Qc7 8.Bf6 gf6 9.0-0 e5? (better 9...d4!?=) 10.Nc3+– e4 (10...dc4 11.Bc4 a6 12.Bd3+–) 11.Nd5 Qd7?? (better 11...Qd8 12.Nh4 f5+–) 12.Nf6+– (12.Nf6 Kh8 13.Nd7 ef3 14.Nf8 fe2 15.Qe2 Bf8 16.f4+–) 1–0. GuestWXSH – WOWBAYAGDAKO,, 2019.

7.Be2 Bc7 8.0-0= Re8 (8...Nbd7 9.Nc3=) 9.d4 b6 (9...Nbd7 10.Nc3=) 10.Qc2 (10.dc5 bc5 11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5 Qd6=) 10...Bb7 (10...cd4 11.Bd4 e5 12.Bc3=) 11.Nbd2 Qd6 12.dc5 Qc5 13.Ng5 (13.Bf6!? gf6 14.Nb3+=) 13...e5= 14.Ndf3 (14.Bd3 h6 15.Nh7 Nbd7=) 14...Qd6 (14...a6 15.Rfc1=+) 15.g3 (15.cd5 Bd5 16.e4 h6+–) 15...Nbd7 (15...h6 16.Nh3=+) 16.a4 (16.cd5 Bd5 17.e4 h6+=) 16...Bd8 (16...Nc5 17.cd5 Bd5 18.Rfd1=+) 17.Rfd1 (17.cd5 A) 17...Qd5? 18.Bc4 Rc8 19.Bd5 Rc2 20.Bf7 (20.Bb7?! Rb2 21.Kg2 Nc5=) 20...Kf8 21.Be8 Ne8 22.Ne5+– (22.Be5?! Bg5 23.Bg7 Kg7 24.Ng5 Bd5+–); B) 17...Rc8 18.Qf5 e4=+ (18...Qd5 19.Nh7 Nh7 20.Rfd1+–)) 17...Qc7 (17...Rc8 18.Qf5=) 18.Ne1 (18.Bd3 e4 19.cd5 ed3 20.Qc7 Bc7 21.Bf6 gf6 22.Nh3–+) 18...h6 19.Ngf3 Rc8 20.Rac1 Qd6 21.Qb1 (21.Qf5 a5=) 21...Qb4 (21...Be7 22.Qf5 g6 23.Qh3=) 22.Qa2 (better 22.Nd3 Qd6 23.cd5=+) 22...Be7 (22...Bc7 23.Nc2 Qd6 24.Bc3=) 23.Nc2 (23.Nd3 Qd6 24.Nfe5 dc4 25.Nf4 (25.Rc4?! Bd5=) 25...Ne5 26.Rd6 Bd6 27.Be5 Re5 28.Rd1+–) 23...Qd6= 24.Ba3 Qe6 25.Nb4 (better 25.Be7 Re7 26.cd5 Bd5 27.Qa1=+) 25...Nc5?? (better 25...dc4 26.a5 Bf3 27.Bf3 e4–/+) 26.cd5+– Qd6 27.Bc4 (27.Nc6 e4 28.Nfe5 Bf8+–) 27...Na4+= 28.Rd3 (28.Nc6 Qa3 29.Ne7 Qe7 30.Qa4 Bd5 31.Bd5 Rc1 32.Bf7 Qf7 33.Rc1 Nd5=) 28...e4 29.Nc2?? (29.Nc6 Nc5 30.Bc5 (worse 30.Ne7 Re7 31.Rd4 ef3–+) 30...bc5 31.Ra3 ef3 32.Ra7–+) 29...Nc5–+ 30.Rd4 ef3 31.e4 Qe5 (31...Red8 32.Bd3–+) 32.Re1? (32.d6 Bd6 33.Bf7 Kh7 34.Be8 Re8–+) 32...Red8 (32...Nce4 33.d6 Rc4 34.Qc4–+) 33.Bb2 Bd6 (33...Rd6 34.Qa3–+) 34.Rd3? (34.Rdd1 Qg5 35.e5=+) 34...Qh5 35.Rde3 (35.Bf6 Nd3 (35...gf6?! 36.Rd4–+) 36.Bd3 gf6 37.Qa7 Qh3–+) 35...Ng4 36.Rf3 Qh2 37.Kf1 Qh5 (37...Re8 38.Qa7 Ne4 39.Re4 Re4 40.Ne3 Ne3 41.Ke2 Nc4 42.Kd3 Nb2 43.Ke4 Re8 44.Kd4 Be5 45.Ke3 Bb8 46.Kd4 Ba7 47.Rf5 Qh1 48.Re5 Re5 49.Kc3 Qf3 50.Kc2 Qd3 51.Kc1 Na4 52.f3 Re1) 38.Ke2 (38.Kg1 Ne5 39.Rf5 Nf3 40.Rf3 Qf3–+) 38...Ne5 (38...Ne4 39.Bd4–+) 39.Be5 Qe5 40.Kd1 (40.Qa7 Qe4 41.Ne3 Bd5 42.Qf7 Bf7 43.Rf7 Ne6–+) 40...Ne4 41.Kc1 (41.Qb3 Bc5 42.Re2 Bd5 43.Bd5 Rd5 44.Rd3 Rd3 45.Qd3 Nf2 46.Rf2 Bf2–+) 41...Qg5 42.Ne3 (42.Ree3 Bc5 43.Qa7 Be3 44.Re3 Bd5–+) 42...g6 (better 42...Bd5 43.Kc2 Qh5 44.g4 Bc4 45.Nc4–+ (45.gh5 Ba2 46.Kb2 Be5 47.Ka2 Rd2 48.Nc2 Rdc2 49.Ka3 Bd6 50.Ka4 R8c4 51.Kb3 Nd2)) 43.Qa7 (43.Rd1–+) 43...Bd5 44.Kb2 (44.Rf4 Bc4 45.Re4 Bf1 46.Kb1 Bd3 47.Ka2 Be4–+) 0–1. Dopper,Johan – Bloom,Aad, 1990.

7.Be2 Bd7 8.a4 a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Qa1 Ne4 (11...dc4!? 12.0-0 Bc8+=) 12.0-0 (12.Qa2 Qe7+–) 12...Nc3 (12...Nf6 13.Qa2+–) 13.Bc3 f6 14.Qa2 dc4 15.Bc4 (15.Rb1 Qe7+–) 15...Qe7+– 16.Rd1 (16.Ra1 Kh8+–) 16...Kh8+– 17.h3 (17.Qb3 e5 18.Nh4 e4+=) 17...e5 18.d3 (18.e4 Bc8+–) 18...Bf5 (18...Bc8 19.Nd2+–) 19.Bd5+– b6 20.Qc4 (better 20.e4 Bd7 21.Qa7+–) 20...Nd7?? (better 20...Re8+–) 21.Nh4+– Bg6 (21...g6 22.e4 Bh3 23.gh3 f5 24.ef5 Nf6+–) 22.Ng6 hg6 23.Qh4 1–0. Leonco – Publikum, internet corr, 2018.

7.Be2 Nbd7 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0).

7.a4 a5

8.Be2 Nbd7 9.0-0 Qc7 10.d3 (10.d4 b6 11.cd5 ed5 12.dc5 bc5=) 10...e5 (10...dc4!? 11.Na3 cd3 12.Qd3 Nb6=+) 11.cd5+= Nd5 12.Nbd2 N7f6 (12...b6 13.Nc4+=) 13.Nc4+– e4?? (better 13...Re8+–) 14.de4+– Bh2 (14...Nc3 15.Bc3 (15.Nd6 Nd1 16.Rfd1 Rd8–/+; 15.Qd6 Qd6 16.Nd6 Ne2 17.Kh1 Rd8+–) 15...Ne4 16.Ba5+–) 15.Nh2 Nb6 (15...Nb4 16.Be5 Qd8 17.Qd8 Rd8+–) 16.Be5 Qe7 17.Bd6 Qd8 (17...Qe6 18.Nb6 Ne4 19.Bc5 Nc5 20.Na8+–) 18.Bf8 Qd1 (18...Be6 19.Qd8 Rd8 20.Bg7 Kg7 21.Nb6+–) 19.Rfd1 Nc4 20.Rd8 h6 21.Bc5 Kh7 22.Bc4 Be6 23.Ra8 Bc4 24.f3 Bb3 25.Ra7 Nd7 26.Bd4 f6 27.Rb7 Ne5 28.Be5 fe5 (28...h5 29.b6 Be6 30.Rc7 fe5 31.b7 Bb3 32.b8Q Bc4 33.Qf8 Bf7 34.Qf7 Kh6 35.Qg7) 29.Ng4 (29.Ng4 h5 30.Ne5 Kh6 31.b6 Bc2 32.Ra7 Bb3 33.b7 Kh7 34.b8Q Be6 35.Qc7 Bf7 36.Qf7 Kh6 37.Qg7) 1–0. GuestPCMQ – GuestPBCD,, 2020.

8.d3 b6

9.Nbd2 Bb7

10.Be2 Nbd7

11.h3 Qe7

12.0-0 Rad8 A) 13.cd5 ed5 14.Re1 (14.Rc1 Rfe8 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rc8 17.Ng5=+; 14.Qc2 Rde8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Rac1 Rd8 17.d4=) 14...Rfe8 15.Rc1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rc8 17.Bc3=; B) 13.Rc1 B1) 13...e5 14.cd5 (14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Re1–/+) 14...Bd5 15.Nc4 Bc7 16.Qc2 Qe6 17.Rfd1=; B2) 13...Rfe8 14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.Ng3=; C) 13.Qc2 C1) 13...e5 14.Nh4 (14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.Rad1 Nf4 17.Nb1=+; 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Rfe8 16.Rfe1 Nb4 17.Qc3=) 14...Qe6 15.e4 d4 16.Nf5 Bc7 17.Rae1=; C2) 13...Kh8 14.Rfd1 (14.Rad1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc1=; 14.Rae1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.d4 f6 17.Nc4=; 14.Rab1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rbd1=; 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qd2=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Rac1 Nb4 17.Qb1=; C3) 13...Rfe8 14.Rac1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rfd1=+; D) 13.Qb1 e5 14.cd5 (14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.g3 f5 17.Bd3=+) 14...Bd5 15.Qc2 Rfe8 16.e4 Be6 17.Nc4=.

12.0-0 Rfd8 13.cd5 A) 13...Nd5 14.Nc4 (14.Rc1 Rac8 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qb3 Bd5 17.Rfd1=; 14.Ne4 Nb4 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Rc1 e5 17.d4=; 14.Qc2 Rac8 15.Nc4 e5 16.Rfc1 Nb4 17.Qc3=; 14.Rb1 e5 15.Nc4 Rac8 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Bf3=) 14...e5 15.Rc1 Bc7 16.Nfd2 Nb4 17.Bf3=; B) 13...ed5 14.Rb1 (14.Qc2 Re8 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Rae1 Rac8 17.Nhf3=+; 14.Re1 Re8 15.Rc1 Qe6 16.Bc3 Rac8 17.Qc2=; 14.Rc1 Rac8 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Nhf3 Re8 17.Re1=+; 14.Qc1 Re8 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rac8 17.Rac1=) 14...Re8 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rac8 17.Rbc1=.

12.0-0 e5 A) 13.cd5 A1) 13...Bd5 14.Qc2 (14.Rc1 Rad8 15.Nc4 Bc7 16.e4 Bc4 17.Rc4=; 14.e4 Be6 15.Rc1 Ne8 16.Nc4 f6 17.Nh4=) 14...Rad8 15.e4 Bb7 16.Nh4 Bc7 17.Nf5=; A2) 13...Nd5 14.Rc1 (14.Nc4 Rad8 15.Rc1 Nb4 16.Nfd2 Bd5 17.Bf3=; 14.Ne4 Rad8 15.Rc1 Nb4 16.Re1 Bc7 17.Ned2=+; 14.Qc2 Rad8 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qc3 Rfe8 17.Rad1=; 14.Qb3 Rad8 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Rfd1 Bd5 17.Qc3=) 14...Rad8 15.Nc4 Rfe8 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Bf3=; B) 13.Qc2 B1) 13...e4 14.Ne1 (14.Nh4 Qe6 15.cd5 Bd5 16.de4 Ne4 17.Bd3=; 14.Nh2 Rad8 15.cd5 Bd5 16.de4 Ne4 17.Nc4=) 14...ed3 15.Bd3 Ne5 16.Be5 Be5 17.Rd1=; B2) 13...d4 14.Rae1 (14.Nh4 Rfe8 15.Bf3 Bf3 16.Ndf3 Rad8 17.Rae1=; 14.Rab1 Rae8 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Rbe1 de3 17.fe3=) 14...Rae8 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Bf3 de3 17.Bb7=; B3) 13...Rad8 14.Rad1 (14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.Rad1 Nf4 17.Rfe1=+; 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3 Bc7 17.Ng3=+) 14...d4 15.Ne1 de3 16.fe3 e4 17.d4=; C) 13.Rc1 C1) 13...Rad8 14.cd5 (14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Re1–/+) 14...Bd5 15.Nc4 Bc7 16.e4 Bb7 17.Qc2+=; C2) 13...Rfe8 14.Nh4 (14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Rad8 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Bf3=) 14...Qe6 15.cd5 Bd5 16.e4 Ba2 17.Nf5=; C3) 13...d4 14.Nh4 (14.Ng5 de3 15.fe3 Ra7 16.Bf3 Ng4 17.Qe2=; 14.e4 Rfe8 15.Nb3 Rad8 16.Rc2 h6 17.Re1=; 14.Rb1 de3 15.fe3 e4 16.de4 Be4 17.Ne4=; 14.Ne1 Rae8 15.Nc2 Qe6 16.Bf3 de3 17.Bb7=) 14...Qe6 15.Bf3 Bf3 16.Qf3 Rae8 17.Nf5=; C4) 13...e4 14.Nh4 ed3 15.Nf5 Qd8 16.Nd6 de2 17.Qe2+=; C5) 13...Rfd8 14.cd5 Bd5 15.Nc4 Rac8 16.Qc2 Rc7 17.e4=.

12.0-0 Rfe8 A) 13.Rc1 A1) 13...Rac8 14.Qb3 (14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re7 17.Rfe1=+; 14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Ndf3=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Nc4 Qe6 17.e4=; A2) 13...e5 14.cd5 Bd5 15.e4 Bb7 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Nf5+=; A3) 13...Rab8 14.Re1 (14.d4 e5 15.de5 Ne5 16.cd5 Bd5 17.Nc4=; 14.Qc2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rbd8 17.Nfd2=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Bd5 16.e4 Bb7 17.Nh4=; A4) 13...Rad8 14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.e4=; B) 13.cd5 ed5 14.Re1 (14.Qc2 d4 15.Nc4 Bf4 16.e4 Nd5 17.Rfe1=+; 14.Qb1 d4 15.ed4 Qe2 16.Re1 Bh2 17.Kh2=) 14...Qe6 15.Qc2 Rac8 16.Rac1 Re7 17.Bc3=; C) 13.Qb1 C1) 13...e5 14.e4 (14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Rad8 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Rc1=; 14.Nh4 Bc7 15.e4 de4 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.de4=) 14...d4 15.Qd1 Rf8 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Nf5=; C2) 13...Rac8 14.Rd1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 d4 16.Rae1 Qe6 17.Bf3=; 14.Rc1 Rcd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Ne4=+; 14.Re1 Rcd8 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 e5 17.Nh4=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Qc2 d4 16.e4 Bf4 17.Rae1=+) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; C3) 13...Rab8 14.Qc2 (14.cd5 ed5 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rbc8 17.Rac1=; 14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=; 14.Rc1 Rbd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Ne4=+; 14.Qc1 Rbd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=+) 14...Rbd8 15.Rfe1 e5 16.e4 d4 17.Bc1=; C4) 13...Rad8 14.Re1 (14.cd5 ed5 15.Rc1 d4 16.ed4 Qe2 17.Re1=+; 14.Rc1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=; 14.Rd1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Bc7 17.Qc2=+; 14.Qc2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Bc7 17.Rad1=) 14...dc4 15.Nc4 e5 16.Qc2 Bc7 17.e4=; D) 13.Qc1 D1) 13...Rad8 14.cd5 (14.Qb1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.g3=+; 14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rad1=+; 14.Rb1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Rd1 Nb4 17.Nc4=) 14...ed5 15.Re1 Rc8 16.Qc2 Ne5 17.Be5=; D2) 13...Rac8 14.Qc2 (14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; 14.Qb1 Rcd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=+; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rc7 17.Rac1=; 14.Rb1 Rcd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.e4 de4 17.de4=+) 14...Rcd8 15.Rac1 e5 16.Nh4 Bc7 17.Nf5=; D3) 13...Rab8 14.Re1 (14.Rb1 Rbd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.e4 de4 17.de4=+; 14.Qc2 Rbd8 15.e4 d4 16.Nb3 Ne5 17.Ne5=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rbc8 17.Rac1=; 14.Qb1 Rbd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.e4 de4 17.de4=+) 14...Rbd8 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 N5f6 17.Nd6=; D4) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3 Rad8 17.Rad1=; E) 13.Qc2 E1) 13...Rac8 14.Rfd1 (14.Rac1 e5 15.Nh4 d4 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.Nd6=) 14...e5 15.e4 d4 16.Bc1 Rcd8 17.Nf1=; E2) 13...Rab8 14.Rac1 (14.Rfd1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Nf1=; 14.Rfe1 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Bc1 Rbd8 17.Nh4=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Rad1 Rbc8 17.Rc1=; 14.Rae1 Rbd8 15.e4 d4 16.Bd1 e5 17.Bc1=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rbd8 17.Rfd1=; E3) 13...e5 14.Nh4 (14.e4 d4 15.Rae1 h6 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Nf5=; 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3 Rad8 17.Rfd1=; 14.Rad1 Rad8 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Bc7 17.Rfe1=; 14.Rac1 d4 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.e4 Nf8 17.Rce1=) 14...Bc7 15.Nf5 Qe6 16.e4 Rad8 17.Rae1=; E4) 13...Red8 14.Rfc1 (14.Rfd1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qd2=; 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rac8 17.Nfd2=; 14.Rab1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.g3=; 14.Rad1 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.e4=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; E5) 13...Rad8 14.Rac1 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.e4 de4 17.Nf5=.

12.0-0 Rac8

13.Qb1 A) 13...Rcd8 14.cd5 (14.Qc2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Bc7 17.Qc4=; 14.Rd1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Nfd2=; 14.Re1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Qd3=+; 14.Rc1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=) 14...ed5 15.Qc2 Rfe8 16.Rfe1 Rc8 17.Rac1=; B) 13...Rfe8 14.Rd1 (14.Re1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.g3=+; 14.Rc1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; 14.Ra2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Ra3=+; 14.Qc2 Rcd8 15.Rac1 e5 16.Nh4 Bc7 17.Nf5=+) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; C) 13...Rfd8 14.Qc2 (14.cd5 ed5 15.Qc2 Re8 16.Rfe1 Ne5 17.Be5=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; D) 13...e5 14.cd5 (14.e4 d4 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Ng5 Qe8 17.Bc1=; 14.Nh4 Bc7 15.Qc2 Rcd8 16.Rac1 dc4 17.Nc4=; 14.Qc2 e4 15.Ne1 ed3 16.Nd3 d4 17.Rfe1=+; 14.Rd1 d4 15.e4 Rcd8 16.Bc1 Nh5 17.Nd4=+) 14...Nd5 15.Nc4 Rfd8 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Bf3=; E) 13...Rce8 14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Ne1 Qe6 17.Qd1=.

13.Qb3 Rcd8 14.cd5 (14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Qc2 Rfe8 17.e4=; 14.Qc2= e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rad1=+) 14...ed5 15.Qc2 Rfe8 16.Rfe1 Qe6 17.Rac1=.

13.Qb3 Rfd8 14.Rac1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rad1=+; 14.Rad1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Qc2 Re8 16.Rfe1 Qe6 17.Rac1=) 14...Bb8 (14...Rc7 15.Qc2 e5 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.cd5=) 15.Rfd1 (15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=) 15...Ne8 (15...Bc7 16.Qc2 Bd6 17.Re1=) 16.Bc3 (16.cd5 ed5 17.d4 c4=) 16...Ndf6 (16...Bd6 17.cd5 ed5 18.Re1=; 16...Bc7 17.cd5=) 17.Qb2 (17.d4=) 17...Nd7 18.Qa1 f6 (18...Nef6 19.Ne5=) 19.Bb2 Nd6 20.Ba3 (20.cd5 Bd5 21.Qb1 e5=) 20...dc4 (20...e5 21.cd5 Bd5 22.Qc3=) 21.dc4 (21.d4 e5 22.de5 fe5 23.Nc4 Nc4 24.Bc4 Kh8=) 21...Nf8 (21...e5 22.Bb2=+) 22.Bd3 (22.Bb2 Rd7=) 22...Qc7 (22...e5 23.Ne1=+) 23.Qb1 Rd7 24.Nf1 (24.Bb2 Rcd8=+) 24...Rcd8 (24...Bf3 25.gf3 Qb7 26.f4=+) 25.Rd2 (25.Bb2 Kh8=+) 25...Nf7 (25...Bf3 26.gf3 Nf7 27.Rcd1=+) 26.Be4 Be4 27.Qe4 Rd2 (27...Nd6 28.Qc2=) 28.N3d2 (28.N1d2 Nd6 29.Qc2 Ng6=) 28...Ng5 (28...Ne5 29.Bb2=+) 29.Qc2 Ng6 30.Ne4 (30.Rd1 Qb7=) 30...Ne4=+ 31.Qe4 Qe5 (31...Qd7 32.Bb2=+) 32.Qc2 (32.Qb7 Qd6=+) 32...Qd6 (32...Qh5 33.Qe4 Ne5 34.Qb7=) 33.Bb2 Qd3 (33...Bc7 34.Re1=+) 34.f4 Ne7 (34...Qd7 35.Re1=+) 35.Qd3= Rd3 36.Rc3 Rd1 37.Rc1 Rd3 (37...Rd7 38.Rc2=) 38.Rc3 Rd7 39.Rc2 Rd1 (39...Kf8 40.Rd2 Ke8 41.Kf2=) 40.Rd2 Rd2 41.Nd2 Kf7 (41...e5 42.g3=) 42.Kf2 e5 43.Kf3 (43.g3 Ke6=) 43...Ke6 (43...Ng6 44.g3=) 44.Bc3 (44.g3 h6=) 44...h5 (44...Ng6 45.g3=) 45.g4 hg4 46.hg4 ef4 (46...f5 47.gf5 Nf5 48.e4 Nd4 49.Bd4 ed4 50.Nb3+=) 47.ef4+= g6 48.Bb2 (48.Ne4 f5 49.Ng5 Kd7+=) 48...f5 (48...Nc8 49.Nf1+=) 49.g5 Bc7 50.Nb1 (50.Ke3 Nc8+=) 50...Nc8 51.Bf6 (51.Ke3 Nd6 52.Nd2 Kd7+=) 51...Bd6 (51...Nd6 52.Nd2+=) 52.Nc3+– Ne7 53.Ke3 Bc7 54.Nb1 Kd7 55.Be5 Bd6 56.Nd2 (56.Bg7 Bc7+=) 56...Ke6 57.Bf6 Nc8 58.Nf3 Be7 59.Be7 Ne7 60.Ne5 Kd6 ½–½. Dzieniszewski,Andrzej – Warwaszynski, Jelenia Gora Poland, 1976.

13.Qb3 e5 14.Rad1 (14.Qc2 e4 15.Ne1 Rfd8 16.Rd1 ed3 17.Bd3=; 14.Rac1 e4 15.Ne1 Rcd8 16.Nc2 ed3 17.Qd3=+; 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Rac1 Rcd8 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=) 14...Rfe8 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Qc2 Rcd8 17.e4=.

13.Qb3 Rce8 14.Rad1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Rad1=; 14.Rac1 Rd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=) 14...Rd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=.

13.Qb3 Rfe8 14.Rac1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nf5=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rae1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re7 17.Ng5=+; 14.Rad1 Rcd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=; 14.Rae1 e5 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Qc2=) 14...Rcd8 15.Rfd1 e5 16.cd5 Bd5 17.Nc4=.

13.Qc1 A) 13...Rfe8 14.cd5 (14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=; 14.Qb1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.Qd3=+; 14.Qc2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; 14.Ra3 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Bc7 17.Nfd2=) 14...ed5 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re7 17.Rac1=; B) 13...Rfd8 14.Qc2 (14.cd5 ed5 15.Qc2 Re8 16.Rfe1 Qe6 17.Rac1=; 14.Rd1 Re8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Ne4=; 14.Qb1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4 Nh5 17.g3=+) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; C) 13...Rce8 14.Rd1 (14.Rb1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 f5 17.Nd6=; 14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 d4 16.Bf3 Bf3 17.Ndf3=; 14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rd8 17.Nfd2=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Qc4 N5f6 17.Rac1=; D) 13...Rcd8 14.Rd1 (14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 e5 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Bf3=+; 14.Qc2 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Bc7 17.Qc4=; 14.Qc3 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Qc4 Nb4 17.Ne4=+; 14.Qb1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Nfd2=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Nfd2=; E) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3 Bc7 17.Rad1=.

13.Rc1 A) 13...Rcd8 14.cd5 (14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Nfd2=; 14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.Ng3=; 14.Qb3 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=) 14...Nd5 15.Nc4 e5 16.Nfd2 f5 17.Qb3=; B) 13...Rfe8 14.Re1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Ndf3=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re7 17.d4=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rcd8 17.Nfd2=; C) 13...Rfd8 14.Qb3 (14.Re1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Nfd2=; 14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.e4=; 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Nfd2 Bc7 17.Qb3=; 14.Nh4 Bc7 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nhf3 Nb4 17.Nc4=) 14...Re8 15.Qc2 e5 16.Nh4 Bc7 17.cd5=; D) 13...Rce8 14.Re1 (14.Qc2 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nf5=; 14.Qe1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qd2=; 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Rc8 16.cd5 Rc1 17.Qc1=; 14.Qb3 Rd8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Bd5 16.e4 Bb7 17.Nc4=; E) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Rcd8 16.Nfd2 Nb4 17.Re1=.

13.Qc2 A) 13...Rcd8 14.Rac1 (14.Rfd1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Nfd2=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Rfe8 16.Rac1 Rc8 17.Nh4=; 14.Rab1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; 14.Rfc1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4 Nb4 17.Qc3=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Rfe8 17.Rfd1=; B) 13...Rfe8 14.Rfd1 (14.Rac1 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nf5=; 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Ne5 16.Be5 Be5 17.Ne5=; 14.Rfe1 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Bc1 Rcd8 17.Nh4=; 14.Rad1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=) 14...e5 15.e4 d4 16.Bc1 Rcd8 17.Re1=; C) 13...Rce8 14.Rfe1 (14.Rfc1 Rd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.Re1 Rfe8 17.Rac1=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qd2=; D) 13...Rfd8= 14.Rfd1 (14.Rac1 e5 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.e4=; 14.Rfc1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=) 14...e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4 Nb4 17.Qc3=; E) 13...Rb8 14.Rfd1 (14.Rac1 Rbd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.d4 c4 17.Nh4=; 14.Rad1 Rbd8 15.d4 cd4 16.Nd4 Rc8 17.Qb1=+; 14.Rae1 Rbd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.d4 c4 17.e4=+; 14.Ra3 Rbd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.Re1 Rfe8 17.Rc3=+) 14...Rbd8 15.Rac1 e5 16.cd5 Nd5 17.Nc4=.

13.cd5 ed5 14.Rb1 (14.Qc2 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Rac1 Re7 17.Bc3=; 14.Re1 Rfd8 15.Rc1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re8 17.Qc3=+; 14.Rc1 Rfe8 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Re7 17.Bc3=) 14...Rfe8 15.Re1 Qe6 16.Qc2 Rcd8 17.Rbc1=.

7.a4 a6

8.d4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 b6 11.Be2 Bb7 12.Nbd2 (12.dc5 Bc5 13.0-0 Qe7=) 12...Nbd7 13.0-0 Ne4 (13...cd4 14.Nd4 Qc7 15.f4=+) 14.Qc2 (14.Ne4 de4 15.Ne5 f6 16.Nd7 Qd7 17.dc5 bc5=) 14...f5 15.Rd1 Qe7 (15...cd4 A) 16.Nd4 Bh2 17.Kh2 Qh4 18.Kg1 Qf2 19.Kh2 Rf6 20.Nf5 Qe2 (worse 20...ef5 21.Bf6 Qg3 22.Kg1 Qe3 23.Kh2 Qe2 24.Bd4-+) 21.Bf6 Ndf6-+ (21...ef5?! 22.Bd4 Ndf6 23.Bf6 Nf6 24.Qf5 Qd1 25.Qe6 Kh8 26.Qb6 Qd2 27.Qb7 dc4 28.Qc8 Ng8 29.Qc4-+); B) 16.ed4?! Qc7=+; C) 16.Bd4 Qc7 17.Rc1=) 16.Nf1 (16.dc5 Ndc5 17.cd5 Nd2 18.Nd2 Bd5=) 16...Ra8 17.Ne5 Be5 (17...cd4 18.Nd7 Qd7 19.Bd4=) 18.de5 dc4 (18...Ra3!?=) 19.Bc4+/- (worse 19.Qc4 Bd5 20.Qc1 Qh4=+) 19...Bd5 20.f4 (better 20.Bd5!? ed5 21.f3 Ne5 22.fe4 fe4 23.Be5 Qe5 24.Qd2+/-) 20...Ra5 21.Bb2 (21.Rd5 ed5 (worse 21...Ra1 22.Rd1 Rd1 23.Qd1+=) 22.Bd5 Kh8 23.Be4 fe4=) 21...Bc4 22.Qc4 Nf8 23.h3 (23.Bc3 Nc3 24.Qc3 Rb5 25.Nd2=+) 23...Qa7 (23...Qe8!?-/+) 24.g4 (24.Rd8 Kf7=) 24...g6 25.Nd2 (25.Bc1 Qe7 26.Nd2 Qd7=+) 25...Ra4 (25...Qd7 26.Qc2 Qb5 27.Ne4 fe4 28.Rd2-/+) 26.Qd3 c4 (26...Nd2 27.Rd2 c4 28.Qd4 fg4 29.hg4=+) 27.Qd8 (27.Nc4 Rb4 28.Bd4 Qa2+=) 27...c3 (better 27...Nd2 28.Qd2 fg4 29.hg4 Qa8=+) 28.Ne4+/- Re4 29.Bc3 Re3?? (better 29...Qa4+=) 30.Bb4+- Qf7 (30...Rg3 31.Kf2 Qa2 32.Kg3 Qb3 33.Rd3 Qb4 34.Qb6 g5+-) 31.Rd7 Re1 32.Kf2 (32.Be1?! Qd7 33.Qb6 fg4 34.hg4 Qd1+/-) 32...Rd1 33.Rd1 (33.Rf7?! Rd8 34.Rb7 fg4 35.hg4 Rd4 36.Bf8 Rf4 37.Ke3 Rf8 38.Rb6 Re8+-) 33...fg4 34.Kg3 gh3 35.Rd7! (35.Rd7 Qf5 36.Bf8 Qf8 37.Qg5 Qa3 38.Kg4+-) 1-0. zembelek (2025) - Nevski (2100), Rated Blitz game,, 2014.

8.d4 b6+=.

8.Be2 dc4 9.Bc4 (9.Na3 c3 10.dc3 Qc7=) 9...ab5 (9...Re8 10.Nc3=) 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Nbd7 (11...Qe7 12.0-0=) 12.0-0 (12.d4 Qc7=) 12...b6 (12...e5 13.Qc2=) 13.d4 Qc7 14.Qc2 (14.dc5 Qc5 15.Qd4 Qd4 16.Bd4 Bb7=) 14...cd4+= 15.ed4 (15.Bd4!? Bb7 16.Bb3+=) 15...Bb7–/+ 16.Nbd2 (16.Bb3 Qc2 17.Bc2 Rc8–/+) 16...Rc8 17.Rc1 (17.Ne5 Ne5 18.de5 Be5 19.Be5 Qe5–+) 17...Bf4–+ 18.Bb3? (better is 18.h3–+) 18...Bf3 19.Qc7 Bc7 (19...Rc7?! 20.Rc7 Bc7 21.Nf3=) 20.Nf3 (20.gf3 Bh2! 21.Kh2 Rc1 22.Bb2–+) 20...Bh2! 21.Kh2 (21.Nh2 Rc1 A double attack) 21...Rc1 22.Bb2 (22.d5 Ra1 23.de6 fe6 24.Be6 Kf8 25.Bd7 Nd7–+) 22...Rb1 23.d5 (23.Be6 fe6 24.Ba3 Ne4–+) 23...ed5 (better is 23...Rb2 24.de6 Rb3 25.ed7 Nd7 26.Nd4–+) 24.Ne5 (24.Bf6 Rb3 25.Bd4–+) 24...Rb2 25.Nd7 Rb3 26.Nb6 Rb5 (26...Rb5 27.Nd5 Nd5–+; 26...Ng4 27.Kg1 Rb1#) 0–1. Zimmer,Georg – Rosner,Dirk, corr, 1985.

8.Be2 Re8 9.Nc3=.

7.a4 Nbd7

8.Qc2 Qe7 9.Nc3 =.

8.Nc3 b6 9.Be2 Bb7 10.cd5 ed5 11.d4 a5 12.0-0 c4 13.Nd2 Re8 14.Bf3 Qc7 15.g3 Ne4 (15...Rac8 16.Rc1=+) 16.Nde4 (16.Nce4!? de4 17.Be2+=) 16...de4= 17.Bg2 Nf6 18.Qe2 Bb4 19.Rac1 Rad8 20.Rc2 Bc3 21.Rc3 Bd5 22.Ba3 Qd7 23.Rfc1 Can c4 get defended? 23...h5 (23...Rc8 24.Qa2=) 24.Qf1 (24.Bf1 Rc8+=) 24...Rc8 25.Bh3 Ng4 26.R1c2 (worse 26.Rc4 Bc4 27.Rc4 Qe6 28.Rc8 Rc8–/+) 26...Qe6 27.Qc1 Rc7 28.Bf1 c4 seems the pivot of the position 28...Rec8 29.Be2 Qf6 Threatening mate... how? 30.Qf1 Qe6 31.Qh3 Qf5 32.Bf1 Rd7 33.Qg2 Qe6 34.Be2 f5 (34...Nf6 35.Qf1=) 35.Qh3+= g6 36.Qh4 Kg7 37.Qg5 Nf6 38.Qf4 Ng4 39.h3 White terminates the opponent with strong threats 39...Nh6 40.Qe5 Qe5 41.de5 The passed pawn on e5 quickly leads to threats 41...Nf7 42.Bb2 Ne5 (42...Kh6!? 43.Ra3 Re8=) 43.Rc4+= Re8 44.Rc8 Re6 45.Bd4 Kf7 46.Rh8 Ke7 (better 46...Bb7!?+=) 47.Rcc8+– Nf3 (47...Bb3!?+–) 48.Bf3+– ef3 49.Bb2?? (better 49.Rhg8+–) 49...Bb7?? (better 49...Kd6+=) 50.Rh7+– (50.Rh7 Kd6 51.Ba3 Ke5 52.Rd7 Bc8 53.Bb2 Ke4 54.Rd4 Ke5 55.Rd8 Ke4 56.Bg7+–) 1–0. Christensen,Tobias – Adla,Diego, Arnhem, 1988.

8.Nc3 d4 9.ed4 e5 10.dc5 Nc5=.

8.d3 dc4!? 9.Nbd2 cd3 10.Bd3 Nb6=+.

8.d3 e5 9.cd5= Nd5 10.Nbd2 Re8 (10...b6 11.Nc4 Qc7 12.a5 ba5 13.Ra5+=) 11.Be2 N7f6 (11...a6 12.0-0=) 12.0-0 (12.Nc4 Qc7=) 12...Bc7 (12...Qc7 13.Nc4=) 13.Rc1 b6 14.g3 (14.Nc4 Nd7=) 14...Nb4 (14...Bh3 15.Re1=) 15.Qb3 (15.Nc4 e4 16.Bf6 Qf6 17.de4 Re4=+) 15...Bf5 Increases the pressure on d3 (15...Bg4 16.Rfe1=+) 16.e4 Bg4 17.Rfd1 (17.Nc4 h6=) 17...Qe7 18.Nc4 e5 draws heavy fire 18...Nd7 (18...a6 19.Ra1=) 19.Rd2 (19.Bc3 h6+=) 19...Be6 (19...g6 20.Bc3+=) 20.Qd1 (20.Bc3 Red8+=) 20...f6 (20...Bc4 21.Rc4 Nf6 22.Qb3=) 21.Nh4 (21.Bc3 Qf7+=) 21...g6 22.Bg4 (22.Ba3 a6=) 22...Bf7 (22...a6 23.ba6 Nb8 24.Ng2=) 23.Qf3 (23.Bc3!?+=) 23...Nf8=+ 24.Qe3 (24.Qd1 a6=+) 24...Ne6= 25.Bh3 (25.Bd1 a6=+) 25...Qd8 (25...Nd4 26.Bd4 ed4 27.Qe1–/+) 26.Ng2 (26.Be6 Be6 27.Bc3 a5=+) 26...Bd6 (better 26...a6!? 27.a5 ab5 28.ab6 Ng5=) 27.Be6= Be6 28.f4 ef4 (28...Qb8 29.Bc3=) 29.gf4 (29.Nf4!? Bf7 30.Nd6 Qd6 31.d4+=) 29...Bf8 30.f5 (30.Qf3 Bc4 31.Rc4 a6=) 30...Bc4 (better 30...Bf5!? 31.Qf3 Bh6–/+) 31.dc4= Qe7 32.e5 (32.fg6 hg6 33.Qg3 Bg7 34.Qg6 Qe4+–) 32...fe5= 33.fg6 hg6 34.Qe4 (34.Qg3 Bh6 35.Qg6 Qg7 36.Qg7 Bg7=) 34...Qg5 35.Rcd1 Qf5 ½–½. Mittelbachert,Ulrich (1935) – Strathoff,Martin (1880), Ruhrgebiet VL2, 2004. (=1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nf6 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 c5 5.e3 Bd6 6.c4 0-0 7.a4 Nbd7)

8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 +=.

8.cd5 Nd5 9.e4 Nf4 =.

8.Qc2 b6

9.d3 Bb7 10.Nbd2 a6 11.Be2 +=.

9.d3 Bb7 10.Nbd2 d4 11.e4 (11.ed4!? cd4 12.Bd4=) 11...Ng4+= 12.h3 (12.a5 a6 13.ab6 Nb6+=) 12...Nge5 13.Be2 f5 14.Bc1 (14.0-0 fe4 15.de4 d3 16.Bd3 Nf3 17.Nf3 Rf3–/+) 14...Ng6 (14...fe4 15.Ne4 Be4 16.de4 Nf3 17.Bf3–/+) 15.0-0 (15.a5 a6–/+) 15...Nf4–/+ 16.Nb3 (16.Re1 a6+=) 16...fe4 17.de4 d3 (17...Qf6 18.Bf4 Qf4 19.Bd3–/+) 18.Bd3+= Nh3 19.gh3 Deflection from f3 (19.Kh1!? Qe8 20.Nh2–/+) 19...Rf3–+ Annihilates a defender: f3 20.Kg2?? (20.Re1 Qh4 21.Re3–+) 20...Ne5 21.Be2 (21.Qe2 Rd3 22.Qe1 Qf6–+) 21...Qf6 22.Bf3 Qf3 23.Kg1 Be4 (23...Be4 24.Qe4 Qe4–+) 0–1. De Visser,Arnold – Waagmeester, (year?).

9.d3 Bb7 10.Nbd2 e5 11.Be2 (11.cd5 Nd5 12.Be2 Nb4=) 11...e4+= 12.de4 de4 13.Ng5 Re8 14.a5 Rc8 15.h4 h6 16.Nh3 Qc7 17.a6 Ba8 18.0-0-0 (better is 18.0-0!?+=) 18...Ne5 19.Kb1 Rcd8 20.Rhg1 Qc8 (20...Neg4 21.Nb3–/+) 21.Bc3 (21.Nf4 Nfg4 22.Rgf1 Bc7–/+) 21...Bc7 22.Nb3 Nfg4 23.Nc1 Qf5 24.Rd8 (24.Rd8 Bd8 25.h5–+). Guido,Angel Pablo (2110) – Fuertes,Cesar (1890), CiF, 2005.

9.cd5 ed5 10.Be2 a6 =.

9.Be2 Bb7= 10.0-0 dc4 (10...Qc7 11.cd5 Nd5 12.Na3=) 11.Na3 Rc8 (11...Be4 12.Qc3=) 12.Nc4+= (worse is 12.Bc4 Qc7 13.h3 Bf3 14.gf3 Be5+=) 12...Bb8 (12...Bc7 13.Rfc1=) 13.Rfd1 (13.a5 Bc7+=) 13...Qc7= 14.d3 (better is 14.Nfe5!=) 14...Bf3+= 15.Bf3 Qh2 16.Kf1 Ne5 17.Bb7 Rcd8 18.Ke2 Qh5 19.Bf3 Qf5 20.e4 (20.a5 Nc4 21.Qc4 Be5 22.Be5 Qe5–/+) 20...Qg5–/+ 21.Bc1 (21.Qc1 Nf3 22.gf3 Qc1 23.Bc1 Ne8–/+) 21...Qg6 22.Be3 (22.Bb2 Nf3 23.gf3 Nh5–/+) 22...Nfg4–+ (22...Nf3?! 23.gf3 Nd5 24.Rg1 Ne3 25.fe3+=) 23.Nb2 (23.a5 Ne3 24.Ne3 Rd4–+) 23...Rd7 (23...Ne3 24.Ke3 Rd4 25.Rh1–+) 24.Rh1 (24.a5 Ne3 25.Ke3 Qf6–+) 24...Rfd8 (24...Ne3 25.Ke3 f5 26.Ke2–+) 25.Ra3 (25.Bf4 Nf3 26.gf3 Bf4–+) 25...Ne3 (25...Nh2 26.Nc4 Nd3 27.Rd1 Nf4 28.Bf4 Rd1 29.Bh2 Bh2 30.g3–+) 26.Ke3 Ng4 27.Ke2 Be5 28.Rh4?? f5 29.Nc4 Bd4 30.Bg4 fg4 31.Qd1?? Qf6 32.Qh1 Qf2 33.Kd1 Bf6 34.Rh7 Rd3 35.Rd3 Rd3 36.Kc1 Bg5 37.Kb1 Rb3 38.Ka1 Bf6 39.e5 Be5! 40.Ne5 0–1. Toth,S – Makai,I, Debrecen, 1997.

7.Qc2 Nbd7

8.Nc3 Re8 9.Ng5 (better is 9.Be2!?+=) 9...h6–/+ 10.h4 (10.Nf3!?–/+) 10...hg5–+ 11.hg5 Ne4 12.Ne4 de4 13.Qe4 Qg5 14.Bd3 (better is 14.Qh7 Kf8 15.Rh5–+) 14...Nf6?? (14...f5 15.Qh4 Qh4 (15...Qg2? 16.0-0-0 Be5 17.Rdg1 Qh1 18.Qh1+–) 16.Rh4 Kf7–+) 15.Bf6 Qf6 (15...Qe3 16.de3 gf6 17.Rh8 Kh8 18.Qh7) 16.Rh8!! (16.Rh8 Kh8 17.Qh7) 1–0. Leon Manas,JF (1695) – Marrero Cardenes,Agustin (1820), Liga Insular de Ajedrez por Eq, 2011.

8.Bd3 Qc7 9.Nc3= h6 10.Ne2 (10.0-0 Re8=) 10...Re8 11.a4? (better 11.Ng3!?=+) 11...e5–/+ 12.Bf5 e4 13.Bd7 (13.Nh4 dc4 14.Bd7 Nd7–/+) 13...Bd7 (13...Nd7 14.Nfg1 d4 15.ed4 cd4 16.Bd4–+) 14.Nh4 Be5 15.f4 ef3! 16.Nf3 (16.gf3 dc4 Combination; 16.Nf3 Bb2 Combination) 16...Bb2 17.Qb2 d4 18.ed4 cd4 (better 18...Bf5 19.Ra3 Re7–+) 19.Qd4?? (better 19.d3 Bf5 20.Ra3–/+) 19...Rad8 (19...Re4 20.Qb2 Rae8 21.d3 Re2 22.Qe2 Re2 23.Ke2–+) 20.Qa7 Qc4 21.Nfd4 (21.0-0 Re2 (21...Qe2?! 22.Rfe1 Qc4 23.Qb7–+) 22.Qb7 Rde8–+) 21...Bg4 (better 21...Ra8 22.Qa8 Ra8–+) 22.d3 (22.0-0 Be2 23.Ne2 Re2 24.Rae1 Re1 25.Re1 Rd2 26.Qb7–+) 22...Qd4 (22...Qc3 23.Kf2 Qd3 24.Nc3 Rd4 25.Rhe1 Qd2 26.Ne2 Qe3 27.Kf1 Be2 28.Re2 Qe2 29.Kg1 Qe3 30.Kh1 Qe1 31.Re1 Re1) 23.Ra2 (23.Qd4 Re2 24.Kf1 Rd4 25.h3 Rf4 26.Kg1–+) 23…Qa7 (23...Qa7 24.b6 Qb6 25.a5 Qb1 26.Kf2 Qa2 27.h3 Re2 28.Kg1 Rg2 29.Kf1 Qf2) 0–1. Pavlov,Oleg – Pozdnyakov,Anton, Krasnoyarsk Russia, City Championship, 2016.

8.Bd3 Re8 9.Bf6 Nf6 10.Nc3=+.

8.a4 a5

9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Be2 Qc7 A) 12.0-0 A1) 12...Rad8 13.Rac1 (13.cd5 Nd5 14.Nc4 f6 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Rad1=; 13.Rad1 dc4 14.dc4 Ng4 15.h3 Ngf6 16.Bd3=) 13...dc4 14.Qc4 Bd5 15.Qh4 Rfe8 16.d4=; A2) 12...Rfe8 13.cd5 (13.Rac1 Rad8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.Nf1=; 13.Rfd1 Rad8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rac1 Rc8 16.Re1=; 13.Rad1 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Nh2 Bh2 16.Kh1 Bd6=; 13.Rfc1 Rac8 14.Rab1 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4=) 13...ed5 14.Rac1 Ng4 15.h3 Nh2 16.Nh2=; A3) 12...Rac8 13.cd5 (13.Rfc1 Rfe8 14.Re1 Ng4 15.h3 Nge5 16.Rad1=; 13.Rac1 Rfe8 14.h3 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Qc4=; 13.Rab1 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Rfc1 Nf3 16.Nf3=; 13.Rad1 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Rfe1 Nf3 16.Nf3=) 13...ed5 14.Rac1 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.Nf1=; A4) 12...e5 13.cd5 (13.e4 d4 14.Rae1 Rad8 15.Bc1 Bc8 16.Nh4=) 13...Nd5 14.Rac1 Rad8 15.Qc4 Rfe8 16.Qh4=; A5) 12...Ng4 13.h3 Nh2 14.Rfd1 Nf3 15.Bf3 Ne5 16.cd5=; B) 12.Rc1 B1) 12...e5 13.Nh4 (13.e4 d4 14.Nh4 Nb8 15.Nf5 Bc8 16.Nd6=; 13.cd5 Nd5 14.0-0 Nb4 15.Qc4 Rad8 16.Qh4=) 13...d4 14.e4 Qd8 15.Nf5 Nb8 16.0-0=; B2) 12...Rac8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 Rfd8 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Rfd1 Nb4 16.Qc4=; 13.Rd1 Rfe8 14.0-0 Ng4 15.h3 Nh2 16.Nh2=) 13...ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.h3=; B3) 12...Rad8 13.0-0 (13.cd5 Nd5 14.0-0 Nb4 15.Qc4 Ne5 16.Be5=) 13...dc4 14.Qc4 e5 15.Qh4 Rfe8 16.Nc4=; B4) 12...Rfe8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 Rac8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Re7 16.h3=) 13...ed5 14.0-0 Rac8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.h3=; C) 12.Rd1 C1) 12...e5 13.cd5 (13.e4 d4 14.Bc1 Rfe8 15.Nh4 Bc8 16.0-0=) 13...Nd5 14.0-0 Rad8 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qc1=; C2) 12...Rac8 13.0-0 (13.Rc1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=; 13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.h3=; 13.h3 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.0-0 Rfd8 16.Ne4=) 13...Rfe8 14.Rc1 Red8 15.cd5 Bd5 16.e4=; C3) 12...Rfe8 13.h3 (13.Rc1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Qc4 Rad8 16.0-0=; 13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 d4 15.Nc4 Nd5 16.Bc1=+; 13.0-0 Rad8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rc1 Rc8 16.Rfe1=) 13...Re7 14.0-0 Rd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.Nh4=; C4) 12...Rae8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Nh2 Bh2 16.Kh1 Bd6=) 13...ed5 14.Rc1 Ng4 15.h3 Ngf6 16.0-0=; C5) 12...Rad8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Nh2 Bh2 16.Kh1 Bd6=) 13...Nd5 14.Ne4 Be7 15.0-0 e5 16.Ng3=; D) 12.cd5 D1) 12...ed5 13.0-0 (13.Rc1 Rfe8 14.0-0 Rac8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.Nf1=) 13...Rfe8 14.Rac1 Rac8 15.Rfe1 Ng4 16.h3=; D2) 12...Bd5 13.e4 (13.Rc1 e5 14.0-0 Rad8 15.e4 Be6 16.Ng5=; 13.Nc4 e5 14.e4 Be6 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Qc3=; 13.0-0 Rad8 14.e4 Bb7 15.Nc4 Ng4 16.h3=; 13.Ne4 Ne4 14.de4 Bb7 15.Rc1 Rac8 16.0-0=) 13...Bb7 14.Nc4 Bf4 15.g3 Bh6 16.Nfe5+=; D3) 12...Nd5 13.Ne4 (13.0-0 Rad8 14.Ne4 Be7 15.Rac1 Nb4 16.Qb1=; 13.Nc4 f6 14.Rd1 Rad8 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Qc4=; 13.Rd1 Rad8 14.Nc4 e5 15.0-0 Nb4 16.Qb3=) 13...e5 14.0-0 Nb4 15.Qc3 Rad8 16.Rad1=.

9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Be2 e5 A) 12.e4 d4 13.Rd1 Qe7 14.Bc1 Rae8 15.Nh4 Qd8 16.Nf5=; B) 12.Rd1 B1) 12...d4 13.e4 (13.Bc1 Re8 14.e4 Nf8 15.0-0 Ng6 16.g3=; 13.Nb3 Ng4 14.h3 Nh6 15.0-0 Nf5 16.e4=) 13...Qe7 14.Nh4 Qe6 15.Nf5 Ne8 16.0-0=; B2) 12...Qc7 13.cd5 (13.e4 d4 14.Nh4 Rae8 15.Nf5 Bc8 16.0-0=) 13...Nd5 14.0-0 Rad8 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qb3=; B3) 12...Rc8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 d4 14.Ng5 Qe7 15.Nge4 Ne4 16.Ne4=; 13.e4 d4 14.Bc1 Qe7 15.Nh4 Bc7 16.Nf5=; 13.Nh4 Ne8 14.Nf5 Qg5 15.Nd6 Nd6 16.Nf3=) 13...Bd5 14.Ne4 Qe7 15.0-0 Rfd8 16.Nd6=; B4) 12...Qe7 13.cd5 Nd5 14.0-0 Rad8 15.Nc4 Rfe8 16.Rfe1=; C) 12.cd5 C1) 12...Bd5 13.Nc4 (13.0-0 Qe7 14.e4 Bb7 15.Nc4 Rad8 16.Qc3=; 13.Rc1 Qe7 14.e4 Be6 15.Nc4 Bg4 16.0-0=; 13.e4 Bb7 14.0-0 Qe7 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Nc4=; 13.Rd1 Qe7 14.Nc4 Rad8 15.0-0 Rfe8 16.Nd6=) 13...Qe7 14.0-0 Rad8 15.Rac1 Bc7 16.Rfd1=; C2) 12...Nd5 13.Ne4 (13.Nc4 Qf6 14.Nd6 Qd6 15.0-0 Rfe8 16.Rfd1=; 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Nc4 Nb4 15.Qd2 Rad8 16.Rac1=; 13.Qc4 Nb4 14.0-0 Re8 15.Qg4 Nf6 16.Qh4=; 13.Rd1 Qe7 14.0-0 Rad8 15.Nc4 Rfe8 16.Rfe1=) 13...Nb4 14.Qc3 Bc7 15.0-0 Bd5 16.Qd2=.

9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Be2 Qe7 12.0-0 A) 12...Rfe8 13.Rfe1 (13.Rfd1 Rad8 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=; 13.cd5 ed5 14.Rfe1 Rad8 15.Rac1 Qe6 16.d4=; 13.Rac1 Rad8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Ng5=+; 13.Rad1 Rad8 14.e4 Bf4 15.Rfe1 d4 16.Ra1=+) 13...e5 14.e4 de4 15.de4 Rad8 16.Nh4=; B) 12...Rae8 13.Rac1 (13.cd5 ed5 14.d4 c4 15.Rac1 Rc8 16.Nb1=+; 13.Rfd1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=; 13.Rfe1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3=; 13.Rfc1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qc3=) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=; C) 12...Rac8 13.Rfe1 (13.Rfd1 Rfd8 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Qc4=; 13.Rac1 Rfe8 14.Rfd1 Rcd8 15.e4 d4 16.Re1=+; 13.cd5 ed5 14.Rac1 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Ng5=; 13.Rad1 Rfd8 14.Bf6 Qf6 15.Rfe1 g5 16.cd5=) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3=; D) 12...Rab8 13.e4 (13.Rfd1 Rbd8 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=; 13.Rfe1 Rbd8 14.e4 d4 15.h3 Bf4 16.Bc1=+; 13.Rac1 Rfe8 14.Rfd1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Ne4=; 13.Rad1 Rbd8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Ndf3=) 13...d4 14.Nb3 Bf4 15.Ba3 e5 16.g3=; E) 12...Rad8= 13.Rac1 (13.cd5 ed5 14.Rac1 Rfe8 15.d4 c4 16.Qf5=+; 13.Rad1 Rfe8 14.Rfe1 e5 15.e4 d4 16.Nh4=; 13.Rae1 Rfe8 14.e4 d4 15.Bd1 Bf4 16.Bc1=+; 13.Rab1 e5 14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.Rfd1=+) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=.

9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Be2 Qe7 12.Rc1 A) 12...Rfe8 13.0-0 (13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 d4 15.e4 Bf4 16.Rce1=; 13.Rd1 Rad8 14.0-0 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=; 13.d4 cd4 14.Nd4 Rec8 15.0-0 Bb4 16.N2f3=) 13...Rad8 14.cd5 ed5 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.d4=; B) 12...Rad8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=) 13...ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.d4=; C) 12...Rae8 13.0-0 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=; D) 12...Rab8 13.cd5 (13.0-0 Rbd8 14.e4 d4 15.Rce1 Bf4 16.Nb3=+; 13.Rd1 Rbd8 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.e4 Nh5 16.d4=; 13.d4 cd4 14.Nd4 Rbc8 15.0-0 Rfd8 16.Rfd1=) 13...ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Rbd8 16.Nh4=; E) 12...Rac8 13.Rd1 (13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Ng5=; 13.0-0 Rfe8 14.Rfd1 Rcd8 15.cd5 ed5 16.d4=) 13...Rcd8 14.0-0 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=.

9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Be2 Qe7 12.h3 Rad8 (12...Rfe8 13.0-0 (13.Rc1 e5 14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.g3=; 13.Rd1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.0-0 Rad8 16.Nc4=; 13.Rb1 Rad8 14.0-0 e5 15.e4 de4 16.de4=+) 13...e5 14.e4 d4 15.Qd1 h6 16.Rb1=; 12...e5 13.0-0 (13.e4 d4 14.Bc1 Rae8 15.Nh4 g6 16.0-0=; 13.cd5 Nd5 14.0-0 Nb4 15.Qc3 Rad8 16.Rad1=; 13.Rd1 d4 14.0-0 Rae8 15.Nh4 Rd8 16.Bf3=; 13.Rc1 Rad8 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=) 13...e4 14.Nh4 Qe6 15.cd5 Bd5 16.de4=; 12...Rae8 13.0-0 (13.Rd1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.0-0 f5 16.Nc4=; 13.Rc1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=) 13...Rd8 14.Rac1 e5 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=; 12...Rfd8 13.0-0 (13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 Re8 15.Rfe1 Qe6 16.Rac1=; 13.Rd1 e5 14.0-0 Rac8 15.cd5 Nd5 16.Nc4=) 13...e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Nb4 16.Qc3=) 13.0-0-0 (13.0-0 e5= (13...Rfe8 14.e4 Nh5 15.g3 de4 16.de4=) 14.Rad1 d4 15.Ne1 de3 16.fe3=+; 13.cd5 ed5 14.0-0 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Rc8 16.Rac1=; 13.Rb1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.0-0 Nb4 16.Qc3=; 13.Rc1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Nb4 16.Qd2=; 13.Rd1 e5 14.e4 de4 15.de4 Nh5 16.g3=) 13...e5 (13...dc4 14.dc4 e5 15.Nh4=+ Qe6 16.Nf5=; 13...h6 14.g4 dc4 15.dc4 e5 16.e4=) 14.e4= de4 (14...d4 15.Nh4 g6 16.g3=+) 15.de4 Rfe8 (15...Nh5 16.g3=) 16.g4 (16.Nh4!?=) 16...Nf8=+ 17.Bd3 (17.g5 Nh5=+) 17...Ne6–/+ 18.Nf1 (18.Rhe1 Nf4 19.g5 Nd3 20.Qd3 Nh5–/+) 18...Nd4 19.Nd4 ed4 20.f3 Nd7 ½–½. Esquivel,Heriberto – Moyano Morales, Mar del Plata, 1967.

7.Qc2 h6

8.a4 a5 9.Be2= (9.Bd3 Qe7 (9...Re8 10.Ne5 Nbd7 11.Nd7 Bd7 12.0-0 e5=; 9...dc4 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.e4 Ng4 12.0-0 Qc7=; 9...b6 10.Nc3 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Rd1 Nbd7=; 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 Re8 11.Nc3 Nb6 12.cd5 ed5=) 10.Nc3 Nbd7 11.0-0 Nb6 12.cd5 ed5=) 9...Nbd7 (9...Qe7 10.Nc3 dc4 11.Bc4 Nbd7 12.0-0 Rd8=; 9...Re8 10.Nc3 e5 11.cd5 e4 12.Ng1 Be5=) 10.Nc3 (10.0-0 Re8= 11.d3 e5 12.Nbd2 d4=) 10...Nb6 (10...dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Be2 e5=) 11.d3 Re8 (11...Qc7 12.Rc1= Re8=) 12.e4 (12.0-0 e5=) 12...d4 (12...Bf4 13.0-0=+) 13.e5= dc3 14.Bc3 Be7 15.ef6 Bf6 16.0-0 e5 (16...Bc3 17.Qc3 e5 18.Rfe1= (18.Ne5? f6–+)) 17.Qb2 (17.Nd2 Nd7=) 17...Qc7 (17...Bf5 18.Rfd1= (worse 18.Ne5 Be5 19.Be5 Qe7–/+)) 18.Nd2= Bf5 (18...Bg5 19.Ne4=) 19.Ne4+= Be4 (19...Red8 20.Nf6 gf6 21.Rfd1+=) 20.de4 Nd7 (20...Red8 21.Qb3+=) 21.Rad1 b6 (21...Bg5 22.Rd3+=) 22.Bg4 Nf8 23.Rd3 (23.Rd5 Rad8+–) 23...Rad8+= 24.Rfd1 (24.Rd5 Ne6+=) 24...Rd3 25.Rd3 g6 (25...Ne6!?+=) 26.Qd2 h5 (26...Bg5 27.Qd1+–) 27.Bd7 (27.Bh3 Kg7+–) 27...Rd8 28.Bh3 Rd3 (28...Bg5 29.Qd1+– (29.Qg5? Rd3 30.Be1 Qd6–+)) 29.Qd3 Nh7 (29...Bg7+–) 30.g3 (30.Bd7!?+–) 30...Ng5= 31.Bg2 Ne6 32.f4 (32.Qd5 Nd4 33.Bd2 h4=) 32...Nd4 33.f5 Kg7 (33...Qd6 34.Qe3=) 34.h3 (34.fg6 fg6 35.Bh3 Qd6=) 34...Qc8 (34...Qd6 35.Qf1=) 35.g4 (35.fg6 fg6 36.Qe3 h4=) 35...hg4=+ 36.hg4 Qh8 37.Bd4 ed4 (37...cd4 38.Kf1=+) 38.Qg3 (38.fg6 fg6 39.Qg3 Qd8=) 38...Qh4 (38...Qh6 39.Bf1=+) 39.Qh4 Bh4 40.Bf1 (40.e5 Bg3=) 40...Kf6 (40...Bg3 41.Kg2 Be5 42.Kf3=+) 41.Kg2 gf5 42.ef5 d3 (42...Bg5 43.Bd3=+) 43.Kf3 (43.Bd3!? Ke5 44.Kf3=) 43...d2–/+ 44.Be2 Ke5 45.Ke3 Bg5 46.Kd3 f6 (46...Bf4 47.Bf3–/+) 47.Bd1 ½–½. Esquivel,Heriberto – Moszer,E, Mar del Plata, 1967.

8.a4 a6 A) 9.Be2 Re8 (9...b6 10.0-0 Bb7 11.d4 cd4 12.Bd4 ab5=; 9...dc4 10.Na3 c3 11.Bc3 b6 12.Nc4 Bc7=; 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 b6 12.0-0 Nbd7=; 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 b6=) 10.Nc3 ab5 11.Nb5 e5 12.cd5 e4=; B) 9.Bd3 Nbd7 (9...b6 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Ne5 Nd5=; 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Nbd7 12.0-0 Qe7=; 9...dc4 10.Bc4 b6 11.e4 ab5 12.ab5 Ra1=) 10.0-0 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 Re8=; C) 9.d4=+ cd4 (9...b6 10.dc5 Bc5 11.cd5 Nd5 12.e4 Nb4=; 9...Nbd7 10.Be2 cd4 11.Nd4 dc4 12.Bc4 Nb6=+; 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Nbd7 12.dc5 Nc5=) 10.Bd4 Nbd7 11.ba6 ba6 12.cd5 e5=+; D) 9.Nc3 b6 (9...Nbd7 10.Be2 dc4 11.Bc4 e5 12.ba6 ba6=; 9...Re8 10.Be2 b6 11.0-0 Bb7 12.cd5 ed5=) 10.cd5 ed5 11.Be2 Re8 12.0-0 Be6=.

8.a4 Nbd7 9.Be2 Re8 (9...a6 10.0-0 b6 11.cd5 ed5 12.Nc3 Qe7=; 9...e5 10.cd5 e4 11.Ng1 Nb6 12.Nc3 Be5=; 9...dc4 10.Na3 c3 11.dc3 Qc7 12.Nc4 e5+=) 10.0-0 e5 11.d3 d4 12.a5 Bc7=+.

8.a4 Qe7 9.Nc3 Nbd7 (9...b6 10.Be2 a6 11.0-0 dc4 12.Bc4 Nbd7=; 9...a6 10.a5 Bd7 11.Be2 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5=; 9...Rd8 10.Be2 dc4 11.Bc4 e5 12.d3 Bg4=; 9...Re8 10.Be2 a6 11.0-0 b6 12.a5 Nbd7=) 10.Be2 dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Be2 Nbd5=.

8.a4 Re8 A) 9.Nc3 Nbd7 (9...a6 10.Be2 ab5 11.Nb5 e5 12.cd5 e4=) 10.d4 cd4 11.Nd4 Bb4 12.cd5 Nd5=+; B) 9.Be5 Be5 10.Ne5 Qd6 11.f4 Nbd7 12.Nd7 Bd7=+; C) 9.cd5 Nd5 (9...ed5 10.Be2 a6 11.Nc3 ab5 12.Nb5 Be7=) 10.Bc4 Nb4 11.Qc3 e5 12.e4 Qf6=.

8.Bd3 a6 9.Nc3 dc4 (9...b6 10.0-0 Bd7 11.Qb3 dc4 12.Bc4 Bc8=; 9...Bd7 10.Qb3 ab5 11.Nb5 Be7 12.Be5 Bc6=; 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 Nb6 11.cd5 ed5 12.Be2 Re8=; 9...Qa5 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 b6 12.d4 Bb7=) 10.Bc4 e5 11.Qd3 Qe7 12.e4 Rd8=+.

8.cd5 A) 8...Nd5 A1) 9.Be2 Re8 (9...a6 10.Nc3 Nc3 11.Qc3 f6 12.a4 ab5=; 9...Nd7 10.0-0 Qe7 11.Na3 Nb4 12.Qc3 e5+=) 10.Nc3 Nb4 11.Qc1 Be7 12.0-0 Nd3=; A2) 9.e4 Nf4 (9...Nb6 10.e5 Be7 11.Be2 a6 12.d4 ab5=) 10.e5 Be7 11.Qe4 Ng6 12.Be2 a6=; A3) 9.Nc3 Nb4 10.Qb3 Be7 11.Rc1 a6 12.ba6 N8a6=; A4) 9.a3 Nd7 (9...a6 10.e4 Nc7 11.d4 Nd7 12.ba6 b6=) 10.Be2 a6 11.Nc3 Nc3 12.dc3 ab5=; A5) 9.Bc4 Nb6 (9...a6 10.Nc3 ab5 11.Nb5 Nc6 12.0-0 b6+=; 9...Nd7 10.0-0 N7b6 11.Be2 Re8 12.e4 Nf4=) 10.Be2 N8d7 11.Nc3 Nf6 12.0-0 e5=; B) 8...ed5 B1) 9.Be2 Bg4 (9...Re8 10.0-0 a6 11.Nc3 Bd7 12.a4 Qa5=; 9...a6 10.Nc3 Re8 11.0-0 Be6 12.a4 Qa5=; 9...Be6 10.0-0 Re8 11.Rc1 a6 12.Nc3 Qa5=; 9...Qe7 10.0-0 Bg4 11.a4 Nbd7 12.Rc1 Rfc8=) 10.0-0 Re8 11.Nc3 Nbd7 12.d3 Qe7=; B2) 9.Nc3 Re8 (9...Bg4 10.Be2 Nbd7 11.h3 Be6 12.0-0 Re8=; 9...Qe7 10.Be2 Re8 11.0-0 Bg4 12.h3 Be6=; 9...a6 10.Be2 Re8 11.0-0 Qe7 12.a4 Bg4=; 9...Be6 10.Be2 Nbd7 11.0-0 Qc7 12.Rfc1 Rfe8=) 10.Be2 Be6 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.a4 Qc7=.

8.Be2 A) 8...dc4 A1) 9.Na3 a6= (9...c3 10.Bc3 a6 11.0-0 b6 12.Nc4 Bc7=) 10.Nc4 Be7 11.Nce5 ab5 12.Bb5 Bd7=; A2) 9.e4 Be7 (9...Bc7 10.0-0 a6 11.Bc4 ab5 12.Bb5 Bd7=; 9...e5 10.Na3 Nbd7 11.Nc4 Qe7 12.Nh4 Bc7+=; 9...Bf4 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Bc4 Qc7 12.Be2 Rd8=; 9...Nfd7 10.0-0 a6 11.Na3 Nb6 12.ba6 Na6+=) 10.Bc4 a6 11.Nc3 ab5 12.Nb5 Bd7=; A3) 9.0-0 a6 (9...Bd7 10.Bc4 a6 11.a4 ab5 12.ab5 Ra1+=; 9...Re8 10.Na3 e5 11.Nc4 e4 12.Nfe5 Bc7+=; 9...Nbd7 10.Na3 a6 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.ba6 b5+=; 9...Nd5 10.Bc4 a6 11.Nc3 ab5 12.Nb5 Nc6+=) 10.Na3 Bd7 11.Bc4 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5=; B) 8...a6 B1) 9.Na3 Nbd7 (9...b6 10.0-0 Bb7 11.Rfb1 d4 12.ba6 Na6=) 10.0-0 Qe7 11.Rfb1 Rd8 12.ba6 ba6=; B2) 9.Nc3 dc4 (9...b6 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Rfd1 Bf3=; 9...Bd7 10.0-0 ab5 11.Nb5 Bb5 12.cb5 Nbd7=; 9...Nbd7 10.0-0 b6 11.cd5 ed5 12.ba6 Ba6=; 9...Re8 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 e5 12.ba6 Na6=) 10.ba6 Na6 11.Nb5 Be7 12.0-0 Bd7=; B3) 9.d4 cd4 (9...Nbd7 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Nc3 ab5 12.Nb5 Qa5=; 9...ab5 10.dc5 Bc5 11.cb5 Nbd7 12.0-0 Bd6=) 10.Bd4 dc4 11.Qa4 Qe7 12.Nbd2 e5=+; B4) 9.cd5 ed5 (9...Nd5 10.Nc3 Nc3 11.Qc3 f6 12.a4 ab5=) 10.Nc3 Re8 11.0-0 b6 12.a4 Bg4=; C) 8...b6 9.d4 Nbd7 (9...Qe7 10.dc5 bc5 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Nc3 Rd8=) 10.cd5 ed5 11.dc5 bc5 12.0-0 Re8=; D) 8...Re8 D1) 9.Nc3 dc4 (9...Nbd7 10.d3 Qc7 11.Rd1 Rd8 12.cd5 ed5=; 9...a6 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 e5 12.ba6 Na6=; 9...b6 10.0-0 a6 11.Rfd1 Bb7 12.cd5 ed5=; 9...Qc7 10.Rd1 Nbd7 11.d3 Rd8 12.cd5 ed5=) 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.0-0 e5 12.Qb3 Re7=; D2) 9.Be5 Be5 10.Ne5 Qd6 11.f4 Nbd7 12.Nd7 Bd7=+; D3) 9.cd5 ed5 10.0-0 Bg4 11.Nc3 d4 12.ed4 cd4=; D4) 9.Ne5 Nbd7 10.Nd7 Bd7 11.0-0 dc4 12.Na3 c3=; D5) 9.0-0 e5 10.d4 e4 11.Nfd2 Nbd7 12.Rc1 Qc7=; E) 8...Nbd7 9.0-0 Qc7 (9...a6 10.Nc3 b6 11.d3 Qe7 12.cd5 ed5=; 9...Qe7 10.d4 cd4 11.Nd4 Nb6 12.cd5 Nbd5=; 9...b6 10.cd5 ed5 11.Nc3 Re8 12.Rfc1 Qc7=; 9...Re8 10.Nc3 dc4 11.Bc4 e5 12.d3 Nb6=) 10.Nc3 d4 11.Ne4 Ne4 12.Qe4 Nf6=.

7.Nc3 b6

8.Qc2 Bb7 9.d3 Nbd7 10.Be2 d4 11.Nd1 Ne5 12.Ne5 Be5 13.e4 (13.0-0 a6=+) 13...a6 14.0-0 Qc7 15.g3 ab5 16.f4 bc4 17.fe5 cd3 18.Bd3 (< 18.Qd3 Be4 19.Qb5 Bc6–/+) 18...Qe5 19.Nf2 Rfc8 20.Qe2 h6 21.a3 Rd8 22.Rad1 Qd6 (22...Qh5 23.g4 Qh4 24.e5=+) 23.Ng4= Ng4 24.Qg4 f5 (better is 24...Ba6 25.Qf3 Qc7=+) 25.Qe2 (better is 25.ef5 Qd5 26.Rd2+=) 25...Qc6–/+ 26.Rf4 g5 27.Qh5?? (better is 27.Rf2 fe4 28.Bb5=+) 27...gf4–+ 28.Qg6 Kf8 29.Qf6 (29.Re1 fg3 30.Qh6 Ke8=) 29...Ke8 30.Bb5 Qb5 31.Qe6 Kf8 32.Qf6 Kg8 33.Qg6 Kf8 ½–½. de Visser,Arno – Kellermann, corr ICCF TT–4–90 SF, 1994.

8.d4 Bb7 9.cd5 ed5 10.dc5 bc5 11.Be2 Nbd7=.

8.d4 Bb7 9.cd5 ed5 10.Bd3 Nbd7 (10...c4 11.Bc2+=) 11.0-0 Ne4 (11...c4 12.Bf5=) 12.Qa4 (12.dc5 bc5 13.Be4 de4 14.Ne4 Bh2 15.Nh2 Be4+=) 12...g5 (12...Qe7 13.Rac1=) 13.Rad1 (13.Rfd1 f5 14.dc5 Ndc5=) 13...Qe7 (13...f5 14.dc5 bc5 15.Ne1=) 14.Rfe1 (14.dc5 Ndc5 15.Qd4 Nc3 16.Bc3 f6+=) 14...h6 (14...g4 15.Be4 de4 16.dc5 bc5 17.Nd2=) 15.Be4 (15.dc5 bc5 16.Be4 de4=) 15...de4 16.Nd2 Rfd8 17.Nc4 (17.Qc2 Nf6+=) 17...Bc7 18.Qb3 (18.Qc2 Rac8=) 18...Rac8 (18...g4 19.Re2=) 19.Ba3 (19.h3 a5=) 19...Nf6 (19...g4 20.Qa4 Bb8 21.Rd2=) 20.Rc1 (20.dc5 bc5 21.Na4 Nd7=) 20...Bb8 21.Ne2 Bd5 22.Qa4 Qe6 23.h3 (23.Red1 Qg4 24.Ng3 Bg3 25.fg3 Bc4 26.Rc4 Qe2–+) 23...g4+= 24.h4 g3 (24...Nd7 25.Red1+=) 25.fg3 cd4 26.Nd4 Qg4 27.Nd6 Bd6 28.Bd6 Rd6 29.Qa7 Rcd8 30.Qe7 Kh7 31.Qe5 Nh5 32.Qf5 Rg6 33.Qg4 Rg4 34.Nc6 Ra8 35.Nb4 Be6 36.Rc6 Ng3 37.Rb6 Ra4 (37...Ra4 38.Re6 fe6–+ (38...Rb4?! 39.Rf6–+); 37...Ba2?! 38.Ra6 Rb8 39.Ra2 Rb5 40.Nc6–/+) 0–1. Dudek,Marek – Krzyzanowski,Antoni, corr Poland, 2001.

8.d4 Bb7 9.cd5 ed5 10.Be2 Ne4 (10...c4!?=+) 11.dc5 (11.Ne4 de4 12.Ne5 Qc7=) 11...Bc5 (11...Nc3 12.Bc3 bc5 13.0-0=) 12.0-0+= Re8 (12...Nc3 13.Bc3 Nd7 14.Bd3+=) 13.Qb3 (13.Rc1 Nc3 14.Bc3 Nd7+=) 13...Nf6 (13...Nd7 14.Nd5 Bd6 15.Rfd1+–) 14.Rfd1 The pressure on the isolated pawn grows (14.Nd4 Bd4 15.ed4 Nbd7+=) 14...a6 (14...Nbd7 15.Rac1+=) 15.Nd5 (15.Rac1 ab5 16.Bb5 Nbd7+–) 15...Bd5+= (15...Nd5? 16.Bc4 Qd7 17.Bd5 (17.Rd5?! Bd5 18.Bd5 Ra7+–) 17...Bd5 18.Rd5 (18.Qd5?! Qd5 19.Rd5 ab5+=) 18...Qb5 19.Rg5 Qb3 20.Rg7 (20.ab3?! g6+=) 20...Kf8 21.ab3+–) 16.Bf6 Bb3 17.Rd8 Rd8 18.Bd8 (18.Bd8 Ba4 19.ba6 Na6 20.Bh4+=) 1–0. Domingo,Jordi (2035) – Swijsen,Lars (2000), FICGS, 2011.

8.Be2 Nbd7 9.d3 Bb7 10.0-0 Qc7 11.h3 Rad8 12.Qc2 e5 (12...h6!?=) 13.cd5 Nd5 14.Nd5 Bd5 15.a4 Rfe8 16.Nd2 f5 (16...Nf6!?+=) 17.e4+/– Be6 18.Bh5 g6 19.ef5 Bf5 20.Bf3 Bf8 21.Rfe1 Nf6 22.Bc6 Re7 23.Qc4 Kh8 (23...Kg7 24.Re3+/–) 24.Nf3+– Bd3 25.Qh4 Bg7 (better is 25...Nd7+–) 26.Be5 Re5 27.Ne5 (27.Re5?! Ng8 28.Rd1 Bf6+/–) 27...Rd4 28.Qg3 (28.Qg3 Kg8 29.a5+–) 1–0. deepthough (2200) – heaterhog (2020),, 2015.

7.Nc3 dc4

8.Bc4 Nbd7 9.0-0 b6 (9...Nb6 10.Be2=) 10.a4 Bb7 11.d4 (11.d3 Qc7=) 11...Bf3 (11...cd4 12.Qd4 Qc7 13.Be2 Bf3 14.Bf3 Bh2 15.Kh1–/+) 12.Qf3+= cd4 13.Ne4 Ne4 (13...Ne5 14.Nf6 gf6 15.Qe2+=) 14.Qe4 Bh2 15.Kh1 (15.Kh2 Qc7 16.f4 Qc4 17.Qd4 Qd4 18.Bd4 f6+=) 15...Nf6 (15...Be5!? 16.ed4 Bc7–/+) 16.Qd4+= Qd4 17.Bd4 Bd6 18.Rfd1 (18.Bf6 gf6 19.Be2 Rfd8+=) 18...Ne4 (18...Ng4 19.Kg1 Bh2 20.Kh1+=) 19.Ra2 Rac8 (better is 19...Rfd8+=) 20.Rc2?? (better is 20.Bd3 Nc5 21.Bc5 Bc5 22.Be4+=) 20...Rc4!–+ 21.Rc4 Theme: Deflection from f2 21...Nf2 A double attack 22.Kg1 Nd1 23.Rc1 Ne3 (better is 23...e5!? 24.Be5 Be5 25.Rd1–+) 24.Be3 e5 (24...e5 25.Rc6 Ba3–+; 24...Rd8!? 25.Kf1–+) 0–1. Stahl,J – Kmiecik,Klaus, BdF, 1984.

8.Bc4 e5 9.0-0 Nbd7 10.d3 Nb6 11.Bb3 Bg4 12.h3=.

8.Bc4 e5 9.d3=.

7.Nc3 Nbd7

8.d3 b6 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Qc2 Qe7 11.Nd1 (11.0-0 a6=) 11...e5 12.0-0 e4 13.Nd2 Ne5 14.d4 Neg4 (14...cd4 15.Bd4 dc4 16.Nc4 Nc4 17.Bc4+=) 15.g3 cd4 16.Bd4 Rac8 17.Qb3 dc4 18.Nc4 Bb8 19.Ndb2 h5 (19...Rfd8 20.Rad1+=) 20.Kg2 Bd5 21.a4 Nh2?? (better is 21...Ne5=) 22.Kh2+– Ng4 23.Kg2 Qg5 24.Qd1 Be6 25.Rh1?? (25.Nd2 Nf2 26.Rf2 Qg3 27.Kf1 Bh3 28.Ke1 Qg1 29.Bf1 Bg3 30.Ne4 Qf1 31.Kd2 Qd1 (worse is 31...Bf2 32.Qf1 Bf1 33.Rf1+=) 32.Rd1 Bf2 33.Nf2 Be6+=) 25...Rfd8? (25...Nf2 26.Kf2 Bg3 27.Kg2 Bh4 28.Kf1 Rc4 29.Bh5 Rfc8–+) 26.Qe1 Rd5 27.Rh4 f6 28.Rd1 Rf5 (28...Qg6 29.Nd2+–) 29.Bg4 hg4 30.Qh1 Kf7 31.Rc1 (31.Nd2!? Bd5 32.Rc1 Rc1 33.Qc1 Be5 34.Be5 Re5+–) 31...Rd5 32.Rh8 Qf5 33.Rf1 Qf3+/– 34.Kg1 Qh1 35.Rh1 Rd7 36.Rc1 Bd5?? 37.Kg2 Re8 38.Rh5 Be6 39.Rch1 Bc7 40.Rh8 Ree7 41.Ra8 Bd6?? 42.Rhh8 Bb4 43.Rhd8 Rc7 44.Rdc8?? Bc8–+ 45.Bb6 ab6 46.Nb6 Be6 47.N2c4 Bc4 48.Nc8 Be2 49.Ne7 Bf3 50.Kh2 Be7 51.b6 Rc1 0–1. Gyenes,Istvan – Malomsoki,Laszlo (1705), Komarom HUN, County Team Ch, 2013.

8.d4 A) 8...Qa5 9.Qd2 (9.dc5 Nc5 10.Qd2 Rd8 11.cd5 ed5 12.Be2=; 9.cd5 ed5 10.dc5 Nc5 11.Qd2 Re8 12.Be2=; 9.Rc1 Qb4 10.Ba1 dc4 11.Rb1 Qa5 12.dc5=) 9...dc4 10.dc5 Bc5 11.Bc4 Qb4 12.Bd3=; B) 8...Re8 9.dc5 (9.cd5 ed5 10.dc5 Nc5 11.Be2 Be6 12.0-0=; 9.Be2 dc4 10.dc5 Nc5 11.Bc4 e5 12.Ng5=) 9...Nc5 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Qd4 Qa5 12.Nd2=; C) 8...dc4 9.Bc4 Nb6 10.Be2 c4 11.0-0 Bd7 12.a4=.

8.cd5 Nd5 9.Nd5 ed5 10.Be2 a6 11.0-0 ab5 12.Bb5 c4 (12...Nf6 13.d3=) 13.a4 (better is 13.d3!? Nb6 14.dc4 Nc4 15.Bc4 dc4 16.Qd4+=) 13...Nc5+= 14.d3 (14.Nd4!?+=) 14...Nd3–+ 15.Bd4 Bd7 16.Rb1 Bb5 (16...Bf5 17.Bc3–+) 17.Rb5–/+ Qd7 18.g3 Be7 19.Ne5 Ne5 20.Be5 Rfd8 21.Qb1 (21.Qc2–/+) 21...Bd6 (better is 21...Ra4!? 22.Rb7 Qe6–/+) 22.Rd5= Qc6 23.Rd6 Rd6 24.Bd6 Qd6 25.Qb7 Ra4 26.Rc1 (26.Qc8 Qf8 27.Qc7 Ra8 28.Qc4 Rc8+/–) 26...h6 (26...g6 27.Qe4 Qe6 28.Qc2=) 27.Qb5+= The isolani on c4 becomes a target 27...Rb4 28.Qe8 Kh7 29.Qf7 Qc5 (29...Qd3 30.Kg2+=) 30.g4 c3 31.Qf5 Qf5 32.gf5 Rc4 33.f4 (33.Kf1+/–) 33...Kg8 (33...g6!?+/–) 34.Kf1 (34.Kf2 c2+–) 34...Kf7? (better is 34...Rc5!?+/–) 35.Ke2+– Kf6 36.Kd3 Ra4 37.Rc3 (better is 37.e4+–) 37...Kf5+/– 38.Rc2 Ra3 39.Ke2 Ke4 40.Rc4 Kd5 41.Rd4 Ke6 42.Kf3 g6 43.Rb4 h5 44.Rb6 Kf5 45.h4 Rc3 46.Rb5 Kf6 47.Rd5 Ra3 48.Rc5 Rb3 49.Ke4 Rb6 50.Rc3 Rb4 51.Kf3 Rb1 52.Rc6 Kf7 53.Rc7 ½–½. forsetinn (1690) – sabbetay (1635),, 2013.

7.Nc3 Re8

8.Rb1 A) 8...b6 9.Be2 (9.d4 cd4 10.Nd4 e5 11.Nc2 d4 12.ed4=+) 9...Bb7 10.0-0 a6 11.ba6 Na6 12.Nb5=; B) 8...Nbd7 9.d4 cd4 10.Nd4 e5 11.Nf5 Bb4 12.a3–/+.

8.Qb3 A) 8...e5 9.cd5 (9.Nd5 Nd5 10.cd5 e4= 11.Ng1 Bf5 12.d4=) 9...e4 10.Ng1 Nbd7 11.d3 ed3 12.Bd3=; B) 8...Nbd7 9.cd5 Nb6 10.de6 Be6 11.Qc2 Qd7 12.Be2+=; C) 8...dc4 9.Bc4 Nbd7 10.0-0 Nb6 11.d3 Nc4 12.Qc4=; D) 8...Bf8 9.Qc2 (9.Be2 d4 10.Nb1 e5 11.d3 a6 12.ba6=+) 9...d4 10.Ne4 Ne4 11.Qe4 e5 12.Be2=+.

8.Rc1 A) 8...a6 9.Be2 (9.Qb3 Be7 10.Be2 ab5 11.Nb5 Ne4 12.0-0=; 9.ba6 Na6 10.Nb5 Bb8 11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5=+) 9...b6 10.0-0 ab5 11.Nb5 e5 12.Qb3=; B) 8...Nbd7 9.d4 cd4 10.Nd4 e5 11.Nde2 Nb6 12.cd5=+; C) 8...Qa5 9.Qb3 (9.Qa4 Qc7 10.cd5 ed5 11.b6 Qd8 12.Nb5=) 9...dc4 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.Ne2 a6 12.ba6=; D) 8...b6 9.d4 cd4 10.Nd4 e5 11.Nc2 d4 12.ed4=+.

8.d3 Bc7 (8...Qb6 9.Qd2 (9.Qb3 dc4 10.dc4 e5 11.e4 Bg4 12.Be2=; 9.d4 cd4 10.Qd4 Qd4 11.ed4 b6 12.Ne5=+; 9.Na4 Qa5 10.Bc3 Qd8 11.Be2 e5 12.0-0=+; 9.Nd2 Nbd7 10.Be2 Qc7 11.Nf3 Rd8 12.cd5=) 9...dc4 10.dc4 Rd8 11.Rd1 Qc7 12.Bd3=; 8...Qa5 9.Qb3 (9.Be2 Rd8 10.cd5 ed5 11.Qa4 Qb6 12.0-0=; 9.Qd2 Rd8 10.Be2 dc4 11.Ne4 Qd2 12.Nfd2=) 9...dc4 10.dc4 Rd8 11.Rd1 b6 12.Qa4=; 8...dc4 9.dc4 e5 10.Qd2 Qe7 11.e4 a6 12.Nd5=; 8...a6 9.Be2 ab5 10.Nb5 e5 11.Qb3 d4 12.0-0=+; 8...Re7 9.Qc2 (9.d4 cd4 10.ed4 b6 11.Bd3 dc4 12.Bc4=+) 9...a6 10.Be2 ab5 11.Nb5 e5 12.Nd6=) 9.Qc2 (9.Be2 d4 10.Na4 Ba5 11.Nd2 Qd6=+ 12.0-0=+; 9.Rb1 d4 10.Na4 de3 11.fe3 Nbd7 12.Nc3=+; 9.a3 d4 10.Na4 Ba5 11.Nd2 Qd6 12.Be2–/+) 9...e5 (9...Ba5 10.d4 cd4 11.ed4=+ Nbd7 12.Be2=+) 10.cd5= Nd5 11.Nd5 (11.Be2 Nc3 12.Bc3 a6 13.ba6 Na6=) 11...Qd5=+ 12.Be2 (12.Qc3=+) 12...a6 13.0-0 (13.Nd2 Ba5 14.Bf3 Qd8=+) 13...ab5 14.d4 (14.Ng5 Rd8=+) 14...e4 (worse 14...Ra2 15.e4 Rb2 16.Qb2 (16.ed5?? Rc2 17.Bd1 Rb2 18.dc5 Na6–+) 16...Qe4 17.Bb5+–) 15.Ne5 (15.Bb5 Nc6 16.Bc6 Qc6=+) 15...c4 (15...Na6 A) 16.Bb5 cd4 (16...Be5 17.Be8 cd4 18.ed4+–) 17.Be8 Qe5 (worse17...Be5 18.ed4 Bd6 19.a4+=) 18.Bf7 Kf7–/+; B) 16.f4 c4 17.a4=+) 16.a4=+ Nc6 (16...Be5 17.de5 Ra4 18.Ra4 ba4 19.Rd1=+) 17.ab5= Ra1 18.Ra1 (18.Ba1 A) 18...Qb5?? 19.Bc4 (19.Qc4?! Qc4 20.Nc4 Be6=; 19.Nc4?! Qg5=) 19...Re5 20.Bb5 (20.de5?! Qb4+–) 20...Rb5 21.Qe4+–; B) 18...Ne5 19.de5 B1) worse 19...Re5 20.Bc4 (worse 20.Qc4 Qc4 21.Bc4 Rc5=+) 20...Qd6 21.Rd1+–; B2) 19...Be6=) 18...Ne5 (worse 18...Be5 A) worse 19.de5 Ne5 20.Be5 A1) 20...Re5? 21.Rd1 (21.Bc4?! Qd7+–; 21.Qc4?! Qc4 22.Bc4 Kf8=) 21...Qb5 22.Qc4+–; A2) 20...Qe5=+; B) 19.bc6 Bb8 20.cb7 Bb7 21.Bc4+=) 19.de5 Be6 (worse 19...Qb5 20.Bc4 Qc6 21.Ra6+=) 20.Ra4 Qb5 21.Bc4 Qc6 22.Qb3 (22.Rb4 Ra8=+) 22...b5!–/+ 23.Be6 (23.Qb5 Qb5; 23.Bb5 Bb3) 23...Qe6 (better 23...Re6!? 24.Ra1 Be5–/+) 24.Qe6+= (24.Qb5? Rb8 25.Qe2 Qb3–+) 24...fe6 25.Re4 Rd8 (25...Rc8 26.Kf1+=) 26.Kf1 Rd1 27.Ke2 Rb1 28.Bc3 Kf7 29.Rb4 (29.Rf4!? Kg6 30.Rh4+=) 29...Rb4= 30.Bb4 Be5 31.h3 Ke8 (31...Bf6 32.Kd3=) 32.Kd3 (32.f4 Ba1=) 32...Kd7 33.f4 Bf6 (33...Bd6 34.Bc3 g6 35.Bd4=) 34.e4 g6 (34...Bh4 35.g4+=) 35.g3 (35.e5 Bd8+=) 35...Bd8 36.Kd4 (36.e5 g5+=) 36…Bb6= ½–½. De Visser,Arno – Engelhart, 1985.

8.d4 cd4 9.ed4 b6 10.Bd3 dc4 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.0-0=+.

8.Be2 A) 8...Nbd7 9.d3 (9.d4 dc4 10.dc5 Nc5 11.Bc4 Qc7 12.Rc1=; 9.cd5 ed5 10.0-0 Ne5 11.Ne5 Be5 12.Rc1=+; 9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.d3 e5 12.Bb3=) 9...Qc7 10.Qb3 d4 11.ed4 cd4 12.Nd4=; B) 8...e5 9.cd5 e4 10.Ng1 Nd5 11.Nd5 Qg5 12.Nf6=; C) 8...dc4 9.Bc4 (9.0-0 Nbd7 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.d3 e5 12.Bb3=; 9.Qa4 Nbd7 10.Qc4 e5 11.d3 Nb6 12.Qh4=) 9...Nbd7 10.d3 Nb6 11.Bb3 e5 12.Ng5=.

7.d4 cd4

8.ed4 Bb4 9.Nbd2 Qa5 (9...Ne4 10.Bd3 Nd2 11.Nd2 dc4 12.Bc4=+) 10.a3= Bd2 (10...Be7!?=) 11.Qd2+= Qd2 12.Nd2 dc4 13.Bc4 Nbd7 14.0-0 Nb6 15.Bb3 (15.Bd3 Na4 16.Bc1 Bd7=) 15...Bd7= 16.a4 Nbd5 (16...Rfc8 17.Rfc1=) 17.Nc4+= Rfd8 18.Nd6 b6 19.Nb7 (19.Rfc1 Be8 20.Ba3 a6+=) 19...Rdc8 20.Nd6 Rc7 (20...Rd8 21.Rfc1+=) 21.a5 (21.Rfc1!?+=) 21...Rb8=+ 22.Rfe1 Nb4 (22...Ne8!? 23.Ba3 Rd8=) 23.Rec1+= Rc1 24.Bc1 Nd3 25.Be3 Kf8 (25...Ne8 26.ab6 ab6 27.Ra7 Nd6 28.Rd7+=) 26.Bc4+– Nb2? (26...Nb4 27.ab6 ab6 28.Ra7+–) 27.Bf1 (27.Be2 Nd5 28.Ra2 Ke7+–) 27...Ke7 (better 27...Nd5!? 28.Bc1 Nd1+–) 28.Bc1+– Kd6?? (better 28...ba5 29.Ra5 Rb6 30.Bb2 Kd6 31.Ba3 Kd5+–) 29.Bf4 (29.Bb2?! Rc8+=) 29...Kd5 30.Bb8 Kd4 (30...ba5 31.Rc1 Be8+–) 31.Ba7 Kc5 (31...Ke4 32.ab6 Bc8+–) 32.ab6 (32.ab6 Kb4 33.b7+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestGKJL,, 2019.

8.ed4 dc4 9.Bc4 Nbd7 10.Nc3 Qa5 11.0-0 Bb4 12.Qc2 Nb6 13.Bd3 Bd7 14.Rfc1 Rac8 15.a3 Bc3 16.Bc3 Qa4 17.Qa4 Na4 18.Bd2 Nb6 19.Ne5 Rfd8 20.a4 Be8 21.Nf3 Nbd5 22.h3 h6 23.Rab1 b6 24.Ne5 Nh5 25.g3 f5 26.Kg2 Nhf6 27.f3 g5 28.Kf2 Rc7 29.Rc7 Nc7 30.Rc1 Ncd5 31.Nc6 Rd7 32.Ne5 Rc7 (32...Rd8 33.h4 f4+/–) 33.Rc7+/– Nc7 34.Bc4 Nfd5 35.f4 gf4 36.gf4 Kg7 ½–½. Player27 – Marceli,, 2002.

7.d4 Nbd7

8.dc5 Nc5 9.cd5 Nd5 10.Qd4 f6 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.0-0 (12.Nbd2 Qc7=) 12...a6 (12...Nc4 13.Qc4 Bd7 14.Rd1=+) 13.Nbd2 ab5 14.Bb5 e5 15.Qh4 Be6 16.Nb3 (16.Rfd1 Ra2 (16...Ba2? 17.Ra2 Ra2 18.Bc4 Nc4 19.Qc4 Kh8 20.Qa2+–) 17.Ra2 Ba2=+) 16...Nb3 (16...Nca4 17.Rab1–/+) 17.ab3 Ra1 18.Ra1 Bb3 19.Bd3 g6 20.Nd2 (20.Ra7 Rf7 21.Ra1 Bd5=+) 20...Be6 21.Ne4 (21.Ra7 f5 22.Qh6 Rf7–+) 21...Be7 (21...f5 22.Ng5 Qe7 23.Ra7–/+) 22.Ba3 Ba3 (22...Qd3 23.Be7 Rf7 24.Nf6 Rf6 25.Bf6+–) 23.Ra3 Nd5 (23...f5 24.Ng5 Qe7 25.Ra5–/+) 24.Bc4 Qc7 25.Bf1 (25.Nc3 Nc3 26.Be6 Kg7–/+) 25...Kg7 26.Ra7 (26.Ra1 h6=+) 26...Qb6 (26...Rd8 27.Ra1–/+) 27.Ra1 Rc8 28.h3 h6 29.Bd3 (29.Qg3 Qc7 30.Be2 f5–+) 29...f5 30.Rb1 Qc7 31.Ng3 Nc3 32.Rb2 e4 33.Bb5? (33.Bf1 Ra8–/+) 33...Qc5 (better is 33...g5!? 34.Qh5 Qf7 35.Qf7 Kf7 36.Ne2–+) 34.Bf1 (34.Be2 b5 35.Rd2 g5–+) 34...b5 35.Rd2 (35.Rc2 b4 36.Ne2 g5–+) 35...b4 (better is 35...g5!? 36.Qh5 f4 37.ef4 gf4 38.Qc5 Rc5–+) 36.Ne2–/+ Ne2 37.Be2 b3 (38.Bf1 g5–+) 0–1. Woschkat,Karl_Heinz – Buessing,Olaf, HL–009 BdF, 1998.

8.Bd3 b6 9.0-0 Bb7 10.Nbd2 Qc7 11.h3 Rad8 12.Rc1 Rfe8 13.cd5 ed5 14.Re1 h6 15.Nh4 Qb8 16.f4 Qc7 17.Qf3 Ba8 18.Nf5 Rc8 (18...Bf8!?+=) 19.Qg3 Nh5 20.Nh6 Kf8 21.Qh4 Nf4 (better is 21...Ndf6 22.Ng4 Ng4 23.hg4 Nf6+–) 22.Rf1?? (22.ef4 Bf4 23.Nf5 Re1 24.Re1+–) 22...Re3–+ 23.Nf5 (23.dc5 A) 23...Nc5?! 24.Bg7 Ke8 25.Rfe1 Re1 26.Qe1 Qe7 27.Nf5 Qe1 28.Re1 Kd7 29.Bf1=; B) 23...bc5 24.Nf5 Ke8 25.Rce1+– (25.Ne3 Nd3 26.Nf5 N7e5 27.Nd6 Qd6 28.Be5 Ne5+–); C) 23...Bc5 24.Rc5 Qc5–/+ (24...bc5? 25.Bg7 Kg7 26.Nf5 Kg8 27.Rf4 Re1 28.Kf2+–; < 24...Nc5 25.Nf5 Ng6 26.Qh7 Nd3 27.Bg7 Ke8 28.Ne3+=)) 23...Ng6 24.Qh7 Bh2 (24...Rd3 25.Qg7 Ke8 26.Rce1 Kd8 27.Qf7 Nde5=) 25.Kh1–/+ Rd3 26.Qg7 Ke8 27.Qg8?? (27.Rce1 Be5 28.de5 Kd8+–) 27...Ngf8?? (27...Ndf8 28.dc5 d4–/+ (28...Rd2 29.Rce1 Be5 30.Be5 Qc5 31.Bd4 Kd8 32.Qf7+–; 28...bc5 29.Rce1 Be5 30.Be5 Qe5 31.Re5 Ne5 32.Re1+–)) 28.Nh6?? (better is 28.Qg5 f6 29.Qh5 Kd8 30.Qe2+/–) 28...Kd8?? (better is 28...Rd2 29.Rce1 Be5–+) 29.Nf7+– Ke7 30.Rce1 Be5 31.Ne5 Ne5 (31...Rh3 32.gh3 Qe5 33.Re5 Kd6+–) 32.Re5 Kd6 33.Rf6 Kd7 34.Qf7 Kd8 35.Qe8# 1–0. Li,Vladimir – Korolev,Dmitry, RUS–ch U10 Serpukhov, 1999.

7.cd5 ed5

8.Qc2 Bg4 (8...a6 9.Ng5 Nbd7 10.Nc3=+) 9.Be2 Nbd7 (9...Re8 10.0-0=+) 10.0-0 Rc8 11.d3 Qe7 (11...Re8 12.Nbd2=+) 12.Re1 (12.Nbd2 Nb6=+) 12...Bb8 (12...d4 13.Bd1 Rfe8 14.Nbd2 de3 15.fe3=+) 13.Nbd2= Rfe8 14.a4 Nf8 (14...Bf5 15.Rac1=) 15.Qb3 Red8 (15...Be6 16.a5=) 16.Rac1 (16.b6 ab6 17.Qb6 Rd6=) 16...Ng6 (16...Bd6 17.a5=) 17.h3 (17.a5 Be6=) 17...Bf5 (17...Be6 18.Qa3=) 18.Nf1 (18.a5 Be6=) 18...h6 (18...Be6 19.a5=) 19.N1d2 Be6 20.Qd1 Nh7 (20...Bd6 21.a5=) 21.Ba3 (21.a5 Bd6=) 21...Bd6 22.Bb2 (22.a5 Nf6=) 22...Ng5 (22...a6 23.d4 c4 24.ba6 ba6 25.e4 de4 26.Ne4=+) 23.Ng5 hg5 (23...Qg5 24.Nf3 Qe7 25.a5=) 24.Bh5 (24.Qc2 d4=) 24...Nh4 (24...Ne5 25.Be5 Be5 26.d4 cd4 27.Rc8 Rc8 28.Nf3+=) 25.Nf3 (25.Bg4 c4+=) 25...Nf5 (25...g6 26.Nh4 gh4 27.Bf3=) 26.Bg4+= f6 (26...Bc7+=) 27.Kh1 (27.d4 cd4 28.Rc8 Bc8 29.Nd4 Nh4 30.Bc8 Rc8+–) 27...Nh4 (27...Nh6!? 28.Be6 Qe6=) 28.Nh4 gh4 29.e4 (29.Be6!? Qe6 30.Qh5+–) 29...d4= 30.Rf1 (30.Qf3 Rc7=) 30...g5 (30...a6!?=) 31.Be6+= Qe6 32.Qg4 (32.Rc4 Rc7+=) 32...Kf7 (32...Qg4 33.hg4 Kf7 34.Rc4=+) 33.Rc4 (33.Qh5 Kg7 34.Rc4=) 33...Bf4 (better 33...Qg4 34.hg4 Rh8=+) 34.Qh5+– Kg7 35.Bc1 Qe5 (35...Rh8 36.Qe2 Bd6 37.f4+=) 36.Qf3 Kg6 (36...Re8 37.Re1+=) 37.Qg4 (37.Re1 Bc1 38.Rcc1 Qf4 39.Qf4 gf4+=) 37...b6 (37...f5 38.Bf4 Qf4 39.ef5 Qf5 40.Qd1=) 38.Bf4 (38.Re1 Re8+=) 38...Qf4 39.Qf4 gf4 40.a5 (40.g4 fg3 41.fg3 hg3=) 40...a6 (40...f5 41.Re1=) 41.Rb1 (41.ba6 b5 42.Rc2 c4+=) 41...ba5 42.ba6 Rd6 (42...Rc6 43.a7 Ra8 44.Rb7=) 43.a7+= Ra8 44.Rb5 (44.Rc5!? Ra7 45.Rf5+=) 44...Ra7= 45.Rcc5 (45.Ra4 Rc6=) 45...a4 46.Rb2? (better 46.Rc2!?=) 46...a3–/+ 47.Ra2 Rb6 48.Rcc2 (48.Kh2 Rb3–+) 48...Rb1 49.Kh2 Rd1 50.f3 (50.Rc8 Rb7 (50...Rd3?! 51.Rg8 Kf7 52.Rh8–+) 51.Rg8 Kf7–+) 50...Rd3 (better 50...Rb7 51.Rd2 Rdb1–+) 51.Kg1? (51.Rc8 Rb7 52.Rg8 Kf7–+) 51...Rc3 (better 51...Rd1!? 52.Kf2 d3 53.Rc3–+) 52.Rd2 d3 53.Kf2 Kf7 (53...f5 54.Ra1–+) 54.Ke1 Ke6 55.Rd1 Ke5 (55...f5 56.Kd2 Rb3 57.ef5 Kf5 58.Rda1–+) 56.Rb1 Kd4 57.Kd2 Rac7 58.Rb4 R7c4 59.Rb7 (59.Rc4 Kc4 60.Kd1–+) 59...Rc2 60.Rc2 Rc2 61.Kd1 (61.Ke1 a2 62.Rb4 Ke3 63.Kd1 a1Q 64.Rb1 Qb1) 61...a2 (61...Ke3 62.Rb1 Rg2 63.e5 Rg1) 62.Ra7 (62.Rb4 Ke3 63.Ra4 Rb2 64.Rc4 a1Q 65.Rc1 Rd2 66.Ke1 Qc1) 62…Rg2 (62...Rg2 63.Ra4 Ke3 64.Kc1 Rc2 65.Kd1 Rb2 66.Rc4 a1Q 67.Rc1 Rd2 68.Ke1 Qc1; 62...Ke3 63.Ra4 Rb2 64.Rc4 a1Q 65.Rc1 Rd2 66.Ke1 Qc1) 0–1. Fischbach,Rainer (1885) – Onhor,Bold (1995), Leipzig VfB op, 2008.

8.d4 Bg4 (better 8...c4!?-/+) 9.dc5= Bc5 10.Be2 Bb4 11.Nbd2 Bf3 12.Bf3 (12.gf3 Nbd7 13.Rc1=) 12...Qa5 (12...Ne4 13.Be4 de4 14.Bd4=+) 13.Bc1 (better 13.Bf6 gf6 14.a4+=) 13...Ne4 14.Be4 de4 15.0-0? (better 15.Qc2!? Nd7 16.a3-/+) 15...Rd8-+ 16.Qe2 (16.Qg4 Bd2 (worse 16...Rd2 17.Bd2 Qb5 18.a4+-) 17.Bb2 g6-+) 16...Bd2 (16...Rd2?! 17.Bd2 Bd2 18.Qg4+=) 17.Bb2 Bc3 18.Bc1 (18.Bc3 Qc3 19.Qg4-+) 18...Ba1 19.Bb2 (19.Qc4 Nd7 20.Qe4 Qb5-+) 19...Bb2 (better 19...Rd2 20.Qg4 Bb2 21.Qc8 Rd8 22.Qb7-+) 20.Qb2 Nd7 21.Rc1 (21.Qc2 Nf6 22.Qb3 Rd3-+) 21...Nf6 22.Qe5 (22.h3 Rd5-+) 22...a6 23.h3 Qb5 24.Qg3 (24.Qc3 Rd6-+) 24...h6 25.Rc7 (25.Qc7 Rac8! 26.Qc8 Rc8 27.Rc8 Kh7-+) 25...Qg5 (better 25...Rd1 26.Kh2 Qf1-+) 26.Qh2 (26.Qg5 hg5 27.Rb7 Rd1 28.Kh2 Rd2-+) 26...Rac8 (26...Rd1) 27.Rb7 Rd1 0-1. anotherheaven (1660) - Dingo123 (1950),, 2015.

8.Be2 +=.

7.Be2 a6

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Nbd7 11.0-0 Nb6 12.Qb3 Qc7 13.Nc3 (13.Bf6!? gf6 14.cd5 ed5 15.Qc2+=) 13...Bd7 14.d3 Ra8 15.Rc1 dc4 16.dc4 e5 17.Nd5 (17.Qc2 Bg4=) 17...Nfd5=+ 18.cd5 e4 19.Nd2 Bh2 20.Kf1 (20.Kh1 Be5 21.Be5 Qe5-/+) 20...Be5 21.Be5 Qe5 22.Nc4? (22.Ke1 Nd5 23.Rc5 Be6-/+) 22...Nc4 (22...Qh2 23.Ke1 Nd5 24.Bf1-+) 23.Bc4 (23.Qc4!? b6 24.Ke1-+) 23...Qh2-+ 24.d6?? (24.Ke1 Qg2 25.Bf1-+) 24...Qh1 25.Ke2 Qc1 (25...Qc1 26.Bf7 Kf8 27.f3 Ra1 28.fe4 Qf1 29.Kd2 Bb5 30.Qb5 Qd1 31.Kc3 Rc1 32.Kb2 Qc2 33.Ka3 Ra1 34.Ba2 Ra2) 0-1. dannysmet (2065) - Knight_001 (2030), Rated Blitz game,, 2020.

8.a4 ab5 9.cb5 Nbd7 10.0-0 Ne4 11.Nc3 Ng5 12.Ng5 Qg5 13.Rc1 Qh6 14.g3 Nf6 15.Bf3 Rd8 16.Bg2 Bd7 17.d3 Be8 18.Ba1 b6 19.Bb2 Rac8 20.Qf3 Bd7 21.Qe2 Re8 22.Rfe1 e5 23.Nd5 Nd5 24.Bd5 Rb8 25.Rc2 Rf8 26.Rec1 Kh8 27.Qf3 f5 28.e4 f4 29.Qd1 f3 30.Ba1 Qh3 31.Qf1 Rf6 32.Qh3 Bh3 33.Ra2 Bd7 34.Rb1 Rbf8 35.a5 ba5 36.Ra5 Rb8 37.Bc4 h5 38.Ra6 h4 39.Rd6 Rd6 40.Be5 Rdb6 41.Bb8 Rb8 42.gh4 Rb6 43.Kh1 Bh3 44.Ra1 Rg6 45.Ra8 Kh7 46.Bg8 Kh6 47.Bf7 Rf6 48.Rh8# 1–0. Machete99 – amdruck, ICC, 2002.

8.a4 b6 9.0-0 a5 (9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1+=) 10.d4 Bb7 11.Nbd2 Nbd7 12.Qc2 Qc7 (12...Rc8 13.Rac1+=) 13.Rfc1 Rac8 (13...cd4 14.ed4 Rac8 15.Qd3=) 14.Qd1 (14.cd5 Nd5 (14...Bd5? 15.e4+–) 15.g3 h6=) 14...Qb8 15.g3 Rfe8 16.dc5 Bc5 17.cd5 Nd5 18.Nd4 Ba8 (18...Red8 19.Nc4=) 19.N2b3 Qb7 (19...Red8!?=) 20.Nc5 Nc5 ½–½. Kamiletdinov,Farit – Marchenko,Nikolay (1850), Astrakhan RUS, Open, 2012.

8.a4 b6 9.Na3 Bb7 (9...Re8 10.0-0+=) 10.0-0= Nbd7 (10...Re8 11.Be5=) 11.cd5 (11.ba6 Ba6 (worse is 11...Ra6 12.cd5 Ra8 13.Nb5+/–) 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.ab5 Qc7=) 11...ed5 (11...Bd5 12.ba6 Qb8 13.Nb5 Bf3 14.Bf3 Bh2 15.Kh1 Ra6 16.g3 Bg3 17.fg3 Qg3 18.Qe1 Qh3 19.Kg1+=) 12.ba6 Ba6 13.Nb5 Bb8 14.Qc2 Re8 15.Qf5 (15.Rfc1 Bc8=) 15...Bb7 16.Bd3 (16.d4 c4=) 16...Bc8 17.Qg5 h6 (17...Qe7 18.Rfb1=) 18.Qh4 Ne5 19.Ne5 Be5 20.Be5 Re5 21.Rfc1 (21.Rfb1 Rg5 22.Qf4 Bh3=) 21...Rg5 (21...Qe7 22.Bc2=) 22.Qf4 (22.Be2 Ne4 23.g3 Qe7=) 22...Bh3 23.g3 (23.Bf1 Ne4 24.d4 Nd2+=) 23...Qd7 (23...Rg4 24.Qc7 Qc7 25.Nc7=) 24.a5 (better is 24.Qc7!? Qc7 25.Nc7=) 24...c4–/+ (worse is 24...Ra5 25.Ra5 ba5 26.Rc5+=) 25.ab6 Rf8 (25...Ra1 26.Ra1 cd3+= (26...Qb5?? 27.Ra8 Ne8 28.b7 cd3 29.b8Q+–)) 26.Nd4 cd3 27.Rc7 Rg4 28.Qf3 Qd6–/+ 29.Rc6 Qb8 30.Nf5 Rc4 31.Nh6 Kh7 32.Rf6 Qe5 33.Rb1 Qf6 (33...Qf6 34.Qf6 gf6–+; 33...gf6?! 34.g4 Kh6 35.Qh3 Kg7 36.f4–+) 0–1. Lanca,Ivan (2280) – Stransky,Zdenek (2215), corr Moravia–ch8, 1998.

8.a4 b6 9.d4 cd4 10.Bd4 dc4 11.Bc4 Nbd7 +=.

8.a4 dc4 9.Na3 b6 10.Nc4 Bc7 (10...Be7 11.0-0=) 11.0-0 (11.d4 Ne4=) 11...Bb7 12.d3 (12.d4 Nbd7=) 12...Nbd7 13.e4 (13.Qc2 Qb8=) 13...Qe7 14.Qb3 Rfc8 15.Nfd2 (15.Rfb1 ab5 16.ab5 Rd8=) 15...ab5 (15...Bf4 16.Nf3=) 16.ab5 e5 (16...Rd8 17.Qc3=) 17.Ne3 (17.Qc3 Ne8=) 17...Kh8 (17...Qe8 18.Nf5=) 18.Nf5 Qf8 (18...Qe8 19.Nf3=) 19.Nc4 Ne8 (19...Rd8 20.Rfc1+=) 20.g3 (20.Bc3 Rd8+=) 20...g6 (20...Rd8 21.Bc3=) 21.Nfe3 f6 (21...Ng7 22.Ng4 f6 23.Rfc1=) 22.Bg4+= Qe7 23.f4 ef4 (23...Ra1 24.Ba1 ef4 25.gf4+=) 24.gf4 h5 (24...Ra1 25.Ba1 Ra8 26.Bc3+=) 25.Bh3 Kh7 (25...Ra1 26.Ba1 Ra8 27.Bc3+=) 26.Rae1 Qf7? 27.e5+– Ng7 28.e6 Ne6+/– 29.Ne5 fe5 30.fe5 Qe7? 31.Qe6+– (31.Qe6 Qe6 32.Be6 Ne5 33.Bc8 Nf3 34.Rf3 Bf3 35.Rf1 Rc8 36.Rf3+–; 31.Be6?! Rf8 32.Bd7 Qd7=) 1–0. Mueller,Klaus – Nadenau,Oskar, corr ICCF WC I, 1960.

8.a4 dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 b6 12.0-0 Bb7 13.Nc3 Qc7 14.Na4 Bf3 15.Qf3 Bh2 16.Kh1 Be5 17.d4? (better is 17.Be5 Qe5 18.Nb6=) 17...cd4–+ 18.Bd4?? (better is 18.Qe2–+) 18...Bd4 (18...Qc4 19.Rd1 Bd4 20.Rd4 Qb5 21.Nc3 Qf1 22.Kh2–+) 19.ed4 (19.Rc1 Be5 20.Qe2–+) 19...Nbd7 (better is 19...Qc4 20.Ra1 Qd4–+) 20.Be6?? (better is 20.Nb2–/+) 20...fe6–+ (21.Qc6 Qf4 22.Qe6 Kh8–+) 0–1. stoker – Bush4Brains, Live Game Caissa's Web, 2004.

8.a4 dc4 9.Bc4 Nbd7 10.Nc3 Nb6 11.Be2 e5 12.0-0 e4 13.Ng5 Bf5 14.Qc2 e4 seems the pivot of the position 14...Nbd5 (14...Be5!? 15.a5 Nbd5 16.Nd5 Bb2 17.Qb2 Qd5=+) 15.Nd5+= Nd5 16.Ne4 Be4 (16...Qh4 17.f4 ab5 18.ab5+/-) 17.Qe4+/- Nb4 (17...Re8 18.Qf5+/-) 18.ba6 ba6 19.Qg4 f6 20.Bc4 Kh8 21.f4 Be7 22.Rf3 Qd2 23.Rh3 Qb2?? (better 23...h6 24.Rg3 Rg8 25.Bg8 Rg8+/-) 24.Rh7!! Kh7 (24...Kh7 25.Qh5 Mate attack) 25.Qh5 1-0. DEFFM – GuestSZGL,, 2021.

8.a4 Bd7 9.Nc3 dc4 (9...Qa5 10.0-0=) 10.Bc4 ab5 (10...e5 11.ba6 ba6 12.Rb1=) 11.Nb5 Bb5 (11...Be7 12.0-0=) 12.ab5 Nbd7 (12...Ra1 13.Qa1 Nbd7 14.0-0+=) 13.0-0 (13.Ra8 Qa8 14.Qb3 Qb8=) 13...Nb6 (13...Qc7 14.Qb3=) 14.d3 (14.Ra8 Qa8 15.Qc2 Nc4 16.Qc4 Qd8+=) 14...Qe7 15.Qb3 (15.Qc2 Rfd8=) 15...Rfd8 (15...Nc4 16.Qc4 Nd5 17.Rfc1=) 16.Ra3 (16.Rfd1 e5=) 16...Ra3 17.Qa3 (17.Ba3 e5=) 17...Ra8 18.Qb3 Nfd5 19.Ra1 Ra1 (19...Nc4?? 20.Ra8 (20.Qc4?! Ra1 21.Ba1 Nb6=; 20.dc4?! Ra1 21.Ba1 Nb6=) 20...Qf8 21.Rf8 (21.Qc4?! Qa8 22.d4 Nb6=; 21.dc4 Qa8 22.cd5 ed5+–) 21...Bf8 22.dc4+–) 20.Ba1 Qd8 21.e4 (21.Bb2 Qc7=) 21...Nf4 22.Qb2 (22.g3 Ng6=) 22...Bf8 (22...f6 23.Qc2 Qe8 24.g3=) 23.Qb3 (23.Qc2 Be7=) 23...Nc4 (23...Ne2 24.Kh1 Nc4 25.dc4=) 24.dc4 Be7 25.g3 (25.Be5 Nd3 26.Qd1 Ne5 27.Qd8 Bd8 28.Ne5 Bf6=) 25...Ng6 (25...Ne2 26.Kg2 f6 27.e5=) 26.Kg2 ½–½. Wessel,Volkmar – Bohl,Rolf, Schleswig Holstein–ch cand, 1991.

8.a4 Nbd7 9.Nc3 dc4 10.Bc4 e5 11.Qc2 Re8 12.Ng5 Rf8 13.Nd5 h6 14.h4 ab5 15.ab5 Ra1 16.Ba1 b6 17.Qg6 Qe8 18.f4 Bb7 19.Nf6 Nf6 20.Nf7 Rf7 21.Qf7 Qf7 22.Bf7 Kf7 23.fe5 Bg2 24.Rg1 Be5 25.Be5 Bd5 26.d3 c4 27.e4 Bb7 28.Bf6 Kf6 29.dc4 Be4 30.Kd2 1–0. "Morozevich,A" – gahan, ICC, 2000.

8.Nc3 dc4 9.Bc4 e5 10.d3 =.

7.Be2 b6

8.0-0= a5 9.d3 (9.d4 Nbd7=) 9...Qe7 10.Nbd2 Bb7 (10...Nbd7 11.Qa4=) 11.Rc1 (11…Nbd7 12.d4=; 11.Ne5 Be5 12.Be5 Nbd7=) =. Borrmann,Fritz – Hreidarson, corr 3GMM–49, 1995.

8.0-0= a6 9.Na3 =.

8.0-0= a6 9.Nc3 Bb7 10.ba6 Ba6 (10...Na6 11.d3=) 11.Nb5 Bb5 12.cb5 c4 13.d3 cd3 14.Bd3 Nbd7 15.Qb1 (15.a4 Nc5=) 15...Nc5 (15...Qb8 16.Qc2=+) 16.Bf6= Qf6 17.Bh7 Kh8 18.Bc2 e5 (better is 18...Ra3!?=) 19.Rd1+/– e4 20.Rd5 ef3?? (better is 20...Rfe8 21.Nd4 Re5 22.Re5 Qe5+/–) 21.Rh5+– (21…Qh6 22.Rh6 gh6 23.Qd1+–) 1–0. Trokenheim,Marek – DerLoafer, ICC, 2004.

8.0-0 Qc7 9.Bf6 gf6 10.d4 (10.cd5 ed5 11.d4 Rd8+=) 10...cd4 (10...dc4 11.Nbd2+=) 11.Qd4 e5 (11...Be5!? 12.Ne5 fe5 13.Qg4 Kh8+–) 12.Qh4+– e4 13.Nd4 Kh8 (13...dc4 14.Nc3 (worse 14.Qe4 Bh2 15.Kh1 Bb7+–) 14...Bb7 15.Nf5+–) 14.Qf6 (14.cd5 f5+–) 14...Kg8 15.Nc3 Be5?? (better 15...dc4 16.Nd5 Qc5+–) 16.Nd5 Bh2 (16...Bf6 17.Nc7 Bb7+–) 17.Kh1 Qd6 18.Ne7 Qe7 19.Qe7 Be6 20.Kh2 1–0. DEFFM – GuestGSBK,, 2018.

8.0-0 Qc7 9.h3 Bb7 (9...Nbd7 10.d4=) 10.d3 (10.Bf6!? gf6 11.cd5 Bd5 12.Nc3+=) 10...e5 (10...dc4 11.dc4 Rd8 12.Qb3=) 11.Nbd2 (11.Na3 Nbd7=) 11...d4 12.e4 (12.a4 a6=+) 12...Nbd7 13.Nh4 Rfe8 (13...a6 14.Nf5=+) 14.Nf5= g6 (14...Reb8 15.Nf3=) 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Nf3 (16.Qb3 a6=) 16...h6 (16...a6 17.ba6 Ra6 18.a3=) 17.Qc1 (17.Bc1 g5+=) 17...Kg7 18.Nh2 (18.Qd2 a6=) 18...Rh8 (18...a6 19.ba6 Ra6 20.f4=) 19.f4 ef4 20.Qf4 (20.Rf4 Rhe8=) 20...Qf4 21.Rf4 Ne5 (21...a6 22.Raf1 ab5 23.Ng4 Ra2 24.Nf6 Nf6 25.Rf6+=) 22.Raf1 Nfd7 23.Bg4 (23.Ng4 a6 24.ba6 Ra6=) 23...Rad8 (23...f5 24.ef5 Nd3 25.f6 Kf8 26.Bd7 Nb2 27.Be6–/+) 24.Bd7 (24.Be2 Rhe8 25.R4f2 a6 26.ba6 Ba6=) 24...Rd7=+ 25.Ng4?? (better 25.Rd1=+) 25...Nd3–+ 26.Ne5 (26.R4f3 Be4 27.Nf6 Bf3 28.Rf3–+) 26...Ne5 27.Rf6 (27.R4f2 Re8–+) 27...Nd3 (27...Be4 28.R6f2–+) 28.Ba1 Be4 29.R1f4 (29.g4 Ne5–+) 29...Bf5 (better 29...Nf4 30.Rf4 Bd3 31.Rf3 Bc4 32.a4–+) 30.Rc6 (30.R4f5 gf5 31.Rf5–+) 30...Nf4 31.Kh2 Re8 32.Kg3 g5 33.Kh2 Re2 (33...Re2 34.Kh1 Rg2 35.Re6 fe6 36.Bb2 Be4 37.Bd4 Rd4 38.a3 Rd1) 0–1. GuestCKQB – GuestDZLD,, 2016.

8.Qc2 Bb7 9.Ng5 (9.0-0 a6=) 9...Ne4 (9...Nbd7 10.cd5 ed5 11.0-0=+) 10.Ne4= de4 11.Nc3 f5 12.0-0-0 (12.0-0 Qh4 13.g3 Qg5=) 12...a6 13.f3 (13.d3 Qg5=+) 13...ef3 14.Bf3 Bf3 15.gf3 g6 (15...Rf7 16.Rdg1=+) 16.h4=+ Nd7 (16...ab5 17.Nb5 Ra2 18.Qb3=) 17.Rdg1 (17.h5 g5=) 17...Be5 (17...Ne5 18.f4 Nc4 19.h5 Nb2 20.Qb2+=) 18.Ne2 (better 18.h5 g5 19.f4+=) 18...ab5–/+ 19.Be5 (19.h5 Ra2 20.d4 cd4 21.ed4=) 19...Ne5–+ 20.h5 Nf3 (better 20...Nd3 21.Kb1 Nb4–+) 21.Rg3? (better 21.hg6 Ng1 22.gh7 Kh8 23.Ng1–+) 21...Qd2–+ 22.Qd2 Nd2 23.hg6 hg6?? (better 23...Ra2 24.gh7 Kh8–+) 24.Rg6 Kf7 25.Nf4 Rh8 (25...Ra2 26.Rh7 Ke8 27.Re6 Kd8 28.Rb6+–; 25...Nc4 26.Rh7 Ke8 27.Rgg7 Ra2 28.Re7 Kd8 29.Ne6 Kc8 30.Nf8 Ra1 31.Kc2 Ne3 32.Re3 Ra2 33.Kb1+–) 26.Rh8 Rh8 27.Kd2 e5 28.Rb6 ef4 29.Rb5 Rh2 30.Kd3 f3 (30...Ra2 31.ef4 Ra3 32.Ke2 Ra2 33.Ke3 Ra3 34.Kf2 Ra2 35.Kg3 Ra3 36.Kh4+=) 31.Rc5 Kf6 (31...Kg6!? 32.Rc6 Kg5=) 32.e4+= fe4 33.Ke4 Ra2 (better 33...f2!? 34.Rf5 Ke6+=) 34.Kf3+– ½–½. Roczniak,Jan – Karpinski,Z, Poland (year?).

8.d3 Re8 9.0-0 e5 10.cd5 White fights for the Initiative 10...e4 (better 10...Nd5!? 11.Nc3 Nc3 12.Bc3 a6=) 11.de4+– Re4 12.Nbd2 Rg4 (12...Re8 13.Bc4+–) 13.Nc4+– Rc4? (better 13...Bb7+–) 14.Bc4 Bg4 15.h3 Bh5 16.Re1 Ne4 17.Rc1 Nd7 18.Bd3 f5 19.Qc2 Bf3 20.gf3 Qg5 21.Kf1 Qh5 (21...Nef6 22.f4 Qh5 23.Bf5 a6 24.Be6 Kf8 25.ba6 Ra6+–) 22.fe4 Qf3 (22...Qh3 23.Ke2+–) 23.ef5 Nf6 (23...Qh3 24.Ke2+–) 24.Bf6 gf6 25.Be4 Qh5 26.Bg2 Kf7 (26...a6 27.ba6 Ra6 28.Qe2 Qe2 29.Re2+–) 27.e4 Bf4 28.Rcd1 Rg8 (28...Bd6 29.Qe2 Qe2 30.Ke2+–) 29.Qa4 Qg5 (29...Bb8 30.d6 Qg5 31.Qc4 Kg7 32.Re3+–) 30.Qa7 Kf8 31.Bf3 Bg3 (31...Qh4 32.Qb6 Qh3 33.Ke2+–) 32.Qb6 (32.d6 Bd6 33.Rd6 Ke8 34.Qb8 Ke7 35.Qc7 Ke8 36.Rd8) 32...Bf2 (32...Be5 33.Qc5 Kg7 34.Qe7 Kh6 35.Ke2+–) 33.Kf2 (33.Kf2 Ke7 34.Qc5 Kd8 35.Qd6 Ke8 36.e5 Qh4 37.Ke2 fe5 38.Rc1 Rg2 39.Bg2 Qh5 40.Bf3 Qh4 41.Rc8 Qd8 42.Bh5) 1–0. Nebe,Lutz – Schiewe,J, corr, 1988.

8.0-0 Bb7

9.a4 a6 10.d4 ab5 (10...Nbd7 11.Na3=) 11.dc5 bc5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 Nbd7 14.Nbd2 Re8 15.Qc2 e5 16.cd5 Bd5 (16...e4 17.Ng5 Bd5 18.Nc4=) 17.Bc4 Bc4 18.Nc4 Bc7 19.h3 (19.e4 Qa8 20.Nfd2 Ba5+=) 19...Qe7 20.Rb1 e4 21.Bf6 Nf6 22.Nfd2 Rb8 23.b6 Bd8 24.Rb5 Qb7 (better is 24...Kh8!?+=) 25.Rc5+/– Bb6 26.Nb6 Qb6 27.Rc8 Ne8 28.Rb8 (28.Ne4? Rc8 29.Qc8 Qb1 30.Kh2 Qe4–+) 28...Qb8 29.Ne4 Qb4 30.Qc6 Qb1 31.Kh2 Qb8 32.f4 h6 33.Kg3 Kh8 34.Qd7 f6 (34...Kg8 35.Qe7+/–) 35.h4 Qa8 (35...Kg8 36.h5+–) 36.Nc5 g6 (36...Qb8 37.Ne6+–) 37.Ne6 1–0. Janek – Gustave, internet, 2016.

9.a4 h6 10.d4 Nh7 (better 10...Nbd7!?=+) 11.a5 Nd7 12.a6 Bc8 13.Nc3 dc4 (13...Nhf6 14.g3+–) 14.Ne4 Be7 15.Bc4 Ndf6 (15...Nhf6 16.Qc2+–) 16.Nf6 (16.Qc2 cd4 17.Nd4 Bd7+–) 16...Bf6 17.Qc2 Bd7 18.Ne5 Qe8? (better 18...Rc8!? 19.Bd3 g6+–) 19.dc5+– Bb5 20.cb6 Bc4 21.Nc4 Bb2 (21...ab6 22.Nb6 Ra7 23.Rfb1+–) 22.Qb2 (22.Nb2?! ab6 23.Nc4 Qb8+–) 22...ab6 23.Qb6 Qb8 (23...Qe7+–) 24.a7 Qc8 25.Rfc1 Qd7 (25...Nf6 26.Qa5 Nd5 27.e4+–) 26.Rd1 Qe7 27.Qa6 Rfc8 (27...Nf6 28.Nb6 Rae8 29.a8R Ra8 30.Na8+–) 28.Nb6 Rc6 (28...Qa7 29.Qa7 Ra7 30.Nc8 Rc7 31.Rd8 Nf8+–) 29.Na8 Ra6 30.Ra6 Qb7 31.Nc7! (31.Nc7 Nf8 32.a8Q Qc7 33.Rc6+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestBJZH,, 2019.

9.d3 Qc7 10.Qc2 (10.Bf6 gf6 11.cd5 Bd5+= 12.Nc3 Bb7 13.Qa4 Rd8 14.Qg4 Kh8 15.Qh4 Nd7 16.Ne4+=; 10.cd5 Nd5 (10...Bd5 11.e4 Ne4 12.de4 Be4 13.Nc3 Bf5 14.Qa4 Rd8 15.Rad1 Nd7 16.Ne4+– 1.44) 11.d4 a6 12.dc5 bc5 13.Na3 Nb6 14.Qc2 N8d7 15.Rfd1 Rfc8 16.Qd2=; 10.Nbd2 a6 (10...Nbd7 11.cd5 ed5 12.Qc2 a6 13.a4 Rfe8 14.Rfc1 Ng4 15.h3 Ngf6 16.ba6=) 11.Bf6 gf6 12.Qa4 ab5 13.Qb5 Nd7 14.Rfb1 Ra5 15.Qb2 Rfa8 16.Kh1=; 10.Qc1 Nbd7 (10...dc4 11.Qc4 Nbd7 12.Qh4 a6 13.Nc3 Be7 14.Rfb1 Qd6 15.ba6 Ra6 16.Ng5=) 11.Na3 Rfd8 12.Qc2 d4 13.h3 e5 14.Rae1 e4 15.de4 Be4 16.Qb3+=) 10...Nbd7= (10...a6 11.Bf6 gf6 12.cd5 ab5 13.Nc3 b4 14.Nb5 Qd7 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.de6=) 11.Nbd2 (11.cd5 Nd5 12.Na3 Nb4 13.Qc4 Ne5 14.Ne5 Be5 15.Be5 Qe5 16.Qg4+=) 11...dc4 (11...a6 12.cd5 ed5 13.a4 Rfe8 14.Rfc1 Ng4 15.h3 Ngf6 16.ba6=) 12.Nc4 Bf3 (12...a6 13.Nd6 Qd6 14.ba6 Ra6 15.d4 Be4 16.dc5+=) 13.Bf3 Nd5 14.e4 N5f6 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.e5 +=. BlackDemon (2595) – umoja (1615), FICS rated standard game, 2013.

9.d3 Nbd7 10.Qc2 Rc8 (10...Qe7 11.Nc3 (11.Na3 d4 12.Rfe1 Rfd8 13.Rab1 e5 14.e4 a6 15.Bc1 Ra7 16.ba6 Ra6=) 11...Rfd8 12.cd5 ed5 13.d4 Rac8 14.Rac1 Ne4 15.Rfd1 Ndf6 16.dc5 Nf2=; 10...a6 11.Na3 (11.ba6 Ra6 12.Na3 Qe7 13.Nb5 Rfa8 14.Nd6 Qd6 15.a3 dc4 16.dc4 Be4=) 11...Qe7 12.Rfb1 e5 13.ba6 Ra6 14.Nb5 Rfa8 15.cd5 Bd5 16.a4 Bb8=; 10...dc4 11.dc4 (11.Qc4 a6 12.ba6 Ra6 13.Nc3 Ra5 14.Qb3 Qb8 15.e4 Ba6 16.Rfd1 Rd8+=) 11...Qc7 12.Nbd2 a6 13.Rfd1 Rfd8 14.Bd3 Ne5 15.Be5 Be5 16.Ne5 Qe5=; 10...Qc7 11.Nbd2 (11.cd5 Nd5 12.Na3 Nb4 13.Qc4 Ne5 14.Be5 Be5 15.Ne5 Qe5 16.Qg4 Rfd8+=) 11...a6 12.cd5 ed5 13.a4 Rfe8 14.Rfc1 Ng4 15.h3 Ngf6 16.ba6 Ra6=; 10...e5 11.Nbd2 (11.cd5 Nd5 12.Nc3 a6 13.ba6 Nb4 14.Qd2 Na6 15.Rfb1 Nf6 16.a4 Re8+=) 11...a6 12.ba6 Ra6 13.cd5 Nd5 14.d4 ed4 15.Ba6 Ba6 16.Nc4 Qc7+=) 11.a4 (11.Nbd2 e5 12.cd5 Nd5 13.Ne4 Bc7 14.Qb3 Qe7 15.Rfc1 Rfd8 16.Nfd2 Ra8=; 11.Na3 Re8 12.Rfc1 Qe7 13.Rab1 e5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Rcd8 16.Qa4 Bb8=) 11...dc4 12.dc4 Qc7 13.h3 (13.Nbd2 Ra8 14.a5 ba5 15.Rfb1 e5 16.Bd3 a6=) 13...Ne4 (13...Be4 14.Qc3 Bf3 15.Bf3 Be5 16.Qc2 Bb2=) 14.Nc3 Ndf6 (14...Nef6 15.a5 Rfd8 16.a6 Ba8=) 15.a5 (15.Bd3 Nc3 16.Bc3 Bf3=) 15...Ra8 (15...ba5 16.Bd3 Nc3+=) 16.Bd3 Nc3 17.Qc3 (17.Bc3 Bf3 18.Bf6 gf6 19.gf3 f5+=) 17...Bf3 18.gf3 e5 19.Kg2 Nh5 20.Be4 Rae8 21.ab6 ab6 22.Ra6 Nf6 23.Bc6 Re6 24.Rfa1 Nd7?? (better is 24...Re7+/–) 25.Ra7+– Qd8 26.Rd7 Qg5 27.Kf1 Rh6 (27...Qh6 28.Ra6+–) 28.Qd3 (28.f4 Qh4 29.fe5 Bb8+–) 28...Be7 (28...Bb8 29.Qd5 Qf6 30.Ra8+–) 29.Raa7 Bf6 (29...Rg6 30.Ke2 Qg1+–) 30.Rf7! Rd8 (30...Rf7 31.Ra8 Mate attack) 31.Qd5! Rd5 (31...Rd5 32.Bd5 Combination) 32.Bd5 Bd8 (32...Qg2 33.Kg2 Rg6 34.Kf1 h6 35.Rg7 Kf8 36.Raf7 Ke8 37.Bc6 Kd8 38.Rf8) 33.Rf6 1–0. pcmvr (2830) – kuksifae (2550), net–, 2014.

9.d3 Nbd7 10.cd5 ed5 11.Nbd2 Re8 12.a4 a5 13.Re1 Rc8 14.Rc1 Bb8 15.h3 h6 16.Nh2 Qc7 17.Nhf1 Re6 18.Bf3 Rce8 19.Qb3 Qd6 20.d4 cd4 21.Bd4 Nc5 22.Bc5 bc5 23.Qc3 Ba7 24.Nc4 dc4 (better is 24...Qe7!? 25.Na5 d4+=) 25.Bb7+– Bb6 26.Red1 Qc7 27.Bc6 Rc6 28.bc6 Qc6 29.Qc4 Re4 30.Qb5 Qb5 31.ab5 Rb4 32.Rb1 (32.Nd2 Rb5 33.Nc4 Bc7+–) 32...Ne4 33.Rdc1 (33.Rb4 cb4 34.f3 Nc3+/–) 33...a4 (33...Nc3! 34.Rb4 cb4+=) 34.Ra1 (34.Rb4 cb4 35.Rc4 Nc3+–) 34...Nd6 35.Nd2 Nb5 36.Nc4 (36.Rab1 Kh7+/–) 36...Bc7+= 37.Kf1 Kf8 38.Ke2 Ke7 39.Ra2 Nd6 (39...f5!?+=) 40.Ne5+/– Rb6 (40...Ne4 41.Nc6 Kd7 42.Nb4 cb4 43.Kd3+–) 41.Ra4+– Nb7 42.Nc4 Rb5 43.Rc2 f6 44.Rb2 Rb2 45.Nb2 Nd8 46.Ra7 Kd7 47.Nc4 Kc6 48.Kd3 Nf7 49.Ra8 Ne5 (49...Kb5 50.Na3 Kb4 51.Nc2 Kb3 52.Ra3 Kb2 53.Ra7 Ne5 54.Kd2 Ba5 55.Kd1+– (worse is 55.Ra5 Nc4 56.Kd1 Na5–/+)) 50.Ne5 Be5 51.Kc4 Kd6 52.Rc8 Bh2 53.Rc5 Bg1 54.Rd5 Ke6 55.Rd2 Ke5 (55...g6+–) 56.Kd3 f5 57.f4 Ke6 58.g3 g5 59.Rg2 1–0. Ebert,Lutz – Krueger,Karsten, Mecklenburg VP LL2, 1999. (=1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nf6 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 c5 5.c4 Bd6 6.e3 0-0 7.Be2 b6)

9.d4 Qc7 10.Nbd2 (10.dc5 bc5 11.Bf6 gf6 12.cd5 Bd5+=) 10...Ne4 (10...cd4 11.Bd4 e5 12.Bb2=+) 11.dc5 (11.cd5 ed5 12.dc5 bc5=) 11...Nc5 12.cd5 Bd5 13.Nc4 Be7 14.Be5 Qb7 15.Qc2 Be4 (15...a6 16.ba6 Qa6 17.Bd6 Bd6 18.Nd6=) 16.Qc3+= f6 (16...Na4 17.Qd4 Rd8 18.Nd6 Bd6 19.Bd6+=) 17.Nd6 Qd7 (17...Bd6 18.Bd6 Rc8 19.Rfc1+=) 18.Ne4+– Ne4 19.Qc2 Nf2? (better 19...Nc5!? 20.Rfd1 Qe8+–) 20.Rf2 (20.Bb8!? Nh3 21.gh3 Rab8+–) 20...fe5 21.Bd3 a6 (21...Bc5 22.Bh7 Kh8+–) 22.Ne5 (worse 22.Bh7 Kh8 23.Ne5 Rf2 24.Kf2 Qe8+–) 22...Rf2 23.Bh7 (23.Qf2?! Qe8 24.Qf3 Nd7 25.Nd7 Rd8+–; 23.Kf2?! Qe8 24.Bh7 Kf8+–) 23...Kh8 24.Kf2 (24.Qf2?! Qb5 25.Qg3 Bf6+–) 24...Qe8 25.Bg6 Qf8 (25...Nd7 26.Qe2 Bh4 27.Kg1+–) 26.Nf7 Kg8 (26...Qf7 27.Bf7 Nd7+–) 27.Bh7 Kf7 28.Qg6 1–0. GuestXCXP – GuestKRZG,, 2018.

7.Be2 dc4

8.0-0 a6 9.Qa4 b6=+.

8.0-0 Bd7 9.Bc4 a6=.

8.0-0 Nbd7=.

8.Na3 a6 A) 9.Nc4 Be7 10.a4 (10.Qa4 Bd7 11.Nce5 Be8 12.Rc1 Qb6 13.d4=; 10.Qb3 ab5 11.Qb5 Nc6 12.0-0 Nd5 13.a4=+; 10.Nce5 ab5 11.Bb5 Nd5 12.Qb3 f6 13.Nc4=; 10.ba6 b5 11.Nce5 Ba6 12.0-0 Nd5 13.a4=; 10.b6 Nd5 11.Rb1 Bd7 12.e4 Nf4 13.0-0=) 10...Bd7 11.Nce5 ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Qa1=; B) 9.0-0= B1) 9...c3 10.dc3 (10.Bc3) 10...b6 11.c4 Qe7 12.Bf6 gf6 13.ba6+=; B2) 9...Bd7 10.Bc4 (10.Qa4 Nd5 11.Qc4 f6 12.d4 Qe7 13.Qd3=) 10...ab5 11.Nb5 Bb5 12.Bb5 Nbd7 13.d4=.

8.Na3 c3!? 9.dc3 Nd5 =.

8.Na3 c3 9.Bc3 A) 9...Nd5 10.0-0 (10.Qc2; 10.Nc4; 10.Qb3; 10.Bb2) 10...Nd7 11.Qc2 N7b6 12.Be5 Nb4 13.Qe4=; B) 9...Bd7 10.Rb1 (10.Qa4; 10.Qb3; 10.0-0; 10.Qc2) 10...Ne4 11.Qc2 Nc3 12.dc3 a6 13.0-0+=; C) 9...Nbd7 10.Qc2 (10.0-0 Nb6 11.Qc2 Qe7 12.Ne5 Rd8 13.Nac4=; 10.Nc4 Bc7 11.0-0 Nd5 12.Qc2 a6 13.a4=) 10...Nd5 11.0-0 N7b6 12.Be5 Nb4 13.Qe4=; D) 9...Ne4 10.Qc2 (10.0-0; 10.Bb2) 10...Nc3 11.dc3 Nd7 12.Rd1 Qe7 13.Bd3=; E) 9...Bc7 10.Qb3 (10.Qc2 Nbd7 11.0-0 e5 12.Nc4 Re8 13.e4=; 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Qc2 e5 12.Nc4 Re8 13.d3=) 10...Nbd7 11.0-0 e5 12.d3 Qe7 13.Nc4=.

8.Na3 Bd7 A) 9.0-0 A1) 9...a6 10.Bc4 (10.Qa4) 10...Nd5 11.d4 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.Bb5=; A2) 9...Re8 10.Bc4 (10.Qc2 a6 11.Nc4 Bb5 12.Bf6 gf6 13.Nd6=; 10.Rb1; 10.Qb1) 10...a6 11.Qb3 ab5 12.Nb5 Be7 13.d4=; A3) 9...Qe7 10.Nc4 Bc7 11.Nce5 Nd5 12.d4 f6 13.Nd7+=; A4) 9...Nd5 10.Bc4 (10.Qc2; 10.e4; 10.Qc1; 10.Qb1) 10...a6 11.d4 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.Bb5=; A5) 9...c3 10.Bc3 Nd5 11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5 Qc7 13.Nf3=; B) 9.Bc4 B1) 9...Qe7 10.0-0 (10.Ne5 a6 11.Qf3 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.Bb5=; 10.d3; 10.Rc1; 10.Qe2) 10...e5 11.d3 Bg4 12.h3 Bh5 13.g4=; B2) 9...Re8 10.0-0 (10.Qc2) 10...a6 11.d3 Nd5 12.Qb3 Nb6 13.Rfd1+=; B3) 9...a6 10.0-0 (10.Qb3) 10...Nd5 11.d4 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.Bb5=; B4) 9...Nd5 10.0-0 (10.Qc2; 10.Qb3) 10...a6 11.d4 ab5 12.Nb5 Bb5 13.Bb5=.

8.Na3 Nbd7 9.Nc4 Qc7 (9...Bc7 10.0-0+= Qe7 11.d4 a6 12.ba6 b6 13.Nfe5=; 9...Be7 10.a4 (10.0-0 a6 11.Qa4 Nd5 12.ba6 b6 13.a7=) 10...a6 11.0-0 b6 12.d4 Bb7 13.dc5=; 9...Bb8 10.d4 (10.0-0) 10...Qe7 11.Rc1 Rd8 12.0-0 cd4 13.Qd4+=) 10.a4 (10.0-0 e5 (10...b6+= 11.Nd6 Qd6 12.d4 a6 13.dc5+=) 11.d4 cd4 12.Rc1 Qb8 13.ed4+=; 10.Nd6 Qd6 11.d4 Rd8 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Rc1+=; 10.d4 Be7 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Rc1 a6 13.Qa4+=) 10...b6 (10...e5 11.d3 Re8 12.a5 Nf8 13.0-0+=) 11.Nd6 (11.0-0 Bb7+= (11...e5) 12.a5 Rfd8 13.Nd6+=) 11...Qd6 12.0-0 (12.d4 Rd8 13.dc5+=) 12...Bb7 13.a5 (13.d4+=) 13...Ng4 (13...e5 14.Nh4+=) 14.g3 Nge5 15.d4 Ng6 (15...Bf3 16.Bf3 Nf3 17.Qf3+=) 16.a6 (16.Qa4 Qe7+–) 16...Bd5+= 17.Ne5 (17.Nd2 f5+=) 17...Nde5 (17...Rad8 18.Nc4 Qc7 19.Rc1+=) 18.de5+– Qc7 (18...Ne5? 19.f4 Nc6 20.e4+–) 19.Qc2 Rad8 (19...Ne5? 20.e4+–) 20.e4 (20.f4 Rd7+–) 20...Ba8 21.f4 Rd7 (21...c4 22.Ba3 (22.Bc4?! Qc5 23.Rf2 Be4+=) 22...Rd4 23.Bf8 Nf8 24.Bf3+–) 22.Bc4 Rfd8 (22...h6 23.Rae1+–) 23.Bc3 Kh8 (23...h6 24.Rae1+–) 24.Rae1 Re7 (24...Kg8+–) 25.g4 (25.Qb2 Kg8+–) 25...Ree8 (25...Kg8 26.Qb2+–) 26.Qb2 (26.Qg2+–) 26...Ne7 (26...h6 27.f5 Nf8 28.h4+–) 27.Rf3 (better 27.f5+–) 27...Nd5+– 28.ed5 ed5 29.Bd3 (29.Be2!? d4 30.Bd2 Bf3 31.Bf3+=) 29...d4= 30.Rh3 dc3 31.Rh7 (31.Qc3 g6=) 31...Kg8 32.Qc3 Qd7 (32...c4 33.e6 fe6 34.Bg6 Qc5 35.Kf1=) 33.e6 fe6 34.Bg6 Qd4 (better 34...e5=) 35.Qd4+– cd4 36.Re5 (better 36.f5 d3 37.f6 gf6 38.Ra7+–) 36...Rd5?? (better 36...d3 37.Reh5 Kf8 38.Bd3 Kf7+–) 37.Be8+– Kh7 38.Re6 Rd8 (38...Kh8 39.Re7 Rd8 40.Bc6+–) 39.Bg6 Kg8 40.Bd3?? (better 40.Re7 d3 41.Bd3 (41.Ra7?! d2 42.Bc2 d1Q 43.Bd1 Rd1 44.Kf2 Bh1+–) 41...Rd3 42.Re8 Kh7 43.Ra8+–) 40...Kf7+– 41.Re5 Rc8 42.Kf2 Rc3 43.Ke2 Bf3? (better 43...Bg2!?+–) 44.Kf3+– Rd3 45.Ke4 Rd2 (45...Rh3 46.Rh5 Rb3+–) 46.Kd5 (better 46.h4!? Rg2 47.Rf5 Ke6+–) 46...Rh2 (better 46...Rg2+–) 47.Kc6+– Rh6 (47...Rh8 48.Kb7 Re8 49.Re8 Ke8 50.Ka7 Ke7 51.Kb6 d3+–) 48.Kb7 Re6 (48...Rd6 49.Ka7 d3 50.Re1+–) 49.Rd5 1–0. Belov,PI – Vozov,AA, corr I liga Nipsegorodskaya oblast RUS, 1996.

8.a4 b6 9.Na3= Nbd7 (9...c3 10.Bc3 a6 11.Nc4=) 10.Nc4 Bc7 11.0-0 Bb7 12.h3 (12.d4 a6=) 12...Qe7 (12...a6 13.d3=) 13.d3 (13.a5 Rfd8=) 13...Nd5 (13...a6 14.Qb3=) 14.Qb3 (14.a5 a6 15.ab6 N5b6 16.ba6 Ba6 (worse 16...Ra6 17.Ra6 Ba6 18.Bg7+–) 17.Nb6 Nb6=) 14...e5 (14...a6 15.ba6 Ra6 16.a5=) 15.Ncd2 (15.a5 Nb4=) 15...Kh8 (15...Nb4 16.a5=) 16.Rad1 (16.a5 ba5 17.Nc4 Nb4=) 16...f5 Black intends e4 (16...Rfd8 17.Nc4=) 17.Nh2 (17.Nc4 a6=) 17...N7f6 Black plans e4 (17...Rfd8 18.Nhf3=) 18.Rfe1 (18.Nc4 a6=) 18...Rad8 19.d4 (19.Nc4 e4=) 19...e4 20.Nc4 (20.dc5 bc5 21.Nc4 Qe6=) 20...Nb4 (20...Nd7 21.Qc2=) 21.Ne5 (21.Nf1 Nfd5=) 21...Bd5=+ 22.Qc3 cd4 (22...Rc8 23.Ba3=+) 23.ed4= (23.Qd4? Bg8 24.Qc3 Nfd5–+) 23...f4 (23...Rc8 24.Ba3 Bd6 25.Qb2=+) 24.Bc4 e3 With the decisive threat Ne4 25.Bd5? (better 25.fe3 Ne4 26.Qa3 Be5 27.Bd5=) 25...Nfd5–+ (25...Nbd5?! 26.Qc2 Rc8 27.Nc6=; 25...Rd5 26.fe3 Be5 27.ef4 (worse 27.de5 Rd1 28.ef6 Re1 29.Qe1 Rf6 30.Bf6 gf6=) 27...Rd4 28.fe5 Rd1 29.Rd1+–) 26.Qb3 Be5 (26...ef2 27.Kf2 Ne3 28.Nef3 Nd1 29.Qd1–+) 27.de5 ef2 28.Kf2 Ne3 29.Rd8 (29.Nf3 Rd1 30.Rd1 Nd1 31.Qd1 Rd8–+) 29...Rd8 30.Nf3 (30.Kg1 Rd3 31.Bc3 Nbd5–+) 30...Nd3 31.Ke2 (31.Kg1 Ne1 32.Ne1 Qh4–+) 31...Ne1 32.Ke1 Ng2 33.Kf2 Ne3 34.Ke2 (34.Bc1 Nd5 35.Ba3 Qb7–+) 34...Qb7 35.Bd4 (35.Bc1–+) 35...Nf5 36.Bf2 (36.Qc3 Nd4 37.Nd4 Qe4 38.Kf2 Qd4 39.Qd4 Rd4 40.Kf3–+) 36...Qe4 37.Kf1 Ne3 38.Ke2 Nc4 39.Kf1 Rd2! 40.Kg1 (40.Nd2 Nd2 A double attack) 40...Qe2 41.Nd2 Nd2 (41...Nd2 42.Qb1 Nb1 43.Bd4 Nd2 44.Kh1 Qf1 45.Bg1 Qf3 46.Kh2 Nf1) 0–1. Schuehler,Ernst – Scholz,Reinhard, corr DDR–ch11 sf04, 1981.

8.a4 Re8 9.Na3=+.

8.Bc4 b6 9.0-0 a6 10.d4=.

8.Bc4 b6 9.0-0 Bb7 10.a4 Qc7 11.Bf6 gf6 12.g3 Nd7 13.Be2 Ne5 14.Nc3 Kh8 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Rc1 Rad8 17.f4 Bd6 18.Bf3 Bf3 19.Qf3 Rg8 20.Ne4 Qe7 21.Nd6 Rd6 22.Rfd1 Rgd8 23.Qe2 Rd3 24.Rc3 Qd7 25.Rd3 Qd3 26.Qe1 c4 27.Rc1 Rd5 28.Rc3 Qe4 29.Kf2 e5 30.Qf1 (Better is 30.Qc1+=) 30...Rd2–/+ 31.Kg1 Rc2 32.Rc2 Qc2 33.fe5 fe5 34.Qf6 Kg8 35.Qd8 Kg7 36.Qg5 Qg6 37.Qe5 Qf6 38.Qe4 c3 39.Kg2 Qe6 40.Qd4 Qf6 41.Qg4 Kf8 42.Qc8 Kg7 ½–½. hal1958 – ggaarrii,, 2003.

8.Bc4 b6 9.0-0 Bb7 10.d4 cd4 11.Nd4 (11.Bd4!? Qe7 12.Bf6 Qf6 13.Qd6 Bf3 14.Na3=) 11...Qc7 (11...Bh2 12.Kh2 Qc7 13.Kg1 Qc4 14.Qb3 Qb3 15.Nb3–/+) 12.Be6 (12.Nd2 Bh2 13.Kh1 Bd6–/+) 12...Bh2 13.Kh1 fe6 14.f4 (better 14.Ne6!? Qc8 15.Nf8–/+) 14...Bg3–+ 15.Rf3? (better 15.Ne6 Qc8 16.f5–+) 15...Ne4 (15...Bf3?! 16.Qf3 e5 17.Ne6–+) 16.Kg1 (16.Rg3 Ng3 17.Kh2 Rf4 18.ef4 Qf4–+) 16...Qe7 (16...Qf7 17.Nd2 Qg6 18.Nc6–+) 17.Ba3 Qh4 18.Bf8 Nf2 19.Rg3 Qg3 (19...Qg3 20.Qf3 Bf3 21.Nf3 Nd1–+) 0–1. Borchert,Otto – Schuster, corr DDR, 1987.

8.Bc4 b6 9.d4 cd4 10.Qd4 Bb7=.

8.Bc4 Nbd7= 9.0-0 b6 10.d4 Bb7 11.Be2 Rc8 12.Nbd2 Bb8 13.Rc1 Qc7 (13...Qe7 14.Qa4=) 14.g3+= Rfd8 15.Ne1 (15.Qa4 Bd5+=) 15...e5 (15...Qd6 16.Bf3 Bf3 17.Nef3= (worse is 17.Qf3 cd4 18.Nd3 de3 19.Qe3 Qd5–/+)) 16.Bf3 (16.Nd3!? e4 17.Nf4=) 16...e4+= 17.Bg2 Qd6 18.Nc2 (18.Nd3!+=) 18...Qe6–/+ 19.Na3 Bd5 (19...cd4 20.Bd4 Rc1 21.Qc1–/+) 20.dc5 (20.Qe2!?+=) 20...Nc5–/+ 21.Nc2 (21.Qe2 Ng4–/+ (21...Ba2?! 22.Bf6 gf6 23.Ne4+=)) 21...Nd3–+ 22.Nd4? (better is 22.Bf6 gf6 23.Rb1–+) 22...Nb2 (22...Rc1?! 23.Bc1 Qe8 24.Ba3+=) 23.Ne6 (23.Rc8 Qc8 (23...Rc8?! 24.Qa1 Qe8 25.Qb2–/+) 24.Qb1 Na4 25.Ne4 Be4 26.Be4 Nc3–+) 23...Nd1 24.Rfd1 (24.Nd8 Rc1 25.Nc6 Bd6–+) 24...fe6 25.Bh3 (25.a4 Be5–+) 25...Rc1 26.Rc1 Ba2 27.Rc2 Bd5 28.f3 (28.Bf1 Kf7–+) 28...ef3 29.Kf2 (29.Rc3 Bd6 30.Kf1 Bb4–+) 29...g5 30.e4 (30.Rc1 Kg7–+) 30...Ne4 31.Ne4 Be4 32.Be6 (32.Rc8 Rc8 33.Be6 Kg7 34.Bc8 Bd6–+) 32...Kg7 33.Ra2 Kf6 34.Bg4 (34.Bc4 Rd4 35.Bg8 Bd6 36.Bh7 Bh7 37.Kf3 g4 38.Ke2 Be4–+) 34...Ke5 35.Rb2 Bd6 0–1. Cano Sevila,Ivan (2080) – Martorell Aguado,Joan (2230), Barcelona ESP, 3rd Barri Gotic Open, 2014.

8.Bc4 Nbd7 9.0-0 Nb6 10.Be2 Nbd5 11.Qb3 (11.d4 Qc7=) 11...b6 12.d4 (12.Na3 a5=) 12...Bb7 (12...a6 13.dc5 bc5 14.Rd1=) 13.Nbd2 cd4 14.Nd4 (14.Bd4 Qe7=) 14...Qd7 (14...Qc7 15.N2f3=) 15.Bc4 (15.Rfd1 Rfc8=) 15...e5 (15...Rfd8 16.Rfd1=) 16.Nc6 Bc6 17.bc6 Qc6 18.Ne4 Bc7 (18...Ne4 Deflection from d5 19.Bd5 Theme: Double Attack) 19.Rfd1 (19.Rac1 Qb7+– (19...Ne4? 20.Bd5 Nc5 21.Bc6 Nb3 22.ab3+–)) 19...Rad8 20.Ba3 (20.Rac1 A) 20...Ne4?? 21.Bd5 (worse 21.Rd5 Qf6=+) 21...Qf6 22.Be4 (22.Rc7?! Qf2 23.Kh1 Qe2+–) 22...Rd1 23.Qd1+–; B) 20...Qa8+–) 20...Ne4+= 21.Bd5 Qg6 (21...Rd5 22.Rd5 Nf6 23.Rd2+–) 22.Bf8 Rf8 23.Be4 Qe4 24.Rac1 (24.Qa3 Qb7+–) 24...Bb8 25.Rd7 Qf5 (25...Qg4 26.Qd5 Qe6 27.Qe6 fe6 28.Rcd1+–) 26.Qd5 (26.Qd5 Qe6 27.Qe6 fe6 28.Rcd1+–) 1–0. Junge,Wolfgang – Wuensch,Rainer, corr DDR–ch M615, 1978.

8.Na3 b6

9.0-0 A) 9...c3 A1) 10.dc3 Bc7 (10...Qc7 11.Nc4 Be7 12.Nfe5 Bb7 13.Bf3 a6 14.Bb7 Qb7 15.Qb3 Nd5; 10...a6 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.Rfd1 Ne4 13.ba6 Na6 14.Nc4 Qc7 15.a4 Rfd8) 11.Nc4 Nbd7 12.Nd6 Qe7 13.Nc8 Rfc8 14.Qc2 Rd8 15.c4 a6; A2) 10.Bc3 Bc7 (10...Nbd7 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.Qc2 Bb7 13.Bb2 a6 14.a4 Qe7 15.Ng5 h6; 10...a6 11.Qc2 Nd5 12.Nc4 ab5 13.Nd6 Qd6 14.Bb5 Nc6 15.e4 Nc3; 10...Nd5 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.Qc2 a6 13.a4 Nd7 14.Rfd1 f5 15.Qb3 Qe7; 10...Ne4 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.Nd6 Nd6 13.Qc2 Nd7 14.a4 Qe7 15.d3 e5) 11.Nc4 Nbd7 12.Qc2 Bb7 13.Qb2 g6 14.h3 Re8 15.Nce5 Ne4; B) 9...Bc7 B1) 10.Qc2 a6 (10...Nbd7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.Rfd1 a6 13.a4 Qe7 14.ba6 Ra6 15.Nfe5 Raa8; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Nbd7 12.h3 a6 13.a4 Qe7 14.Ng5 h6 15.ba6 Ra6; 10...c3 11.Bc3 Nbd7 12.Nc4 Bb7 13.Qb2 g6 14.g3 Nd5 15.Rfd1 Qe7) 11.Nc4 ab5 12.Nce5 Ba6 13.Ng5 h6 14.Bf3 hg5 15.Ba8 Nbd7; B2) 10.g3 a6 (10...c3 11.Bc3 Nbd7 12.Qc2 Bb7 13.Nc4 Ne4 14.Bb2 a6 15.ba6 Ra6; 10...Nbd7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.Qc2 h6 13.a4 Bd5 14.d3 a6 15.Bc3 Qe7; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Nbd7 12.Qc2 h6 13.a4 a6 14.Qb3 a5 15.Rfe1 Qe7; 10...h6 11.Ne5 a6 12.Bf3 Nd5 13.Nec4 Nd7 14.e4 Nb4 15.d4 Bb7) 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Qe2 ab5 13.Nb5 Nc6 14.Bf6 gf6 15.a4 Qe7; B3) 10.Ne5 c3 (10...a6 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.f4 Bd5 13.Qe2 ab5 14.Nb5 Be5 15.Bd5 Nd5; 10...Nd5 11.Nac4 f6 12.Nd3 a6 13.a4 Bb7 14.Qb3 a5 15.f4 Nd7) 11.Bc3 Nd5 12.Bf3 Bb7 13.g3 a6 14.Bb2 Be5 15.Be5 f6; B4) 10.Nc4 Nbd7 (10...Bb7 11.Nfe5 Nd5 12.Qb3 f6 13.Nd3 a5 14.a4 Nd7 15.f4 Qe8) 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.h3 Qe7 13.Rfe1 Nd5 14.d4 a6 15.a4 Rfc8; C) 9...Nbd7 C1) 10.Qc2 c3 (10...Qe7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.h3 e5 13.Qd3 Bc7 14.Qf5 Rfe8 15.Nh4 e4; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 Qe7 14.d3 a6 15.Rfd1 Rfc8; 10...Bc7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.Rfe1 a6 14.a4 ab5 15.ab5 Qe7; 10...Qc7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.a4 a5 13.Ra3 h6 14.h3 Bd5 15.Rc1 Rac8) 11.Qc3 Bb7 12.Nc4 Bc7 13.Qc2 Qe7 14.Ng5 h6 15.Nf3 a6; C2) 10.Qc1 Qc7 (10...a6 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.a4 Bb7 13.Qc2 ab5 14.ab5 Qe7 15.Bd3 e5; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Qc7 12.Rd1 Be7 13.Qc3 a6 14.a4 Bd5 15.h3 h6; 10...Bc7 11.Nc4 a6 12.a4 Bb7 13.ba6 Ra6 14.Qc2 Ra8 15.h3 h6; 10...Qe7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.Qc2 Bc7 13.h3 a6 14.a4 ab5 15.ab5 e5) 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.g3 a6 13.ba6 Ba6 14.a4 h6 15.Qc2 Nd5; C3) 10.g3 c3 (10...h6 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.Qc2 Bb7 13.a4 a5 14.Qb3 Qe7 15.d3 Nd5; 10...Bc7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.Qb3 Qe7 13.d3 a6 14.a4 ab5 15.ab5 Nd5; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.Qc2 h6 13.a4 a5 14.Rfe1 Nd5 15.Rac1 Qe7) 11.dc3 Bc7 12.Qa4 Bb7 13.Rfd1 Qe7 14.Nc4 Rfd8 15.Ncd2 h6; C4) 10.Nc4 Bc7 (10...Be7 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.Nfe5 Ne5 13.Ne5 Nd5 14.Qa4 Bf6 15.Qg4 g6; 10...Qc7 11.Qa4 Bb7 12.Nd6 Qd6 13.Rfd1 e5 14.d4 ed4 15.ed4 Rfe8; 10...Qe7 11.Ng5 Bb7 12.Bf3 Bd5 13.d3 h6 14.Ne4 Ne4 15.Be4 f5; 10...Bb8 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.h3 Bc7 13.Ng5 h6 14.Nf3 a6 15.a4 a5) 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.h3 Nd5 13.d4 a6 14.ba6 Ra6 15.dc5 Nc5; D) 9...a6 D1) 10.Qc2 ab5 (10...Be7 11.Nc4 ab5 12.Nce5 Nd5 13.Bb5 f6 14.Nd3 Bb7 15.Bc4 Nc6) 11.Nb5 Nc6 12.a4 Bb7 13.Qc4 Be7 14.h3 Nb4 15.d3 Bf3; D2) 10.g3 Bb7 (10...Be7 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.d4 ab5 13.Nb5 Nc6 14.a4 cd4 15.Nbd4 Qd7; 10...ab5 11.Nb5 Nc6 12.Qc2 Bb7 13.Qc4 Be7 14.a4 Nb4 15.Rfd1 Ne4) 11.Bc4 ab5 12.Nb5 Nc6 13.Bf6 gf6 14.Qe2 Na5 15.d3 f5; D3) 10.Bc4 Bb7 (10...Qc7 11.Qe2 Bb7 12.ba6 Na6 13.Nb5 Qb8 14.h3 Rd8 15.a3 h6; 10...h6 11.Rb1 Nd5 12.d4 Bb7 13.e4 Nb4 14.dc5 Bc5 15.Qe2 Nd7; 10...Qe7 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.Bd3 Bf3 13.gf3 ab5 14.Bf6 Qf6 15.Bh7 Kh8 16.Nb5) 11.Qe2 ab5 12.Nb5 Nc6 13.d4 cd4 14.Rad1 Bc5 15.Nfd4 Nd4; D4) 10.Qa4 Bc7 (10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.h3 Ne4 13.ba6 Na6 14.Qb3 f6 15.d3 Nd6) 11.Qc4 Qd5 12.ba6 Ba6 13.Nb5 Nbd7 14.a4 Bb8 15.Qc2 Bb7.

9.Qc2 A) 9...Bc7 A1) 10.0-0 a6 (10...Nbd7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 Nd5 14.Rfd1 Qe7 15.d4 Rfd8; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Nbd7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 Nd5 14.Qb3 Qe7 15.a5 Nb4) 11.Bc4 Bb7 12.Be2 h6 13.d4 Be4 14.Bd3 Bf3 15.gf3 ab5; A2) 10.Ng5 g6 (10...Nbd7 11.Bf3 Rb8 12.Nc4 h6 13.Ne4 Bb7 14.Nf6 Nf6 15.Bb7 Rb7; 10...c3 11.Bc3 Nbd7 12.Bf3 Rb8 13.Nc4 h6 14.h4 Qe7 15.a4 a6) 11.0-0 a6 12.Bc4 Nbd7 13.f4 Qe7 14.Rf3 a5 15.Rh3 Re8; A3) 10.Nc4 a6 (10...Nbd7 11.0-0 Bb7 12.a4 h6 13.a5 ba5 14.Qc3 Qb8 15.h3 a6; 10...Bb7 11.Nce5 Nd5 12.Bd3 f5 13.Qb3 Nd7 14.0-0 Ne5 15.Ne5 Qg5) 11.Nce5 ab5 12.0-0 Ba6 13.Ng5 h6 14.Bf3 hg5 15.Ba8 Nbd7; B) 9...Bb7 10.Nc4 Bc7 (10...Qc7 11.Qd3 Rd8 12.h3 Be4 13.Qb3 Nbd7 14.0-0 Bd5 15.Qc3 Be7; 10...Be7 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Nfe5 Ne5 13.Ne5 Nd5 14.a3 Qc7 15.g3 a6) 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 a5 14.Rac1 Qe7 15.Nfe5 Be5; C) 9...Nbd7 C1) 10.0-0 Bb7 (10...Bc7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 Nd5 14.d4 Qe7 15.Rfd1 Rfc8; 10...Qe7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.g3 Bc7 13.Nfe5 Ne5 14.Ne5 Be5 15.Be5 Rad8; 10...Qc7 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.a4 a5 13.h3 h6 14.Rad1 Rad8 15.d3 Rfe8; 10...Bb8 11.Nc4 Bb7 12.d4 Qc7 13.Rfd1 Bf3 14.Bf3 Qh2 15.Kf1 Nd5) 11.Nc4 Bc7 12.h3 g6 13.a4 Nd5 14.Rfd1 a6 15.ba6 Ba6; C2) 10.h3 a6 (10...Bc7 11.0-0 c3 12.Qc3 Bb7 13.Nc4 Qe7 14.Rfe1 a6 15.a4 h6; 10...c3 11.Qc3 Bb7 12.Nc4 Bc7 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Rfd1 a6 15.a4 Rfd8; 10...Bb7 11.Nc4 Be7 12.0-0 a6 13.a4 Qc7 14.Nfe5 g6 15.d3 Nd5; 10...Be7 11.0-0 a6 12.Bc4 h6 13.Be2 Qc7 14.ba6 Ba6 15.Nb5 Bb5) 11.Nc4 Be7 12.ba6 Ba6 13.0-0 Nd5 14.a4 Bf6 15.d4 Qc7; C3) 10.Nc4 Bc7 (10...Qe7 11.h3 a6 12.Nd6 Qd6 13.Qa4 Qb8 14.d3 Bb7 15.0-0 h6; 10...Qc7 11.0-0 Bb7 12.g3 Be7 13.Rfd1 a6 14.a4 g6 15.Nfe5 Rfd8; 10...Be7 11.Ng5 Bb7 12.0-0 Qc7 13.Bd3 h6 14.Nh7 Rfd8 15.Nf6 Bf6; 10...Bb8 11.0-0 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.Bd3 Bc7 14.Rfe1 a6 15.a4 Bf3) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.a4 Nd5 14.Rfd1 Qe7 15.d4 Rfc8.

9.Nc4 a6 A) 10.Bf6 gf6 11.a4 Bc7 12.0-0 Bb7 13.Qc2 ab5 14.ab5 Nd7 15.Qc3 Qe7; B) 10.Qc2 Bc7 (10...ab5 11.Ng5 e5 12.Ne5 h6 13.Ngf3 b4 14.Bc4 Bb7 15.0-0 Nbd7) 11.a4 ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 Bb7 14.0-0 Qd5 15.Bf6 gf6; C) 10.Ng5 ab5 (10...Bc7 11.Qc2 Nbd7 12.Bf3 Ra7 13.a4 h6 14.h4 Qe7 15.a5 g6; 10...Ne8 11.h4 h6 12.Bd3 f5 13.Qf3 Ra7 14.Nd6 Qd6 15.Qe2 ab5; 10...Be7 11.Qc2 g6 12.a4 Nd5 13.f4 ab5 14.ab5 Ra1 15.Ba1 Bg5) 11.Qb1 e5 12.Ne5 h6 13.Bf3 Ra6 14.Ne4 Bf5 15.0-0 Ra4; D) 10.a4 Bc7 (10...ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Qa1 Bc7 13.0-0 Nbd7 14.Qa7 Bb8 15.Qa4 Bb7; 10...Bb7 11.0-0 Bc7 12.Nfe5 Nd5 13.Qb3 f6 14.Nd3 a5 15.Rae1 Qe7; 10...Nd5 11.a5 ab5 12.Nd6 Qd6 13.Bb5 ba5 14.Be5 Qe7 15.0-0 f6) 11.a5 ba5 12.b6 Bb6 13.Nb6 Qb6 14.Rb1 Qd8 15.Qc2 Nc6.

9.Nc4 Bc7 10.0-0 Bb7 11.Nfe5 Nbd7 12.Nc6 Bc6 13.bc6 Nb8 14.Qa4 (14.Bf6 gf6 15.Qa4 a6+=) 14...Qd2?? (better 14...a6 15.Bf6 gf6+=) 15.Nd2+– 1–0. GuestHFSY – GuestNFMT,, 2020.

9.Nc4 Bc7 10.0-0 Nbd7 11.Qc2 Bb7 12.h3 h6 13.Bd3 Bf3 14.gf3 Nd5 15.f4 N7f6.

9.Nc4 Bc7 10.a4 Nbd7 (10...Bb7 11.Nfe5 Nd5 12.0-0 f6 13.Nd3 Nd7 14.Qb3 Qe7 15.f4 Nb4; 10...Nd5 11.a5 ba5 12.Qa4 a6 13.b6 Bb6 14.0-0 Bd7 15.Qc2 Nc6; 10...a6 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Qb3 Bb7 13.ba6 Ba6 14.Rfd1 Qe7 15.g3 h6; 10...Qd5 11.Nfe5 Qd8 12.0-0 Nd5 13.Bd3 f5 14.a5 ba5 15.f4 Nb4) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Qb3 e5 13.d3 e4 14.Ng5 ed3 15.Bd3 h6.

9.Nc4 Bc7 10.Qc2 Nbd7 (10...a6 11.a4 Bb7 12.0-0 Nbd7 13.h3 h6 14.Na3 ab5 15.Nb5 Re8; 10...Bb7 11.Nce5 a6 12.0-0 ab5 13.Bb5 Nd5 14.Bd3 f5 15.Bb5 Qd6) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.a4 Nd5 13.g3 Qe7 14.Qb3 a5 15.ba6 Ba6.

9.Nc4 Bc7 10.Nfe5 a6 (10...Nd5 11.Bd3 f6 12.Qh5 g6 13.Bg6 hg6 14.Qg6 Kh8 15.Qh6 Kg8 16.Ng6) 11.a4 Nd5 12.0-0 f6 13.Nd3 ab5 14.ab5 Ra1 15.Qa1 Bd7.

9.Nc4 Be7 10.Qc2 (10.Nfe5 a6 (10...Nd5 11.Bd3 a6 12.a4 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Ba1 g6 15.0-0 f6; 10...Qc7 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Bf3 Nd5 13.e4 Nf6 14.Qe2 Nbd7 15.a4 a6) 11.a4 Nd5 12.0-0 f6 13.Nd3 Nd7 14.Qb3 Bb7 15.ba6 Ba6; 10.0-0 Nbd7 (10...Bb7 11.Nfe5 Qc7 12.Bd3 Nbd7 13.f3 a6 14.Qb3 ab5 15.Qb5 Ba6; 10...a6 11.a4 Nbd7 12.Qb3 Nd5 13.Ra3 ab5 14.ab5 Ra3 15.Qa3 Qc7) 11.Qc2 a6 12.a4 Bb7 13.Rfd1 Qc7 14.Nfe5 g6 15.h3 Rfd8; 10.h3 Nbd7 (10...Bb7 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Qc2 a6 13.a4 Qc7 14.Nfe5 Rfd8 15.Bd3 g6; 10...a6 11.a4 Nbd7 12.0-0 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Qa1 Bb7 15.Nfe5 Qc7; 10...Nd5 11.a4 a5 12.Nfe5 f6 13.Nd3 Nd7 14.0-0 Qc7 15.Qb3 Bb7) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Qc2 Qc7 13.Nfe5 a6 14.a4 g6 15.d3 Rfd8; 10.h4 Nbd7 (10...Bb7 11.Nfe5 a6 12.a4 Nd5 13.h5 f6 14.Nf3 Qc7 15.h6 g6; 10...a6 11.a4 Nbd7 12.0-0 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Qa1 Qc7 15.Nfe5 Bb7) 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Qc2 Ng4 13.Ng5 Bg5 14.hg5 Qg5 15.f3 Ngf6) 10...Bb7 (10...a6 11.0-0 ab5 12.Nce5 Nd5 13.Bd3 Bb7 14.Bh7 Kh8 15.Be4 Nd7; 10...Nbd7 11.0-0 Bb7 12.a4 a6 13.Nfe5 Qc7 14.f4 g6 15.ba6 Ra6; 10...Nd5 11.0-0 a6 12.a4 Nd7 13.d4 Bb7 14.Rfd1 Nb4 15.Qb1 ab5) 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.Rfd1 (12.a4 Qc7 13.a5 Ng4 14.g3 Bf6 15.Bf6 Ngf6) 12...Qc7 13.d3 (13.d4 Rac8 14.Rac1 Rfd8 15.dc5 Bc5) 13...Nd5 (13...a6 14.a4 Nd5 15.ba6 Ra6) 14.a4 (14.d4 a6 15.ba6 Ra6) 14...Bf6 (14...a6 15.d4= (15.ba6 Ra6) 15...Nb4; 14...a5 15.h3 f5) 15.a5 (15.Bf6 N5f6) 15...Bb2 (15...Nb4=) 16.Qb2 a6 17.ab6 N7b6 18.ba6 Ba6 19.Nb6 Qb6 20.Qb6 Nb6 21.Ne5 f6 (21...Bb5 22.Rab1 Ra5 23.Rdc1+=) 22.Rdb1+– Nd5 23.Nd7 Rfc8 24.Rc1 Bb5 25.Ra8 Ra8 26.Nc5 Rc8 (26...Ra2 27.Bg4 f5 28.Bf3+–) 27.Nb3 (27.Bg4!? f5 28.Bf3 Kf7+–) 27...Rc1+– 28.Nc1 e5 29.Bd1 Nb4 30.Bb3 Kf8 31.Bc4 Bc6 32.f3 Ke7 33.Kf2 f5 34.h4 Kf6 35.Ne2 Bd7 36.Nc3 Be6 37.Ke2 g6 38.g3 h6 39.Be6 Ke6 40.f4 Nc6 41.Nb5 Ne7 42.fe5 Ke5 43.d4 Kf6 44.Nc3 g5 45.Kf3 gh4 46.gh4 h5 (46...Nc8+–) 47.Kg3 Ng6 (47...Kg7 48.Ne2+–) 48.Nd5 Kg7 49.Nf4 Ne7 50.Nh5 Kh6 51.Nf4 1–0. Papapostolou,Christos – Rodemann,Edmund, GER–chT Seniors, 1995.

7.Be2 Qe7

8.Nc3 b6 9.d4 cd4 (9...Bb7 10.cd5 Nd5 11.dc5 Bc5 12.0-0=) 10.Qd4 Bb7 (10...e5 11.Qh4 dc4 12.Bc4=) 11.cd5 ed5 (11...Bc5 12.Qa4+=) 12.0-0+= Nbd7 13.Rac1 Nc5 14.Qh4 (14.Rc2 Rac8+=) 14...h6 (14...a6 15.Nd4+=) 15.Nd4+– Nfe4 (15...a6 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.Nd6 Qd6 18.Rfd1+–) 16.Qe7 Be7 17.Ne4 (17.Nf5 Bf6 18.Ne4 de4 19.Bf6 gf6 20.Nh6 Kh7+–) 17...de4 18.Nf5 Bf6 19.Nh6! Kh7 (19...gh6 20.Bf6 Deflection (20.Bf6 Overloading)) 20.Bf6 gf6 21.Nf5 (21.Ng4 f5 22.Nf6 Kg6+–) 21...Bc8 (21...a6 22.Nd6 ab5 23.Bb5+–) 22.Nd6+– Be6 23.Rc2 (23.f3 f5+–) 23...Rfd8 24.Rd1 1–0. Janek – Guest968, internet, 2018.

8.Nc3 Nbd7

9.d3 b6

10.0-0 Bb7

11.Qc2 Rfd8 12.Rfe1 (12.cd5 ed5 13.d4 Ne4=) 12...Ne5 (12...dc4 13.dc4 a6 14.Red1=) 13.cd5 Nd5 (13...ed5 14.d4 Nf3 15.Bf3=) 14.Ne4 (14.Ne5 Nb4 15.Qb1 Be5=) 14...Nf3 (14...Nb4 15.Qc3 Nf3 16.Bf3–/+) 15.Bf3 Bc7 (15...Nb4 16.Qc3 f5 17.Nd6 Bf3 18.Nf5 ef5 19.gf3 Nd3 20.Red1 Qg5 21.Kf1 Nb2 22.Qb2+=) 16.a4 (16.Qc4 a6=) 16...Nb4 (16...f5!? 17.Nd2 Nb4–/+) 17.Qc3= f5 18.Nf6 gf6 19.Bb7 Rab8 20.Bc6 (20.Qf6? Qf6 (20...Rb7?! 21.Qe7 Bh2 22.Kh2 Re7 23.Bf6+=) 21.Bf6 Rf8–+ (21...Rb7?! 22.Bd8 Bd8 23.Red1+=)) 20...Rd3 21.Qf6 (21.Qc4!?+=) 21...Qf6–/+ (21...Nc6?! 22.Qh8 (worse is 22.bc6 Qf6 23.Bf6 Kf7–/+) 22...Kf7 23.Qh7 Ke8 24.Qh8 Qf8 25.Qh5 Qf7 26.Qh8 Kd7 27.bc6 Kc6 28.Qh3=) 22.Bf6 Nc6 (22...Kf7 23.Bb2 Rbd8 24.e4–+) 23.bc6 Rd6 (23...Kf7 24.Bg5 Rd6 25.e4 Rc6 26.ef5 ef5 27.Re7 Kg6 28.Bd2–+) 24.Rad1 Kf7 (24...Rc8 25.e4 fe4 26.Bc3–/+) 25.Bh4 (25.Rd6!? Bd6 26.Rd1 Bh2 27.Kh2 Kf6 28.Rd7–/+) 25...Rc8 26.f3 Rc6 27.e4–/+ White fights for the Initiative 27...Rd6 28.ef5+= e5 29.Rd6 Bd6+= 30.Rd1 Bb8 31.Rd7+/– Kg8 32.Bf6 c4 33.Rg7 Kf8 34.Rh7 Rc6 35.Bg5 Bc7 36.f6 c3?? 37.Bh6 Kg8 38.Rg7 Kh8+/– 39.f7 Rf6?? 40.f8Q!+– (40.f8Q Rf8 41.Rc7+–) 1–0. Blankenberg,Bruno – Groeber,E, corr, 1984.

11.cd5 ed5

12.a4 A) 12...Ne5 13.d4 (13.g3 Qd7 14.Ne5 Be5 15.d4 cd4 16.ed4 Bd6 17.Qd3 Ne4 18.Bf3; 13.Re1 Rfe8 14.Qd2 c4 15.Nd4 g6 16.h3 Rac8 17.Rac1 cd3 18.Bd3; 13.Qd2 Rfe8 14.Rfe1 c4 15.d4 Ne4 16.Ne4 Nf3 17.Bf3 de4 18.Be2; 13.h3 Rfe8 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 Nf3 16.Bf3 d4 17.ed4 Bf3 18.Qf3) 13...Nf3 14.Bf3 c4 15.Qe2 a5 16.ba6 Ra6 17.Nb5 Rfa8 18.Qc2; B) 12...h6 13.a5 (13.g3 Qe6 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 Qh3 16.Re1 Nb6 17.Bf1 Qg4 18.Bg2; 13.d4 Rfc8 14.dc5 Nc5 15.Rc1 Qd7 16.Nd4 Rc7 17.g3 Re8 18.Nc6) 13...ba5 14.Ra5 Ne5 15.Ra4 Rfe8 16.d4 Nf3 17.Bf3 c4 18.Qc2; C) 12...d4 13.ed4 cd4 14.Ne4 Ne4 15.de4 Be4 16.Nd4 Rfe8 17.Nc6 Qe6 18.Bc4; D) 12...Rfe8= 13.g3 (13.a5 d4 14.ed4 ba5 15.g3 Qd8 16.Qd2 cd4 17.Nd4 Ne5 18.Nf5) 13...Ne5 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 d4 16.ed4 cd4 17.Nd4 Qd7 18.Ra4.

12.Qd2 A) 12...h6 13.a4 (13.Rfe1 Rfe8 14.a4 d4 15.ed4 cd4 16.Na2 Nh5 17.Bd1 Qf6 18.Bd4; 13.g3 Rfe8 14.Qc2 Ne5 15.d4 Nc4 16.Nh4 Nb2 17.Nf5 Qd7 18.Nd6; 13.h3 Rfe8 14.Rfc1 Qe6 15.Re1 Rac8 16.Rac1 Re7 17.d4 c4 18.Qc2; 13.Rfc1 Rfe8 14.h3 Qe6 15.Re1 Rac8 16.Rac1 Re7 17.d4 c4 18.Qc2) 13...d4 14.ed4 cd4 15.Ne4 Bb4 16.Qf4 Ne4 17.de4 Bc3 18.Ba3; B) 12...Rae8 13.g3 (13.d4 Ne4 14.Qc2 Ndf6 15.Ne4 Ne4 16.dc5 bc5 17.g3 Qd7 18.Rad1; 13.h3 d4 14.ed4 cd4 15.Ne4 Bb4 16.Qc2 Ne4 17.de4 Nc5 18.Nd4) 13...h6 14.Qd1 Qe6 15.d4 c4 16.Qc2 Qh3 17.Nh4 Ng4 18.Bg4; C) 12...Rad8 13.g3 (13.h3 Rfe8 14.Rae1 h6 15.Nh4 Qe6 16.Nf3 Rc8 17.Bd1 Ne5 18.Ne5; 13.Rfe1 Rfe8 14.g3 h6 15.Qc2 Qe6 16.d4 c4 17.Nh4 g6 18.Rad1; 13.Rfc1 h6 14.a4 d4 15.ed4 cd4 16.Ne4 Ne4 17.de4 Nc5 18.Nd4; 13.Rac1 h6 14.h3 Rfe8 15.d4 Ne4 16.Qc2 Ndf6 17.Qa4 Ra8 18.Ne4) 13...h6 14.a4 Ne5 15.Rfe1 d4 16.ed4 cd4 17.Nd4 Qd7 18.Ne4; D) 12...Rfe8 13.g3 (13.h3 h6 14.Rfc1 Qe6 15.d4 a6 16.dc5 bc5 17.a4 Ne5 18.Ne5; 13.Rfd1 h6 14.h3 Qe6 15.Re1 Ne5 16.Na4 Qd7 17.Rab1 Nf3 18.Bf3; 13.Rfc1 h6 14.h3 Qe6 15.d4 c4 16.a4 a6 17.ba6 Ra6 18.Ba3; 13.Rab1 d4 14.ed4 cd4 15.Ne4 Be4 16.de4 Ne4 17.Qd4 Ndf6 18.Rbe1) 13...h6 14.Qc2 Ne5 15.Na4 Qd7 16.Be5 Be5 17.Ne5 Re5 18.d4.

12.d4 Rad8 (12...c4 13.Qc2= (13.Nd2 a6 14.Bf3 Rfc8 15.Qc2 ab5 16.Nb5 Bb4 17.Bc3 Bc3 18.Nc3; 13.g3 a6 14.Qc2 Ne4 15.a4 ab5 16.Nb5 Bb4 17.Bc3 Bc3 18.Nc3; 13.a4 a5 14.Qc2 Rac8 15.Nd2 Rfe8 16.h3 Nf8 17.Nf3 Ng6 18.Ra2; 13.h3 a6 14.Nd2 h6 15.Bf3 Rfc8 16.Qc2 Bb4 17.a3 Bc3 18.ba6) 13...a6 14.a4 ab5 15.Nb5 Bb4 16.Bc3 Ne4 17.Bb4 Qb4 18.Rfb1; 12...h6 13.Qc2 (13.g3 c4 14.Nh4 g6 15.Qc2 Rfc8 16.Nf3 Ne4 17.Rfd1 a6 18.a4; 13.a4 c4 14.Qc2 a6 15.Nd2 Rfc8 16.Bf3 Bb4 17.Qf5 Qe6 18.Qc2; 13.dc5 bc5 14.h3 Qe6 15.Qc2 Ne5 16.Rfe1 Rfe8 17.Na4 Nc4 18.Bf6; 13.h3 c4 14.Qc2 a6 15.a4 a5 16.Nh4 g6 17.Nf3 Rfe8 18.Nd2) 13...a6 14.g3 c4 15.Nh4 g6 16.ba6 Ra6 17.Nb5 Bb8 18.a4) 13.Bd3 (13.Qa4 Ra8 14.Qd1 c4 15.Qc2 a6 16.a4 ab5 17.Nb5 Bb4 18.Bc3; 13.dc5 bc5 14.Qa4 Ra8 15.h3 h6 16.Rfd1 Qe6 17.Qc2 Rfe8 18.Rab1) 13...Ne4 (13...c4 14.Be2 a6 15.ba6 Ba6 16.a4 h6 17.Qc2 Bb7 18.Nh4) 14.Be4 (14.Qa4!?= Ra8 15.dc5 bc5 16.Rad1 f5 17.Qc2 Ndf6 18.Be2; 14.h3 f5 15.Qa4 Ra8 16.dc5 Ndc5 17.Qd1 Rad8 18.Rc1) 14...de4–/+ 15.Nd2 Qh4 (15...cd4 16.ed4 Bf4 17.Ne2 Bb8 18.Ng3) 16.f4? (better 16.g3 Qe7 (16...Qh3 17.d5 Ne5 18.f3) 17.Qa4=+ (17.Ba3 Rfe8 18.Nc4) 17...cd4 18.ed4) 16...ef3–+ 17.Nf3 Bf3 18.Rf3 Bh2 19.Kf1 Bg3 20.Ke2 (20.Ne2 Qh1 21.Ng1 Bh2–+) 20...cd4 (20...Ne5!? 21.Ne4 Nf3 22.Kf3–+) 21.Qd4 Ne5?? (better 21...Qh2 22.Ne4 Ne5 23.Rg3 Rd4 24.Bd4 Qh4–+) 22.Qh4–/+ Bh4 23.Rh3 Be7 24.Ne4 Rd5 25.a4 f5 26.Nd2 Rfd8 27.Bd4 f4! 28.Nb3 (28.ef4 Rd4 Double attack (28...Rd4 Deflection; 28...Rd4 Decoy)) 28...fe3 29.Re3 Ng6 30.Re4 Bg5 31.g3 Ne7 (31...Bf6 32.Bf6 gf6 33.Rc1–/+) 32.g4=+ Ng6 33.Rf1 h6 34.Rf3 Rc8 35.Kf1 (35.Kd3 Nh4 36.Rf2 Bf6=+) 35...Nh4 (35...Rc4 36.Rc3 Ra4 37.Rc7–+) 36.Rf2 (36.Rc3 Rc3 37.Bc3 Rd3–/+) 36...Rd7 (36...Rc4 37.Re8 Kh7 38.Re4–+) 37.Rfe2 Nf3 (better 37...Rc4 38.Bf2 Rd1 39.Be1 Rc3–/+) 38.Bb2? (better 38.Kg2 Rf8 39.Kg3–/+) 38...Rd3–+ 39.Nd4 Nd2 (39...Nd2 40.Rd2 Rd2–+ (40...Bd2?! 41.Ke2 Rd4 42.Bd4=+)) 0–1. Koerner,Helmut (1945) – Haemmerlein,Thomas (2205), Lichtenrader Autumn, Berlin GER, 2005.

12.g3 A) 12...h6 13.a4 (13.Qc2 Rfe8 14.d4 a6 15.a4 c4 16.Nh4 g6 17.ba6 Ra6 18.Nb5; 13.d4 Rfe8 14.Qc2 Qe6 15.Rab1 c4 16.Nh4 g6 17.Rfe1 Ne4 18.Ne4) 13...Qe6 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 Ne5 16.Ne5 Be5 17.Bf3 Rfe8 18.Ra4; B) 12...Qe6 13.Ng5 (13.a4 Rfe8 14.d4 Qh3 15.dc5 bc5 16.Ng5 Qf5 17.h4 h6 18.Bd3) 13...Qe8 14.d4 c4 15.Nh3 Qe6 16.Nf4 Qf5 17.Bf3 Rfe8 18.a4; C) 12...g6 13.a4 (13.Qa4 Kg7 14.Rfe1 a5 15.Qc2 Rfe8 16.Na4 Kg8 17.Rac1 Rac8 18.Qd2; 13.Qd2 Rad8 14.Rac1 Rfe8 15.Rfe1 Ne5 16.Na4 Nf3 17.Bf3 Qe6 18.Qd1; 13.Re1 Rfd8 14.Qc2 Re8 15.Rad1 a6 16.Ra1 a5 17.Qa4 Kg7 18.Rac1; 13.Qb3 Rfc8 14.Qc2 Ne5 15.Rfe1 c4 16.d4 Nf3 17.Bf3 a6 18.Na4) 13...Rfe8 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 Bc7 16.Ra4 Ne5 17.Ba3 Bb6 18.d4; D) 12...Rfe8 13.Qd2 (13.Re1 h6 14.Bf1 a6 15.Bg2 Rec8 16.ba6 Ba6 17.a4 c4 18.e4; 13.Qc2 Ne5 14.d4 Nf3 15.Bf3 cd4 16.ed4 Qe6 17.Rac1 Rac8 18.Qa4; 13.d4 c4 14.Nd2 h6 15.Qc2 Nf8 16.Rfe1 Ne6 17.Nf3 Ng5 18.Ng5; 13.Qb3 h6 14.Qc2 Ne5 15.d4 Nc4 16.Nh4 Qe6 17.Nf5 Bf8 18.dc5) 13...h6 14.d4 c4 15.Nh4 g6 16.a4 a5 17.ba6 Ra6 18.Qc2.

12.h3 A) 12...Qe6 13.d4 (13.Qc2 d4 14.ed4 cd4 15.Ne4 Rac8 16.Qa4 Ne4 17.de4 Qe4 18.Qd4; 13.a4 h6 14.a5 Ne5 15.a6 Bc8 16.Ra4 Bd7 17.d4 Nf3 18.Bf3; 13.Ng5 Qf5 14.f4 Qg6 15.h4 Qh6 16.Qe1 Rfe8 17.Qf2 d4 18.ed4) 13...a6 14.Qc2 h6 15.dc5 bc5 16.a4 d4 17.ed4 cd4 18.Nb1; B) 12...Ne5 13.d4 (13.Na4 Rfe8 14.Be5 Be5 15.Ne5 Qe5 16.Bf3 Qc7 17.Qd2 a6 18.ba6; 13.Qd2 Nf3 14.Bf3 Qe5 15.g3 Qe6 16.Bg2 Rfe8 17.a4 Qd7 18.Ne2; 13.Re1 Rfe8 14.Na4 Ned7 15.Qc2 h6 16.d4 c4 17.Nc3 Ne4 18.Ne4; 13.Qc2 Nf3 14.Bf3 Qe5 15.g3 Qe6 16.Kg2 Rfe8 17.Ne2 a6 18.ba6) 13...Nf3 14.Bf3 c4 15.Qc2 h6 16.a4 a5 17.ba6 Ra6 18.Nb5; C) 12...Rfe8 13.Qd2 (13.Qa4 a6 14.ba6 Ra6 15.Qd1 Ra5 16.Re1 h6 17.a4 Bc6 18.Nb5; 13.Rc1 h6 14.Qc2 a6 15.ba6 Ba6 16.a4 Qe6 17.Ra1 d4 18.ed4; 13.d4 c4 14.Nd2 a6 15.Bf3 Bb4 16.ba6 Ra6 17.Qc2 Nf8 18.a3; 13.a4 d4 14.ed4 cd4 15.Ne4 Ne4 16.de4 Rad8 17.Qd4 Nf6 18.e5) 13...h6 14.a4 Ne5 15.Rfe1 Qd7 16.Ne5 Re5 17.Bf3 Rf5 18.Ne2; D) 12...h6 13.d4 (13.a4 Ne5 14.a5 ba5 15.Ra5 Nf3 16.Bf3 Bh2 17.Kh1 Bc7 18.Ra4; 13.Re1 Rfe8 14.Qc1 Ne5 15.d4 Nf3 16.Bf3 c4 17.Qc2 a5 18.Rec1) 13...Rfe8 14.Qc2 c4 15.a4 Ne4 16.Ne4 Qe4 17.Qe4 Re4 18.a5.

7.Be2 Re8

8.0-0 b6 9.d4= Nbd7 10.Nbd2 Qc7 11.h3 (11.dc5 bc5 12.Qc2 d4=) 11...Bb7 12.Qc2 (12.dc5 bc5 13.Qc2 e5=) 12...a6 (12...cd4 13.Nd4 Rac8 14.Rac1=) 13.a4 (13.dc5 Qc5 14.ba6 Ba6=) 13...cd4=+ 14.Bd4 (14.Nd4 Rec8=+) 14...e5 15.ba6 (15.Bc3 Rec8=+) 15...Ba6 16.Bb2 e4 (16...Rac8 17.Rfc1=+) 17.Nd4 Rec8 (17...Bb4 18.Nb5 Bb5 19.ab5=) 18.Nb5=. Spiegel,M – Dilling,Ralf, corr SOK–88–22, 1988.

8.0-0 Nbd7 9.a4 (9.d4 cd4 10.Qd4 e5=) 9...b6 (9...e5 10.d3=+) 10.d4 Qc7 (10...cd4 11.Qd4 Nc5 12.Qh4=) 11.Nbd2 (11.Na3 cd4 12.Qd4 e5=+) 11...Bb7 (11...cd4 12.ed4 a6 13.a5 dc4 14.Nc4 ba5 15.Nd6 Qd6 16.Ra5=) 12.h3 (12.a5 ba5 13.cd5 Bd5=) 12...Ne4 (12...cd4 13.Nd4 Red8 14.Rc1=) 13.Rc1 Ndf6 14.Qb3 (14.cd5 ed5 15.dc5 bc5 16.Ne4 Ne4=) 14...Bh2 (14...a6 15.Ne4 Ne4 16.dc5 Nc5 17.Qc3=) 15.Kh1 Bg3 16.Kg1 Bh2 ½–½. Depyl,Pascal – Deunette,Patrice, corr, 1981.

8.0-0 e5 9.d3=+.

8.0-0 e5 9.d4 cd4 10.ed4=+.

8.0-0 e5 9.cd5 e4 10.Ne1 Nd5 11.d3 (11.Nc3 Nc3 12.Bc3 Nd7+=) 11...Qc7 12.h3 Bh2 13.Kh1 Be5 14.Qc1 Bb2 15.Qb2 Bf5 16.Nd2 Nf6 (16...Nd7 17.Rc1=) 17.Rc1= Nbd7 18.d4 ½–½. Kural,A. Serhat (2140) – Khrolenko,Viktor Mikhailovich, corr WC17/WS70 ICCF, 2009.

8.d4 cd4 9.ed4 Bb4 10.Nbd2 (10.Nc3 dc4 11.Bc4 a6=) 10...dc4 11.Bc4 a6 12.a4 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Ba1 Qa5 (14...Nbd7 15.0-0=) 15.0-0= Nbd7 16.Be2 Qc7 (16...Nb6 17.Nc4 Nc4 18.Bc4=) 17.Qb3 Bf8 (17...Nd5 18.Bb2=) 18.Bb2+= Nb6 19.Ne5 Nbd5 20.Ra1 Nd7 21.Nec4 N7b6 22.Bf3 (22.Bd3 g6+=) 22...Nc4 23.Nc4 b6 24.Ne5 Bb7 25.Rc1 (25.g3 Rc8+=) 25...Qd6 (25...Qe7 26.Bh5 g6 27.Bf3=) 26.g3 (26.Nc4 Qe7=) 26...Rc8 (26...Ra8 27.Be4=) 27.Ra1 Ra8 28.Ra8 Ba8 29.Qa4 Bb7 30.Qa7 Qc7 31.Nc6 Bc6 (31...h6 32.Qa4+=) 32.Qc7 Nc7 33.bc6 Bd6 34.Kf1 Kf8 35.Ke2 Ke7 36.Kd3 b5 37.Bc3 Na6 (37...Nd5 38.Bd5 ed5 39.Ba5+=) 38.Be2 (38.Ba5!?+/–) 38...Bb4= 39.Kc2 Bc3 40.Kc3 Nc7 (40...Kd6!? 41.Bb5 Nb8=) 41.Kb4+/– Kd6 42.Bb5 (42.Bf3 g5+/–) 42...f6 (42...Nd5 43.Ka5=) 43.f4 (43.Ba4 e5 44.de5 fe5+/–) 43...h6 (43...Nd5 44.Kb3=) 44.Ka5 (44.Ba4!?+/–) 44...Nd5= 45.Ka4 Nc7 46.Kb4 Nd5 47.Kc4 Nc7 (47...Ne3 48.Kc3=) 48.h3 (48.Ba4!?+=) 48...Nd5= 49.Kd3 Nc7 50.Ba4 Nd5 51.Kc4 (better is 51.Bd1=) 51...Ne3?? (better is 51...Nb6 52.Kb5 Na4 53.Ka4 Kc6–/+) 52.Kb5+/– Nd5 53.Bb3 (better is 53.Bd1+/–) 53...Nc7? (better is 53...Ne7 54.c7 Kc7 55.Be6 Kd6+=) 54.Kb6+– Ne8 55.g4 (55.Bc2 f5+–) 55...Nc7 (55...g5 56.f5 ef5 57.gf5+–) 56.Bc2 Nd5 57.Kb7 Nc7 58.Bg6 Nd5 59.Bf7 Nc7 60.h4 Nb5 61.f5 ef5 62.gf5 0–1. Mikhaylov,Dimitri (1860) – Martev,Alexandr (1715), Memorial Gh. Ghimpu, 2012.

8.d4 cd4 9.ed4 dc4 10.Nbd2 (10.Bc4 Nbd7=+) 10...b6 (10...Bd7 11.a4=+) 11.0-0=+ c3 12.Bc3 Nd5 (12...a6 13.Nc4=) 13.Bb2 (13.Rc1 a6=+) 13...Nd7 (13...a6 14.Ne4=+) 14.Nc4 Bf8 (14...Bc7 15.Nce5=) 15.Nfe5 (15.Bd3 a6=) 15...Ne5 (15...Bb7 16.Bh5 g6 17.Bf3=) 16.Ne5 (16.de5 a6=) 16...Bb7= 17.Bf3 a6 (17...Qh4 18.Re1=+) 18.a4 (18.Be4 f6 19.Qh5 g6 20.Ng6 hg6 21.Qg6 Bg7 22.Qh7 Kf8 23.Ba3 Re7 24.Be7 Qe7 25.ba6 Ra6=) 18...Rc8 (18...Qh4 19.Qe2=+) 19.Be4 Qh4 20.Qf3 f6 21.g3 (21.Nc6 Bc6 22.bc6 Red8+=) 21...Qh6 22.Nc6 Rc6 (22...Bc6!? 23.bc6 Rc6 24.Bd5 ed5 25.Qd5 Rce6+=) 23.Bd5 ed5 24.bc6 Bc6 25.Rac1 Ba4 26.Qd5 Kh8 27.Rc7 (27.Qf7 Bb4+=) 27...Qd2 (27...Bb5 28.Ra1+=) 28.Bc3+– Qd3 29.Qb7 Bb5 Threatening mate... how? 30.Ra1 Bc4 31.Rc1 b5? (better 31...Bg8+=) 32.Rc8+– (32.Qa6?? Bd5 33.Rd7 Qc3 34.Rd5 Qc1 35.Kg2 b4–+) 32...Rc8? (32...Qe2 33.Re1 Qe1 34.Be1 Re1 35.Kg2 Kg8+–) 33.Qc8 Kg8 34.Bb4 (34.Qa6 b4 35.Qa5 bc3 36.Qc3 Qc3 37.Rc3 Be6=+) 34...Kf7 (34...h6 35.Bf8 Qe4 36.Qd7 Kf8 37.Qa7+=) 35.Qf8 Kg6 36.Qe8 Bf7 37.Qe3 Qf5 (37...Qe3 38.fe3 Bd5+–) 38.g4 (better 38.Ra1+–) 38...Qg4 39.Qg3 Qg3 40.fg3 (40.fg3 Bd5 41.Ra1+–) 1–0. Schumacher,Dirk – Helms,Sven, 1995. (=1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b4 d5 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 c5 5.e3 Bd6 6.c4 0-0 7.Be2 Re8)

8.d4 cd4 9.Qd4 e5 10.Qh4 Bb4 11.Nbd2 Ne4 12.Qd8 Rd8 13.cd5 Rd5=+.

7.Ne5 Nbd7

8.f4 Ne4 9.Nf3 d4 10.Bd3 f5 11.0-0 e5 12.a4 ef4 13.ed4 g5 14.Be2 g4 15.Ne5 cd4 16.Nf3?? (better is 16.Nd7 Qd7 A) 17.Bd4 f3 18.gf3 Bh2 19.Kh2 g3 (19...Qd4?! 20.Ra3 g3 21.Kg2–/+) 20.Kg1 Qd4 21.Kg2 Nf2–+ (21...Qa1?! 22.fe4 Qd4 23.Qb3–+); B) 17.d3=) 16...gf3–+ 17.Bf3 Ne5 18.d3 Nf6 19.Bd4 Neg4 20.c5 Be5 21.Be5 Ne5 22.d4 Nc4 23.Nc3 Ne3 24.Qd3 Nf1 25.Rf1 Ne4 26.Be4 fe4 27.Ne4 Qd5 28.Nd6 f3 29.Rf3 Rf3 30.gf3 Bh3 31.Qe3 Rf8 32.Kf2 Bg4 33.f4 b6 34.h3 Bh3! 35.Ne4 (35.Qh3 Qd4) 35...Kh8 36.Kg3 (36.c6–+) 36...Rg8 37.Kf2 Re8 0–1. Pignataro,Louis (1840) – Vitoux,Colomban (2130), Hautes Alpes op 3rd, 2002.

8.f4 Be5 9.fe5 Ne4 10.Qh5 f6 11.Bd3 fe5 12.Be4 de4 13.Nc3 (13.Rf1!?–/+) 13...Nb6 14.Ne4 (14.Qe2!? a6 15.Ba3–/+) 14...Nc4–+ 15.Bc3 Qd5 16.Qg4 (16.Ng5 h6 17.Nf3 Bd7–+) 16...Bd7 17.a4 (17.Rf1 Na3 (17...Bb5?! 18.Nf6 Rf6 19.Rf6+=) 18.Rc1 Bb5 19.Rf8 Rf8–+) 17...a6 18.Rb1 (18.Rf1 ab5 19.Rf8 Rf8 20.ab5–+) 18...ab5 19.ab5 (19.Nc5 Qc5 20.Bb4 Qd5–+) 19...h5! 20.Qh4 (20.Qh5 Qe4 Deflection) 20...Qd3 21.Rc1 Ne3! 22.Qg3 (22.de3 Qe3 Double attack) 22...Rf1 23.Rf1 Qf1 0–1. Jaramillo,Carlos O (1945) – Sanabria Rangel,Sergio A (2085), Torneo OPEN, 2009.

7.Bf6 Qf6=

8.Nc3 dc4

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.0-0 A) 11...Nd7 12.Rc1 Rd8 (12...a6 13.Qc2 Rd8 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Bb6 16.Rfd1 Ne5 17.Be2 Qh4) 13.Qc2 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Bb6 16.Rfd1 Ne5 17.Be2 Qh4; B) 11...b6 B1) 12.Qb1 Bb7 (12...Nd7 13.d4 Bb7 14.Neg5 Nf6 15.Bd3 h6 16.Ne4 cd4 17.ed4 Rfd8) 13.Neg5 g6 14.Rd1 Rd8 15.d4 cd4 16.Rd4 Rd4 17.ed4 a6; B2) 12.Qc2 a6 (12...Bb7 13.Rfc1 Nd7 14.Rab1 Nf6 15.Bd3 Nd5 16.Ng3 Bg3 17.fg3 Nb4) 13.Neg5 g6 14.d3 Bb7 15.Rfc1 ab5 16.Bb5 Nc6 17.Bc6 Bc6; C) 11...a6 12.Qc2 Nd7 (12...b6 13.Neg5 g6 14.d3 ab5 15.Bb5 Bb7 16.Rfc1 Nc6 17.Bc6 Bc6) 13.Rfc1 b6 14.d4 ab5 15.Bb5 Ra5 16.Rab1 f5 17.Ned2 Bb7; D) 11...Rd8 12.Qc2 (12.Rc1 a6 13.Qc2 b6 14.d4 Bb7 15.dc5 bc5 16.a4 ab5 17.Bb5 Na6) 12...Nd7 13.Rac1 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Bb6 16.Rfd1 Ne5 17.Be2 Qh4.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.Rc1 A) 11...Nd7 A1) 12.Qc2 f5 (12...Rd8 13.0-0 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 ab5 16.Nb5 Bb8 17.Rfd1 b6) 13.Ng3 Kh8 14.0-0 b6 15.Qb3 Re8 16.d4 Bb7 17.Nd2 cd4; A2) 12.Qa4 f5 (12...Nf6 13.Nf6 Qf6 14.Bd3 Bd6 15.0-0 Rd8 16.Be4 h6 17.Rfd1 Qe7) 13.Ng3 Nb6 14.Qc2 Nc4 15.Qc4 b6 16.e4 Kh8 17.d4 a6; A3) 12.0-0 Rd8 (12...a6 13.Qc2 b6 14.d4 ab5 15.Bb5 Ra5 16.a4 f5 17.Ned2 Ba6) 13.Qc2 Nf6 14.Rfd1 Ne4 15.Qe4 a6 16.ba6 Ra7 17.ab7 Bb7; B) 11...a6 B1) 12.ba6 b6 13.d4 cd4 14.Nd4 Ba6 15.Ba6 Ra6 16.Qb3 Rd8 17.a4 Be5; B2) 12.0-0 b6 (12...ab5 13.Bb5 b6 14.d4 Bb7 15.Qc2 Be4 16.Qe4 Ra2 17.d5 Rb2) 13.Qc2 f5 14.Nc3 Bb7 15.Qb3 Bf3 16.Be6 Kh8 17.gf3 Rf6; B3) 12.Qc2 Bd7 (12...b6 13.d4 ab5 14.Bb5 Bd7 15.Bd7 Nd7 16.dc5 Nc5 17.Nc5 bc5) 13.ba6 b5 14.Neg5 g6 15.a7 Ra7 16.Be2 c4 17.d3 Ba5; C) 11...b6 C1) 12.d4 Bb7 (12...cd4 13.Nd4 Bb7 14.Bd3 Rd8 15.Qh5 g6 16.Qh6 Be5 17.Ng5 Bd4) 13.Bd3 a6 14.dc5 ab5 15.0-0 Rd8 16.Qe2 b4 17.cb6 Bb6; C2) 12.0-0 a6 (12...Bb7 13.Qc2 a6 14.a4 ab5 15.Neg5 g6 16.ab5 Nd7 17.Be2 h6) 13.Qc2 ab5 14.Bb5 f5 15.Nc3 Bb7 16.Be2 Nc6 17.d4 cd4; C3) 12.Qc2 Bb7 (12...a6 13.d4 ab5 14.Bb5 f5 15.Neg5 h6 16.Nh3 Bb7 17.dc5 bc5) 13.Nfg5 Rd8 14.Nc5 Qg5 15.Nb7 Qg2 16.Nd8 Qh1 17.Ke2 Qg2; D) 11...Rd8 D1) 12.Qc2 Nd7 (12...Ba5 13.0-0 Bb4 14.Neg5 g6 15.Ne4 Nd7 16.Qb3 b6 17.a3 Bb7) 13.0-0 Nf6 14.Rfd1 Ba5 15.d4 cd4 16.Rd4 Rd4 17.Nd4 g6; D2) 12.Be2 b6 (12...Nd7 13.Qc2 b6 14.d4 Bb7 15.dc5 Be4 16.Qe4 Nc5 17.Qh4 Qh4) 13.Qc2 f5 14.Nc3 Bb7 15.d4 cd4 16.Nd4 Be5 17.Nf3 Bc3; D3) 12.0-0 b6 (12...a6 13.Qc2 b6 14.d4 Bb7 15.dc5 bc5 16.a4 ab5 17.Bb5 Na6) 13.Qc2 Bb7 14.d4 a6 15.dc5 bc5 16.a4 ab5 17.Bb5 Na6.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.Qc2 a6 A) 12.0-0 ab5 (12...b6 13.Neg5 g6 14.d3 Bb7 15.Rfc1 ab5 16.Bb5 Nc6 17.Bc6 Bc6) 13.Bb5 b6 14.d4 f5 15.Ned2 Bb7 16.Rfc1 Rc8 17.dc5 bc5; B) 12.Rc1 Bd7 (12...b6 13.d4 ab5 14.Bb5 Bd7 15.Bd7 Nd7 16.dc5 Nc5 17.Nc5 bc5) 13.ba6 b6 14.Neg5 g6 15.Qd3 h6 16.Ne4 Bc6 17.Nc3 Bf3; C) 12.ba6 b6 13.Neg5 g6 14.Qe4 Ra7 15.0-0 h6 16.Nh3 Na6 17.d4 Bb7.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.Qc2 Bd7 12.0-0 (12.Be2 b6 13.d4 a6 14.dc5 ab5 15.cb6 Bb6 16.0-0 b4 17.Rfc1 Bc6) 12...a6 (12...Rd8 13.Rfc1 a6 14.Rab1 b6 15.d4 cd4 16.Nd4 ab5 17.Bb5 Rc8) 13.Rfb1 b6 14.Neg5 g6 15.Qe4 Ra7 16.Qh4 f6 17.Ne4 ab5.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.Qc2 Nd7 A) 12.0-0 f5 (12...Rd8 13.Rac1 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 ab5 16.Nb5 Ba5 17.Rfd1 Ne5) 13.Ng3 Nb6 14.Bb3 Bg3 15.fg3 Nd5 16.e4 Nb4 17.Qc4 a6; B) 12.Rd1 f5 (12...a6 13.ba6 b6 14.d4 Ba6 15.0-0 Rfc8 16.d5 Bc4 17.Qc4 ed5) 13.Ng3 Nb6 14.Bb3 Nd5 15.e4 fe4 16.Ne4 b6 17.d4 cd4; C) 12.Rc1= f5 (12...Rd8 13.0-0 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Bb6 16.Rfd1 Ne5 17.Be2 Qh4) 13.Ng3 Kh8 14.0-0 b6 15.Qb3 Bb7 16.Be6 Bf3 17.gf3 Ne5.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Bc7 11.Qc2 Rd8 12.Rc1 (12.0-0 Nd7 13.Rac1 a6 14.d4 cd4 15.Nd4 Bb6 16.Rfd1 Ne5 17.Be2 Qh4) 12...a6 (12...Nd7 13.0-0 a6 14.ba6 ba6 15.Be2 Bb6 16.Neg5 g6 17.Qe4 Rb8; 12...Ba5 13.0-0 Bb4 14.Neg5 g6 15.Ne4 a6 16.ba6 b6 17.Qb2 Nd7) 13.ba6 ba6 (13...b6 14.Neg5 (14.d4 Ba6 15.Neg5 g6 16.dc5 bc5 17.0-0 Bb7) 14...g6 15.Qe4= Ra7 16.Qh4 f6 17.Ne4 Kg7) 14.Neg5 (14.Bd3 Nd7 15.Nc5 Nc5 16.Bh7 Kf8 17.Qc5 Qc5 18.Rc5 Bd6+–) 14...g6+= 15.Qe4 Ra7 16.Qh4 h5 (16...f6!? 17.Ne4 Kg7+=) 17.g4+– f6 18.Ne4 g5 19.Qh5 Nd7 20.h4 Ne5 (20...Bb7 21.Qg6 Kf8 22.Nfg5 fg5 23.Ng5 Ne5 24.Ne6 Qe6 25.Qe6 Bh1 26.Qf5 Ke8+–) 21.hg5 Nf3 22.Ke2 fg5 (22...Ng5 23.Qh8 Kf7 24.Ng5 fg5 25.Rh7 Kg6 26.Bd3 Rd3 27.Re7 Rd2 28.Ke1 Re2 29.Ke2 Be5 30.Qh5 Kf6 31.Qf7) 23.Qh8 Kf7 24.Rh7 Kg6 25.Rg7!! (25.Rg7 Qg7 26.Qh5) 1–0. Baumann,Heinz (2355) – Brueske,Thomas (2355),, 2003.

9.Ne4 Qe7 10.Bc4 Nd7 11.Nd6 Qd6 12.d4 Nb6 (12...cd4 13.0-0= (< 13.ed4 Qb4 14.Nd2 Qc3=+)) 13.Be2 cd4 (13...c4 14.Rc1=) 14.Qd4+= (< 14.Nd4 Rd8=+) 14...Qd4 15.Nd4 e5 16.Nf3 f6 17.a4 Be6 18.0-0 (18.a5 Nc4+=) 18...Rac8= 19.h3 (19.a5 Nc4=) 19…Nd5 ½–½. Heyn – Houdek, corr 3GMM–17, 1995.

8.Nc3 Qf5

9.Qb1 Qb1 10.Rb1 dc4 11.Bc4 b6 (11...Rd8 12.Rd1=) 12.Bd3 Nd7 13.Be4 Rb8 14.d4 e5 15.de5 (15.dc5 bc5 16.Ke2 Nf6=) 15...Ne5 16.Rd1 Nf3 17.Bf3 Rd8 18.Ne4 Bc7 19.Rd8 Bd8 20.Ke2 (20.0-0 Be6=) 20...Be6 21.a4 Bc7 22.Rc1 Be5 (22...Rd8 23.h4=) 23.Nd2 Rd8 (worse is 23...Bh2 24.g3+/–) 24.Nc4 Bc7 25.h4 f5 26.g3 Kf8 27.Bc6 Ke7 28.f4 Kf7 (28...h6 29.h5=) 29.Rc3 (29.Nd2 Bd6=) 29...g6 30.Nd2 ½–½. Perlitz,Heinz – Vornanen,Alpo, TT–10 ETC, 2003.

9.Qb3 dc4 10.Bc4 Rd8 11.Rc1 =+.

9.d4 dc4 10.Bc4 cd4 11.Qd4 =.

6.c4 c6

7.a4 Bb4 8.Nc3 c5 9.Qb3 a5 10.Be2 d4 (10...dc4!? 11.Qc4 Nbd7=) 11.Na2+= de3 12.fe3 Ne4 13.Nb4 cb4 14.d4 (14.d3 Nf6+/–) 14...Nd7 15.c5 Ndf6 16.Ne5 Nd5 17.Nf3 Ng5 (17...Ndf6 18.Bc4 Qe7+/–) 18.0-0+/– Ne4 19.Rac1 g5 (19...Nec3 20.Bc3 Nc3 21.Bd3+/–) 20.Qd3 f5 21.Ne5 White intends c6 21...b3 (21...Ndc3 22.Bc3 Nc3 23.Bd1+/–) 22.c6 (22.Rcd1 g4 23.Qb3 Qg5+–) 22...Nb4 23.c7 (23.cb7 Bb7 24.Qb3 Bd5+–) 23...Qe7 24.Qd1 Nc2 25.Qd3 Qb4?? (25...Nb4 26.Qb3 Nd2+/–) 26.Bd1 Qa4 27.Bc2 bc2 28.Ra1 (28.Rc2 Rf6+–) 28...Qb4 29.Ba3 (29.Qc2?! Qb5 30.Ba3 Rf6+=) 29...Qc3 30.Bf8 Qd3 (30...Kf8 31.Qe4 c1B 32.Rac1 Qc1 33.Rc1 fe4 34.Nc4+–) 31.Nd3 Kf8 32.Rfc1 b6 33.Rc2 Ke7 (33...Nf6 34.Ne5 Bb7 35.Nc4+–) 34.Rac1 (better is 34.Rc6!? Ra7 35.Rb6 Rc7+–) 34...a4 35.Rc6 a3 36.Rb6 (better is 36.Ra1+–) 36...Nd6?? (36...a2 37.Ra1 Ra3+–) 37.Rb8 Ra5 38.Nb4 (better is 38.b6 a2 39.Ra1+–) 38...a2 (38...Rb5 39.Nc6 Kd7 40.Ne5 Ke7 41.Nc4 Nc4 42.Rc8+– (worse is 42.Rc4 a2 43.Rc1 Rb1 44.Rbb1 ab1R 45.Rb1 Kd7+–)) 39.Ra1 (better is 39.Nc6 Kd7 40.Na5+–) 39...Ra4 40.Na2 Ra5 (40...Kd7 41.b6+–) 41.b6 Kd7 42.g4! Nc4 (42...fg4 43.Kf2 Combination) 43.b7 (43.b7 Bb7 44.Rb7+–) 1–0. forsetinn (1660) – monkeykungphu,, 2013.

7.a4 c5 8.Qc2 b6 9.Bd3 h6 (9...Nbd7 10.0-0=) 10.cd5 (10.e4!? dc4 11.Bc4=) 10...ed5+= 11.Bf5 (11.Nc3 Nbd7+=) 11...Bb7 (11...Nbd7 12.0-0+=) 12.0-0= Nbd7 13.Nc3 Re8 14.Ne2 (14.d4 Qc7=) 14...Qc7 (14...d4 15.Ng3+=) 15.Ng3= Ne4 (15...a6 16.Rfc1=) 16.d3 Ng3 17.hg3 Ne5 (17...a6 18.Rfe1=) 18.Nd2 (18.Ne5 Be5 19.d4 Bf6=) 18...Bc8 (18...g6 19.Bh3=) 19.Bh3 (19.d4!? cd4 20.Bh7 Kh8 21.Bd4=) 19...Bh3 20.gh3 Qd7 (20...a6 21.f4 Ng6 22.e4 ab5 23.ab5 Ra1 24.Ba1+=) 21.Kg2 Rac8 (21...a6 22.f4 Ng6 23.Qc3–/+) 22.Qc3 (22.f4 Ng6 23.Rae1 c4=) 22...Bf8 (22...Qb7 23.Kg1+=) 23.f4 (23.Qc2 c4 24.Be5 Re5=) 23...Ng6 (23...d4 24.Qc2 de3 25.fe5 ed2 26.Qd2+=) 24.Rae1 (24.e4 c4 25.e5 d4 26.Qd4 Qb7 27.Qe4 Qe4 28.Ne4 cd3+=) 24...Qb7 (24...Re3 25.Re3 d4 26.Qc2 de3 27.Nc4–/+) 25.Kh2 (25.Nf3 c4=) 25...f6 26.Nf3 Qf7 27.g4?? d4–+ 28.ed4 cd4 29.Qd4?! Bc5 30.Re8 Re8 31.Qc3 Re2 32.Kh1 Nf4 33.Ng1 Bg1 34.Rg1 Qd5 (34...Qd5 35.Rg2 Qg2#) 0–1. Goutioudi,Kiriaki (1700) – Adontaki,Hristina (1890), GRE–ch U14 Girls, 2000.

7.a4 Re8 8.Be2 e5 9.d4 e4 10.Nfd2 Qc7 11.c5 Bh2?? (better 11...Be7=) 12.Nf1+– Bd6 13.cd6 Qd6 14.Ng3 g6 (14...Be6 15.Ba3 Qc7 16.Nd2+–) 15.Nc3 Be6 16.Ba3 Qd7 17.Qb3 Ng4 (17...b6 18.a5!+–) 18.bc6 bc6 19.0-0 1–0. DEFFM – chesterzzz,, 2018.

7.Qc2 cb5 8.cb5 Nbd7 9.Be2 +=.

7.Qc2 dc4 8.Bc4 (8.a4 a6 9.Bc4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 12.Bb5 Bd7 13.Bf6 Qf6=) 8...cb5+= 9.Bb5 Na6 (9...Bd7 10.Nc3+=) 10.Nc3 (10.0-0 Nb4 11.Qb3 a6=) 10...Nb4 (10...Bd7 11.Rc1+=) 11.Qb1 (11.Qa4 a6 12.0-0 e5+=) 11...a6 (11...Bd7 12.a3 Nc6 13.Bd3=) 12.Be2 h6 (12...b5 13.0-0=) 13.a3 (13.0-0 Bd7=) 13...Nc6 14.Qc2 (14.Ne4 e5=) 14...Bd7 (14...e5 15.0-0+=) 15.0-0 (15.Ne4 Ne4 16.Qe4 Qe7=) 15...b5 (15...Rc8 16.Rac1+=) 16.Ne4= Ne4 17.Qe4 Qe7 18.Nd4 (18.Rfc1 f5 19.Qc2 Rfc8=) 18...Nd4+= 19.Qd4 e5 20.Qb6 a5 (20...Rfc8 21.Rfc1+=) 21.Qb7 (21.Bb5?? Rfb8 22.Qb8 Rb8 23.Bd7 Rb2–+) 21...Rfb8 ½–½. Chirpii,Alexandru – Konotop,Sergei (2190), Centrocoop Sept op–A, 1998.

7.Qc2 Re8 8.Be5 Be5 9.Ne5 Nbd7 10.Nd7 Bd7 11.Be2 (11.cd5 cd5 12.Be2 e5–/+) 11...dc4–/+ 12.bc6 Bc6 13.Qc4 (better is 13.0-0–+) 13...Bg2 14.Rg1 Rc8 15.Qf4 (15.Rg2 Rc4 16.Bc4 Qc7–+) 15...Rc1 16.Bd1 Be4 17.Nc3 Ra1 18.Ne4 Ne4 19.Qe4 Qd5 (19...Ra2 20.Bc2 g6 21.Ke2–+) 20.Qh4 (20.Qd5 ed5 21.Rg5–+) 20...Qf3 21.Qa4 Rd8 (21...Rc8 22.Rg3 Qh1 23.Ke2–+) 22.Rg4 (22.Rg5–+) 22…b5! (22...b5 23.Rg7 Kg7–+) 0–1. Moehring,Norbert (1810) – Schlierkamp,Ferdinand (2070), Alpenpokal Obersdorf op, 2004.

7.Nc3 e5 8.cd5 cd5 9.d4 e4 10.Ne5 Re8 11.Qb3 Be6 12.Qa4 a6 13.Be2 Nbd7 14.Nd7 Bd7 15.Qb3 Qa5 16.0-0 Be6 17.Rfc1 Qd8 (17...Rec8 18.a4=) 18.Ba3 Bc7 19.Na4 ab5 20.Nc3 (20.Qb5? Bd7 21.Qb7 Ra4–+) 20...h5 (20...Qb8 21.h3=) 21.Nb5 Bb8 22.Rc2 Bg4 23.Bg4 Bh2 24.Kh2 Decoy to h2 24...Ng4 25.Kg1 Re6 (25...Qh4 26.Bd6 (26.Qd5?! Qh2 27.Kf1 Ra3 28.Na3 Qh1 29.Ke2 Qa1+/–) 26...Red8 27.Bg3+–) 26.Rac1 (better is 26.Nc7 Qh4 27.Na8+– (27.Qd5 Qh2 28.Kf1 Rf6 29.Qe4 Qh1 30.Ke2 Rf2 31.Kd3 Ra3 32.Kc4 Rc2 33.Qc2 Ne3 34.Kb5 Qa1–+)) 26...Qh4 27.Qd5 Qh2 28.Kf1 Rae8 29.Nd6 Qh1= 30.Ke2 Qg2 31.Rf1?? Ra8 32.Bc1?? Rd8 33.Ba3?? Ra8 34.Qb7 Ra3?? 35.Qf7+– Kh7 36.Qf5 Rg6 37.Ne4?? Re3–+ 38.Kd2 Re4 39.Qh5 Nh6 40.Qh1 Qg5 41.Kd3 Qf5 42.Qe4+– Qb5 43.Rc4 Qa6 44.Qe2 Kg8? 45.Rfc1 Re6 46.Qc2 Nf7 47.Qa4 Qb7 48.Rc6 Re8 49.Qb3 Qd7 50.Rc7 Qf5 51.Kc3 Qf3 52.Kb2 Qf2 53.Kb1 Qf5 54.Ka1 Qf6 55.Qc4 Qe6 56.Qe6 Re6 57.Rf1 Nh6 58.Kb2 (58.Kb2 g6 59.Kc3 Re3 60.Kc4+–) 1–0. Koester,Roman (2085) – Rueger,Erhard (2200), Oberliga East B, 2006.

7.cd5 cd5 A) 8.d4 A1) 8...Bd7 9.Nc3 (9.Qb3 a6 10.Nc3 Qa5 11.Ne5 Bb5 12.Bb5 ab5 13.Qb5) 9...Qa5 10.Qd2 Rc8 11.Rc1 a6 12.ba6 ba6 13.Bd3; A2) 8...Nbd7 9.Bd3 (9.Nc3 Nb6 10.Rc1 Bd7 11.Ne5 Rc8 12.h3 Ne4 13.Ne4) 9...Qe7 10.0-0 e5 11.de5 Ne5 12.Ne5 Be5 13.Be5; A3) 8...a6 9.Nc3 (9.Qa4 Nbd7 10.Nc3 e5 11.Rc1 e4 12.Nd2 Nb6 13.Qb3) 9...ab5 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.Bd3 Qb6 12.Rb1 Rc8 13.0-0; B) 8.Be2 B1) 8...Qe7 9.0-0 (9.Nc3 Nbd7 10.Rc1 Nb6 11.d4 a5 12.ba6 ba6 13.Ne5) 9...Nbd7 10.d4 Ne4 11.Nc3 Ndf6 12.Rc1 Nc3 13.Bc3; B2) 8...h6 9.0-0 (9.Nc3 e5 10.0-0 Be6 11.Rc1 Nbd7 12.d4 e4 13.Nd2) 9...Nbd7 10.d4 Ne4 11.Nc3 Ndf6 12.Ne4 Ne4 13.Ne5; B3) 8...Nbd7 9.Nc3 (9.0-0 Nb6 10.Qb3 Qe7 11.d3 e5 12.Nbd2 Bf5 13.d4) 9...Nb6 10.Qb3 Bd7 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Ba3 Qe7 13.Bd6; C) 8.Nc3 C1) 8...h6 9.Rc1 (9.Be2 e5 10.0-0 Be6 11.Rc1 Nbd7 12.Na4 Rc8 13.Qb3) 9...Nbd7 10.Be2 Nb6 11.Qb3 Bd7 12.0-0 Rc8 13.d3; C2) 8...e5 9.Be2 (9.Rc1 Be6 10.Be2 h6 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.d4 e4 13.Nd2) 9...h6 10.0-0 Be6 11.Rc1 Nbd7 12.d4 e4 13.Nd2; C3) 8...Nbd7 9.Rc1 (9.Be2 Nb6 10.Qb3 Bd7 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Ba3 Qe7 13.Bd6) 9...Nc5 10.Be2 Bd7 11.0-0 Qe7 12.d4 Nce4 13.Ne5.

7.Be2 cb5 8.cb5 a6 9.Nc3 Nbd7 10.0-0 e5 11.a4 Re8 12.Ba3 Bb8 13.Qb3 e4 14.Nd4 Ne5 15.Rfb1 Bg4 16.f3 ef3 17.gf3 (worse 17.Nf3 Bf3 18.Bf3 Nf3 19.gf3 d4–/+) 17...Nc4 (17...Bh5 18.Rb2=) 18.fg4 (18.ba6 Qc7 19.f4 Nd2 20.Nd5 Nd5 21.Qd5–+) 18...Nd2= 19.Qb4 Qc7 20.Nf3 Nf3 (20...Nb1 21.Rb1 Ba7 22.b6 Bb6 23.Qb6 Qc3 24.Rb3 Qa1 25.Kg2 Ng4 26.Qb7=+) 21.Bf3= Qh2 22.Kf1 Qg3 23.Ke2 (23.Bd5 Nd5 24.Nd5 Qh3 25.Ke2 Qg2 26.Kd3 Qd5 27.Qd4 Qg5 28.ba6 Ba7–+) 23...Bf4 24.Bc1 (24.Nd5 Nd5 25.Bd5 Qe3 26.Kf1 Qe2 27.Kg1 Qg4 28.Kf1 Qe2 29.Kg1 Be3 30.Kh1 Qh5 31.Kg2 Qd5 32.Kh2 Qh5 33.Kg3 Re5–+) 24...Rad8 25.Nd1=+ d4 26.Rb3 (26.Bb7 Qg4 27.Kf1 Qd1 28.Qe1 Qh5–+) 26...de3 (better 26...d3!? 27.Rd3 Rd3 28.Bb7–+) 27.Be3 Ng4 28.Qe1 Qh2 (28...Ne3 29.Ne3 Qh2 30.Kf1–+) 29.Kf1 h5 (better 29...Qh3!? 30.Bg2 Nh2 31.Kg1 Nf3 32.Kf1 Qg2 33.Kg2 Ne1 34.Kf2–+) 30.Bg4 hg4 (30...hg4 31.Qf2 Qh3 32.Qg2 Be3 33.Qh3 gh3 34.Ne3 Re4=+). Baumann,Heinz – Taulien,Hans_Juergen, RSX9E – A00 – Sokolsky–1, 2002.

7.Be2 Bd7 8.a4 (8.cd5 Nd5 9.Nc3 Nc3 10.dc3 Qe7=+) 8...a6 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.0-0=) 9.Qb3 (9.Na3 cb5 10.ab5 Qe7=) 9...dc4 10.Bc4 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 cb5 13.Bb5 Qa5 14.Bd7 Nbd7 15.Bf6 Nf6 16.Ke2 (16.0-0 Qd5 17.Qb2 Ne4=) 16...e5 17.d3 e4 (17...Qa6 18.Nbd2=+) 18.de4= Ne4 (18...Qa6 19.Qd3 Ne4 20.Qa6 ba6 21.Nbd2 Nd2 22.Kd2=) 19.Qb7 Qa2 20.Nbd2 Nc3 21.Kd3 Nd5 22.Qb3 (22.Rb1 Rd8 23.Qb3 Qa5=) 22...Qa6 23.Qc4 Qb7 (23...Qa3 24.Qb3 Qc5 25.Ra1=) 24.Ra1 (24.Rb1 Nb4 25.Ke2 Rc8+=) 24...Rd8 25.Ke2 Bb4 (25...Nf6 26.h3+=) 26.h3 (26.Nb3 Rc8 27.Qa6 Qd7+=) 26...Qd7= 27.e4 Bc3 ½–½. Nebe,Lutz (1900) – Newton,Hobart (1985), IECG, 1999.

7.Be2 Nbd7 8.a4 Ne4 9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 cb5 11.ab5 b6 12.d3 Nef6 13.e4 e5 14.Nh4 Nc5 15.Nc3 Be6 16.Nd5 (16.Be6 Ne6 17.Nf5 Qd7=) 16...Nd5 17.Bd5?? (better 17.ed5 Qh4 18.de6 fe6 19.Qe2=) 17...Bd5-+ (17...Qh4?! 18.Ba8 Ra8 19.Bc3-+) 18.ed5 Qh4 19.Qe2 (19.Re1 f6-+) 19...e4 20.g3 Qe7 (20...ed3 21.Qf3 (21.gh4?? de2 22.Rfe1 Rfe8-+) 21...Qc4 22.Ba3-+) 21.d4? (21.de4 Qe4 22.Qe4 Ne4 23.Rfe1-+) 21...Nd3 22.Bc3 f5 23.f4 (23.f3 Rfe8-+) 23...Rfc8 (23...Qc7 24.Be1-+) 24.Be1 Rc4 25.Qh5 (25.Qa2 Rac8-+) 25...Rd4 (better 25...g6 26.Qe2-+) 26.Qf5 e3 27.Bc3 Rf8 28.Qe6 Qe6 29.de6 Re4 (better 29...Rc4 30.Be1 Re4-+) 30.Ra7 Bc5?? (better 30...Rc8!? 31.Rg7 Kf8-+) 31.Kg2 (31.Rg7 Kh8 32.Rd7 Kg8 33.Rg7 Kh8 34.Rd7 Kg8 35.Rg7=) 31...e2 (better 31...Bd4 32.Bd4 Rd4-+) 32.Rh1?? (better 32.Rg7 Kh8 33.Rf7 Kg8 34.Rg7 Kh8 35.Rd7 Kg8 36.Rg7=) 32...Re6 (better 32...Bd4 33.Ra4 e1Q 34.Be1 Ne1 (34...Re1?! 35.Rd4 Re3 36.Rd6-/+) 35.Re1 Re1 36.Rd4 Re6-+) 33.Rg7+= Kh8 34.Re7 Kg8? (better 34...Ref6 35.Re2 Bb4 36.Bf6 Rf6+/-) 35.Re6+- e1Q 36.Re5?? (better 36.Be1 Rf4 37.Re8 (37.gf4?! Nf4 38.Kf3 Ne6+-) 37...Rf8 38.Rf8 Kf8 39.Bc3+-) 36...Ne5 (36...Nf4 37.Kf3 Qc3 38.Kg4 Qe5 39.gf4 Qf4 40.Kh3 Qf3 41.Kh4 Be7) 37.Re1-+ Nc4 38.Re4 (better 38.Rb1-/+) 38...Rd8?? (38...Nd6 39.Ra4 Nb5 40.Be5-+) 39.Kh3?? (39.Rc4 Rd5+-) 39...Rd3?? (better 39...Na3-+) 40.Re8?? (better 40.Rc4 Rd5 41.Re4+-) 40...Kf7-+ 41.Rh8 Rc3 42.Rh7 Kg6 43.Rd7 Ne3 44.Rc7 Nf5 (44...Rb3 45.Rc6 Kf7 46.Rc7 Be7 47.Ra7-+) 45.Rc6 Kh5 46.Rf6 Nh6 47.Re6 1-0. Atotheking (1710) - Atomo_14 (1775),, 2020.

7.Be2 Nbd7 8.d4 cb5 9.cb5 Ne4 10.0-0 b6 11.Nbd2 Bb7 12.Rc1 Rc8 (12...Rc8 13.Qa4 Rc1 14.Rc1 Qb8+=; 12...a6!?=). Hecht – Nonnenmacher, Berlin, 1955.

7.Be5 cb5 8.cb5 Ne4 =+.

7.a4 a6

8.Qc2 ab5 9.c5= Bc7 (9...Be7 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1=+) 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 (11...Nbd7 12.b6 Bb8 13.d4+=) 12.Bb5 Bd7 (12...Qe7 13.0-0=) 13.Bd7 (13.Bd3 h6=) 13...Qd7 (13...Nbd7 14.0-0=) 14.Ng5 (14.Bf6 gf6 15.0-0 Nc6+=) 14...e5= 15.h3 (15.f4 d4=) 15...h6 (15...Nc6 16.f4=+) 16.Nf3 Nc6 17.0-0 e4 (17...Rb8 18.Rc1=+) 18.Nd4 (18.Bf6 ef3 19.Bb2 fg2 20.Kg2 Rb8=) 18...Ne5 (18...Nb4 19.Qd1=+) 19.f4 (19.Nb3 Qe6=+) 19...Nc4 (19...Nd3 20.Nb3 Nh5 21.Kh2=+) 20.Bc3 (20.Nb3 Nh5=) 20...Ra8=+ 21.Qb3 (21.Rc1 Bd8=+) 21...b6 (21...Ba5 22.Ba5 Ra5 23.Qb4=+) 22.cb6 (22.c6!? Qe8 23.Rc1=) 22...Bb6–/+ 23.Qb5 (23.Rc1!?–/+) 23...Bd4–+ 24.Qd7 Be3! (24...Nd7?! 25.Bd4 Ra5 26.Rc1=+) 25.de3 Nd7 26.Bd4 Ra5 (26...Ndb6 27.Nc3–/+) 27.Nc3 Nd2 (27...f5 28.Rc1 Nd6 29.g4–/+) 28.Rd1=+ Nb3 29.Kh2 (29.Be5 Ne5 30.fe5 Kf8=+) 29...Nd4 30.Rd4 Nf6 31.g4 g5 (31...Rc5 32.Nd1–/+) 32.fg5 (32.Kg3 Rc5 33.Nd1 Rc4–/+) 32...hg5 33.Kg3 Rc5 34.Nd1 Nd7 (34...Kf8 35.h4–/+) 35.h4 (35.Nb2 Nb6–/+) 35...gh4 36.Kh4 Ne5 37.Kg3 Kg7 (37...Nf3 38.Rb4–+) 38.Kf4 (38.Nf2 Ra5–/+) 38...Kf6 (38...Nd3 39.Kg3–+) 39.g5 (39.Nf2 Ke6 40.Nh3 Nd3 41.Kg3–+) 39...Ke6 40.Ra4 Ng6 (better 40...Nd3!? 41.Kg3 Rc1–+) 41.Kg4–/+ Rc1 42.Rd4?? (better 42.Ra6 Ke7 43.Nf2–/+) 42...Ne5–+ 43.Kf4 (43.Kg3 Nf3 44.Nb2 Nd4 45.ed4 Kf5–+) 43...Nf3 (43...Nd3!? 44.Kg4–+) 44.Ra4 (44.Rb4 Rd1 45.Rb6 Ke7 46.Rb7 Kd6 47.Rf7 Rg1–+) 44...Rd1 45.Ra6 Ke7 46.g6 (46.Ra7 Kd6–+) 46...fg6 47.Rg6 Rd3 (47...Nd2 48.Rg7 Kd6 49.Rg3–+) 48.Ra6 (48.Rg8 Nd2 49.Rg7 Kd6 50.Rg6 Kc5–+) 48...Nd2 49.Ra7 (49.Ra4 Nc4 50.Ra6 Re3–+) 49...Kd6 50.Ra6 Kc5 51.Ra8 Nc4 52.Rc8 Kb4 53.Rb8 (53.Rd8 Rd2–+) 53...Kc3 54.Rc8 Kd2 55.Ra8 (55.Rd8 Ne3 56.Rh8 Nc4 57.Rh2 Kc3–+) 55...Ne3 (better 55...Re3 56.Ra2 Kd3 57.Ra1–+) 56.Ra2 (56.Rh8 Nc4 57.Rh2 Kc3–+) 56...Nc2 57.Rb2 (57.Ra7 e3 58.Rh7 d4–+) 57...e3 58.Rb8 e2 59.Rh8 e1Q 60.Rh2 Kc3 61.Rc2 (61.Rg2 Qe4 62.Kg5 Qg2 63.Kf6 Rf3 64.Ke6 Qg6 65.Kd5 Rf5 66.Ke4 Qe6) 0–1. Jalo,Pentti – Arasola,Kaarlo, Naantali op, 1993.

8.Qc2 dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 12.Bb5=.

8.Nc3 b6=+.

8.Nc3 Nbd7 9.cd5 cd5 10.d4 e5 11.de5 Ne5 (< 11...Be5 12.Ne5 Ne5 13.Nd5 Nd5 14.Be5+=) 12.Be2 (12.Nd5? Nf3 13.Qf3 Nd5–+) 12...Be6 (12...Nc4 13.Bc4 dc4 14.0-0=+) 13.0-0 Nc4 14.Bc4 dc4 15.Qd4 Bb4 16.Rac1 ab5 17.ab5 Qd4 18.Nd4 Rfd8 19.Rfd1 h6 20.h3 Bd7 21.f3 Kh7 22.Kf2 h5 23.h4 Be8 24.Ke2 Bc3 (24...Kg6 25.Rc2=) 25.Rc3 Ra2 26.Rb1 Rd4 27.ed4 Nd5 28.Kd2 Nc3 29.Kc3 Bb5 30.Ra1 Ra1 31.Ba1 Kg8 32.Kb4 Ba6 33.d5 f6 34.Kc5 ½–½. Bendig,Frank – Benussi,Alberto, CiF LT–003 CIF, 2003.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.d4 e4 11.Nd2 Be6 12.Be2 Nbd7 (12...Qa5 13.0-0=+) 13.Qb3 a5 (13...Qa5 14.Ba3 Rfc8 15.Bd6 Rc3 16.Qb4 Qb4 17.Bb4=) 14.Ba3= Nb6 15.0-0 Qe7 16.Bd6 Qd6 17.Rfc1 Rfc8 18.Na2 (18.Rc2 Rc7=) 18...Ng4 (18...Bg4 19.Bf1=) 19.Bg4 Bg4 20.Nc3 Be6 (20...Rc7 21.h3 Be6 22.Rab1=+) 21.Na2 (21.Rc2 Qb4=) 21...f5 22.Rc8 Rc8 23.Rf1 (23.Rc1 Rc1 24.Nc1 Nc4=) 23...Nc4 (23...f4 24.Rc1=+) 24.Nc4= dc4 25.Qc3 b6 26.Rb1 (26.Qc2 Qa3 27.Nc3 Rd8=) 26...g5 (26...f4 27.ef4 Qf4 28.Re1=) 27.Qb2 Bd5= 28.Nc3 Kf7 29.Ra1 h5 30.Qa3 Qa3–/+ 31.Ra3 Ke6 32.Ra1 h4 33.g3 Rh8–/+ 34.Re1 Kd6 35.Kf1 Bf7 36.Kg1 Bh5 37.Rc1 Bf3 38.Nb1 Rc8 39.Nc3 Re8 40.Nb1 Rc8 41.Nc3 f4 42.Re1? fg3 43.Rc1? g4 44.Nb1? gh2 45.Kh2 Be2 46.Nc3 Bd3 47.Kg2 Ke6 48.Rh1 Rh8 49.Rg1 Kf5 50.Nd5 Rh6 51.Rc1 Kg5 52.Nf4 Rh8 53.Nd5 Rb8 54.Re1 Bc2 55.Nc3 Rf8 56.Rc1 h3 57.Kg1 Bd3 58.Nd5 Rf3?? 59.Nb6–/+ g3 60.fg3 Re3 ½–½. Franke,Roland – Jaekel,Paul, Bahn–chM Borkum, 1996.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 a5 11.0-0 Be6 12.d4 e4 13.Ng5 (13.Ne5 Nbd7 14.Ba3 Ne5 15.de5 Be5 16.Bf8 Qf8=) 13...Bc8 14.Kh1 h6 15.Nh3 Bh3 16.gh3 Nbd7 17.f3 Bb4 18.fe4 Bc3 19.Bc3 Ne4 20.Be1 Ndf6 21.Bd3 Rc8 22.Qf3 b6 23.Bh4 Qd6 24.Rg1 Kh8 25.Qg2 Rg8 26.Raf1 Qa3 27.Be4 Ne4 28.Rf7 Rc1 (28...Qe3 29.Rg7 Qg1 30.Qg1 Rg7 31.Qe3=+) 29.Be1= Qe3 (29...Qa4?? 30.Rg7 Ng5 31.Rg8 Kg8 32.Qd5 Kg7 33.Qe5 Kg8 34.Qf5+-) 30.Rg7 Qg1 31.Qg1 Rg7 32.Qe3 Ra1 33.Qh6 Kg8 34.Qe6 Rf7 35.Qg6 Kf8 36.Qh6 Kg8 37.Qg6 Kf8 38.Qh6 Rg7 39.Qf4 (better 39.Qh8!? Kf7 40.Qh5 Ke7 41.Qe5 Kf8 42.Qf5 Rf7 43.Qc8 Kg7 44.Qg4 Kh6 45.Qh4 Kg6 46.Qg4 Ng5 47.Qe2=+) 39...Kg8-/+ 40.Qe3 Rg6 41.Qe2 Kg7 42.Qe3 Re6 43.Kg2 Ng5! (43...Ra4?! 44.Qe2-/+) 44.Qg5 Rg6 45.Bd2 (45.Bh4 Ra4 (worse 45...Rg5 46.Bg5 Ra4 47.Bd8-+) 46.Qg3 Rg3 47.hg3 Rd4-+) 45...Rg5 (45...Ra4 46.Kf3 Rg5 47.Bg5 Rd4 48.Be3-+) 46.Bg5 Ra4 47.Kf3 Ra1 48.Kf4 a4 49.Be7 Kf7 50.Bb4 Rb1 51.Ba3 Rb3 52.Bc1 Rb5 53.Ke3 Rb4 54.Ke2 0-1. PEREIRA – Mumkin, internet, 2022.

8.Nc3 Re8 9.Qb3 Nbd7 10.d4 dc4 (10...ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1=+) 11.Bc4= cb5 (11...ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1=) 12.ab5 a5 13.0-0 b6 14.Ba3 Nb8 (14...Ba3 15.Ra3 Bb7 16.Be2=) 15.Ne5 (15.Bd6!? Qd6 16.e4+=) 15...Be5= 16.de5 Nfd7 (16...Ng4 17.Bd6 Nd7 18.Be2 Nge5 19.Rfd1=) 17.Rfd1 Qc7 (17...Bb7 18.Qc2+=) 18.Rac1 (18.Bd6!? Qa7 19.Qa4+/-) 18...Ne5 (18...Qe5!? 19.Rd6 Bb7=) 19.Ne4 Nc4?? (19...a4 20.Qb4 Qa7+-) 20.Rc4+- Qe5 21.Nd6 Rf8 (21...a4 22.Qd3 Bd7 23.Ne8+-) 22.Nc8 h6 (22...Re8+-) 23.Bf8 Kf8 24.Nb6 (24.Rd8) 24...Ra7+- 25.Rc8 (25.f4 Qf5 26.Rc8 Ke7+-) 25...Ke7 26.Qa3 Kf6 27.Rb8! Re7 (27...Qb8 28.Nd7 Double attack (28.Nd7 Decoy)) 28.Nd7 Kf5 29.Ne5 Ke5 (29...Rd7 30.Rd7 Kg5 31.f4 Kh4 32.e4 a4 33.Qh3) 30.Qe7 Kf5 31.Qf7 Ke5 (31...Kg5 32.Qg7 Kh5 33.h3 a4 34.Qg4) 32.Qg7 (32.Qf4) 32...Kf5 (32...Ke4 33.Qg6 Ke5 34.f4) 33.Qh7 (33.Rf8 Ke4 34.Qd4) 33...Ke5 (33...Kg5 34.Rg8 Kf6 35.Qh6 Ke5 36.Qf4) 34.Qh6 (34.f4 Kf6 35.Rf8) 34...a4 (34...Kf5 35.Rf8 Ke5 36.Qf4) 35.Rc8 (35.Qf4) 35...a3 (35...Kf5 36.Rf8 Ke5 37.Qf4) 36.Rc5 (36.Qf4) 36...Ke4 37.Qf4 (37.Qe6) 1-0. ClayPigeons (2120) - Aliashraf_Azimzade (2085), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

8.d4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Bd7 11.Nc3 (11.c5!? Be7 12.b6+=) 11...Qa5 (better 11...cb5 12.c5 Be7 13.Bb5 Bb5 14.Nb5 Qa5 15.Nc3 b6-/+) 12.Bb2?? (better 12.c5!? cb5 13.cd6=+) 12...Qb4 (better 12...Bb4!? 13.Qc2 Ne4-+) 13.Qc2-/+ dc4 14.bc6 Nc6 (14...Bc6 15.Be2-/+) 15.Be2-/+ b5 16.0-0 Qa5 17.Ra1 Qb6 18.Rb1 (18.e4 Be7-/+ (worse 18...Nd4 19.Nd4 b4 20.Nd1=+)) 18...Nd5 (18...Nb4 19.Qc1-/+) 19.Bc1 (19.Ne5 Ne5 20.de5-/+) 19...b4 (19...Ncb4!? 20.Qb2 Ra8-/+) 20.Bc4 Nc3 21.Qc3 Rb8 (21...Rc8 22.Be2 bc3 23.Rb6-/+) 22.Qb3 (better 22.Qc2!?=) 22...Na5-/+ 23.Qd3 Nc4 24.Qc4 b3 (24...Bc6 25.Ne5 Bd5 26.Qe2-/+) 25.Nd2=+ Rc8 (25...Qa5!? 26.Rb3 Rc8=+) 26.Qb3= Qb3 (26...Qa5 27.Qd3=) 27.Nb3+= (27.Rb3?? Rc1 28.Nf1 Bc8-+) 27...Ba4 (27...f5 28.f3+=) 28.Nd2 (28.Nc5 Bc6+/-) 28...Bc2 29.Ra1 h5 (29...Bb4 30.Nf3+=) 30.g3 (30.Ba3!? Ra8 31.Nc4+/-) 30...Bb4= 31.Nf3 Bc3 32.Ra7 (better 32.Ra6=) 32...Be4-+ 33.Nd2 (better 33.Rf7 Bb4 34.Bd2 Bd2 35.Rf4 Rc1 36.Kg2-+) 33...Bd2?? (better 33...Bd4 34.Ba3 Ba7 35.Ne4 Rc4-+) 34.Bd2= Rc2 35.Be1 Rc1 36.Kf1? (better 36.f3 Bf3 37.Kf2=+) 36...Bd3-+ 37.Kg2 Re1 0-1. ClayPigeons (2095) - sahaldau (2205), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

8.Be2 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Nbd7 11.0-0 e5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Qa4 (13.cd5 e4 14.Nd4 Nd5=) 13...Qc7 (13...e4 14.Nd4=+) 14.h3 (14.cd5 cd5 15.Nc3 Nb6=) 14...Nc5 (14...Nb6!? 15.Qa5 e4=+) 15.Qc2=+ e4 16.Nd4 Ba6 17.cd5 Be2 18.Ne2 cd5 (18...Nd5!? 19.Nbc3 Qe7=+) 19.Bf6+= gf6 20.Nbc3 Nd3 (20...Rd8!?=) 21.Qb3+/- Ra8 22.g3 f5 (22...Qc5 23.Qd5 Qd5 24.Nd5+/-) 23.Qd5+/- (23.Qd5 Ra5 24.Nb5+/-) 1-0. Drazic,S (2420) - Marn,Jan (2200), 24th HIT Open, 2019. (=1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nf6 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.e3 0-0 6.c4 c6)

8.Nc3 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1

10.Qa1 Bb4 11.cd5 Nd5 (better 11...cd5!? 12.Be2 Nbd7+=) 12.Nd5+– cd5? (better 12...Qd5 13.Bg7 Re8+–) 13.Bg7 Re8 14.Bh6 (better 14.Qd4!? Nd7 15.Qg4+– (15.Qb4?! Kg7 16.Be2 e5+–)) 14...e5+– 15.Ne5 Qf6 16.Bf4 Nd7 17.Qb2 (17.Qa4 Bd2 18.Kd2 Ne5+–) 17...Ne5 (17...Ba5 18.Nd3 Qb2 19.Nb2+–) 18.Qb4 Ng4 1–0. GuestRZYX – GuestMYXG,, 2019.

10.Qa1 Bb4 11.Be2 Nbd7 12.0-0 e5 (12...dc4 13.Bc4 Nb6 14.Be2=) 13.Na2 Ba5 (13...Bd6 14.bc6 bc6 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Be5 Ne5 17.Qe5 dc4 18.Rd1+=) 14.Be5 (14.Ne5 Ne5 15.Be5 dc4 16.bc6 bc6+/-) 14...Ne5+= 15.Qe5 Re8 (15...Bc7 16.Qd4+=) 16.Qb2+/- Bg4 17.cd5 Nd5 18.d4 Qb6 19.Rb1 Bf5 20.bc6?? (better 20.Rc1+/-) 20...Bb1-+ 21.Qb6 Nb6 (better 21...Bb6 22.Nc1 bc6 23.Bd3 Bd3 24.Nd3-+) 22.cb7 (22.Nc1 bc6 23.Bd3 Bd3 24.Nd3 Nd7-+) 22...Be4 (better 22...Ba2 23.Ne5 Bd5 24.Bb5-+) 23.Ne5 Bb7 24.g4 (24.Nc1 Bc3-+) 24...f6 (better 24...Rc8!? 25.Bd3-+) 25.Nd3 Ba6 (25...Ra8 26.Nac1-+) 26.Nac1 Bd2 27.Nf4 Be2 28.Nce2 Nc4 29.Kg2 Kf7 30.h4 Rd8 31.Kf3 g5 32.hg5 fg5 33.Nh3 h6 34.Ng3 Kg6 35.Ne4 Ba5 36.Ng1 Rf8 37.Kg2 Nd2 (37...Bb4 38.Ng3-+) 38.Nd2 Bd2 39.Ne2 (39.Nf3 Bc3-+) 39...h5 40.gh5 Kh5 41.Ng3 Kg4 42.Ne4 Be1 43.Kf1 (43.d5 Rd8-+) 43...Bb4 (better 43...Bf2 44.Ke2 Bg1-+) 44.Ke2 Kf5 45.f3 Kg6 46.Ng3 (46.Nf2 Ra8-+) 46...Ra8 47.Kd3 Ra3 48.Ke4 Be7 49.Nf5 Bb4 50.f4?? (50.Ng3 Kf6 51.Nh5 Kf7 52.Ng3-+) 50...g4-+ 51.Ng3 Bd2 (better 51...Be1 52.Nf5-+) 52.f5 (52.Nf1 Be1 53.f5 Kg5 54.Nh2-+) 52...Kg5 53.Nf1 Be3! 54.Ne3 Re3?? (better 54...Ra8 55.Kd3 Kf4-+) 55.Ke3= Kf5 56.Kf2 Ke4 57.Kg3 Kd4 58.Kg4 ½-½. zembelek (2050) - tarn (2065), Rated Blitz game,, 2013.

10.Qa1 cb5 11.Nb5 Be7 12.cd5 ed5 13.Be2 Nc6 14.0-0 Bf5 15.d3 Qb6 16.Nbd4 Be6 17.Ne6 (17.Rb1 Qc7+=) 17...fe6= 18.Rb1 Qc7 19.Be5 Ne5 20.Ne5 Bd6 21.d4 b6 (21...Be5 22.de5 Ne4 23.Rc1=) 22.Rc1 Qb8 23.Nf3 (23.Qb2 Qb7+=) 23...b5= 24.g3 (24.Qa6 b4=) 24...Qb7 25.Ng5 Re8 26.Qb1 Exerts pressure on the isolated pawn 26...h6 27.Bb5 (worse 27.Qb5 Qb5 28.Bb5 Rb8 (28...hg5?! 29.Be8 Ne8 30.h3=) 29.Ne6 Rb5–/+) 27...Rb8 28.Ne6 Qb5 29.Qg6? (better 29.Rc8! Ne8 30.Qb5 Rb5 31.Re8 Kf7 32.Ng7 Kg7 33.h3=) 29...Qd7–+ 30.Nc5 Bc5 31.dc5 Qc6 32.Qf5 (32.h4 Rc8–+) 32...Ne4 33.Rd1 Rd8 (33...Nc5?! 34.Qd5 Qd5 35.Rd5 Rb1 36.Kg2–/+) 34.f3 Qa4 35.Rd5?? (35.Qe6 Kh8 36.Rf1 Nc5 37.Qe7–+) 35...Qa1 36.Kg2 Qa2 37.Kh3 Nf2 38.Kh4 Rd5 39.Qe6 Kh7 40.Qe4 Ne4 41.fe4 Qh2 (41...Qh2 42.Kg4 Qe2 43.Kf4 g5) 0–1. GuestPKCH – badplayers,, 2017.

10.Qa1 Nbd7 11.Be2 Nc5 12.0-0 Nce4 (12...e5 13.cd5 cd5 14.d4 ed4 15.Nd4=) 13.Ne4 (13.d3 Nc3 14.Bc3 cb5 15.cb5 Ne8+=) 13...de4= (worse 13...Ne4 14.Bg7 Re8 15.d3+-) 14.Ng5 cb5 (better 14...Be7!? 15.Qb1 cb5 16.cb5 Qd2+=) 15.Bf6+/- Qf6 (15...gf6 16.Ne4 Be7 17.cb5+/-) 16.Qf6+- gf6 17.Ne4 Be7 18.cb5 Rd8 19.d4 Bd7 (19...f5 20.Nd2+-) 20.Rb1 (20.Nc5 b6 21.Na4 Rb8+-) 20...f5 21.Nc5 Bc8 22.f3 (22.Rc1 f4+-) 22...b6 (22...e5 23.Nb3 ed4 24.ed4+/-) 23.Na6 (23.Na4 Rd6+-) 23...Bb7 (23...f4 24.Kf2+=) 24.Kf2 (24.Rc1 Bd5+/-) 24...Rc8 (24...f4 25.Rd1+/-) 25.Nb4 Kf8 26.Nd3 Rc2 27.Rc1 Rc1 28.Nc1 Bb4 29.Nd3 Bd2 (29...Bd6 30.g3+-) 30.Ne5 Ke7 31.Bd3 f6 32.Nc6 (32.Nc4 Ba5+-) 32...Kd6+/- 33.Nd8 (33.Ke2 Bc1 34.Nd8 Bd5+/-) 33...Bc8 (33...Bd5 34.e4 fe4 35.fe4+/- (35.Be4?! Bc4=)) 34.Bc4 (34.Ke2 Bc1+-) 34...Ba5 (34...f4 35.ef4 Bf4 36.g3+/-) 35.h4 (35.Ke2 Bc3+-) 35...Ke7 (35...Bc3 36.f4+-) 36.Nc6+- Kd6 37.e4 (37.Ke2!? Bc3+-) 37...fe4+/- 38.fe4 Bc3 39.Ke3 Bb7 (39...e5 40.d5+/-) 40.Nd8+- Bc8 41.Kd3 Be1 42.h5 Bf2 43.g4 Bg3 44.Nc6 (44.Ke3!? Bh4+-) 44...Bd7 (44...e5 45.h6 Bf4 46.Bg8+=) 45.Nb4 Be1 46.Nc2 Ba5 (46...Bh4 47.Ne3+/-) 47.Ne3 Bb4 48.Ng2 (48.Kc2 Be1+/-) 48...Ba5 (48...Ba3 49.Nh4+/-) 49.Nh4 (49.Nf4 Be1+-) 49...Bb4 (49...e5!?+/-) 50.Nf3+- Ba5 (50...h6 51.g5! fg5 52.Ng5+-) 51.e5 fe5 52.de5 Ke7 53.Nd4 h6 (53...Kf7 54.g5+-) 54.Ke4 (better 54.Nc6!? Bc6 55.bc6 b5 56.Bb5 Bc7+-) 54...Bd2 55.Nf3 (55.Nc6 Ke8+-) 55...Bc1+/- 56.g5! hg5 (56...Bg5 57.Ng5 Combination; 56...hg5 57.Nd4 Combination) 57.h6 (57.h6 Be8 58.Kd4+=) 1-0. zembelek (2050) - tarn (2065), Rated Blitz game,, 2013.

10.Qa1 e5 11.d4 e4 12.Nd2 Be6 13.Ba3 Qa5 14.c5 Be7 15.Bb2 (15.Nb3 Qd8=) 15...Qc7 16.Qa7 cb5 17.Nb5 Qd7 18.Nc3 Nc6 19.Qa4 Qc7 (19...Rb8 20.Bb5=) 20.Nb5 Qb8 21.Be2 (21.Bc3 b6=+) 21...b6=+ 22.Ba3 bc5 23.Bc5 Qa8 24.Qa8 Ra8 25.Nb3 Ra2 26.Be7 Ne7 27.Nc3 Rc2 28.Na4 Bd7 29.Bd1 Ra2 30.Nc3 Rb2 31.0-0 h6 (31...Bf5 32.Nc5=) 32.f3+= g5 33.Rf2 Rf2 34.Kf2 Bc6 35.Nc5 ef3 36.gf3 Kf8 37.Bc2 Nd7 38.Bb3 Nf6 39.e4 Ke8 40.h3 h5 41.e5 ½–½. marekt – JF_,, 2004.

10.Ba1 cb5 11.cb5 (11.Nb5 Be7=) 11...Nbd7 12.d4 Qc7 13.Bd3 Bb4 (13...e5 14.de5 Ne5 15.0-0=+) 14.Qb3= Bc3 (14...Ba5!?=) 15.Bc3 Nb6 (15...Ne4 16.Bb2+=) 16.Bb4 Rd8 (16...Re8 17.0-0+/-) 17.0-0+/- Bd7 18.Ba5 Ra8 19.Qb4 Be8 20.Ne5 Nfd7 (20...Ne4 21.Nc4 dc4 22.Be4+/-) 21.Nd7 (21.Qe7 Qc8 22.Bb4 Qd8 23.Qd8 Rd8 24.Nd7 Rd7+/-) 21...Bd7+= 22.Rd1 g6 23.g3 Kg7 24.Kg2 Be8 25.Rb1 Bd7 26.Qd2 (26.Rb3 Be8+/-) 26...Be8 (26...Qd6 27.Bb6 Qb6 28.Rc1+=) 27.Rc1+/- Qd8 28.Rc5 Bd7 29.Qc2?? (29.Qe1 h6+/-) 29...Be8?? (29...Ra5 30.Qb3-+) 30.Rc7?? (better 30.Qc3+/-) 30...Ra5-+ 31.Rc5 (31.Rb7 Nc4 32.b6 Nb6-+) 31...Ra8 (31...Nc4 32.b6 Qb6 33.Ra5 Qa5 34.Qc1-+) 32.Qd2 (32.Qe2 Qd6-+) 32...Rc8 (32...Nc4 33.Bc4 dc4 34.e4-+) 33.Qe2 (33.Qc3 Nc4! 34.Qb4 Rc5 35.dc5 Qa5 36.Qa5 Na5-+) 33...Rc5 34.dc5 Nc4! 35.Bc4 dc4 36.Qc4 Qc8 (36...Qa5!? 37.c6 bc6 38.Qd4 f6 39.b6-+) 37.e4 Bd7 (37...e5 38.Kf3-+) 38.f3 e5 39.Qd5 Be6 (better 39...f6!? 40.b6 g5-+) 40.Qe5=+ Kg8 41.Qd6 Qd7 42.Qb8 (42.b6!?=+) 42...Kg7-/+ 43.Qe5 Kg8 (better 43...f6!? 44.Qb2 Bc4-/+) 44.Qb8= Kg7 45.Qe5 Kg8 (better 45...f6!? 46.Qb2 g5-/+) 46.Qb8= ½-½. ClayPigeons (2195) - gelfand2890 (2230), Rated Bullet game,, 2021.

7.a4 cb5

8.ab5 b6 9.d4 Bb7 10.Nbd2 Bb4 (10...a6 11.Ba3=) 11.Be2 dc4 12.Bc4 Qc7 13.Rc1 Qd6 14.0-0 Bd2 (14...a6 15.ba6 Na6 16.Bd3=) 15.Nd2+= Nbd7 (15...a6 16.ba6 Na6 17.Qe2=) 16.Qb3 Qb8 17.Ba3 Rc8 18.h3 (18.Bd3 a6+=) 18...Nd5 (18...a6 19.Qd3=) 19.g3 (19.Ne4 a5+/-) 19...N7f6 20.e4 Nc7 21.Rfe1 a6 (21...Rd8 22.Qd3+=) 22.Bd6+/- ab5 23.Bb5 Ba6 (23...Ra7 24.Rc3+/-) 24.Ba6 (24.Bc6!? Bb7 25.Qb6 Bc6 26.Qc6+/-) 24...Ra6+= 25.Nc4 Qb7 (25...b5 26.Bf4+=) 26.Ne5 (26.Be5 Nfe8 27.Bc7 Rc7 28.Qb5+=) 26...Ne4 (better 26...Nce8 27.Rc8 Qc8=) 27.Bc7+- Rc7 (27...Ng5!? 28.Bd6 Nh3 29.Kh2 Ng5+-) 28.Rc7 Qc7 29.Re4?? (better 29.Qb5 Ra8 30.Re4+-) 29...Ra1-+ 30.Kg2 Qb7?? (better 30...Qc1 31.Kf3 Ra3 32.Qa3 Qa3 33.Ke2 Qb2 34.Kf1 Qb5 35.Kg2 Qd5-+) 31.Qf3+- f5? (31...f6 32.Nd3 Ra3+-) 32.Re2 Qa6 (32...Qd5 33.Qd5 ed5 34.Rb2+-) 33.Nd3 (better 33.Qc6 Qa8+-) 33...Ra3? (33...Qc4 34.g4 Qd5 35.Qd5 ed5 36.Re8 Kf7 37.Rb8 fg4 38.Ne5 Ke6 39.Rb6 Kf5 40.hg4 Ke4 41.Nf3+-) 34.Re3 (better 34.Re6 Qc8 35.Qf5 Rd3 36.Qe4+- (36.Qd3?! Qe6 37.d5 Qd7+-)) 34...Qc4 (34...Qb5 35.Qb7 Qd5 36.Qd5 ed5 37.Nf4+-) 35.Nf4 (better 35.Ne5 Qd4 36.Qb7 Qd5 37.Qd5 ed5 38.Ra3+-) 35...Ra1?! (35...Re3 36.Qe3 Qc6 37.Kg1 Kf7+-) 36.Qe2 (better 36.Kh2 Qf1 37.Ne2+-) 36...Qc1= 37.g4?? (37.Kf3 Qh1 38.Ng2 Qh3 39.Ne1 (39.Re6?? Qg4 40.Ke3 Ra3 41.Qd3 Rd3 42.Kd3 Qd1 43.Kc3 Qa1 44.Kb3 Qd4-+) 39...Qh1 40.Kf4 Qh6 41.Kf3 Qh1 42.Kf4 Qh6 43.Kf3 Qh1=) 37...Qh1-+ 38.Kg3 g5 39.gf5 (39.Ng2 f4 40.Kf3 Qh3 41.Ke4 Qg2 42.Qf3-+) 39…Rg1 (39...Rg1 40.Ng2 Qg2; 39...gf4 40.Kf4 Qd5 41.Rg3 Kf8 42.Qe5 (42.fe6?! Qd4 43.Kf3 Ke7=) 42...Qe5 43.Ke5 ef5 44.d5+-) 0-1. zembelek (2000) - mateurdu75 (2020), Rated Blitz game,, 2013.

8.ab5 dc4 9.Bc4 Qb6 10.Bf6+= gf6 11.0-0 Bd7 Attacks the isolani on b5 12.Nc3 a6 13.Qb3 Nc6? (better 13...Rc8+=) 14.bc6 Qb3 15.Bb3 Bc6 16.Nd4 Be5? (better 16...Rfc8+-) 17.Nc6 bc6 18.d4 Bd6 19.Rfc1 Rfc8 20.Ne4 Be7 21.Ra5 Bb4 22.Ra4 a5 (22...Be7 23.Bc4 a5 24.g4+-) 23.Nf6 Kg7 24.Nd7 Rd8 (24...Rc7 25.Nc5+-) 25.Ne5 Rac8 (25...c5 26.dc5 Rac8 27.Kf1+-) 26.Rc6 (26.Nc6 Rd6 27.Rb4 ab4+/-) 26...Rc6 (26...Bd6 27.f4 (27.Ra5?! Be5 28.Ba4 Bf6+-) 27...Be5 28.Rc8 (worse 28.de5 Rc6 29.Ra5 Rc1 30.Kf2 Rd2 31.Kf3 Rb2-+) 28...Rc8 29.fe5+-) 27.Nc6 Rb8 (27...Rc8 28.d5 Bc3+-) 28.Nb8 (28.Nb8 Bd6 29.Nc6+-) 1-0. DEFFM – GuestXXXD,, 2020.

8.cb5 Nbd7 9.Be2 Re8 10.0-0 e5 11.h3 e4 12.Nd4 Ne5 13.f4 Nd3 (13...ef3!? 14.Nf3 Nf3 15.Rf3 Ne4=+) 14.Bd3+= ed3 15.Nc3 (15.Qb3!?+=) 15...Ne4= 16.Nd5 (16.Nf3=) 16...Be6 (better 16...Bc5!? 17.Nc3 Bd4 18.ed4 Qd4 19.Kh2 Nd6=+) 17.Nc3+= Nc3 18.Bc3 (18.dc3?! Bc4=) 18...Bd5 19.Qg4 f6 20.Ne6?? (better 20.Nf5 Bf8 21.Bb4+/-) 20...Be6-+ 21.f5 Bd5 22.Rae1 (22.Qd4 Be4 23.a5-+) 22...Re4 23.Qh5 Bf7 (23...Ra4!? 24.Ra1 Rc4 25.Bd4-+) 24.Qf3 (24.Qf3 Ra4 25.Ra1 Ra1 26.Ra1-+). BeepBeepImAJeep (2605) – MarceloR,, 2017.

7.a4 dc4

8.Na3 a6 9.Nc4. Zschalich – Busch, corr SOK–90–59.

8.Nc3 cb5 9.Nb5= Be7 10.Bc4 Nbd7 11.0-0 a6 12.Nbd4 Nb6 13.Bb3 Bd7 14.a5 Nc8 (14...Nbd5 15.d3=) 15.Ne5+= Be8 (15...Bd6 16.Nd7 Qd7 17.Qf3+=) 16.Be6 (16.Qf3 Qc7 17.Qg3 Nh5 18.Ne6 fe6 19.Be6 Bf7+–) 16...fe6 17.Ne6 The passed pawn on e3 quickly leads to threats. White is in command 17...Qd6 18.Nf8 Bf8 (18...Kf8 19.d3+=) 19.Qb3+– Qd5 (19...Kh8 20.Nc4 Qe7 21.Ba3+–) 20.Qd5 Nd5 21.d4 (21.e4 Nf6 22.d3 b5+–) 21...Bb5 (21...Bd6 22.e4 Be5 23.de5+– (23.ed5?! Bc7=)) 22.Rfc1 (22.Rfd1 Nd6+–) 22...Na7 (22...Bd6!?+–) 23.e4 Nf4 24.Rc7 Bc6 (better 24...Rb8+–) 25.d5 Nb5 (25...Ne2 26.Kf1 Bb5 27.f3+–) 26.Rf7 (26.dc6 Nc7 27.g3 Nfe6 28.cb7 Rb8–/+) 26...Nd5 27.ed5 Bd5 28.Rd7 Be4 29.Re1 Bf5 30.Rb7 Bc8 31.Rb6 Bc5 32.Nc4 Kf7 33.Rc6 Bb4 34.Re4 Bf8 35.h4 Bb7 36.Rf4 Kg8 37.Rb6 Bc8 38.h5 h6 (38...Bc5 39.Rc6 Bb4 40.Nb6+–) 39.Rg6 Ra7 40.Nb6 Rc7 41.Rf8 (41.Nc8!? Rc8 42.Ra6 Rd8+–) 41...Kf8 42.Nc8 Rc8 43.Bg7 Kf7 44.Bf6 (better 44.Bh6 Nc7 45.Rg7 Ke6 46.g4+–) 44...Rc6 45.Be5 (45.Rg7 Ke6 46.Bd8 Nd6+–) 45...Rg6+– 46.hg6 Kg6 47.f4 Kf5 48.Kf2 Na3 49.Kf3 h5 50.Kg3 Nc4 51.Kh4 Ne3 52.g3 (52.Kh5?! Ng2 53.Kh6 Nf4 54.Bf4 Kf4=) 52...Kg6 53.Bc7 Ng2 54.Kh3 Ne3 55.Bb6 Nd5 56.Kg2 (56.Kh4 Nf6+–) 56...Kf5 57.Kf3 Nf6 58.Bd4 Ne4 59.Bf2 Nd2 60.Ke2 Nc4 61.Be1 h4 ½–½. Nebe,Lutz – Margraf,A, corr SOK–91–69, 1991..

8.Nc3 e5 9.Bc4 e4 10.Ng5=+.

8.Bc4 a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 (11...Nbd7 12.d4=) 12.Nb5 Nc6 (12...Bb4 13.0-0=) 13.Nd6 Qd6 14.0-0 (14.Bf6 gf6 15.Qb1 Rd8+=) 14...Nd5 (14...e5 15.Qb1=) 15.Bb2 f6 (15...Nb6 16.Be2+=) 16.Qc1 Bd7? (better 16...Rd8+=) 17.Ba3+- Ncb4 (17...Ndb4 18.Qc3+-) 18.Qb2 (18.Bd5 Qd5 19.Bb4 Ra8+-) 18...Qb6 19.Bd5 Nd5 20.Qb6 Nb6 21.Bf8 Kf8 22.Rb1 Nc4 23.Rb7 Bc6 24.Rb8 (24.Rc7 Bf3 25.Rc4 Be2 26.Rc8 Kf7 27.Rc7 Kg6+-) 24...Kf7 (24...Ke7 25.d3 Nd6 26.Nd4+-) 25.d4 h5 (25...Bd5 26.Rc8 Kg6 27.Rc7 Bf3 28.Rc4+-) 26.Rc8 Bd5 (26...Bf3 27.Rc4 Bd5 28.Rc7 Kg6+-) 27.e4! Nb6 (27...Be4 28.Rc7 Double attack (28.Rc4 Deflection)) 28.Rc7 (28.ed5?! Nc8 29.de6 Ke6+/-) 28...Kg6 (28...Kf8 29.ed5 Nd5 30.Rb7+-) 29.ed5 Nd5 30.Rc6 (30.Rd7!? Nf4+-) 30...Kf7 31.Nd2 g5 32.Ne4 Nf4 33.Rc7 (33.Kf1 h4+-) 33...Kg6 34.g3 (better 34.Kf1!? g4+-) 34...Ne2 35.Kg2 Nd4 36.Nc5 e5 37.Rd7 Kf5 38.Rd6 g4 (38...Nb5 39.Rb6 Nc7 40.h3+-) 39.Rd7 (39.Nd7 Ne6+-) 39...Nc2 (39...Kg6 40.h3+-) 40.Nd3 (40.h4 Nd4+-) 40...Ke4 41.Ne1 (41.Ne1 Ne1 42.Kf1=) 1-0. ClayPigeons (2165) - diransplace (2190), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

8.Bc4 cb5 9.ab5 Nbd7 10.Nc3 Nb6 11.Be2 Bd7 (11...e5 12.0-0=) 12.d4 Rc8 (12...Qe7 13.0-0=) 13.Qb3 (worse 13.Ra7 Bb4 14.0-0 Bc3 (worse 14...Rc3 15.Bc3 Bc3 16.Rb7+=) 15.Bc3 Rc3 16.Rb7 Bc8-/+) 13...Nbd5 14.Ra7 (14.Nd5 Nd5 15.Ra7 Qb6+=) 14...Qb6?? (14...Bb4 15.0-0 Nc3 16.Bc3 Bc3 17.Rb7 Ba5-/+) 15.Ra1?? (15.Ra4 Nc3 16.Bc3 Qc7+=) 15...Nc3?? (better 15...Bb4 16.Rc1 Ne4-+) 16.Bc3+/- Rc3 (16...Ra8 17.0-0+/-) 17.Qc3 Rc8? (better 17...Nd5!? 18.Qc2 Bb4 19.Nd2 Bb5+/-) 18.Qb3 e5?? (18...Bc6+-) 19.de5 (19.Ne5?! Be6 20.Nc4 Qd8+-) 19...Be6 (19...Be7 20.ef6 Bf6 21.Rd1+-) 20.Qb2 Bf5 (20...Be7 21.ef6 Bf6 22.Nd4+-) 21.ed6 Rc2 (21...Qd6 22.0-0+-) 22.Ra8 (better 22.Qc2! g6 23.Qc7+-) 22...Rc8 23.Rc8 Bc8 24.Qe5 Qa5 25.Nd2 h6 26.Bd1 (better 26.Qd4!? Qd8+-) 26...Be6 27.Qc5 (27.Bc2 Qb4+-) 27...Ne4 (27...Qd2 28.Kd2 Ne4 29.Kd3 Nc5 30.Kd4+-) 28.Qd4 Nc3 (28...Nd2 29.Qd2 Qb5 30.Bc2+-) 29.0-0 (better 29.d7 Bd7 30.Qd7 Nd1 31.Qc8 Kh7 32.Qf5 Kg8 33.Kd1 g6+-) 29...Nb5 30.Qd3 Na7 (30...Bd7 31.Bc2 g6 32.Rb1+-) 31.d7 (31.Bc2 g6+-) 31...Nc6 (31...Qd8 32.Bc2 Qd7 33.Qh7 Kf8 34.Nf3+-) 32.Ne4 Qc7 (32...Nd8 33.Bc2+-) 33.Ba4 (better 33.Nc5!? Nd8 34.Ne6 Ne6+-) 33...Qd7 34.Qd7 Bd7 35.Rd1 (35.Nc5 Bc8+-) 35...Bf5 (35...Bg4 36.Rb1 Nd8 37.Nd6+-) 36.Nd6 Ne5 (36...Bg4 37.f3 Be6+-) 37.Nf5 Nc4 38.Rb1 Kh7 (38...b6 39.Rb4 Ne5 40.Rb6+-) 39.Rb7 g6 40.Nd4 (better 40.Rf7!? Kh8 41.Nh6 Ne5+-) 40...g5 41.Bb3 Kg6 42.Bc4 h5 (42...g4 43.Rb6 Kg7 44.Nf5 Kg8 45.Rf6 Kf8 46.Rf7 Ke8 47.Nd6 Kd8 48.Be6 h5 49.Rd7) 43.Rf7 (43.Rb6 f6 44.Bd3 Kf7 45.Rb7 Kg8 46.Bh7 Kh8 47.Bg6 h4 48.Ne6 f5 49.Rb8) 43...g4 (43...h4 44.Rf8 Kh6 45.Ne6 Kh5 46.Bd3 h3 47.Rh8 Kg4 48.f3) 44.h3 (44.Rf8 Kg7 45.Ne6 Kh6 46.Bd3 h4 47.Rh8) 44…g3 (44...g3 45.f3 Kg5 46.Ne6 Kg6 47.Nf8 Kh6 48.f4 h4 49.Rh7; 44...gh3 45.gh3 Kg5 46.Bd3 Kh6 47.Nf3 h4 48.Rh7). ClayPigeons (2125) - rexadrez (2240), Rated Bullet game,, 2020.

8.Bc4 Nbd7 9.d4 Nb6 10.Be2 (10.Bd3 cb5 11.ab5 a6=) 10...Nbd5 (10...cb5 11.ab5 Nfd5 12.Ba3=) 11.0-0 Qc7 (11...Bd7 12.Nbd2 Bb4 13.Qb3=) 12.h3 (12.bc6 bc6 13.Ba3 c5=) 12...cb5 (12...Rd8 13.Nbd2 cb5 14.e4 ba4 15.ed5 Nd5 16.Qa4+=) 13.ab5 b6 (better 13...Bd7=) 14.Nbd2 Bb7 (14...Rd8 15.e4+–) 15.e4 Nf4 (15...Rfc8 16.ed5 Bd5 17.Ne5+–) 16.e5 1–0. GuestZYWL – GuestFYTD,, 2016.

7.a4 Qc7

8.Nc3 Nbd7 9.Rc1 Ne5 (9...a6!?=) 10.cd5+= ed5 11.Be2 (11.Ne5 Be5 12.bc6 bc6+/-) 11...Bg4 (11...Nf3 12.Bf3 Qe7 13.0-0=) 12.h3 (12.Ne5 Be2 13.Ne2 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.bc6 bc6 16.Rc6 Rfc8 17.Rc8 Rc8+/-) 12...Bh5 (12...Bf3 13.gf3 Qe7 14.d4=+) 13.d4 (13.Ne5 Be2 14.Ne2 Be5 15.Be5 Qe5 16.bc6 bc6 17.Rc6+/-) 13...Bf3 (better 13...Nc4 14.Bc4 dc4=) 14.de5+/- (worse 14.Bf3 Nc4 15.Qc2 Qb6=) 14...Be2 (14...Bg2 15.Rg1 Be5 16.Rg2+/-) 15.ed6 (15.Ne2?! Be5 16.Be5 Qe5 17.bc6 bc6 18.Rc6 Rfc8 19.Rc8 Rc8=) 15...Bd1 16.dc7 Bh5? (better 16...Bb3 17.bc6 bc6+/-) 17.bc6+- bc6 18.Ne2 Be2 19.Ke2 Ne4 (19...Ne8 20.Rc6 Rc8+-) 20.Rc6 Rac8 21.Bd4 (21.Rd1 Ng5+-) 21...a5 22.Rb1 f5 23.f3 (better 23.Rb5!? Rf7 24.Be5 Nf6+-) 23...Nf6 24.Rb7 Ne8 (24...Rfe8 25.Ra7+-) 25.Bb6 Nf6 26.Ba5 Nd7 27.Kd2 (27.Rb5 Ne5 28.Rc1 Nc4 29.Rd5 Na5 30.Ra5 f4+-) 27...Ne5 28.Rc5 Nc4 29.Kc3 (better 29.Kd3 Ra8 30.Bc3 Nd6+-) 29...Ne3 30.Bb6 (30.Kd4 f4+-) 30...Ng2 (30...Kf7 31.a5 Ng2 32.a6 (worse 32.Rd5 Ke6 33.Rd4 g5+-) 32...d4 33.Kd4+-) 31.Rd5 g6 (31...Nf4 32.Rd7 Rfe8 33.a5+-) 32.a5 (better 32.Kb2!? Ne1 33.Rd8 Rc7 34.Rf8 Kf8 35.Bc7 Ke8+-) 32...Nf4 33.Rd7 Nh3 34.Bd4 Rf7 (34...Rfe8 35.a6 Ng5+-) 35.Rd8 Rf8 36.Rf8 (36.Rc8 Kf7 37.Rf8 Ke6 38.c8Q Kd5 39.Rd8) 36...Kf8 37.Rb8 Ke7 38.Rc8 Kd7 39.Rh8 Kc7 40.Rh7 Kc6 41.Rh3 Kb5 (41...Kc7 42.a6 f4 43.a7 Kb7 44.Rh7 Ka8 45.Rc7 g5 46.Rc8 Kb7 47.a8Q) 42.Bb6 (42.Rh7 Kc6 43.a6 Kd6 44.a7 Kd5 45.a8Q Kd6 46.Qd8 Ke6 47.Qd7) 42...g5 If Black now only could play Rh7... 43.Rh5 g4 44.Rf5 Kc6 45.fg4 Kb7 (45...Kd6 46.a6 Kd7 47.a7 Kc6 48.a8Q Kb6 49.Rf6 Kc7 50.Qa7 Kd8 51.Rf8) 46.Kc4 Ka6 (46...Kc6 47.Rf6 Kd7 48.a6 Ke7 49.g5 Ke8 50.a7 Kd7 51.a8Q Ke7 52.Qd8) 47.g5 Kb7 48.Kb5 Kc8 49.Rf7 (49.Kc6 Kb8 50.Rf8) 49...Kb8 50.g6 (50.Rf8 Kb7 51.a6) 50...Ka8 (50...Kc8 51.Kc6 Kb8 52.Rf8) 51.g7 (51.g7 Kb8 52.g8Q; 51.Rf8 Kb7 52.a6) 1-0. zembelek (2090) - mateurdu75 (2025), Rated Blitz game,, 2013.

8.Nc3 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 e4 11.Nd4 Bh2 (11...Be5!?=) 12.Qb3 Rd8 (12...Be5 13.Nd5 Qd8 14.Nf6 Bf6 15.d3+/–) 13.g3 Bg3 14.fg3 Qg3 15.Kd1 h5 16.Kc2 (16.Bh5 Nh5 17.Kc2 Qg5–/+) 16...Qg5 17.Rag1 Qh6 18.Ba3 Re8? (better is 18...Be6+–) 19.Nd5 Nd5 20.Qd5 h4 (20...Be6 21.Ne6 Qe6 22.Rg7 Kg7 23.Rg1 Qg6 24.Rg6 fg6 25.Bb2 Kh6 26.Qf7 Rg8 27.Bf6 Rc8 28.Kd1 Rg8 29.Qg8 g5 30.Bg5) 21.Bc4 Be6 (21...Qf6 22.Rf1 Be6 23.Qb7 Nc6 24.bc6 Qh6 25.Rf7 Bc4+–) 22.Ne6 (22.Ne6 fe6 23.Qe5+–) 1–0. Melich,Jindrich (2070) – Kastner,Vojtech (1950), CZE–chT2c, 2006.

7.a4 Bd7

8.Nc3 Qa5 9.Be2 dc4 10.Bc4 Nd5 (10...Rc8 11.Qb3=) 11.0-0 a6 (11...Rd8 12.Ne4 Bb4 13.Ne5+=) 12.Ne4+= Qc7 (12...Bb4 13.Ne5+=) 13.Nd6 Qd6 14.Ba3 c5 (14...Nb4 15.Ng5 h6 16.Ne4+–) 15.d4 b6 (better 15...Nb4!?+–) 16.dc5+– bc5 17.e4 ab5 18.ab5 (18.Bd5 ed5 19.e5 Qe6 20.Bc5 Rc8=+; 18.Bb5?! Bb5 19.ab5 Nd7+–) 18...Rd8? (18...Qf4 19.Bd5 ed5 20.Qd5 Ra3 21.Ra3 Bb5+–) 19.ed5 (19.Bd5?! ed5 20.Bc5 Ra1 21.Bd6 Rd1 22.Rd1 de4 23.Bb8 ef3+–) 19...ed5 (19...Ra3 20.Ra3 ed5 21.Rd3+– (worse 21.Bd5 Bb5 22.Re1 Qd5 23.Qd5 Rd5+–)) 20.Bd5 Ra3 (20...Bb5 21.Ba8 Qc7+–) 21.Bf7! Kf7 22.Qd6 Ra1 23.Ng5 Kg8 24.Qd5 Be6 (24...Kh8 25.Nf7 Kg8 26.Nh6 Kh8 27.Qg8 Rg8 28.Nf7) 25.Qd8 1–0. GuestJWDD – GuestVCSR,, 2019.

8.Be2 Ne4 9.d3 (9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 a6=) 9...Bb4 10.Nbd2 (10.Nfd2 Nd2 11.Nd2 Qa5=) 10...Nc3 (10...Nd2 11.Nd2 a6 12.ba6 Na6 13.0-0=+) 11.Bc3 Bc3 12.Rc1 Bb2 (12...Bb4 13.0-0=) 13.Rb1 Qf6 (13...dc4 14.dc4 Ba3 15.0-0=) 14.Qc2 (14.d4 Bc3+=) 14...Bc3 (14...Ba3 15.d4 cb5 16.ab5+=) 15.0-0 (15.d4 Ba5 16.Bd3+=) 15...Be5 (15...cb5 16.ab5 Rc8 17.d4+=) 16.d4 (16.Ne5 Qe5 17.d4 Qf6+–) 16...Bd6 (16...Bc7 17.Bd3 h6 18.cd5 ed5 19.bc6 Bc6 20.Rfc1+=) 17.c5 White prepares b6 (17.Bd3 h6+=) 17...Bc7 18.b6 (18.Rfc1 Rc8+=) 18...ab6= 19.cb6 Bd6 20.Bd3 1–0. GuestGBXM – GuestPQXB,, 2016.

7.a4 Nbd7

8.Ba3 Ba3 9.Ra3 a6 10.Qc2 ab5 11.ab5 Ra3 12.Na3 Qa5 13.Qb2 Nc5 14.Be2 Nfd7 (14...Na4 15.Qb3=) 15.0-0+= e5 16.d4 Na4 17.Qd2 Nc3 18.Nc2 (18.Ra1 e4 19.Ne1 Ne2 20.Qe2 cb5+=) 18...Ne2 (18...e4 19.Ng5=) 19.Qe2 e4 20.Nh4 (20.Nd2 Nf6=) 20...Qd8 21.g3 Nb6 22.c5 Nc4 23.b6 Qg5 24.Ra1 Bg4 25.Qe1 Rb8 26.Qc3 Qh6 27.Na3 g5 (27...Na3 28.Ra3 Qf6 29.Qd2=) 28.Ng2 (28.Nc4 dc4 29.Ng2 Be2+=) 28...Na3 29.Ra3 Qf8 30.Qa1 Kg7 31.Qf1 h5 32.Ne1 Kg6 (32...Ra8 33.Ra8 Qa8 34.h3=) 33.h3+= Be6 34.Kg2 (34.Ra7!?+/–) 34...Qc8 35.Kh2 ½–½. Roczniak,Jan – Stachowiak,J, Poland, 1997.

8.a5 e5 9.c5 Bc7 10.a6 cb5 11.Bb5 ba6 The passed pawn on c5 will quickly become a dangerous weapon 12.Bd7 Nd7 (worse 12...Bd7 13.Be5 Bb5 14.d4+=) 13.c6 Nc5 14.Qc2 (14.Ne5? Be5 15.d4 Bf6–+) 14...Qe7 15.Nc3 (15.Be5 Be5 16.Ne5 Qe5=) 15...Be6 (15...Rd8 16.Ba3 e4 17.Nd4=+) 16.Ba3= Bd6 17.Bc5 Bc5 18.Ne5 Qg5 19.d4 White threatens f4 19...Qg2 20.Ke2 Bg4 (20...Bd6 21.h3 Qg5 22.Rhg1 Qh5 23.Ke1 Be5 24.de5 Qe5 25.Qd2–/+) 21.Ng4= Qg4 22.f3 Qg2 23.Kd3 Qf3 (better 23...Qg6!? 24.Kd2 Qg2 25.Kd3 Qg6 26.Kd2 Qg2 27.Kd3=) 24.dc5+– d4 25.Nd1?? (better 25.Qe2 Qf5 26.Ne4 de3 27.Qe3+– (27.Ra6 Rab8 28.Qc2 Rb4–+)) 25...de3 (better 25...Qh1 26.ed4 Qf3 27.Ne3 Rae8–+ (27...Qc6?! 28.d5 Rad8 29.Qc4–+)) 26.Re1?? (better 26.Nc3 Rad8 27.Kc4–+) 26...e2 (better 26...Rad8 27.Kc4 Qd5 28.Kb4 Qd4 29.Kb3 Qa1–+) 27.Kc4 ed1Q Threatening mate... how? 28.Rad1 (28.Qd1 Qc6 29.Qa4 Qg2–+) 28...Qc6 29.Rd6 Qb5 30.Kd5 Rad8 (better 30...Rfd8 31.Qc3–+) 31.Rd1 (31.Rb1 Rd6 32.Kd6 Qe8–+) 31...Rd6 32.Kd6 Rd8 (32...f6 33.Kd5 Rd8 34.Ke4 Qe8 35.Kf4 Qe5 36.Kg4 Qg5 37.Kf3 Rd1 38.Ke2 Qh5 39.Ke3 Re1 40.Kd3 Qf3 41.Kd4 Qg4 42.Kc3 Re3 43.Qd3 Rd3 44.Kd3–+) 33.Ke5 Threatening mate: Rxd8 33...Rd1 (33...Rd1 34.Qd1 Qc5 35.Ke4 Qc6 36.Kf4 Qf6 37.Kg3 Qe5 38.Kg2 g5–+) 0–1. Slavov,Dimitar – Olesen,Martin, Sofia BUL, 1989.

8.Qc2 a6 9.Nc3 dc4 (9...e5 10.d4+=) 10.bc6= Ne5 (10...bc6 11.Bc4 c5 12.Rb1=) 11.Ne4 (11.Ne5 Be5 12.Bc4 Qc7+=) 11...Nc6 (11...Nf3!? 12.gf3 Ne4 13.fe4 bc6 14.Bc4 e5=) 12.Nf6 gf6 13.Bc4 e5 14.0-0 Qe7 15.e4 (15.d4 Bg4+=) 15...Kh8 16.d4 (16.Rac1 Bg4+=) 16...Rg8 (16...Bg4 17.de5 fe5 18.Qd3=) 17.Qb3 (17.d5 Bh3 18.Ne1 Rg2 19.Ng2 Rg8+=) 17...Na5= 18.Qd3 Bh3 19.Ne1 ed4 (19...Nc4 20.Qc4 Rg2 21.Ng2+=) 20.Bd4 (20.Bd5 Bg4+/–) 20...Be5 (20...Nc4 21.Qh3 (worse is 21.Qc4 Rg2 22.Ng2 Rg8+=) 21...Nd2 22.Qh6 Ne4 23.Nf3=) 21.Rb1 (21.Bd5 Bg4 22.f3 Be6 23.Be5 fe5+=) 21...Rg6 (21...Nc4!? 22.Qc4 Rg2 23.Ng2 Rg8=) 22.f4 Bd4 23.Qd4 Nc4 24.Qc4 Re8 25.Rb3?? (better is 25.f5 Rg4 26.Qb4+=) 25...Bd7?? (better is 25...Be6 26.Qd3 Bb3 27.Qb3 Qe4–+) 26.Rb7+/– Rd8 27.Nf3+– Rg2? 28.Kg2 (28.Kg2 Bh3 29.Kh3 Qb7 30.Rc1+–) 1–0. De Visser,Arno – Klopmeijer, Noordkop, 1987.

8.Nc3 c5 9.cd5= ed5 10.d3 (10.Be2 Re8=) 10...Re8=+ 11.Be2 d4 (11...Ne5 12.0-0=+) 12.ed4= cd4 13.Nd4 Bc5 (13...Nc5 14.Nb3=) 14.Nb3 (14.Nf3 a6+=) 14...Bb4 (14...Bd6 15.0-0+=) 15.0-0 Ne5 16.Ne4 Bf5 (16...Nd5 17.Rc1+=) 17.Nf6+/- Qf6 18.d4 Ng6 19.Bf3 Rad8 20.Bb7 Nf4 21.Bc6 (better 21.Nc1+=) 21...Rf8?? (better 21...Re2 22.Ba3 Bc2-/+) 22.Qf3 (22.Nc1 Ne6+-) 22...Qg5 (better 22...Bd3!?+/-) 23.Bc1+- Bd6 24.Qg3?? (better 24.Re1 Bg4 25.Bf4 Bf4 26.Qe4+-) 24...Ne2-+ 25.Kh1 Ng3 (25...Bg3? 26.Bg5 f6 27.Be3+- (27.hg3?! fg5 28.Rfe1 Bd3+/-)) 26.fg3 Qg6 (26...Qh5 27.Bf4 Bc2 28.Na5 Bf4 29.Rf4-+) 27.Bf4 (27.Nc5 Bc5 28.dc5 Be4 29.Be4 Qe4-+) 27...Bf4 (27...Bb4 28.Be5-+) 28.Rf4 Bc2 (28...Be6 29.Nc5-+) 29.Nc5 h6 (29...Bb1 30.Rf1 Bf5 31.Rf4-+) 30.Raf1 Qd6 (30...Bd3!? 31.Re1-+) 31.Nb7 Qb4 (31...Qc7 32.Nd8 Rd8 33.d5-+) 32.Nd8 (32.d5 Qe7 33.Nd8 Rd8 34.Rf7 Qf7 35.Rf7 Kf7-+) 32...Rd8 33.Rf7?! (33.d5 Qa5-+) 33...Rd4 (33...Bd3 34.d5 Bf1 35.Rf1 Qa4 36.h3-+) 34.R7f2?? (better 34.Ra7 Ba4 35.Rb7-+) 34...Rd1 (34...Ba4 35.Rf5-+) 35.Rd1 (35.h3 Rf1 36.Rf1 Ba4-+ (worse 36...Qa4 37.Rf3-+)) 35...Bd1 36.Rf1 Ba4 (worse 36...Qa4 37.h3-+) 37.h3 Bb5 38.Bd5 Kh7 39.Rf4 Qb1 40.Kh2 Bd3 41.Rf8 Bg6 (better 41...Qb4 42.Bg8 Kg6-+) 42.Bg8+- Kh8 43.Ba2 Kh7 44.Bb1 Bb1 45.Ra8 Bd3 46.Ra7 Kg6 47.g4 Kf6 48.h4 Ke5 (48...Bc4 49.Kg3+-) 49.g3 (49.Rg7 Kf6 50.Rc7 Bg6+-) 49...g6?! (49...Kf6 50.Kg2+-) 50.Ra3 (better 50.Rh7!? Kf6+-) 50...Kd4 (50...Bc4+-) 51.Rd3?? (better 51.Ra8 Be2 52.Rd8 Ke4 53.Re8 Kd3 54.Re6+-) 51...Ke4?? (better 51...Kd3 52.g5 hg5 53.hg5 Ke4=) 52.Kg2 (52.Rd6 Ke5 53.Rg6 Kd5+-) 52…Kd3 (52...Kd3 53.g5 hg5+-). zembelek (2010) - Bordok (2105), Rated Blitz game,, 2014.

8.Nc3 e5 9.d4 dc4 10.Bc4 e4 11.Nd2 Qe7 12.0-0 Re8 13.Be2 Nb6 14.Re1 (14.bc6 bc6 15.Qc2 Nbd5=) 14...Bf5 (14...Bd7 15.Qc2=) 15.Nf1 (15.bc6 bc6 16.a5 Nbd5=) 15...Rad8 (15...Rec8 16.a5 Nbd5 17.Nd5 Nd5 18.Qb3+=) 16.a5 Nbd5 17.Nd5 cd5 18.Qb3 Bb8 19.Rec1 Ng4 20.h3 Nh6 21.Qd1 Qh4 22.f4 (22.Qe1 Qg5 23.Kh1 Rc8=) 22...ef3+= 23.Bf3 Re6 (23...Qg5 24.Kh1+=) 24.Qe1 (24.Qb3 Be4 25.Be4 Qe4=) 24...Qg5 The backward pawn on e3 becomes a target 25.h4 Qf6 26.Rc5 Attacking the isolated pawn on d5 (26.Qf2 Qe7+=) 26...Be4–/+ 27.Qf2 (27.Be4 Re4 (27...de4 28.d5 Qe7 29.Qc3+=) 28.a6 Bd6–/+) 27...Bf3 28.Qf3 Qh4 29.Rd5? (better is 29.Bc3–/+) 29...Rd5–+ 30.Qd5 Ng4 31.g3 Bg3 32.Qb7 (32.Qf5 Qh3 33.Bc1 Bf2 34.Qf2 Nf2 35.e4 Rg6 36.Kf2 Rg2 37.Ke1 Qc3 38.Nd2 Qd3 39.a6 Qe2) 32...Bh2 33.Kg2 (33.Kh1 Bd6 34.Kg2 Qf2 35.Kh3 Rh6 36.Kg4 Rh4 37.Kg5 h6) 33...Qf2 34.Kh3 Rh6 35.Kg4 Rh4 (35...Rh4 36.Kg5 h6) 0–1. Berlacki,Piotr – Cosulich,Roberto, La Spezia op, 1971.

8.bc6 bc6 9.Nc3 Ba6 =+.

8.d4 Bb4 9.Nbd2 (9.Bc3 Be7=) 9...Ne4 (9...dc4 10.Bc4 cb5 11.ab5=) 10.Bd3 (10.Ba3 Ba3 11.Ra3 c5=) 10...Ndf6 (10...Nd2 11.Nd2 dc4 12.Bc4=) 11.0-0+= Bd6 (11...Qa5 12.Nb3 Qc7 13.Rc1+=) 12.c5 Bc7 13.Qc2 Nd2 14.Nd2 (14.Qd2 Qe8+=) 14...h6 (14...Bd7 15.Nf3+=) 15.Qc3 (15.Nf3 Nd7+=) 15...Bd7 16.Ba3 (16.Rfb1 Qe7+=) 16...Re8 17.h3 (17.f4 Rc8+=) 17...e5= 18.f3 (18.Bb2 e4 19.Be2 Qe7=) 18...Nh5 (18...ed4 19.ed4 Nh5 20.bc6 Bc6–+) 19.Qc2 (better is 19.bc6!? ed4 20.ed4 Bc6 21.Nb3–+) 19...ed4 20.ed4 Bh3 21.bc6 (21.Rf2 Nf4 22.Nf1 Be6–+) 21...bc6 22.Nb3 (better is 22.Rf2 Nf4 23.Nf1–+) 22...Nf4 23.Rf2 (23.gh3 Nh3 24.Kh1 Qh4–+) 23...Qg5 (better is 23...Qh4 24.Bh7 Kh8–+) 24.Bc1 (24.g4–+) 24...Re1 25.Bf1 (25.Rf1 Re2!! 26.Bh7 Kh8–+) 25...Bf5 26.Bf4 Qf4 (26...Qf4 27.g3 Qg3 28.Rg2 Bc2 29.Rg3 Bg3 30.Re1 Be1–+) 0–1. Anfilatov,Dmitri – Sander,Kristjan, Paul Keres Mem, 2000.

8.d4 Bb8 9.c5 Re8 10.Nbd2 e5 11.Be2 e4 12.Ng5 h6 13.Nh3 Nh7 14.0-0 (14.a5 Qf6=) 14...Qh4 (14...Qc7 15.f4 ef3 16.Nf3=+) 15.Kh1 (15.f4=) 15...Ng5 (15...Ndf6 16.f4 ef3 (worse 16...Bh3 17.g3 Qg4 18.Bg4 Ng4 19.Qe2+–) 17.Nf3 Qe4=) 16.Ng5?? (better 16.g3 Qh3 17.Bg4 Qg4 18.Qg4 Nc5 19.Qd1+–) 16…Qh2 (16...hg5?! 17.g3 Qh3 18.Bg4=; 16...Qg5?! 17.Rb1=) 0–1. GuestLCTP – GuestNHTH,, 2017.

8.d4 dc4 9.Bc4 cb5 10.ab5 =.

8.d4 dc4 9.Bc4 Qc7 10.0-0 Ng4 11.g3 Ndf6 12.Nbd2 Nh5 (12...Rd8 13.h3 Nh6 14.bc6 bc6 15.e4+=) 13.e4 (better 13.h3 Ng3 14.Re1 (worse 14.fg3 Ne3 15.Qb3 Nf1 16.Rf1 cb5 17.ab5 Bg3–/+) 14...Nf2 15.Kf2+–) 13...Bg3? (better 13...cb5!? 14.ab5 a5+=) 14.fg3 (14.hg3 Ng3 15.Re1 Nh1+–) 14...Ng3 (14...Ne3 15.Qb3 Nf1 16.Bf1 cb5 17.ab5+–) 15.Re1 Nh2? (15...cb5 16.Bb5 Rd8+–) 16.Kh2 (better 16.Nh2 cb5 17.ab5+–) 16...Ne4+– 17.Ne5 Nd2 18.Qd2 f6 19.Ba3 Re8 (19...Rf7 20.Rad1 fe5 21.de5+–) 20.bc6+– bc6 (20...fe5 21.Re5 bc6 22.Rf1+–) 21.Qf4 fe5 22.Re5 a6 23.Bd3 (23.Rf1 g6+–) 23...Ra7 (23...g6 24.Rg1 Qg7 25.Bc5+–) 24.Rg1 Qf7 25.Bh7! Kh7 26.Qh4 Kg8 27.Rh5 Qc7 (27...Qh5 28.Qh5 Rf7+–) 28.Kh1 (28.Kh1 e5 29.Rf1 Bf5 30.Rff5 g6 31.Rh8 Kg7 32.Qh7) 1–0. DEFFM – rapukalle,, 2018.

8.d4 c5 9.Be2 b6 10.d4 Bb7 11.Nbd2 (11.cd5 Bd5 12.Nc3 Bb7=) 11...a5 (11...Rc8 12.cd5 Bd5 13.Nc4=) 12.Qb3 (12.cd5 Bd5 13.Nc4 Be7=) 12...Rc8 (12...cd4 13.Bd4 e5 14.Bb2=+) 13.Rac1 Qe7 (13...cd4 14.Nd4 Nc5 15.Qc2=+) 14.Rc2 (14.cd5 Bd5 15.Qd3 cd4 16.Qd4 e5=+) 14...Ne4 (14...Rfd8 15.Rfc1=+) 15.Ne4= de4 16.Nd2 (16.Ne5 Rfd8=) 16...f5 (16...Qh4 17.g3 Qg5 18.f3=) 17.f3 (better is 17.Re1=) 17...f4 (17...Qh4 18.f4=) 18.fe4 (better is 18.Ne4!? Bc7 19.Kh1+/–) 18...fe3= 19.Qe3 (19.Rf8 Rf8 20.Qe3 cd4 21.Bd4 Bf4=) 19...cd4 (19...Rf1 20.Bf1 cd4 21.Bd4=+ (21.Qd4?? Bc5–+)) 20.Bd4 e5 (20...Rf1 21.Kf1 Bh2 22.Bb6 Rf8 23.Bf3=+) 21.c5 (21.Rf8 Qf8 22.Qh3 ed4 23.Qe6 Kh8 24.Qd7 Qf4=+) 21...ed4 (21...Nc5 22.Bb2=+) 22.cd6 Qd6 (22...de3? 23.de7 Rf1 24.Nf1+–) 23.Qb3 Kh8 24.Rc8 Rc8 25.Qf3 (25.Bg4 Nc5 26.Qf7 Rd8=) 25...h6 (25...Rf8 26.Qg4=) 26.Nc4 (26.Qf7 Nc5 27.Bg4=) 26...Qe6 (better is 26...Qg6 27.Qf7 A) 27...Qe4? 28.Bf3 Ne5 29.Be4 Nf7 30.Bb7 (30.Rf7?! Be4 31.Nb6 Rc2=) 30...Rc4 31.Rf7+–; B) 27...Be4 28.Qg6 Bg6=+) 27.Bd3?? (better is 27.Qf7 Qf7 28.Rf7+=) 27...Nc5 (better is 27...Rc4 28.Bc4 Qc4–/+) 28.Qe2?? (better is 28.Nd2–/+) 28...Nd3–+ 29.Qd3 (29.Na5 Qe4 (< 29...ba5 30.Qd3 Qe4 31.Qe4 Be4 32.Rf4–+) 30.Qe4 Be4–+) 29...Be4 30.Qd4 Qc4 (31.Rd1 Qe2–+; 30...Rc4 31.Qd1–+) 0–1. Koerner – Schreiber, tt, 1974.

8.d4 Ne4 9.Qb3 f5 (9...Qa5 10.Nbd2=+) 10.Bd3 Qf6 11.0-0 g5 (better 11...cb5 12.ab5 dc4 13.Bc4 Nb6+=) 12.Nc3 (better 12.Ba3+=) 12...g4=+ 13.Be4 fe4 14.Nd2 Qh6 15.g3 Qh3 (15...Rf5 16.Ba3 Bg3 17.hg3 Rh5-+) 16.cd5+/- ed5 (16...Rf6 17.Nce4 (17.dc6?? Rh6 18.Rfe1 Bg3 19.Qe6 Re6 20.fg3 bc6-+; 17.de6?! Nb6+=; 17.Nde4?! Rh6 18.Rfc1 ed5+=; 17.bc6 Rh6 18.Nf3 ef3 19.cd7 Qh2) 17...Rh6 18.Rfc1 ed5 19.bc6 Qh2 20.Kf1+-) 17.Nce4 (better 17.Nde4!? Rf5 18.Nd6+-) 17...Be7 18.f4 gf3 19.Rf3 Rf3 20.Nf3 Qg4 21.Ned2 Nf6 (21...a6 22.Ba3 Bf6 23.bc6 bc6 24.Rc1+/-) 22.Rf1 (22.bc6 bc6 23.Ba3 Ba3 24.Qa3 Qe6+-) 22...Ne4 23.Ne5 (23.Ba3 Bf6+/-) 23...Qe2 24.Ne4?? (better 24.bc6 bc6 25.Nc6+=) 24...Bh3 25.Qd3 (25.Nf6 Bf6 26.Qd5 cd5 27.Rf2 Qe1 28.Rf1 Qf1) 25…Qg2 (25...Bf1?! 26.Qe2 Be2 27.Nc3= (27.bc6? de4 28.cb7 Rb8-+)) 0-1. ClayPigeons (2140) - Finnja (2115), Rated Blitz game,, 2019.

8.d4 Qe7 9.Ba3 e5 10.Bd6 Qd6 11.Qb3 (11.Nc3 Ne4 12.c5 Qc7 13.Ne4 de4=) 11...Re8 12.Be2 ed4 13.ed4 (13.Nd4 c5 14.Nc2 d4+=) 13...Qe6–/+ 14.Nc3 (14.Qc2 dc4 15.bc6 bc6–/+) 14...dc4 15.Qc2 b6 (better is 15...Nd5!? 16.0-0 Qg6 17.Qg6 hg6 (worse is 17...fg6 18.Bc4 N7f6 19.Rfe1+/–) 18.Nd5 cd5–/+ (18...Re2?! 19.Nc3 Rb2 20.Rfc1=)) 16.0-0= Bb7 17.Nd2 (17.Ng5 Qd6 18.Bc4 Re7+=) 17...Qd6 (17...cb5 18.ab5 Qd6 19.Nc4 Qd4 20.Rad1+=) 18.Bf3 (18.Nc4 Qf4= (worse is 18...Qd4 19.Rfd1 Qf4 20.Nd6+/–)) 18...Rac8+= (worse is 18...Qd4 19.bc6 Bc6 20.Bc6+–) 19.Rfd1 Qb8 (worse is 19...Qd4 20.Nde4 Qe5 21.Nd6+/–) 20.Qa2 Nd5 21.Rdc1 (21.Rac1 Nc3 22.Rc3 cb5 23.ab5 Bf3 24.Nf3 Qc7=) 21...N7f6 (21...Qf4 22.bc6 Nc3 23.Rc3 Bc6 24.Rc4 Bf3 25.Nf3=) 22.bc6 (22.Nc4 c5 23.Nd5 Bd5 24.Bd5 Nd5=) 22...Bc6+= 23.Nd5 Bd5 24.Bd5 Nd5 25.Rc4 Rcd8 26.Nf3 Re6 27.g3 Qd6 28.Ne5 Ne7 29.Rac1 h6 30.Qb2 Qd5 31.Qc3 a5 32.Qb2 (better is 32.Rb1!?=) 32...Nf5–/+ 33.Nc6 Rde8 34.Qc3?? (better is 34.Ne5–/+) 34...Rc6!–+ 35.Rc6 Nd4 36.Qe3 (36.h4 Ne2 37.Kh2 Nc3 38.R6c3–+) 36...Re3 37.Rc8 Kh7 38.fe3 Ne2 39.Kf2 Nc1 (39...Nc1 40.Rc1 Qd2 41.Kf3 Qc1–+) 0–1. Frosinos,I (1730) – Papadopoulos,Geo3 (2070), Rethymno GRE, 5th Open, 2013.

8.cd5 cd5 9.Be2 Nc5 10.0-0 b6 11.Nd4 Bb7 12.Nc3 Rc8 13.f4 e5 14.fe5 Be5 15.Nc6 Bc6 16.d4 Bb8 17.dc5 (worse is 17.bc6 Nce4 18.Bb5 Qd6=) 17...Bd7 18.c6 Be6 19.Qd4 Bd6 20.Ba3 Ba3 21.Ra3 a5 22.Bf3 Re8 23.Rd1 Qe7 24.Raa1 Qc7 25.Ne2 Rcd8 26.Nf4 Ne4 (26...Re7 27.Rf1+=) 27.Nh5 (better is 27.Be4!? de4 28.Ne6 fe6 29.Qe4+–) 27...f5+= 28.Nf4 Bf7 29.Nh5 Be6 30.Nf4 Bf7 31.g3 Ng5 32.Bg2 Ne4 33.Ra3 g5 34.Nh3 h6 35.Nf2 Nc5 (better is 35...Bh5!? 36.Rc1 Kh7+=) 36.Qf6+– Re6 37.Qf5 Qe7? (better is 37...Bg6 38.Qh3 Be4+–) 38.Bd5 (38.Rd5?! Re8 39.Ng4 Bg6+–) 1–0. Bouvier,Clement (1665) – Mousset Evtouchenko,Nina (1840), Montigny le Bretonneux Noel op, 2007.

8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 Re8 (9...Nc5 10.Nc3=+) 10.0-0 c5 (10...Nc5 11.Nd4=+) 11.d3 (11.h3 h6=) 11...h6 12.a5 (12.d4 b6=+) 12...Bc7 (12...a6 13.Nc3=) 13.Qa4= d4 14.e4 (14.ed4 Re2 Pinning (14...Re2 Deflection)) 14...Ne5 15.Ne5 Re5 16.f4 Re8 17.g3 Bd7 (17...Nd5 18.Rf2 Ne3 19.Nd2=) 18.Bf3 (18.Nd2 a6=+) 18...a6 19.Qa3 ab5 20.Qc5 Ba5 21.e5 (21.Qd4?? Bb6 22.Ra8 Bd4 23.Bd4 Qa8–+; 21.Bd4 Bh3 22.Rd1 Bb6 23.Qb6 Qb6 24.Bb6 Ra1=+) 21...Ng4 22.Bd4 (22.e6!? Be6 23.f5 Bf5 24.Qf5–/+) 22...Bb6=+ 23.Qb6 (23.Qd6 Ra1 24.Qb6 Qb6 25.Bb6 Bf5–+) 23…Qb6–/+ (23...Qb6 24.Bb6 Ra1=+) 0–1. GuestVZNM – Chkmaytr,, 2020.

8.Be2 Nb6 9.cd5 cd5 10.0-0 Re8 11.d4 Nbd7 12.Ba3 Nf8 13.Bd6 Qd6 14.Ne5 Ne4 15.Bd3 Ng5 16.Nd2 f6 17.Nef3 Nf3 18.Nf3 (worse is 18.gf3 e5+=) 18...e5 19.de5 fe5 20.Be2 Ng6 21.h3 b6 22.Nd2 Bb7 23.Qb3 Kh8 24.Rac1 Ne7 25.Rfd1 Qg6 26.Nf3 Rad8? (better is 26...Nf5+=) 27.Ne5 Qe4?? (better is 27...Qf6 28.Nf3 Rc8+–) 28.Nf7 Kg8 29.Nd8 Rd8 30.Rc7 Rb8 31.Bf3 Qe5 (31...Qh4 32.Rb7! Rb7 33.Rd5 Nd5 34.Bd5 Kf8 35.Bb7+–) 32.Rdc1 (better is 32.Rb7 Rb7 33.Bd5 Nd5 34.Rd5 Qe6 35.Rd8 Kf7 36.Rf8 Kf8 37.Qe6 Re7 38.Qf5 Kg8 39.Qd5 Kf8+–) 32...h6 33.Qb4 Rc8 34.Rc8 Nc8 (34...Bc8 35.Bd5! Nd5 36.Rc8 Kh7 37.Qd4 Qd4 38.ed4+–) 35.Qc3 Qe6 (35...Qe7 36.Qc7 Qa3 37.Rc6 Bc6 38.Qc8 Qf8 39.Qc6+–) 36.Bg4 (36.Bg4 Qf7 37.Bc8 Bc8 38.Qc8 Kh7 39.Qc2 Kg8 40.Qb3+–) 1–0. Hal1958 – Stratum,, 2003.

8.Be2 dc4 9.Bc4 Nb6 10.Be2 –/+.

8.Be2 e5 9.0-0 e4 10.Nd4 c5 11.Nb3 (11.Nc2 dc4 12.Nba3 Qc7+=) 11...dc4 12.Bc4 Ne5 13.Be2 Nfg4 (13...Qc7 14.Qc2–/+) 14.g3 (14.f4 ef3 15.gf3 Nh2 16.Rf2–/+) 14...Qg5–+ 15.Nc3 Qh6 (15...Bf5 16.Ne4 Be4 17.f3 Ne3 18.de3 Qe3 19.Rf2+=) 16.h4 f5 (16...Nf6 17.d4 ed3 18.Bd3–/+) 17.Nd5 (17.Bg4 Ng4 (17...fg4?! 18.Ne4 Nf3 19.Kg2=) 18.Rc1 c4–+) 17...Be6 18.Nf4 Bc4 19.Rc1 Be2 20.Qe2 Nf3 21.Kg2 g5 22.Nh3 gh4 23.Nc5 Rf7 24.Rh1 Rc8 (24...Bc5 25.Rc5 hg3 26.fg3–/+) 25.Ne4+= Rc1 26.Nd6 Rh1 27.Nf7 Rh2 (27...Kf7?! 28.Kh1 hg3 29.Qc4 Qe6 30.Qc7 Qe7 31.Qg3 Nd2 32.Qg2+=) 28.Kf3 Qh5 (28...Kf7?? 29.Qc4 Ke7 30.Qc7 Ke8 31.Qc8 Kf7 32.Qb7 Kg6 33.Qc6 Kf7 34.Qd7 Kg8 35.Qd5 Kf8 36.Qf5 Ke7 37.Kg4+–) 29.Kf4 Qf7 30.Qd3 Attacks the isolani on f5 30...h6 31.Qd8 Kh7 32.Qh4 Nf2 33.Ng5 Kg6 34.Qh2 Qd5 35.e4 fe4 (35...fe4 36.Nf3 Qf5 37.Ke3 Qf3 38.Kd4 Qd3 39.Kc5 Qd2–+) 0–1. Fernandez Fornes,Juan Alberto – Pommerel,Wim H, corr 3GMM½–01, 1999.

8.Be2 Re8 9.0-0 e5 10.d3 Bc7 (10...dc4 11.dc4 Qc7 12.h3+=) 11.Nbd2 e4 12.Ne1 Ne5 13.Qc2 (13.cd5 Qd5 14.de4 Ne4 15.Ne4 Qe4=) 13...Neg4 (13...Bg4 14.f3 ef3 15.Bf3 cb5 16.ab5 Nf3 17.Ndf3 Re3 18.Bd4+=) 14.g3= Nh5 (14...Bf5 15.Rd1=) 15.Qd1 (15.bc6!? bc6 16.de4 de4 17.Ne4+=) 15...Qg5 (better is 15...Nh2 16.Bh5 Nf1 17.Nf1 dc4 18.dc4 Qg5=) 16.h4?? (16.bc6 Ne3 17.cb7 Bb7 18.fe3 Ng3 19.Ng2 Nf1 20.Bf1 ed3 21.Bd4 dc4 22.Nc4–/+) 16...Qg6–/+ 17.Nb3?? (17.Ng2 Ng3! 18.fg3 Ne3 19.Rf7 Nd1 20.Rg7 Qg7 21.Bg7 Kg7 22.Rd1–+) 17...Ng3!–+ 18.fg3 Theme: Deflection from e3 (18.Ng2 Ne2 19.Qe2 ed3 20.Qd1 dc4 21.Nd2–+) 18...Ne3 Theme: Double Attack 19.Qd2 (19.g4 Nd1 20.Bd1 Bg4 21.Kh1–+) 19...Qg3 20.Kh1 (20.Ng2 Qg2) 20…Qh2 0–1. Rajewski,C – Heslenfeld,Peter Hermann, Wch Seniors Bad Woerishofen, 1992.

8.Be2 Re8 9.0-0 e5 10.cd5 cd5 11.d4 e4 12.Nfd2 b6 (12...Nf8 13.Nc3=) 13.Qb3 Bb7 14.Nc3 Rc8 15.Rfc1 Nf8 16.Ba3 Bb8 (16...Bc7 17.Ra2=) 17.Nf1 Ne6 18.Rc2 h5 (18...g6 19.Qb4=) 19.Bb4 White plans a5 19...Qd7 (19...h4 20.h3=) 20.a5 Ng4 (20...ba5 21.Ra5 Kh7 22.Ra1+=) 21.a6+= Ba8 22.Ng3 (22.h3 Nf6+=) 22...g6 (22...Qd8 23.Bg4 (23.Nh5 Qh4 24.Bg4 Qh2 25.Kf1 Qh1 26.Ke2 Qa1 27.Be6 fe6–/+) 23...hg4 24.Nf5=) 23.Nf1 Kg7 24.Rac1 f5 25.h3 Kf6?? (better 25...Nf6=) 26.hg4+– hg4 27.Qa4?? (better 27.Ng3+–) 27...Rh8+– 28.Ng3 f4 29.ef4 (better 29.Nge4!? de4 30.Bg4=) 29...Nf4= 30.Qb3?? (better 30.Nce4 de4 31.Rc8 Rc8 32.Rc8 Qc8 33.Qd1=) 30...Qh7–+ 31.Nce4 de4 32.Be7 (32.Rc8?? Qh2 33.Kf1 Qh1 34.Nh1 Rh1) 32...Ke7 33.Qa3 (33.Rc8?? Qh2 34.Kf1 Qh1 35.Nh1 Rh1) 33...Ke6 (33...Rc5 34.Qc5 bc5 35.Re1 Qh2 36.Kf1 Qg2) 34.Bg4 (34.Rc8?? Qh2 35.Kf1 Qh1 36.Nh1 Rh1) 34...Kf6 (better 34...Kf7 35.Bh3 Rc2 36.Rc2 Nh3 37.Kf1 Nf4–+) 35.Nh5 (35.Bc8?? Qh2 36.Kf1 Qh1 37.Nh1 Rh1; 35.Rc8?? Qh2 36.Kf1 Qh1 37.Nh1 Rh1) 35...gh5 36.Bc8 1–0. DEFFM – GuestVDXL,, 2018.

8.Be2 Ng4 9.h3 (9.cd5 cd5 10.0-0 Qc7=) 9...Nge5 10.Ne5 Ne5 11.Qb3 (better is 11.c5!? Bc7 12.0-0=) 11...Qg5 (11...dc4 12.Bc4 Nc4 13.Qc4 cb5 14.ab5=+) 12.g3 (12.0-0 Nc4 13.Bc4 dc4 14.Qc4 e5=+) 12...dc4–/+ 13.Qc2 (13.Bc4 Nf3 14.Kd1 e5–/+) 13...Nd3 (13...cb5!? 14.ab5 Bd7–/+) 14.Bd3–/+ cd3 15.Qd3 Rd8 16.Qe2 (16.bc6 bc6 17.Qc3 Rb8–/+) 16...Bb4 (16...cb5 17.ab5 e5 18.d3–/+) 17.Ba3 (17.Qg4 Qg4 18.hg4 cb5 19.ab5 a6=+) 17...Ba5 (17...Qf6 18.Ra2 Qg6 19.e4–/+) 18.Bb2 (18.bc6 Qd5 (18...bc6?! 19.Nc3–/+) 19.e4 Qc6–/+) 18...Bd7 (18...e5 19.bc6 bc6 20.Nc3–/+) 19.Bc3 (19.Qg4 Qh6–/+) 19...Bc7 20.Qg4 (20.bc6 Bc6 21.Rh2 Rac8–/+) 20...Qg4 21.hg4 cb5 22.a5 Bc6 23.Rh2 Bd6 24.Bb2 Bf3 25.Nc3 Bb4 26.g5 Rd3 27.Rh4 Be7 28.Nb5 e5?? 29.Be5+= Bg5 30.Rd4 Rd4 31.Bd4 a6 32.Nc3 Rd8 33.Ne2 Rd6 34.Ng1 Bc6 ½–½. Schmeding,Heinrich – Kraemer,Willi, Bahn–chS Bernkastel–Kues, 1995.

7.Qc2 Nbd7

8.a4 a6 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 Qe7 11.0-0 h6 (11...ab5 12.Bb5 e5 13.Rc1=) 12.Rc1 ab5 13.Bb5 b6 14.Bc6 Rb8 15.Nc3 Bb7 16.Bb7 Rb7 17.Nb5 Ne4? (better is 17...Bb4+=) 18.d3+– (18.Nd6?! Nd6 (18...Qd6? 19.Ba3 Qb8 20.Bf8 Qf8 21.d3+–) 19.Ba3 Nf6+=) 18...Nec5 19.Ba3 Rbb8 (19...e5 20.d4 ed4 A) 21.Nd6?! d3 22.Nf5 Qf6+– (22...dc2?? 23.Ne7 Kh7 24.Nd5+–); B) 21.ed4+–) 20.d4 Ne4 (20...Rfc8 21.Nd6 Qd6 22.a5+–) 21.Nd6 Nd6 22.Qc6 (22.Qc7 Rfc8 23.Qd6 Qd6 24.Bd6 Ra8 25.Rc8 Rc8+–) 22...Rbc8 (22...Nc5 23.dc5 Nc4 24.Rc4 dc4 25.cb6+–) 23.Qd6 Qd6 24.Bd6 Rfe8 25.g3 (better is 25.Bc7 Ra8+–) 25...Nf6 (25...Rc4+–) 26.Bc7 Ne4 27.Bb6 f6 28.Rc8 Rc8 29.a5 Nd6 30.a6 Ra8 31.a7 Nc8 (31...Kf7 32.Rb1 Ne4 33.Rc1+–) 32.Bc5 Kf7 33.Rb1 Na7 34.Rb7 Kg6 35.Ba7 Re8 (35...Rc8 36.Bc5 Kh7 37.Bd6+–) 36.Nh4 Kh7 37.Ng2 h5 (37...Kg8 38.Nf4 g5 39.Nh5+–) 38.Nf4 Kh6 39.Rb8 Re7 (39...Rb8 40.Bb8 g5 41.Ne6 Kg6+–) 40.Rh8 Kg5 41.Rh5 Kg4 42.Kg2 g5 43.f3 Kf5 44.g4 1–0. pcmvr – danielro (2300), net–, 2016.

8.Be2 Qe7 (8...e5 9.bc6 bc6 10.d4=) 9.0-0= cb5 10.cb5 Nc5 (10...e5 11.Rc1=) 11.d4 (11.Rc1 Ncd7=) 11...Nce4 12.Nbd2 (12.Ne5 Nd7=) 12...b6 (12...Bd7 13.Ne4 Ne4 14.Ne5=) 13.Ne5 (13.Ne4 Ne4 14.Bd3 a6=) 13...Bb7 14.Ndf3 (14.Ne4 Ne4 15.Rac1 a6=) 14...Rac8 (14...Rfc8 15.Qa4=) 15.Qa4 Rc7 (15...Ra8 16.Rfc1=) 16.Rac1+= (16.Qa7? Rc2 17.Bc1 Re2 18.Qb6 Ra8–+) 16...Rfc8 (16...Rc1 17.Rc1 (worse 17.Bc1 Nc3 18.Qc2 Nfe4=+) 17...Ra8 18.Bd3+=) 17.Bd3 (17.Qa7 Rc1 18.Rc1 Rc1 19.Bc1 Nc3+–) 17...Ba8+= 18.Rc7 (18.Qa6 Rc1 19.Rc1 Rc1 20.Bc1 Qb7+=) 18...Rc7 19.Rc1 Rc1 20.Bc1 Qc7 21.Bb2 Nd7 (21...Qe7 22.Qc2+=) 22.Nd7 Qd7 23.Qc2 (23.Ba3 Qc7 24.Qa6 Bf8+=) 23...f6 24.Kf1 (24.Ne1 Bb4 25.Qe2 Bd6+=) 24...Bb7= 25.Ke2 (25.Qb3 Qe7=) 25...Qe7 (25...Qd8 26.Qb3=) 26.g3 (26.Qa4 Ba8=) 26...Qf7 27.Kf1 Qh5 28.Kg2 Qf7 (28...Bb8 29.Ba3=) 29.Nd2 (29.Qa4 Bb8=) 29...Nd2 (29...f5 30.Nb1=) 30.Bh7 Kh8 (better 30...Kf8 31.Bg6 Qd7 32.Qd2 Qb5=) 31.Bg6+– Qe7 32.Qd2 f5 33.Qd1 Qg5 34.Bh5 (34.Bf7+–) 34...f4 (34...Kh7!?+–) 35.h4 (35.ef4 Qf5+–) 35...Qf5 36.ef4 Be7 (36...Kg8+–) 37.Bg4 Qe4 (37...Qg6 38.Qe2+–) 38.Bf3 Qg6 39.h5 (39.Qa4 Qf7+–) 39...Qf5? (39...Qe8 40.Qe2 Qd7 41.Bg4+–) 40.Qe2 (better 40.Qa4!? Bd8+–) 40...Bc8 41.Qe5 (41.Bg4 Qb1+–) 41...Qc2 42.h6 Bf6 43.hg7 Kg7 44.Qe2 (44.Qb8 a6+–) 44...Qa4 (better 44...Qb1+–) 45.Bh5 Kf8 (45...Kh8+–) 46.Qd3 Ke7 47.Ba3 (better 47.Qg6 Bd7 48.Qf7 Kd6 49.Qf6 Kc7+–) 47...Kd8 48.Qg6 Bd4 (48...Qa3 49.Qf6 Kc7+–) 49.Qe8 Kc7 50.Qc6 Kd8 51.Bd6 (51.Bd6 Qb5 52.Qc7) 1–0. Nemeth,Laszlo1 (1975) – Talyigas,Zsofia, HUN–chT2 Erkel, 2007.

7.Nc3 a6

8.a4 Bd7 9.Be2 Qb6 10.Qb3 Be8 11.d4 Nbd7? (better is 11...dc4 12.Bc4 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Ba1 cb5 15.Nb5 Bb5=) 12.c5+– Bc5 13.dc5 Nc5 14.Qc2 ab5 15.ab5 Ra1 16.Ba1 cb5 17.0-0 b4 18.Rb1 Qa5 19.Nd1 b3 20.Qd2 Qb6 (better is 20...Qd2!? 21.Nd2 Ba4+/–) 21.Bf6+– gf6 22.Nd4 Ba4 23.Nc3 Qa5 24.Qb2 e5 (24...Rc8 25.Rc1+–) 25.Na4 (25.Nf5 Bc6 26.Nd5 Bd5 27.Ne7 Kg7 28.Nd5 Qa2 29.Qa2 ba2+–) 25...ed4? (better is 25...Qa4 26.Nb3 b6+–) 26.Nc5 Qc5 27.ed4 Qc2 28.Qc2 bc2 29.Rc1 Rc8 30.Bd3 (30.Kf1 Kf8+–) 30...Kg7? (better is 30...Rc3 31.Bf5 Rc4+–) 31.Rc2 (31.Bc2?! b5 32.Kf1 b4+/–) 31...Rb8 32.Rb2 Rc8 33.g3 Rc1 34.Kg2 Rd1 35.Bf5 Rd4 36.Rb7 Rc4 (36...Kg8 37.Kf3+–) 37.Be6 1–0. Flaherty – Reale,Remo, corr, 1988.

8.a4 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 e4 11.Nd4 Nbd7 12.Nf5 (12.d3 Nc5=) 12...Bc7 13.Ba3 Re8 14.ba6 ba6 15.0-0 Ne5 16.Ng3 (16.Nd4 Bg4=+) 16...Nfg4 (16...Bg4 17.Bg4 Neg4 18.Bc5=+) 17.h3 Qh4?? (better 17...Nf6!?=) 18.hg4 (18.Nd5 Nf3 19.Bf3 Nf2 20.Nc7 Nd1 21.Ne4 Re4 22.Na8 Ne3 23.de3 Re3+–) 18...Bg4 (18...Ng4 19.Bg4 Bg4 20.Qc2 Bg3 21.fg3+–) 19.Nd5 Nf3 20.Bf3 Bf3? (better 20...ef3 21.Nc7 fg2 22.Na8 Bd1 23.Rfd1 Ra8 24.Kg2 Qa4+–) 21.Qe1 (21.Be7 f6 22.Qe1 Be5+–) 21...Re6 22.Ne7! (22.Nc7?? Rh6 23.Nh5 Rh5 24.Na8 Qh2; 22.gf3?? Rh6 23.Ne7 Kh8 24.Ng6 hg6 25.fe4 Qh2) 22...Kh8 (22...Re7 23.Nf5 Double attack (23.Nf5 Decoy; 23.gf3 Zwischenzug)) 23.Nef5 (23.gf3?? Rh6 24.Ng6 hg6 25.fe4 Qh2) 23...Qh5 (23...Qg4 24.Bb2 Bg3 25.fg3 Qf5 26.gf3 Rh6+–) 24.Nh5 (24.Nh5 Bh5 25.Nd4+–) 1–0. onur604 (2320) – SereneMystery (2055),, 2020.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.cd5 ed5 10.Ne2 Re8 11.g3 Nb4 12.Qb3 Be6 (12...Be6 13.Ned4 Qe7+=) 0–1. Pachurka,Roland – Burgau,Thomas, DESC, 2005.

7.Nc3 Bd7

8.Be2 cb5 9.cb5 a6 10.a4 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Qa1 Ne8 (12...e5 13.Nb1 d4 14.ed4=) 13.Qa7 Qc8 (13...Qc7 14.0-0+=) 14.Qd4 (14.0-0 Bc5 15.Qa4 Bd6+=) 14...f6 (14...Nf6 15.0-0=) 15.0-0+= Bc5 16.Qa4 b6 17.Rc1 Qb7 18.Ba3 Ba3 19.Qa3 Nc7 20.Ra1 e5 21.Qa7 Qa7 22.Ra7 Rc8 23.h3 (23.Rb7 Nb5 24.Nd5 Nd6 25.Ne7 Kf7 26.Nc8 Nb7 27.Nb6 e4+/–) 23...Be6+= 24.d4 e4 25.Nd2 Nd7 26.Nb3 Kf8 27.Na4 Ke8 28.Rb7 Na8 29.Ra7 Kd8 30.Kf1 g6 31.Ke1 h5 32.Kd2 f5 33.f4 Ke7 34.h4 Kd6 35.Nc1 Nc7 36.Rb7 Na8 37.Na2 Rc7 38.Rc7 Kc7 39.Nb4 Nf6 40.Nc3 Kd6 41.Nc6 Bd7 42.Ne5 Be8 43.Na4 Kc7 44.Nc3 Kb7 45.Kc2 Nc7 46.Kb3 Ng4 47.Ng4 hg4 48.Kb4 Bf7 49.Bd1 Ne8 50.Ne2 Nf6 51.Ng3 Kc7 52.Be2 Kd6 53.Kb3 Ke6 54.Kb4 Be8 55.Kb3 Ng8 56.Kb4 Nh6 57.Kb3 Nf7 58.Kb4 Nd6 59.Bf1 Kf6 60.Be2 Bf7 61.Bf1 Ne8 62.Be2 Nc7 63.Bf1 Ne6 64.Be2 ½–½. Vormann,D – Michels,F, St Ingbert, 1991.

8.Be2 dc4 9.Bc4 a6 10.a4 =.

8.Be2 Re8 9.Qb3 a5 (9...dc4 10.Bc4 a6 11.b6+=) 10.a4 dc4 11.Bc4 Nd5 12.0-0 Nb6 13.Be2 e5 14.Ne4 Be6 15.Qc2 Bf5 16.Bd3 Bg6 17.Nd6 Qd6 18.Bg6 hg6 (worse is 18...fg6 19.bc6 Qc6 20.Qb3 Qe6 21.Qe6 Re6 22.Be5+–) 19.d4 e4 20.Nd2 Qe6 21.Rfc1 Nd5 (21...cb5 22.ab5 N8d7 23.Bc3+=) 22.Ba3 cb5 23.ab5 Nd7 24.Qb3 (24.Nc4 Rec8 25.Qe2 b6+=) 24...N7b6 25.Bc5 ½–½. Grossmann,Philipp (1900) – Jehl,Guenter (2020), Bayernliga, 2006.

7.Nc3 Nbd7

8.Qc2 a6 9.a4 e5 10.d3 Re8 11.Be2 e4 12.Nd4 Ne5 (12...ed3 13.Bd3 dc4 14.Bc4=) 13.de4= de4 14.h3 (14.Rd1!?=) 14...c5+= 15.Nb3 Bf5 16.Rd1 (16.0-0!?+=) 16...Nd3–/+ 17.Bd3 ed3 18.Qd2 (18.Qc1 Nd7–/+) 18...Qe7 19.Nc1 Ne4 20.Ne4 Qe4 (20...Be4?! 21.0-0+=) 21.Nd3 (better is 21.0-0!? ab5 22.ab5 Qc4 23.g4–+) 21...Qg2 (21...Qc4?! 22.Qc3 Qc3 23.Bc3 ab5 24.ab5–/+) 22.Ke2 Bg3 (22...Bh3?! 23.Rdg1 Bg4 24.Ke1–+) 23.Rdf1 Bd3 24.Qd3 Bf2!! 25.Rf2 Qh1 26.Qf5 Qg1 (26...Qg1 27.Qf7 Kh8–+; better is 26...f6!? 27.Rf1 Qh2 28.Rf2–+) 0–1. Amburn,T – Akopian,A, Kissimmee, 1997.

8.d4 cb5 (8...Qa5 9.Qd2=) 9.Nb5 Bb4 10.Nc3 Ne4 (10...Qa5 11.Qb3=) 11.Qb3 Qa5 (11...Qb6 12.c5 Qa5 13.Rc1=) 12.Rc1 Ndf6 13.a3 (13.Bd3 dc4 14.Bc4 Nd5 15.Bd5 ed5=) 13...Bc3 (13...Bd6 14.Bd3=) 14.Bc3 Nc3 15.Qc3 (15.Qc3 Qc3 16.Rc3=; 15.Rc3?? Ne4–+) 1–0. Domingo,Jordi (1965) – Strohmeier,Josef (1800), FICGS, 2011.

8.cd5 ed5 9.Be2 Re8 10.Nd4 (10.bc6 bc6 11.0-0 c5+=) 10...c5+= 11.Nf5 Ne5 (11...Bc7 12.Rc1+=) 12.Nd6 Qd6 13.0-0 (13.d4 Nc4 14.dc5 Qc5=) 13...Neg4 14.f4 (14.g3 Bf5+=) 14...d4 15.ed4? (better is 15.Na4 de3 16.h3+=) 15...Qd4–+ 16.Kh1 Nf2 17.Rf2 Qf2 18.Qf1 (18.Ba3 Bf5–+) 18...Qf1 (18...Qd4!? 19.d3–+) 19.Bf1 Bf5 20.Rc1 (20.Na4 b6–+) 20...b6 21.a4 (21.Ne2 Nh5 22.Ng3 Ng3 (22...Nf4 23.Nf5 g6 24.Nh6 Kf8 25.Bc4+/–) 23.hg3 Rad8–+) 21...Rad8 22.Rc2 (22.Nb1–+) 22…Bc2 (22...Bc2 23.Kg1 Bd3 24.Bd3 Rd3–+) 0–1. Efimov,Mstislav – Blokhina,Elvira, Vladimir op–B, 2004.

7.d4 dc4

8.Bc4 cb5 9.Bb5 Qa5 10.Nc3 Bb4 11.Qd3 Nd5 12.Rc1 Qa2 (13.Qd2 Qb3=+). de Bouver,Guido – Hemzo,Miguel Angelo, Orang Utan Invitational, 2002.

8.Bc4 cb5 9.Bb5 Qa5 10.Nc3 Nd5 11.Qd3 Bb4 12.Rc1 Qa2 13.Ba1 Bd7 14.Bc4 Qa5 15.0-0 Nc3 16.Rc3? (better is 16.Bc3 Bc3 17.Rc3+=) 16...Bc3–+ 17.Bc3 Qh5 18.Ne5 Bc6 19.e4 Nd7 20.Nc6 bc6 21.f4 Rad8 22.Qc2 Nb6 23.Be2 Qh6 24.f5 (24.Bb4 Rfe8 (24...Rd4? 25.Bf8 Qg6 26.Bd3+–) 25.Qc6 Rc8–/+) 24...ef5 25.Rf5 Rde8 26.Rf3 Re6 27.Bd3 Qh4 28.Rh3 Qe7 29.Rg3 g6 30.Rh3 Re8 31.Qd2 f6 32.Bb4 Qg7 33.Re3 (33.Bc5!?–/+) 33...f5–+ 34.Bc3? (34.e5 Qh6–+) 34...Qe7 (better is 34...fe4!? 35.d5 Qc3 36.Qc3 Nd5 37.Qb3 Ne3 38.Be4–+) 35.e5 Nd5 36.Rh3 Rb8 37.Bc4 Rb1 38.Kf2 Qb7 39.Bd5 cd5 40.Re3 Qb5 41.Re2 Rb3 42.Re3 a5! 43.Rh3 Rb1 44.Qg5 Rf1 45.Kg3 Qd3 46.Kh4 Qe4 47.g4 Qg4 48.Qg4 fg4 49.Kg4 h5 50.Kg5 a4 51.Bb4 Kg7 52.Rc3 Rf5 53.Kh4 Rf4 54.Kg3 Rd4 55.Rc7 Kh6 56.Bf8 Kg5 57.Bg7 h4 58.Kf3 a3 59.Ra7 Rd3 60.Ke2 Rh3 61.Ra5 Rh2 62.Kd3 a2 63.Kd4 Rd2 64.Kc3 Re2 65.Kd4 h3 66.Kd5 Re8 67.Bf6 Kf5 68.Ra3 h2 69.Rf3 Kg4 70.Rf1 Kg3 71.e6 Kg2 (71...Kg2 72.Ra1 R8e6–+) 0–1. Jamieson,Ian (2005) – Dunn,Alan Stephan (2075), Gibraltar Challengers–A, 2006.

8.Bc4 cb5 9.Bb5 a6 10.Bd3= b5 11.0-0 Bb7 12.Nbd2 Nc6 13.Qb3 (13.e4 Nb4 14.Bb1 Bf4=) 13...Rc8 14.Rac1 Na5 15.Qd1 Qe7 16.Re1 Bb4 17.Qe2 (17.e4 Rc1 18.Bc1 Rc8+=) 17...Bd5 (17...Bf3 18.gf3 Nd5 19.Red1–/+) 18.Ne5 (18.Rc8 Rc8 19.Ra1 Bd2 20.Nd2 Qb4+=) 18...Nd7 (18...Ba2!? 19.Rc8 Rc8–/+) 19.Nd7+= Qd7 20.a3 Bd2 21.Rc8 (21.Qd2? Nb3 22.Qb4 Nc1 (22...Rc1?! 23.Bc1 Rb8 24.Bc2 Nc1 25.Rc1=) 23.Rc1 Rc1 24.Bc1 Qc6–+) 21...Rc8 22.Qd2 Nc4 23.Qb4 Nb2 24.Qb2 Qc6 25.f3 (better is 25.e4!? Qc3 26.Qc3 Rc3 27.Bb5 Be4 28.Ba6 (worse is 28.Re4 ab5 29.f4 Ra3–/+) 28...Ra3 29.Re4 Ra6 30.f4=) 25...Qc3–/+ 26.Qb1 Qa3 (better is 26...Ba2 27.Qd1 Qa3–/+) 27.Bb5?? (better is 27.Bh7 Kh8 28.Be4+=) 27...ab5 (27...Ba2!? 28.Qd3 Qb4 29.Rd1 ab5 30.Qd2 Qd2 31.Rd2–+) 28.Qb5 Qc3 29.Kf2 (29.Qe2 e5–+) 29...h6 (29...Bc4 30.Qb1–+) 30.Qa6 (30.Qb1 Bc4 31.Qc1 Qd3–+) 30...Rb8 31.Re2 (31.Qa4 Bc4 32.Qd1 Rb2 33.Kg3 e5–+) 31...Rb2 (better is 31...Bc4 32.Qa7 Rc8–+) 32.Rb2 Qb2 33.Kg3? (33.Qe2 Qc3–+) 33...Qb8 (better is 33...Qd2!? 34.Qc8 Kh7 35.Qc7–+) 34.Kh3 e5 35.de5 Be6 36.g4 Qe5 37.Qa8 Kh7 38.Qa3 h5 39.Qd3 g6 40.Kh4 Qh2 41.Kg5 hg4 42.fg4 Qh6 43.Kf6 Qh4 44.g5 Qf2 45.Ke7 Qb2 46.Qf1 Qb7 47.Kf6 Bf5 48.Qe1 Qb2 49.Kf7 Qb7 50.Kf8 Qc8 51.Ke7 0–1. jboger (2210) – coora (2070), net–, 2013.

7.cd5 ed5

8.a4 Bf5 9.Be2 c5 (9...a6 10.Nd4 Bg6 11.f4+=) 10.0-0= Nbd7 11.d3 h6 (11...Re8 12.a5=) 12.Nbd2 Re8 13.Re1 (13.a5 Qe7=) 13...Rc8 (13...a6 14.e4 Bg6 15.ba6 ba6 16.ed5 Nd5 17.Ne4=) 14.Rc1 (14.a5 Qe7=) 14...Qc7 15.h3 b6 (15...Qb6 16.e4 Bg6 17.ed5 Nd5 18.Nc4=) 16.Bf1 (16.Nd4 Bg6=) 16...Bh7 (16...Ra8 17.Nd4 Bg6 18.N2f3=) 17.Kh1 (17.Qb3 Ra8=) 17...Qb8 (17...Ra8 18.Qb3=) 18.Ng1 (18.Be2 Bf5=) 18...Be5+= 19.Be5 Ne5 20.d4 Nd3 21.Bd3 Bd3 22.dc5 (22.Ngf3 Qb7=) 22...bc5+= 23.Nb3? (better is 23.Ne2+=) 23...Ne4–+ 24.Qf3 Re6 25.Qf4 (better is 25.Ne2 Be2 26.Qe2–+) 25...Qf4 26.ef4 Nf2 27.Kh2 Re1 28.Re1 Bc2 29.Na5 Ba4 30.Nc6 Rc7 31.Ne7 Kf8 32.Nd5 Rd7 (better is 32...Rb7!? 33.b6 ab6 34.Rb1–+) 33.Nc3 Bb3 (33...Nd3 34.Re4 Bb3 35.Nf3–+) 34.Nf3–/+ Nd3 (34...f6 35.f5–/+) 35.Rb1 (35.Ne5 Ne5 (35...Ne1?! 36.Nd7 Ke7 37.Nc5=) 36.Re5 c4–/+) 35...Bc2 (35...c4 36.Rf1–+) 36.Ra1–/+ f6 (36...Nf4 37.Ne5 Rd2 38.Ra7 Rg2 39.Kh1–+) 37.Kg3 Nb4 (37...c4 38.Ne2–/+) 38.Na4 Ba4 (38...Rc7 39.Nc3–/+) 39.Ra4 Rb7 40.Nd4 (40.Nd2 f5–/+) 40...cd4 41.Rb4 Ke7 42.Rd4 Rb5 43.Kg4 a5 44.Re4 Kd7 45.Ra4 g6 46.Rd4 Ke6 47.Rd8 (47.Ra4 Kd5–+) 47...h5 48.Kh4 (48.Kf3 Rb3 49.Ke4 f5 50.Kd4 Rb4 51.Ke3 a4–+) 48...a4 (48...Rb4 49.g3–+) 49.Ra8 Rb4 50.Ra6 Kf5 (50...Ke7!? 51.Ra7 Ke8–/+) 51.g4 hg4 52.hg4 Kf4 53.Rf6 Ke5 54.Rg6 Kf4 ½–½. Valente,Hector Manuel (1805) – Echeguren,Gustavo (2030), Club Argentino de Ajedrez – Torneo Abie, 2013.

8.Nc3 Bf5 (8...Bg4 9.h3 (9.Be2 a6 10.a4 Nbd7 11.0-0 Qc7 12.g3 ab5 13.ab5) 9...Bf3 10.Qf3 Nbd7 11.Be2 Ne5 12.Qf5 Rb8 13.Rb1; 8...a6 9.Qa4 (9.a4 Nbd7 10.Be2 Nb6 11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 Nc4 13.Bc4) 9...Be6 10.Nd4 Qb6 11.Ne6 fe6 12.bc6 Nc6 13.Qb3; 8...Re8 9.Be2 a6 10.a4 Bg4 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.h3 Bf3 13.Bf3) 9.Be2 a6 (9...c5 10.Qb3 c4 11.Qd1 Nbd7 12.Nd4 Bd3 13.Bd3) 10.a4 Qc7 (10...Nbd7 11.0-0 Qc7 12.Rc1 Rfe8 13.g3) 11.0-0 (11.Nd4 Bg6 12.h4 h5 13.0-0) 11...Nbd7 (11...ab5 12.ab5 Nbd7 13.d4) 12.d4 (12.Rc1 h6 13.d4) 12...ab5 13.ab5 h6 (13...Ra1 14.Qa1 c5 15.dc5 Nc5 16.Rd1=) 14.Qb3= Be6 15.Rfc1 Ra1 16.Ra1 c5 17.dc5 Nc5 ½–½. Gavrijski,Dimitar (2140) – Daatselaar,Jan Bart van (2175), corr ICCF WSTT/3/06/Final, 2009.

8.Be2 cb5 9.Bb5 Bg4 +=.

7.Be2 a6

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Qc7 11.Bf6+= gf6 12.cd5 cb5 (12...cd5!? 13.0-0 e5=) 13.Bb5 (13.Nc3 Bd7+–) 13...ed5 14.Nc3 Be6 15.Nd4 (15.Bd3 Be5+–) 15...Nc6+= 16.Ne6 fe6 17.Qg4 Kf7 18.Qh3 1–0. Pereira – Russo, internet, 2020.

8.a4 Nbd7 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 dc4 (11...cb5 12.cb5 e5 13.Qc2=) 12.bc6 bc6 13.Qa4 (13.Bc4 Nb6 14.Be2 c5=) 13...Bb7 14.Qc4 Qa5 (14...c5 15.d3=) 15.Nc3 Nc5 16.Qa2 Qa2 17.Na2 Ra8 18.Bf6 gf6 (18...Ra2 19.Bd4=) 19.Nc3 Ra3 (19...f5 20.Rb1 Ra7 21.d3+=) 20.Nd4 (20.Rb1 Bc7+=) 20...Be5 (20...Na4 21.Ne4 Be5 22.Rb1+/–) 21.Nc2 Rb3 22.Na1 (22.Rb1 Bd6=) 22...Rb2 (22...Ra3!? 23.Nc2 Rb3=) 23.d4+= Bd6 24.Rb1 Rb1 25.Nb1 Nd7 26.Nb3 (26.Bf3 f5+=) 26...Bb4 27.N1d2 f5 28.Bf3 e5 29.Nc4 e4 30.Be2 Ba6 31.f3 (31.Nb6 Be2 32.Nd7 Kg7+=) 31...ef3 (31...c5 32.Kf2+=) 32.gf3+= Nb6 (32...c5 33.Kf1+=) 33.Nb6+/– Be2 34.Kf2 Bb5 35.Nc5 Kg7 36.f4 (36.Nbd7 f4+/–) 36...Kf6 (36...Bc5 37.dc5 Kf6 38.Ke1+=) 37.Kf3+/– Ke7 38.Nc8 Kf6 39.Kg3 Bd2 (39...Bc5 40.dc5 Ke6 41.Nb6+=) 40.Nd7+/– Ke6 41.Nc5 Kf6 ½–½. orlink (2240) – forsetinn (2460),, 2015.

7.Be2 dc4

8.Na3 a6 9.Nc4 Be7 10.ba6 b5=.

8.a4 a6 9.Bc4 (9.Na3 cb5 10.ab5 c3 11.Bc3 Bd7=) 9...Qe7 (9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 12.Bb5=+) 10.0-0 e5 11.d3 cb5 (11...ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 cb5 14.Bb5=) 12.ab5= Nbd7 13.ba6 ba6 The passed pawn on a6 will quickly become a dangerous weapon 14.Nbd2 Bb7 (14...Nb6 15.Qb1 Nfd7 16.Bb3=) 15.Qe2 (15.Nh4 g6=) 15...a5 (15...Rfb8 16.Rfc1=) 16.Rfc1 (16.Nh4 Rfb8 17.Nf5 Qf8=) 16...a4 17.Rab1 (17.Nh4 g6=) 17...a3=+ 18.Ba1 Rfb8 19.e4 Nc5 20.d4 (better 20.Ng5 Rf8 21.Ba2=) 20...Nce4?? (20...ed4 21.e5 a2 22.Ba2 Ra2=) 21.de5+– Nd2 (21...a2 22.Rb5 Nd2 23.Qd2+–) 22.Nd2 (22.Qd2 Ne4 23.ed6 Nd2 24.de7 Nb1+–) 22...a2 23.Rb5 (23.Rb7 Rb7 24.ed6 Qd6 25.Bf6 Qf6 26.Ba2 Re7+–) 23...Ba3 24.Re1 (24.Rc2 Ne8 25.Ra2 Nc7+–) 24...Ne8+= 25.Ba2 Nc7 26.Rbb1 Bb4 27.Bc4 Qg5 (27...Nd5 28.Red1+=) 28.Nf3+= Bf3 29.Qf3 Be1 30.Qf7 (worse 30.Bf7 Kh8 31.Re1 Rf8=+) 30...Kh8 31.Re1 Qd2 32.Rf1 Nb5 (better 32...Rc8!?+–) 33.e6+– The mate threat is Qxg7 33...Ra1?? (better 33...Qg5 34.h4! Qh6+–) 34.e7 (34.Ra1?! Qc3 35.e7 Qa1 36.Bf1 Qa8 37.Bb5 Qa1 38.Bf1 Qa8+–) 34...Raa8 (34...Rf1 35.Bf1 h6 36.e8Q Re8 37.Qe8 Kh7 38.Qb5+–) 35.Bb5 h6 (35...Qc3 36.e8Q Re8 37.Be8+–) 36.e8Q Re8 37.Be8 Qd6 38.Ba4 Rf8 39.Qd7 (39.Qh5 Qe6+–) 39...Qc5 (39...Qd7 40.Bd7 Rd8 41.Rd1+–) 40.Qc6 (40.Bc6 Qe5+–) 40...Qe5 (40...Qc6 41.Bc6 Rc8 42.Be4+–) 41.Bc2 Rb8 (41...Qe8 42.Qd6+–) 42.Qe4 (42.Qg6 Kg8+–) 42...Qe4 43.Be4 Rb4 44.Re1 g5 45.h3 (45.g4 Kg7+–) 45...Kg7 46.Bf3 (46.g3 Rb2+–) 46...Kf6 47.Rc1 (47.g3 Rb2+–) 47...Ra4 (47...Rb6 48.Kf1+–) 48.Rc6 Kg7 49.Bg4 (49.g3 Ra1 50.Kg2 Re1+–) 49...Rf4 (49...Ra1 50.Kh2+–) 50.g3 Rf8 51.Kg2 Kh7 (51...Rf6 52.Rc7 Kg6 53.Bf3+–) 52.Bd1 (52.Bh5 Rg8+–) 52...Kg7 53.Bc2 Rh8 (53...Rf6 54.Rf6 Kf6 55.f4+–) 54.f4 gf4 55.gf4 h5 56.f5 Rd8 (56...Ra8 57.f6 Kf7 58.Bb3 Kg6 59.f7 Kg7 60.Rc5+–) 57.f6 Kh6 (57...Kf7 58.Kg3 Rb8 59.Kh4+–) 58.f7 Kg7 59.Bb3 (59.Bg6 h4+–) 59...h4 (59...Rd2 60.Kf1 Rd8 61.Rc5+–) 60.Rc2 (60.Rb6 Rd2 61.Kf3 Rd3 62.Kg4 Rb3 63.Rb3 Kf7 64.Kh4 Kf6+–) 60...Rb8 (60...Kf8 61.Rc7+–) 61.Ba2 Ra8 (61...Kf6 62.Re2 Ra8 63.Bc4+–) 62.Kg1 (better 62.Kf3 Ra2 63.Ra2 Kf7 64.Kg4+–) 62...Kh6 (62...Kf8+–) 63.Re2 (63.Rg2 Rf8+–) 63...Kg7 (63...Rf8 64.Rg2 Kh7+–) 64.Re8 (64.Re8 Rb8 65.f8Q Kg6 66.Qf7 Kg5 67.Re5 Kh6 68.Rh5) 1–0. Teichmann,Erik (2325) – Solomon,Stephen (2375), AUS Masters Melbourne, 2002.

8.Bc4 cb5 (8...a6 9.a4 A) 9...Qc7 10.Bf6 (10.Ba3 ab5 11.ab5 Bc5 12.Qc1 cb5 13.Bb5 Bd7 14.Nc3) 10...gf6 11.Nc3 cb5 12.Bd3 b4 13.Ne4 Be7 14.g4; B) 9...Nbd7 10.Nc3 (10.bc6 bc6 11.Nc3 Rb8 12.Rb1 Rb4 13.Be2 e5 14.Qc2) 10...Nb6 11.Bd3 Nbd7 12.0-0 ab5 13.ab5 Ra1 14.Qa1; C) 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 cb5 12.Bb5 Nc6 13.Nc3 Bd7 14.0-0) 9.Bb5 a6 (9...Nbd7 10.Qc2 (10.Nc3 a6 11.Be2 b5 12.a3 Bb7 13.0-0 Nb6 14.d3; 10.d4 Qa5 11.Nc3 Bb4 12.Qd3 Nd5 13.Rc1 Qa2 14.Qd2; 10.Be2 Nc5 11.Nc3 Bd7 12.0-0 Rc8 13.Qb1 Qa5 14.Nd4) 10...Nc5 11.Nc3 Bd7 12.d4 Nce4 13.Bd7 Nc3 14.Bc3; 9...Na6 10.Nc3 (10.0-0 Nc5 11.Nc3 Bd7 12.d4 Nce4 13.Bd3 Nc3 14.Bc3; 10.Bd4 Nc5 11.Nc3 Nfd7 12.0-0 a6 13.Bd7 Bd7 14.Be5; 10.Na3 Qa5 11.Bf6 gf6 12.Nc4 Qb5 13.Nd6 Qd5 14.Nc8) 10...Bd7 11.0-0 Rc8 12.Qe2 Nb4 13.Rac1 a6 14.Bd7; 9...Bd7 10.Bf6 (10.Nc3 Qb6 11.Rb1 Nc6 12.0-0 Rac8 13.d4 a6 14.Be2) 10...Qf6 11.Nc3 Bb4 12.Rc1 Bc3 13.Bd7 Nd7 14.Rc3; 9...Nc6 10.Na3 (10.0-0 Bd7 11.Nc3 Qb6 12.Qb3 Rfc8 13.Na4 Qd8 14.Rac1) 10...Nb4 11.0-0 a6 12.Be2 b5 13.Nc2 Nc2 14.Qc2) 10.Be2 b5 (10...Nc6 11.0-0+= b5 12.d4 h6 13.e4 Bb4 14.Qd3) 11.0-0 (11.a3 Nbd7 12.Nc3 Bb7 13.0-0 Nb6 14.d3) 11...Nbd7 (11...Bb7 12.d3+= (12.d4 Nbd7 13.Nbd2 Qe7 14.a4) 12...Nbd7 13.Nbd2 Qe7 14.a4; 11...Nc6 12.d4 Bb7 13.Nbd2 Rc8 14.Rc1) 12.d3 (12.d4 Bb7 13.a4 b4 14.Nbd2) 12...Nc5 (12...Bb7 13.a4 b4 14.Nbd2) 13.Nc3 b4 (13...Bb7 14.d4 Ncd7 15.Rc1+=) 14.Na4= Na4 15.Qa4 Bd7 16.Qd1 (16.Qb3 Bc6=) 16...Nd5 17.Qd2 Qb8 (17...Rc8 18.Rfc1=) 18.g3 (18.e4 Nf4=) 18...Nb6 (18...e5 19.Rfc1+=) 19.Rac1 f6 (19...Na4 20.d4+=) 20.Nd4 Qe8 21.Bf3 Rc8 22.Rc8 Nc8 23.Rc1 Ne7 24.Nb3 Qb8 25.Bd4 Rc8 26.Bc5 Bc6 27.Bc6 Rc6 28.d4 Kf7 29.Qd3 ½–½. Teichmann,Erik (2320) – Petrosian,TL (2570), 8th Dubai Open, Dubai UAE, 2006.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.Bc4 a6 10.0-0 b5 11.Be2 Bb7 12.d4 Rc8 13.Nbd2 Na5 14.Rc1 Qb6 15.h3 (15.Rc8 Rc8 16.Qb1 Qd8+=) 15...Bd5 16.Rc8 Rc8 17.Qb1 Qb7 18.Rd1 h6 19.Ne1 Nc4 20.Nc4 bc4 (worse is 20...Rc4 21.Bc4 Bc4 22.Nd3+/–) 21.Rc1? (better is 21.Qc2–/+) 21...Rb8–+ 0–1. algernon (2315) – rpatrick (2780), net–, 2016.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.Bc4 e5 10.0-0? e4–+ 11.Nd4 Nd4 12.Bd4 Bh2! 13.Kh1 (13.Kh2 Ng4) 13...Ng4 14.g3 Qd6 15.Qe2 Qh6 16.Kg2 (16.f3 Bg3 17.Kg1 Bh2 18.Kh1 ef3 19.Rf3 Ne5 20.Qh2 Qh2 (20...Nf3?! 21.Qh6 gh6 22.Bf6–+; 20...Nc4?? 21.Qh6 f6 22.Rg3+–) 21.Kh2 Nf3 (21...Nc4?! 22.d3 Nd6 23.Nc3–+) 22.Kg3 Nd4 23.ed4 Rd8–+) 16...Ne3! 17.fe3 (17.Qe3 Qh3) 17...Qh3 (better is 17...Bh3 18.Kf2 A) 18...Bf1?! 19.Qf1 Rac8 20.Be2+= (20.Ba7?? Qd6 21.Qh3 Rc4–+); B) 18...Qg5–+) 18.Kh1+= Bg3 19.Kg1 Bg4 20.Qg2 Qh4 21.Qh1 Bh3 22.Nc3 Qg4 (22...Rae8 23.Bd5 Be5 24.Be4 Bd4 25.ed4 Qg4 26.Bg2 Qd4 27.Rf2 Bg2 28.Qg2=) 23.Be2?? (better is 23.Qe4 Bf4 24.Kf2 Bg3 25.Kg1 Bf4 26.Kf2 Bg3 27.Kg1=) 23…Bf2!? (23...Bf2 24.Kf2 Qh4 25.Kg1 Qg3 26.Qg2 Qg2) 0–1. Dietert – Guhl, corr, 1973.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.Bc4 e5 10.0-0 e4 11.Nd4 Bh2 12.Kh1 Ng4 (12...Nd4 13.Bd4 Bc7 14.f4–+) 13.g3–/+ Qg5 14.Kg2?? (better is 14.Nc6 bc6 15.Qe2–+) 14...Qh6 (better is 14...Nf2 15.Rf2 Qg3 16.Kh1 Qf2 17.Qf1–+) 15.Ne2 (15.Qe2 Nge5 16.Ne6 Nc4 17.Nf4 Nb2 18.Rh1–+) 15…Bg1!? (16.Bf7 Rf7 17.Re1 Rf2 18.Kg1 Qh2#) 0–1. Tiser,U – Korolkova,L, corr ICCF, 1985.

8.bc6 Nc6 9.Bc4 e5 10.d3!? +=.

6.c4 Bd7

7.a4 c6 8.Be2 Re8 9.0-0 dc4 10.Bc4 Ng4 11.Na3 e5 12.e4 cb5 13.ab5 a6 14.d4 ed4 15.Bf7 Kf7 16.Qd4 Qf6 (16...Bh2 17.Nh2 Qg5+/–) 17.Qd5 Qe6?? (better is 17...Be6 18.Qb7 Re7 19.Qa8 Qb2 20.ba6 Qb6+–) 18.Ng5+– (18.Ng5 Kg6 19.Ne6 Bh2 20.Kh1 Be6 21.Qb7+–) 1–0. michaelbuss – pieeater,, 2014.

7.Qb3 A) 7...dc4 8.Bc4 a6 9.Nc3 ab5 10.Nb5 Be7 11.Be5 Na6=; B) 7...c6 B1) 8.Ba3 c5 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 Ba3 10.Na3 cb5 11.Bb5 a6=; 8...Ba3 9.Na3 dc4 10.Bc4 cb5 11.Bb5 a6=; 8...Be7 9.Be7 Qe7 10.cd5 cd5 11.d4 Rc8=; 8...Ne4 9.cd5 cd5 10.Bd6 Nd6 11.Nc3 a6=) 9.d4 b6 10.Nbd2 a6 11.dc5 bc5=+; B2) 8.Nc3 a6 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 a6 10.b6 c5 11.Ng5 Be7=) 9.bc6 Nc6 10.cd5 Na5 11.Qc2 ed5=+; B3) 8.cd5 Nd5 (8...ed5 9.Nc3 Be6 10.bc6 bc6 11.Qb7 Qb6=; 8...cd5 9.Be2 a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.Be5 Be5=) 9.Nc3 a6 10.Ne4 Be7 11.ba6 b6=; C) 7...a6 C1) 8.cd5 Nd5 (8...ed5 9.Nc3 Be6 10.Ng5 Nbd7 11.Qc2 d4=) 9.e4 Nf4 10.e5 Be7 11.Qa4 Ng6=+; C2) 8.Na3 Qe7 (8...ab5 9.Nb5 Bb5 10.Qb5 b6 11.cd5 Nd5=; 8...Ra7 9.Rc1 ab5 10.c5 Be7 11.Nb5 Bb5=+) 9.Rb1 ab5 10.Nb5 Bb5 11.Qb5 Nbd7=+; C3) 8.Nc3 ab5 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Nb5 Be7 11.Be5 Ne8=; 8...c6 9.bc6 Nc6 10.cd5 Na5 11.Qc2 ed5=) 9.Nb5 Bb5 10.Qb5 b6 11.cd5 Nd5=.

7.Qc2 a6 8.c5 Be7 9.Ng5=.

7.Qc2 dc4 8.e4 Be7 9.Bc4 a6 =.

7.Qc2 c6 8.a4 (8.c5 Bc7=) 8...a6 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 a6 10.Ng5=) 9.Ng5 (9.c5 Be7=) 9...g6 (9...e5 10.c5 Bc7 11.f4 cb5 12.fe5+=) 10.f4 (10.c5!? Be7 11.b6=) 10...ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 h6 (better 12...dc4 13.Bc4 cb5=+) 13.h4? (better 13.c5 Be7 14.bc6 bc6 15.Nf3=) 13...hg5–+ 14.hg5 Nh5 15.g4 Ng7 16.Qb2 (16.c5 Be7–/+) 16...e5–+ 17.c5 Bc5 Theme: Deflection from e5 (17...ef4?? 18.Qg7) 18.Qe5 A pinning theme. Threatening mate... how? 18...f6 19.gf6 The passed pawn on f6 will quickly become a dangerous weapon 19...Ne8 (better 19...Ne6–/+) 20.Rh8?? (20.Qg5 Rf6 21.Bd3+– (21.Bf6?! Qf6 22.Qh6 Bg4=)) 20...Kh8–+ 21.f7 Nf6 (21...Kh7 22.fe8B Qh4 23.Kd1 Bg4 (23...Qg4 24.Kc1 Ba3 25.Na3+–) 24.Be2 Be2 25.Ke2 Qg4 26.Kf1 Qf3 27.Kg1 Qd1 28.Kh2 Qh5 29.Qh5 gh5 30.Bh5 d4–+) 22.Qg5?? (22.Qf6 Qf6 23.Bf6 Kh7 24.Be2–+) 22...Kg7 23.Bd3 The mate threat is Qxg6 23...Rf7 (23...Kf7!? 24.Bg6 Ke7 25.bc6 Nc6 26.Bc3–+) 24.Qg6 Kf8 25.Qh6 (25.g5 Ne4–+) 25...Ke7 26.g5 (26.Bg6 Rf8 27.Qg7 Ke6 28.Bf5 Kd6 29.Be5) 26...Ng4 27.Qh4 Rf8 (27...Ke8 28.Bg6–+) 28.g6 (28.Bg7 Rg8 29.g6 Ke8 30.Qd8 Kd8–+) 28...Ke8 (28...Nf6 29.bc6 bc6 30.g7–+) 29.Qh5 (29.Qd8 Kd8 30.Nc3 Ke7–+) 29...Nf6 30.Qe5 Be7 31.g7 Kf7 (31...Rf7 32.Bg6 Ng8 33.Bd4–+) 32.Qg5?? (better 32.gf8R Kf8 33.Bd4–+) 32...Rg8+– 33.Qg6 Ke6 34.Be5 Bb4 35.Bf5 Ke7 36.Qf6 Ke8 37.Bg6 1–0. Psion – Psion, 1989.

7.Nc3 a6 8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Qa1 c6 11.Be2 cb5 12.cb5 Ne4 13.0-0 Nc3 14.Bc3 Qb6? (better 14...f6+=) 15.Bd4 Bc5 16.Bc5 (16.Bg7 Rc8 17.Qe5+-) 16...Qc5+/- 17.d4 Qc2 18.Qd1 Qd1 (18...Rc8 19.Bd3 Qd1 20.Rd1+=) 19.Rd1+/- Rc8 20.Ne5 (20.Ra1 f6+/-) 20...Be8 21.h3 f6 22.Nf3 Rc2 23.Bd3 Rb2 24.Ne1?? (better 24.Rc1 Nd7 25.Rc8+=) 24...Bb5-/+ 25.Bb5 Rb5 26.Nd3 Nc6 27.Rc1 Kf7 28.Nc5 Nb4?? (better 28...Na5-/+) 29.Rb1+- Rc5 (29...e5+-) 30.dc5 Nd3 (30...Nc6 31.Rb7 Ne7+-) 31.Rb7 Kg6 (31...Ke8 32.c6 Kd8+-) 32.c6 Nf2 33.Kf2 (33.Kf2 Kg5 34.c7 Kh5 35.c8Q Kg5 36.Rg7 Kf5 37.g4 Ke4 38.Qc3 d4 39.Qd4) 1-0. AhmedSultanov (1830) - hajvahid202020 (1780),, 2020.

7.d4 c6 8.c5= Bc7 9.a4 Ba5 10.Nbd2 Ne4 11.Bd3 Nd2 (11...Qe8 12.Qe2=) 12.Nd2+= Qg5 (12...Qe8 13.Qh5 h6 14.Qe2+=) 13.0-0 Bc7 14.f4 Qh6 15.Rf3 (15.Nf3 f6+=) 15...f5 (15...e5!? 16.fe5 Bg4=) 16.Rh3+– Qf6 17.Nf3 h6 (17...Be8 18.Ne5+–) 18.Ne5 Be5 (18...Be8 19.Qb3+–) 19.fe5 Qf7 20.Qf3 Be8 21.Rf1 Nd7 (21...Qc7 22.Bc3+–) 22.g4 fg4 (22...Qe7!? 23.gf5 ef5+–) 23.Qg4 Qe7 24.Rh6 Rf1 25.Bf1 (better 25.Kf1 Nf8 26.Kg2+–) 25...Qf8? (25...Nf8+–) 26.Re6 Bf7 (26...Qf7 27.Be2+–) 27.Rh6 (27.bc6 bc6 28.Rc6 Qe7+–) 27...Re8 (27...Be8 28.Rd6 Qe7 29.e4+–) 28.Bd3 (better 28.Rd6 Re7 29.e6 Nf6 30.ef7 Qf7 31.Qc8 Re8+–) 28...Qe7 (28...g6 29.Rh3 Nb8+–) 29.Rh7 Be6 30.Qh5 Kf8 31.Rh8 (31.bc6 bc6 32.Bg6 Bg8 33.Qf3 Nf6 34.ef6 Qf6 35.Qf6 gf6 36.Be8 Bh7 37.Bc6 Be4+–) 31...Bg8 32.Bh7 Nf6 33.Qf5 (33.ef6 Qe3 34.Kg2 Qd2 35.Kg3 Re3 36.Qf3 Rf3 37.Kf3 Qb2 38.Rg8 Kf7 39.Rg7 Kf6 40.Rb7 Qc3 41.Kg2 Qd4 42.bc6 Qa4=) 33...Kf7 34.Bg6 Kf8 35.Be8 Qe8 36.Kf2 (better 36.ef6 Qe3 37.Kf1+–) 36...cb5 (36...Qf7 37.ef6 Qf6+–) 37.ef6 ba4 38.Qd5 (38.Qd5 Qe3 39.Ke3 gf6 40.Qg8 Ke7 41.Qe8) 1–0. onur604 (2320) – Ahmadkhatab (1980),, 2020.

7.Be2 a6 A) 8.Nc3 c6 (8...ab5 9.Nb5 Be7 10.0-0 dc4 11.Bc4 c6=; 8...dc4 9.Bc4 c6 10.a4 e5 11.d4 e4=) 9.bc6 Bc6 10.cd5 Nd5 11.d3 Bb4–/+; B) 8.Qa4 dc4 9.Bc4 c6 10.Bd3 cb5 11.Qh4 h6–/+; C) 8.cd5 Nd5 (8...ed5 9.Nc3 ab5 10.Nb5 Bb5 11.Bb5 Nbd7=+) 9.Qa4 Nb6 10.Qd4 f6 11.ba6 Na6=+; D) 8.Na3 dc4 9.Bc4 c6 10.bc6 Nc6 11.0-0 Qe7=+; E) 8.ba6 Na6 9.Na3 Nc5 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Nc4 Ba4=+.

7.Be2 dc4 8.Bc4 (8.a4 a6 (8...Re8 9.Na3 c3 10.dc3 a6 11.Nc4 Be7=; 8...c6 9.Bc4 a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.0-0 Nb4=; 8...Nd5 9.Na3 c6 10.Nc4 Bc7 11.Nce5 cb5=) 9.Na3 ab5 10.ab5 Be7 11.0-0 c3=; 8.Nc3 e5 (8...a6 9.Bc4 c6 10.a4 e5 11.d4 e4=; 8...c6 9.Bc4 a6 10.a4 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1=+) 9.Bc4 c6 10.Rc1 a6 11.bc6 Nc6=+) 8...c6 (8...a6 9.Nc3 c6 10.a4 Nd5 11.Ne4 Be7=) 9.a4 (9.Nc3 a6 10.a4 cb5 11.ab5 Qb6=) 9...cb5 (9...a6 10.ba6 Na6 11.0-0= Nb4=) 10.ab5= Qc7 (10...Qe7 11.0-0 e5=) 11.Qe2 (11.Qb3 Rc8=) 11...Rc8 12.d3 Bb4 (12...e5 13.0-0 e4 14.Ng5 Bh2 15.Kh1 ed3 16.Bf7 Kh8 17.Qd3+=) 13.Nbd2 a5 (13...Nd5 14.0-0=) 14.ba6 (14.Bf6 gf6 15.0-0 a4+=) 14...b5= 15.Bb3 Ra6 (15...Nd5 16.Bd5 ed5 17.0-0=) 16.0-0 (16.Bf6 gf6 17.0-0 Ra1 18.Ra1 f5+=) 16...Bd2 (16...Ra1 17.Ra1 Bc3 18.Rc1=) 17.Qd2 Ra1 18.Ra1 Bc6 (18...Qd8 19.Ra7+–) 19.Rc1 Qb7 (19...Qd8 20.e4+=) 20.Ne1 (20.e4 Qe7+–) 20...Nbd7 21.f3 (21.Qb4 Qb8+=) 21...Nd5 (21...Bd5 22.Rc8 Qc8 23.Bc2=) 22.e4+= N5f6 23.Bd4 (23.d4 Rc7+=) 23...h6 (23...Qb8 24.f4+=) 24.Be3 Kh7 (24...Qc7 25.d4 Qd8 26.Nd3+–) 25.d4+– Nf8 (25...Qa6 26.Qb4+–) 26.Nd3 Bd7 (26...N8d7 27.Nb4 Nb8 28.Bc2+–) 27.Ne5 (27.Nc5 Qa7+–) 27...Rc1 28.Qc1 Kg8 29.g4 (29.Qb2 Qc7+–) 29...Ng6 (29...Qb6!?+=) 30.Ng6+– fg6 31.Qc5 (31.g5 hg5 32.Bg5 Qb6+–) 31...Kf7 (31...g5 32.d5 Kf7 33.Bd4+–) 32.Bd2 (32.g5 hg5 33.Bg5 Qa8+–) 32…g5 ½–½. Reg_UK (2220) – gordon gecko (2045),, 2003.

7.Be2 c6 8.Nc3 cb5 (8...dc4 9.Bc4 cb5 10.Nb5 Bb5 11.Bb5=) 9.cb5 a6 10.a4 ab5 11.ab5 White creates threats along the open a–file. 11...Ra1 12.Qa1 Ne8 (12...Re8 13.0-0=+) 13.Qa7 Qc8 14.Qd4 f6 15.0-0 Bc5 16.Qa4 b6 (16...Nd6 17.d4 Bb6 18.Rc1+=) 17.Rc1 (17.d4 Bd6+–) 17...Qb7+= 18.Ba3 Ba3 19.Qa3 Nc7 20.Ra1 (20.d4 Rc8+–) 20...e5 21.Qa7 Qa7 22.Ra7 Rc8 23.h3 (23.d4 Bg4 24.h3 Bf3 25.Bf3 e4+–) 23...Be6 (23...Kf7 24.d4 e4 25.Nd2+=) 24.d4+= e4 25.Nd2 Nd7 (25...Kf7 26.f3 ef3 27.Bf3+=) 26.Nb3 (26.f3 ef3 27.Bf3 Kf8+=) 26...Kf8 27.Na4 Ke8 28.Rb7 The isolani on b6 becomes a target 28...Na8 29.Ra7 Kd8 (29...Nc7 30.Nc3=) 30.Kf1 g6 31.Ke1 h5 32.Kd2 f5 (32...Ke7 33.Nc3=) 33.f4 Ke7 34.h4 Kd6 35.Nc1 Nc7 36.Rb7 Na8 37.Na2 Rc7 38.Rc7 Kc7 (38...Nc7 39.N4c3=) 39.Nb4 Nf6 40.Nc3 Kd6 41.Nc6 Bd7 (41...Ng4 42.Bg4 fg4 43.Ne5+=) 42.Ne5 Be8 43.Na4 Kc7 44.Nc3 (44.Nb2 Kd6+=) 44...Kb7 (44...Kd6!?=) 45.Kc2 Nc7 46.Kb3 Ng4 47.Ng4 hg4 48.Kb4 Bf7 49.Bd1 Ne8 (49...g3 50.Be2+=) 50.Ne2 (50.Bb3 Nc7+=) 50...Nf6 (50...Nd6 51.Bb3=) 51.Ng3 (51.Bb3 Be6+=) 51...Kc7 52.Be2 (52.Bb3 Kd6+=) 52...Kd6= 53.Kb3 Ke6 (53...Nh5 54.Nf1=) 54.Kb4 Be8 (54...Kd6 55.Kc3=) 55.Kb3 (55.Kc3 Bd7=) 55...Ng8 (55...Bf7 56.Kc3+=) 56.Kb4 (56.Kc3 Ne7+=) 56...Nh6 (56...Nf6 57.Kc3=) 57.Kb3 (57.Kc3 Nf7+=) 57...Nf7 (57...Ng8 58.Kc3+=) 58.Kb4 Nd6 59.Bf1 Kf6 60.Be2 Bf7 61.Bf1 Ne8 62.Be2 Nc7 (62...Nd6 63.Kc3=) 63.Bf1 (63.Kc3 Be6=) 63...Ne6 (63...Ne8 64.Ne2=) 64.Be2+= ½–½. Vormann,Dirk – Michels,Franz Josef, St Ingbert op, 1991.

7.Be5 A) 7...Be5 8.Ne5 dc4 (8...c6 9.a4 dc4 10.Nc3 Nd5 11.Nc4 Qe7=) 9.Nc3 c6 10.a4 a6 11.ba6 Na6=; B) 7...dc4 B1) 8.a4 a6 (8...Qe7 9.Bc4 a6 10.Nc3 c5 11.0-0 ab5=; 8...Be5 9.Ne5 a6 10.Nc3 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1=; 8...Nd5 9.Bd6 cd6 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Be2 Qf6=; 8...Ne4 9.Nc3 Be5 10.Ne5 Qf6 11.Ne4 Qe5=) 9.Nc3 Ne8 10.Bc4 Be5 11.Ne5 Qg5=+; B2) 8.Nc3 a6 (8...Be5 9.Ne5 c6 10.a4 a6 11.ba6 Na6=) 9.a4 Ne8 10.Bc4 Be5 11.Ne5 Qg5=+; B3) 8.Qa4 a6 (8...Be5 9.Ne5 a6 10.Bc4 c6 11.Nd7 Nfd7=+; 8...Nd5 9.Bc4 Be5 10.Ne5 a6 11.Nc3 Nb6=+) 9.Bc4 Be5 10.Ne5 c6 11.Nd7 Nfd7–/+; B4) 8.Bd6 cd6 9.Bc4 Qa5 10.Qb3 a6 11.Nc3 Rc8=+.

7.Nc3 c6

8.a4 a6 9.d4 =.

8.a4 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.d4 e4 11.Ne5 Be6 12.Ba3 (12.Be2 Nbd7 13.Nd7 Nd7+=) 12...Ba3 13.Ra3 Qa5 (13...Qd6 14.Rb3+=) 14.Qd2 Nbd7 (14...Qb4 15.Ra1 Qd6 16.Be2+=) 15.Nd7 Nd7 (15...Bd7 16.Ne4 Qd2 17.Nd2=) 16.Ne4+= Qd2 17.Nd2 Rac8 18.Ra1 Nf6 (18...Bf5 19.h3+=) 19.Be2 (19.Bd3 Rc3 20.Ke2 Rfc8+/–) 19...Rc2 (19...Rc3 20.0-0=) 20.Bd1 (20.Bd3 Rc3 21.Ke2 Rfc8+/–) 20...Rc7+= 21.0-0 Rfc8 22.Nb3 b6 23.Bf3 Ne4 24.Rac1 (24.Rfc1 Nc3+=) 24...Nd2 (24...Nc3 25.Ra1=) 25.Rc7+= Nf3 26.gf3 Rc7 27.Rc1 Rc1 (27...Rc4!? 28.Rc4 dc4+=) 28.Nc1+/– Bh3 29.Ne2 Bc8 30.Nc3 Bb7 31.e4 de4 (31...f6!?+/–) 32.fe4+– f6 33.d5 Kf7 34.Kg2 Ke7 35.Kf3 Kd6 36.Ke3 Ke5? (better is 36...Kc5!?+/–) 37.f4+– Kd6 38.Kd4 Ke7 39.Ne2 (better is 39.e5 Bc8 40.Na2+–) 39...Ba8? (better is 39...Bc8+–) 40.Ng3 g6 41.h4 White intends f5 (better is 41.e5 f5 42.Nf1+–) 41...h5?? (41...Bb7+–) 42.f5 gf5 43.Nf5 Kf7 (43...Ke8 44.Ng7 Kf7 45.Nh5 Bb7+–) 44.e5 fe5 45.Ke5 Bb7 (45...Kf8 46.Ke6 Ke8+–) 46.Nd6 1–0. Khomushku,Ajush – Lebedev,Daniil, Novokuznetsk RUS, SFO Ch U15 (b), 2014.

8.a4 e5 9.cd5 (9.c5 Bc5 10.Ne5 Bd6=) 9...cd5 10.Be2 e4 11.Nd4 Qc7 (11...Be5 12.0-0=) 12.h3 (12.Rc1 Qb6=) 12...Rc8=+ 13.0-0 Bh2 14.Kh1 Be5 15.Nb3 Bd6 (15...Qd6 16.f4 ef3 17.Bf3=) 16.f3 ef3 (16...a6!?=) 17.Bf3+= Be6 18.Nd4 (18.Rc1 Qd7+=) 18...Nbd7 (18...Be5 19.Ne6 fe6 20.Rc1 Bc3 21.Rc3+– (21.dc3?! Qc4=)) 19.Qb3 The pressure on the isolated pawn grows (19.Rc1 Nc5=) 19...Nb6 (19...Nc5 20.Qc2=) 20.Rac1 (20.Ne6!? fe6 21.e4=) 20...Nc4= 21.Nce2 Qa5 22.Bc3 Qb6 23.Ne6 fe6 24.Nd4 e5 (24...Be5 25.Qc2=) 25.Nf5 (25.a5 Qc7 26.Nf5=) 25...a6 (25...e4 26.Bf6 ef3 27.Bg7 fg2 28.Kg2 Rc7+–) 26.d3+– Ba3 27.dc4 Bc1 28.cd5 (28.Ne7!? Kh8 29.Nc8 Rc8 30.Rc1 Qe3+–) 28...Be3 29.d6 (better 29.Ne7!? Kh8 30.Nc8 Rc8 31.Be5+–) 29...Kf8+– 30.Be5 Bc5?? (30...Bg5 31.Bd4 Qd8 32.Bb7+–) 31.Bd5 (better 31.Bf6 gf6 32.Bh5+–) 31...Bf2 (31...Re8 32.Bg8! Re7 33.de7 Ke8 34.Qf7 Kd7 35.e8Q) 32.d7! Nd7 Blocks the square `8. 33.Bg7 Ke8 34.Bc6 Do you see the mate threat? 34...Kd8?? (34...Qc6 35.Qg8 A beautiful mate combination) 35.Bd7+– Rcb8 (35...Rc5 36.Qf7 (36.Rf2?! Rc1 37.Kh2 Qf2 38.Bf6 Kc7+–) 36...Kc7 37.Qe7 ab5 38.a5 Ra5 39.Be6 Kb8 40.Kh2+–) 36.Qg8 (36.Qg8 Kd7 37.Rd1 Bd4 38.Qd5 Ke8 39.Rd4 Qd4 40.Bd4 b6 41.Qe6 Kd8 42.Bf6 Kc7 43.Qc6) 1–0. Gross,Wilhelm – Psion, 1 Min/Zug, 1989.

8.a4 e5 9.cd5 cd5 10.Be2 e4 11.Nd4 Qc7 12.h3 Rc8 13.Rc1 Bc5 (13...Qb6 14.Qb3 Be6 15.Ne6 fe6 16.Qa2=) 14.Na2 (better is 14.Nb3 b6 15.Nc5 bc5 16.d3+=) 14...Qe5–/+ 15.Qb3 Qg5 16.Bf1 (16.g3 a6+=) 16...Bd6 (16...a6 17.b6=) 17.f4 (17.d3 Be5+=) 17...Qg3 (17...Qh4 18.Ke2–/+) 18.Kd1 Rc1 19.Nc1 Qh4 20.Nde2 Be6 21.g3 Qh6 22.Nd4 (22.f5 Bf5 23.Bf6 Qf6 (23...gf6?? 24.Qd5 Nd7 25.Qd6+–) 24.Qd5 Nd7 25.Qb7 Rb8 26.Qa7 Bc5=) 22...Bg4 23.Nce2 (23.Ke1 Nbd7–/+) 23...Be2 (better is 23...Nbd7!?–/+) 24.Be2= Qg6 25.g4 h6?? (better is 25...Nbd7=) 26.Nf5+– Bc5 (26...Nbd7 27.Nd6 Ng4 28.Bg4 Qd6 29.Bd7 Qd7+–) 27.Ba3 Ba3 28.Qa3 Qh7 29.Ne7 Kh8 30.g5 hg5 31.fg5 Nfd7 32.Nd5 a5 33.Nc7 Ra7 34.Qe7 Qg6 35.b6! Qb6 36.Qe8 Kh7 37.Qe4 Kg8? 38.Qe8 Nf8 39.Nb5 Qc6 40.Qc6 Nc6 41.Na7 Na7 42.Rf1 Nc6 43.Bc4 Nd8 44.g6 Ng6 45.Rf5 b6 46.Rb5 Kf8 47.Rb6 Ne5 48.Bb5 Nf3 49.Ra6 Ke7 50.Ra5 Ne6 51.Ra7 Kf6 52.Be8 Neg5 53.a5 (53.a5 Ne5 54.a6+–) 1–0. Gross,Wilhelm – Psion, 1 Min/Zug, 1993.

6.c4 e5

7.c5 Bc5 (7...Be7 8.Ne5 Bc5 9.Be2 Re8 10.0-0 Bd6 11.f4 Bf5 12.Bd4 Qe7 13.Nc3=) 8.Ne5 Bd6 9.f4 a6 10.Bd3 ab5 11.Bb5 c6 12.Be2 Nbd7 13.0-0 +=.

7.d4 e4 (7...ed4 8.Qd4 dc4 9.Bc4 Be6 10.Be6 fe6 11.Nc3 Qe7 12.e4 Bc5 13.Qc4=) 8.Ne5 Re8 9.Nc3 c5 10.Be2 cd4 11.ed4 Nbd7 12.Nd7 Bd7 13.c5 +=.

7.cd5 e4 (7...Nbd7 8.Nc3 Re8 9.Qc2 e4 10.Ng5 Nc5 11.d4 ed3 12.Bd3 Nd3 13.Qd3=) 8.Bf6 Qf6 9.Nd4 Be5 10.Qa4 Rd8 11.Nc3 Bf5 12.Nf5 Bc3 13.Rd1 =.

7.Be5 a6 (7...Be5 8.Ne5 d4 9.Be2 Re8 10.Nd3 Ne4 11.0-0 a6 12.Na3 Qe7 13.Qc1+=) 8.Bd6 Qd6 9.Nc3 Bg4 10.cd5 Nd5 11.Nd5 Qd5 12.h3 Bh5 13.ba6 +=.

7.Ne5 Be5 (7...Re8 8.d4+= c5 9.Nf3 Be6 10.dc5 Bc5 11.Nbd2 dc4 12.Bc4 Bc4 13.Nc4+=; 7...a6 8.Qf3 Re8 9.d4 ab5 10.cd5 Nbd7 11.Nd7 Qd7 12.Kd1 b4 13.Bc4+=) 8.Be5 Bg4 9.Be2 (9.Qc2 Re8 10.d4 Nbd7 11.Bg3 dc4 12.Bc4 Nb6 13.0-0+/–) 9...Be2 10.Qe2 Nbd7 11.Bf6 (11.Bd4 dc4 12.0-0 a6 13.Qc4+/–) 11...Qf6 (11...Nf6 12.0-0 a6 13.cd5+/–) 12.d4 dc4 (12...c5 13.bc6+/–) 13.Qc4 Nb6 14.Qc5 (14.Qc7? Rfc8 15.Qc8 Rc8–+) 14...Nd7 (14...c6!?+/–) 15.Qd5+– (15.Qc7 Rac8 16.Qb7 Rc1 17.Ke2 Rh1 18.Qd7 A) 18...Rh2?! 19.Nc3= (19.Qa7?? Rg2 20.Kd3 Qf2–+); B) 18...Qg6–+) 15...Nb6 16.Qb7 Rfb8 17.Qc6 (17.Qc7 Rc8 18.Qc8 Rc8–+) 17...Qc6 18.bc6 Nd5 19.0-0 Rb2 20.Rc1 Rab8 21.h4 Nb4 22.Nc3 Nd3 23.Rcb1 Nf2 24.Rb2 Rb2 25.d5 Rc2 26.Nb5 Ng4 27.Nc7 Kf8 28.Rb1 Ke7 29.Nb5 Ke8 (29...Ne3 30.d6 Ke6 31.Re1 Rc6 32.Re3 Kd7 33.Re7 Kd8 34.Ra7 Rc1 35.Kf2+–) 30.Nd4 Rc5 31.d6 Rc6 32.Nc6 Kd7 33.Na7 (better is 33.Rd1!? f6 34.Nb8 Kd8+–) 33...Kd6 34.Nb5 Kd5 35.a4 Ne3 (35...g5 36.a5 Ne5 37.Nd4+–) 36.a5 Nc4 37.a6 Nb6 38.a7 Kc6 (38...Na8 39.Nc3 Kc6 40.Rb8+–) 39.Nd6! Na8 (39...Kd6 40.Rb6 Discovered attack (40.Rb6 Deflection)) 40.Nf7 (better is 40.Rb8 Kd6 41.Ra8 Kd7+–) 40...Kc7 41.Rb8 1–0. poesimannen (1970) – bernardg (1940),, 2013.

6.Be2 a6

7.a4 b6 8.0-0= Bb7 (8...ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Nbd7 11.Nc3 Bb7 12.Bb2 Qe7 13.Nd4 Ra8) 9.Nd4 (9.Nc3 Nbd7 (9...h6 10.a5 c6 11.bc6 Nc6 12.ab6 Qb6 13.Ba3 Ba3; 9...c5 10.ba6 Ba6 11.h3 Nc6 12.Ba6 Ra6 13.Nb5 e5; 9...a5 10.Nd4 Nbd7 11.f4 Nc5 12.Nc6 Qe8 13.Ne5 Ncd7; 9...Re8 10.a5 c6 11.bc6 Nc6 12.ab6 Qb6 13.Ba3 Qc7) 10.Nd4 Qe7 11.f4 Nc5 12.ba6 Ba6 13.Ncb5 Qd7) 9...c5 (9...c6 10.f4= (10.Nc3 ab5 11.ab5 c5 12.Nf3 Nbd7 13.Ra8 Qa8) 10...ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 c5 13.Nf3 Nbd7; 9...ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 c6 12.bc6 Nc6 13.Nb5 Bb4) 10.ba6 Na6 (10...Ba6 11.Nb5= Bb5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 Nbd7) 11.Nb5 Be7 (11...Nb4 12.Bf6 gf6 13.Nd6 Qd6) 12.f4 (12.Be5 Bc6= (12...Nb4 13.N1c3 Qd7) 13.N1c3 Nd7) 12...Ne8 (12...Qd7 13.Be5+= (13.Bf3 Nb4) 13...Nb4; 12...Nb4 13.Bf3 Qd7) 13.Rf3 (13.N1a3 Nb4+= (13...Qd7=); 13.f5 Nf6) 13...Bf6+= (13...Nb4=) 14.d4 (14.Bf6 Qf6 15.d4 Nac7+=) 14...Nac7 15.N1c3 c4 16.Rh3 (16.Ba3 Be7=) 16...Be7 (16...Nb5 17.Nb5 Be7 18.Ba3+=) 17.e4 (17.Ba3 Nb5 18.Nb5 Ba3 19.Ra3 Bc6+=) 17...Nb5 18.Nb5 Nd6 (18...Bc6 19.f5+=) 19.Nd6 Bd6 20.e5 Be7 21.Bf1 (21.c3 h6+=) 21...g6 (21...Qe8 22.c3+=) 22.Qd2 Bc6 23.Ba3 f5 (23...Ra4 24.f5 Bg5 25.Qc3+=) 24.a5 Ra5 25.Be7 Qe7 26.Ra5 ba5 27.Qa5 Ra8 28.Qe1 Rb8 29.Qa1 Ra8 30.Qb1 Kg7 31.Re3 h6 32.Qe1 Ra2 33.c3 Ba4 34.Qb1 Bb3 35.Re2 Ra7 36.Rb2 Qa3 37.Qc1 Qf8 38.h3 Qd8 39.Qe1 Kf7 40.g4 Kg8 41.Rg2 Ra2 42.Ra2 Ba2 43.Be2 Bb3 44.Kh2 Bc2 45.Qd2 Be4 46.Kg3 Qe7 47.Qa2 Qb7 48.g5 hg5 49.fg5 Qb3 50.Qa1 Bc2 51.Qa5 Qb2?? 52.Qd8+– Kh7 53.Qe7 Kh8 54.Qf8 Kh7 55.Qh6 (55.Qh6 Kg8 56.Qg6 Kf8 57.Qf6 Kg8 58.g6+–) 1–0. Uecker,Dieter (2320) – Klaiber,Reiner (2020), BdF, 2007.

7.a4 Bd7 8.c4 (8.0-0 c5=) 8...ab5 (8...dc4 9.Na3+=) 9.cb5= e5 (9...c6!?=) 10.Ne5 (10.Be5 Be5 11.Ne5 Bf5+=) 10...Bf5 11.0-0 c5 (11...Re8 12.f4+=) 12.f4 (12.bc6 Nc6 13.f4 Qe7+=) 12...Qe7 (12...Re8 13.d3+=) 13.g4 (13.a5 Re8+=) 13...Be6 (13...Bc8 14.Bf3+=) 14.d4 (14.a5 Re8+=) 14...Rd8 (14...c4 15.Nc3 Rc8 16.Bf3+/–) 15.Nd2 (15.dc5 Bc5 16.Bd4 Ne4+=) 15...Ne8 (15...c4 16.Bf3=) 16.f5 (16.dc5!? Bc5 17.Bd4+/–) 16...Bc8= 17.Bf3 c4 18.Rf2 Bc7 (18...Bb4 19.Qc2+=) 19.Qc2 (19.Bg2 Nd7 20.Nd7 Rd7+=) 19...Nd7 (19...Qg5 20.e4 f6 21.ed5 fe5 22.Ne4+=) 20.Nd7+/– Qd7 (20...Rd7 21.e4 Bf4 22.Re2+/–) 21.e4 Bf4 22.ed5 (22.Re2 h5 23.gh5 Nd6+/–) 22...Be3 23.Nc4 Bf2 24.Qf2 Qc7 25.Be2 Nd6 (25...b6 26.Bc1+/–) 26.Qg3 Rd7 (26...Qe7 27.Qe5 Qf8 28.Ba3 Ra4 29.Nd6 Rd6 30.Bd1 Ra3 31.Ra3+–) 27.Re1 (27.Nd6 Qd6 28.Qd6 Rd6+–) 27...Qd8+/– 28.Qe5 b6 29.Nd6 Rd6 30.Bc4 Bb7 31.Ba3 Rd7 32.d6 h6 33.f6+– Ra4 34.Qe8 Qe8 35.Re8 Kh7 36.Re7 Rc4 37.Rd7 (37.Rd7 Bd5 38.Bb2+–) 1–0. Vornanen,Alpo – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–10 ETC, 2004.

7.ba6 ba6 8.0-0 Bb7 9.d3 Be5?? (Better is 9...Nbd7=+) 10.Ne5+– d4 (10...Nbd7 11.Nd2+–) 11.e4 (Better is 11.Bf3!? Bf3 12.Qf3 Qd5 13.Bd4 Qf3 14.Nf3 Nbd7+–) 11...Kh8 (12.Ba3 Nc6 13.Bf8 Qf8+–; 11...c5 12.c3 Nc6 13.Nc6 Bc6 14.Qc1+–). Bonetti,Shane – Hemzo,Miguel Angelo, Orang Utan Invitational, 2000.

7.ba6 Ra6 8.Ba6 Na6 9.0-0 +/–.

7.a4 ab5

8.ab5 Ra1

9.Ba1 c5 10.0-0 c4 11.d3 cd3 12.Bd3 Nbd7 13.c4 Nc5 14.Bf6 Qf6 (worse 14...gf6 15.cd5 ed5 16.Qc2+=) 15.cd5 (15.Qc2 g6=+) 15...ed5 16.Be2 Be6 17.Qd4 Qd4 18.Nd4 Bd7 (18...Ne4!?=+) 19.Nc3+= Be6 20.Rd1 Ra8 (20...Rd8 21.Bf3+=) 21.Bf3+= Attacks the isolani on d5 21...Be5 22.Nd5 Rd8 (22...Ra5 23.Be2+/-) 23.Ne6 Ne6 24.Kf1 (24.Ne7 Kf8 25.Rd8 Nd8+/-) 24...Kf8 25.Ke2 Rd7 (25...Ng5!?+/-) 26.g3+- Nc5 27.Bg2 Na4 (27...Rd8 28.f4 Bb8 29.e4+-) 28.f4 Bf6 29.Kf2 (29.Rc1 Bd8+-) 29...Bb2 (29...Nb6!?+/-) 30.Bf3 Bf6?? (30...Ke8 31.Bg4 Rd8 32.Rd2+-) 31.h3 (better 31.Nf6 Rd1 32.Nh7 Kg8 33.Bd1 Nc3+-) 31...h6?? (31...Bd8 32.e4 Nb6 33.Bg4+-) 32.e4 (32.Nf6 Rd1 33.Bd1 Nc3 34.Nh7 Kg8+-) 32...Bd8? (better 32...Bb2+-) 33.Bg4 Rd6 (33...Bb6 34.Kg2 Rd6 35.e5+-) 34.e5 (34.e5 Bb6 35.Kg2+-) 1-0. Lance5500 (2620) - Skandinavos (2190),, 2018.

9.Ba1 c5 10.bc6 bc6 11.0-0 Ba6 12.Nc3 Be2 13.Ne2 (13.Qe2 Qc7=+) 13...Nbd7=+ 14.d4 Qc7 15.h3 Re8 (15...Nb6 16.Qd3–/+) 16.Qd3 (16.c4 Rb8=+) 16...e5 (16...c5!?–/+) 17.de5= Ne5 18.Ne5 Be5 19.c4 Ba1 20.Ra1 Rd8 21.Nd4 c5 22.Nb5 dc4 23.Qc4 (23.Nc7? cd3 (23...Rd3?? 24.Ra8 Rd8 25.Rd8 Ne8 26.Re8) 24.Nb5 c4–+) 23...Qe5 24.Rc1 Rc8 25.Rd1 Kf8 (25...Qe6 26.Na3=) 26.Nd6+= Rc7 27.Qb5 Rd7 28.Qc6 c4 (better is 28...Rd8!? 29.Qb6 Rd7=) 29.Rd4+/– c3? (better is 29...Qe6 30.Qa8 Ne8+/–) 30.Qa8+– Ke7 31.Nc8 Ke6 (31...Kf8 32.Nb6 Qe8 33.Nd7 Nd7 34.Qa3 Qe7 35.Qc3 Nf6+–) 32.Qc6 Kf5 33.Rd7 Nd7 (33...Kg6+–) 34.g4 Kg5 35.f4 (35...Kh4 36.fe5 Ne5 37.Qc7 Kh3 38.Qe5+–) 1–0. Frenzel,Lothar – Zimmer,Georg, corr SOK–92–86, 1992.

9.Ba1 c5 10.c4 dc4 11.Na3 b6 (11...Bd7 12.Qc2=) 12.Nc4 Be7 13.0-0 Bb7 14.Qc2 Nbd7 15.Bb2 Ne4 16.Ra1 Qc7 17.Nfe5 Ndf6 18.Nc6 Bc6 19.bc6 Qc6 (19...Rd8!?+=) 20.Bf3+- Rd8? (better 20...Qd7 21.Be4 Ne4 22.Qe4 b5+-) 21.Bf6 Bf6 22.Be4 Qb5 (22...Qd7 23.Ra6 (worse 23.Nb6 Qd2 24.Bh7 Kf8 25.Qd2 Rd2 26.Ra8 Bd8+-) 23...b5 24.Bc6+- (24.Bh7?! Kh8 25.Nd6 Be5+-)) 23.Rb1 Qd7 1-0. onur604 (2320) - robertroborob (2380), Casual Rapid game,, 2021.

9.Ba1 h6 10.0-0 (10.Be5 Be5 11.Ne5 Nbd7 12.Nd7 Bd7 13.0-0 Qe7 14.d4 Ra8 15.c4=) 10...Nbd7 11.d4 (11.Nd4 c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Nc6 Qc7 14.Nd4 Bh2 15.Kh1 Be5=) 11...c5 (11...Nb6 12.Bd3= (12.Ne5 Qe7 13.Bd3 Bd7 14.Nd2 Ra8 15.c4=) 12...Bd7 13.Ne5 Qe8 14.Nc3 Qe7 15.Qf3=) 12.bc6 (12.dc5 Nc5 (12...Bc5 13.c4 dc4 14.Bc4 Qe7 15.Qe2=) 13.c4 b6= 14.Bf6 Qf6 15.cd5=) 12...bc6 13.c4 Ba6 14.Nbd2 c5 (14...Qc8 15.Qc2=) 15.h3 (15.cd5 Be2 16.Qe2 ed5 17.dc5 Nc5=) 15...Qe7 16.Qa4 Bb7 17.Rb1 Ra8 18.Qc2 cd4 19.Bd4 Ba6 ½–½. Pcmvr (2380) – Grazic66 (2330), internet, 2008.

9.Ba1 c6

10.0-0 Qa5 11.Bc3 Qc7 12.Bf6 gf6 13.c4 (13.bc6 bc6 14.c4 Rd8=) 13...Nd7 (13...e5 14.d4 dc4 15.Nc3=) 14.d4+= dc4 15.Bc4 c5 (15...Nb6 16.Bd3=) 16.Nbd2 Nb6 (16...cd4!? 17.Ne4 Be7 (< 17...Qc4 18.Nd6 Qd5 19.Qd4+/–) 18.Qd4 Rd8=) 17.dc5+/– Bc5 18.e4 (18.Bd3!?+=) 18...Be7 (18...Rd8 19.Qe2=) 19.Be2 ½–½. Baranov,Grigoriy (2290) – Polovodin,Igor (2460), Chigorin mem, St Petersburg RUS, 1998.

10.0-0= Bd7 11.c4 (11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5 cb5=) 11...dc4+= 12.bc6 (12.d3 cd3 13.Qd3 Nd5+=) 12...Bc6–/+ (12...bc6?! 13.Be5 Be5 14.Ne5=) 13.Bc4 Nbd7 (13...Ng4 14.h3 Bf3 15.Qf3–/+) 14.d4 Qc7 15.Nbd2 (15.Bd3!?+=) 15...Bf3–/+ 16.gf3 Bb4 (16...Bh2!? 17.Kg2 Bd6–/+) 17.Bd3+= Bd2 (17...Nd5 18.Nb3+=) 18.Qd2= Rc8 19.Rb1 (19.Bb2 Ra8=) 19...b6 20.e4 h6 (20...Qd8 21.Qe3=) 21.Bb2 (21.Qe3 Nh5=) 21...Qb8 (21...Ra8 22.Rc1 Qd8 23.Rc2=) 22.Ba3 (22.Qe3 Qb7+=) 22...Qa7 (22...Qa8 23.Bd6+=) 23.Bd6 Qa5 (23...Qa4 24.Bb5 Rc2 25.Qe3+=) 24.Qa5 ba5 25.Ra1… (125 moves) (25.Ra1 Ra8 26.Bb5+/–) 1–0. Schiffler – Koehler, StadtM Aue, 1949.

10.0-0 Nbd7 11.bc6 bc6 12.c4 Ba6 13.d3 Qc7 14.Qc2 Rb8 15.Nbd2 Ng4 16.cd5 cd5 (< 16...Bh2 17.Kh1 ed5 18.Qa4 Nf2 19.Rf2+–) 17.Qa4 Nh2 18.Qa6 Nf1 19.Bf1 (19.Kf1?? Qc1 20.Ne1 Qd2–+; 19.Nf1?! Nc5 20.Qa2 Nb3=) 19...Rb7 20.Qa8 Rb8 21.Qa4 e5 22.Qd1 Ra8 23.e4 Qa7 24.Bb2 Qb7 25.Bc1 Rc8 26.ed5 Qd5 27.Bb2 Bb4 (27...f6 28.Qb1+/–) 28.Qa4 Bd2 29.Nd2 Ra8 (29...Rb8 30.Nc4+/–) 30.Qg4 Re8 31.Nc4 Nf8 32.g3 f6 33.d4 ed4 34.Ne3! (34.Bd4? Re4 35.Bg2 Re1 (35...Rg4? 36.Bd5 Kh8 37.Be3+–) 36.Kh2 Qc4–+; 34.Qd4?! Qd4 35.Bd4 Rd8+–) 34...Qe4 (34...de3 35.Bc4) 35.Bc4 Kh8 36.Qe4 (36.Bd4?! Qg4 37.Ng4 Re1 38.Kg2 Re4=) 36...Re4 37.Bd5 Re8 38.Bd4 Ne6 39.Bb6 g6 40.Kg2 Kg7 41.f4 Nc7 42.Bc4 Ne6 43.f5 Ng5 44.Bd5 Rb8 45.Bd4 Rd8 46.Bc5 Rc8 47.Ba7 Re8 48.g4 Re7 49.Bb6 Rd7 50.Kg3 Nf7 51.Kf4 Ng5 52.Ba5 Ra7 53.Bb4 Ra4 54.Nc2 Ra7 55.Kg3 Rd7 56.Ne3 Ra7 57.Bg2 Rd7 58.Nd5 Re7?? (58...Ra7+–) 59.Be7 gf5 (59...Nf7 60.Bf6 Kf8 61.Bd4+–) 60.Bf6 Kg6 61.gf5 Kf5 62.Bh3 (better is 62.Bb2+–) 62...Kg6?? (better is 62...Nh3 63.Kh3 Ke6+/–) 63.Bd7 (63...Ne4 64.Kh4 Nf6 65.Nf4 Kf7 66.Be6 Ke7 67.Kg5+=; better is 63.Bb2+–) 1–0. Ruhle,Ernst_Olav – Cottarelli,Franco, corr ICCF TT/6/02/2, 2005.

10.0-0= Nbd7 11.bc6 bc6 12.d4 =+.

10.0-0 Nbd7 11.d4 cb5 12.Bb5 Qa5 13.Nc3 Ne4 14.Qd3 Ndf6 15.Bb2 Bb4 (15...Qc7 16.Ra1=) 16.Ra1 (16.Ne4 de4 17.Qc4 ef3=) 16...Qb6 (16...Qc7 17.Nd1=) 17.Na4 Qc7 18.Ne5 Bd6? (better 18...Nd7=) 19.f3+- Ng5 20.h4 Be5 (20...Nge4 21.fe4 Ne4 22.Nc3+-) 21.de5 (21.hg5?! Bh2 22.Kh1 Ne8=) 21...Nf3 22.gf3 Nh5? (22...Nd7 23.Qc3 Qd8+-) 23.Qc3 Qe7 24.Qd4 Rd8 25.Ba3 Qc7 26.Qb6 Qb6 27.Nb6 Ng3 (27...Kh8 28.Be7 Rg8 29.Ra8+-) 28.Be7 Bd7 29.Nd7 Rc8 30.Nb6 Rb8 31.Bd6 Rd8 32.Bc7 Rf8 33.Kf2 Nf5 34.Bd3 Nh4 (34...g6 35.e4 de4 36.Be4+-) 35.Bd6 Rd8 (35...Ng6 36.Bf8 Kf8 37.Ra8 Ke7 38.Bg6 hg6 39.Rb8+-) 36.Be7 (36.Be7 Rf8 37.Bh4+-) 1-0. DEFFM – GuestXKHD,, 2021.

10.0-0 Re8 11.d4 (11.Be5 cb5 12.Bb5 Nc6=) 11...Bd7 (11...cb5 12.Nc3 b4 13.Nb5=+) 12.Nc3 Qa5 (12...Qc7 13.Qd3=) 13.Ne5 Bb4 (13...Bc8 14.Bb2=) 14.Qd3 cb5 (14...Rc8 15.Bb2=) 15.Nd7 (15.Nb5 Rc8+=) 15...Nbd7= 16.Nb5 Ra8 (16...Nb6 17.Rb1=) 17.Bb2 (17.c3 Be7 18.c4 dc4 19.Qc4 Nd5+=) 17...Ne4 (17...Nb6 18.Nc7 Ra7 19.c3=) 18.c3+= Be7 19.Ra1 Qd8 20.Ra8 Qa8 21.c4 Qa2 22.Qc2 Nef6 (22...Qa5 23.Nc3+–) 23.c5 g6 (23...Qa5 24.g3+–) 24.Bd3 (24.f3 Qa6+–) 24...Kg7 25.f3 Nb8 26.Qc1 Nc6 27.Qc3 Qa4 28.Be2 (28.Nd6 Qa7+–) 28...h5 (28...Na5 29.Kf2+–) 29.Kf2+– Qb4 30.Qb4 Nb4 31.Bc3 Nc6 32.g3 (32.Bd3 Ne8+–) 32...Nd7 33.Bb2 f6 (33...Kf8 34.Nc3+=) 34.Nc7 Kf7 35.h4 (better 35.e4 de4 36.Bc4+– (worse 36.fe4 e5+=)) 35...e5?? (better 35...f5+=) 36.Nd5+– ed4 (36...Bd8 37.Bc4 Ke8 38.f4+–) 37.ed4 Bd8 38.Nf4 Ne7 39.Bc4 Ke8 40.Bd3 f5 41.Bc4 b6 (41...Ba5 42.Ne6+–) 42.Bb5 bc5 43.dc5 Ba5 44.c6 (better 44.Bd4 Kd8 45.c6+–) 44...Bb6 (44...Nb6 45.c7 Kf7+–) 45.Kg2 Nc5 (45...Nf8 46.Nd5! Nc8 47.Ba6+–) 46.Nd5! Kf7 (46...Nd5 47.c7 Passed pawn) 47.Nb6 (47.Nb6 Ne6 48.Be5+–) 1–0. DEFFM (2430) – gollydali (2020),, 2020.

10.c4 Bd7 11.Qb3 Qb6 12.Bf6+= gf6 13.Nc3 Na6? (better 13...Rc8+=) 14.Na4+- (14.cd5?! cd5 (14...ed5? 15.Na4 Qa5 16.ba6+-) 15.d4 Ra8+=) 14...Qa5 15.ba6 c5 (15...ba6 16.Qc2+-) 16.Nc3 ba6 17.0-0 (17.cd5 Rb8 18.Qd1 Bb5+-) 17...Rb8 18.Qc2 Bc6 (18...dc4 19.Bc4 Bc6 20.Qd3+-) 19.Rb1 (19.cd5 Bb7+-) 19...Rd8? (19...Rb1 20.Qb1 dc4 21.Ne4+-) 20.h3 (20.cd5 ed5 21.Qf5 Kg7+-) 20...Kf8? (20...dc4 21.Bc4 f5+-) 21.Qh7 (better 21.cd5 ed5 22.Qh7 Ke7+-) 21...Ke7 (21...dc4 22.Bc4 Bf3 23.gf3+-) 22.Qc2 (22.Nh4 Kf8 23.cd5 Qc7 24.dc6 Qc6+-) 22...Rg8 (22...dc4 23.Ne4+-) 23.cd5 ed5 24.Qf5 d4 (24...Rd8 25.e4 (25.Nd5?! Bd5 26.d4 Qa2 27.dc5 Bc5+-) 25...de4 26.Ne4+-) 25.Nd5 (25.Nd5 Bd5 26.Qd5+-) 1-0. kasperoff (1900) - Armiiin2004 (1825), Hourly SuperBlitz Arena,, 2020.

10.c4 Bd7 11.cd5 ed5 12.0-0 cb5 13.Bf6 Qf6 14.Nc3 Bc6 (14...b4!? 15.Nd5 Qg6=) 15.Nb5+= Nd7 (15...Be7 16.Qb3+=) 16.Nd6 Qd6 17.Nd4 Rc8 18.Bb5 (18.Qb1 Nc5+=) 18...Qc5 (18...Bb5 19.Nb5 Qb6 20.Qb1=) 19.Bc6+= bc6 20.Qg4 Rd8 21.Nf5 Qf8 22.Qg5 f6 23.Qg3 c5 (23...g6 24.h4+=) 24.Ra1 (24.h4 Kh8 25.h5 Ne5+=) 24...g6+= 25.Ra7 Ra8 26.Ra8 (26.Qc7 Ra7 27.Qa7 Qe8=) 26...Qa8 27.h4 Qa1 28.Kh2 Qe5 (28...Kf7 29.Nd6 Ke7 30.Nb5=) 29.Nh6 (better is 29.Qe5 Ne5 30.Ne7 Kf7 31.Nd5=) 29...Kg7 30.f4 (30.Ng4 Qg3 31.Kg3 Kf7+=) 30...Qh5 (30...Qe4 31.Ng4–/+) 31.Ng4 (31.Qg4 Qg4 32.Ng4+=) 31...g5 (31...c4 32.e4 de4 33.Kh3–/+) 32.Kh3 (32.fg5 fg5 33.Ne5 Ne5 34.Qe5 Kg6 35.Qe8 Kh6 36.Qe6 Kg7 37.Qe7 Kg6 38.Qd6 Kg7 39.Qc7 Kf6 40.Qd6 Kg7 41.Qd7 Kf6 42.Qd6 Kg7=) 32...Qh4 (better is 32...f5!? 33.Nf2 g4 34.Kh2 Nf6+=) 33.Qh4= gh4 34.Kh4 Kg6 35.Nh2 Kf5 36.d3? (better is 36.Kg3+=) 36...c4–+ 37.g4 Ke6 38.f5? (better is 38.dc4!? dc4 39.Kg3–+) 38...Kd6–+ 39.dc4 dc4 40.Nf3 c3 41.Nd4 Kd5 42.g5 fg5 43.Kg5 Ke4 44.Nc2 Kd3?? (better is 44...h6 45.Kh6 Kf5–+) 45.Nb4= Ke4 46.Nc2 Ne5 (better is 46...h6!? 47.Kg6 Ne5 48.Kh6 Kf5 49.Kg7–+) 47.f6 Nf7 48.Kg4 Ke5 (48...Kd3 49.Na3 Ke3 50.Kf5–+) 49.Nb4–/+ Ke4 50.Nc2 Kd3 51.Nb4 Ke3 52.Kf5 Kd4 53.Ke6 Ng5 (better is 53...Nh8 54.Kf5 Kc4–+) 54.Kf5= Nf7 55.Ke6 Ng5 56.Kf5 ½–½. Bouvier,Clement (1770) – Fayolle,Guy (1850), 8e Tournoi d'Automne – Tournoi B, 2009.

10.c4 Ne4 11.0-0 Ng5 12.bc6 bc6 13.d3 Nf3 14.Bf3 Nd7 15.Nd2 f5 16.cd5 cd5 17.e4 fe4 18.de4 Qh4 (18...Qg5 19.ed5 ed5 20.h4 Qh4 21.Bd5 Kh8 22.g3=) 19.g3+= Qg5 20.ed5 Nc5 (20...ed5 21.h4 Qf5 22.Qb3+=) 21.de6 (better is 21.Nc4 Be7 22.d6+/–) 21...Ne6?? (better is 21...Be6 22.Ne4 Ne4 23.Be4 Bc5+=) 22.Ne4+– Qg6 (22...Qf5 23.Nd6 (23.Qd6?! Qf3 24.Re1 Qf7+/–) 23...Qf3 24.Qf3 Rf3 25.Nc8+–) 23.Nd6 (23.Qd6?! Rf3 24.Nf6 gf6+/– (24...Rf6? 25.Bf6 Qf6 26.Rc1+–)) 23...Rd8 24.Be5 Ng5 25.Bd5 Be6 26.Be6 (better is 26.f4 Bd5 27.Qd5 Qe6 28.Qe6 Ne6+–) 26...Ne6 (26...Qe6 27.Re1 h6+–) 27.Qb1 (better is 27.f4 Rd6 28.Qd6 Qf5+–) 27...Qb1 (27...Qg5 28.f4 Qe7 29.Qa2+–) 28.Rb1 Nf8 29.Nf5 Rd5 (29...Rd7+–) 30.Ne7 (30.Ne7 Kf7 31.Nd5+–) 1–0. Hal1958 – Froilo,, 2003.

10.bc6 bc6 11.0-0 Ba6 12.Ba6 Na6 13.c3? (13.Qe2 Nc7=+) 13...e5 (better is 13...Qa5!? 14.Bb2 Rb8–+) 14.d3 (14.Qa4 Qc8 15.c4 e4=+) 14...c5 (14...Qc7!?–/+) 15.Nbd2 d4 (better is 15...e4 16.de4 de4=+ (< 16...Ne4 17.c4+=)) 16.cd4+/– cd4 (16...ed4 17.ed4 Re8 18.Qa4+/–) 17.ed4 ed4 18.Bd4 Nc5 19.Bc5 (19.Nc4 Re8+/–) 19...Bc5 20.Qc2 Bd6 21.Rc1 Bf4 22.g3 Bd2 23.Nd2 Ng4 24.h3 (24.Re1 Qd5+=) 24...Ne5 25.Nc4 (25.Rd1 Qd5+=) 25...Nf3= (< 25...Nd3 26.Rd1 Nb4 27.Rd8 Nc2 28.Rd2+=) 26.Kf1 Qd7 27.g4 Qc6 (27...Nd4 28.Qd1=+) 28.Ne3 Qa8 29.Qc6 Nd2 (better is 29...Qa3+=) 30.Ke2?? (better is 30.Kg2 Qa3 31.Rc3+/–) 30...Nb3–/+ 31.Qa8 (31...Nc1 32.Kd2 Ra8 33.Kc1–/+). tanto – gunar, net–, 2002.

10.bc6 bc6 11.0-0 Qc7 12.d4 (12.Bf6 gf6 13.d4 c5+=) 12...Nbd7 13.c4 dc4 14.Nbd2 c5 15.Nc4 (worse is 15.Bc4 cd4 16.ed4 Bb7–/+) 15...cd4 (15...Be7 16.Qc2=) 16.Nd6+= Qd6 17.Qd4 (worse is 17.ed4 Bb7+=) 17...Qd4 18.Bd4 Bb7 19.Rb1 Be4 20.Rc1 h6 21.Ne5 Ne5 22.Be5 Ra8 23.f3 Bb7 24.e4 Ra2 25.Bc4 Ra4 26.Bb3 Ra3 27.Bd1 Rd3 28.Be2 Rd2 29.Kf2 (29.Kf1 Ra2+=) 29...Ra2 (29...Ba6! 30.Re1 Nd7=) 30.Ra1 Ra1 31.Ba1 Ne8 0–1. Pudovkin,D (2330) – Kruglyak,Nikita (2015), ch–Southern FR Men, 2011.

10.Be5 Be5 11.Ne5 Qd6 =.

10.c4 dc4

11.bc6 Nc6

12.Bc4 Ng4

13.Nc3 e5 14.0-0= Na5 15.Bb5 Bf5 16.e4 Be6 17.h3 Nf6 =.

13.Nc3 Nce5 14.Ne5 Ne5 15.Be2 Bd7 16.0-0 Bc6 17.d3 Qh4 =.

13.Nc3 Nge5 14.Bb5 Na7 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Bc4 Qc7 17.Qe2 Bd7 =.

13.Nc3 Nge5 14.Ne5 Ne5 15.Be2 Bd7 16.f4 Ng6 17.0-0 Bc6 =.

13.Nc3 f5 14.Nb5+= Bb8 15.Nbd4 Nd4 16.Bd4 Bd7 17.Qb3 Qe7 18.h3 Ne5?? 19.Ne5+– (19...Bc8 20.0-0+–) 1–0. pierre – haroon2, internet, 2008.

13.d4 Bd7 14.Bc3 Qc7 15.Bd3 Nf6 16.0-0 Nd5 17.Qb3 Ncb4 =.

13.d4 Bd7 14.Nc3 Qc7 15.Bd3 Nb4 16.Be4 f5 17.Bd3 Nd3 =+.

13.d4 Qe7 14.0-0 Rd8 15.Nc3 e5 16.h3 Nf6 17.Ng5 Be6 =.

13.d4 Qe7 14.Bc3 e5 15.d5 Nb4 16.0-0 Bd7 17.e4 b5 =.

13.d4 Qe7 14.Qe2 Rd8 15.Nc3 b6 16.Qb2 Nb4 17.Nb5 Bb7 =+.

13.d4 Nb4

14.Bc3 Bd7 15.Ne5 Ne5 16.de5 Bc5 17.0-0 Qe7 =.

14.Nc3 b6 15.Qe2 Bb7 16.e4 Qd7 17.h3 Nh6 =.

14.Nbd2 Qa5 15.0-0 b5 16.Be2 Bb7 17.Qb1 Rc8 =.

14.Qe2 Qc7 15.Bc3 Bd7 16.Ne5 Be5 17.Bb4 Qb6 =+.

14.e4 Bd7 15.e5 Be7 16.0-0 b5 17.Be2 Bc6 =.

14.h3 Nf6 15.0-0 b6 16.Qe2 Bb7 17.Nc3 Qa8 =.

13.d4 b6

14.Nc3 Bb7 15.Nb5 Nb4 16.Bc3 Be4 17.Qb3 Nd5 =.

14.0-0 Bb7 15.e4 Qc7 16.h3 Nh2 17.Nh2 Bh2 =.

14.Bc3 Bb7 15.Qb3 Qc7 16.Be6 Na5 17.Qa2 fe6 =+.

14.Nbd2 Qc7 15.Qb1 Nb4 16.h3 Nf6 17.0-0 Bb7 =.

14.e4 Qc7 15.Nbd2 Rd8 16.h3 Nh2 17.Nh2 Bh2 =.

13.d4 Qc7

14.Bb2 Rd8 15.h3 Nf6 16.Qe2 Bb4 17.Nbd2 Ne4 =+.

14.Qc2 Nb4 15.Qc3 b5 16.d5 f6 17.Bb5 Qa5 –/+.

14.Bc3 e5 15.h3 ed4 16.Nd4 Nd4 17.Qd4 Be5 =.

14.Nc3 Bd7 15.Bd3 Nb4 16.Be2 Ra8 17.Bb2 Na2 =+.

14.Nbd2 Bd7 15.Qb1 Ra8 16.Bd3 Nb4 17.Bh7 Kh8 =+.

14.Nfd2 e5 15.d5 Na5 16.Be2 f5 17.Nc3 Bd7 =.

14.Be2 Nb4 15.Bc3 Bd7 16.Ng5 Nf6 17.e4 Qc6 =+.

14.h3 Nb4 15.Na3 Nf6 16.0-0 Bd7 17.Ne5 Ra8 =.

9.Ba1 Bd7

10.0-0= c6 11.bc6 bc6 (11...Nc6 12.Nc3=+) 12.c4 Re8 (12...dc4 13.Bc4 Bc8 14.d3=) 13.d4 c5 (13...dc4 14.Nbd2=) 14.cd5 Nd5 15.e4 (15.dc5 Bc5 16.Qc2 Qa5=) 15...Nf4= 16.Nc3 cd4 17.Qd4 Qc7 18.Re1 (18.Qc4 Ne2 19.Qe2 Rd8=) 18...Ne2 19.Ne2 e5 20.Qd3 Bg4 (20...Rd8 21.Nc3 Bc5 22.Nd5=) 21.Rc1 (21.Rd1 Re6=) ½–½. Barton,Rainer – Gutmann,Andre, Baden–ch AT3, 1994.

10.0-0= c6 11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5 cb5=.

10.0-0 c6 11.Ne5 cb5=+ 12.Nd7 Qd7 13.Bf6 gf6 14.Bd3 e5 15.Nc3+– e4 (15...Qe6 16.Nd5! f5 17.Nc3+–) 16.Nd5 Qe6? (better 16...Bh2!? 17.Kh2 Qd6 18.Kh1 ed3 19.Qg4 Kh8+–) 17.Be4!+– f5 (17...Qe4 18.Nf6 Double attack (18.Nf6 Decoy)) 18.Bf3 Nd7 19.d4 Qh6 (19...b4 20.Qd3+–) 20.g3 b6 (20...b4 21.Qd3 Nf6 22.Qf5+–) 21.Qd3 Qe6 (21...f4 22.e4+–) 22.Qb5 Kh8 23.Ra1 Rg8 (23...Rb8 24.Ra6+–) 24.c4 (24.Nb6?! Nb6 25.Qb6 Bg3 26.Qe6 Bc7 (26...fe6?? 27.hg3 Rc8 28.Ra8 Ra8 29.Ba8+–) 27.Qg6 Rg6 28.Bg2 f4 29.ef4 Bf4+–) 24...Nf8 (24...f4 25.ef4 h6 26.Nb6 Nb6 27.Qb6+–) 25.Ra8 f4 26.ef4 Qe1 27.Kg2 Ne6 (27...Ng6 28.Rg8 Kg8 29.Qb6+–) 28.Rg8 Kg8 29.Nf6 Kg7 30.Ne8 (30.Ne8 Kf8 31.Nd6 Nd4 32.Qd5+–) 1–0. guest124 – dartiz,, 2018.

10.0-0 c6 11.Ne5 cb5 12.Nd7 Qd7 13.Bf6 gf6 14.Bd3 f5 15.Qh5 f6 16.f4 (16.Nc3 b4 17.Nb5 Nc6=) 16...Rf7 (16...b4 17.Qh4=+) 17.Nc3 Exerts pressure on the isolated pawn 17...b4 (17...Bb4 18.Nb1=) 18.Nb5 Bc5 Black intends d4 19.Rf3 Rg7 (19...Nc6 20.Rg3 Rg7 21.Rg7 Kg7 22.g4=) 20.Rf1 Nc6 Black prepares the advance d4 21.Ra1 d4 (21...Rg6 22.Kh1=) 22.Ra8+= Bf8 23.Bc4 de3 24.Nc7 Qc7 25.Be6 Rf7 26.de3 Nd8?? (better 26...Qe7 27.Qf5 Kh8 28.Bf7 Qf7+=) 27.Rd8+– Qe7 28.Bf7 (28.Qf7?! Qf7 29.Bf7 Kf7 30.Rd7 Be7 31.Rb7 Ke6+–) 28...Qf7 29.Qf5 b6 30.Qd5 (30.Rd7 Be7+–) 30...Qd5 31.Rd5 Bc5 32.Kf2 Kf7 33.Rd7 Kg6 34.Kf3 h5 35.Ke4 f5 36.Kf3 Kf6 37.Rh7 Kg6 38.Rd7 Kf6 39.h3 Kg6 40.e4 fe4 41.Ke4 1–0. onur604 (2265) – mahir123 (2185),, 2020.

10.0-0 c6 11.Ne5 cb5=+ 12.Nd7 Nbd7 13.Bb5 Qc7 14.f4=.

10.0-0 e5 11.Ne5 Re8 12.f4 Re7 (12...Bf5!?+–) 13.c4+– dc4 (13...Be6 14.Qc2 dc4 15.Nc4 Bc4 16.Bc4+–) 14.Nd7 (14.Nc4!? Re8+–) 14...Nbd7+– 15.Bc4 Nb6? (better 15...Re8!?+–) 16.Bf6+– gf6 17.Qg4 Kh8 (17...Kf8 18.Bb3 Bb4 19.Qf5+–) 18.Bd3 Qg8 (18...f5 19.Qf5 Qg8 20.Rf3+–) 19.Qh4 Qg7 (19...f5 20.Bf5 f6+–) 20.Rf3 f5 (20...Bb4 21.Rg3 h6 22.Rg7 Kg7 23.Qg3 Kf8 24.Qh3+–) 21.Rg3 Qf6 (21...h6+–) 22.Qf6 1–0. GuestGQXC – GuestVGND,, 2019.

9.Ba1 Nbd7

10.0-0 Re8 11.d3 (11.d4 Ne4=) 11...c6 12.bc6 bc6 13.Nbd2 (13.d4 Qc7=+) 13...Nc5 (13...e5 14.d4=+) 14.c4 (14.Be5 Ba6=) 14...Bb7 (14...e5 15.d4 ed4 16.Bd4=) 15.d4 Nce4 16.c5 Bc7 17.Ne4 Ne4 18.Nd2 (18.Bd3 Qa8+=) 18...Nf6 (18...Nd2 19.Qd2 Qh4 20.f4=) 19.Qb3 Bc8 20.f4 (20.Rb1 Qe7+=) 20...Bd7 (20...Qe7 21.Rb1=) 21.Bd3 (21.Bc3 Qe7+=) 21...Ng4= 22.e4 Qb8 (22...Ne3!? 23.Rf2 de4 24.Ne4 Nd5=) 23.Qb8 Rb8 24.e5 h5 (24...Ne3 25.Rf3 Ba5 26.Nb3 (< 26.Re3 Bd2 27.Rh3 h6=+) 26...Rb3 27.Re3=+) 25.h3 (25.Bc3 f6+=) 25...Ne3+= 26.Rb1 Rb1 27.Nb1 g6 (27...Bc8 28.Kf2 Nc4 29.g4+=) 28.Kf2+/– Nf5 29.Bf5 (29.g4!? Nh6 30.Kf3+/–) 29...ef5+= 30.Bc3 Kf8 31.Nd2 ½–½. Plock,Joerg – Ralphs, corr 3GMM–29, 1995.

10.Bb2 c5 11.d4 (11.Nc3 e5 12.0-0 Qc7 13.h3 e4 14.Ne1 d4=+; 11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 e5 13.Nh4 Nb6 14.Nf3 Qc7–/+; 11.0-0 e5 12.d3 Qc7 13.Nfd2 Rd8 14.e4 de4=+; 11.c4 e5 12.d3 Qb6 13.Qc2 dc4 14.Qc4 Qa5=) 11...c4 12.Nc3 Qc7 13.0-0 Rd8 14.Qc1 Ne4 =.

10.Bb2 e5 11.0-0 Qe7 (11...c5 12.d3 Qc7 13.Nfd2 Rd8 14.c4 Nb6=+) 12.Nc3 Nb6 13.d3 Bg4 14.Nd2 Be6 =+.

10.Bb2 e5 11.Ba3 e4 (11...Ba3 12.Na3 Re8 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Qa1 Nb6=+; 11...Nb6 12.Bd6 Qd6 13.0-0 Bg4 14.d4 Bf3=+) 12.Nd4 Nc5 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Bc5 Bc5 =+.

10.Bb2 e5 11.Nc3 c5 (11...Re8 12.0-0 c5 13.d3 Qc7 14.e4 d4=+) 12.bc6 bc6 13.Qa1 Qc7 14.Ba3 Bb7 =+.

10.Bb2 e5 11.d4 e4 12.Nfd2 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.Nc4 Nc4 =+.

10.Bb2 Qe7 11.0-0 e5 12.d3 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 Bf5 =+.

10.Bb2 Qe7 11.Nc3 Nb6 (11...e5 12.0-0 c5 13.bc6 bc6 14.Qa1 Bb7=+) 12.0-0 e5 13.d3 Bd7 14.Qd2 Bb4 =+.

10.Bb2 Qe7 11.d3 e5 (11...Nb6 12.Nbd2 e5 13.0-0 Na4 14.Ba1 Bf5=+; 11...c5 12.0-0 e5 13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4=+; 11...Re8 12.Nbd2 e5 13.0-0 e4 14.de4 de4=+; 11...c6 12.Nc3 e5 13.0-0 Rd8 14.Qd2 Bb4=+) 12.0-0 Rd8 13.Nbd2 e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

10.Bb2 Qe7 11.d4 Nb6 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Ne5 Na4 14.Ba1 Ra8 =.

10.Nc3 Nb6 11.Nb1 Qe7 (11...Nfd7 12.d4 f6 13.Nc3 c5 14.bc6 bc6=) 12.Be5 Be5 13.Ne5 Nbd7 14.Nf3 c5 =.

10.Nc3 e5 11.0-0 c5 (11...Qe7 12.Bb2 Nb6 13.d3 Rd8 14.Re1 e4=+; 11...Nb6 12.Bb2 Qe7 13.d3 Rd8 14.Qd2 Bb4=+; 11...Re8 12.Bb2 c5 13.d3 Qc7 14.Nd2 Nb6=+) 12.d3 Qc7 13.h3 Rd8 14.Qd2 Nb6 =+.

10.Nc3 e5 11.Bb2 c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 Qc7 14.h3 Re8 =+.

10.Nc3 e5 11.d3 Nb6 (11...c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 Qc7 14.h3 Nb6=+; 11...c6 12.0-0 Qc7 13.h3 Nb6 14.Qd2 Bd7=+; 11...Re8 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Qd2 Nb6 14.Bb2 e4=+; 11...Qe7 12.0-0 e4 13.Nd2 Qe5 14.g3 Qe7=+) 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Qd2 Bg4 14.h3 Bd7 =+.

10.c4 dc4 11.0-0 e5 12.Qc2 Qe7 13.Bc4 e4 14.Nd4 (better 14.Ne1=+) 14...Bh2 (better 14...Qe5!? 15.f4 ef3–/+) 15.Kh2= Ng4 16.Kg1 (better 16.Kg3!? Qd6 17.f4= (17.Kg4?? Nf6 18.Kg5 h6 19.Kh4 Qh2)) 16...Qh4–/+ 17.Bf7 Rf7 18.Qc7 Nde5 19.Qc8 Rf8 20.Qf8 Kf8 21.Ne6 Kg8 22.Be5 Ne5 23.Nf4 (23.f3 ef3 24.Nd4 fg2 25.Kg2 Nd3–+) 23...g5 24.Nh3 Nf3 25.Kh1 g4 26.Rc1 Ng5 27.Rc8 Kf7 28.f3 (28.Rc7 Ke6 29.Rc1 gh3 30.g3 Qg4 31.Rc3 Qf3 32.Kh2 Qg2) 28...gh3 29.Rc7 (29.Kh2 hg2 30.Kg2 ef3 31.Kg1 Qg4 32.Kf1 Qg2 33.Ke1 Qe2) 29...Kg6 30.f4 (30.Kh2 hg2 31.Kg2 ef3 32.Kg1 Qg3 33.Kf1 Qg2 34.Ke1 Qe2) 30...Qe1 31.Kh2 Qf2 32.f5 (32.Rc6 bc6 33.f5 Kf5 34.bc6 Qg2) 32...Kf6 33.Rb7 (33.Rf7 Kf7 34.d4 Qg2) 33…Qg2 0–1. Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2020.

10.c4 dc4 11.Bc4 Qe7 12.Nc3 e5 13.Qc2 Nb6 14.Bd3 Bg4 15.0-0 (15.Ng5 Ra8 (15...h6 16.Nge4 Ra8 17.0-0 Be6 18.Nf6 Qf6 19.Ne4 Qe7 20.Nd6 cd6 21.f4=) 16.Bh7 Kh8 17.Bb2 g6 18.Bg6 fg6 19.Qg6 Qg7 20.Nf7 Kg8 21.Nh6+=; 15.Ne4 Nbd5 (15...Bf3 16.Nf6 Qf6 17.gf3 Kh8 18.Be4 Ra8 19.Bb2 Ra7 20.f4 Qe7 21.Rg1=) 16.Nf6 Nf6 17.Ng5 h6 18.Ne4 Nd5 19.Nd6 cd6 20.0-0 Rc8 21.Qb2=; 15.Bb2 Bf3 (15...Ra8 16.Ng5 h6 17.Nge4 Nbd5 18.Nd5 Nd5 19.Nd6 cd6 20.0-0 Rc8 21.Qa4=) 16.gf3 Ba3 17.Ba3 Qa3 18.0-0 Rd8 19.Be4 Ne4 20.Qe4 Qe7 21.Rd1+=; 15.Be4 Ne4 (15...Rb8 16.h3 Bh5 17.Bf5 Ra8 18.Bb2 Ba3 19.g4 Bb2 20.Qb2 Nc4 21.Qb1+=) 16.Qe4 Bc8 17.0-0 f5 18.Qc2 Be6 19.e4 Nd7 20.ef5 Bf5 21.d3+=) 15...Bf3 (15...h6 16.Be4 Ne4 17.Qe4 Bc8 18.Nd5 Nd5 19.Qd5 e4 20.Nd4 Rd8 21.Qh5+=) 16.gf3 Ra8 17.Ne4 Kf8 (17...Nbd5!?+= 18.Nf6 Nf6 19.Rc1 Qe6 20.Bb2 Ra5 21.Qc3+=) 18.Nf6= Qf6 19.Be4 Qg5 20.Kh1 Ra7 21.Rg1 (21.f4=) 21...Qh4 22.f4 ef4 (worse is 22...Qf2 23.fe5 Ra1 24.Ra1 Be5 25.d4 Qc2 26.Bc2+/–) 23.Bg7 Ke7 24.f3 fe3 25.de3 f6 26.f4 Ra3 27.Bf8 (worse is 27.Bb7 Re3 28.Bh8 Bf4= (worse is 28...Qf4 29.Qh7 Ke6 30.Qg8 Ke5 31.Qe8 Kf5 32.Qh5 Ke6 33.Bg2+/–)) 27...Kf8 28.Qg2 Ke8 29.Qg8 Bf8 30.Qe6 Kd8 31.Qf7 Nd7?? (31...Qh6 32.Rg8 Ra1 33.Kg2 Ra2 34.Qa2 f5+–) 32.Bf5 Rd3 33.Bd7 (33.Bd7 Qh5 34.Qh5 Rd7 35.Rg8+–) 1–0. pcmvr (2765) – zzvotra (2715), net–, 2014.

10.d3 c6 11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 e5 13.Nbd2 Qc7 14.h3 Re8 =+.

10.d3 c6 11.Nbd2 Qa5 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 e5 14.c4 e4 15.Nd4 Qc7 16.cd5 cd5 (< 16...Nd5 17.de4 Nb4 18.N2f3+–) 17.h3 Ba6 18.de4 Be2 19.Qe2 de4 (< 19...Ne4 20.Ne4 de4 21.Nb5+/–) 20.Rd1 Bh2 21.Kh1 Be5 22.Qc4 Ra8 (22...Rc8!? 23.Nf5 Qc4 24.Nc4 Rc4 25.Be5 h5+=) 23.Qc7+/– Bc7 24.Nb5 Be5 25.Be5 Ne5 26.Nd6 Rd8 27.Rb1 Nd3 28.Kg1 Nc5 29.Rb4 Kf8 30.N2e4 Nfe4 31.Ne4 Ne4 32.Re4 Rd5 33.Kh2 Rg5 34.Ra4 h5 35.h4 Rc5 36.Kg3 Ke7 37.e4 Kd6 38.f3 Rc2 39.Ra5 g6 40.Rg5 Rc3 41.Kf4 Ke6 42.Ra5 Rc6 43.Ra7 Kf6 44.Rb7 Ke6 45.g3 Kf6 46.Ra7 Ke6 47.g4 Rc5 48.g5 Rc1 49.Ra6 Ke7 50.Kg3 Rg1 51.Kf2 Rh1 52.Kg2 Rb1 53.Ra2 Re1 54.Rf2 Rc1 55.Rf1 Rc5 56.Kg3 Kd6 57.Rb1 Rc2 58.Rd1 Ke7 59.Rd5 Rc1 60.Re5 Kd7 61.Ra5 ½–½. pierre – salmo, internet, 2006.

10.d3 e5 11.0-0 Qe7 (11...c6 12.c4 dc4 13.bc6 bc6 14.d4 e4=; 11...Qe8 12.Nbd2 Qe6 13.c4 c6 14.Qa4 Be7=; 11...Re8 12.Nbd2 c6 13.c4 cb5 14.cb5 Qc7=+) 12.Nbd2 Rd8 13.c4 e4 14.Ne1 Nb6 =+.

10.d3 e5 11.Nc3 Nb6 (11...Re8 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Bb2 Nb6 14.Qd2 e4=+; 11...Qe7 12.0-0 Nb6 13.Bb2 Bd7 14.Qd2 Bb4=+; 11...c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 Re8 14.Qd2 Qc7=+; 11...Qe8 12.Bb2 Qe6 13.0-0 e4 14.Nd2 Qe5=+) 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Qd2 Bd7 14.d4 e4 =+.

10.d3 e5 11.c4 dc4 (11...Qe7 12.cd5 Nd5 13.0-0 N7f6 14.Nbd2 Nb6=; 11...e4 12.de4 de4 13.Nd4 Nc5 14.0-0 Qe7=+; 11...Qe8 12.cd5 Nd5 13.0-0 N7b6 14.Nbd2 f6=+; 11...c6 12.cd5 cd5 13.0-0 Qa5 14.Bc3 Qc7=) 12.dc4 Qe7 13.Qc2 Rd8 14.Nbd2 Nc5 =+.

10.d3 e5 11.Nbd2 c6 (11...Qe7 12.0-0 Rd8 13.c4 e4 14.Ne1 Nb6=+; 11...Re8 12.0-0 c6 13.bc6 bc6 14.c4 e4=+; 11...Qe8 12.0-0 e4 13.Nd4 Qe5 14.N4f3 Qe7=+; 11...h6 12.0-0 Qe7 13.c4 e4 14.Ne1 Rd8=) 12.c4 Re8 13.0-0 (13.d4 dc4 14.bc6 bc6=) 13...Qc7 (13...cb5 14.cb5 Qc7=+) 14.cd5 cd5 (< 14...cb5 15.e4+=) 15.Qb1 Nb6 16.Rc1 Qe7 17.Qb3 Bf5 18.Qd1 Ra8 19.Bc3 h6 20.Ra1 Rc8 21.Bb2 (21.Qb3 Nbd7=) 21...Qe8 (21...Kh8 22.Ra7=) 22.Nf1 (22.Ra7 Rc7=) 22...Bg4 23.Ng3 ½–½. Van Rooijen,Peter (1855) – Ryska,Jiri (2080),, 2005.

10.d3 Qe8 11.0-0 e5 (11...Qe7 12.Nbd2 Re8 13.d4 e5 14.de5 Ne5=) 12.Nbd2 c6 13.c4 Qe6 14.Qa4 Be7 =.

10.d3 Qe8 11.Bb2 Qe7 (11...e5 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4=+) 12.Nbd2 e5 13.0-0 Rd8 14.c4 e4 =+.

10.d3 Qe8 11.Nc3 c5 (11...e5 12.0-0 e4 13.Nd2 Qe5 14.g3 Qe7=+; 11...Bb4 12.Qb1 Qe7 13.0-0 Bd6 14.e4 c5=; 11...Qe7 12.0-0 e5 13.Bb2 e4 14.de4 de4=+; 11...c6 12.0-0 e5 13.Qd2 Bb4 14.Rb1 c5=+) 12.0-0 e5 13.Bb2 Qe7 14.Qd2 e4 =+.

10.d3 Qe8 11.Nbd2 e5 (11...Qe7 12.c4 e5 13.cd5 Nd5 14.0-0 Rd8=) 12.0-0 e4 13.Nd4 Qe5 14.N4f3 Qe7 =+.

10.d4 b6 11.0-0 Re8 12.Nbd2 e5 13.Nc4 (13.Nc4 dc4 14.de5 Ne5 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Qd8 Bh2 17.Kh2 Rd8 18.Bc4=). DEFFM – GuestDNSC,, 2019.

10.d4 c6 11.0-0 Qa5 (11...cb5 12.Bb5 Nb6 13.Ne5 Qc7 14.Nd2 Bd7=) 12.Bc3 Qc7 13.bc6 bc6 14.Bd3 e5 =.

10.d4 c6 11.Nc3 c5 (11...Re8 12.0-0 e5 13.de5 Ne5 14.Ne5 Be5=+; 11...Qc7 12.0-0 Rd8 13.Bb2 c5 14.dc5 Nc5=+; 11...Qe7 12.0-0 e5 13.de5 Ne5 14.Nd4 Re8=+; 11...e5 12.de5 Ne5 13.Ne5 Be5 14.0-0 Qc7=+) 12.dc5 Nc5 13.0-0 Qc7 14.Kh1 Bd7 =+.

10.d4 c6 11.c4 cb5 (11...dc4 12.bc6 Nb6 13.Nbd2 bc6 14.0-0 Ba6=) 12.c5 Be7 13.0-0 b4 14.Qb3 Qc7 =.

10.d4 c6 11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 Qa5 13.Nbd2 Ba6 14.c4 Qa2 =.

10.0-0 e5

11.Bb2 Qe7 (11...c5 12.d3 Qc7 13.Nfd2 Nb6 14.c4 Be6=+; 11...Re8 12.d4 e4 13.Nfd2 Nb6 14.c4 dc4=+; 11...c6 12.Nc3 Qc7 13.h3 c5 14.d3 d4=+) 12.Nc3 c5 13.bc6 bc6 14.Qa1 Bb7 =+.

11.Bc3 c6 (11...Qe7 12.d3 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Bg4 14.Ng5 Bf5=+; 11...Re8 12.d3 c6 13.bc6 bc6 14.Nbd2 c5=+; 11...c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Nh4 Nb8 14.d3 c5=+) 12.Nh4 Nb6 13.Nf3 Qc7 14.Ne1 Ne4 –/+.

11.Nc3 c6 (11...Nb6 12.Bb2 Qe7 13.d3 Rd8 14.Qd2 Bb4=+; 11...Re8 12.Bb2 c5 13.bc6 bc6 14.Qa1 Qc7=+; 11...Qe7 12.d3 e4 13.Nd2 Qe5 14.g3 ed3=+; 11...c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Bb2 Qc7 14.h3 Qb6=+) 12.Re1 Qc7 13.h3 c5 14.d4 cd4 –/+.

11.d3 c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Nbd2 Qc7 14.h3 Re8 =+.

11.d3 c6 12.Nc3 c5 =+.

11.d3 c6 12.c4 dc4 13.dc4 Qc7 14.h3 Rd8 15.bc6 bc6 16.Qc2=+.

11.d3 c6 12.c4 dc4 13.dc4 Qc7 14.h3 Re8 15.Nbd2 Nc5 Black intends e4 (15...b6 16.Qb1=+) 16.Qc2= e4 17.Nd4 Bd7 (17...Rd8 18.N4b3 Bh2 19.Kh1 Nb3 20.Nb3=) 18.bc6 (18.N4b3 Nb3 19.Qb3 Bh2 20.Kh1 Be5=) 18...bc6 19.Rb1 (19.N4b3 Nb3 20.Nb3 Be5=) 19...Ra8 (19...Bh2 20.Kh1=) 20.N4b3 Nb3 21.Nb3 Bh2 22.Kh1 Be5 23.Be5 Qe5 24.c5 Rb8 25.Rc1 g5 (25...Nd5 26.Nd4=) 26.Nd4+= h5 Black plans g4 27.Kg1 (27.Bc4 Kg7+=) 27...g4= 28.hg4 (28.h4 g3 29.Rf1 gf2 30.Rf2 Nd5=) 28...hg4 29.g3 Nd5 30.Kg2 Nb4 31.Qd2 Kg7 32.Rh1 (32.Nb5 Nd5 33.Nd6 Be6=) 32...Qc5 33.Rh4 Nd3 (33...f5 34.Nb3 Qe7 35.Qd4 Kg6 36.Nc5+=) 34.Bd3+= ed3 35.e4 Kf6 (35...Qd4 36.Qg5 Kf8 37.e5 Qe4 38.Kh2=+) 36.Qe3 (36.Qd3 Ke7 37.Qe3 Rb5+=) 36...Qe5 (36...Rg8!?=) 37.Rg4+– (worse 37.Qd3 Rb4 38.Rh6 Kg7 39.Nc6 Qe4 40.Qe4 Re4=+) 37...Rh8 38.Rf4 (38.Nf3 Qa1 39.Rh4 Ke7 40.Qd3 Rh4 41.gh4 Qg7 42.Kf1 Qb2+–) 38...Kg6+= 39.Nf5 Rh5 40.Nh4 Kg7 41.Qd3 Be6 42.Qd8 Rh8 43.Qd1 f6 (43...c5 44.Nf3 Bh3 45.Kg1+–) 44.Qb1 Rb8 (44...Qb5 45.Qa1 Rh6 46.Nf5 Bf5 47.Rf5+– (47.ef5?! Qd5 48.Rf3 Rh5+=)) 45.Qd3 (45.Qc2 Bd7+–) 45...c5 (45...Rh8 46.Qa3 Qc7 47.Qc5+–) 46.Nf5 Bf5 47.Rf5 Qd4 48.Qe2 (48.Qe2 Rd8 49.Qg4 Kf8 50.Qf3+–) 1–0. Nemec,Zdenek (2225) – Lacunza,Mario (1720), OP–2012–0-01999, 2012.

11.d3 c6 12.c4 dc4 13.bc6 bc6 14.d4 (14.dc4 Qc7 15.Bd3 e4–+) 14...e4–/+ 15.Nfd2 (15.Ne5 Qc7 16.f4 ef3 17.Nf3–+) 15...Nb6 (15...Qc7 16.h3=+) 16.Nc3 (16.Nc4 Nc4 17.Bc4 Re8=) 16...Bf5 (16...Qc7 17.h3=) 17.Qc2 (17.Nc4 Nc4 18.Bc4 Qc7=) 17...Bc7 18.Nc4 (18.Nde4? Ne4 19.Ne4 Qh4–+; < 18.Bc4 Bh2 19.Kh1 Nc4 20.Nc4 Bc7–/+) 18...Nc4 19.Bc4 Ng4 (19...Qd6 20.f4=) 20.g3 (20.h3 Qd6 21.Rb1 Qh2 22.Kf1 Nf6=+) 20...Qg5 21.h4 (21.h3 Nf6 22.Rb1 Ra8=) 21...Qg6=+ 22.Ne2 (22.Re1 Nf2 23.Kf2 Bg3 24.Ke2 Be1 25.Ke1 Qg1 26.Bf1 Qe3 27.Ne2 Qh6–+) 22...Nf6 (22...Be6 23.h5 Qh5 24.Rb1 Qh2 25.Kf1 Qf2) 23.Rb1 Bh3 (23...Ra8 24.Nc3=+) 24.Rb7= Bd6 25.Nf4 (25.Bc3 Qg4 26.Nf4 Bf4 27.ef4 Qf3–+) 25...Bf4=+ 26.ef4 Nd5 27.Bb2 (27.h5 Qh5 28.Qe4 Qd1 29.Kh2 Bf1 30.Bd5 cd5=+) ½–½. Bonetti,Shane – Sveinsson,Jon, b2–, 2003.

11.d3 Qe8 12.Nbd2 Qe6 13.c4 c6 14.Qa4 Be7 =.

11.d3 Re8 12.c4 dc4 13.dc4 Qe7 14.Qc2 Nc5 =.

11.d4 e4 12.Nfd2 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.Qc2 Be6 15.Nc3 e4 seems the pivot of the position 15...Re8 16.g3 Bb4 17.Rb1 Ba5 18.Rc1 (18.Nce4? Bf5 19.Nf6 Qf6–+) 18...Bc3 19.Bc3 Qd5 20.Ba5 Qb5 21.Bb6 Qb6 22.Nc4 Qc6 23.Qb2 Bd5 24.Ne5 Qd6 25.Bc4 b6 26.Bd5 Nd5 27.Rc6 Qe7 28.Qb3 Rd8 29.Rc1 Rd6 30.Ra1 Qe8 31.Ra7 f6 32.Nc4 Rd8 33.Nd2 Qe6 34.Qc2 Exerts pressure on the backward pawn 34...f5 35.Nc4 g6 36.Ne5 Qd6 37.h4 Kg7 38.Kg2 Rb8 39.Qa2 Re8 40.Qc4 Rf8 41.Qb3 h6 42.Qc2 Kh7 43.Qc4 Re8 44.Qc2 Re7 45.Ra8 Kg7 46.Qa4 Qe6 47.Rd8 Nf6 48.Qa7 g5 49.hg5 hg5 50.Qa8 Re8 51.Qb8 Rd8 52.Qd8 c5 53.Qc7 Kf8 54.dc5 Ne8 0–1. festis (1980) – condoru (2075),, 2015.

11.Re1 c5 (11...Qe8 12.Nc3 Qe6 13.Bb2 Ne4 14.d3 Nc3=+; 11...Qe7 12.Nc3 Re8 13.Bb2 Qe6 14.d3 e4=+) 12.Nh4 Nb6 13.d3 Be6 14.Nf3 Qc7 =+.

11.d3 Qe7

12.Bb2 Nb6 13.Nc3 Bd7 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Bf5 15.Qd2 Ra8=+; 13...Be6 14.Qd2 Ra8 15.Ra1 Ra1=+; 13...Bf5 14.Qd2 Ra8 15.Ra1 Ra1=+) 14.Qd2 Bb4 15.Qc1 Ra8 =+.

12.Bb2 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 Bf5 15.Nh4 Be6 =+.

12.Bb2 Nb6 13.Qd2 Na4 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Bf3 15.Bf3 Ra8=+; 13...Rd8 14.Rd1 Bg4 15.h3 Bf3=+; 13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.Nc3 dc4=+; 13...Bf5 14.Nc3 Ra8 15.Ra1 Ra1=+) 14.Ba1 Bg4 15.Nc3 Bb4 =+.

12.Bb2 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Bf5 (13...Na4 14.Ba1 Bd7 15.d4 e4=; 13...Bg4 14.c4 Ra8 15.Qc2 dc4=; 13...Rd8 14.Qa1 Bg4 15.Qa7 Qe8=) 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4 =+.

12.Bb2 c6 13.Nc3 c5 (13...Qe6 14.Qd2 Bb4 15.bc6 bc6=+; 13...Re8 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qa1 Bb7=+; 13...Rd8 14.Qd2 Bb4 15.bc6 bc6=) 14.Re1 Rd8 15.Qb1 e4 =+.

12.Bb2 Rd8 13.Qc1 Nb6 (13...c5 14.Rd1 d4 15.ed4 cd4=+) 14.Nbd2 Bg4 15.c4 Na4 =+.

12.Bb2 Rd8 13.Qd2 Nb6 (13...e4 14.Nd4 Nb6 15.Nc3 Bg4=) 14.Rd1 Bg4 15.h3 Bd7 =+.

12.Bb2 Rd8 13.Nbd2 e4 (13...c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cd5 Nd5=) 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.g3 Qg5 =+.

12.Bb2 Rd8 13.h3 c5 (13...Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.c4 dc4=+; 13...e4 14.Nfd2 ed3 15.cd3 Nc5=+) 14.bc6 bc6 15.Nc3 Qe6 =+.

12.Bb2 e4 13.Nfd2 Ne5 (13...ed3 14.cd3 Re8 15.Qc2 Ne5=; 13...Rd8 14.de4 de4 15.Nc4 Be5=) 14.Nc3 ed3 15.cd3 Be6 =.

12.Bb2 Re8 13.d4 e4 14.Nfd2 Nb6 15.c4 dc4 =+.

12.Bb2 Re8 13.Nbd2 e4 (13...c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cd5 Nd5=) 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

12.Bb2 Re8 13.Re1 e4 (13...Rd8 14.Nbd2 e4 15.Nd4 Ne5=+; 13...Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 e4=+; 13...c5 14.c4 d4 15.Qd2 de3=+; 13...Qe6 14.Nbd2 c6 15.bc6 bc6=) 14.Nfd2 Ne5 15.d4 Neg4 =+.

12.Qc1 Nb6 13.c4 Bd7 (13...dc4 14.dc4 Nbd7 15.Nbd2 Nc5=) 14.c5 Bc5 15.Be5 Bb5 =.

12.Qc1 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Rd8 (13...c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 Nbd7=; 13...Bf5 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4=; 13...Bg4 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7=; 13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.d4 e4=) 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7 =.

12.Qc1 c6 13.Qb2 Rd8 (13...c5 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 e4=; 13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 cb5=+; 13...Re8 14.Nbd2 Rd8 15.d4 e4=) 14.d4 e4 15.Ne5 cb5 =+.

12.Qc1 c6 13.Nc3 Rd8 (13...c5 14.Bb2 Rd8 15.e4 d4=+; 13...Re8 14.Bb2 c5 15.Qd2 e4=+; 13...Nb6 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qb2 Nbd7=+) 14.Qd2 c5 15.Bb2 e4 =+.

12.Qc1 c6 13.c4 cb5 (13...e4 14.Nfd2 ed3 15.Bd3 Nc5=+) 14.cb5 Nb6 15.Qb2 Re8 =+.

12.Qc1 e4 13.de4 (13.Nfd2 Ne5 (13...Nc5 14.de4 Nce4 15.c4 Rd8=; 13...ed3 14.cd3 Nc5 15.Bf6 Qf6=+; 13...Rd8 14.de4 Ne4 15.c4 Nb6=+) 14.Bd4 c5 15.bc6 bc6=+) 13...de4 14.Nfd2 Ne5 15.Rd1 Rd8 =+.

12.Qc1 Qe6 13.c4 Rd8 (13...dc4 14.Qc4 Qe8 15.Nc3 Nb6=) 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nbd2 f6 =.

12.Qc1 Qe6 13.Nbd2 Re8 (13...Rd8 14.c4 c6 15.c5 Be7=; 13...c6 14.Qb2 Rd8 15.c4 Qf5=; 13...c5 14.c4 Re8 15.cd5 Nd5=; 13...h6 14.c4 c6 15.cd5 cd5=) 14.c4 c6 15.Qb2 e4 =+.

12.Qc1 Re8 13.Bb2 c6 (13...Nb6 14.c4 Na4 15.Ba3 Bg4=+; 13...Rd8 14.Nc3 c5 15.bc6 bc6=+; 13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5=+) 14.Nc3 Nb6 15.Qd2 e4 =+.

12.Qc1 Re8 13.Qd1 e4 (13...Nb6 14.Nbd2 Rd8 15.c4 dc4=+) 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5 =+.

12.Qc1 Re8 13.Rd1 Rd8 (13...c6 14.Nc3 Qe6 15.Ng5 Qf5=; 13...Nb6 14.c4 Bd7 15.Nbd2 Bf5=) 14.c4 dc4 15.Qc4 Nb6 =.

12.Qc1 Re8 13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

12.Bc3 c6 13.bc6 bc6 14.Nbd2 c5 15.e4 d4 =+.

12.Bc3 c6 13.Nfd2 cb5 14.d4 b4 15.de5 Ne5 –/+.

12.Bc3 c6 13.d4 e4 14.Nfd2 Nb6 15.Ba5 Na8 =+.

12.Bc3 c6 13.Ng5 cb5 (13...Nb6 14.d4 e4 15.bc6 bc6–/+) 14.d4 e4 15.Bd2 Nb6 –+.

12.Bc3 Re8 13.Ba1 Qe6 (13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5=+; 13...Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.c4 dc4=+) 14.Nc3 e4 15.de4 de4 =+.

12.Bc3 Re8 13.Bb2 Rd8 (13...Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Bf5=+; 13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5=+; 13...Qe6 14.Nbd2 e4 15.Ng5 Qf5=+) 14.Nbd2 e4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

12.Bc3 Re8 13.Nbd2 c6 (13...Nb6 14.Bb2 Bg4 15.c4 Ra8=+; 13...Rd8 14.Nb3 Nb6 15.Qd2 Bd7=+; 13...Qe6 14.Bb2 c6 15.bc6 bc6=; 13...Ng4 14.e4 d4 15.Bb2 Nb6=) 14.Qb1 c5 15.e4 d4 =+.

12.Nc3 Nb6 13.h3 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5 16.f4 ef3! 17.Rf3 (17.Nf3 Qe3 Discovered attack (17...Qe3 Deflection); 17.Bf3 Qh2 Double attack (17...Qe3 Discovered attack); 17.Rf3 Re8 Combination; 17.gf3 Qh2 Mate attack) 17...Re8 (better 17...Nbd5 18.Qd3 Qh2 19.Kf2 Nc3 20.Bc3 Re8–+) 18.Nb3? (better 18.Bf1–/+) 18...Nbd5–+ 19.Nd5?? (19.Qd3 Qh2 20.Kf2 Nc3 21.Bc3 Ne4 22.Ke1 Bg3 23.Kd1 Nf2 24.Rf2 Bf2 25.Bf1 Be3 26.Nd2–+) 19...Qh2 (19...Qd5 20.Bf6 Qd1 21.Bd1 gf6 22.Be2+=) 20.Kf2 Ne4 (20...Ne4 21.Ke1 Bg3 22.Rg3 Qg3 23.Kf1 Qf2) 0–1. jgkagaoan – insuk,, 2017. (=1.Nf3 Nf6 2.b4 d5 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 a6 5.a4 Bd6 6.e3 ab5 7.ab5 Ra1 8.Ba1 0-0 9.Be2 Nbd7)

12.Qd2 Nb6 13.Nc3 (13.c4 e4 (13...dc4 14.dc4 e4 15.Nd4 Rd8=+) 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Rd8=+; 13.Bb2 Na4 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Bd7 15.c4 Ra8=+; 13...Rd8 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Qd1 Bg4=+) 14.Ba1 Bg4 15.Nc3 Bb4–/+; 13.Rd1 Bf5 (13...Bg4 14.c4 Ra8 15.Bc3 Na4=+; 13...Rd8 14.Qc3 e4 15.de4 de4=+; 13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.Bb2 Na4=+) 14.c4 Ra8 15.Bc3 dc4=+; 13.Bc3 Bg4 (13...Bf5 14.Bb2 Ra8 15.Nc3 Bg4=+; 13...Bd7 14.d4 e4 15.Ne5 Ra8=+) 14.Ba5 Nbd7 15.Bc3 Ra8–/+; 13.Re1 Bg4 (13...Bd7 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 e4=+; 13...Bf5 14.Bb2 Na4 15.Ba1 Ra8–/+; 13...Re8 14.Nc3 Bg4 15.h3 Bd7=+; 13...Rd8 14.Qc3 Bd7 15.Ne5 Bb5=) 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Bb2 Na4–/+; 13.h3 Bf5 (13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.Qb2 e4=+; 13...e4 14.Ne1 c5 15.Bf6 Qf6=+; 13...Rd8 14.Qc3 Re8 15.Qb3 Nfd7=+) 14.Nc3 Ra8 15.Bb2 Bb4=+) 13...Bg4 (13...Bd7 14.Bb2 Bb4 15.Rb1 Ra8=+; 13...Rd8 14.Bb2 Bb4 15.Qd1 Bg4=+; 13...Be6 14.Bb2 Ra8 15.Ra1 Ra1=+; 13...Re8 14.Bb2 e4 15.Nd4 Ng4=+) 14.h3 Bf3 15.Bf3 Ra8 =+.

12.Nbd2 Nb6 13.Qc1 Rd8 (13...Bf5 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4=; 13...c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 Nbd7=; 13...Bg4 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7=; 13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.d4 e4=) 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7 =.

12.Nbd2 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 Rd8 15.Qc2 Nbd7 =.

12.Nbd2 c6 13.Qb1 c5 (13...Re8 14.c4 e4 15.bc6 bc6=; 13...Rd8 14.c4 cb5 15.cd5 Nd5=) 14.c4 d4 15.Ng5 h6 =.

12.Nbd2 c6 13.c4 dc4 (13...Qe6 14.Qa4 c5 15.cd5 Nd5=; 13...cb5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 N5f6=) 14.Nc4 cb5 15.Nd6 Qd6 =.

12.Nbd2 Rd8=+ 13.c4 e4 (13...Bb4 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Qc2 Re8=) 14.Ne1 Nb6 15.cd5 ed3 =.

12.Nbd2 Rd8 13.c4 e4 14.Ne1 c6 15.cd5 cd5 16.Bd4 Ne5 17.de4 de4 18.f4 ef3 19.Nef3 (19.Bf3? Neg4 20.Bg4 Ng4–+ (20...Bg4?! 21.Nef3=+)) 19...Bg4 20.Qe1 Bf3 21.Nf3 Neg4 22.Bd3 Bc5 23.Qc1 Qe3!? 24.Qe3 (24.Be3 Be3) 24...Ne3 25.Bc5 Rd3 26.Be3 Re3 27.Rc1 Kf8 28.Nd4 (28.Rc8 Re8 29.Rc7 Re7 30.Rc8 Ne8=+) 28...Rd3–/+ 29.Nf5 g6 30.Rc8 Ne8 31.Ng7 (better is 31.Ng3!?–/+) 31...Kg7–+ 32.Re8 Rb3 33.Re5 Kf6 34.Rc5 Ke6 35.Kf2 Kd6 36.Rc8 Rb5 37.Rb8 Ke5 38.g3 Ke4 39.Kg2 Rb2 40.Kh3 f5 41.Rg8 Kf3 42.Rg7 Rb4 43.Rc7 b5 44.Rc3 Ke4 45.Kh4 (45.Rc1 g5–+) 45...h6 46.Kh3 Rb2 47.Rc1 g5 48.g4 Rb3 49.Kg2 fg4 50.Rc8 h5 51.Re8 Kf5 52.Rf8 Kg6 53.Rg8 Kf6 54.Rf8 Kg7 55.Rb8 (55.Rf5 Kg6 56.Rc5 h4–+) 55...h4 56.Rb7 Kg6 57.Kf2 Rb2 (57...h3 58.Rb6 Kh5 59.Kg1–+) 58.Kg1 Rb1 59.Kg2 h3 60.Kf2 Rh1 61.Kg3 Rg1 62.Kf2 Rg2 63.Kf1 Rh2 (64.Rb5 g3–+) 0–1. Pierred – Nemrod, Rated game, 2005.

12.Nbd2 Qe6 13.c4 c6 (13...Re8 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Qg6=) 14.Qa4 Be7 15.Bc3 Rd8 =.

12.Nbd2 Qe6 13.Qe1 Rd8 (13...c6 14.Qb1 Re8 15.c4 e4=; 13...Re8 14.c4 c6 15.Qb1 e4=; 13...e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.N4f3 Qe7=+; 13...Bb4 14.Qb1 Be7 15.c4 c6=) 14.e4 c6 15.c4 de4 =+.

12.Nbd2 Re8 13.c4 e4 (13...Qe6 14.cd5 Qd5 15.Nc4 h6=) 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.g3 Nc5 =+.

12.Nfd2 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.d4 (14.dc4 Bf5 15.Nc3 e4 16.Ncb1 Rd8 17.Bd4 Be5 18.Be5 Qe5+=) 14...ed4 (14...e4 15.Nc4 Nc4 16.Bc4 Bg4 17.Qc2 Ra8 18.Nd2 Be6=) 15.Bd4 Rd8 (15...Be6 16.Qc2 Bc5 17.Bc4 Nc4 18.Nc4 Bd4+=) 16.Qc2 Will c4 fall? (16.Bb6 cb6 17.Bc4 Ne4 18.Ne4 Qe4=) 16...Bh2 17.Kh2 Rd4 18.ed4 Qe2 19.Nc3 Qg4 20.Nf3 Bf5 21.Qe2 Be6 22.Ra1 h6 23.Qe5 Nfd5 24.Nd5 Nd5 0–1. Giache,Gianluca – Vegjeleki,Adolf (2310), WSTT/3/06/1 ICCF, 2006.

12.Nfd2 Nb6 13.d4 e4 14.c4 dc4 15.Qc2 Bg4 =+.

12.Nfd2 Nb6 13.d4 e4 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4 16.Bc4 Bg4 17.Qc2 Ra8 18.Nd2 Be6 =.

12.Nfd2 c6 13.d4 (13.c4 cb5 14.cb5 Nb6 15.Bc3 Be6 16.Nf3 Qc7 17.Ng5 Bd7 18.Qb3 h6–/+) 13...Re8 14.de5 Ne5 15.c4 Bf5 16.cd5 Ra8 17.Nc3 cd5 18.Nb3 Be6 =.

12.Nfd2 Re8 13.c4 (13.d4 ed4 14.Bd4 c5 15.bc6 bc6 16.Re1 c5 17.Bb2 Ne5 18.Nc3 Bd7+=) 13...Nb6 14.d4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4 16.Bc4 Be6 17.d5 Bf5 18.Nd2 Bb4 +=.

12.d4 e4 13.Nfd2 Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.Qc2 Bf5 =+.

12.Qe1 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 (13...e4 14.de4 Ne4 15.cd5 Nd5=+) 14.dc4 Rd8 15.c5 Bc5 =+.

12.Qe1 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Rd8 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Bh5 15.c4 Ra8=+; 13...Bf5 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4=+) 14.d4 e4 15.Ne5 Nfd7 –/+.

12.Qe1 c6 13.Nc3 c5 (13...Re8 14.Bb2 Nc5 15.Qa1 Bg4=+; 13...Qe6 14.Qd2 Bb4 15.Ng5 Qf5=+; 13...Rd8 14.Qd2 c5 15.Bb2 e4=+; 13...Bb4 14.Qb1 Re8 15.Qb3 Bd6=+) 14.Bb2 Rd8 15.Nd2 Nb6 –/+.

12.Qe1 e4 13.de4 de4 14.Nfd2 Ne5 15.Bd4 Neg4 =+.

12.Qe1 Qe6 13.Nbd2 Rd8 (13...Re8 14.c4 Rd8 15.Bc3 c6=; 13...c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cd5 Nd5=+; 13...Bb4 14.Qb1 Bd2 15.Nd2 Re8=; 13...e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.N4f3 Qe7=+) 14.e4 c6 15.ed5 cd5 =+.

12.Qe1 Re8 13.Bb2 Nb6 (13...Qe6 14.Qc3 e4 15.de4 de4=+; 13...c6 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nc5=+; 13...c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qc1 Nb6=+) 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Qc1 Bg4 =+.

12.Qe1 Re8 13.Qd1 e4 (13...Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.c4 dc4=+; 13...c5 14.c4 Nb6 15.cd5 Nfd5=+) 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5 =+.

12.Qe1 Re8 13.Nbd2 c6 (13...Rd8 14.e4 c6 15.ed5 cd5=+; 13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5=+; 13...c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 d4=+; 13...Bb4 14.c3 Bd6 15.c4 e4=+) 14.c4 d4 15.bc6 bc6 =+.

12.Re1 Nb6 13.Nc3 Bd7 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Be6 15.Nb1 Nbd7=+; 13...Be6 14.Ng5 Bd7 15.Nf3 Ra8–/+) 14.Bb2 Ra8 15.d4 e4 –/+.

12.Re1 Nb6 13.c4 e4 (13...Bd7 14.Nbd2 Re8 15.Qc2 Ng4=; 13...dc4 14.dc4 Bf5 15.c5 Bc5=+; 13...Bg4 14.Nbd2 dc4 15.dc4 Rd8=+) 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Nbd7 =+.

12.Re1 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Rd8 (13...Bf5 14.e4 de4 15.Nh4 Be6=+; 13...Bg4 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Rd8=) 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Bf5 =+.

12.Re1 Nb6 13.e4 de4 (13...d4 14.c3 dc3 15.Bc3 Bd7=+) 14.de4 Rd8 15.Qc1 Ne4 =+.

12.Re1 c6 13.Nc3 Rd8 (13...Bb4 14.Rf1 Re8 15.Na2 Bd6=+; 13...Re8 14.bc6 bc6 15.Bb2 Rd8=+; 13...Qe6 14.Ng5 Qf5 15.Nf3 Bb4=+; 13...c5 14.Bb2 Rd8 15.Qb1 b6=+) 14.Nh4 Nb6 15.Nf3 e4 =+.

12.Re1 c6 13.c4 dc4 14.bc6 bc6 15.d4 Rd8 =+.

12.Re1 c6 13.Nfd2 Nb6 (13...cb5 14.Nc3 b4 15.Nb5 Bb8=+) 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 dc4 =+.

12.Re1 Rd8 13.Bb2 Nb6 (13...e4 14.Nfd2 Nc5 15.d4 Na4=+; 13...c6 14.Nc3 e4 15.bc6 bc6=+) 14.Nbd2 Bg4 15.Ng5 Bd7 –/+.

12.Re1 Rd8 13.Bc3 e4 (13...Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bg4 15.Ba5 Nbd7=+; 13...c6 14.bc6 bc6 15.Nbd2 Bb7=+; 13...Qe6 14.Nbd2 c5 15.bc6 bc6=+) 14.Nfd2 Ne5 15.f4 ef3 =+.

12.Re1 Rd8 13.Nc3 e4 (13...Nb6 14.Bb2 e4 15.Nd2 Bd7=+; 13...c6 14.Bb2 e4 15.bc6 bc6=+; 13...c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qd2 Re8=+) 14.Nd2 Nc5 15.b6 c6 =+.

12.Re1 Rd8 13.Nbd2 e4 (13...Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7=+) 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.Nf1 Qg5 =+.

12.Re1 e4 13.Nfd2 Rd8 (13...Re8 14.de4 Ne4 15.Ne4 de4=+; 13...Ne5 14.Nc3 ed3 15.cd3 Re8=+; 13...ed3 14.Bd3 Ne5 15.e4 Bg4=+; 13...Nc5 14.d4 Ncd7 15.c4 dc4=) 14.Bd4 c5 15.Bb2 Nb6 =+.

12.Ng5 c6 13.Nc3 Nb6 (13...Re8 14.Bb2 Ba3 15.Ba3 Qa3=+; 13...c5 14.Nf3 Rd8 15.Qe1 e4=+; 13...Rd8 14.Bb2 h6 15.Nf3 c5=+) 14.Qd2 Bb4 15.Qd1 Bd7 =+.

12.Ng5 c6 13.c4 cb5 (13...dc4 14.dc4 h6 15.Nf3 e4=+; 13...Nb6 14.Nc3 Rd8 15.Qc2 Bf5=+; 13...h6 14.Nf3 dc4 15.dc4 e4=+) 14.cb5 Nb6 15.Nd2 h6 =+.

12.Ng5 c6 13.d4 e4 (13...Re8 14.c4 ed4 15.Bd4 c5=+; 13...h6 14.de5 Ne5 15.Be5 Qe5=+) 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 Nb8 –/+.

12.h3 Nb6 13.Bb2 Bf5 (13...Na4 14.Ba1 Bd7 15.c4 Nb6=+; 13...Rd8 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.c4 dc4=+; 13...Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.Nbd2 dc4=+) 14.Nc3 Ra8 15.Qd2 Bb4 =+.

12.h3 Nb6 13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 Bf5 15.c5 Bc5 =+.

12.h3 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Bf5 (13...Rd8 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7=+) 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Rd8 =+.

12.h3 c5 13.Bb2 Rd8 (13...e4 14.Nfd2 ed3 15.Bd3 Re8=+; 13...b6 14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4=+) 14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 =+.

12.h3 c5 13.Nbd2 b6 (13...Rd8 14.e4 b6 15.ed5 Nd5=; 13...Nb6 14.c4 Rd8 15.Qc2 Bd7=; 13...Re8 14.e4 d4 15.Nc4 Nf8=+; 13...e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nh4 Ne5=+) 14.c4 Bb7 15.Qc2 e4 =+.

12.h3 c5 13.d4 cd4 14.ed4 e4 15.Ne1 Nb6 –/+.

12.h3 c6 13.Nc3 c5 (13...Re8 14.Bb2 e4 15.de4 de4=+; 13...Qe6 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qd2 Bb4=+; 13...Nb6 14.Qd2 Bd7 15.bc6 bc6=+; 13...Rd8 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qd2 Bb4=+) 14.Qd2 d4 15.Nd1 Rd8 =+.

12.h3 c6 13.c4 dc4 (13...Rd8 14.cd5 cd5 15.Qc2 Nb6=+) 14.dc4 e4 15.Nfd2 Rd8 =+.

12.h3 c6 13.d4 e4 14.Nfd2 cb5 15.Bb5 Nb6 =+.

12.h3 e4 13.Nfd2 Rd8 (13...ed3 14.cd3 Nc5 15.Nb3 Re8=) 14.de4 de4 15.Nc4 Bc5 =+.

12.h3 Qe6 13.Bb2 e4 (13...c5 14.c4 Rd8 15.Nbd2 b6=; 13...Rd8 14.Nbd2 c6 15.c4 cb5=; 13...Re8 14.Nbd2 c6 15.bc6 bc6=; 13...c6 14.Na3 Qe7 15.Qa1 c5=+) 14.Nfd2 ed3 15.Bd3 Ne5 =+.

12.h3 Qe6 13.Nbd2 Qf5 (13...e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.N4f3 Qe7=; 13...Rd8 14.c4 c6 15.Qa4 c5=; 13...c6 14.Qb1 Re8 15.c4 cb5=; 13...Bb4 14.c4 Rd8 15.Qc2 c5=) 14.Nh4 Qe6 15.Nhf3 c6 =+.

12.h3 Qe8 13.Bb2 e4 (13...c5 14.c4 Qe6 15.cd5 Nd5=; 13...c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cb5 Nb6=; 13...Qe6 14.Ba3 Ba3 15.Na3 Qd6=; 13...Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.dc4 Nbd7=) 14.Nfd2 Qe6 15.de4 de4 =+.

12.h3 Qe8 13.Nc3 e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.f4 ef3 =+.

12.h3 Qe8 13.Nbd2 e4 (13...c6 14.bc6 bc6 15.c4 e4=; 13...Qe6 14.c4 c6 15.Qa4 c5=) 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.N4f3 Qe7 =.

12.Bb2 Qe6

13.Ba3 Re8 14.Bd6 Qd6 15.c3 c5 =+.

13.Na3 Nb6 14.c4 e4 15.Nd2 ed3 –/+.

13.Qc1 Qf5 14.c4 dc4 15.Qc4 Nb6 =+.

13.Qd2 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

12.Qc1 Rd8

13.Bb2 Nb6 14.Nbd2 Na4 15.Ba1 c6 =+.

13.Nc3 c6 14.Qd2 c5 15.Bb2 e4 =+.

13.Rd1 e4 14.Nfd2 ed3 15.cd3 Nc5 =+.

13.Qd2 c5 14.Rd1 Bc7 15.e4 de4 –/+.

13.Nbd2 e4 14.Nd4 Ne5 15.Rd1 c5 =+.

12.Bc3 Nb6

13.Bb2 Bg4 14.h3 Bf5 15.Nc3 Ra8 =+.

13.Qd2 Bg4 14.Ba5 Nbd7 15.Bc3 Ra8 –/+.

13.Nbd2 Bg4 14.Ng5 Bf5 15.Bb2 h6 =+.

13.Nfd2 Be6 14.d4 e4 15.Nb3 Ra8 –/+.

13.d4 e4 14.Ne5 Nbd7 15.Nd7 Bd7 =+.

12.Bc3 c5

13.Ba1 Nb6 14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 =+.

13.Bb2 Rd8 14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 –/+.

13.Nbd2 Rd8 14.Nh4 Nb6 15.Nhf3 Qc7 =+.

13.d4 cd4 14.ed4 e4 15.Nfd2 Re8 =+.

13.Re1 b6 14.d4 e4 15.dc5 bc5 =+.

12.Qd2 c5

13.Bb2 e4 14.Ng5 Rd8 15.Na3 Nb6 =+.

13.Nc3 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Ne1 Rd8 –/+.

13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 e4 15.Ng5 Rd8 =+.

13.bc6 bc6 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Rb1 Re8 =+.

13.Rd1 Re8 14.c4 d4 15.Bb2 Nb6 =+.

12.Qd2 Rd8

13.Bb2 Nb6 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Qd1 Bf5 =+.

13.Qc3 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Nb6 =+.

13.Bc3 Ng4 14.h3 Ngf6 15.Bb2 e4 =+.

13.Nc3 Bb4 14.Qc1 Nb6 15.Bb2 Bg4 =+.

13.Rd1 Nb6 14.Nc3 Bb4 15.Qc1 Bg4 =+.

12.Nbd2 e4

13.Nd4 Nc5 14.de4 Nce4 15.Bb2 Nd2 =.

13.Nd4 Qe5 14.N4f3 Qe8 15.Nd4 Ne5 =.

13.Nd4= Qe5 14.N4f3 Qh5 15.Ne5 (15.de4!? de4 16.Ne5=) 15...Qh6–/+ 16.d4 Re8 17.c4 Ne5 (17...Be5?! 18.de5 Ne5 19.cd5=) 18.de5 Be5 19.Be5 Re5 20.Qc2 Qg6 21.Ra1 Re8 22.cd5 Nd5 23.Ra8 h6 (23...Nb6 24.Ra7 Bh3 25.g3=) 24.Qc5 (24.Rb8!?=) 24...c6 (24...Nb6 25.Bh5 Qf6 26.Ra7–+) 25.bc6=+ bc6 26.Bc4 Nc7 27.Ra7 Bh3 28.Bf7 Kf7 29.Rc7 Kg8 30.Qc4? (better is 30.g3!? Rd8 31.Qc2= (31.Rc6? Rd2 32.Qc1 Qc6 33.Qd2 g5–+)) 30...Kh7–/+ 31.g3 Qd6 (32.Qc6 Qd2–+) 0–1. Bonetti,Shane – Schulz,Hans_Juergen, TT–08 ETC, 2003.

13.Nd4 Ne5 14.de4 de4 15.c4 Rd8 =.

13.de4 de4 14.Nd4 Ne5 15.c4 Rd8 =.

13.Ng5 h6 14.Nh3 Ne5 15.Nf4 g5 =+.

12.Nfd2 Rd8

13.Bc3 c6 (13...Nb6 14.d4 e4 15.Ba5 Nfd7=; 13...Qe6 14.d4 e4 15.Nb3 Nb6=+; 13...Re8 14.Bb2 Nb6 15.d4 e4=+; 13...Nf8 14.d4 ed4 15.Bd4 Ne6=+) 14.bc6 bc6 15.Nb3 c5 =+.

13.c4 Nb6 14.d4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4 16.Bc4 e4 17.Nd2 Be6 18.Qc2 Bh2 –/+.

13.c4 c5 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Nc4 Bc7 =.

13.c4 Qe6 14.d4 ed4 15.Bd4 c5 =.

13.d4 c5 14.Bb2 b6 15.Nc3 e4 =+.

13.d4 c6 14.c4 c5 15.Nc3 ed4 =+.

13.d4 ed4 14.ed4 Re8 15.Re1 Ng4 =+.

13.d4 Qe6 14.c4 ed4 15.Bd4 c5 16.bc6 bc6 17.cd5 Nd5 18.Nc4 Bc7 =.

12.Nfd2 Qe6

13.Bb2 Bb4 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Rd8 =.

13.Bb2 Nb6 14.c4 dc4 15.Nc4 Nc4 =.

13.Bb2 c6 14.d4 ed4 15.Bd4 Re8 =+.

13.Bb2 Rd8 14.c4 Nb6 15.Qc2 dc4 =.

13.Bb2 Rd8 14.c4 c6 15.bc6 bc6 16.cd5 cd5 17.d4 Ne4 18.Bb5 ed4 =.

13.Bb2 Re8 14.c4 d4 15.ed4 ed4 =.

13.c3 Nb6 14.c4 Bd7 15.Nf3 Ra8 =+.

13.c4 Rd8 14.d4 ed4 15.Bd4 c5 =.

13.c4 Rd8 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Ne4 Be7 16.Nbc3 Nb4 17.Qb1 Nb6 18.Bb2 f5 +=.

13.d4 ed4 14.ed4 Re8 15.Re1 Ng4 =+.

13.e4 de4 14.Ne4 Ne4 15.de4 Nc5 =+.

13.Nf3 Rd8 14.Nbd2 e4 15.de4 de4 =+.

12.Qe1 Rd8

13.Bb2 e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.g3 Nc5 =+.

13.Qc3 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nd4 Nb6 =+.

13.Bc3 Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.Nb3 Ra8 =+.

13.Qd2 c5 14.Rd1 Bc7 15.e4 de4 –/+.

13.Nbd2 Nb6 14.Bb2 Bf5 15.c4 e4 =+.

12.Re1 Re8

13.Bb2 e4 14.Nfd2 Ne5 15.d4 Neg4 =+.

13.Nc3 c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.Qd2 Bb4 –/+.

13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 e4 15.Nfd2 Rd8 =+.

13.Nbd2 Rd8 14.c4 e4 15.Nd4 Nc5 =+.

13.Nfd2 Nb6 14.d4 e4 15.c4 dc4 =+.

13.Rf1 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Ne5 =+.

12.Ng5 Nb6

13.Bb2 c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cb5 Bf5 =+.

13.c4 Bf5 14.cd5 Nfd5 15.Ne4 Bb4 =+.

13.Qd2 Re8 14.Bb2 e4 15.de4 de4 –/+.

13.Nd2 Bd7 14.c4 Rd8 15.Qc2 c5 =+.

13.Qe1 Ng4 14.h4 f6 15.Nh3 f5 –/+.

13.Re1 Bd7 14.c4 Ra8 15.Nd2 Ra2 –/+.

12.Ng5 Rd8

13.Bb2 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Bd4 h6 –/+.

13.Bc3 Nb6 14.Bh5 Rf8 15.Ba5 Nfd7 –/+.

13.Nc3 Nb6 14.Bh5 g6 15.Be2 e4 –/+.

13.Qd2 Nb6 14.f4 Re8 15.Re1 Bd7 –/+.

13.Nd2 c5 14.d4 cd4 15.ed4 e4 –/+.

13.Qe1 Nb6 14.Nf3 Bd7 15.Qc3 Ra8 –/+.

13.Re1 e4 14.Bd4 Nc5 15.Bh5 g6 –/+.

12.h3 Rd8

13.Bb2 c5 14.bc6 bc6 15.Nc3 Qe6 =+.

13.Bc3 Nb6 14.Nbd2 Bf5 15.Nb3 Ra8 =+.

13.Nc3 e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.f4 ef3 –/+.

13.Qd2 e4 14.Nd4 Qe5 15.g3 Qg5 –/+.

13.Nbd2 e4 14.Nd4 Ne5 15.de4 de4 =+.

12.h3 Re8

13.Bb2 e4 14.de4 de4 15.Nfd2 Rd8 =+.

13.Qc1 c6 14.c4 cb5 15.cb5 Nb6 =+.

13.c4 dc4 14.dc4 Nc5 15.Nbd2 Rd8 =+.

13.Qd2 Nb6 14.Nc3 e4 15.de4 de4 –/+.

13.Nbd2 Nb6 14.c4 e4 15.Nd4 Qe5 =+.

13.Qe1 c5 14.Nbd2 e4 15.de4 de4 =+.

13.Re1 Rd8 14.Nc3 e4 15.Nd4 Qe5 –/+.

10.Nc3 c5

11.0-0 e5 12.d3 Qc7 13.h3 Rd8 14.Qd2 Nb6 =+.

11.Bb2 Qc7 12.d4 cd4 13.Qd4 e5 14.Nd5 ed4 –/+.

11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 e5 13.h3 Re8 14.Bb2 Qc7 =+.

11.d3 Qc7 12.0-0 e5 13.Nh4 Nb6 14.Nf3 Bf5 –/+.

11.d4 c4 12.0-0 Qa5 13.Bb2 Bb4 14.Qa1 Bc3 =+.

10.Nc3 Re8

11.0-0 e5 12.d3 Nb6 13.Bb2 Re7 14.Re1 Bb4 =+.

11.Bb2 c6 12.0-0 e5 13.Re1 Qc7 14.h3 c5 =+.

11.d3 c5 12.0-0 e5 13.Bb2 Qc7 14.Nd2 Nb6 =+.

11.d4 e5 12.de5 Ne5 13.0-0 Nf3 14.Bf3 c6 =+.

11.Ng5 e5 12.0-0 Nb6 13.Nf3 Qe7 14.d3 Bg4 =+.

10.d3 Qe7

11.0-0 Rd8 (11...e5 12.Nbd2 Qe6 13.c4 c6 14.Qa4 Be7=) 12.d4 Nb6 13.Ne5 Bd7 14.Nd2 Ra8 =.

11.Bb2 c6 (11...Nb6 12.0-0 e5 13.Nbd2 Na4 14.Ba1 Bd7=+; 11...Re8 12.0-0 e5 13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4=+; 11...c5 12.0-0 e5 13.Nbd2 e4 14.de4 de4=+; 11...e5 12.0-0 Nb6 13.Nbd2 Na4 14.Ba1 Bf5=+) 12.Nc3 e5 13.0-0 c5 14.Qd2 e4 =+.

11.Nc3 c5 (11...Nb6 12.e4 de4 13.Ne4 Ne4 14.de4 Rd8=+; 11...e5 12.0-0 e4 13.de4 de4 14.Nd2 Nb6=+; 11...Rd8 12.Bb2 e5 13.0-0 Nb6 14.Qd2 Bb4=+; 11...Re8 12.Bb2 e5 13.0-0 Nb6 14.Qd2 e4=+) 12.0-0 e5 13.Bb2 Rd8 14.Nd2 Nb6 =+.

11.Qd2 c5 12.0-0 e5 13.Rd1 Nb6 14.Qa5 Nfd7 =+.

11.Qd2 c6 12.0-0 cb5 13.Nc3 b4 14.Nb5 Bc5 =.

11.Qd2 Rd8 12.0-0 e5 13.Nc3 Nb6 14.Bb2 Bb4 =+.

11.Qd2 e5 12.Nc3 Bb4 13.0-0 Qd6 14.Qd1 Re8 =+.

11.Qd2 e5 12.Nc3 e4 13.de4 de4 14.Nd4 Nb6 15.0-0 Qe5 16.g3 Bh3 17.Rb1 Ng4 (17...Bg4 18.Qd1 Be2 19.Qe2=+) 18.Bb2 h5 (18...Ra8 19.Ra1=+) 19.Ra1 h4 20.Qe1 Re8 21.Ba3 (21.Ra7 Rb8=) 21...Nc8 22.Bd6 Nd6 (worse 22...Qd6 23.Nf5 Qe6 24.Nh4+=) 23.Ra7 hg3 24.hg3 Qh5 25.Bg4 Bg4 26.Qa1 Kh7 27.Qf1 Re5 28.Nce2 (28.Qg2!?=+) 28...Be2–/+ 29.Ne2 Rb5 30.Nf4 Qg4 31.Ra8 Rb2 32.Qc1 Rb6 33.Rd8 Nf5 34.Qd1 Qd1 35.Rd1 g5 36.Rd5 gf4 37.Rf5 fe3 38.fe3 Kg6 39.Rc5 Rc6 40.Rc6 bc6 41.Kf2 (better 41.Kg2 Kg5 42.Kh3–+) 41...Kf5 42.Kf1 Kg4 (42...Kg4–+) 0–1. Trokenheim,Marek (1815) – Cirulis,Ilmars (1775), FICGS, 2008.

11.Qd2 Re8 12.0-0 e5 13.Rd1 Nb6 14.c4 Bd7 =+.

11.Nbd2 e5 12.0-0 Rd8 13.c4 e4 14.Ne1 Nb6 =+.

10.d4 Nb6

11.0-0 Bd7 (11...Qe7 12.Ne5 Bd7 13.Bd3 Ra8 14.Nd2 Qe8=; 11...Ne4 12.Nbd2 Nd2 13.Qd2 Bd7 14.Bc3 Qe7=) 12.Ne5 Qe7 13.Bd3 Ra8 14.Nd2 Qe8 =.

11.Nbd2 Bb4 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Ne5 Qe8 14.c3 Bd6=.

11.Nbd2 c5 12.c4 dc4 13.0-0 cd4 14.Bd4 Bd7?? (better 14...Nfd7=) 15.Bb6+- Qb6 16.Nc4 Qc5? (better 16...Bh2 17.Kh2 Qb5+-) 17.Qd6 (17.Nd6 Nd5 18.Ne4 Qc7+-) 17…Qc6 1-0. WG Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2021.

11.Nbd2 Qd7 12.0-0 Qe8 13.c4 dc4 14.Nc4 Nc4=.

11.Nbd2 Bd7 12.0-0 Qa8 13.c4 dc4 14.Qb1 (better 14.Nc4 Bb5 15.Nb6 Be2 16.Qe2 cb6 17.e4=) 14...Qa4–/+ 15.e4 Ba3 (15...Qb5?! 16.e5 Nfd5 17.Qb5 Bb5 18.ed6 cd6 19.Rb1=+) 16.Ne5 Bb5 17.Bc3 Ra8 18.Bd1 Qa6 19.Be2 Ne8 20.Bb4 (20.Qc2 Qa4 21.Qa2 Bd6–+) 20…Nd6 (20...Nd6 21.Bc3 c5–+) 0–1. GuestWRJS – GuestTPKM,, 2017.

11.Nbd2 Bd7 12.0-0 Qe7 13.Ne5 Ra8 14.Bd3 Qe8 =.

11.Nbd2 Qe7 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Ne5 Ra8 14.Bd3 Qe8=.

11.Nbd2 Qe8 12.Ne5 Bd7 13.Qb1 Qe7 14.0-0 Ra8=.

11.Bd3 Bd7 (11...Qe7 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Ne5 Ra8 14.Nd2 Qe8=; 11...Qe8 12.Ne5 Bd7 13.Qe2 Qe7 14.0-0 Ra8=; 11...c6 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 Qc7 14.Nbd2 Bb7=; 11...Ne4 12.Nbd2 f5 13.0-0 Bd7 14.c4 dc4=) 12.Ne5 Qe7 13.0-0 Ra8 14.Nd2 Qe8 =.

10.d4 c5

11.c4 cd4 12.ed4 Bb4 13.Nbd2 dc4 14.Bc4 Nb6 15.Bd3 Bd7 16.0-0 Qe7 17.Ne5 Nbd5 18.Ndf3 Rc8 19.Nd7 Nd7 20.Qb3 N7b6 21.Bb2 Nf4 22.Be4 Nbd5 (22...Ne2 23.Kh1=+) 23.g3= Nc3 (23...f5 24.Bb1 Nh3 25.Kg2=) 24.Bc3 Ne2 25.Kg2 Nc3 (25...Rc3? 26.Qb2 f5 27.Bb1 Rf3 28.Kf3+– (28.Qe2?! Ra3+–); worse 25...Bc3 26.Qc2 f5 27.Bd3 (27.Qe2?! fe4 28.Qe4 Re8+–) 27...Nd4 28.Nd4+–) 26.Rc1 Ba5 27.Ne5 Qc7 28.Bf3 g6 29.Qa3 Kg7 30.Kh3 Qd8 31.Qa1 Qd4 32.Nf7 Kf7 33.Qa5 e5 34.Bb7 Qd7 Attacks the isolani on b5 35.g4 Qb7 36.Rc3 Rc3 37.Qc3 Qb5 38.Kg3. Mensch – Mensch, Chess Game, 2019.

11.c4 cd4 12.Bd4 dc4 13.Nfd2 Nb6 (13...Qa5 14.Bc4 Qc7 15.Qc2=+) 14.0-0= Nfd5 15.Nc4 (15.e4!? Nf4 16.Bc4=+) 15...Nc4–/+ 16.Bc4 Bh2 17.Kh2 Qc7 18.f4 Qc4 19.e4 e5 20.fe5 Nc7 21.Na3 Qb4 22.Qd3 Bd7 The pressure on the isolated pawn grows (22...Qe7 23.Kg1=+) 23.Ba1 (23.Bf2 Bb5 (worse 23...Nb5 24.Qd7 Na3 25.e6+–) 24.Nb5 Qb5 (24...Nb5? 25.Rb1 Qc3 26.Qb5+–) 25.Qb5 Nb5=+) 23...Be6 24.Rc1 Qe7 25.b6 (25.Bd4 Bg4–/+) 25...Na6 (25...Na8 26.Bd4 Rd8 27.Qe3=+) 26.Qe3=+ Qb4 (26...Ra8 27.Nb5=+) 27.Rb1= Qc5 28.Bd4 Qe7 29.Nb5 Rd8 (29...Nb8 30.Bc5 Qh4 31.Kg1=) 30.Nd6 Nb8 (30...h6 31.Qg3=) 31.Bc5 (31.Qg3 Nc6 32.Bc5 h6=) 31...Nc6 (31...Qh4 32.Kg1 Rd7 33.Ra1=) 32.Qg3+= Qd7 33.Rd1 g6 (33...Bg4!? 34.Rf1 Be6=) 34.Kg1 (34.Qg5 h6 35.Qh6 Ne5+–) 34...Ra8 (34...Bc4 35.Be3+=) 35.Qf4 h5 (35...Ra5 36.Rc1+=) 36.Rc1 (36.Qf6 Bc4+–) 36...Ra2 (36...Bb3 37.Qf6+–) 37.Be3 (37.Qf6 Ra5+–) 37...Re2 (37...Ra3 38.Qg5+–) 38.Ra1 Ba2 39.Bd2 Qe6 40.Rc1 (40.Nb7?! Ne5 41.Be3 f6=) 40...Qe5 (40...Qb3 41.e6 (41.Nb7?! Qb6 42.Kf1 Qb5=) 41...Qb6 42.Kf1 Rd2 43.ef7 (43.Qd2?! Be6 44.Rd1 f6=) 43...Bf7 44.Qd2+–) 41.Qe5 Ne5 42.Rc8 Kh7 43.Bc3 f6 44.Rc7 Kg8 45.Rb7 Ng4 (45...Nc4 46.Ne8 Kf8 47.Nf6+–) 46.Rc7 Rc2 47.Bf6! Rc7 (47...Nf6 48.Rc8 Double attack (48.Rc2 Discovered attack)) 48.bc7 Be6 49.e5 (49.Bd4 Kf8+–) 49...Ne3 50.Kf2 Nd5 51.Bd8 Nb6 52.Ke3 Nc8 53.Kd4 Nd6 54.ed6 Bd7 (54...Kf7 55.Kc5 Bd7 56.Be7+–) 55.Be7 Kg7 56.Kc5 Kf7 57.Kb6 Bc8 58.Kc6 Ke6 59.g3 g5 60.Bg5 Bd7 61.Kc5 Bc8 62.Be7 h4 (62...Kd7+–) 63.gh4 Kd7 64.Kb6 (better 64.h5 Ke6 65.h6 Kf7+–) 64...Ke6 65.h5 Bd7 66.Kb7 Kf7 67.c8Q Bc8 68.Kc8 Ke8 (68...Kg7 69.d7 Kf7 70.d8Q Ke6 71.Qd6 Kf5 72.h6 Ke4 73.h7 Ke3 74.h8Q Kf3 75.Qh3 Kf2 76.Qhg3 Ke2 77.Qdd3) 69.d7 Ke7 (69...Kf7 70.d8Q Ke6 71.h6 Ke5 72.Qa5 Ke4 73.h7 Kd4 74.h8Q Ke3 75.Qhc3 Kf2 76.Qa2 Kf1 77.Qca1) 70.d8Q Kf7 (70...Ke6 71.h6 Kf5 72.h7 Ke4 73.h8Q Kf4 74.Qhf6 Ke3 75.Qdd4 Ke2 76.Qff2) 71.h6 (71.Kd7 Kg7 72.Qg5 Kh7 73.h6 Kh8 74.Qg7) 71...Kg6 (71...Ke6 72.h7 Kf5 73.Qd4 Kg6 74.h8Q Kg5 75.Qhf6 Kh5 76.Qd1) 72.Qf8 Kh7 (72...Kg5 73.h7 Kg4 74.h8Q Kg5 75.Qff6 Kg4 76.Qhh4) 73.Qg7 1–0. DEFFM – GuestDRNH,, 2020.

11.c4 cd4 12.Nd4 dc4 13.Bc4 e5 14.Nc2 Qc7 15.Be2 Nb6 16.0-0 Bf5 17.Ne1 Rd8 18.Qb3 (18.Kh1!?-/+) 18...Ra8-+ 19.Qb2 1-0. Mely (2245) - segovia (2240),, 2016.

11.dc5 Nc5 12.0-0 b6 13.Nbd2 Bb7 14.c4 Qe7 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Nc4 Bc7 17.Bd4 Nfd7 (17...Rd8 18.Qc2=) 18.Qc2 e5 19.Bb2 Be4 (19...e4 20.Nd4=) 20.Qc3 (20.Qd2 Ra8=) 20...Na4 21.Qc1 Nb2 22.Qb2 Re8 (22...Bf3 23.Bf3 e4 24.Be2=) 23.Ra1 (23.Rd1 Bb7=) 23...Bb7 24.Qc2 Nc5 (24...Qf6 25.Qc3=) 25.Qf5 e4 26.Nd4 g6 27.Qh3 Nd3 (27...Bd5 28.Nd2=) 28.Rd1 (28.Bd3 ed3 29.Rd1 Qc5=) 28...Bc8 (28...Qb4 29.Nd2=) 29.Qh6 Qb4 30.Nd2 Bb7 (30...Nb2 31.Rc1 Bh2 32.Qh2 Qd2 33.Qc7=) 31.Nf1 Qc3 32.Qh3 Bc8 33.Qh4 Be5 34.Nc6 Bf6 (34...Nc1 35.Bh5 Kg7 36.Ne5 Re5 37.Ng3=+) 35.Qg3 Nc1 36.Bg4 Kg7 37.Rd2 (better 37.Nd2!?=) 37...Be6 38.Be6 Qd2 39.Nd2 Ne2 40.Kf1 Ng3 41.hg3 fe6 42.Ne4 Ra8 43.Nd6 Ra1 44.Ke2 Ra2 45.Kf3 Rb2 (45...Rd2 46.Nc8=+) 46.g4 Kf8 47.Na7 Bd8 48.Nc4 (48.g5 Bc7 49.Ne4 Be5=+) 48...Rc2 49.Ne5 Ke8 50.Nd3 Rd2 51.Ke4 Kd7 (51...Bf6 52.Nc6=+) 52.g3 (52.Nc6 Ra2=+) 52...Bf6 53.Nc6 Kd6 (53...Rd1 54.f4=+) 54.g5 Bg7 (worse 54...Bg5 55.Nce5 Rd3 56.Nd3=) 55.f4 Rd1 56.Nde5 (56.g4 Rg1–/+) 56...Rd5 (56...Be5 57.fe5 Kd7 58.Nb8 Ke8 59.Nc6–/+) 57.Nf7 Kd7 58.Na7 Rc5 (58...Rf5 59.Nh6 Bh6 60.g4 Bg5 61.gf5 ef5 62.Ke5–+) 59.g4 (59.Kf3 Rf5 60.Nh6 Bh6–/+) 59...Bb2 (59...e5 60.Kd3–/+) 60.Kd3=+ Kc7 61.Ke4 (61.Kd2 e5 62.f5 e4–/+) 61...Rc4 (61...Rc3 62.Ne5–/+) 62.Kd3 Rb4 (62...Rc3 63.Kd2–/+) 63.Kd2=+ Ba3 64.Kc3 (64.Ne5!?–/+) 64...Ra4–+ 65.Nc6 Bc5 66.Nd4 Ra3 67.Kd2 Bd4 68.ed4 Rf3 69.Ne5 Rb3 (69...Rf4 70.Ke3 Rf1 71.Kd3–+) 70.Kc2 (70.Nc4 Rb5 71.Ne3 Ra5–+) 70...Rb5 71.Nc4 Kc6 72.Ne3 (72.Kd3 Rb1–+) 72…Ra5 0–1. Yarmolyuk,Yury (2130) – Sciarretta,Robert (2095), SA–2008–0-00020, 2008.

11.dc5 Nc5 12.0-0 Nfe4 =.

11.dc5 Nc5 12.c4 b6 13.0-0 Qe7 14.Nbd2 (14.Bf6 Qf6 15.cd5 Rd8=) 14...Bb7+= 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Bc4 Bb7 17.Ne5 Qc7 18.f4 Nd5 19.Bd4 Ne7 20.Qe2 Nf5 21.Ba1 Nd7 22.Nd7 Qd7 23.Nb3 Rc8 24.Bd3 Bd5 25.e4 Bb3 26.ef5 Bc5 (26...ef5? 27.Qb2 Bc5 28.Kh1+–) 27.Kh1 Ra8 (27...ef5? 28.Qb2 Bd4 29.Qb3 Ba1 30.Ra1+–) 28.fe6 Qe6 (28...Be6? 29.Qe4 Ra1 30.Qh7 (30.Ra1?! g6+–) 30...Kf8 31.Ra1+–) 29.Qh5 h6 30.Qf3 Ra2 31.Qg3 f6 32.f5 Qd7 33.Bb1–/+ Qb5 34.Bd3 Qd7 35.Bb1 Ra1 36.Qb3 Kh7 37.Rd1 Qe8 38.Qc4 Bd6 39.Qd3 Bc7 40.Qf3 b5 41.g3 Ra3 42.Rd3 b4–+ 43.Kg2 Ra1 44.Rd1 Qf7 45.Be4 Ra3 46.Rd3 Qc4 47.Kh3 Bd6! 48.Qe2 Rc3 49.Rd2 Qe2 50.Re2 b3 51.Bd5 Be5 52.Bf7 Rc2 53.Rg2 Rg2 54.Kg2 b2 55.Ba2 h5 56.Bb1 Kh6 57.h4 Bb8 58.Kf3 Bd6 59.Be4 Kh7 60.Bb1 Bb4 61.Ke2 Kg8 62.Kf3 Kf7 63.g4 hg4 64.Kg4 Kg8 65.Ba2 ½–½. Uecker,Dieter (2320) – Werner,Gerhard (2400), BdF, 2007.

11.bc6 bc6 12.0-0 Qa5 13.Nbd2 Ba6 14.c4 Ra8 15.Qc2 Nb6 (15...c5 16.Rc1=) 16.Rc1 (16.Ne5 dc4 17.Ndc4 Nc4 18.Nc4 Bc4 19.Qc4 Qc7=) 16...Bc4=+ 17.Nc4 Nc4 18.Bc4 dc4 19.Nd2 (19.Bb2 Qb5 20.Nd2 Ra4=) 19...Bb4 20.Nc4? (better is 20.Nf1=+) 20…Qa1–+ (21.Ne5 Bd6 22.Qc6 Be5 23.de5 Nd7–+) 0–1. Bonetti,Shane – Vornanen,Alpo, PCM–2004–G1.11, 2004.

10.d4 Ne4

11.0-0 Qf6 (11...Ndf6 12.Ne5 Ne8 13.f3 N4f6 14.Nd2 Nd7 15.f4 Bb4 16.c3 Be7 17.Bd3=) 12.c4 (12.Nbd2 Nd2 13.Qd2 Nb6 14.Bc3 Bd7 15.Ra1 Nc4 16.Bc4 dc4 17.b6=) 12...b6 (12...dc4 13.Qc2 Qg6 14.Bc4 Ng5 15.Qg6 Nf3 16.gf3 hg6 17.Nc3=) 13.Nbd2 (13.Qc2 Bb7 14.Bd3 Ra8 15.Nc3 Qg6 16.cd5 ed5 17.Bb2=) 13...Nd2 14.Qd2 (14.Nd2 Qg6 15.Qb1 Qh6 16.f4 Bb7 17.Rf3=) 14...dc4 15.e4 (15.Bc4 Bb7 16.d5 Qg6 17.Rd1=) 15...Bf4 16.Qc2 Qg6 (16...Bb7 17.Bc4=) 17.Bc4 Bb7 18.Re1 Ra8 19.Bc3 Rc8 20.Bd3 Qh6 21.Ra1 c5 22.bc6 Bc6 23.Bb4 Bb7 24.Qa4 Nf6 25.Qa7 Bc6 26.Qb6 Kh8 27.g3 Qh3 28.Ra7 (28.gf4 Qg4 29.Kf1 Qf3–+) 28...Be8 29.e5 (29.gf4?? Qg4 30.Kf1 Qf3–+) 29...Ng8 (better is 29...Rc1!? 30.Be1 Qh5+–) 30.Ne1 (30.gf4?? Qf3 31.Bc5 Bc6 (worse is 31...Qd3 32.Ra3 Qd1 33.Kg2–+) 32.Qc6 Rc6–+) 30...Bg5 31.Ba6 Rd8 32.Nf3 Qg4 33.Ng5 Rd4 34.Qb5 Rd1 35.Kg2 h6 36.Nf7 (36.Qe8?! hg5 37.f3 Qb4+–) 36...Bf7 37.Rf7 Rd8 (37...Rb1 38.Rf4 Qd1+–) 38.Qb7 Qg5 39.Bf8 Rf8 40.Rf8 Qe5 41.Qa8 (41.Qa8 Qd5 42.Qd5 ed5 43.Bc8+–) 1–0. pcmvr – zzvotra (2640), net–, 2014.

11.Nbd2 Ndf6 (11...Nd2 12.Qd2 Nf6 13.0-0 Ne4 14.Qd3 Qf6 15.Ne5 Qh4 16.Bb2 f6 17.Nf3+=) 12.0-0 Nd2 13.Qd2 Ne4 14.Qd3 Qf6 15.Ne5 Qh6 16.c4 b6 17.f3 =.

11.Nfd2 Qh4 (11...Ndf6 12.0-0 Bd7 13.c4 dc4 14.Bc4 Nd2 15.Nd2 c6 16.Qe2 cb5 17.Bb5+=) 12.Ne4 Qe4 13.Bf3 Qh4 14.Qd3 Nb6 15.e4 Bd7 16.e5 Ra8 17.Bc3 +=.

11.Qd3 Nb6 (11...Ndf6 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Bb2 Qe7 14.Ne5 c5 15.f3 c4 16.Qd1 Ng5 17.h4+/–) 12.0-0 Nc4 13.Qb3 Na5 14.Qa4 b6 15.Nc3 Ng5 16.Nd2 f5 17.Bb2 =.

11.Bd3 Ndf6 (11...c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.0-0 Ndf6 14.Ne5 Qc7 15.Nd2 Nd2 16.Qd2 c5 17.c4+=) 12.0-0 Bd7 13.Nbd2 Bb4 14.Qe2 Qe7 15.c4 Ra8 16.Bb2 Ra2 17.Rb1 –/+.

10.d4 Qe7

11.0-0 Nb6 12.Ne5 Bd7 13.Nd2 Ra8 14.Bd3 Ra2 =.

11.0-0 c6 12.c4 (12.Nbd2 e5 13.de5 Ne5 14.Ne5 Be5 15.Be5 Qe5=) 12...Bb8 (12...e5!?=) 13.Nbd2 e5 14.cd5 (14.bc6 bc6 15.cd5 cd5 16.de5 Ne5 17.Be5 Be5 18.Ne5 Qe5=) 14...Nd5 (14...e4 15.dc6 ef3 16.Bf3+=) 15.bc6+= bc6 16.Qb1 ed4 17.Bd4 c5 18.Bb2 h6 (18...Bc7 19.Rc1+=) 19.Bd3 (19.Rd1 N5f6+=) 19...N5f6 (19...Rd8 20.Nc4=) 20.Bc4 (20.Bf6 Qf6 21.Ne4 Qc6=) 20...Ne5= 21.Rc1 Nc4 (21...Rd8 22.Ne5 Be5 23.Be5 Qe5 24.Nf3=) 22.Rc4 Be6 (22...Ba6 23.Bf6 Qf6 24.Rc5+=) 23.Bf6 gf6 24.Rh4 Kg7 25.Qc1 f5 26.e4 Rh8 27.Qc2 (27.ef5 Bf5 28.Nc4 Qf6=) 27...f4 (27...Qf6 28.g3=) 28.Qc3 White prepares e5 28...f6 29.e5 fe5 (better 29...Bc8 30.Nc4 fe5 31.Rf4 Rd8=) 30.Ne5?? (better 30.Rf4! Rf8 31.Re4+=) 30...Qf6–/+ 31.Ndf3 Rc8?? (better 31...Be5 32.Qe5 Qe5 33.Ne5 c4 34.Nc4 Rd8–/+) 32.Rh6!+– Kh6?? (32...Qh6 33.Ng4 Double attack (33.Ng4 Decoy); 32...Kh6 33.Ng4 Mate attack) 33.Ng4!! Bg4 (33...Bg4 34.Qf6 Mate attack) 34.Qf6 Kh7 35.Ng5 Kg8 36.Qf7 Kh8 37.Qh7 1–0. Massudy (1995) – turnamel (2200),, 2020.

11.c4 dc4 12.Bc4 Nb6 13.Bd3 Nbd5 14.0-0 Nb4 =.

11.Nbd2 c5 12.0-0 c4 13.e4 Ne4 14.Ne4 de4 =+.

11.Qd3 c5 12.dc5 Nc5 13.Qd4 Bd7 14.0-0 Ra8 =+.

11.Bd3 e5 12.de5 Ne5 13.Be5 Be5 14.Ne5 Qe5 =+.

9.Ba1 Qe7

10.0-0 Nbd7 11.d4 Nb6 12.Bd3 (12.Ne5 Bd7=) 12...Bd7 13.Nbd2 Ra8 14.c4 (14.Ne5 Qe8 15.Qe2 Ra2=) 14...Nc4 15.Nc4 dc4 16.Bc4 Qe8 (16...c6 17.Bd3=+) 17.Qe2= c6 (17...Nd5 18.Ne5=) 18.bc6 (18.Ne5 cb5 19.Nd7 Qd7 20.Bb5 Qc7=) 18...Bc6 19.Ne5 Ba4 (19...Bd5 20.Rc1=) 20.e4 (20.Rb1 Bc6=) 20...b5 21.Bd3 Bf8 (21...Rb8 22.Rb1=) 22.Bb2 b4 23.Ra1 (23.Rc1 Bd6+=) 23...Bb3 24.Ba6 (24.Rc1 Bd6+=) 24...Qb8 (24...Qd8 25.Nd3 Qc7 26.Rc1=) 25.Rc1+= Qb6 26.Bd3 h6 (26...Bd6 27.Nc4 Bc4 28.Rc4+=) 27.h3 (27.Nc4 Qd8+=) 27...Ra7 (27...Qd8 28.Nc6 Qd7 29.Kh1+=) 28.Rc6 (28.Nc4 Qd8+=) 28...Qd8= 29.Qe3 Rc7 (29...Nd7 30.Bb5 Ne5 31.de5=) 30.Qc1 Rc6 31.Qc6 Qb8 (31...Bd6 32.Nc4 Be7 33.Qb5=) 32.f3 (32.Qc1 Bd6=) 32...Bd6 33.Qa6 Be5 (33...Bf8 34.Qa5=) 34.de5+= Nd7 35.Qd6 Qb6 36.Bd4 (36.Kh2 Ba4+=) 36...Qd6= 37.ed6 e5 38.Be3 (38.Bb2 f6=) 38...Be6 39.Kf2 Kf8 40.Ke2 Ke8 41.Bb5 Kd8 42.Kd1 Kc8 (42...g5 43.Kc2+=) 43.Ba6 (43.Kc2!?+=) 43...Kd8= 44.Kc1 Nb8 (44...h5 45.Kb2+–) 45.Bb5+– Nd7 (45...Bd7 46.Bc4+–) 46.Bd2 b3 47.Kb2 Kc8 (47...f6 48.Ba5 Ke8 49.Kc3+–) 48.Ba6 (48.Be3 f6+–) 48...Kb8 (48...Kd8 49.Bc3+–) 49.Be3 Nf6 (49...f6 50.Bb5+–) 50.Kc3 (50.Bb5 Kc8+–) 50...Nd7 51.g4 (51.h4 h5+–) 51...Nf8 52.Bb6 Nd7 53.Bc7 Ka7 54.Bc8 Nc5 55.Be6 fe6 56.Bd8 (56.Ba5 Kb7+–) 56...Kb7 57.Be7 g6 58.d7 (58.h4 h5+–) 58...Nd7+= 59.Kb3 Kc6 60.Kc4 Nb6 61.Kd3 (61.Kb4 Nd7+–) 61...Kd7 (61...Kb5 62.Bf8 h5 63.h4+=) 62.Bc5 (62.Bf8 h5+–) 62...Kc6 63.Bf8 (63.Bb6 Kb6 64.h4 Kc5+–) 63...h5 64.h4 (64.Bg7 Kd6+–) 64...Kc7 (64...Kb5 65.Bg7 Nc4 66.Kc3+=) 65.Bh6 (65.Bc5 Nd7 66.Be3 Kc6+–) 65...Kd6 66.Be3 Nd7 67.g5 Nb8 68.Kc4 Kc6 69.Bf2 ½–½. Yarmolyuk,Yury (2130) – Grkinic,Goran (1975), BI–2009–F–00005, 2010.

10.0-0 e5 11.c4 e4 (12.Nd4 Qe5–/+) 0–1. Roos,Bernhard – Ohnmacht,Rolf, DESC, 2001.

10.d4 Bb4 11.Nbd2 Ne4 (11...Nbd7 12.0-0=) 12.0-0 Nc3 (12...Nd2 13.Nd2 Bd7 14.e4=) 13.Bc3 Bc3 14.Nb1 (14.Nb3 Nd7=) 14...Bb4 15.c3 Bd6 16.Nbd2 f6 (16...c5 17.bc6 bc6 18.c4=) 17.c4+= b6 18.Qb3 Qf7 (18...Bb7 19.Ra1+=) 19.Ra1+/– Bd7 (19...Rd8 20.Ra7+/–) 20.cd5 (20.Bd3 Rc8+/–) 20...ed5+= 21.Ne4 de4? (better is 21...Be7+=) 22.Bc4+– ef3 (22...Be8 23.Nd2 (23.Bf7?! Bf7 24.Qd1 ef3+/–) 23...f5 24.Bf7 Bf7 25.Qc2+–) 23.Bf7 Rf7 24.Qd5 fg2 25.Ra8 g6 26.Rb8 Kg7 27.Kg2 Re7 28.e4 Be6 29.Qa8 Kh6 30.Re8 Bf7 31.Re7 Be7 32.f4 Bc4 33.Qc8 Bd6 34.e5 fe5 35.fe5 Bb4 36.Qc7 Bd5 37.Kf2 Ba5 38.Qd6 Bc4 39.e6 Bb5 40.Qf8 Kg5 41.h4! Kh5 42.Qf4 Bd2 43.Qd2 h6 44.Kg3 g5 45.Qc2 Be8 46.Qf5 b5 47.hg5 (47...hg5 48.Qh7#) 1–0. Woelfelschneider,Peter – Jonsson,Gudbrandur, TT–11 ETC, 2003.

10.d4 c6 11.Nc3 =.

10.d4 Nbd7 11.0-0 Nb6 12.Nbd2 Bd7 13.Ne5 Ra8 14.Nd7 Qd7 15.c4 Bb4 16.cd5 Ra1 (better 16...Qd5 17.Bd3 Qa2=) 17.Qa1+– Bd2 18.Qb2 Be3 19.fe3 ed5 20.Rc1 Qe6 (20...Qe7 21.Qc3+–) 21.Qb3 (21.Qa3 Ne8+–) 21...Qe7 22.Ra1 g6 (22...Ne4 23.Qa3 Nd6 24.Re1+=) 23.Ra7 Ne4 24.Bf1 Qf6 25.Qc2 Qg5 26.Ra3 (26.Qc7?? Qe3 27.Kh1 Nf2 28.Kg1 Nh3 29.Kh1 Qg1; 26.Rb7?? Qe3 27.Kh1 Nf2 28.Qf2 Qf2 29.Rb8 Kg7–+) 26...h5?? (better 26...Qe7 27.Ra1 Nd6=) 27.Qc7+– Nc4 (27...Qf6 28.Ra2 Qg5 29.Re2+– (29.Qb6 Qe3 30.Kh1 Nf2 31.Rf2 Qf2=)) 28.Bc4 dc4 (28...Qf5 29.Ra2 dc4 30.Qb7+–) 29.Qb7 Qf5 (29...Qh4 30.g3 Qg4 31.Qb8 Kg7 32.Qe5 Kh7 33.Qf4+–) 30.Ra2 (better 30.Qb8 Kh7 31.Qf4 Qf4 32.ef4+–) 30...c3 31.b6 Nd2 (31...Nd6 32.Qb8 Kg7+–) 32.Ra1 Qd3 (32...Qe6 33.Qc7 Nb3+–) 33.Qb8 Kh7 34.Qe8 Nb1 35.Qf7 Kh6 36.Qf8 Kh7 (36...Kg5 37.Qf4) 37.Ra7 1–0. DEFFM – GuestZVPM,, 2019.

10.d4 Nbd7 11.0-0= Ne4 12.Nbd2 =+.

10.d4 Nbd7 11.0-0 e5 12.de5 Ne5 13.Ne5 Be5 14.Nd2 Bf5 (14...Ba1 15.Qa1 Bf5 16.Nf3=) 15.Be5 Qe5 16.Qa1 (16.Nf3 Qc3=) 16...Qd6 (16...Qe7 17.Nf3=) 17.Qa7 b6 (17...c5 18.Qb7 c4 19.Nf3 Bc2 20.Nd4=) 18.Rd1 (18.Ra1 Qb4 19.Nf3 Qc3+=) 18...Re8 19.Bd3 (19.c4 d4 20.Nf1 d3=) 19...Bd3 20.cd3 d4 21.e4 Ng4 (21...Qb4 22.Qc7 Qb5 23.Nf3+=) 22.Nf3 Ne5 23.Ne5 Qe5 24.Qa4 h6 (24...Qc5 25.Qc4 Qc4 26.dc4 Re4 27.f3=) 25.g3 (25.Rc1 f5 26.Qc4 Kh7+=) 25...Qc5 26.Rb1 Kh7 (26...Rd8 27.Kg2=) 27.Qb4 Qc2 28.Qb3 Qb3 (28...Qe2 29.Rc1 Qf3 30.Qc4= (worse 30.Rc7 Re4 31.Rc1 Re2–/+)) 29.Rb3+= Re5 (29...Kg6 30.Rb4 Re5 31.f4+=) 30.f4 Rc5 31.Rb4 (31.Kf2 g5+=) 31...Kg6 32.Kg2 Kf6 33.Kf3 Ke6 34.Rc4 (34.g4 f6+=) 34...Rb5 (34...Rc4!? 35.dc4 Kd7=) 35.Rc7+= (35.Rd4?! c5 36.Rd5 Rb3=) 35...Rb3 36.e5 Rd3 37.Ke4 Re3 38.Kd4 Re2 39.h3 (39.Rc6 Kf5+=) 39...Rd2= 40.Ke4 ½–½. Welti,Manfred (1930) – Torgersen,Terje (1985), Support for Africa09, 2008.

10.d4 Nbd7 11.0-0= e5 12.Ne5 Ne5 13.de5 Be5 14.Nd2 (14.Be5 Qe5 15.Bd3 Ng4=+) 14...c5 (14...Ba1 15.Qa1 Re8 16.Qc3=) 15.bc6 (15.Be5 Qe5 16.Nf3 Qe6=) 15...bc6 16.Be5 Qe5 17.c4 (17.Nf3 Qe6=) 17...Be6 18.Qc2 (18.Nf3 Qe4=) 18...Rb8 19.cd5 (19.c5 Rb2 20.Qa4 Ne4 (20...Rd2 21.Qa8 Bc8 22.Qc8 Qe8 23.Qe8 Ne8 24.Bg4=) 21.Qc6 h6 22.Qe8 Kh7 23.Ne4 de4+=) 19...Bd5 (19...Rb2 20.Qc6 Qd5 21.Qd5 Bd5 22.Rb1 Rb1 23.Nb1+/–) 20.Bf3 (20.Rd1 Rb2 21.Qc5 Nd7=) 20...h6 (20...Rb2!? 21.Qd3 Qe6=+) 21.Bd5= Qd5 (21...cd5 22.Rc1=) 22.Nc4 (22.Rd1 Qe6=) 22...Rd8 (22...Qe4 23.Qc3=) 23.Ra1 Ne4 (23...Qd3 24.Qc1=) 24.f3 Nc5 25.Qc3 (25.Ra7 Nd3=) ½–½. Nemec,Zdenek – Milde,Lars, TT–12 ETC, 2004.

10.d4 Ne4 11.Nbd2 =+.

10.Be5 Nbd7 11.Bd6 Qd6 =.

7.a4 c5

8.c4 a5 9.0-0 Nbd7 10.Nc3 Nb6 11.d3 Qc7 12.g3 Bd7 13.Nd2 d4 (13...e5!?=) 14.ed4+= cd4 15.Nce4 Ne4 16.Ne4 Be5? (better is 16...Bb4!?+=) 17.f4+– f5 18.Nd2 (better is 18.fe5!? fe4 19.Bd4 Rf1 20.Bf1+–) 18...Bf6+/– 19.Bf3 e5 20.fe5 Be5 21.Ba3 Rf6 22.c5 Nc8 23.Nc4 f4? (23...Bg3 24.hg3 Qg3 25.Bg2+–) 24.Ne5 (24.Qe2 Bh3 25.Qe5 Qe5 26.Ne5 Bf1 27.Bb7 Ra7 28.Bd5 Kh8 29.Rf1 Ne7+–) 24...Qe5 25.Bb7 (25.Bb7 Rb8 26.Qf3 fg3 27.Qd5 Qe6 28.Rf6 gf6 29.Re1+– (29.hg3 Rb7 30.Qd4 Ne7+=)) 1–0. Hal1958 – Shhhhhhh,, 2004.

8.c4 b6 9.0-0 Bb7 10.d4 Nbd7 11.Nbd2 Qc7 12.Qc2 Ne4 (12...cd4 13.ba6 Ba6 14.ed4+=) 13.h3 (13.ba6 Nd2 14.ab7 (worse is 14.Nd2 Ba6 15.Bd3 cd4–/+; 14.Qd2?! Ba6 15.cd5 Be2 16.Qe2 ed5=) 14...Nf3 15.Bf3 Qb7 16.cd5 ed5 17.Qf5+/–) 13...f5 (13...cd4 14.Ne4 de4 15.Nd4=) 14.Ne4 de4 15.Nd2 (15.Ng5 Rfe8 16.d5 ed5 17.cd5 Be5= (17...Bd5?? 18.Bc4+–)) 15...a5 (15...Rfd8 16.ba6 Ba6 17.Rfd1=) 16.Rae1 (16.Rad1 Rac8=) 16...Rad8 (16...cd4 17.ed4 e5 18.Qb3=) 17.Bd1 (17.Qb3 Nf6=) 17...cd4+= 18.ed4 Bf4 (18...e5 19.d5+=) 19.Bc1 (19.Ba3 Rf7 20.Nb3 e5=) 19...Rc8 (19...e5 20.d5+=) 20.Re2 (20.Qa2 Kh8+=) 20...Rfd8 (20...e5 21.Bb2–/+) 21.Qa2+= Nf6 22.Bb2 Nh5 (22...e3 23.Re3 Be3 24.fe3–/+) ½–½. Bishard,Ekaterina – Barmina, Moscow–Leningrad m, 1960.

8.c4 dc4 9.Na3 =.

7.a4 c6

8.0-0 cb5 9.ab5= a5 (9...Nbd7 10.d4=) 10.c4 Nbd7 11.d4 (11.Ba3 Qe7=) 11...dc4 12.Bc4 Nb6 (12...Qe7 13.Ba3=) 13.Bd3+= Nfd5 (13...a4 14.Ba3+=) 14.Nbd2 (14.Ba3 Nb4+=) 14...f5 (14...Nb4 15.Ne4+=) 15.Ba3+= Ba3 16.Ra3 Qd6 17.Qa1 Nb4 18.Ne5 Bd7 (18...Nd3 19.Nd3 a4 20.Nc5+=) 19.Rb1 (19.Qb1 Nd3 20.Qd3 a4+=) 19...Nd3 (19...Bb5 20.Bb5 Nc2 21.Ndc4 Nc4 22.Nc4 Qa3 23.Qa3 Na3 24.Na3+/–) 20.Nd3+/– a4 21.Nc5 Rfb8 (21...Ra7 22.Nf3+/– (worse is 22.Na4 Rfa8–/+)) 22.Na4 Ra5 23.Nc5 Rb5 24.Ra7 Qd5 25.Nf3 Rb1 26.Qb1 Nc4 27.Rb7 Rb7 28.Nb7 Bc6 29.Nc5 h6 30.Qc2 Kh7 31.h4 Bb5 32.h5 Bc6 33.Nd3 Qb5 34.Nc5 Bd5+/– 35.Nh4 Qa5 36.Ng6 Qe1+= 37.Kh2 Qf1?? 38.e4 fe4 39.Ne4 Bb7?? 40.Ne7 Kh8 41.Qb3 Qe2 42.Qb5 Nd6 43.Qe2 Ne4 44.Qb5 Nf6 45.Qb7 Kh7 46.Qc8 Ng4 47.Kh1 (47.Kh1 Nf6 48.Qe6 Kh8 49.Qc8 Ne8 50.Qe8 Kh7 51.Qg8#; 47.Kg3 Nf6 48.Kh4 g5 49.hg6 Kg7 50.Qe6 Ne8 51.Nf5 Kf8 52.Qf7#) 1–0. Schirmer,Michael – Thieme,Joerg, desc–, 2006.

8.0-0 Nbd7 9.Ba3 c5 10.d4 +=.

8.c4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 dc4 11.bc6 Nc6 12.Bc4 Qe7 13.Bf6 gf6 14.Nc3 Ne5 15.Ne5 Be5 16.d4 Bd6 17.0-0 Bh2 18.Kh1 Bb8 19.Bd3 f5 (19...Qc7 20.Qh5) 20.Qh5 Kh8 21.e4 Qa3 22.Qh6 f6 23.ef5 Rf7 24.fe6 Be6 25.Rc1 Kg8 26.Be2 Rc7 27.Qd2 Bd5 28.Bg4 b5 29.Ne2 Rc1 30.Qc1 Qc1 31.Nc1 Ba7 32.Bd7 Bc4 0–1. Jendrossek – Ranby, corr 1982–84 (Ranby).

8.c4 ab5 9.cb5 Qe7 10.bc6 Nc6 11.d4 +=.

8.c4 dc4 9.Bc4! cb5 10.ab5 a5 11.0-0 Nbd7 12.d4 Nb6 13.Be2 Bd7 14.Nc3 Nbd5 15.Qb3 Nc3! 16.Bc3 Nd5 17.Bd2 Qb6 18.Ne5 Rfd8 19.Nd7 Rd7 20.Rfc1 Nb4?? 21.Bb4 Bb4 22.Qb4! ab4 23.Ra8 Rd8 24.Rcc8 g6 25.Rd8 Kg7 26.Rdc8 b3 27.Ra1 b2 28.Rb1 Qa5 29.Rc2 Qa2 30.Rcb2 Qa5 31.Bf3 b6 32.g3 g5 33.Rc2 Kg6 34.Rcc1 h5 35.d5 h4 36.d6 1–0. Kreuzer – Flory, 1990 (Kreuzer).

8.c4 dc4 9.Bc4 (9.Na3 ab5 10.ab5 cb5 11.Nb5 Ra1 12.Qa1 Be7=) 9...Qe7 (9...cb5 10.ab5 Nbd7 11.d4=) 10.0-0 e5 11.d3 cb5 (11...ab5 12.ab5 Ra1 13.Ba1 cb5 14.Bb5=) 12.ab5= Nbd7 13.ba6 ba6 The passed pawn on a6 quickly leads to threats 14.Nbd2 Bb7 15.Qe2 a5 16.Rfc1 (16.d4 e4 17.Nh4 g6=) 16...a4+= 17.Rab1 (17.Nh4 a3 18.Bc3 Nb6+=) 17...a3 (17...Rfb8 18.Bc3+=) 18.Ba1 Rfb8 19.e4 (19.Rb5 Ne8+=) 19...Nc5 (19...Nh5 20.Qe3 Nf4 21.d4+=) 20.d4 (better is 20.Ng5 Rf8 21.Ba2=) 20...Nce4?? (20...ed4 21.e5 a2 22.Ba2 d3+–) 21.de5+/– Nd2 22.Nd2 (22.Qd2 Ne4 23.ed6 Nd2 24.de7 Nb1+–) 22...a2 23.Rb5 (23.Rb7 Rb7 24.ed6 Qd6 25.Bf6 Qf6 26.Ba2 Re7+/–) 23...Ba3+= 24.Re1 Ne8 25.Ba2 Nc7 26.Rbb1 Bb4 27.Bc4 Qg5 28.Nf3+= Bf3 29.Qf3 Be1 30.Qf7 Kh8 31.Re1 Qd2 32.Rf1 Nb5 33.e6+– Ra1?? 34.e7 Raa8 35.Bb5 h6 36.e8Q Re8 37.Be8 Qd6 38.Ba4 Rf8 39.Qd7 Qc5 40.Qc6 Qe5 41.Bc2 Rb8 42.Qe4 Qe4 43.Be4 Rb4 44.Re1 g5 45.h3 Kg7 46.Bf3 Kf6 47.Rc1 Ra4 48.Rc6 Kg7 49.Bg4 Rf4 50.g3 Rf8 51.Kg2 Kh7 52.Bd1 Kg7 53.Bc2 Rh8 54.f4 gf4 55.gf4 h5 56.f5 Rd8 57.f6 Kh6 58.f7 Kg7 59.Bb3 h4 60.Rc2 Rb8 61.Ba2 Ra8 62.Kg1 Kh6 63.Re2 Kg7 64.Re8 (64.Re8 Re8 65.fe8Q Kf6 66.Qe6 Kg7 67.Qf7 Kh6 68.Bb1 Kg5 69.Qf5 Kh6 70.Qg6#) 1–0. Teichmann,Erik – Solomon,S, Melbourne, 2002.

7.a4 Nbd7

8.0-0 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 e5 11.h3 e4 12.Nh2 c5 13.f4 Qa5 14.Bc3 Qa4 Black prepares the advance d4 15.Ng4 (15.Bf6!? Nf6 16.Nc3–/+) 15...Ng4–/+ 16.Bg4 d4 17.Bb2 Qb5 18.Qc1 Nf6 19.Bc8 Rc8 20.ed4 Qb6 21.dc5 Qc5 22.Kh1? (better is 22.Kh2 Qc2 23.Qc2 Rc2 24.Bf6 gf6 25.Kg3–+) 22...Nh5 (worse is 22...Qc2 23.Qc2 Rc2 24.Bf6 gf6 25.Kh2–+) 23.Nc3 Ng3 24.Kh2 Nf1 25.Qf1 Qd4 26.Qe2 (26.Nb5 Qd2 (26...Qb2?! 27.Nd6 Rc2 28.Ne4–+) 27.Nd6 Qd6–+) 26...Bf4 27.Kh1 Qd2 (worse is 27...Bd2 28.Na4 Qb4 29.Qg4–+) 28.Qe4 (28.Qd2 Bd2 29.Ne4 Rc2 30.Nd2 Rb2 31.Nc4 Rb1 32.Kh2–+) 28...Rd8 29.g4 (29.Qe2 Qe2 30.Ne2 Rd1 31.Ng1–+) 29...Qh2 0–1. mikebaldini – flkracker (1625),, 2013.

8.c4 dc4 9.Na3 ab5 10.ab5 c3 11.dc3 e5 12.Nc4 Ra1 13.Qa1 e4 14.Nfd2 Be7 15.Na5 (15.0-0 Nc5=) 15...Nc5 16.Ba3 Re8 17.Nab3 Nd3 18.Bd3 Qd3 19.Be7 Re7 20.c4 Bg4 21.Nc1 Qd6 22.h3 Be6 23.Ncb3 Re8 24.Qd4 Qe7 25.0-0 (worse is 25.Ne4 Ne4 26.Qe4 Qb4 27.Nd2 Rd8–+) 25...Bc8 (25...Rd8 26.Qa7 Bc8 27.Rd1=) 26.Ra1 Rd8 27.Qc3 h6 28.Ra8 Kh7 29.Nd4 Qe5 30.Qc2 g6 31.Nf1 Re8 32.Ng3 h5 33.Ra1 h4 34.Nge2 Kh6 35.Qc3 g5 36.Ra5 b6 37.Ra8 Kg6 38.Nc6 Qc3= 39.Nc3 Be6 40.Ra7+/– Bc4 41.Rc7 Kg7 42.Ne7 Be6= 43.Na4 g4 44.hg4? Ra8–+ 45.Nb6 Ra1 46.Kh2 Ng4 47.Kh3 Rh1# 0–1. Lechelle,W (2025) – Meijers,V (2475), 1st LUCOPEN Lille FRA, 2010.

8.d3 e5 9.Nbd2 e4 10.Nd4 Nc5 11.ba6 ba6 12.N4b3 Rb8 13.0-0 ed3 14.cd3 Bf5 (14...Nfd7 15.Qc2+=) 15.Bc3 (15.Qc2 Nfd7=) 15...Nb3+= 16.Nb3 Qe7 17.Rc1 Bd7 18.Bf6 gf6 19.d4 Ba4 20.Rb1 f5 21.Bd3 Qf6 Black prepares the advance f4 22.Bc2 (22.Qc2 f4 23.g3 Qg7–/+) 22...Bb5 23.Bd3 (23.Re1 Bb4 24.Nd2 a5+=) 23...f4–/+ 24.ef4 Qf4 25.g3 Qf6 26.Ra1 Rfe8 27.Bb5 ab5 28.Qh5 c6 29.Ra6 Bf8 30.Qd5 Qf2!? 31.Rf2 cd5 32.Kg2 Re7 33.Kh3 Rc7 34.Rf5+= b4 35.Rf2 Rc3–/+ 36.Rb2 Rb5 37.Ra7 Rd3 38.Ra8 Kg7 39.Ra7 Kg6 40.Ra6 f6 41.Kg2 Rc3 42.Rf2 Be7 43.Rb2 h5 44.Ra8 Rb6 45.Ra5 h4 46.gh4 f5 47.Rd5 Bh4 48.Nd2 Be7 49.Nb3 f4 50.Nc5 f3 51.Kg3 Rf6 52.Rf2 Rf5 (52...Rf5 53.Rf5 Kf5–+) 0–1. Lifshitz,Samuel (1685) – Kawagoe,Toshiji (1845), SC–2011–0-00122, 2011.

8.d4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 c6 11.0-0 Qa5 12.Nc3 Qc7 13.Na2 Nb6 14.Qb1 Bd7 15.bc6 bc6 16.Nb4 Ne4 17.Na6 Qa7 18.Bd3 f6 (18...Nc4 19.Bc4 dc4 20.c3–/+) 19.Nc5 Bc5 20.Be4 de4 21.dc5 Nc4 (21...ef3?! 22.cb6 (worse is 22.Qb6 Qa4 23.gf3 Qc2+=) 22...Qb7 23.gf3+=) 22.Qb4 Ne3 23.fe3 ef3 24.gf3 e5 25.Rd1 Be6 26.Bc3 Qf7 27.Qa4 Rb8 (better is 27...Qg6!? 28.Kh1 Rc8–/+) 28.Qc6= Qg6 29.Kh1 Qf5 30.Ba5 Rc8 31.Rd8 Rd8 32.Bd8 Kf7 33.Qb7 Kg6 34.Qe4 (34.Bb6 Qc2 35.Qe4 Qe4 36.fe4 Bd7–/+) 34...Qe4–/+ 35.fe4 Bd7 36.Kg2 Bc6 37.Kf3 f5 38.h4 Be4 39.Kg3 Bc2 (39...Kf7 40.Bc7 Kf6 41.c3–/+) 40.c6+= Be4 41.c7 Bb7 42.Be7 Kf7 43.Bb4 g6 44.Kf2 Ke6 ½–½. Daatselaar,Jan Bart van (2200) – Holscher,Peter A. C (2205), H J Mostert Memorial Webserver Open, 2006.

7.a4 Qe7

8.Nc3 e5 9.0-0 e4 10.Nd4 c5 11.Nb3 Qe5 12.g3 Bh3 13.Re1 Nbd7 14.d3 ed3 15.cd3 (15.Qd3? c4 16.Qd4 cb3 17.cb3 Rfc8–+; worse is 15.Bd3 c4 16.f4 Qe7 17.Nd5 Nd5 18.Bc4 Nb4–+ (18...Ne3?! 19.Qd3+=)) 15...Qe6 16.Nd2 Rfe8 17.Rb1 Bc7 18.Qc2 Ba5 19.ba6 Ra6 20.Nb5 Ng4 21.Bg4 Qg4 22.f3 Qg6 23.Re2 h5 24.e4 h4 25.Kh1 hg3 26.Rg1 g2 27.Reg2 Bg2 28.Rg2 Qh5 29.Bg7 (better is 29.Rg7!? Kf8 30.Rg4–/+) 29...Kh7–/+ 30.Bc3 Bc3 31.Nc3 Rh6 (31...Rg6 32.Rg6 (32.Nd5 Rg2 33.Kg2 Rg8 34.Kf2 Qh2 35.Ke1 Qh4 36.Ke2 Rg2 37.Ke3 Ne5 38.d4 Qf2 39.Kf4 Ng6 40.Kf5 Qh4 41.e5 Rg5 42.Kf6 Re5 43.Kf7 Re7 44.Ne7 Qe7) 32...Qg6 33.Qd1–/+ (33.Nd5 Rg8 34.Nf6 Nf6 35.Qc5 Qg2)) 32.Qc1? (better is 32.Nd5!? Rg8 33.Re2–+) 32...Rg8–+ 33.Qg1 Rg2 34.Qg2 de4 35.Nce4 Qd5 36.Qg5 Qd3 37.Qf4 Kg7 38.Ng3 Re6 39.Nde4 c4 40.Kg2 c3 41.Qh4 (41.Nf5 Kf8 42.Ng5 Re2 43.Kg3–+) 41...Ne5 42.Nf5 Kg8 43.Qg3 (43.Qg5 Rg6 44.Ne7 Kg7 45.Ng6 Qf3 46.Kg1 Ng6 47.Nc3 Qc3–+) 43...Rg6 0–1. pierred (2845) – pcmvr, net–, 2015.

8.d4 Nbd7 9.0-0 e5 10.de5 Ne5 (worse is 10...Be5 11.Ne5 Ne5 12.Ba3+–) 11.Nbd2 ab5 12.ab5 Bd7 13.Ne5 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.Nf3 Qc3 16.Qd4 Qd4 17.Nd4 Ne4 18.c4 Nd2 19.Rfc1 dc4 20.Ra8 Ra8 21.f3 (21.Bc4?? Nc4 22.Kf1 Ra4–+) 21...Ra4 (21...c6 22.bc6 bc6 23.Bc4=) 22.Rc2 Nb3 23.Rc4 ½–½. Hingst,Thomas (2085) – Kath,Jochen (2235),, 2011.

6.Be2 c5

7.0-0 a6

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 b6 11.d4 Nbd7 12.dc5 Nc5 13.Nc3 Bb7 14.Qd2 Nce4 15.Ne4 Ne4 16.Qd3 Qc7 17.Rd1 f5 18.Bb2 f4 19.ef4 Rf4 20.Ra1 e5 21.Ra7 Nf2 22.Kf2 e4 23.Qb3 ef3 24.Bf3 Bc5 25.Ke2 Qe7 26.Kd1 Bf2 27.Bd5 Kh8 28.Bg7 Qg7 29.Bb7 Rd4 30.Kc1 Qg5 31.Kb1 Rd8 32.Be4 Qh6 33.Rh7 Qh7 34.Bh7 Kh7 35.Qd3 Rd3 36.cd3 Bc5 37.g3 Kg6 (White forfeits on time, 0–1). Machete99 (1725) – Erik1 (1850), ICC, 2002.

8.a4 Re8 9.c4 e5 10.d3 Bf5 (better is 10...d4!?+=) 11.cd5 e4 (11...Nd5? 12.e4+–) 12.de4 Be4 13.Nc3 Bd5 14.Nd5 Nd5 15.Qb3 Nc7 16.Rfd1 Qe7 17.Bc4 Ne6 18.Qc3 Bc7 19.g4 (19.ba6 Na6 20.Rd5 h6+/–) 19...Nd7 20.g5 (20.Be6 fe6 21.Qg7 Qg7 22.Bg7 Rad8+/–) 20...Ndf8 (20...Nb6 21.Bb3=) 21.h4 ab5 22.ab5 Ra1 23.Ba1 Rd8 24.Rd8 Bd8 (24...Qd8 25.h5+=) 25.Ne5 (25.h5!?+/–) 25...Qd6 26.f4 f6 (26...Qd1 27.Kg2 Bc7+/–) 27.f5 (better is 27.Qd3!? Qe7 28.Nf3+–) 27...fe5= 28.fe6 Ne6 29.Qe5 Qd1 30.Kf2 Qc2 31.Be2 Kf7 32.Ke1?? (better is 32.Qd5 Ke7 33.Qb7 Kf8 34.Be5+–) 32...Bc7 (32...Ke7 33.Qd5 Bc7+=) 33.Qc3?? (better is 33.Qd5 Ke7 34.Kf2+=) 33...Qa2 (33...Bg3 34.Kf1 Qf5 35.Kg2 Qf2 36.Kh3 Qh2 37.Kg4 Qh4 38.Kf3 Ng5 39.Kg2 Qh2 40.Kf1 Qh1) 34.Bc4+/– Bg3 35.Kd1 Qb1 36.Ke2 Qg6 (36...Ke7!? 37.Be6 Ke6+=) 37.Be6+– Ke6 38.Qc5 (38.Qg7 Qg7 39.Bg7 Bh4–/+) 38...Qe4 39.Qc8 (39.Bg7!? Qg2 40.Kd3 Qf1 41.Kd2 Be1 42.Kc2 Qf5 43.Qf5 Kf5 44.h5 Kg5 45.h6+–) 39...Ke7+/– 40.Bg7 Qg2 41.Kd3 ½–½. Jurov,Pavol (1740) – Jacko,Vladimir (1700), SVK–chT2D, 2008.


7.c4 (--> 6.c4 c5 7.Be2).

7.c4 Nbd7 (--> 1. b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0).

7.c4 Nbd7 8.0-0 Qc7 9.d3 b6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0 8.0-0 b6 9.d3 Bb7 10.Nbd2 Qc7).

6.Be2 c6

7.a4 cb5 8.ab5 Nbd7 9.d4 Re8 10.0-0 (10.c4 dc4 11.Nbd2 e5 12.Nc4 Bb4 13.Nfd2 ed4 14.Bd4 Nc5=) 10...Ne4 (10...Qc7!?=) 11.c4+= dc4 (11...b6 12.Nc3+=) 12.Bc4 b6 (12...a5 13.ba6 ba6 14.Nbd2 Nd2 15.Nd2+=) 13.Nbd2+– Nd2 14.Qd2 (14.Nd2 Bb7+–) 14...Bb7+= 15.d5 (15.Qe2 Bf3 16.gf3 Bh2 17.Kh2 Qh4 18.Kg2 Qg5 19.Kh3 Qh5 20.Kg3 Qg5 21.Kh3 Qh5 22.Kg3 Qg5 23.Kh3=) 15...ed5 16.Bd5 Bd5 17.Qd5 Nf6 18.Qg5 Be7 (18...h6 19.Qf5+=) 19.Rfd1+– Qc7 20.Rac1 (20.Be5 Qc2 21.Rd2 Qc5+=) 20...Qb7 (20...Rad8 21.Nd4 (21.Rc7?? Rd1 22.Ne1 Re1) 21...Qd6 22.g3+–) 21.Ne5 h6 22.Qg3 Ne4 (22...Red8 23.Nc6 Rd1 24.Rd1+–) 23.Qg4 (better 23.Qf3 Bd6 24.Nc6+–) 23...Bf6? (better 23...Ba3! 24.Ba3 Re5+–) 24.Rd7+– Qb8?? (24...Qd7 25.Qd7 Be5 26.Be5 Re5+–) 25.Nf7 (25.Qe4 Be5 26.Qf5 Bb2 27.Qf7 Kh7 28.Qf5 Kg8+–) 25...Bb2 26.Nh6 Kh8 (26...Kh7 27.Nf5 Qh2 28.Kh2 Be5 29.f4 Re7 30.Ne7 Bf4 31.Qf4 g5 32.Qf7 Kh6 33.Nf5) 27.Qh5 gh6 (27...Qh2 28.Kh2 Be5 29.g3 g6 30.Nf7 Kg7 31.Nd6 Re7 32.Re7 Kg8 33.Qh7 Kf8 34.Rf7) 28.Qh6 Kg8 29.Qg6 Bg7 30.Qg7 1–0. GuestSBVJ – GuestNBPR,, 2020.

7.a4 Bd7 8.0-0 a6 9.c4 ab5 10.ab5 (10.cb5 Qe7=) 10...Ra1=+ 11.Ba1 dc4 12.bc6 (12.d3!? cd3 13.Qd3=+) 12...Bc6-/+ (12...bc6?! 13.Qc2=) 13.Bc4 Nbd7 (13...Ng4 14.g3-/+) 14.Nc3 Qc7 15.Be2 Bf3 16.Bf3 Bh2 17.Kh1 Bd6 18.Nb5 Qb8 19.Nd6 Qd6 20.d4 (20.Bb7 Qd3=+) 20...b5 21.Qb3 b4 22.Bb2 Rb8 23.Rb1 h5 (23...e5 24.de5 Ne5 25.Rd1-/+) 24.Bc1 (24.Kg1 Ng4 25.g3 Ngf6=+) 24...Nd5 (24...e5!? 25.Bd2 ed4 26.Bb4 Qb6 27.ed4 Qd4-+) 25.Bd2= N7f6 (25...Nc3 26.Ra1=) 26.Qc4 Increasing the pressure on the isolated pawn on b4 (26.e4 Nc7 27.Qc4 e5 28.de5 A) 28...Qd2? 29.Qc7 (29.ef6 Ne6=+) 29...Nd7 30.Rd1 (30.Bh5?! Qh6=) 30...Qf2 31.Qd7+- (31.Rd7?! Qe1 32.Kh2 Qh4 33.Kg1 Qe1 34.Kh2 Qh4 35.Kg1 Qe1 36.Kh2=); B) 28...Qe5+=) 26...Ng4 (26...g5 27.g3=+) 27.g3 (27.Bg4!? hg4 28.e4=) 27...Nf2=+ 28.Kg2 Ng4 29.e4?? (better 29.Bg4 hg4 30.e4-/+) 29...Ne7 (better 29...Nde3 30.Kh3 Nc4-+) 30.Bb4?? (30.Bg4 hg4 31.Bf4=) 30...Qd7 (30...Ne3 31.Kh3 Nc4 32.Bd6 Rb1 33.Be7-+) 31.Qc5 (31.Bg4 hg4 32.Rc1 Qb7-+) 31...Ng6 (better 31...Nc6-+) 32.Rd1?? (32.Kg1 Nf6=+) 32...Rc8?? (better 32...Ne3 33.Kf2 Nd1 34.Bd1-+) 33.Qh5?? (better 33.Qg5-/+) 33...Ne3-+ 34.Kf2 (34.Kh3 Nd1 35.Bc5 Nf2 36.Kg2 Nd3-+) 34...Nd1 35.Bd1 Qd4 36.Kg2 Rc1 37.Bf3 (37.Qf3 Ne5 38.Qe2 Qb4-+) 37...Rc2 38.Kh3 Qf2 (better 38...Qg1 39.Bc5 Rc5 40.Qc5 Qc5 41.Kg2-+) 39.Bd6.. dannysmet (2040) - Silviomorales (2050), Rated Blitz game,, 2020.

7.a4 Bd7 8.0-0 cb5 9.ab5 b6 10.c4 dc4 11.Bc4 Bc8 12.Qe2 Bb7 13.d4 Qc8 14.Rc1 Nd5?? (better 14...Qd7+/-) 15.Bd5+- (15.Bd5 Qd7 16.Bb7 Qb7 17.Qd3+-) 1-0. WG Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2021.

7.a4 Qe7 8.0-0 e5 9.d4 e4 10.Nfd2 Be6 11.c4 Nbd7 (11...dc4 12.Nc4 (worse 12.Bc4 Bh2 13.Kh2 Ng4 14.Kg3 Qd6 15.f4 Ne3-/+) 12...Bc4 13.Bc4 cb5 14.Bb5=) 12.c5= Bc7 13.Nc3 Ne8 14.a5 a6 15.b6 Bb8 16.f4 ef3 17.Nf3 Bf5 18.Qd2 Nef6 19.Nh4 Be6 20.g3 (20.Nf5 Bf5 21.Rf5 Re8=) 20...Bh3 21.Ng2 Re8 22.Bf3 Ne4 (22...Bg4 23.Bg4 Ng4 24.Rf3=) 23.Ne4 de4 24.Bd1 Rd8 25.Bb3 Ne5 26.Nh4 Bf1 27.Rf1 Kh8 28.Qe2 Nd3 (28...Nf3 29.Nf3 ef3 30.Qf3+/-) 29.Rf7 (29.Bf7?! A) 29...Nb2?? 30.Qh5 (30.Qb2?! Rf8 31.Qb3 g5+=) 30...Qh4 31.Qh4+-; B) 29...Bf4 30.Ba2 Bh6= (worse 30...Nb2 31.Rf4 Nd3 32.Ng6 hg6 33.Rh4 Qh4 34.gh4+-)) 29...Qg5 30.Ng2 Bg3 31.hg3 Qg3 32.Rb7 Rf8 33.d5 (33.Bf7 Rae8+-) 33...Nb2+/- 34.Qb2 Rf6 35.dc6 (35.Ra7!? Raf8 36.Qf6 gf6 37.dc6=) 35...Raf8+= 36.Rf7! R8f7 (36...R6f7 37.Bc4 Double attack (37.Bc4 Decoy); 36...R8f7 37.Bc4 Double attack (37.Bc4 Decoy)) 37.Bf7 Rf7?? (better 37...Qf3 38.Qf6! Qf6+-) 38.c7 Rf8 39.Qd2 Qe5 (39...h6 40.Qd8 Qf2 41.Kh2 Kh7+-) 40.Qd6 Qf5 41.b7 Qf1 42.Kh2 (42.Kh2 Qh1 43.Kh1 Rf1 44.Kh2 Rh1 45.Kh1 h5 46.Qg6 Kg8 47.c8Q) 1-0. onur604 (2320) - ShaahZero (2405), Casual Rapid game, 2021.

7.a4 Re8 8.d4 a6 9.0-0 (9.Nc3 Nbd7=) 9...ab5=+ 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Ne4 (11...cb5 12.Bb5 Bd7 13.Bd3=) 12.Nbd2 f5 13.c4 cb5 14.c5 Bc7 15.Bb5 Nc6 16.Bc6 (16.Qb3 Bd7+=) 16...bc6= 17.Qa4 Bd7 18.Ne4 fe4 19.Nd2 (19.Ne5 Be5 20.de5 Qa8=) 19...Qa8=+ 20.Qa8 Ra8 21.Rb1 (21.Bc3 Ra3 22.Rc1 Kf7=+) 21...Bc8 22.Bc3 Kf7 23.Ra1 (23.f3 Ra3 24.Rc1 ef3 25.Nf3 Kf6=+) 23...Ra1-/+ 24.Ba1 Ke7 (24...Ba5 25.Nb1-/+) 25.g3 (25.Bc3 Ba6=+) 25...Ba6 (25...Ba5 26.Nb1-/+) 26.Bc3=+ Bd3 27.Kg2 Kf6 28.f3 ef3 29.Kf3 Kf5 30.h3 h5 31.g4 (31.Nb3 g5=+) 31...hg4-/+ 32.hg4 Kg5 33.Bb4? (better 33.Nb3!?-/+) 33...Bc2-+ 34.e4 Bd1 35.Kg2 (35.Kf2 Kf4 36.g5 Bd8-+) 35...Kg4 (35...Kf4 36.Kf2 Bd8 37.ed5 ed5 38.Ba3-+) 36.ed5 ed5 37.Bc3 (37.Nf1 Bf3 38.Kf2 g5-+) 37...g5 38.Nf1 Bf3 39.Kf2 Be4 40.Bd2? (better 40.Nd2-+) 40...Kh4 41.Be1 (41.Kg1 g4 42.Bh6 Bd3-+) 41...g4 42.Kg1 (42.Nd2 g3 43.Ke3 Bg2-+) 42...g3 43.Ne3 Kh3 Black prepares the advance g2 44.Nf1 (44.Bd2-+) 44...g2 45.Ne3 Bh2 (45...Bh2 46.Kf2 g1Q 47.Ke2 Bf4 48.Bf2 Qc1 49.Bg1 Bg3 50.Bf2 Qb2 51.Nc2 Qc2 52.Ke1 Qf2 53.Kd1 Qc2) 0-1. Plock,Joerg - Kutschke, 1997.

7.0-0 cb5

8.Bb5 a6 9.Ba4 b5 10.Bb3 Nbd7 11.d3 Qc7 12.a3 Bb7 13.Nbd2 Rfc8 14.Rc1 Nc5 15.g3 Nb3 16.Nb3 Qe7 17.Ne1 (17.Na5!?+=) 17...Ba3–/+ 18.Ba3 Qa3 19.Ra1 Qb2 20.Rb1 Qc3 21.Nd4 e5 22.Ne2 (22.Nf5 Qc7–+) 22...Qc6 23.d4 e4 24.Rb2 Ne8 25.c3 Nd6 26.f3? (26.Nc2–+) 26...Nc4 27.Rc2 (27.Qc1 Nb2 28.Qb2–+) 27...Ne3 28.Rc1 (28.Qb1–+) 28…Nd1 (28...Nd1 29.Rd1 a5–+) 0–1. Hasler,Ueli (1710) – Cavalcanti,Antonio (2180), CiF, 2005.

8.Bb5 a6 9.Bd3 Nc6 10.Nc3 b5 11.a3 Bd7 12.h3 Qc7 13.Re1 Rfe8 14.e4 Ne5 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Rb1 Rac8 17.Ba1 Qd6 18.Rb4 Qc7 19.Rb1 Re7 20.a4 ba4 21.Qc1 Ree8 22.Ba6 Ra8 (22...Bc3?! 23.Bc8 Rc8 24.Bc3 Ne4 25.Bb4+=) 23.Nb5 Bh2 24.Kh1 Qf4 25.e5 Ra6 26.ef6 Bb5 27.Rb5 Rc8 28.Qb1 Raa8 29.c4 Rc4 (worse is 29...gf6 30.cd5 ed5 31.Rd5+/–) 30.fg7 Rcc8 31.Rf1 Qc7 32.Rb7 Rcb8 33.Rb8 Rb8 34.Qd1 Bf4 35.g3 Bh6 36.Qa4 Bd2 37.Bf6 Bc1 38.Qa1 Rc8 39.Kg2 Qc4 40.Kg1 Bh6 41.Rb1 Qc2 42.Kg2 Qe4 43.Kh2 Qf5 44.Kg1 Bg5 (44...Qh3 45.Qc3 e5 46.Qe5+–) 45.Bd4 h5 46.Qb2 h4 47.g4 Qd3 48.Kg2 f5 49.Qb6 Qe4 50.f3 Qe2 51.Bf2 fg4 52.fg4 Qe4 53.Kg1 Bd2 54.Rf1 Qe5 55.Qd4 Qd4 56.Bd4 Bg5 57.Kg2 Ra8 58.Rf2 Re8 59.Be5 Rd8 ½–½. Rooijen Van,Peter – Lacunza,Mario (1670), RC–2011–0-00082, 2011.

8.Bb5 a6 9.Be2 b5 10.d3 (10.a4 b4=) 10...Nbd7 (10...Nc6 11.Nbd2+=) 11.Nbd2 (11.c4 Rb8 12.cd5 Nd5=) 11...Qc7 (11...Rb8 12.a4+=) 12.c4 dc4 13.dc4 b4 14.a3 ba3 15.Ba3 Ba3 (15...Nc5 16.Nb3+=) 16.Ra3= Bb7 17.Qa4 (17.Qa1 Rfd8=) 17...a5+= 18.Rfa1 (18.Qc2 Rfd8+=) 18...Nc5 19.Qc2 a4 20.Nd4 Rfd8 21.Nb5 Qd7 22.Nf3 Nfe4 23.Rd1 Qe7 24.Qb2 Rac8 (24...Qf6 25.Qf6 Nf6 26.Kf1+=) 25.Rd4 Re8 26.Rd1 e5 27.Ne1 Qh4 (27...Red8 28.f3 Nf6 29.Nd3+=) 28.g3= Qg5 29.f3 Ng3 30.hg3 Qg3 31.Ng2 Bf3 32.Bf3+= Qf3 33.Rd5 Ne4 34.Ra4 Rc6 35.Qc2?? Rg6 36.Rd2 Qe3 37.Rf2 Nf2 38.Qf2 Qc1 39.Qf1 Rg2! 40.Kg2 Decoy to g2 40...Qc2 A double attack 41.Kg1 Qa4 42.Nd6 Ra8 43.Qf7 Kh8 44.Qf1 Qa3 (44...Qa3 45.Nf5 Rf8–+) 0–1. Goesmann,S – Scholz,S,, 2004.

7.a4 a6

8.0-0 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 cb5 11.Nc3 b4 12.Nb5 Be7 13.Bb2 Nc6 14.Qa1 Bd7 15.c4 (15.Rb1 Qb6=+) 15...dc4 16.Bc4 Qa8 17.Qb1 h6 18.Rc1 Rc8 19.Be2 Nd5 20.e4 Nb6 21.Bf1 Bf8 (21...b3 22.Nc3=+) 22.e5 Ne7 23.Rc8 Nec8 24.Nbd4 Na4 25.Bc1 Ncb6 26.Bd3 Bc6 27.Bh7 Kh8 28.Bc2 Bd5 29.Bd1 Qa5 30.Qa1 Kg8 31.Bc2 Qa6 32.Qb1 Nc4 33.Bd3 b5 34.h3 (34.Bh7 Kh8 35.Be4 Qb7-/+) 34...Qb6 35.Bh7 Kh8 36.Be4 Na3 37.Ba3 Be4 38.Qe4 ba3 39.Qa8 Kg8 40.Nc6 (better 40.Nb3-+) 40...Qc5 41.Nfd4 Nb6 42.Qa7 Nd5 43.Qc5 Bc5 44.Nb3 a2 45.Kf1 Bb6 46.d4 Kf8 47.Ke2 Ke8 48.Kd3 g5 49.g3 Kd7 50.Nb8 Kc8 51.Na6 h5 52.Nac5 Bc5 53.dc5 h4 54.gh4 gh4 55.Ke4 Kc7 56.f4 b4 57.f5 (57.Na1 Kc6 58.Nb3 Kb5-+) 57...Nc3 58.Ke3 ef5 59.Kd3 f4 60.Kd4 (60.Na1 Na4 61.Kc4 f3 62.Kb4 f2 63.Ka4 f1Q-+) 60...f3 61.Ke3 Kc6 (better 61...Ne4! 62.Kf3 Nd2 63.Nd2-+) 62.Kf3 Na4 63.e6 fe6 0-1. DEFFM – GuestRXLx,, 2021.

8.0-0 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 b6 11.bc6 Nc6 12.Nc3 e5 13.Nb5 Ne4 (13...Bg4 14.h3 Bh5 15.Re1=) 14.d3 Nc5 15.d4 ed4 16.Nd6 Qd6 17.Nd4 Nd4 (17...Rd8 18.Re1+=) 18.Qd4 Qg6 (18...Ne6 19.Qh4+=) 19.Rb1+/– (19.Qd5? Bb7 (19...Qc2 20.Qh5+=) 20.Bd3 Bd5 21.Bg6 hg6–+) 19...Bh3 20.Qg7 (20.Qd5?! Qc2 21.Rb2 Be6 22.Rc2 Bd5=) 20...Qg7 21.Bg7 Kg7 22.gh3 Rb8 23.Bf3 Ne4 24.Rb5 Nf6 (24...Nc3 25.Rb3 Rc8 26.Rb6+/–) 25.Bd5+– Nd5 26.Rd5 Rc8 27.Rb5 Rc2 28.Rb6 Rc7 29.h4 h6 30.Rb5 Re7 31.Kg2 Re6 32.h3 Rg6 33.Kf3 Rf6 34.Ke2 Kh7 35.h5 Kg7 36.Rd5 Re6 37.f4 f6 (37...Kf6 38.Kf3+–) 38.Kf3 Kf7 (38...Re7 39.e4+–) 39.e4 Re7 (39...Ra6 40.Rd7 Ke6 41.Rh7 Ra3 42.Kg4+–) 40.Rd8 Kg7 41.Rd2 Kh7 42.Rg2 Rg7 (42...Rf7+–) 43.Rg7 Kg7 44.Kg4 Kf7 45.Kf5 Kg7 46.Ke6 f5 47.ef5 Kh8 48.Ke7 Kh7 49.f6 Kh8 50.f7 Kh7 51.Kf6 (51.Kf6 Kh8 52.f8Q Kh7 53.Qg7) 1–0. Woelfelschneider,Peter – Hoferichter, 2009.

8.c4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Qa5 (10...dc4!? 11.Bc4 cb5 12.Bb5 Bd7 13.Bd7 Nbd7+=) 11.Bf6= gf6 12.bc6 bc6 13.cd5 cd5 14.0-0 Ba6 15.Ba6 Na6 16.Nd4 Be5 17.Nc6 (17.Nb3 Qc7 18.f4 Bd6+=) 17...Qc7 18.Ne5 Qe5 19.Nc3 Nb4?? (better is 19...Qf5+=) 20.Qg4+– (20.Qg4 Kh8 21.Qb4+–) 1–0. Hal1958 – Mosselman,, 2004.

7.a4 Nbd7

8.0-0 Qc7 9.h3 e5 10.d4 ed4 (10...e4 11.Nfd2 a6 12.Nc3+=) 11.Qd4= Ne5 12.Ne5 c5 13.Qf4 Re8 14.Bf3 Re5 (14...Be5 15.Be5 Qe5 16.Qe5 Re5 17.c4=) 15.Qh4= (15.Be5?? Be5 16.Qh4 Ba1–+) 15...Bf5 16.Na3 h6 (16...Rd8 17.c4 Re6 18.b6 ab6 19.Nb5=) 17.c4 Bd3 (17...d4 18.ed4 cd4 19.Bd4=) 18.Rfd1 (better is 18.cd5!? Kh7 19.a5 Bf1 20.Be5 Be5 21.Rf1 Qa5 22.Nc4+=) 18...Kh7= 19.Rd3 g5 20.Qg3 Re6 21.cd5 Bg3 22.de6 Bh2 23.Kf1 Be5 24.Be5 Qe5 25.Rc1 fe6 26.Nc4 (26.Bb7 Rf8 27.Bf3 h5+=) 26...Qc7 27.Rcd1 (27.Rd6 Qe7+=) 27...Kg8 (27...a6 28.b6 Qe7 29.Ne5=) 28.Rd6+= Qe7 29.a5 Rf8 30.Ne5 Qe8 (30...Re8 31.g3+=) 31.Nd7 Nd7 32.Rd7 b6 33.a6 c4 34.R1d4 (34.Be4 Qh5 35.R1d4 Rf7+=) 34...c3 (34...Qg6 35.Be4 Qf6 36.f3=) 35.Be4 Qc8 (35...Qb8 36.Kg1=) 36.Bh7= Kh8 37.Bc2 (37.Ra7? c2 38.Bc2 Qc2–+) 37...Qc5 38.Rh7 Kg8 39.Rdd7 Qb5 40.Kg1 Ra8 41.Rdg7 Kf8 42.Rb7 Qe5 43.Rh6 Kg8?? (better is 43...b5=) 44.Bh7+– Kf8 45.Rg6 (45.Rg6 Qh8 46.Re6+–) 1–0. forsetinn (2285) – bishop_ben (2120),, 2014.

8.0-0 e5 9.d3 Re8 10.Nc3 Qc7 11.e4 Nf8 12.Re1 (12.bc6!? bc6 13.ed5=) 12...Bb4–/+ 13.Rf1 Bd7 (13...Bc3 14.Bc3 cb5 15.Bd2–/+) 14.Na2 Bd6 15.Nc3 d4 16.Nb1 cb5 17.ab5 Bb5 18.c4 Bd7 19.Nbd2 Ne6 20.Nh4 Nf4 21.h3 Ne2 (21...a5!? 22.Ba3–+) 22.Qe2–/+ Bb4 23.Bc1 Bd2 (23...a5!?–+) 24.Bd2–/+ b5 25.cb5 Bb5 26.Qf3? (better is 26.Rfc1 Qb6 27.Nf5+=) 26...Qc2–+ 27.Bh6 (27.Bg5 Qd3 (27...Bd3?! 28.Bf6 gf6 29.Qg3 Kh8 30.Rfc1=) 28.Bf6 Qf3 (28...gf6?! 29.Qf6 Re6 30.Qg5 Kh8 31.Qf5=) 29.Nf3 gf6–+) 27...Qd3 (27...gh6?! 28.Qf6 Re6 29.Qf3 Qd3 30.Qg4 Kf8 31.Nf3+=) 28.Qf5 Qe4 (better is 28...Ne4 29.Rfe1 Nc5 (29...gh6 30.Re4 Qc3 31.Rb1+=) 30.Re5 Qf5 (30...gh6?! 31.Qg4 Kh8 32.Rc5+=) 31.Rf5 Nb3–+ (31...gh6?! 32.Rc5 a6 33.Nf5–+)) 29.Qg5 g6?? (29...Nh5 30.Qh5 Re6–+ (30...Bf1? 31.Qg5 Qg6 32.Ng6 hg6 33.Kf1+–)) 30.Qf6 (30.Qf6 Qg2 31.Ng2 Bf1 32.Qg7#) 1–0. Mauron,Regis – Puyo,Elisabeth, Montigny le Bretonneux op, 2007.

8.d4 Qc7 9.0-0 +=.

8.d4 Ne4 9.0-0 f5 10.Nbd2 Ndf6 11.c4 f4 12.c5 Bc7 13.Ne4 Ne4 14.Nd2 Ng5 15.Nf3 Nf3 16.Bf3 Qg5 17.Bc1 e5 18.ef4 ef4 19.Re1 Bf5 20.Bd2 Qh4 21.Qb3 Rab8 22.a5 a6 23.b6 Bd8 24.Re5 g6 25.Ree1 Bf6 26.Bc3 Qh6 27.Qd1 Qg7 28.Qd2 g5 29.Be2 Kh8 30.Rad1 Rbe8 31.Bf1 ½–½. Ruhle,Ernst Albrecht (1685) – Mai,Philipp (1900), Seefeld, 1993.

8.d4 Ne4 9.0-0 Qf6 10.Nbd2+= Qh6 11.c4 Ndf6 (11...f5 12.h3+=) 12.Ne4+= Ne4 13.Ba3 cb5? (better is 13...f6!?+=) 14.Bd6+– Nd6 15.cb5 (better is 15.c5!? Ne4 16.ab5+–) 15...Bd7+= 16.Ne5 (16.Bd3 f6+=) 16...Be8 17.Qb3 (17.Qc1 f6 18.Ng4 Qg5+=) 17...f6 18.Nd3 (18.Qb4 fe5 19.Qd6 ed4 20.ed4 Qf6=) 18...Bf7 (18...Bh5 19.g4 Bf7 20.Rfc1=) 19.Rfc1+= Nc4 (19...Bh5 20.Bf1+=) 20.Nb2 Nd2 (20...Nd6 21.Qb4 Rad8 22.a5+=) 21.Qb4+/– Ne4 22.Nd3 b6 23.a5 Qg5 24.ab6+– ab6 25.Ra6 h5 26.Bf3+– h4 27.h3 e5 28.de5 fe5 29.Be4 de4 30.Ra8 Ra8 31.Qe4 Re8 32.Ne1 Qd8 33.Nf3 Qd7? 34.Ng5 Bd5 35.Qh7 Kf8 36.Qh8 Bg8 37.Rc6 Qf5 38.Qh4 Qb1 39.Kh2 Qb5 40.Rc7 Qb1 41.e4 Qb4 42.Qh8 (42.Qh8 Qe7 43.Ne6 Kf7 44.Qg7 Ke6 45.Qg6 Qf6 46.Qe8 Kd6 47.Qd7#) 1–0. Seifert,Henryk (2250) – Dabrowski,Grzegorz (2190), Przelazy op–A Poland, 2004.

8.d4 Ne4 9.Nbd2 Qa5 =.

6.Be2 Nbd7

7.0-0 b6 8.d4 (8.Nc3 Bb7=) 8...Bb7 (8...a6 9.Nc3+=) 9.c4 c6 (9...a6 10.Nc3+=) 10.a4 (10.cd5 cd5 11.Nc3 Qe7=) 10...Bc7 (10...Rc8 11.Nbd2=) 11.Nbd2 (11.bc6 Bc6 12.cd5 Nd5+=) 11...Ne4 (11...c5 12.cd5 Bd5 13.Rc1=) 12.cd5 (12.bc6 Bc6 13.cd5 ed5+/–) 12...Nd2? (12...cd5 13.Ne5 Ne5 14.de5=) 13.dc6 (13.bc6!? Nf1 14.cb7+/–) 13...Nf1+= 14.cb7 Rb8 15.Kf1 (15.Qf1 Bd6+=) 15...Rb7= 16.d5 (16.Ba3 Re8=) 16...ed5 17.Qd5 Nc5 18.Bc4 (18.Qc4 Bd6=) 18...Qd5 19.Bd5 Rbb8 20.Be5 (20.Ba3 Rfd8 21.e4 Bd6= (worse is 21...Na4 22.Bb4 Nb2 23.Ke2+/–)) 20...Be5 21.Ne5 Rbd8 22.Nc6 Rd7+= 23.Nb4 a5 24.ba6+= Na6 25.Na6 Rd5–/+ 26.Nc7 Rc5–+ 27.Nb5 Ra8 28.Nd4 Rca5–+ 29.Rb1 R8a6 30.Nb5? Ra4 31.Nc7 Ra1 32.Na6 Rb1 33.Ke2 Rc1 34.Nb4 b5 35.h4 Rc4 36.Nd5 b4 37.g3 b3 (37...b3 38.Nb6 Rh4–+) 0–1. Trkn – Frederic,, 2000.

7.0-0 Bd6 8.d3 e5 9.c4 e4 10.Nfd2 (10.de4 de4 (worse is 10...Ne4 11.cd5 Ndf6 12.Nbd2+/–) 11.Nd4 Nc5+=) 10...ed3+= 11.Bd3 Ne5 12.Be2 dc4 13.Nf3 (13.Bd4 c5 14.bc6 b5+= (worse is 14...bc6 15.f4 Neg4 16.Nc4+=)) 13...Qe7 (13...Nf3!? 14.Bf3 a6–/+) 14.Nbd2+= Nf3 15.Nf3 (15.Bf3 Be5 16.Nc4 Bb2 17.Nb2 a6+=) 15...Rd8 (15...a6!? 16.ba6 Ra6 17.Bc4 Ra5+=) 16.Qc2= Bg4 17.Qc4 Ne4 18.Rfd1 Bc5 (18...a6 19.a4=) 19.Nd4 Be2 20.Qe2 Bd4 21.ed4 Re8 22.Re1 (22.f3 Nd6 23.Qe7 Re7=) 22...Qd7 (22...Qb4 23.d5–/+) 23.Qc2 Qb5 24.a4 Qd5 (24...Qc6 25.Qc6 bc6 26.Rac1+=) 25.Qc7 Qb3 26.Ba3 Qd3 27.Qf4 Nc3–/+ 28.Kh1 Ne2 29.Qc7 Qd2 30.Red1= Qc3 31.Qb7 32.Bc5 Qc2 33.Qa7 Nc3 34.Re1 Qf2? 35.d5?? Qb2 36.Bd4+– Ra8?? 37.Qd7 Re2 38.Bc3 Qb6?? 39.Qg4 (39.Qg4 Re1 40.Re1+–) 1–0. Djurisic,Dusan – Samardzija,Z (1890), 21st Belgrade Trophy, Obrenovac SRB, 2008.

7.0-0 Qe7 8.d4 Nb6 (8...a6 9.Nc3=) 9.a4 Bd7 (9...a6 10.ba6 ba6 11.Ba3=) 10.Nbd2 Nc8 (10...c6 11.a5 Nc8 12.bc6 Bc6 13.c4+=) 11.c4+= Bb4 12.c5 c6 13.Qc2 Qd8 (13...Qe8 14.Qb3 Ba5 15.Qd3+=) 14.Nb3 (14.Bc3 Bc3 15.Qc3 Qc7+/–) 14...Ne7 (14...Qe8 15.Qd3+=) 15.Ne5+/– Qc7 (better is 15...Ng6+/–) 16.a5 (better is 16.Nd3!? Ba5 17.Na5 Qa5 18.Ne5+/–) 16...cb5= 17.Nd3 (17.Rfb1 a6=) 17...Nc6+= Increasing the pressure on the isolated pawn on a5 18.Nb4 Nb4 19.Qc3 (19.Qd2 Na6=) 19...Na6+= 20.Ba3 Bc6 21.Nd2 Qe7 (21...Rfb8 22.Rfb1=) 22.f4 (22.Rfb1 Nc7=) 22...Nc7+= 23.Qc2 Rfd8 24.Bd3 Rac8 25.Rf3 Na6 26.Qb1 Nc7 27.Bb4 h6 28.Bc3 Rb8 29.Qc2 Na6 30.Rb1 Nc7 31.Rh3 Ra8 32.Nf3 a6 33.Ne5 Rdc8 34.Be1 Nce8 35.Bh4 Qc7 36.Be1 Qe7 37.Kh1 Rd8 38.g4 Nd7 39.Bh4+= Nef6 40.g5 hg5 41.Bg5 Re8? 42.Bh7 Kf8 43.Bg6! Qd8 44.Bf7 Ne5 45.Be8 Nf7 46.Bf7 Kf7 47.Rg1 Qf8 48.Bf6 Kf6 49.Rg6 Ke7 50.Rh7 Re8 51.Rgg7 Kd8 52.Qg6 Qf5 53.Qg5 Kc8 54.Rc7 Kb8 55.Qf5 ef5 56.Rce7 Re7 57.Re7 b4 58.Rg7 b3 59.Rg2 Bb5 60.h4 1–0. Brogger,Gunnar – Parrilla,Antonio, IECC, 2000.

7.a4 c6 8.c4 e5 9.0-0 e4 10.Nd4 c5 11.Nf5 Be5 12.Be5 Ne5 13.Ng3 d4 14.ed4 cd4 (14...cd4 15.d3 ed3 16.Bd3 Qc7+=). Cornacchini,Gabriele – Szency,Sandor (1935), RL–2007–0-00093, 2007.

7.Nc3 e5 8.0-0 Re8 9.d3 (9.a3 c5=+) 9...c6 (9...a6 10.a4=+) 10.bc6 bc6 11.Rb1 Qc7 (11...Rb8 12.Qd2=+) 12.e4 Rb8 (12...d4 13.Na4–/+) 13.Nd2 (13.Qd2 d4 14.Nd1 Nc5=+) 13...Nf8 (13...d4 14.Na4–/+) 14.a4 (14.a3 d4 15.Na4 Be6=+) 14...a6 (14...d4 15.Na2–/+) 15.Nb3 (15.Nf3 d4 16.Na2 Be6–/+) 15...d4–/+ 16.Na2 c5 (16...Be6 17.f4–/+) 17.c4 (17.c3 Be6 18.Nac1 c4 19.dc4 dc3 20.Bc3 Ne4–/+) 17...Bd7 18.a5 Ba4 (18...Ne6 19.Bc1=+) 19.Nac1 Rb7 20.Ra1 Qd7 21.Ra3 (21.Rb1 Reb8 22.Ba3 Ne6–/+) 21...Reb8–/+ 22.Qc2 Ne6 23.Bd1 (23.Re1 Nf4–/+) 23...Rb4 24.Ba1 Qe7 25.Qa2 Bd7–+ 26.Nd2 Nf4 27.Ne2 N6h5 28.Ng3 Qg5 29.Qc2 Nf6 30.Nf3 Qh6 31.Qd2 Rb1 32.Ne2–/+ N6h5 33.Qc2 Bg4 34.Nf4 Nf4 35.Nd2 Nh3?? 36.gh3+/– Bh3 37.Kh1 Bf1 38.Nf1 Rc1=+ 39.Qc1?? Qc1–+ (40.Bd4 Qa3–+) 0–1. Hohlstein,Walter – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–05 TSC, 2003.

7.c4 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 Bd6 5.c4 Nbd7 6.Nf3 0-0 7.Be2).

7.c4 c5 (--> 1.b4 d5 2.Bb2 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.b5 c5 5.Nf3 Bd6 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Be2 0-0).

7.d4 Bb4 8.Nbd2 =+.

7.d4 Qe7 (--> 6.Be2 Qe7 7.d4 Nbd7).

7.d4 Re8 8.0-0= Nf8 (8...c5!?=) 9.Nbd2 Ng6 10.c4 c6 11.a4 (11.c5 Bc7+=) 11...Bd7 (11...Bb4 12.Bd3+=) 12.Qb3 Rc8 13.Rfc1 h6 14.Rc2 (14.Ne5 Qc7 15.f4 Be7+/–) 14...e5 15.de5 Ne5 16.Rac1 (16.cd5 cd5 17.Rc8 Qc8+=) 16...Bf5 17.Rc3 (17.Be5 Be5 18.Bd3 dc4 19.Bc4 A) worse is 19...Bc2 20.Bf7 Kh8 21.Rc2+/– (21.Qc2 cb5 22.Qc8 Qc8 23.Rc8 Rc8 24.Ne5 Ne4 25.ab5 Nd2–/+); B) 19...Qd7 20.Ne5 Re5=) 17...Nf3 (17...Ne4!? 18.Ne4 Nf3 19.Bf3 de4+=) 18.Nf3= Ne4 (18...Be4 19.c5 Bc7 20.Qd1=) 19.cd5+= Nc3 (19...cd5!? 20.Rc8 Bc8+=) 20.Qc3+/– f6 (20...Qf6 21.Qf6 gf6 22.dc6+/–) 21.dc6 bc6 22.bc6 (22.Nd4!? Be4 23.Bg4+–) 22...Be4+= 23.Nd4 Be5 24.Bc4 (24.Bb5 a6 25.Ba6 Bd4 26.Qd4 (26.ed4? Rc6 27.Bc4 Bd5 28.Bd5 Qd5–+) 26...Rc6 27.Bc4 Kh7 28.Rd1 Qd4 29.Rd4= (29.Bd4?? Rc4 30.a5 Rec8–+)) 24...Kh8+= 25.Bb5 Qc7 (25...a6 26.Ba6 Bd4 27.Qd4 (27.ed4?? Rc6 28.Bc4 Bd5–+) 27...Rc6 28.Rc6 Bc6 29.f3+=) 26.f4 (26.h3 Rb8+=) 26...Bd4 27.Qd4 (worse is 27.ed4 Qf4 28.Qg3 Qg3 29.hg3 a6 30.Ba6 Rc6–/+) 27...Rcd8 28.Qb4 (better is 28.Qd7 Rd7 29.cd7 Qc1 30.Bc1=) 28...Re6 (28...a6 29.Bf1 (worse is 29.Ba6 Qa7 30.Bd4 Qa6–+) 29...Rb8 30.Qd2+=) 29.Qc4 (better is 29.Be5! fe5 30.Qe4+/–) 29...Bd5= 30.Qc5 (30.Qe2 a6 31.f5 Re4 32.Ba6 Ra4+=) 30...Rdd6 (30...a6 31.Bd4+= (31.Ba6?? Rc6 32.Qa3 Rc1 33.Bc1 Be4–+)) 31.Bd4 (better is 31.Ba3 Be4 32.Qc4 Rc6 33.Bc6 Qc6 34.Bb2+=) 31...Bc6?? (31...Rc6!? 32.Bc6 Rc6 33.Qf8 Kh7 34.Rc6 Qc6=) 32.Qa7 (better is 32.f5 Re8 33.Bc6+–) 32...Qa7+= 33.Ba7 Bb5 34.ab5 Rd7 35.Bd4 Rb7 36.b6 Ree7 37.Kf2 Kg8 38.g4 Kf7 39.h4 Ke6 40.Kf3 Red7 41.Ke4 Rd6 42.Rc2 Kd7 43.Kf5 Rd5 44.Ke4 Ra5 45.Kf3 Ra4 46.Rc3 Rb4 47.Rc2 Rb1 48.Rg2 ½–½. Schwichtenberg,Juergen – Jendrossek,Hans (1745), 2rd Berlin Germany, Senior Championship, 2010.

7.Ng5 c5 =+.

7.0-0 a6

8.Ba3 Ba3 9.Na3 Qe7 =+.

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 Re8 11.c4 e5 12.d3 Nf8 13.Nc3= (13...dc4 14.dc4=). Fournier,Frederic – Margraf, corr SOK–93–98, 1993.

8.a4 c5 9.c4 b6 10.d4 Bb7 11.Nbd2 Qe7 12.Qb3 Ne4 13.Ne4 de4 14.Nd2 f5 15.a5 ba5 16.Ra5 cd4 17.Bd4 Kh8 18.ba6 Bc6 19.a7 e5 20.Bc3 Rf6 21.Rb1 Bc7 22.Bb4 Qd8 23.Ra2 Rg6 24.Bf1 f4 25.c5 Nf6 26.Nc4 Ng4 27.h3 Bd5? (27...Nf6 28.Ba5 Ba5 29.Ra5+–) 28.Qd1 (better is 28.hg4 f3 29.g3+–) 28...Nf6 29.Ra3 f3 30.g3 h5 31.Nd6 Bd6 32.cd6 h4 33.Be1 (33.g4 Qd7 34.Qc2 Ng4+=) 33...Qd6 34.Ra5 Kh7 35.Rbb5 Qc7? 36.Rc5 Qb7+/– 37.Rcb5 Qd7 38.Rd5+/– Nd5 39.Rd5 Qa7 40.g4 Qa1+= 41.Qd2 Rc6 42.Ra5 Ra5 43.Qa5 Qa5 44.Ba5 g5 ½–½. Osmak,Iulija (1975) – Mahalakshmi,M (1815), WY Girls–U12, 2010.

8.Nc3 e5 9.d4 (9.a3 b6+=) 9...c6 (9...e4 10.Nd2+=) 10.a4 (10.bc6 bc6 11.de5 Ne5 12.Ne5 Be5+=) 10...e4+= 11.Nh4 (11.Nd2 Qc7 12.h3 Rd8+=) 11...Nb6 (11...Nb8 12.f4–/+) 12.a5 (12.ba6 ba6 13.Ba3 Ba3 14.Ra3 g5–/+) 12...Nc4 13.Bc4 Bh2 (better is 13...dc4 14.bc6 bc6–/+) 14.Kh2= Ng4 15.Kg3 g5 (better is 15...Re8 16.Bc1 dc4=) 16.Nf5?? (better is 16.Nf3 ef3 17.Bd3 (worse is 17.gf3 Qc7 18.f4 gf4 19.ef4 dc4=) 17...Qd6 18.Kf3 Nh2 19.Ke2 Nf1 20.Ba3 (20.Kf1?! Qh2 21.Qf3 ab5+/–; 20.Qf1?! ab5 21.Qh1 f5+/–) 20...Ng3 21.fg3 Bg4 22.Kd2 Qg3 23.Qh1+–) 16...Bf5–/+ 17.Be2 (17.Ba3 Re8 18.Qd2 dc4 19.f3 Qc7 20.f4–+) 17...Qd6–+ 18.f4 ef3 19.Kf3 Rae8 (worse is 19...ab5 20.Bc1 Nh2 21.Kf2 Nf1 22.Bf1–/+) 20.Bc1 Qe6 21.Qd2 Be4 22.Ne4 (22.Kg3 Qh6 23.Rh1 Qh1 24.Ne4 Qh4 25.Kf3 de4) 22...de4 23.Kg3 Qh6 (23...Qh6 24.Rh1 Qh1 25.Kg4 f5 26.Kg5 h6 27.Kf4 Qh4 28.Bg4 fg4#) 0–1. Yeung,Chun Keung (1640) – Daatselaar,Jan Bart van (2070), corr WSTT/3/06/Semifinal, 2008.

7.0-0 c5

8.bc6 bc6 9.Nc3 Rb8 10.Rb1 e5 11.Qe1 Nc5 12.Ne5 Be5 13.d4 Bd6 14.dc5 Bc5 15.Bd3 Re8 16.Qd2 Bg4 17.h3 Bh5 18.Ne2 Bg6 19.Bg6 hg6 20.Bd4 Qe7 21.Qa5 Ne4 22.Bc5 Nc5 23.Nd4 Qd6 24.Qa7 Ra8 25.Qb6 Ra2 26.Qc6 Qc6 27.Nc6 Rc2 28.Nb4 Rd2 29.Rfd1 Ne4 30.Rd2 Nd2 31.Rd1 Rb8 32.Rd2 Rb4 33.Rd5 Rb2 34.Rd7 g5 35.Kf1 g6 36.Ke1 Kg7 37.Rd2 Rb6 38.e4 Kf6 39.Ke2 Ke5 40.Ke3 Rb3 41.Rd3 Rb2 42.Rd5 Kf6 43.Rd2 Rb3 44.Rd3 1–0. pozarski (2080) – GMBG (1850),, 2002.

8.bc6 bc6 9.c4 Rb8 10.Bf6 Qf6 (10...gf6?! 11.d4+=) 11.Nc3 Nb6 12.cd5 cd5 13.Nd4 (13.Nb5 e5=) 13...Rb7+= 14.Ba6 Re7 15.Bc8 Rc8 16.Ncb5 e5?? (better is 16...Be5+=) 17.Nd6+/– Qd6 18.Nf5 Qe6 19.Ne7 Qe7 20.Rc1 Re8 21.Qc2 h6 22.Qc7 Nc4 23.Qe7 Re7 24.d3 Nd6 Black plans e4 (24...Nb2 25.Rc3+–) 25.Rc6 (25.Rc5!? d4+–) 25...Rd7 26.Rfc1 e4 (26...Ne8 27.Kf1+–) 27.d4 (better is 27.de4!? Ne4 28.Rc7 Rc7 29.Rc7+–) 27...Nc4 28.Rb1 Nb6 29.Rb4 Nc4 30.Rbc4 (30.Rb8!? Kh7 31.Rb5+–) 30...dc4+/– 31.Rc4 Rb7 32.Rc1 Kf8 (32...Rb2 33.a4+=) 33.Kf1 Ke7 34.Rc2 Kd7 35.Ke2 f5 36.f3 Rb1 37.fe4 fe4 38.Kf2 a5 (better is 38...g5!?+/–) 39.Kg3+– g5 40.Re2 (better is 40.Rc5!?+–) 40...a4+/– 41.Kg4 (41.Rc2!? Re1 42.Rc3+/–) 41...a3= 42.Kg3 Rb2 43.Kf2 Kd6 44.Ke1 Kd5 45.Kd1 Rb1 46.Kd2?? (better is 46.Kc2 Rb2 47.Kd1 Rb1 48.Kc2 Rb2 49.Kd1=) 46...Kc4–+ 47.g3 (47.Re1 Rb2 48.Kc1 Ra2 49.Kb1 Rg2 50.Rd1–+) 47...Rb2 48.Kd1 Kd3 0–1. Hal1958 – AraujoHS,, 2004.

8.bc6 bc6 9.d3 Qc7 (9...Rb8 10.Qc1–/+) 10.Nbd2+= e5 11.h3 c5 (better is 11...Rb8 12.Rb1 Ba6+=) 12.e4? (12.Rb1 Rb8=) 12...d4 (better is 12...c4!? 13.ed5 c3 14.Bc3 Qc3–+) 13.a4 (13.Nc4 Rb8=) 13...Ba6 14.c4 (14.c3 Rab8 15.Qc2 Qa5=) 14...Rfb8–/+ 15.Qc2 Nf8 16.g3 Bc8 17.Kg2 Bd7 18.Ng1 (18.Rfb1 Ne6–/+) 18...Rb4 19.Rfb1 (19.Ba3 Rb6–/+ (worse is 19...Ra4 20.Bc5 Bc5 21.Ra4+=)) 19...Rab8 20.a5 a6 21.Bc1 Rb1 22.Nb1 Ne6 23.Bd2 Rb7 24.Na3 Qb8 (24...Nd8 25.Rb1–/+) 25.Rb1 Rb1 26.Nb1 h6 27.Bd1 Bc7 28.Qc1 (28.Qa2 Nd8–/+) 28...Kh7 (28...Nd8 29.Nf3–/+) 29.Ne2 (29.Nf3 Nd8–/+) 29...Nd8 30.Bc2 (30.f4 Qc8 31.g4 Nc6–+) 30...Nc6 31.Qa3 Nb4 32.Bd1 Bc6 33.f3 Qb7 34.Nc1 Kg8 (34...Bd7!?–+) 35.Na2 (35.Ba4 h5+=) 35...Bd6 36.Bb4? (better is 36.Qb3–/+) 36...cb4–+ 37.Qb3 Nd7 38.Be2? (38.Nd2 Nf8–+) 38...Nb8 (better is 38...Qc7!? 39.Nd2 Qa5 40.Bd1–+) 39.Nd2 Bd7 40.Qb2 Nc6 41.Nb3 Qc7 42.Nac1 Na5 43.Qa1 Nb3 44.Nb3 Qb6 45.f4 (45.g4 Bc7 46.f4 a5–+) 45...ef4 46.gf4 (46.Qd4 Qd4 47.Nd4 fg3–+) 46...Bf4 47.Qd4 (47.Bg4 Qg6 48.Kf3 Bg4 49.hg4 Be5–+) 47...Qg6 48.Kh1 Qg3 0–1. Melderis,Uldis (2035) – Ljangov,Petar (2115), 2rd Bulgarian Albena, 2010.

8.d3 a6 9.Nc3 Re8 10.a4 Bc7 11.Nd2 e5 12.Bf3 Nf8 13.Re1 Ng6 14.g3 Ba5 15.h4 h6 16.h5 Nf8 17.Nb3 Bb4 18.Rf1 Bh3 19.Bg2 Qd7 (19...Bg2 20.Kg2 ab5 21.ab5 Ra1 22.Qa1 Bc3 23.Bc3–/+) 20.Bh3 (20.Na2!?=+) 20...Qh3–/+ 21.Qf3 Bc3 22.Bc3 N8h7 (22...N8d7 23.ba6 Ra6 24.a5–/+) 23.Qh1 (23.ba6 Ra6 24.Nc5 Rc6–/+) 23...Qg4 Black plans c4 (23...Qh1 24.Kh1 Rac8 25.Na5–/+) 24.Qh4 (24.ba6 ba6 25.Nc5 Rac8–/+ (25...Qh5?! 26.Qh5 Nh5 27.Bb4=)) 24...Qc8 (24...Qh4 25.gh4 Rac8 26.Na5–/+) 25.f3 d4 26.Bd2 c4 27.dc4 ab5 (27...Qc4 28.ba6 ba6 29.Ra2–/+) 28.ab5 (28.cb5 Qc2 29.Ra3 de3 30.Be3 e4–/+) 28...Ra1–/+ 29.Ra1 Qc4 30.ed4 e4 (30...e4 31.fe4 Ne4–/+; 30...Qc2?! 31.de5 Qb3 32.ef6 Nf6 33.Rf1 Qb5 34.g4–+) 0–1. pcmvr – rickdragon, net–, 2018.

7.0-0 c6

8.a4 Qc7 9.d4= a6 10.bc6 bc6 11.c4 =+.

8.a4 Qc7 9.d4 e5 10.h3 (10.de5 Ne5 11.Be5 Be5 12.Ne5 Qe5=) 10...e4+= 11.Nfd2 cb5 (11...Rd8 12.c4+=) 12.ab5= Nb6 13.c4 (13.Ba3 a6=) 13...Nc4+= 14.Bc4 (14.Nc4 dc4 15.Qa4 Be6+=) 14...dc4–/+ 15.Qc2 Bd7 16.Nc3 Will e4 fall? 16...Rfe8 17.Ra4 a6 (17...Be6 18.Ba3+=) 18.Rc4= Qb8 19.Ra4 ab5 (19...Bb5!? 20.Nb5 ab5 21.Ra8 Qa8+=) 20.Ra8= Qa8 21.Nde4 Ne4 22.Ne4 Be7 23.Ra1 Qc8 24.Qc8 Rc8 25.Rc1 (25.Ra7!?+=) 25...Rc1= 26.Bc1 b4 27.f3 b6 28.Kf1 Ba4 (28...f5 29.Nd2=) 29.Kf2 (29.Nd2 Bd6+=) 29...b3 (29...Bc6 30.Ng3+=) 30.Bb2 f5 31.Nc3 Bd7 32.Ke2 b5 33.Nd5 Bd6 (33...Bd8 34.g4+=) 34.Kd3 (34.Nb6 Be6 35.d5 Bf7+/–) 34...Be6 (34...Bc6 35.Nb6 Bb7 36.e4+/–) 35.Nf4 (better is 35.Nb6!?+/–) 35...Bc4= 36.Kd2 Kf7 37.Ne2 Bb4 (37...Bd5 38.Nf4 Bf4 39.ef4=) 38.Kd1 g5 39.f4 (39.e4 Bd3 40.Ng3 f4=) 39...Kg6 (39...h6 40.g4=) 40.g3 (40.g4 gf4 41.Nf4 Kg5 42.gf5 Bd6=) 40...h6 41.Ng1 (41.g4 Be6 42.e4 fe4 43.f5 Bf5 44.gf5 Kf5=) 41...Bd3 (41...Kh5!?+=) 42.Ne2 (42.Nf3!? Bc2 43.Ke2=) ½–½. Scheele,Marcus – Wolf,K, Bochum–ch, 1991.

8.a4 Qc7 9.d4= Re8 10.c4 dc4 11.Bc4 cb5 12.Bb5 a6 13.Bd3 (13.Be2 Ng4 14.h3 Nh2 15.Nh2 Bh2 16.Kh1 Bd6+=) 13...e5 14.de5 Ne5 15.Ne5 Be5 16.Be5 Qe5 17.Qb3?? (17.Nd2 Bg4 18.Qb1 Rad8=) 17...Be6 (better is 17...Ng4 18.g3 Qa1–+) 18.Qc3=+ Qc3 (18...Qg5 19.Rd1=+) 19.Nc3 Rac8 (19...Red8 20.Be2=+) 20.Rfc1 (20.Ne4 Ne4 21.Be4 Rc7=) 20...Rc7 21.Ne4= Rc1 22.Rc1 Ne4 23.Be4 b5 24.ab5 ab5 25.Rc7 Rb8=+ 26.Kf1 b4 27.Ke1 b3 28.Bb1 b2 29.Kd2 g6 30.f3 Kg7 31.Kc2 h5 32.h4 Bf5 33.e4=+ Be6 34.Rc6 Rb5 35.Rd6 Kf6 36.f4=+ Ke7 37.Rd2 Rb4 38.Re2 Kd6–/+ 39.Re1 Rb5 40.Kd2 Rb4 41.Bd3 Ba2 42.e5 Ke6 43.Bb1 Bb1 44.Rb1 Rf4 45.Rb2? Rh4 46.Ke3 Ke5 47.Rb5 Kf6 48.Kf3 Ra4 (49.Ke3 h4–+) 0–1. Schmidtkowski – Wildt,Volker, 4.FSM der SV Dynamo, 1975.

8.a4 Qc7 9.d4 Ng4 10.h3 Nh2 11.Nh2 Bh2 12.Kh1 =.

8.a4 e5 9.Nc3 =.

8.a4 e5 9.d4 e4 10.Nfd2 cb5 11.ab5 Nb6 12.c4 (12.Ba3 Be6=+) 12...dc4=+ 13.Qc2 (13.Nc4? Nc4 14.Bc4 Bh2 15.Kh2 Ng4 16.Kg1 Qh4 17.Qg4 Bg4–+) 13...Be6 (13...Bg4 14.Bg4 Bh2 15.Kh2 Ng4 16.Kh3–+) 14.Nc3= Will e4 fall? 14...Re8 15.Nde4 Ne4 16.Qe4 Bd5 (16...Nd5 17.Bf3 (worse 17.Nd5 Bd5 18.Qc2 Qh4–/+) 17...f5 18.Qb1+=) 17.Qg4 f5 (better 17...Be6!? 18.Qf3 Bb4+=) 18.Qf5+– Rf8 (18...Be6 19.Qc2+–) 19.Qh5 (19.Qh3 Rf6 20.Nd5 Rh6 21.Qh6 gh6 22.Nb6 Qb6 23.Bc4 Kf8+–) 19...g6 (19...Bf7!? 20.Qg4 Bg6+–) 20.Qh3+– Rf5?? (better 20...Bb4+–) 21.e4 Rh5 (21...Be4 22.Ne4 Bf8+–) 22.Bh5 (22.Bh5 Bf7 23.Bf3+–) 1–0. GuestGHFP – GuestFNNH,, 2019.

8.a4 e5 9.Nh4 =+.

8.Nc3 Rb8 9.d4 a6 10.a4 Qc7 11.Ba3 Ba3 12.Ra3 cb5 13.ab5 a5 14.Na4 Ne4 15.Bd3 f5 16.Rb3 Qd8 17.b6 Ra8 18.Qe1 g5 19.h3 g4 20.hg4 fg4 21.Be4 de4 22.Nd2 Nf6 23.Nc3 a4 24.Rb5 Nd5 25.Nde4 Bd7 26.Rc5 Bc6 27.Qe2 Qh4 28.Nd5 Bd5 29.Nd2 Rf6 30.e4 Rh6 31.Qg4 Qg4 32.Rc3 0–1. Green Light Chess v2.13 – Mad006, computer chess game, 2001.

8.Nc3 e5 =+.

8.a4 a6

9.Ba3 c5 =+.

9.ba6 ba6 10.Nc3 e5 =+.

9.ba6 ba6 10.c4 Bb7 11.Nc3= Rc8 12.Rb1 Qc7 13.h3 Rfe8 14.Qc2 e5 15.Rfc1 e4 16.Nd4 c5 (16...Bh2 17.Kh1 Be5 18.d3=) 17.Nf5 Bh2 18.Kh1 Qe5? (better is 18...d4!? 19.ed4 cd4 20.Nd4 Be5=) 19.Ne4! Qc7?? (19...de4 20.Be5) 20.Nf6+– Nf6 (20...gf6 21.g3 Bg3 22.fg3 d4 23.Kh2+–) 21.Bf6 gf6 22.Rb7! Qb7 23.Kh2 Qc7 24.f4 (24.g3 d4+–) 24...d4 25.Bg4 Rcd8 26.Rf1 Kh8 27.Qb2 Qc6 28.a5 Rg8 29.Ne7 Qe4 30.Ng8 Kg8 31.Qb6 Qe7 32.Qa6 de3 33.de3 Rd6 34.Qa8 Kg7 35.Qf3 Rd3 36.Re1 (36...Ra3 37.Bf5+–) 1–0. Bedbur – Bakkers, corr SOK–90–57, 1990.

9.ba6 ba6 10.c4 Rb8 11.Ba3 Qe7 (11...c5 12.d4=+) 12.Bd6= Qd6 13.Qc2 (13.cd5 ed5 14.Nc3 c5=) 13...e5 14.d4 Ng4 (14...ed4 15.Nd4 c5 16.Nf3=) 15.h3 Nh6 (15...Ngf6 16.Nc3=) 16.c5 (16.Nc3 ed4 17.Nd4 dc4 18.Bc4 c5+=) 16...Qe7 17.Nc3 e4 (17...f5 18.Rfb1 Rb1 19.Rb1= (< 19.Qb1 f4=+)) 18.Nh2 (18.Nd2 f5=) 18...Qg5 19.Kh1 (19.Rab1!?=) 19...f5=+ 20.f4 ef3 (20...Qg3 21.Qd2=) 21.Rf3 Re8 22.Nf1 Nf6 23.Qd2 Ne4 24.Ne4 Re4 25.Bd3 Re7 26.Rb1 Rb1 27.Bb1 Rb7 28.Bd3 Rb8 29.Qf2 Rb3 30.Qc2 Rb4 31.Ng3+= a5 32.Ne2 Qe7 33.Nc3 Qb7 34.Rf2 Qe7 35.Na2 Rb8 36.Qd2 Qc7 37.Rf1 Nf7 38.Rb1 Rb1= 39.Bb1 Nd8 40.Qb2 f4= 41.Qf2 Ne6 42.Bd3 fe3 43.Qe3 Qf4 44.Qf4 Nf4 45.Nc1 Nd3 46.Nd3+/– Kf8 47.Nc1 Bf5+= 48.Nb3 Bc2 49.Na5 Ba4 50.Nb7 Ke7 51.Nd6 Kf6 52.Kh2 h5 53.h4 Bd1 54.g3 Be2 55.Kg2+= Bd1 56.Kf2 g5 57.Ke3 Bg4? 58.hg5+– Kg5 59.Nf7 Kf5 60.Ne5 Bd1 61.Nc6 Kg4 62.Ne7 Kg3 63.Nd5 Bf3 64.Ne7 (64...Bg4 65.Ng6+–) 1–0. Althoff,Christoph – Ludwig,Ansgar, 5. Oberhausener Stad, 1999.

9.ba6 ba6 10.c4 Rb8 11.Qc2 =+.

9.Nc3 e5 =+.

7.0-0 e5

8.a4 c5 9.Nh4 Ne4 (9...e4!?=+) 10.Nf5= Bb8 11.f4 (11.d3 Nd6 12.Ng3 a6=) 11...d4 (11...Re8 12.d3 Nd6 13.Nd6 Bd6 14.f5=+) 12.fe5 (12.d3 Nd6 13.Nd6 Bd6=) 12...Ne5 13.d3 Bf5 14.Rf5 Ng5 (14...Nc4 A) 15.dc4? Qh4 16.Rf4 Bf4 17.ef4 Qf2 (17...Qf4?! 18.Qe1=) 18.Kh1 Qe3–+; B) 15.de4 Nb2 16.Qc1–/+) 15.ed4= cd4 16.Nd2 Ne6 17.Ne4 (17.Nc4 f6=) 17...Ng6 18.Ba3 (18.Bf3 Ne7 19.Rh5 Bf4=+) 18...Re8 (18...Ne7!? 19.Qf1 Nf5 20.Qf5 g6=+) 19.Qf1 (better 19.g3+=) 19...Qc7 (better 19...Nef4!?=) 20.Nd6+– Re7 (20...Nd8 A) 21.Ne8? Qh2 22.Kf2 Qh4 23.Kf3 Ne5 24.Re5 Be5 25.Nf6 gf6–+ (25...Bf6?! 26.g3 Qg5 27.Kg2–+); B) 21.g3 Re3 22.Bh5+–) 21.g3 Nc5?? (better 21...Rd7 22.Nc4 a6+–) 22.Rc5+– Qd6 (22...Qd8 23.Nb7! Rb7+–) 23.Rc8 (23.Rc8 Nf8 24.Bd6 Bd6 25.Ra8+–) 1–0. DEFFM – gyperborean,, 2019.

8.Nc3 Nb6 =+.

8.Nc3 c5 9.d3 Re8 10.a4 a5 11.e4 d4 12.Nb1 b6 13.Na3 Nf8 14.Re1 Bg4 (14...Ng6!?=) 15.Nd4+=. pierre – divergence, internet, 2007.

8.c4 dc4 9.Na3 e4 10.Nd4 Nb6 (10...Ne5 11.Nc4 Nc4 12.Bc4 Bh2 13.Kh1–/+) 11.Nc4 Nc4 12.Bc4 Bh2! 13.Kh2 (13.Kh1 Bd6–/+) 13...Ng4 14.Kg3 Qd6 15.f4 ef3 16.Kf3 Ne5 17.Kf2 Nc4 18.Bc3 a6 19.Qa4 Qd5 20.e4 (20.ba6 Ra6 21.Qb5 c5–+) 20...Qc5 21.ba6 Rd8 22.Qb5 (22.Ke1 Ne3 23.Rf2 Rd4 (23...ba6?! 24.Qc6 Qc6 25.Nc6 Nc2 26.Kf1=+) 24.Qe8 Qf8 25.Qf8 Kf8 26.de3 Re4 27.ab7 Bb7–/+) 22...Nd2 23.ab7 Ne4 24.Kg1 Bb7! 25.Qc5 (25.Qb7 Nc3) 25...Nc5 26.Nf5 f6 27.Ng7 Rd3 (27...Ne4 28.Bf6 Nf6 29.Ne6–+) 28.Bf6 Rd2 29.Rf5 Rg2 30.Kf1 Rg6 31.Nh5 Ne4 32.Bd4 Re8 33.Be3 Nd6 (33...Rg3 34.Rb5 Ba6 35.Ng3 Ng3 36.Kg2 Bb5 37.Bf4–+) 34.Nf6 Kf7 35.Ne8 Nf5 36.Nc7 Ne3 37.Ke2 Nf5 38.Rf1 Kf6 39.a4 (39...Rg2 40.Ke1–+). guest1325 – Bastor (1660), ICC, 2003.

8.c4 c6 9.d4 ed4 10.Nd4 (10.Qd4 Bc5 11.Qd1=) 10...dc4 (10...c5!? 11.Nf3 Nb6=) 11.Nd2 (worse 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Nd2 A) worse 12...Nc4 13.Nc4 c5 14.Nc6 bc6 15.Nd6+= (worse 15.Qd6 cb5 16.Rfd1 Bg4=+); B) 12...c5=+) 11...cb5 12.Nb5 Be5 13.Nc4 Bb2 14.Nb2 a6 (14...Nb6 15.Bf3+=) 15.Nd6 Nb6 16.Bf3 Nfd5?? (better 16...Bg4! 17.Bg4 Ng4 18.Nb7 Qg5+–) 17.Bd5+– Nd5 (17...Qf6 18.Bf3 Bg4 19.Nb7 Bf3 20.Qf3 (20.gf3?! Rab8+–) 20...Qb2 21.Rab1 Qa2 22.Rb6+–) 18.Qd5 Be6 19.Qd4 Qe7 (19...Qf6 20.Qf6 (20.Nb7?! Qd4 21.ed4 Rfb8+–) 20...gf6 21.Rfd1+– (21.Nb7?! Rfb8+–)) 20.Rfd1 Rfd8 21.Qb6 (21.Na4!? b5 22.Nc5 Qf6+–) 21...Rd7 22.e4 f6 23.f4 Rad8 (23...Qd8 24.Qc5+–) 24.e5 Bg4 (24...fe5 25.fe5 Qg5 26.Nd3+–) 25.Re1 fe5 26.fe5 Qg5 (26...Be6 27.Nd3 Rc7 28.Nf4+–) 27.Qb3 Kf8 (27...Kh8 28.Nf7 Rf7 29.Qf7 Bh3 30.Qb7 Bc8+–) 28.Rf1 (28.Rf1 Bf5 29.Nf5+–) 1–0. guest737 – guest621,, 2019.

8.c4 c6 9.d4 e4 10.Ne5 Qc7 11.Qc2? (11.bc6 bc6 (< 11...Be5 12.de5 Ne5 13.cd5+=) 12.Nd7 Bd7=+) 11...Ne5 (11...cb5 12.c5 Ne5 13.de5 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.Qc3 Qc3 16.Nc3–+) 12.c5 (12.de5!? Be5 13.Be5 Qe5 14.Qc3–/+) 12...Nf3 (12...cb5 13.de5 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.Qc3–+) 13.gf3 Bh2 14.Kg2 Qd7 15.Kh2 Qh3 16.Kg1 ef3 17.Bf3 Qf3 18.Qd1 Qh3 (18...Qe4 19.Nc3 Qg6 20.Kh2 Ng4 21.Kh1 Qh6 22.Kg2 Qh2 23.Kf3–+) 19.f3 (19.Nd2 Ng4 20.Nf3 Bf5 (20...cb5?! 21.c6–+) 21.bc6 Be4 22.Re1 Bf3 (22...Qf3 23.Qf3 Bf3 24.cb7=) 23.Qf3 Qf3 24.Re2 Qe2 25.Rc1 Qf2 26.Kh1 Qh2) 19...Re8 20.Qd2 Nh5 21.Rf2 Ng3 22.Rg2 Nf5 23.Qf2 Re6 24.Nd2 Rh6 25.Qe1 Bd7 26.bc6–/+ Bc6 27.e4 de4 28.fe4 Re8 29.d5 Bd5!! 30.ed5 Re1 31.Re1 f6 32.Ne4 Ne3 33.Nf6 Rf6! 34.Rg5 Rf1 35.Rf1 Qf1 (36.Kh2 Qf4 37.Kg1 Qg5 38.Kf2 Nd1 39.Kf1 Qd2–+; 35...Nf1?! 36.Rg7 Kf8 37.Rb7–+) 0–1. Schwetlick,Thomas (2035) – Geist,Peter, LEM–chB Nakensdorf, 1995.

8.c4 e4 9.Nd4 dc4 10.Bc4 Ne5 11.Be2 Qe7 12.a4 c5 13.bc6 bc6 14.Qc2 Neg4 (14...c5!? 15.Nb5 Rb8=) 15.Nc6+= (worse 15.Qc6 Bd7 16.Qa6 Bh2 (16...Nh2?! 17.Rc1=+) 17.Kh1 Bc7-/+) 15...Qc7 16.h3 Bh2 17.Kh1 Be5 18.Be5 (18.Ba3 Re8 19.Ra2 Be6 20.Ne5 Qc2 21.Rc2 Ne5+=) 18...Ne5 19.Rc1 Bb7 20.Nd4 Qc2 21.Rc2 Rac8 22.Raa2 (22.Nc3 Rfd8+/-) 22...Bd5 23.Rab2 g6 (23...Nd3 24.Bd3 ed3 25.Rc8 Rc8 26.Nc3+/-) 24.Nc3 Bc4 25.Rb7 Be2 26.Nce2 Rc2 27.Nc2 a5 28.Ncd4 Nd3 (28...Ra8 29.Nc3+/-) 29.Kg1 Nc5 30.Rb5 Na4 31.Ra5 Nb2 32.Nf4 (32.f3 Nc4 33.Ra2 ef3 34.gf3 Rc8+/-) 32...Nc4 (32...Rb8 33.Ra6 Ne8 34.f3+/-) 33.Ra2 (33.Ra6 g5+/-) 33...Rb8 (33...g5 34.Nfe2+/-) 34.d3 ed3 35.Nd3 Kg7 36.Ra7 (36.Rc2 Rb1 37.Kh2 Rd1+/-) 36...Rc8 (36...Rb1 37.Kh2 Ne4 38.Rc7+/-) 37.Ne6+- Kg8 38.Ng5 Nd6 39.Ne5 Rf8 40.Nc6 Nb5 41.Rb7 Nd6 42.Rb8 (42.Rb6 Re8+/-) 42...Rb8 43.Nb8 h5 44.Nc6 Nde4 45.Ne4 Ne4 46.Kf1 Kg7 47.Ke2 f5 48.h4 Kf6 49.f3 Nc5 50.Kd2 Ke6 51.Kc3 Nd7 (51...Kd6 52.Nd4+/-) 52.Kd4+- Kd6 53.Nd8 Ne5 54.e4 f4? (better 54...Nd7+-) 55.Nb7 Ke6 56.Nc5 Kd6 57.Nd3 Nc6 58.Kc4 1-0. Mely (2200) - jimmygtal (2220),, 2016.

8.c4 Re8 9.Qc2 e4=+ 10.Nd4 Nc5 (10...dc4 11.Bc4 Nb6 12.Be2=) 11.f4 (11.f3 ef3 12.Nf3 Bg4=) 11...Ne6 (11...dc4 12.Bc4 a6 13.Rc1=+) 12.cd5 Nd4 13.Bd4 Nd5 14.Nc3 Nc3 (14...Nb4!? 15.Qb3 Be6=) 15.Qc3+= f6 16.Bc4 Be6?? (better 16...Kh8+=) 17.Be6+– Re6 18.Qb3 (18.Qb3 Qe7 19.f5+–) 1–0. GuestDRTL – GuestYCTC,, 2017.

8.d3 a6 9.a4 ab5 (9...c5 10.c4=+) 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 c6 (11...Re8 12.c4=+) 12.Nc3 Re8 13.Qd2 (13.Bb2 Nc5=+) 13...Bb4 14.Qc1 (14.bc6 bc6 15.Rb1 c5=+) 14...Qa5 15.Qb2 Bc3 (< 15...cb5 16.Rb1 Ba3 17.Qb5=) 16.Qc3 Qb5 17.Bb2 (17.Re1 b6–/+) 17...d4 (17...Ne4!? 18.Qb3 Qb3 19.cb3 Nec5 20.Ne5 Ne5 (20...Re5?! 21.Be5 Ne5 22.d4+=) 21.Be5 Nb3–/+) 18.ed4=+ e4 (18...Nd5 19.Qa3 e4 20.c4+=) 19.Ne5= Nd5 20.Qa3 Nf4 21.Re1 Ne2 22.Re2 ed3 23.cd3 h6 (23...Qd5 24.Qc3=+) 24.h3 Nb6 25.Re4 Bf5–/+ 26.Rf4 Be6 27.d5 Nd5 28.Ra4 b6 29.Nc4 Rd8 30.Kh2 c5 31.Ra8 Ra8 32.Qa8 Kh7 33.Qf8 f6 34.Qd6 Bf7 35.h4 Bg8 36.Bc1 Qb1 37.Be3 Qb3 38.h5–/+ Qd1 39.Nb6 Ne3 40.fe3 c4 41.Nd7? Qh5–+ 42.Kg3 c3 43.Qc7 Qg6–+ 44.Kf3 Qd3 45.Nf6 Kh8 46.Ng8 Kg8 47.Qc8 Kh7 48.Qc5 c2 49.Kg3 Kg6 50.Kh2 Kf6 51.Qf8 Ke6 52.Qg8 Kd7 53.Qg7 Kc6 54.Qa1 Qc4 (55.Qf6 Kc5 56.Qe7 Kb5 57.Qe5 Ka4 58.Qa1 Kb3–+; 54...Qd6 55.Kh3 Qe6 56.Kh2 Qc4 57.Qf6 Kc5 58.Qe5 Kb4 59.Qb2 Ka4 60.Qa1 Kb3–+) 0–1. Pilz,Erhard – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–05 TSC, 2003.

8.d3 a6 9.Nc3 =+.

8.d3 c5 9.c4 d4 10.e4 (10.a4 Re8=+) 10...Ne8 (10...a6 11.a4=+) 11.Nbd2 g6 (11...Nc7 12.Nb3=+) 12.g3 (12.a4!?=) 12...Ng7 (12...f5 13.Qc2–/+) 13.Ne1 (13.a4 a6–/+) 13...Re8 (13...f5 14.a4–/+) 14.Ng2=+ f5 (14...a6 15.a4=+) 15.f4 Nf6 (15...a6 16.Bf3=+) 16.Bf3 (16.Qc2 a6=+) 16...Qc7 17.fe5 (17.Rb1 ef4 18.gf4 Bf4 19.Nf4 Qf4–/+) 17...Be5 18.Qc2 (better is 18.Rb1=+) 18...f4 (better is 18...g5!?=+) 19.gf4+= Bf4 20.Nf4 Qf4 21.Bg2 (21.Nb3 Ng4 22.Bc1 Ne3+=) 21...Qd6 22.Nf3 Ng4 23.Bc1 Nh5 24.Bd2 Rf8 25.e5 Qc7 26.Rae1+= Nf4 27.Bc1 Qg7 28.Nd4+/– Ng2 29.Qg2 cd4 30.Qd5 Kh8 31.e6 Be6 32.Qe6 h5 33.Rf8 Rf8+/– 34.Qe7 Rf7+= 35.Qe8 Kh7= 36.Bb2?? Ne5 37.Rd1 Nf3 38.Kh1 0–1. Grund,Karl – Nikishev,VE, corr ICCF EU–M–408, 1977.

8.d3 c6 9.Nc3 Qc7 10.bc6 (10.h3 Re8=+) 10...bc6 11.h3 (11.Rb1 Rb8=+) 11...Rb8–/+ 12.Rb1 Re8 Black prepares e4 (12...Ba6 13.Re1–/+) 13.Qd2 (13.Na4 Qa5 14.c4 d4=+) 13...e4 (13...Ba6 14.Rfc1–/+) 14.de4 (14.Nd4 Nc5=+) 14...de4 15.Nd4 Rd8 16.Rfd1 Nb6 17.Qc1 (17.Kh1 Be7 18.Qc1 Bd7=+) 17...Bd7 (17...a6 18.Nb3=+) 18.Ba3= Bh2 (18...h6 19.Rb3=) 19.Kh1 Bd6 (19...Nbd5 20.Nd5 cd5 21.c4=) 20.Rb3 Be5 21.Be7 Re8 22.Bc5 Nbd5 23.Qd2 Nb6 24.a4 (24.Ra3 h6=) 24...Nbd5 (24...h6 25.Rdb1=) 25.Rdb1 (25.Na2 Bd6 26.Bd6 Qd6=) 25...Nc3 26.Qc3 Nd5 27.Qd2 Rb3 (27...g6 28.c4 Nf6 29.Kg1=) 28.cb3 a5 (28...Qd8 29.Rd1+=) 29.Bc4 Rb8 (29...h6 30.Rd1+=) 30.Rc1+= Nf6 (30...g6 31.Ba3 Nf6 32.Bb5+–) 31.Rd1 h6 32.Ne2 Rc8 33.Nf4 Bf4 (33...Nd5 34.Bd4 (worse 34.Nd5 cd5 35.Qd5 Be6=) 34...Bf4 35.ef4 Qf4 36.Qf4 (worse 36.Qa5 Bh3 37.Qd2 Be6=+) 36...Nf4 37.Bg7+=) 34.ef4 Nd5 35.Bd4 Re8 (35...Qf4 36.Qf4 (36.Qa5 Bh3 37.Bd5 cd5–/+) 36...Nf4 37.Bg7+=) 36.Bd5 (36.Be5 Qb6+–) 36...cd5+= 37.Bc3 Bc6 (37...Be6 38.Ba5 Qb7 39.b4+=) 38.Ba5+– Qb7 (38...Qa7 39.Rc1 Qa6 40.Bc3+–) 39.Qe3 Rb8 (39...Rc8 40.Bb6+–) 40.Rc1 Be8 (40...h5 41.Kh2+–) 41.Rc3 Bc6 (41...h5 42.Qd4 Qd7 43.Rc7+–) 42.Qd4 f6 43.Rc1 (43.Kg1 Kh8+–) 43...Kh7 (43...Qa6 44.Qd1+–) 44.b4 (44.b4 Ba4 45.Rc7+–) 1–0. Van Rooijen,Peter (1700) – Rattay,Walter (1750), RI–2005–0-00040, 2005.

8.d3 c6 9.c4 dc4 10.dc4 Nc5 (10...Qc7 11.h3=+) 11.Nc3 (better is 11.Be5!? Be5 12.Ne5+=) 11...Qe7 12.Qc2 e4 13.Nd4 Bg4 14.h3 (14.bc6 Be2 15.cb7 Qe5=) 14...Be2 (better is 14...Qe5!? 15.g3 Bh3–/+) 15.Qe2 Rac8 16.Nf5 Qe6 17.Nd6 Qd6 18.Rad1 Qc7 19.Nb1 Qe7 20.Bf6 Qf6 21.Nd2 Qe5 22.f3 f5 23.f4 Qb2 24.Ra1 Rcd8 25.Rfd1 Rd2?? (better is 25...Rd3–/+) 26.Qf1?? (better is 26.Qd2 Qa3 27.Rab1+/–) 26...Rfd8 27.Re1 Rc2 28.Red1 Rdd2 29.Rd2 Rd2 30.Kh1 Nd3 31.Kg1 Rg2! 32.Qg2 Qa1 33.Kh2 Ne1 34.Qd2 Nf3 (35.Kg3 Nd2 36.Kf2 Qf1 37.Kg3 Qg1 38.Kh4 Nf3 39.Kh5 Qg6) 0–1. valpa – stratum,, 2003.

8.d3 Qc7 9.e4 de4 10.de4 Ne4 11.Nbd2 Nd2 12.Qd2 Be7 13.Qe3 Bf6 14.Ng5 Nb6 15.Bd3 g6 16.Ne4 Be7 17.Ng3 f6 18.Qh6 Rf7 19.a4 Be6 20.Rfe1 c4 21.Be2 Nd5 22.Ne4 Rd8 23.Bf3 Bf5 24.Qh4 c3 25.Ba3 Nf4 26.Be7 Qe7 (26...Re7?! 27.Nf6 Kg7 A) 28.Nh7? Rh8–+ (28...Bc2?! 29.Rac1 Nd3 30.Qf6 Kh7 31.Re4+=); B) 28.Ne4=) 27.Nc3 Bc2 28.Qh6 (better is 28.Re3!?–/+) 28...Qb4–+ 29.Ne4 Rd4 30.Ng3 Qd2 31.Kh1 Qf2 32.Ne2 Nd3 33.Rf1 Ra4 34.Bd5 Ra1 35.Bf7 Kf7 36.Qh7 Ke6 37.Ra1 (37.Qg8 Kf5 38.Qc8 Kg5 39.Ra1 Qe2–+) 37...Qe2–+ 38.Qb7 Nf2 (38...Kf5 39.h3–+) 39.Kg1 Nh3! 40.Kh1 (40.gh3 Qe3 Double attack) 40...Bd1 41.Qc8 Kd5 42.Qb7 Kd4 43.Qa7 Ke4 44.Ra4 Ba4 45.Qa4 Kf5 46.Qa1 Nf2 (better is 46...Nf4 47.Qb1 e4–+) 47.Kg1 Nd1 48.h3 Ne3 49.Qa8 e4 50.Qc8 Kg5 (50...Kg5 51.h4 Kf4 52.g3 Kg3 53.Qc7 Kf3 54.Qf4 Kf4 55.h5 Qg2#) 0–1. Rosner,Dirk (2175) – Hohlstein,Walter (2080), RSX15E3 – A00 – SokolskyT–1, 2007.

8.d3 e4 9.Nfd2 Qe7 10.a4 Ne5 (10...Rd8 11.Bd4=+) 11.d4 (11.a5 Rd8=+) 11...Neg4=+ 12.h3 Nh6 (12...Nh2 13.Re1=) 13.c4 c6 (13...dc4 14.Nc4 Bb4 15.Qc2+=) 14.Ba3 Ba3 15.Na3 Be6 (15...cb5 16.ab5 Be6 17.c5=) 16.a5 (16.c5 Rfc8=) 16...dc4 (16...cb5 17.cb5 Rfc8 18.Qb3=) 17.Qb1 (17.bc6 c3 18.cb7 Qb7=) 17...c5 (17...cb5 18.Nb5 Rfc8 19.Nc3=) 18.dc5 Bd5 (18...Qc5 19.Ne4 Ne4 20.Qe4+=) 19.Qb4 (19.Nac4 Qc5 20.Qb2 Rfd8=) 19...Rac8 (19...Rfc8 20.Nac4 Qc5 21.Qc5 Rc5 22.Nd6+=) 20.Nac4 Qc5 21.Qc5 Rc5 22.Nd6 Rd8 23.Rfc1 Rc1 24.Rc1 Kf8 25.Rc8 Ke7 26.Rd8 Kd8 27.Bc4 Kc7 28.Bd5 Nd5 29.Ne8 Kd7 30.Ng7 Nc3 31.g4 b6 32.ab6 ab6 33.Kg2 f6 34.Nc4 Nb5 35.Nb6 Kd6 36.Nh5 Ng8 37.Kg3 Nc3 38.Kf4 Ke6 39.Ng7 Kd6 40.Nf5 Kc6 41.Nc8 Kd5 42.Ng3 Kc6 43.Ne4 (43...Nd1 44.Kf3+–) 1–0. Muller,H – Hanison,Bernard, TT–14.14 ETC, 2004.

8.d3 e4 9.de4 de4 10.Nfd2 Be5 (10...Qe7 11.Nc4=+) 11.Be5 Ne5 12.Nc3 Bf5 13.Nc4 Nc4 14.Bc4 Qe7 15.Nd5 Nd5 (15...Qd6 16.f3 Rad8 17.fe4=) 16.Qd5+= (16.Bd5? Rad8–+) 16...Bg6 (16...Qe6!?+=) 17.Qb7+– Qc5 18.Qd5 Qb6 19.a4 Rad8 (19...Rfd8 20.a5 Qf6 21.Qb7+–) 20.a5+– Qb8 21.Qc5 Rd2 22.Rfd1 Rfd8 23.Rd2 Rd2 24.g3 (24.c3 Kh8+–) 24...h6 (24...Kh8 25.Bd5 h6 26.Qc6+–) 25.h4 (25.Bd5 Qc8 26.Rf1 a6+–) 25...Qd8 26.c3 (26.h5 Rd1 27.Rd1 Qd1 28.Bf1 Bh5 29.Qa7 Be2 30.Qa8 Kh7 31.Qe4 g6=) 26...Rc2 (26...Qf6 27.Rf1 Bf5 28.Qa7+–) 27.Qa7+– Rc3 (27...Qf6 28.Rf1 (28.Qc7?? Qf2 29.Kh1 Qg2) 28...Qc3 29.Bd5+–) 28.Qc5 Kh7 (28...Qd2 29.a6 (29.Qc7?! Kh7+–) 29...Kh7 30.h5+– (30.Qc7?! Qb2 31.Rf1 Qc2+–)) 29.a6 Rc2 (29...Qd2 30.h5 Qb2 31.hg6 fg6+–) 30.a7 Qd2 31.Rf1 Qa5 32.h5 Bh5 (32...Rc4 33.hg6 fg6 34.Qc4 Qa7 35.Qe4 Qc5+–) 33.Qh5 Rc4 34.Qf5 Kg8 35.Qc8 Kh7 36.a8Q (36.a8Q Qa8 37.Qa8+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestVLXS,, 2018.

8.d4 e4

9.Nfd2 a6 10.Ba3 =+.

9.Nfd2 a6 10.a4 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 Nb6 13.c4 Nc4 14.Nc4 dc4 15.Nd2 (worse 15.Bc4 Bh2 16.Kh2 Ng4 17.Kg3 Qd6 18.f4 Ne3-+) 15...Bd7 16.Qb1 Ng4 (16...Bf5 17.Rc1= (17.Bc4? Bh2 18.Kh2 Ng4 19.Kg1 Qh4-+)) 17.h3 Nh2 (better 17...Nf6!?=) 18.Rc1+/- Bh3? (18...Nf3! 19.gf3 Qg5 20.Kf1 Bh3 21.Ke1 Qg1 22.Nf1 ef3 23.Bc4 Re8+/-) 19.gh3+- Qg5 20.Kh1 Qh4 21.Qe4 (21.Ne4?! Qh3 22.Ng5 Qh4 23.Qh7 Qh7 24.Nh7 Kh7+/-) 21...Qh3? (better 21...Qf2 22.Qg2 Qe3+-) 22.Qg2 Qh6 23.Kg1 Re8 24.Nc4 (24.Rc4 Re3 25.fe3 Qe3 26.Qf2 Qg5 27.Kh1 Qh6=; 24.Qb7 Re3 25.Qb8 Bf8 26.fe3 Qe3 27.Kh2 Qd2=; worse 24.Bc4 Re3 25.fe3 Qe3 26.Kh1 Qh6+-) 24...Re6 25.Bd3 (25.Nd6 Rg6 26.Nf5 Rg2 27.Kg2 Qg6 28.Ng3 Ng4 29.Rc7 h5 30.Rc8 Kh7+-) 25...Rf6 (25...Qh5 26.Nd6 (26.Qb7 Nf3 27.Kg2 Qg4 28.Kf1 Qg1 29.Ke2 Qc1 30.Qa8 Bf8 31.Qf3 Qa1-/+) 26...Nf3 27.Kf1 Nd2 28.Ke1 Nf3 29.Kd1 Nh4 30.Be2 Qe2 31.Ke2 Ng2 32.Rc7+-) 26.Nd6 (26.Qb7?? Nf3 27.Kf1 Qh1 28.Ke2 Qc1 29.Qa8 Bf8 30.Qf3 Rf3 (30...Qa1?! 31.Qg4-/+) 31.Kf3 Qd1 32.Be2 Qa1-+) 26...Nf3 27.Kf1 Nd2 (27...Nh2 28.Ke1 Rd6 29.Rc7 Rd8+-) 28.Ke2 Nb3 (28...Rd6 29.Rc7 Rd8 30.Kd2 b6+-) 29.Rc7 g6 30.Rc8 Kg7 31.Ne8 Kf8 32.Nf6 Ke7 33.Qe4 Kf6 34.Qe5 1-0. DEFFM – GuestFRGF,, 2021.

9.Nfd2 a6 10.ba6!? b5 11.Bb5 Ba6 12.Ba6 Ra6 13.Qe2=+.

9.Nfd2 a6 10.c4 ab5–/+ 11.c5 Be7 12.Bb5 c6 13.Be2 b6 14.cb6 Qb6 15.Qc2 (15.Nb3 Ba6–/+) 15...Ba6 16.Nc3 (16.Nb3 Be2 17.Qe2 Rfb8–/+) 16...c5 (16...Bd3 17.Qc1–+) 17.dc5 (17.Ba6 Ra6 18.dc5 Nc5–/+) 17...Nc5 18.Ba6 (18.Nb3 Bd3 19.Bd3 ed3–/+) 18...Qa6–+ 19.a4 (19.f3–+) 19...Rfc8 20.Ba3 Bd6 21.Bc5 Rc5 22.Nb3 Rc4 23.Rfc1 (23.Rac1 Be5 24.Qd2 Ng4–+) 23...Qc8 24.Nd2 (24.Qb2 Qb8 25.g3 Be5–+) 24...Rc6 25.Qb2 (better 25.a5–+) 25...Be5 26.Ra3 d4 27.ed4 Bd4 28.Rb3 (28.Rc2 Qc7 29.g3 Rb8–+) 28...Qf5 29.Nf1 (29.Kh1 Rac8 30.g3 h6–+) 29...Ng4 Black prepares the advance e3 30.Rc2 e3 31.Ne3 (31.fe3 Ne3 32.Rf2 Nf1 33.Kf1 Bf2 (33...Qf2?! 34.Qf2 Bf2 35.Kf2–+) 34.Qf2 Qd7–+) 31...Ne3 32.Re2 (32.Nd5 Bb2 (32...Qd5?! 33.Rb8 Qd8 34.Rd8 Rd8 35.Rc6 Bb2 36.fe3–+) 33.Ne7 Kf8 34.Nf5 Nc2 35.Rb2 Nd4–+) 32...Rac8 33.Re3 Be3 34.fe3 Rf6 35.Qe2 Rc3! (35...Rc3 36.Rb8 Rc8 37.Rc8 Qc8–+) 0–1. Luzuriaga,Norberto Horacio – Quednau,Hans Joachim, DESC CIF–Jubilee email, 2003.

9.Nfd2 c5 10.c4 Qc7 11.h3 cd4 12.Bd4 Bh2 13.Kh1 Be5 14.Nc3 Bd4 15.ed4 dc4 16.Qc2 Nb6 17.Nde4 Ne4 18.Qe4 Bd7 19.Bf3 ½–½. marekt – ARMAGEDON_8,, 2003.

9.Nfd2 c6 10.Ba3 c5 =+.

9.Nfd2 c6 10.c4 cb5 11.c5 Bc7 (11...Bb8!?=+) 12.Bb5= b6 13.cb6 (13.c6 Nb8 14.Ba3 Re8=) 13...Nb6 (13...ab6 14.Ba3 Re8 15.Qc2=+) 14.Be2 (14.Ba3 Bd6=) 14...Qd6=+ 15.g3 Qe6 (15...Bh3 16.Ba3 Qe6 17.Bf8 Bf1 18.Qf1 Rf8 19.Nc3=+) 16.Nc3 (16.Qc2 Bb8=+) 16...Qh3 17.Re1 Ng4 18.Nf1 f5 (18...Bd6 19.Rc1 Bf5 20.Nb5=+) 19.Nb5 (19.Rb1 Be6=+) 19...Bb8 20.Rc1 Rf6 21.Bg4 (better is 21.Qb3!? Be6 22.Bg4 fg4 23.Nc7 Bc7 24.Rc7–/+) 21...fg4–/+ 22.Qb3 Bd7 23.Ba3 Qh5 24.Be7 Rf7 25.Bc5 Qf5 26.Re2 Bb5 27.Qb5=+ Bc7 28.Nd2 h5 29.Bb6 ab6 30.Nb3= h4 31.Rec2 h3=+ 32.Qe2 Bd6 33.Nd2 Rfa7 34.Nb1 Bb4 35.Kf1 Qf3–/+ 36.Qf3 gf3 37.Rb2 Ra4 38.Rcc2 Kf8 39.Nd2 Ke8 40.Ke1 Kd7 41.Kd1 Rc8 42.Nb1 Rc6 43.Rc6 Kc6 44.a3 Bd6 45.Rb3 b5 46.Kc2 b4 47.ab4 Ra2 48.Rb2 Rb2 49.Kb2 Bb4 50.Nc3 Bd6 51.Nb1 Bb4 52.Nc3 Ba5 53.Kb3 Bc7 54.Nb1 Kb5 55.Nc3 Ka5 56.Nb1 Bd6 57.Nd2 Bb4 58.Kc2 Ka4 59.Kc1 Bc3 60.Kd1 Kb4 61.Kc2 Ba1 62.Nb3= Bc3 63.Nd2 Bd2 64.Kd2 ½–½. Zschalich,Arndt – Weber, corr DDR–ch14 sf, 1986.

9.Nfd2 c6 10.bc6 bc6 11.Ba3 Ba3 12.Na3 Qe7 13.Qc1 Nb6 14.c4 Bg4 15.Bg4 Ng4 16.h3 Nh6 17.Qc3 Nf5 18.Rfb1 Rfb8 19.Qa5 Qd7 20.Rb3+= Nc8 21.Rab1 (21...Rb3 22.Nb3+=). Crapov – Reg_UK,, 2006.

9.Nfd2 Qe7 10.a4 (10.de4 Be5 11.Nc3 Qb4+=) 10...Ne5 (10...Rd8 11.Nb3+=) 11.d4 Neg4 (11...Ng6 12.c4 c6 13.Nc3=) 12.h3 Nh6 (12...Nh2 13.Re1 Bd7 14.c4+=) 13.c4= c6 14.Ba3 Ba3 15.Na3 Be6 16.a5 dc4 17.Qb1 c5 18.dc5 Bd5 (18...Qc5 19.Nac4 (worse is 19.Ndc4 Qg5 20.f4 ef3 21.Bf3 Rac8–/+) 19...Rac8 20.Rc1=) 19.Qb4 Rac8 20.Nac4 Qc5 21.Qc5 Rc5 22.Nd6 Rd8 (22...Rc7!?=) 23.Rfc1+/– Rc1 24.Rc1 Kf8 25.Rc8 Ke7 26.Rd8 Kd8 27.Bc4 Kc7 28.Bd5 Nd5 29.Ne8 Kd7 30.Ng7 Nc3 31.g4 b6 32.ab6 ab6 33.Kg2 f6 34.Nc4 Nb5 35.Nb6 Kd6 36.Nh5 Ng8 37.Kg3 Nc3 38.Kf4 Ke6 39.Ng7 Kd6 40.Nf5 Kc6 41.Nc8 Kd5? (better is 41...Nd1!? 42.Kg3 Nc3+/–) 42.Ng3+– Kc6 (42...Nh6 43.Nb6 Kc6 44.Nc4+–) 43.Ne4 (43.Ne4 Nd5 44.Kf3+–) 1–0. Muller,H – Hanison,Bernard, TT–14.14 ETC, 2004.

9.Ne5 Qe8 10.Nd7 Bd7 11.a4 =+.

9.Ne5 Re8 10.c4 (10.Nd7 Qd7 11.c4 dc4 12.Bc4 c6 13.bc6 Qc7=) 10...Be5 (10...Ne5 11.de5 Be5 12.Be5 Re5 13.Nc3–/+) 11.de5=+ Ne5 12.c5 (12.cd5 Qd5 (< 12...Nd5 13.Qd4=) 13.Nc3 Qd1 14.Rad1 Bg4=+) 12...c6 (12...Bg4 13.Bg4 Nfg4 14.h3–+) 13.a4 (13.Na3 Qe7–/+) 13...h5 (13...Bg4–/+) 14.Bh5? (better is 14.h3=+) 14...Nh5–+ 15.Qh5 Bg4 16.Qe5 Re5 17.Be5 Qg5 (17...cb5 18.ab5 Be2 19.Rc1 Bb5 20.Nc3–+) 18.Bf4–/+ Qf6 19.Nd2 (19.Ra2!?–/+) 19...Qc3 20.f3 Bd7 (20...Bf3 21.Nf3 ef3 22.bc6 bc6 23.gf3 Qc5 24.Rac1–+) 21.bc6 (21.Rfd1 ef3 22.Nf3 Qc5–+) 21...bc6 (21...Bc6 22.Rfd1–+) 22.Rfd1 (22.Rad1 ef3 23.Nf3 Qc5–+) 22...ef3 23.Nf3 Qc5 24.Ne5 (24.Rac1 Qa3 25.Ne5 Rd8–+) 24...Qe7 25.Rac1 Rc8 (25...g5 26.Bg3 f6 27.Nd7 Qd7 28.e4–+) 26.e4 f6 27.Nd7 Qd7 28.Be3 (28.ed5 cd5 29.Rc8 Qc8 30.Rd5–+) 28...Re8 (29.ed5 Re3 30.dc6 Qc7–+; 28...Qe7 29.e5–+) 0–1. Roczniak,Jan – Marcinek, Poland (year?).

9.Nfd2 Nb6

10.Ba3 Be6 =+.

10.a4 a6 11.a5 Nbd7 12.Ba3 Ba3 13.Na3 ab5 14.Nb5 =+.

10.a4 a6 11.ba6 ba6 12.Ba3 =.

10.a4 Bd7 11.a5 Nc8 12.c4 dc4 13.Nc3 c6 (13...Bb4 14.Bc4 Nd6 15.Qb3 Bc3 16.Bc3 Nc4 17.Nc4=) 14.bc6 Bc6 15.Nc4 Bc7 16.f3 (16.Qc2 Nd6=) 16...Ne7 (16...ef3 17.Bf3 Nd6 18.Nd6 Qd6 19.g3=) 17.Qc2 (17.fe4 Ne4 (17...Be4? 18.Rf6 Bf5 19.Rf5 Nf5 20.Qb3+–) 18.Ne4 Be4=) 17...ef3 18.Bf3 Ned5 (18...Rc8 19.Qb3=) 19.e4 (19.Nd5 Bd5 20.e4 Ne4 21.Be4 Qh4 22.Bh7 Qh7 23.Qh7 Kh7=) 19...Nc3 (19...Nb4 20.Qd2+=) 20.Bc3= Ne4 21.Be4 Qh4 22.Bh7 Qh7 23.Qh7 Kh7 24.Ne5 Bd5 25.Bb4 Rfe8 (25...Be5 26.de5 Rfc8 27.Rfd1=) 26.Nf7 Re2 27.Ng5 Kg6 28.Nf3 Rh8 (28...Rd8 29.Nh4 Kh7 30.Rac1=) 29.h3 Bg3 30.Bc5+= a6 31.Rac1 Bf4 32.Rb1+= Rhe8 33.Rb6 Kh7 34.Rbb1 R8e6 35.Rb6 Bc6 36.d5 Bd5 37.Re6 Re6 38.Kf2 Rc6 39.Bb6 Rc2 40.Kg1 Bg3 41.Bd8 Ra2 42.Bb6 Bc6 43.Rd1 Ba4 44.Rf1 Bd6 45.Rf2 Ra3 46.Rb2 Bc6 47.Kf2= Be7 48.Re2 Bf6 49.Re3 ½–½. Grund,Karl Heinz – Vornum,Wolfgang, corr, 1971.

10.a4 Bd7 11.a5 Nc8 12.c4 c6 13.Nc3 dc4 14.bc6 Bc6 15.Nc4 Bc7 16.Qb3 Ne7 17.Nb5 Bb5 18.Qb5 Rb8 (18...Qd5 19.Qc5 Nc6 20.Qd5 Nd5 21.f3+=) 19.Ba3+= Re8 20.Rfc1 a6 21.Qb3 Nc6 22.Bc5 Ba5 23.Nd6 Re7 24.d5 Bc7 25.dc6 Bd6 26.Rd1 Ne8 27.Bd6 Nd6 28.Qd5 Re6 29.cb7 Qe7 30.Ba6 g6 (30...h6 31.Ra2+–) 31.Qc5 (31...Rf6 32.Rab1+–) 1–0. Krebs,Juergen (2345) – Zylla,Johannes (2135), BdF T, 2004.

10.a4 Be6 11.a5 Nc8 (11...Nbd7 12.Ba3=) 12.c4 dc4 13.Nc3 (13.Nc4 Nd5=) 13...Bf5 (13...a6!?=+) 14.Nc4+= Ne7 (14...Be6 15.d5 Bd5 16.Nd6 Qd6 17.Ba3+/–) 15.Qa4 (15.a6 Rb8+=) 15...Re8 (15...Ned5 16.Nd6 cd6 17.a6+=) 16.Rfc1 (16.a6 b6+=) 16...Ned5 17.Nd6 Qd6 18.Ba3 Qd7 19.Ra2 (19.a6 Nc3 20.Rc3 Nd5+/–) 19...Nc3 20.Rc3 a6 21.Qc2 (21.Bc5 Be6 22.Rb2 Nd5+=) 21...Nd5 22.Rc5 ab5 23.Bb5 c6 24.Bc4 Nc7 (24...Red8 25.Rb2+=) 25.Rb2+/– Na6 26.Ba6 (better is 26.Rb7! Qb7 27.Rf5+–) 26...Ra6= 27.Qb3 Rb8 28.d5 cd5 29.Rd5+= Qc8 30.Qd1 Be6 31.Rc5 Rc6 32.Rc6 bc6 33.Qd4 Bd5 34.h3 Ra8 35.Qc5 h6 36.Rb6 Ra6 37.Qd6 Ra8 38.Bc5 Kh7 39.Bb4= Qe6 40.Qe6+/– fe6 41.Bc3 Ra7 42.a6 c5 43.Be5+= c4 44.Kf1 Kg6 45.Ke1 Kf5 46.Bb8 Rd7 47.Kd2 Ba8 48.Kc2 Rd5 49.Kc3+– Ra5 50.Kc4 Bd5 51.Kb4 Ra2 52.g4 Kf6 53.Bg3 Ke7 54.Kc5 Ra5 55.Kb4?? Ra2 56.h4 g5 57.h5 Rb2 58.Kc5 Rc2 59.Kd4 Rc4 60.Ke5 Ra4 61.Rb8 Kf7? 62.Rh8 Kg7+/– 63.Rd8 Ra6 64.Rd7 Kg8 65.Kf6 Ra8 66.Be5 Ra2 67.Rg7 Kf8 68.Bd6 Ke8+= 69.Bg3 Bc4? 70.Rh7 Ra6 71.Rh6 e5 72.Kg5 Rh6 73.Kh6 Kf7 74.Be5 Kf8 75.g5 Be2 76.Kg6 Bc4 77.h6 Bf7 78.Kf6 Bh5 79.Kf5 Bf7 80.Ke4 (80...Be6 81.h7+–; 80.h7 Bg6 81.Kg6 Ke7+–) 1–0. Schiefelbusch,Dirk – Berkenbusch,Franz, Ruhrgebiet VK1–chT, 1995.

9.Nfd2 Re8

10.c4 c5 11.cd5 Qc7 12.Kh1 Bh2 13.g3 Bg3 14.fg3 Qg3 15.Qb3 =+.

10.c4 c6

11.a4 Bb8 12.bc6 Qc7 13.g3 bc6 14.Nc3 =.

11.a4 Nf8 12.Nc3 Ne6 13.Ba3 Bb8 14.Rc1 Ng5 15.cd5 cd5 16.Na2 g6 17.Re1 h5 18.Nf1 Ng4 19.Qc2 Qf6 20.Bd1 Be6 21.Qe2 h4 22.f4?? ef3–+ 23.gf3 Nf2! 24.Nd2?? Nfh3 (25.Kh1 Bf5=; 24...Ngh3 25.Kf1 Qg5 26.Qf2 Nf2 27.Kf2 Bh3–+) 0–1. Veer,W – Liao,Yuan Eu (2280), Thessaloniki ol (Men), 1984.

11.Nc3 Qa5 =.

11.Nc3 Nf8 12.Qb3 Bg4 13.Bg4 Ng4 14.h3 Nf6 15.Ba3 Bc7 16.Rab1 Ne6 17.bc6 bc6 18.Qa4 Ba5 19.Bb2 Qc7 20.Rfc1 Bc3 21.Rc3 Qd7 22.Ba3 Rab8 23.Rbb3 Rb6 24.cd5 cd5 25.Qd7 Nd7 26.Rb6 Nb6 27.Rc6 Rc8 28.Rc8 Nc8 29.Nb1 ½–½. Trkn – guest4898, ICC, 2004.

9.Nfd2 Ne8

10.c4 dc4 11.Nc3 Nef6 12.Nc4 +=.

10.c4 c6 11.cd5 (11.bc6 bc6 12.Ba3 Qg5=) 11...cd5 12.Nc3 Nc7 13.f3 (13.Qb3 Nf6=) 13...Qh4 14.f4 (14.g3 Qg5 15.fe4 Qe3 16.Rf2 A) 16...Qd4? 17.Nd5 Qb2 18.Nc4 Qa1 19.Qa1 Nd5 20.Nd6+– (20.ed5?! Bc5=); B) 16...a6=) 14...b6 (14...Nf6 15.Rc1=+) 15.a4= Nf6 16.Ba3 Rd8 (16...Ba3 17.Ra3 a6 18.Qe1 Qe1 19.Re1 ab5 20.Nb5 Nb5 21.Bb5=) 17.Bd6 Rd6 18.Qe1 Qh6 19.Rc1 Nce8 (19...a6 20.ba6 Ba6 21.Nce4 de4 22.Rc7+=) 20.Qg3+= Bf5 (20...a6 21.Qg5+=) 21.h3 g6 (21...Nd7 22.Kh2+=) 22.Qh2 (22.Qf2 Be6+/–) 22...Qh4 23.g4 (23.Rc2 Rc8+=) 23...Bc8 (23...Bd7 24.Kg2+=) 24.Kg2 Nd7 25.Qg3 Qg3 26.Kg3 Bb7 27.Na2 Nb8 28.Nb4 a5+= 29.ba6 Ba6 30.Ba6 Na6 31.Na6 Ra6 32.Rc8 Kf8 33.Ra1 Ke7 34.Nb3 Kd7 35.Rcc1 Ra8 36.h4 h5 37.a5 ba5 38.Na5 Rb8 39.Rab1 Rdb6 40.Rb6 Rb6 41.Rc5 Nc7 42.f5 gf5 43.g5? Kd6–+ 44.Rc3 Ne6 45.Nb3 Rb4 46.Nc1 (46.Kf2 f4–+) 0–1. Roczniak,Jan – Juszczyk,P, Poland, 1980.

10.c4 c6 11.f4 f5 (11...Nef6 12.Nc3=) 12.a4 a6 (12...Nef6 13.c5 Be7 14.Qb3=) 13.Nc3 Nef6 (13...Ndf6 14.Qb3+=) 14.Qb3 Kh8 (14...Qe7 15.cd5 cb5 16.ab5+/–) 15.cd5+/– cd5 (15...cb5 16.ab5 Nb6 17.Nc4 Nc4 18.Qc4+/–) 16.Nd5 a5 (16...Nd5 17.Qd5 Nb6 18.Qb3+/–) 17.Nf6 Nf6 18.Bc4 (18.Rfd1 Re8+–) 18...b6 19.Rfd1 Ra7 20.Rac1 Re7 (20...Rc7 21.Ba3+/–) 21.Nf1 (21.d5 Rd7+/–) 21...Qe8 (21...Rc7 22.Ba3+/–) 22.Ng3 Nh5 (22...Qg6 23.Ba3 Rd8 24.Bd6 Rd6 25.Bf7 Qf7 26.Qf7 Rf7 27.Rc8 Ng8 28.Rc6+–) 23.Nh5 (23.Ne2 Qg6+–) 23...Qh5 24.Bd5 (24.Ba3 Rd7+–) 24...Qe8 (24...Rd8 25.Bc6+/–) 25.Rc6 (25...Qd8 26.Rdc1+–) 1–0. pierre (2135) – divergence (1725), internet, 2007.

10.c4 f5 11.h3 (11.Nc3 dc4 12.Nc4 Ndf6+/–) 11...c6 12.a4 (12.Nc3!? Ndf6 13.bc6 bc6 14.c5+=) 12...f4= 13.cd5 f3 14.dc6 (worse is 14.gf3 Qg5 15.Kh1 Qh5+=) 14...fg2 15.Kg2 Qg5 16.Bg4 Ndf6 17.f4 Qg6 (better is 17...ef3!? 18.Nf3 Qg6 19.Qb3 Rf7=) 18.cb7+/– Bg4? (18...Bb7!? 19.Kh2 Ng4 20.Qg4 Qh6+/–) 19.hg4+– (19.ba8Q?! Bd1 20.Kf2 Qh5 21.Rd1 Ng4 22.hg4 Qh4 23.Ke2 Qh2 24.Ke1 Qh4 25.Kf1 Qh3 26.Ke2 Qh2 27.Ke1 Qh4 28.Ke2 Qh2=) 19...Ng4?? (better is 19...Rb8 20.Qb3 Rf7+–) 20.Qb3 (20.ba8R?? Ne3 21.Kf2 Nd1 22.Ke2 Nb2–+; 20.ba8Q Ne3 21.Kf2 Nd1 22.Ke1 Nb2 23.Qd5 Kh8–/+; 20.ba8B?? Ne3 21.Kf2 Nd1 22.Ke2 Qg4 23.Rf3 Nf6 24.Be4 Nb2–+) 20...Kh8 21.ba8Q (21.ba8N Ne3 22.Kf2 Bf4 23.Qe3 Be3 24.Ke3 Qg3 25.Ke4 Rf1–+) 21...Ne3 (21...Nef6 22.Qf8! Bf8 23.Rg1 Ne3 24.Kf2 Neg4 25.Ke1+–) 22.Kf2 Bf4 (22...Nf6 23.Qb7 Bf4 24.Qe3 Be3 25.Ke3+–) 23.Qe3! (23.Qe3 Be3 24.Ke3 Qg5 25.Ke2 Qh5 26.Ke1+–) 1–0. Welti – Grimstad, corr Switzerland–Norway, 1994. (=1.Nf3 d5 2.b4 Nf6 3.Bb2 e6 4.b5 Nbd7 5.e3 Bd6 6.Be2 0-0 7.0-0 e5 8.d4 e4 9.Nfd2 Ne8)

10.c4 Qg5 11.Qc1 c6 12.f4 Qg6 13.Nc3 =+.

10.c4 Qg5 11.Qc1 Qg6 12.c5 Be7 13.Nc3 c6 14.a4 (14.f3 f5=) 14...Nb8 15.Kh1 Bg5 (15...f5 16.f3=) 16.Qd1 (16.f4 Bf6=) 16...Nc7 (16...Nf6 17.Rb1=) 17.f3 (17.Qb3 Nd7=) 17...ef3 18.Nf3 Be3 19.Bc1 Bc1 20.Qc1 Qg4 21.Bd3 f6 (21...Ne6 22.Ne2+=) 22.h3 Qh5 23.Ne2 Qe8 24.Qf4 Ne6 25.Qh4 g6 26.Nf4 Nf4 27.Qf4 Rf7 (27...Qd8 28.Rae1+=) 28.Rae1 Qf8 29.Re2 a6 (29...b6 30.Rfe1 Bd7 31.Qc1+=) 30.b6 Nd7 31.Rfe1 g5 (31...Qg7!?+/–) 32.Qg3+– Qg7 33.Re8 Nf8 34.Bf5! Bf5 35.Ra8 Be4 36.a5 Re7 37.Rf1 Rf7 38.Qg4 h6 39.Qc8 h5 40.Nd2 Bd3 41.Rf3 Bc2 42.Rc3 Qh7 43.Re3 Bf5 44.Qb8 Qh6 45.Qg3 g4 46.Qf2 Qg6 47.Rd8 Qg5 48.h4 Qh6 49.Kg1 Bg6 50.Rc8 Bf5 51.Rb8 Bg6 52.Ree8 Qg7 53.Qf4 Kh7 54.Rbc8 f5 55.Rc7 Kg8 56.Rb8 Qf6 57.Rcb7 Rb7 58.Rb7 Ne6 59.Qb8 Nf8 60.Qe5 Qe5 61.de5 Ne6 62.Rb8 Kf7 63.Nb3 f4 64.b7 Kg7 65.Ra8 (65...Nc7 66.Ra7+–) 1–0. pierre – Ellada,, 2006.

10.c4 Qg5 11.cd5 Ndf6 12.Re1 =.

7.0-0 Re8

8.a4 a6 9.Na3 e5 10.c4 c6 11.Qc2 e4 12.Nd4 Ne5 13.c5 Bb8 14.f4 ef3 15.gf3 ab5 16.ab5 cb5 17.Nab5 Ra1 18.Ra1 (worse is 18.Ba1 Bh3 19.Rf2 Qd7+=) 18...Ng6 19.Bf1 Bd7 20.Nd6 Bd6 21.cd6 Qb6 22.Ba3 1–0. pierred (2825) – mgilbert (2375), net–, 2015.

8.c4 dc4 9.Bc4 Nc5 (better 9...Nb6!? 10.Be2 e5=) 10.d4+– Ncd7 11.Nbd2 e5 (better 11...a6!?+=) 12.Qb3+– Re7 13.Ng5 (13.Ng5 Qe8 14.f3+–) 1–0. GuestZNHB – averagesg,, 2020.

8.d3 a6 9.a4 c5 10.c4 b6 11.Nbd2 Bb7 12.Bc3 e5 13.ba6 Ra6 14.cd5 Nd5 15.Bb2 Ra8 16.e4 Nf4 17.Nc4 Bc7 18.Re1 Ne2 19.Re2 Bc6 20.Re1 (20.Bc3 Qf6+=) 20...f6 (20...Ra7 21.Bc3+=) 21.Nh4 (21.Qb3 Kh8=) 21...Nf8+= 22.Re3 (22.Qb3 Ne6+=) 22...Qd7–/+ 23.Nb6?? (better is 23.a5 ba5 24.Nf5–/+) 23...Bb6–+ 24.Qb3 Ne6 25.Rg3 (25.Nf5 Reb8 26.Rg3 Kh8–+ (26...Ba4?! 27.Ra4 Qa4 28.Qe6 Kh8 29.h3–+)) 25...Ba4 26.Qc4 (26.Qa2 Bb5 27.Qa8 Ra8 28.Ra8 Kf7–+) 26...Bb5 27.Qb3 (27.Qc2 Ra1 28.Ba1 c4–+) 27...Ra1 28.Ba1 g6 (better is 28...c4!? 29.Qd1–+) 29.h3 Kh8 30.Qb1 Nf4 31.Rf3 Bd8 32.g3 (32.Qd1 Nd3 33.Re3 c4–+) 32...Bd3 33.Qd1 c4 (33...Nh3 34.Kg2 c4 35.Qh1–+) 34.Bb2 (34.gf4 ef4 35.Ng2–+) 34...Qb7 (better is 34...Nh3 35.Kg2 Ng5 36.Kg1–+) 35.Qa4 (35.gf4 Qb2 36.fe5 c3 37.Rd3 c2 38.Rd8 cd1Q 39.Rd1 Re5–+) 35...Re7 36.Ba3 Qa7 37.Qb4 Kg7 38.Qd6 Qd7 39.Qb8 Re6 40.Qa8 Be7 41.Bb2 Rb6 42.Bc3 Rb3 43.Bd2 Be4! 44.Qe4 Qd2 45.Qc4 Rf3 46.Nf3–+ Qd1 47.Qf1 Qf3 48.Kh2 Bc5 0–1. Mauron,Regis – Delpech,Olivier (1750), 13e Tournoi de Nol, 2010.

8.d4= a6 9.Ba3 =.

8.d4= e5 9.c4 (better is 9.de5 Ne5 10.Ne5 Be5 11.Be5 Re5 12.Nd2=) 9...dc4 (9...e4 10.Nfd2=+) 10.Bc4 (10.de5 c3 A) 11.ed6?? cb2 12.dc7 Qc7–+ (12...ba1R 13.cd8Q Rd8 14.Qc2+=; 12...ba1Q 13.cd8Q Rd8 14.Qc2–+); B) 11.ef6?? cb2 12.Nbd2 ba1Q 13.Qa1 Nf6–+; C) 11.Bc3 Ne5 12.Be5 Be5 13.Qd8 Bh2 14.Kh2 Rd8 15.Rc1+–) 10...e4= 11.Nfd2 (11.Ng5 Re7=) 11...Nb6=+ 12.Be2 Nfd5 (12...Nbd5 13.Nc4=+) 13.Nc3 (better is 13.Ba3=+) 13...Ne3?? (better is 13...Qh4 14.h3 Bf5=+) 14.fe3+– Qh4 (better is 14...Qg5 15.Nde4 Qe3 16.Nf2 Nd5 17.Nd5 Qe2 18.Qe2 Re2+–) 15.Rf4?? (15.g3 Qh6 16.Nde4 Qe3 17.Kg2 Re4 18.Ne4 Qe4 19.Bf3+/–) 15...Bf4=+ 16.ef4 Qf4 17.a4 (17.d5 e3 18.Nf3 Bg4=+) 17...Re6 (17...Qe3!? 18.Kh1 Qd4–/+) 18.a5 (18.d5 Re7=) 18...Nd7 (18...Qe3 19.Kh1 Nd7 20.Nd5+–) 19.Nd5 Qd6 20.Bc4 Rh6 21.Nf1= Kh8 22.Ba3+= Qg6 23.Nc7+/– Rb8 24.Qb3 Nf6? 25.Bf7+– Qf5 26.Qg3 Qg4 27.Qd6 Bf5 28.Ne3 Qg5 29.Nf5 Qf5 30.Be6 Qh5 31.Re1 Qh4 32.Qg3 Qg3 33.hg3 Rg6 34.d5 Rg3 35.Be7 Rd3 36.Bf5 Nd5 37.Be4 Re3 38.Re3 Ne3 39.Bc5 Nc4 40.b6 ab6 41.ab6 Ne5 42.Bd4 Nd7 43.Kf2 Nf6 44.Bf3 Kg8 45.g4 h6 46.Ke3 Kf7 47.Kf4 Rd8 48.Ke5 Nd7 49.Ke4 Nf6 50.Kd3 Rb8 51.Kc4 Ke7 52.Kb5 g6 53.Nd5 Nd5 54.Bd5 h5 55.g5 Kd6 56.Bf7 h4 57.Bc5 Ke5+/– 58.Be7 h3 59.Bf6 Kd6? 60.Bg6+– h2 61.Be4 Re8? 62.Bb7 Re1 63.g6 h1Q 64.Bh1 Rh1 65.g7 Rg1 66.b7 Kc7 67.Ka6 (67...Rg6 68.Ka7+–) 1–0. Lauermann,Answarth – Hankel,Dennis, Baunatal op 2nd, 1996.

8.d4 Nf8 9.Ne5 (9.c4 b6+=) 9...Ng6 (9...c6 10.c4=) 10.f4 (10.Nd2 a6=) 10...Bd7 (10...a6 11.ba6 b6 12.Bb5 Ba6 13.Be8 Qe8 14.Rf3=) 11.c4+= dc4 (11...c5 12.bc6 Bc6 13.Nc3+=) 12.Bc4 Nd5 13.Qf3 Nb6 (13...c6 14.Nd2+=) 14.Bd3+– Na4 15.Ba3 (15.Bc1 f5+=) 15...Ba3 (15...Rb8!?+=) 16.Na3+– Rb8 (16...Ne5 17.fe5 (worse 17.de5 Nc5 18.Rfd1 Qe7=) 17...Qe7 18.Rab1+–) 17.Rac1 (better 17.Bg6 hg6 18.Rab1+–) 17...Nb2? (17...f5!?+–) 18.Be4 (18.Bg6 hg6 19.Rc2 Na4+–) 18...Bc8 (18...f5 19.Bb7 Ne5 20.de5+–) 19.Nac4 (19.Qe2 f5 20.Ng6 fe4 21.Qb2 hg6+–) 19...Na4 (better 19...Nc4!? 20.Rc4 f5+–) 20.Qh5+– f5 21.Bc2 (21.Bd3 Ne5 22.Ne5 Re7+–) 21...Nc3 (21...Nb6 22.Nb6 cb6 23.Ng6 hg6 24.Qg6+–) 22.Bb3 Ne5 (22...Nb5 23.Ng6 hg6 24.Qg6+–) 23.Ne5 (23.de5?! Nd5+– (23...Nb5? 24.a4+–)) 23...Nb5?? (23...g6 24.Ng6 Ne2 25.Qe2 hg6+–) 24.Qf7 Kh8 25.Rf3 (better 25.Ng6 hg6 26.Rf3+–) 25...Qe7 (25...h6 26.Ba4 Re7 27.Ng6 Kh7 28.Ne7 Nd6 29.Qg6 Kh8 30.Nc8 Rc8 31.Qe6 c6+–) 26.Ng6! (26.Ng6 hg6 27.Rh3 Qh4 28.Rh4) 1–0. Silva,Janderson Rossi Da (1740) – Santos Filho,Valter (1845), Championship Paranaense Absoluto de Xad, 2015.

8.Re1 e5 9.d3 a6 10.a4 e4 11.de4 de4 (< 11...Re4 12.Nc3+/–) 12.Nfd2 Ne5 13.Nc3 Bf5 14.h3 Qe7 (14...ab5 15.ab5 Bb4 16.Nb3=) 15.Qc1 (15.g4!? Bg6 16.g5+=) 15...Qe6 16.Qd1 Qe7 (16...ab5 17.Nb5 Red8 18.Qb1=+) 17.Qc1 (17.g4 Bg6 18.g5 Nfd7 19.Nde4 ab5 20.ab5 Ra1 21.Ba1 Nb6+=) 17...a5 18.Ba3 (18.g4 Bg6=+) 18...Rad8 19.Bd6 Rd6 20.Nf1 h5 (20...Red8!?–/+) 21.Rd1= Red8 22.Ng3 Bg6 23.Rd6 Rd6 (23...Qd6 24.Qb2 Qb4 25.Qb4 ab4 26.Rd1=+) 24.Qe1= h4 25.Nf1 Qe6 26.f3? (better is 26.Nd2=) 26...ef3–+ 27.gf3 Qh3 28.Rd1 Nf3 29.Bf3 Qf3 30.Rd6 cd6 31.Qh4 Bc2 32.Qg3 Qg3 33.Ng3 Kf8 34.Nge2 Ne4 35.Ne4 Be4 36.Kf2 Ke7 37.Nd4 d5 38.Ke2 Kd6 39.Nb3 Bc2 40.Na5 Kc7 41.Kd2 Ba4 42.Kc3 Kb6 43.Nb3 Bb3 44.Kb3 Kb5 45.Kc3 Kc5 46.Kd3 b5 47.Kc3 b4 48.Kd3 Kb5 49.Kc2 Kc4 50.Kd2 b3 51.Kc1 Kc3 52.Kb1 b2 53.e4 de4 54.Ka2 Kc2 55.Ka3 b1Q 56.Ka4 Qb6 57.Ka3 Qb3 0–1. Hajek,Jaroslav – Lacko,Dusan Jr (1760), Brno Duras BVK op–B, 2003.

7.d4 a6

8.0-0 ab5 9.Bb5 c6 10.Bd3 Qc7 11.Nbd2 b5 12.Qe1 Re8 13.g3 (13.Qb1 Ng4=+) 13...Ra7 14.e4 e5 15.ed5 e4 16.Ne4 Ne4 (16...cd5?! 17.Nf6 Nf6 18.Qc1=; 16...Nd5?! 17.Qb1=) 17.Be4 Nf6 (better is 17...f5!? 18.dc6 Nf6–+ (18...fe4?! 19.cd7 Bd7 20.Ne5=; 18...Re4?! 19.cd7 Re1 20.dc8R Qc8 21.Ne1–/+)) 18.Ne5=+ cd5 (< 18...Be5 19.de5 Ne4 20.Qe4 cd5 21.Qd5+=; 18...Ne4?! 19.Qe4 f6 20.f4=+) 19.Bg2 Qc2 20.Qb1 Qb1 21.Rfb1 Bf5 22.Re1 b4 23.g4 Be6 24.g5 Ne4 25.Be4 de4 26.Re4 Bd5 27.Re3 Rea8 (27...Ba2 28.Nc6 Re3 29.Na7+/– (29.fe3?! Ra4=); 27...Ra2?! 28.Ra2 Ba2 29.Nc4 Re3 30.Ne3=+) 28.Nd3 f6 29.gf6 gf6 (29...Ra2?! 30.Ra2 Ra2 31.Re8 Kf7 32.Rd8=) 30.Rc1 Ra2 31.Kf1 Kf7 32.Ke2 h5 33.Kd2 f5 34.Kc2 Be4 (34...Bh2?! 35.Nb4 Be4 36.Re4 Rb2 37.Kb2 fe4 38.Rh1=+) 35.Kb3 Bd5 (35...R8a4 36.h3–/+) 36.Kc2 b3 37.Kb1 Ba3 (37...Rg8!? 38.Rce1–+) 38.Ba3–/+ R8a3 (38...R2a3?! 39.Nb4 Ra1 40.Kb2 Rc1 41.Kc1=) 39.Nb4 Be4 40.Re4 Ra1 (40...fe4 41.Na2 Ra2 42.Rc3–/+) 41.Kb2 Rc1 42.Re5 Raa1 43.Nd3 Rcb1 44.Kc3 Kf6 45.Rb5 Ra6 46.d5 Rh1 47.Rb3 Rh2 48.Kc4 Rh4 49.f4 Rh3 50.Nc5? Rb3 (51.Na6 h4–+) 0–1. Svensson,Jan – van de Pavoordt,Frank, corr or02–025, 2002.

8.Nc3 =+.

7.d4 Nb6

8.0-0 Re8 (8...Qe7 9.a4=) 9.a4 e5?? (better is 9...a6=) 10.de5+– (10.Ne5?! Nbd7+/–) 10...Be5 11.Be5 Ne4 (11...Bg4 12.Bd4+–) 12.Qd4 (12.a5!? Nc4 13.Bc4 dc4 14.Qd8 Rd8 15.Bc7 Rd5+–) 12...f6 13.Bg3 c6 14.Nc3 c5 15.Qd3 Bf5 16.Ne4 Be4 17.Qc3 Rc8 18.Rfd1 Qe7 19.a5 Nd7 20.Nd2 Ne5 21.Ne4 de4 22.Be5 Qe5 23.Qe5 Re5 24.Bc4 Kh8 25.Rd7 h6 26.Rb7 1–0. Fredek (2090) – Guest, Freundschaftspartie, 5m + 0s, 2005.

8.Ba3 Ne4 =.

8.a4 a6 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Bd7 12.Ne5 Qa8 13.Nd7 Nbd7 (< 13...Qa1 14.Nf8 Bf8 15.Qd3+–; 13...Nfd7?! 14.Nd2=) 14.Nd2 Nb6 15.c4 dc4 16.Nc4 Nbd5 17.Nd6 cd6 18.Qb1 Rc8 19.Qb3 Ne4 20.Qd3 Nec3 21.Bf3 Qa5 22.Bc3 Rc3 23.Qd2 ½–½. Satka,Martin – Glueck,Juergen (1615), Brandenburg–ch Seniors, 2004.

8.a4 Nc4 9.Bc4+= dc4 10.0-0 c6 11.Qe2 cb5 12.ab5 Qc7 13.e4 Be7 14.Nc3 Bd7 15.Ba3 Ba3 16.Ra3 a6 (16...Rfc8 17.Rfa1+=) 17.Rfa1+– a5 (17...Rfd8 18.R3a2+–) 18.Ne5+– Rfc8 19.Ra4 (19.Nd7?! Qd7 20.e5 Ne8+=) 19...b6 20.Nc4 (20.Qc4 Ra7 21.R1a3 Ng4 22.Qc7 Rac7 23.Nd7 Rd7=) 20...Ne8 21.e5 f6 22.Rd1 fe5 23.de5 g6 (23...Rd8+–) 24.Rd7! (24.Rd7 Qd7 25.Nb6+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestWBDW,, 2018.

7.d4 c6

8.a4 a6 9.bc6 bc6 10.0-0 c5 (10...Rb8 11.Bc3=+) 11.c4 (11.dc5 Nc5 12.Be5 Rb8=+) 11...dc4 (11...Rb8 12.Qc2=+) 12.dc5 Nc5 13.Bc4 Bb7 14.Nbd2 (14.Bf6 gf6 15.Nd4 Kh8=) 14...Qc7 (14...Rb8 15.Rb1=+) 15.h3 (15.Bf6 gf6 16.Qe2 Rfd8=+) 15...Rfd8 16.Qc2 (16.Bf6 gf6 17.Nd4 Rab8=+) 16...Rac8 17.Rfc1 Qb8 (17...Qe7 18.Rab1=+) 18.Bd4 (18.Bf6 gf6 19.Rab1 Qc7=) 18...Qa8 (18...e5 19.Bc5 Rc5 20.Qf5=+) 19.Ng5 (19.Bf6 gf6 20.Rab1 Bd5=) 19...Nce4 20.Nde4 Ne4 21.Nf3 Bf8 (21...Nc5 22.Ng5 g6 23.Bf6=+) 22.Qb2= Nd6 23.Be2 Rb8 24.Bb6 (24.Qc3=) 24...Rdc8 (24...Bd5 25.Rab1=+) 25.Qd2 (25.Bc7!? Bf3 26.Bb8 Rc1 27.Rc1 Bg2 28.Kh2+=) 25...Ne4= 26.Qd3 Nc5 27.Qd1 Bd5 28.Rab1 Be4 29.Rb2 Be7 30.a5= Bd5 31.Qf1 Na4 32.Rc8 Rc8 33.Rb1 Nc3 34.Ra1 Ne2 35.Qe2 Bc4 36.Qe1 Qd5 37.Rd1 Qc6 38.Ne5= Qb5 39.Nc4 Qc4 40.Qd2 h6 41.Qd7 Bf8 42.Qd3 Qd3 ½–½. Sundin,Tommy – Olesen,Martin (2230), Skelleftea op, 1989.

8.a4 cb5 9.ab5 a6 10.Ba3 ab5 11.Bd6 Ra1 12.Bf8 Qa5 13.c3 Nf8 14.Qb3=+.

8.a4 cb5 9.ab5 Nb6 10.Nbd2 Ne4 (10...a6!?=) 11.Ne4+= de4 12.Nd2 f5 13.c4 Bb4 14.0-0 Bd2 (14...e5 15.c5 Nd5 16.Nc4+/-) 15.Qd2 Bd7 16.d5 ed5? (better 16...Qc8 17.Qc3 Rf6+-) 17.c5+- (17.cd5?! Qg5+/-) 17...Nc4 (17...Bb5 18.Bb5 Nc4 19.Bc4 dc4+-) 18.Qd5 Kh8 19.Bc4 (19.Bc4 Bc8 20.c6 Qd5 21.Bd5 bc6 22.Bc6+-) 1-0. WG_Anonymous – Anonymous,, 2021.

8.a4 Qc7 9.0-0 e5 10.de5 Ne5 11.Nbd2 Bg4 (11...Nf3 12.Nf3 Ne4 13.c4=) 12.Ne5 Be2 13.Qe2 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.Nf3 Qh5 (15...Qd6 16.bc6 bc6 17.c4=) 16.bc6 bc6 17.Qa6 c5 (17...Ne4 18.Rab1=) 18.Rab1 h6 (18...Qf5 19.Rfc1=) 19.Rb5 Ne4 20.Rb7 Rfe8 (20...Qf5 21.Ra7 Ra7 22.Qa7+=) 21.Ra7 Ra7 (21...Rab8 22.Qc6+=) 22.Qa7+– Re6 23.Qc7 Rg6? (better 23...Kh7 24.a5 Rg6+–) 24.Ne5+– Re6 25.Qb8 Kh7 26.Nd7 (26.Nd7 Ra6 27.f3+–) 1–0. DEFFM – GuestMPQK,, 2020.

8.bc6 bc6 9.Nbd2 Rb8=+.

7.d4 Ne4

8.Nbd2 a6 9.0-0 =+.

8.Nbd2 Bb4 9.0-0 Nc3 10.Bc3 Bc3 11.Rb1 c5 12.bc6 bc6 13.Nb3 Bb4 14.c4 Bd6 15.Qc2 Rb8 16.c5 (16.Bd3 Nf6+/–) 16...Bc7+= 17.Nbd2 (17.Bd3 h6+=) 17...e5 18.h3 (18.Ne5!? Rb1 19.Rb1 Ne5 20.de5=) 18...e4= 19.Nh2 Qg5 20.Kh1 (20.Rb8 Nb8 21.Kh1 f5+=) 20...Nf6 (20...Rb1 21.Rb1 Qh4 22.Rf1+=) 21.Qa4= Rb1 (21...Bd7=) 22.Rb1 (better is 22.Nb1!? Be6 23.Qc6+=) 22...Qh4+= 23.g3 (23.Nhf1 Qf2 24.Bd1 a6–/+) 23...Qh3 24.Rg1 (24.Qc6!? Ba5 25.Ndf1+=) 24...Bg4–/+ 25.Bg4 Ng4 26.Rg2 Rb8 (better is 26...Nf2 27.Rf2 Bg3–/+ (27...Qg3?! 28.Re2=)) 27.Qa7?? (better is 27.Kg1 Rc8 28.Ng4 Qg4 29.Qa7+=) 27...Nh2–+ 28.Rh2 (28.Qb8 Bb8 29.Rh2–+) 28...Rb1!! 29.Nb1 (29.Nb1 Qf1) 29…Qf1 0–1. Santana,Oscar – LuBera,Stephen D, US Amateur Team East, Parsippany USA, 2005.

8.Nbd2 f5 9.0-0 Qf6 10.c4 c6 11.bc6 bc6 12.c5? Bc5! 13.Qc2 Nd2 14.Nd2 Bb4?! 15.Qc6 Nb6 16.Nf3?! Bd7 17.Qc1 Rfc8 18.Qb1 Na4 19.Ne5 Be8 20.Ba6 Rcb8 21.Qc2 Rb6 22.Bd3 Bd6 23.Rab1 Nb2 24.Rb2 Be5 25.de5 Qe5 26.Rb6 ab6 27.Rb1 Qd6 28.Qb3 Ra3 29.Qc2 Qc5 30.Rb6 Qb6 0–1. Carreres Boluda,D – Llorens Ferrer,F, Provincial Individuales Preferente (Canals), 2000.

7.Ng5 h6

8.Nf3 =+.

8.h4?? hg5–+ 9.hg5 Ne4 10.Bd3 Qg5 11.Nc3 Ndf6 12.Qf3 Qg4 13.0-0-0?? Qf3 14.gf3 Nf2 15.Nd5 Nd3 16.cd3 Nd5 17.e4 Nb4 18.Rdg1 Nd3 19.Kc2 Nb2 (20.Kb2 e5–+) 0–1. pierre – ayeaye, internet, 2005.

8.h4? hg5–+ 9.hg5 Ne4 10.g6 –+.

8.h4? hg5–+ 9.hg5 Nh7 10.Bd3 g6 11.Rh7 Kh7?? 12.Qh5 (12...Kg8 13.Qh8#) 1–0. Grehl,Siegfried – Stegmann, corr CP1–8, 1989.

6.Be2 Qe7

7.0-0 Nbd7 8.d4 e5 9.de5 Ne5 10.Ne5 Be5 11.Be5 Qe5 12.Nd2 Bd7 (12...Re8 13.Nf3 Qd6 14.c4=) 13.Nf3= Qe7 14.c4 (14.Qd4 Rfe8=) 14...Be6 (14...dc4 15.Bc4 a6 16.a4=) 15.cd5 Bd5 16.Nd4 Rfd8 17.Qc2 h5 18.Bf3 (18.Rfd1 Rd7=) 18...Bf3 19.Nf3 Rd5 (19...a6 20.Rab1 ab5 21.Rb5+=) 20.Rfc1 (20.Rac1 Rc8 21.Nd4 h4=) 20...Ne8 (20...Ne4 21.Nd4 (21.Qc7?? Rd1 22.Rd1 Qc7–+) 21...Nc5 22.Rd1+=) 21.a4 Rad8 22.h3 g5 (22...Nf6 23.Rd1= (23.Qc7?? Rd1 24.Kh2 Qc7 25.Rc7 Ra1–+)) 23.Qc4 (23.Nd4 g4=) 23...Qe6 (23...Nf6!?=) 24.Nd4+= Qe4 25.Qc2 Qe5 (25...Qc2 26.Rc2 h4 27.Rf1+=) 26.Nf3 (26.a5!?+/–) 26...Qe7= 27.Qc4 R8d7 28.Nd4 Nf6= 29.Ra2 g4+= 30.hg4 hg4 31.g3 Qe4 32.Kf1?? Rd4?? 33.ed4+= Rd4 34.Qc3?? Nd5–+ 35.Qb2 Qh1 36.Ke2 Qf3 37.Ke1 Re4 38.Qe2 Qh1 (38...Qh1 39.Kd2 Re2 40.Ke2 Qc1–+) 0–1. Schwichtenberg,J (1910) – Funk,P (2195), 7th ch–Euro Senior, Hockenheim GER, 2007.

7.0-0 e5 8.Nc3 =+.

7.d4 c6 8.a4 a6 9.bc6 Nc6 10.Ba3 Ba3 11.Ra3 Rb8 12.0-0 =.

7.Be5 Nbd7 8.Bd6 Qd6 9.c4 dc4 10.Bc4 Nb6 11.Be2 e5 12.d4 =.

7.Ne5 Nfd7 8.Nd7 Nd7 =+.

7.d4 a6

8.0-0 ab5 9.Bb5 Bd7 10.a4 Ra5 11.Nc3 Nc6 12.Ne2 Rfa8 13.c4 dc4 14.Bc4 Nb4 15.Nc3 Bc6 16.Bb5 Bf3 17.Qf3 c6 18.Bc4 Rh5 19.g3 Rf5 20.Qd1 Rfa5 21.e4 e5 22.d5 cd5 23.Nd5 Nbd5 24.ed5 e4 25.Qb3 Be5 26.Be5 Qe5 27.d6 Qd6 28.Bf7 Kf8 29.Bc4 Qc5 30.h4 b6 31.Rfe1 Ng4 32.Rf1 Ne5 33.Bg8 Nf3 34.Kh1 Qh5 35.Rfd1 Re8 36.Rac1 Qf5 37.Kg2 Rc5 38.Rc5 bc5 39.Rd5 Ne5 40.Rc5 Qf3 41.Kg1 e3! 42.Qe3 (42.fe3 Ng4) 42...Qe3 43.fe3 Kg8 44.e4 Ng4 45.a5 Re4 46.Rc8 Kf7 47.a6 Ra4 48.Rc7 Kg6 49.a7 Ra2 50.Rc6 Kf5 51.Rc7 Ke4 52.Rf7 h5 53.Rf4 Ke3 54.Rf7 Nh6 55.a8Q Ra8 (56.Rf2 Ng4–+) 0–1. Bonetti,Shane – VIIX (2035), ICC, 2002.

8.a4 ab5 9.ab5 Ra1 10.Ba1 c6 11.bc6 Nc6 12.0-0 =+.

8.a4 Bd7 9.0-0 Rc8 10.Nbd2 c6 11.b6 c5 12.dc5 =.

8.a4 Nbd7 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Nb6 12.Nbd2 =.

8.a4 Rd8 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 c6 12.Qd3 =.

8.a4 Re8 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Bd7 12.Nbd2 =.

8.Nc3 b6 9.Bd3 c6 10.a4 Bb7 11.0-0 Qc7 12.Qe2 =.

8.Nc3 c6 9.a4 Qc7 10.0-0 b6 11.Bd3 Bb7 12.bc6 =+.

8.Nc3 Nbd7 9.0-0 c6 10.bc6 bc6 11.Na4 Rb8 12.Rb1 =.

8.Nc3 Rd8 9.0-0 b6 10.a4 Bb7 11.Bd3 Rc8 12.Qe2 =.

8.Nc3 Re8 9.a4 Bd7 10.0-0 c6 11.Ne5 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.c4 dc4 9.Bc4 ab5 10.Bb5 Bd7 11.Be2 Ba4 12.Qd2 =+.

7.d4 b6

8.0-0 a6 9.a4 c6 10.Nbd2 Bd7 11.c4 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.0-0 Bb7 9.Qd3 a6 10.a4 Rc8 11.Nbd2 c6 12.c4 =.

8.0-0 c6 9.a4 a6 10.Nbd2 Bd7 11.c4 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.0-0 Bd7 9.a4 a6 10.c4 ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 =.

8.0-0 Rd8 9.a4 a6 10.Nbd2 c6 11.Ne5 Bb7 12.Bd3 =.

8.a4 a6 9.0-0 c6 10.Nbd2 Bd7 11.c4 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.a4 Bb7 9.Nbd2 a6 10.0-0 Rc8 11.c4 c5 12.dc5 =.

8.a4 c6 9.0-0 a6 10.Nbd2 Bd7 11.c4 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.a4 Bd7 9.c4 a6 10.Nc3 c6 11.0-0 ab5 12.ab5 =.

8.a4 Rd8 9.0-0 a6 10.Nbd2 Bb7 11.Bd3 c5 12.c4 =.

7.d4 Nbd7

8.0-0= a6 9.a4 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 =.

8.0-0 a6 9.a4 Nb6 10.a5 Nc4 11.Bc4 dc4 12.ba6 =.

8.0-0= a6 9.a4 c5 10.c4 cd4 11.Qd4 e5 12.Qh4 e4 13.Nfd2 Be5 14.Be5 Qe5 15.Na3 d4 16.ed4 Qd4 17.Rfd1 Qe5 18.Nb3 Nb6 19.ba6 Na4 20.ab7 Bb7 21.Qg3 Qg3= 22.hg3 Nc3 23.Re1 Ne2 24.Re2 Rfc8 25.Rea2 Kf8 26.Nd2 Rd8 27.Nb5 Ng4 28.Ra8= Ba8 29.Nf1 Bc6 30.Rb1 Rd3 31.Na7 Bd7 32.Nb5 Ke7 33.Rc1 f5 34.Nc7 Bc6–/+ 35.Nb5 h5 36.Rb1 g6 37.Na7 Ba4 38.Nb5 Kd7 39.Rb4 Bb5 40.cb5=+ Rd1 41.Rb3 Kc7–/+ 42.Rc3 Kb7 43.Rc6 e3 44.fe3? Ne3 45.Kf2 Nf1 46.Rg6 Rb1 47.Rh6 Nd2 48.Rh5 Ne4 49.Ke3 Re1 50.Kf4 Rf1 51.Ke5 Ng3 52.Rh6 f4 53.Rf6 Re1 54.Kd5 Rd1 55.Kc4 Ne2 56.Rf7 Kb6 57.Rf6 Kc7 58.Rf7 Kd6 59.b6 Rd4 60.Kb3 Kc5 61.b7 Rb4 62.Kc2 Kd4 63.Rd7 Kc4 64.Rc7 Kd5 65.Rd7 Ke6 66.Rd2 Ng3 67.Rd4 Rb7 68.Rf4 Rc7 69.Kd3=+ Rc8 70.Rg4 Ra8 ½–½. Van Rooijen,Peter (1700) – Woelfelschneider,Peter (2195), TT04 TSC, 2003.

8.0-0 a6 9.Nc3 c6 10.bc6 bc6 11.Na4 Rb8 12.c4 =.

8.0-0 e5 9.de5= Ne5 10.Nbd2 Rd8 11.Ne5 Be5 12.Be5 Qe5 13.Nf3 Qe7 14.a4 Bf5 15.Nd4 Bg6 16.Bd3 Ne4 17.a5+= Rdc8 18.a6 c5 19.Ne2 b6 20.Nf4 Qe5 21.Ng6 hg6 22.Be4 de4 23.Qe2 c4= 24.Rab1 Rc5 25.Rb4 Qc3 26.Rbb1 Rd8 27.Rfd1 Rd1 28.Qd1+= Kh7 ½–½. Poschmann,Hans – Woelfelschneider,Peter, TT–04 TSC, 2002.

8.a4 a6 9.0-0 ab5 10.ab5 Ra1 11.Ba1 Nb6 12.Ne5 =.

8.a4 c5 9.0-0 cd4 10.ed4 a6 11.Ba3 e5 12.de5 =.

8.a4 Rd8 9.0-0 e5 10.de5 Ne5 11.Ne5 Be5 12.Be5 =.

8.a4 e5 9.de5 Ne5 10.Ne5 Be5 11.Be5 Qe5 12.Qd4 =+.

8.a4 Re8 9.c4 dc4 10.Bc4 a6 11.0-0 Rd8 12.Nc3 =.

8.Nc3 a5 9.a4 Rb8 10.0-0 Rd8 11.Qd2 Bb4 12.Qd3 =.

8.Nc3 a6 9.0-0 c6 10.bc6 bc6 11.Na4 Rb8 12.Rb1 =.

8.Nc3 b6 9.0-0 a6 10.a4 Bb7 11.Bd3 c5 12.bc6 =.

8.Nc3 c5 9.a4 c4 10.e4 Ne4 11.Ne4 de4 12.Nd2 =.

8.Nc3 c6 9.Rb1 e5 10.de5 Ne5 11.Ne5 Be5 12.0-0 =+.

8.c4 dc4 9.Nbd2 a6 10.a4 Nd5 11.Nc4 Bb4 12.Ncd2 =.

8.c4 c5 =.

8.Nbd2 a6 9.a4 c5 10.0-0 c4 11.Ne5 Qd8 12.ba6 =+.

8.Nbd2 c5 9.bc6 bc6 10.Rb1 Rb8 11.c4 c5 12.cd5 =.

8.Ne5 Bb4 9.c3 Bd6 10.c4 Bb4 11.Nc3 Ne5 12.de5 =.

8.Ne5 Ne4 9.0-0 Rd8 10.f3 Nec5 11.a4 Be5 12.de5 =.

8.Ne5 Ne8 9.0-0= a6 10.a4= ab5 11.ab5 Ra1 12.Ba1 =.

8.Ne5 Ne8 9.0-0= f6 10.Nd7 Bd7 11.c4 dc4 12.Bc4 Kh8 13.Nc3 f5 14.Qe2 Nf6 15.g3 c6 16.a4 e5 17.de5 Be5 18.Rfd1 Rfd8 19.Ba3 Qe8 20.Rac1 Be6 21.Be6= Qe6 22.bc6 bc6 23.Qa2 Qe8 24.Qc4 h6 25.Ne2 Qh5 26.Kg2 Ne4 27.f3 Nf2 28.Rf1 Nd3? 29.Rcd1+– Nb2 30.Rd8 Rd8 31.Qc2 Qe8 32.Bb2 Bb2 33.Qb2 Qe3 34.Rf2 Rd2= 35.Qb8 Kh7 36.Qf4 Re2 37.Qf5 Kg8 38.Qc8 Kh7 39.Qf5 Kg8 40.Re2 Qe2 41.Kh3 Qf1 42.Kg4 Qc4 43.Qe4 Qc5 44.Qe6 Kf8 45.Qf5 Qf5=+ 46.Kf5 Ke7 47.Ke5 g5 48.a5 a6 49.g4 Kd7 50.f4 gf4 51.Kf4 Kd6 52.h4 c5 53.Ke4 Ke6 54.h5 1–0. Westerinen – Hoen, Oslo, 1973.

7.Be5 a6

8.0-0 ab5 9.Bb5 b6 10.Bd6 Qd6 11.d4 Ba6 12.Ba6 =+.

8.0-0 Bd7 9.ba6 Na6 10.d4 b5 11.c3 c5 12.Nbd2 =+.

8.ba6 Na6 9.0-0 Be5 10.Ne5 Nd7 11.Nd7 Bd7 12.Nc3 =.

8.ba6 b6 9.0-0 Ba6 10.Bd6 Qd6 11.d4 Nbd7 12.Nbd2 =+.

7.Be5 Be5

8.Ne5 Nbd7 9.Nd3 e5 10.f4 ef4 11.Nf4 d4 12.ed4 –/+.

8.Ne5 Nbd7 9.d4 Ne5 10.de5 Nd7 11.f4 f6 12.ef6 =+.

8.Ne5 Nbd7 9.Nd7 Bd7 10.0-0 e5 11.d4 Rfe8 12.de5= Qe5 13.Nd2 c6 14.Nf3 Qc7 15.bc6 bc6 16.Qd3 Ne4 17.Rab1 Rab8 18.c4 Be6 19.Nd4 Rb6 20.Rfd1 Reb8 21.Rb6+= ab6 22.Nc6!+/– Nc5 23.Qd4 Qc6 24.cd5 Qc7 25.de6 Ne6 26.Qe4 b5 27.Bd3 g6+/– 28.Qb4 Nc5? 29.Bb5+– Qb6 30.Rb1 Nd3 31.Qd4 Nc5 32.a4 1–0. pozarski (2050) – anja254 (1935),, 2002.

8.Ne5 Nbd7 9.Nf3 e5 10.Nc3 a6 11.ba6 b6 12.0-0 =+.

8.Ne5 Nbd7 9.f4 Ne5 10.fe5 Ne4 11.0-0 Qg5 12.c4 –/+.

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    Available lines:
  • 1.b4 (4 players, 1 day/move)
  • 1.b4 (4 players, 10 days/move)
  • 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bb4 3.Be5 Nf6 (4 players, 3 days/move)
  • 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bb4 3.f4 ef4 4.Bg7 Qh4 5.g3 fg3 6.Bg2 gh2 7.Kf1 hg1Q 8.Kg1 (Kucharkowski-Meybohm gambit, 6 players, 10 days move)
  • 1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 f6 3.e4 Bb4 4.Bc4 (Sokolski gambit, 4 players, 3 days/move)
  • 1.c4 Nf6 2.b4 (English orangutan, 4 players, 3 days/move)
  • 1.e4 c5 2.b4 (Sicilian: Wing gambit, 4 players, 10 days/move)
  • 1.e4 e6 2.Nf3 d5 3.e5 c5 4.b4 (French: Wing gambit, 4 players, 3 days/move)

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The home of Email Chess on the web!

The home of Email Chess on the web!